Thursday, August 9, 2018

Black Lives Matter Protesters Terrorize the Wedding of White Cop Linked to Shooting of Black Criminal Stephon Clark

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And now, Black Lives Matter, everyone's favorite corporate sponsored black power group known for shutting down freeways and turning the other way when black on black homicides occur (seemingly nullifying the concept of black lives mattering), is terrorizing weddings of white police officers.[Black Lives Matter Protesters Crash Wedding Of Cop Linked To Stephon Clark Shooting, CBS Sacramento, 8-7-18]:
One of the two officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark was confronted by Black Lives Matter protesters on his wedding day. 
Do they? The shocking rate of daily black on black crime across the nation casts serious doubt to this claim
Sacramento police have not released the names of the two officers who opened fire on Clark on March 18 due to safety concerns. CBS13 has blurred the faces of the newly released video to protect their identities. 
The small group of protesters had gotten word about the wedding and made sure they were there just hours before the officer apparently said I do. 
Now the confrontation is shedding light on what these officers are up against both in and out of uniform and begs the question, is this going too far? 
“I think they need to be approached in spaces where they’re a little more vulnerable,” said Sacramento BLM founder Tanya Faison. 
According to the video released by Black Lives Matter, the officer was gathered in a room with his groomsmen Saturday when protesters barged in. 
“I just wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after? How have you been sleeping since March 18?” said one protester in the video. 
BLM says they helped plan the confrontation ever since they found the officer’s wedding website online, with information about the venue, a vineyard about an hour outside of Sacramento. 
“We’re not violent, we’re not gonna give to them what they brought to our community, we’re not gonna hurt anyone but we are gonna make them uncomfortable, and they should because someone is dead,” said Faison. 
When asked if this approach was going too far? She replied, “no because he’s gonna remember this day for the rest of his life.” 
“As a black man in the community, I’m concerned whenever there’s injustice on any black person, certainly there’s a right to protest but I think there are limits when to protest in a public place and the right of privacy for your wedding,” said community member Michael Keeley. 
“No I don’t think it’s appropriate, that’s why I say there’s a time and place for everything,” said Susiann Donaldson. 
Sacramento police say since the tragic shooting back in March, the two officers involved have needed additional security. They’ve received a number of death threats and are not working in a patrol capacity. 
“People may think that these officers are just going about their lives, but this is a very traumatic event for everyone,” said Sgt. Vance Chandler with Sacramento Police.
Remember when a Black Lives Matter supporting black male opened fire on white cops in Dallas and killed five white police officers? The Memphis Commercial Appeal published a cover story detailing the racial truth of the murder, only to publish a groveling apology the next day for daring to document  the black males motive.

We live in a nation where the corporate media grants a pass to Black Lives Matter members to terrorize not just highways, bridges and private businesses, but now we watch as they terrorize a private gathering where a white police officer was getting married.

There's no getting off this ride.


Anonymous said...

“I just wonder if you started planning your wedding before you killed Stephon Clark or after? How have you been sleeping since March 18?”

Here is how I would reply:


“Like a baby.”

“I don’t even remember what he looked like.”

Negro Antidote said...

Repatriation Now.

R_Moreland said...

Who has the back of the cops? Is it the politicians who have given the police stand down orders in the face of Black Lives Matter and leftist rioting? Is it the "diversity" commissars who call for cops to be "sensitive" to criminal demographics? Is it the liberal media which has provided the platform for anti-police activists to push their propaganda?

Of course not.

Where there is support for the police is, in the main, on the political right. Let's note that alternative right activists have not crashed any cop weddings. Perhaps there is a certain naivete on the part of alt rightists insofar as they believe that if they support the cops, the cops will be equitable in return.

Law enforcement has to consider this BLM assault as part of a much wider leftist effort to throw the police onto the defensive. More assaults will no doubt follow on social occasions where police will have their families. What then?

Law enforcement should consider who are the real criminals. And who are their real allies. It has been various alt right/lite groups which have been confronting violent leftist thugs in the streets, the same leftist thugs who would crash a cop wedding.

The cops should act accordingly.

nokangaroos said...

Fully cognizant they need special protections for doing a shitty job ... I DO remember cases I wished I´d had the officer in question a bit more, erm, private-ly ;b
(heresaround you get slapped with an automatic defamation suit if you dare complain about de popo)

That said - if THIS be legitimate, it is also ah-okey to show up at a yoof´s funeral brandishing nooses. There´s a reason that in polite society there are limits.
(Oh for the times of the Sicilian Maf ;)

Anonymous said...

So, they're not bringing enforcement of the law to the officer's wedding? Oops, I meant racist, white law.

Anonymous said...

Another wedding party member awaiting a Uber driver pays with his life.

'Police: Wake Forest hoops coach threw punch killing NYC tourist

NEW YORK - A rising college basketball coaching star accused of throwing a punch that killed a New York City tourist who had apparently mistaken him for an Uber driver pleaded not guilty Thursday to an assault charge.

Wake Forest University assistant coach Jamill Jones attacked digital marketing guru Sandor Szabo around 1:15 a.m. last Sunday in Queens, causing him to fall and smash his head on the sidewalk, police said.'

Detroit Refugee said...

It's possible this will wake up more whites.
You know the type, voted for Trump, not racist. Don't see color, we're all Americans, we all bleed red. Etc Etc.

Maybe this was a rather large wedding with many hundreds of guests. And just maybe they suffered much inconvenience. Loud, aggressive, in your face blacks go along way toward Red Pilling "good whites".?

But you know what, this shit is Not Cool.
Where next.? Officers children getting harassed at their kindergarten? We all know the happening fast approaches.

Archie bunker said...

Operation trailer trap, a bait trailer of Nike shoes, put on a Chicago street, activist cry foul, designed to trap minorities in an area where there is nothing to do and no money, what do you expect orcs to do? This operation was inspired by the Norfolk railway, after train robbing by the residents of the city, activist say the orcs who try robbing the semi trailers are only hungry and not thieves

Anonymous said...

The Black Lives Matter people are lucky the officer did not defend himself as they barged into his house. That is against the law. Everyone has a right to defend himself from these kinds of people. To that woman who said it was alright for BLM to harass people they don't like, I would tell her the sword has two sides. There will come a day that BLM will have to pay a price.

Archie bunker said...

Meanwhile, in St. Paul, the new orc mayor announces double digit property tax increases to pay for yoof programs, no money to hire the 50 extra police required to keep peace in a city where residents have sought gun permits in record numbers, just money for yoof who hang in groups of 20 to 50, ooking and eeking at decent folks, in a cesspool that leads the nation in somalis, Ethiopias, Liberians and hmong. A state once known for its hunting and fishing now is known for orcs and jihadist thanks to progressive democrats

Archie bunker said...

Spike Lee on CBS morning news, wearing a shirt saying, God protect Robert Mueller, with looksatmuhred glasses and derby hat, in other words, ridiculous, plugging movie Black Klansman, also a new fall sitcom will feature Cedric the entertainer in a show called neighborhood, it isn't known if this illustrates how a white neighborhood turns to crime and filth once blacks arrive, but it should

Anonymous said...

Off topic, a negro is in the running for the next James Bond. Comments from white cuckservatives are par for the course with that bunch.
Any bets if the negro activists brought a wedding present and helped themselves to food and drink?
Female in FL

Anonymous said...

"Carter also said he has spent time with the family of Billy Hughes, a man who was shot and killed by two St. Paul officers on Sunday. He said the "historical trauma it invokes, demonstrates a clear, ongoing need to constantly revisit, rethink and renew the underlying relationship and critical trust that must flow between our officers and our neighbors."

How can a people who didn't come up with a writing system understand the historical significance of something?

Bruce County said...

Meanwhile in CuckWorld……

Conehead Idris Elba is reportedly in the running to be the next James Bond -- after Daniel Craig exits the role.
Director Antoine Fuqua discussed the possibility during a conversation with producer Barbara Broccoli who said “it is time” for a “non-white actor” to play the iconic character. Fuqua said the move “will happen eventually” and Elba is reportedly the first choice to take on the role..Im waiting for Clint Eastwood to play Obama in " A Kenyan in America"

chattanooga gal said...

"brought a wedding present and helped themselves to food and drink?"
definite no to the first ( they may have actually helped themselves to a wedding present or 2 ) and yes to the 2nd ( including shoving gobs of it into their purses to have later)

Anonymous said...


I happened to be watching CBS the other night. They had a commercial/promo preview for a new sitcom, premiering in a month or so. It had some young white man and his family moving to a neighborhood where black “comic” Cedric the Entertainer was his next-door neighbor. It’s called The Neighborhood.

The preview consisted of the goofy whites making fools of themselves as the negroes stared and snorted in contempt and disbelief. So instead of shows like Blackish were awesome blacks move into an environment filled with idiot whites-this show has idiot whites moving into an environment filled with awesome blacks. Brilliant.

Afterwards, I looked the show up online. It was originally titled Welcome To The Neighborhood, but I guess that sounded too civil.

Since the white man is played by “Max Greenfield” and the show co-creator is “Aaron Kaplan”, I thought perhaps the whites were supposed to be Jewish on the show, as well—where they could have some belly laughs about slumlords, usury, comparing hate crimes, and gefilte fish.

Nope the character’s name is Dave Johnson from the Midwest—a clueless Gentile. Hmmmm, it’s almost like Jews don’t want to look stupid or be the butt of cheap jokes. Better the goyim do that.

Here’s some of the official CBS description:

The Neighborhood stars Cedric the Entertainer in a comedy about what happens when the friendliest guy in the Midwest moves his family to a neighborhood in Los Angeles where not everyone looks like him or appreciates his extreme neighborliness.

Yeah. Who doesn’t hate new neighbors who are pleasant and friendly? That’s a glimpse of hell on earth.....

Heck out the picture they use at the top:

Non PC Infidel said...

It's obvious that police involved in justified shootings of orcs are going to need to be more security conscious since black lives matter will take offense and try to misbehave over it in every way they can. Too bad there wasn't a lot of security at the wedding and the orcs could have been forcibly removed including the use of pepper spray and tasers as necessary. As long as they're allowed to get away with stunts like this, they'll only grow more and more bold, obnoxious and offensive. Either there's a crackdown on such behavior or it will continue to escalate.

On another note, the Antifa jerk (ex college professor) who attacked people with a heavy bicycle lock attached to a chain causing multiple injuries requiring medical attention has -believe it or not- only been given probation for three years. Can you attack someone with what amounts to a deadly weapon and get probation? I thought not.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

Any white person with his wits about him is already uncomfortable around blacks, so mission accomplished stupid orc.
Saw footage of Chicago on the news yesterday, talking about last weekend's chimpoid killing spree, and was not surprised to see it looked very similar to images out of Africs. Trash every where underfoot, no attempt to throw anything in the garbage. The shitdemons are doing thd same thing in Minnesota. I live by a grocery store, and watch them come out in a steady stream with their EBT snack purchases. As soon as they turn the corner they're digging into their bags, gobbling junk food, and dropping a trail of trash behind them. They can't make the connection between their behavior, and the mess they live in. I'm betting they left a trail of candy wrappers, empty bags, and drink cups and cans at this "protest" also. The so called women are the worst. Reprimanding their offspring doesn't even occur to them, because they believe they are entitled to do anything they want, and nobody better say anything , because they have black pride. What a joke, black pride, as if they had anything to be proud about. Looking forward to this weekends count in Chicongo. You'd think Obama would be politically active in his so called "hometown", but no, he's in South Africa, congratulating them on their race war on white farmers. How long before the Africans in America decide they own all white property here. Stay in Africa, Obongo, maybe you can run for president there.

Blue Eyes Matter said...

"This was a tragic accident"?!! WTF?! Who with even half a brain considers sucker punching someone a "tragic accident"? A tragic accident would be if this Deacon Demon fell down ten flights of stairs.

Anonymous said...

'LSU football player charged in Cumming gun theft, suspended indefinitely from team

FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - A Buford native has been suspended from LSU’s football team after being arrested in connection with a January burglary.

Tyler Taylor, 19, has been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit a crime, theft by taking, criminal damage to property and theft by receiving stolen property. The sophomore linebacker was suspended indefinitely from the LSU football team after the program learned of his arrest. Taylor graduated from Lanier High School in 2017.

Cumming pawn shop Pawnopoly was broken into early on Jan. 8 and multiple guns were stolen, according to a police report. Four men were seen participating in the burglary on surveillance footage, including two that matched the description of suspects in a Dec. 25, 2017, burglary at the same location, the report says. Two of the suspects broke the shop’s glass door with hammers, and all four grabbed guns from the store before fleeing in a car, the report says.'

Cheer them on. The dimwitted lemmings filling the stadiums, arenas, and sporting venues are promoting their own demise, cheering for their own doom.

Anonymous said...

O.T. Have all of you seen the Chinese women who fought back?

PsychoNaut621 said...

@Anon 5:53:

Everyone has a right to defend himself from these kinds of people...

Maybe. For now. And even that's looking iffy. We've already seen that blacks can get away with murder if they can claim that their victim called them a "nigger."

America's current downward spiraling trajectory is leading to a time when whites merely defending themselves from black predation and violence will itself be considered an offense. Blacks are always the victim, right? All their pathology is whitey's fault, right? The end game of that outlook is whites being murdered en masse by blacks. It's not far fetched, is it? Just look at the sheer hatred (which seems to gather strength day after day) that more and more people on the Left have for normal, straight, white folk. These people want us disarmed and dead, pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

This from above, got me to thinking:

The CHINESE (asians, whatever, they all look the same) HATE the africans. HATE. And, the africans know this. This salon will never open again, and it will be trashed and vandalized any day now, since that is what the african does.

But, the Asians in America (who don't belong here) need to learn to go back to their "shithole" nations anyway. We don't need them here one bit. LEAVE, Mama San. But, this is going to get worse and worse and that is a GOOD thing.

I have a strong feeling the Asian Mafias will get involved and kick some real ass. They DO NOT LIKE their women being harmed. They are real men, and they love and enjoy cruelty, especially to the africans. I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Baron von raschke said...

This shouldn't surprise anyone. When blm causes trouble they just use we're fighting for black rights card.

Brian in Ohio said...

Having a low IQ and almost no future time orientation virtually guarantees that blacks will massively overplay their hand in this.

They will continue to escalate until they are met with force.

Stay alert, stay alive.

Mr. Rational said...

Having a low IQ and almost no future time orientation virtually guarantees that blacks will massively overplay their hand in this.

I doubt the Blacks are smart enough to drive this themselves.  They are following (((someone else's))) cues and simply can't understand where they're going to wind up.  Of course, with all the Noticing going on that is not going to go well for (((them))) either.

Anonymous said...

Good luck getting the Chinese to go back to China. They are one of the most infiltrative cultures on the planet. You can find them in every country, and town, no matter how small or backwoods, has a Chinese restaurant/take out counter in it. I went to Ireland in the early 90's and arrived late at night, the only restaurant open to get food was Chinese, so the first meal I ate in my family's home country was pork fried rice. Years later I drove all around America, especially the backroads of the south, thru tiny rundown towns far off the beaten path and tbe one thing they all had in common was every one of them had a Chinese restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. It was very eye opening.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You can't even file a lawsuit again black live matter?

Anonymous said...

"The end game of that outlook is whites being murdered en masse by blacks. It's not far fetched, is it? Just look at the sheer hatred (which seems to gather strength day after day) that more and more people on the Left have for normal, straight, white folk. These people want us disarmed and dead, pure and simple."


Anonymous said...

"The incident was reported in the 1400 block of Nostrand Avenue on Friday night."

Nostrand or "No Strands" (of hair?

Man alive, if only this took place at a store that sold hair, weaves and wigs to black women, who are scientifically more likely to have nasty hair, go bald and have ridiculously receding hairlines than all others.

Archie bunker said...

There is no doubt about that, the politicians will use orc gun violence as s pretense to disarm us, they say murder rates are unacceptable in a modern nation, omitting that orcs make it 3rd world nation, that Will be the impetus for a civil war

Augustus said...

Let's hope it is extremely angry and overwhelming force, so a lasting effect can be had.