Friday, August 3, 2018

Black Lives Matter? Black Man on Parole for Drug and Weapons Offenses Arrested for Murdering Black Lives Matter Leader in New Orleans

Previously on SBPDL: Black Lives Matter Leader Muhiyidin d'Baha [Who Took Down Confederate Flag on National TV] Murdered by Fellow Black Person In New Orleans

Well, a black career criminal - who plead to guilty to drugs and weapons charges in 2016 - turns out to be the individual behind the murder of a Black Lives Matter legend in New Orleans. Not just any Black Lives Matter legendary figure, but one who assaulted a white southerner carrying a Confederate Flag in Charleston. 

This act of defiance against white supremacy did nothing to gain this Black Lives Matter legend any favors with his fellow black people... [Man arrested, accused of murder of Black Lives Matter activist in New Orleans, NOLA.COM, July 25, 2018]:
A 26-year-old man has been arrested by New Orleans Police and booked with the murder of a Black Lives Matter activist from South Carolina who was fatally shot while riding a bicycle on Bienville Street. 
Roosevelt Iglus was booked with second-degree murder in the death of 32-year-old Muhiyidin Moye, police announced Wednesday (July 25). Moye, who preferred the last name d'Baha, was killed Feb. 6 in the 1900 block of Bienville Street. He was shot in the thigh and taken in critical condition to a local hospital, where he later died.
Black Lives Matter... right?
In announcing Iglus' arrest, police did not discuss any possible motive for the shooting. In February, police said it may have occurred during a robbery attempt. 
Arrest documents for Iglus say that surveillance cameras captured the shooting. 
d'Baha was riding a bicycle when a man on foot approached and "unsuccessfully tried to knock the victim from his bicycle," according to the documents. d'Baha rode away as the man shot at him several times, and a white SUV was then seen on camera driving away from the scene. 
On Tuesday, someone called NOPD Detective Brett Mathes and said they had information about d'Baha's death, according to the documents. In an interview with NOPD, that person identified Iglus as the shooter and said they had been with him that night, that he was armed with a 9 mm handgun and that he had been driving a white Jeep. It was not clear from Iglus' arrest warrant whether the person who spoke with NOPD witnessed the shooting itself. 
Iglus was arrested without incident Tuesday in the 700 block of Iberville Street and booked into the Orleans Parish Justice Center. 
d'Baha lived in Charleston, S.C. but friends said on social media that he had been staying in New Orleans for some time. He made national headlines in February 2017 after a video circulated showing him taking a flying leap to wrestle a large Confederate battle flag from a protester in South Carolina. 
Iglus had an initial appearance in court Wednesday morning and was represented by the Orleans Public Defenders office, court records show. In addition to the second-degree murder charge, he was booked with possession of amphetamines. 
Court records in Orleans Parish show one previous arrest for Iglus on drug and weapons charges in 2016, to which he pleaded guilty. 
Orleans Magistrate Judge Harry Cantrell set Iglus' bond at $505,000 after finding probable cause to hold him on the murder charge and on amphetamine possession. 
Police initially also charged Iglus with possession of heroin, but Cantrell found no probable cause for that charge.  
Assistant District Attorney Michael Henn noted Iglus was on parole related to the drugs and guns case, which Criminal District Judge Karen Herman oversaw. 
A judicial system being lenient on black criminals - instead of engaging in implicit bias and structural inequalities by locking this black career criminal up for years - ensured this Black Lives Matter legend would be murdered by a violent black criminal who should have been jail.

Some stories you just can't make up.


Anonymous said...

Roosevelt Iglus, Hmmm, he looks like a smart guy, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Oooh, lawdy! Lemme git mahseff down to Nawlins fo' some sho''nuff grits with fish drippins and to gets me a voodoo ho!

Fifth time in six years that 10 or more shot in one incident in New Orleans

There have been five incidents in the past six years where at least 10 people were shot in one shooting incident.

Published:1:53 PM CDT July 29, 2018

Updated:2:30 PM CDT July 30, 2018

There have now been five times in the past six years that 10 or more people were shot in a single gun incident.

The list was compiled by The New Orleans Advocate and points to just how frequently guns have been fired into crowds gathered at parties, celebrations and other gatherings.

There have been 26 cases since 2013 where at least four people were shot.
Here are the five incidents where 10 or more people were shot at one time.

- Mother's Day 2013: 19 people injured, one dead, in a shooting at a Second Line parade at North Villere and Frenchmen.

- Bourbon Street 2014: 10 people shot in the French Quarter on Bourbon St. Brittany Thomas killed. An argument led to gunfire and several innocent people were struck

- Bunny Friend 2015: 17 people shot when rival gang members open fire into a crowd at Bunny Friend park. No one was killed, though several had life-altering injuries.

- Bourbon Street 2016: 10 shot, 1 dead, when an argument over a woman erupted into gunfire on a crowded Bourbon Street.

- S. Claiborne Avenue 2018: 10 people were shot, 3 were killed as two gunmen chased a man who ran into a crowd. Shots struck several bystanders and then the suspects stood over the apparent target and fired into him at close range.

Anonymous said...

A black man picks up 5 blacks, aged 14 to 18 in "the wee hours of Sunday morning" to give them a ride a few blocks away. I could see some idiot liberal doing this, but a black?

Apparently the cooler climate doesn't help them "chill"!

Minnesota actor, singer recovering from violent St. Paul carjacking

By: Maury Glover

POSTED: JUL 27 2018 08:20PM CDT


UPDATED: JUL 28 2018 06:35AM CDT

ST. PAUL, Minn. (KMSP) - T. Mychael Rambo is a well-known actor and singer, but this weekend he’s facing a big, real-life challenge as he recovers from a vicious carjacking.

Police are looking for five suspects all between 14 and 18 years old, but so far they haven’t made any arrests in this case.

“I feel very blessed to be here and to be able to have a conversation about it,” Rambo said.

Sporting a Band-Aid covering six stitches on the back of his head, Rambo is still coming to terms with the violent turn of events that left him with a concussion.

“It was mind-boggling, disheartening, distressing and it really knocked me off my square,” he said.

Rambo said he was at a stoplight at University and Lexington Parkway in the wee hours of Sunday morning when a group of teenagers asked for a ride to the next light rail station a few blocks away.

Rambo said the five teens piled into his car, but when they got to their destination, they asked Rambo to turn down a side street and one of them pointed a gun at Rambo’s head, pistol whipped him and told him to hand over his personal possessions.

“Disbelief. Surreal. Fear. Concern for my life and I was just dazed and startled,” he said. “I didn’t expect to see it coming.”

At that point, Rambo said he jumped out of the moving car, but the teen with the gun quickly followed, along with one of the others who went through Rambo’s pockets, taking his cash and cell phone.

Rambo said the teens then jumped back into his car and drove off, leaving him dazed and disoriented in the middle of the street.

“I just needed to find help,” he said. “I was bleeding down my forehead and into my ear. [I] wanted to find where to get some assistance.”

Police recovered Rambo’s car the next day on St. Paul’s east side and it is still being processed for fingerprints.

In the meantime, the well-known actor and singer says the carjacking isn’t going to stop his work with young people he values so much.

“They need to be accountable. They need to be aware there are consequences for their behavior,” he said. “But I can’t see living in a world where I’m going to be afraid of our children, or that I don’t see the importance of helping them become the best people they can be.”

Anonymous said...

As long as we live in country governed by "muh feelings" instead of objective facts and logic, these kind of hilarious but depressing tragicomedies will continue. Very tiresome.

Boy the way Glenn Miller played said...

He made national headlines in February 2017 after a video circulated showing him taking a flying leap to wrestle a large Confederate battle flag from a protester in South Carolina.

More correctly, he was seen violently robbing a peaceful demonstrator of his personal possession in South Carolina.

Anonymous said...

Word is he took a flying leap and snatched a chicken leg from the man's hands. Trying to make a getaway on his bike, the man caught up with him, shot him up and got his chicken back.

Anonymous said...

OT Indianapolis: Sullivan's Hardware is a multi-generational white family owned business. Since the 1960s, they have been known for giving a lot of local teenagers their first summer job. It's a very pleasant place to shop, pretty teen girls running the registers, almost 1 acre of floor space, with free popcorn and locally produced products like BBQ sauce, seedlings, tools, and heirloom seeds.

A very, very nice neighborhood store.

But we can't have anything nice. These two fat welfare cunts ust robbed the place (expensive Yeti coolers in tow) and pepper sprayed one of the teen cashiers. They will take the goods and sell them out of the trunk of their car in the hood for cash to get their nails done.

We whites most likely pay for their HUD rent and for their retarded bastard kids and baby daddies to eat on food stamps while they rob businesses in white neighborhoods during the day.

I would have shot these feral savages in the head.

Michael Dean Miller said...

Don't know if I should sympathize with the black guy or the black guy.

Unknown said...

This has to be the feel good story of the day.

Anonymous said...

Please won't somebody think of the poor put-upon bicycle?!

Pat Boyle said...

My that's a big negro. I'm only six four. Maybe it's time to up-gun.


Paintjob Theory said...

Seems like an all around win for civilization.

In other news:

G-d, what a beautiful (((white))) woman!

Could the staged race baiting be any more blatant at this point?

Bruce County said...

This is the first news page I open every day.
Its heart-warming kharma stories like this one that make ordering ammo
all the more worthwhile. Keep 'em caged and they will eat each other

Anonymous said...

OT: Went to the movies yesterday and one of the previews was for a film called Overlord which is apparently a horror flick set during the Normandy invasion in June 1944. The stars are black paratroopers in the 101st Airborne Division. The problem? The US Army of the 1940s was segregated and there were no blacks in the 101st or any other Airborne division. There was only one black paratrooper unit, the understrength 555th Parachute Infantry Battalion (really not much more than a reinforced company), and it never deployed overseas. Will we see anyone wailing about “cultural appropriation”? Of course not.

Next up was a preview of the newest remake of Robin Hood with Jamie Foxx playing the role of a black Friar Tuck. Other blacks are in it as well. Remember, this is set in Olde England when it was a white country. It appears that the black Friar Tuck plays the role of a “numinous negro” in teaching a young Robin Hood how to use a sword. What would we do without all of these wise, numinous negroes to teach us about everything?

If this is how nuts things have become, I guess no one would complain if I made a film about Nelson Mandela starring Clint Eastwood. Maybe Bruce Willis could be the tribal chief in a remake of Zulu or Zulu Dawn.

Cauchemar du Singe said...


Cauchemar du Singe said...

"Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold." ---W.B. Yeats
Civil War Redux is coming.
Balkanization during and after.
Failed republic falls apart.
Tick Tock
Tick Tock

"If a man hath a cloak and no sword, let him sell the cloak that he may buy a sword."
---J. C.

Don't forget reloads, along with a good supply of basics.
Post sentry watches on 4 hour changes.
Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...


D-FENS said...

“Among white women, there are 138 abortions for every 1000 live births; among blacks, there are 501 abortions for every 1000 births. This means that blacks are aborted at 3.6 times the rate of whites.”

Note all the conservacucks lamenting the abortion rate among negroes. “The Demonrats!” “The democrat party are the true racists”. No wonder the only agenda conservacucks manage to get implemented are their wars for Israel

Anonymous said...

prior to LBJ and the great giveaway, what were birth rates for blacks? huh?
the give aways and immigration made 12 ? million go to 43 million.
africa has a billion of them. why? up 10x over. why?

Anonymous said...

the story about rambo is toooo much.

Anonymous said...

That is a new one - negro sows in check out line whip out pepper spray instead of EBT card.

Anonymous said...

Well, this may sound callous, but in the case of this homicide one can only quote the immortal Nelson Muntz and state:

"Hah, hah!"

Sing it, bruthas and sistuhs!

Mr. Rational said...

Face it, the only people who give a damn about Black abortions is hard-core cuckstians.  Everyone else cheers.

The abortion fight over at iSteve is the cucks vs. the race realists.

Brian in Ohio said...

We`re reaching levels of irony that shouldn't be possible.

They are their own worst enemy. Always have been, always will be.

Stupid, impulsive and violent. And color coded, for your safety.

Stay alert, stay alive.

D-FENS said...

“Face it, the only people who give a damn about Black abortions is hard-core cuckstians. Everyone else cheers.”

Every parent wants their children to be at least as intelligent, attractive and abled as themselves. So if you oppose eugenics, by default, you support dysgenics.

Over at Refugee Resettlement Watch, the cucks get all upset at muzzies that perform female circumcisions. They were NOT hsppy when I pointed out that when they spend time fighting this, they have less time to fight refugee resettlement. Law or no law, the muzzies are going to do this anyway so why waste time prosecuting them. If you are an optimist, there is the chance it could result in sterilization.

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to listen, but I can't hear what the blacks are saying over all the gunshots.🤔

Archie bunker said...

A recent visit to a movie theater had these choices, skyscraper, starring the Rock, next one had Denzil Washington, 3rd choice, Purge , black heroes, whites being killed, it's apparent Hollywood is against us

Pat Boyle said...

Thanks to the anonymous at 10:05PM. He alerts us to the latest Hollywood corruption of history.

Apparently the new D-Day Normandy invasion film has been made with cast of black paratroopers who of course were never there. This is just the most recent example of some group or someone corruptly conspiring produce so called Black History.

This reminds me a little of the Tuskegee Airmen who have been celebrated in two big movies - one by George Lucas. But there are a few facts that these films got wrong.

First of all they all ways mean the fighter pilots but not the similar black bomber pilots. Why? Because the bomber pilots were all in brig. They had all been arrested and locked up for mutiny.

You probably have heard that the Tuskegee Fighter Pilots were very successful. Not quite true. They were the only unit flying P-51s who had no aces. They had the worst record for killing Nazis. There were three major reports on the problems the Army had had with them.

The Tuskegee boys were protected from the dangers of combat. Most of the black pilots on escort missions never saw a single German plane. They were brought in after D-Day and after Germany had been largely defeated. The Nazis had no trained pilots left and no gasoline. Good - I hate Nazis.

But in Operation Pointblank General Doolittle ordered all the white fighter pilots to pursue the Nazi fighters they met when they were escorting our B-17s and B-24s. He did this to trade the lives of his pilots for the lives of the infantry who were soon to land on D-Day.

It worked, there were virtually no Nazi planes over the beaches at Normandy. But there were terrible casualties among the white American flight crews.

The black Tuskegee Airmen did not face that same danger. They were protected.

Our bomber crews preferred to be escorted by the blacks because they knew that this group was operating under different orders - orders that kept them from sharing the dangers the whites were expected to bear.

There seems to be a concerted effort to lie about blacks in every area of discourse. It's just not in TV commercials.


Unknown said...

It's a two-point WIN when da bilenz be black on black.

Pat need to "up gun", two hollow points will take down anything that walks on two legs, although you may need to expend one more (strategically aimed) to make the position permanent.

Anonymous said...

The Controlled Opposition known as InfoWars constantly laments the Black abortion numbers.

I have to remind them that since Roe v. Wade the Black Population as DOUBLED INSPITE of the Constant Murders and Abortions.

That if Evey Negro child had been born, We would have ceased to exist as a Country.

That you may be able to runaway from the Congregations of Negros but you can never run away from the Taxes.

Negros on average runs a deficit for it's existance. More Negros means more of your Money that has to be confiscated. Money that should be going to your family, your future.

Anonymous said...

The article at 1:14 am. Mr. Rambo; You can’t see “ living in a world where you’re afraid of your children”. Well, I’m petrified of your black children. Little thugs waiting to become big thugs. You sir are an idiot. Cold day in hell when I put five black ‘youngsters ‘ in my car for a couple of blocks ride. You are lucky that they didn’t kill you. Hopefully a lesson learned.

Brian in Ohio said...

A public service announcement from R. Lee Ermy.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least this woman admits that violence is an African American problem:

Perhaps for a few hours people who live in affluent neighborhoods on Chicago’s North Side felt some of the frustration that residents in beleaguered neighborhoods feel every day.

The anti-violence march that shut down North Lake Shore Drive and snarled traffic for miles on Thursday was designed to make people who get to take everyday life for granted a little nervous, a bit uncomfortable and somewhat anxious.

It was supposed to send a message to white people, in particular, who never venture into poor, minority neighborhoods long written off by this city, that people still live there, and they’re in great pain. For once, they would see them face-to-face.

The crowd was not as large as it should have been.

In the end, only about 150 black men, white men, black women and white women, some pushing their children in strollers, marched from Belmont Avenue to Wrigley Field. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

The fact that protesters could bring neighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Wrigleyville to a standstill during rush hour signaled the beginning of a different movement, according to activists, to “redistribute the pain in Chicago.”

Understand that violence is the byproduct of a city where opportunities for some residents are grossly unequal to others. It is a consequence when a decent education, a good job and the ability to provide a stable home are harder to achieve in some neighborhoods than others. It is the end result when the pain of poverty cuts deeper among some racial and ethnic groups than it does in others.

We are a city where violence is addressed in some neighborhoods as soon as it raises its head, while in other neighborhoods, it is allowed to fester. We are a city were some children grow up fearing for their lives, and others never have to worry.

Though they don’t always feel welcome, it was a chance for people in neglected neighborhoods to say that this beautiful lakefront, these tranquil bike trails through parks filled with lush trees and fragrant flowers belong to them, as well. It was also their chance to demand their equal share back home.

Anonymous said...

Ratio of killed to injured = 1:10 = black shooter.

Eber time...

Nome sain?

Anonymous said...

That fact that the dead man was the flag-stealer makes this story just a little more delicious...and the smile on my face just a little bit broader. 😁

Anonymous said...

Attention all black people; you don’t need a march up lake shore drive to make white people feel a little nervous and anxious. Just knowing that you’re walking behind me does it every time.

Anonymous said...

Though they don’t always feel welcome, it was a chance for people in neglected neighborhoods to say that this beautiful lakefront, these tranquil bike trails through parks filled with lush trees and fragrant flowers belong to them, as well. It was also their chance to demand their equal share back home.

You don’t see the lush trees and manicured lawns because you ruin your neighborhood. From coast to coast black neighborhoods are filthy. Stop littering, mow your lawns, plant flowers, shovel your walks, rake your leaves, clean your damn house, stop dragging your kids to white neighborhoods to see how the other half lives. Make your neighborhoods better. Spend your time improving your life and stop envying others.

Anonymous said...

And of course, there’s the oft-repeated lie that the Tuskegee pilots never lost a bomber they were escorting...

They did, of course...but the lie endures.

“Blacks won WWII for us AND got us to the moon (see Hidden Figures)”.


Anonymous said...

What a tremendous load of libtard garbage.

it was a chance for people in neglected neighborhoods to say that this beautiful lakefront, these tranquil bike trails through parks filled with lush trees and fragrant flowers belong to them, as well

No, it doesn’t belong to you. You didn’t work for it, you didn’t care for it and you wouldn’t maintain it if someone were to give it to you. You would rapidly transform it into a giant pile of shit like you do everything else you touch.

Though they don’t always feel welcome,

They aren’t welcome...for the reasons I’ve laid out above...

Anonymous said...

OMG, you drag your kids to a white neighborhood to see how nice it is? Why didn’t you spend the time cleaning your own neighborhood? I swear that blacks think little white elves come to white neighborhoods and clean them. Gee latiqua, look how nice this neighborhood is. Let’s have all our black friends move here. One year later...Gee latiqua, it doesn’t look the same as it did a year ago. What happened to the cleaning elves? Idiots!

Anonymous said...

“Redistribute the pain in Chicago “. Blacks redistribute pain throughout the entire world. Blacks won’t be happy until everyone is as miserable and stupid as they are. They’ve already made me miserable! I feel stupid coming on shortly.

Anonymous said...

No joke! A nephew in high school told me about how his history teacher said the Tuskegee airmen were the reason for victory in WW II. He knew better, but I doubt any of the other students (young DWLs) did.

Awakened white said...

Controlled Opposition known as InfoWars constantly laments the Black abortion numbers.
Part of my red pills were them and Alex years ago. They have cucked so hard nowadays. Shekels talk they say I guess..

D-FENS said...

The recently released “Darkest Hour” was about the period in May-June 1940 when Churchill replaced Chamberlain as British Prime Minister. There is a scene where Churchill rides the London underground to get a direct sample of British opinion as to whether to continue the war with Germany or to seek peace terms. Despite the fact that this never happened, the scene includes a White British woman with her negro companion (who reminded me of Jimmie Walker from “Good Times”) who declares that the Nazis “Will never take Piccadilly!”

How many negroes were in Britain before the 1960s? About two.

AR in Illinois said...

Pat, as usual your factual input on historical issues is awesome and I appreciate your posts greatly. I have a great-uncle that was in the 745th tank batallion that survived D-Day but was killed 9-11-44 in a little town in Belgium during an ambush on his re-con patrol. He is buried there in Henri-Chapelle cemetery.
I think one of the last Hollywood movies to give a proper perspective of WWII was Saving Private Ryan. Surprisingly there was not ONE darkie in that unit, nor in any major speaking role. I believe there were a few in background shots but overall the movie portrayed the US military as it was back then. White guys pressed into service to do what needed to be done.

Hieronymus said...

That's amazing, and the best reason there is to keep abortion legal and available on demand. These doctors are saving countless human lives.

Hieronymus said...

Senior command may not have been protecting black pilots so much as trying to keep them away from combat at all costs because they knew they were incompetent at anything more than flying in a straight line.

Hieronymus said...

The growth in negro populations all around the world in spite of all the obstacles before it is acutely distressing. We're always being told that this or that part of Africa is starving to death or wasting away from AIDS, yet the population of Africa has been exploding for decades with no end in sight. They're saying that Africa's population will reach some astronomical figure by 2050, what is it, something like five billion? Seven billion? How is that going to work out?

We're already seeing Camp of the Saints conditions in many parts of Europe today. What will it be like when the population of Africa is five times what it is now? I find this prospect infinitely more frightening than any giant asteroid or global warming scenario.

This will not end well.

Archie bunker said...

What a wonderful place it must have been then

Anonymous said...

"I think one of the last Hollywood movies to give a proper perspective of WWII was Saving Private Ryan. Surprisingly there was not ONE darkie in that unit, nor in any major speaking role. I believe there were a few in background shots but overall the movie portrayed the US military as it was back then. White guys pressed into service to do what needed to be done."

Of course there were no orcs in the film. The technical advisor, retired Marine Dale Dye, is a stickler for detail and he knew full well there were no blacks among the forces landing on D-Day. They arrived quite a bit later in various construction engineer, quartermaster and transportation units.

If that film were made today, I imagine there would be great pressure to have blacks in starring roles, regardless of the reality of the 1940s Army and the historical record.

Brian in Ohio said...

"I think one of the last Hollywood movies to give a proper perspective of WWII was Saving Private Ryan.

"Fury" also got it right. There was one black, serving as a CO`s orderly, which would be period correct.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Anonymous said...


The black in the subway in "Darkest Hour" was so well-read and intelligent that he was able to quote Shakespeare on cue!

That was actually a decent movie until that forced tangent.

Anonymous said...

A totally cringeworthy moment in an otherwise fine movie...

Given the current PC revisionism in Hollywood, I guess we’re just lucky they didn’t have Idris Elba playing Churchill... 😐

Steve Smith said...

As a former member of the 82d airborne, I find this work of fiction sickening.

Polar Bear said...

This one definitely put a smile on my face.