Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Incredulous Newscasters for KARE 11 (NBC) in Minneapolis Ask Who is Killing Black Victims of Gun Violence in Chicago... The Answer is, Of Course, Black People

Second City Confidential: The Black Experience in Chicago tells the story few in positions of power apparently want to read. 

It appears incredulous newscasters for KARE 11 in Minneapolis (NBC affiliate) are in desperate need of reading it, for they believe white people in the city are hunting innocent black bodies. Well, white people or cops. [Who is killing the black victims of gun violence?: A violent weekend in Chicago is shining a spotlight on another issue some don't talk about: Who is killing the black victims?, (NBC), 8-7-18]:
After 72 people were shot within one weekend in Chicago, that city's mayor called for the city to work together.
Who the mainstream media believe is killing black people in Chicago: white men in hoodies, as depicted in 2018's Death Wish 
The violent weekend is also shining a spotlight on another issue some don't talk about: Who is killing the black victims? It’s not always police or whites, but other blacks. 
“You don't see these killings in mass numbers like this in other races,” Tanisha Taylor Bell told KARE TV from her Atlanta office. “How can we expect someone else to respect us if we don't respect ourselves? The black-on-black crime that is plaguing cities across the nation, you have to start at home. You have to make sure our young people respect our race.” 
Chicago native Tanisha Taylor Bell owns a public relations firm, Perfect Pitch Media Group. But for nearly 13 years as an executive producer at CNN, Bell found herself writing stories about gun violence in Chicago. About two years ago, she felt compelled to do something in the city that gave and took from her. 
“It is the city that raised me. A city that I love. A city that also took my father's life,” she said. “He was shot by teens (in Chicago) ages 15, 19 and 21, when I was just 5 years old." 
Bell says teens like the ones who killed her father were the inspiration behind a scholarship foundation bearing her dad's name, the Ezekiel Taylor Scholarship Foundation. The foundation website says the nonprofit helps young black men lead better lives, make good life choices that impact their entire community, and have opportunities for higher education through mentoring and scholarships. 
"I can't save every young person in the city," she said. "I wish I could. What I am offering is young people a chance to give back and get away. To get their education." 
Bell said the teens who killed her dad didn't have a supportive community system that encouraged them to make good life decisions. 
The violence that terrorized Chicago in the '80s continues. Minneapolis resident KG Wilson says Chicago’s present is a reflection of his past. 
About 15 years ago, Wilson and his son, both now peace activists, escaped Chicago's violence by moving to Minneapolis. Since moving to Minneapolis, Wilson has been on a mission to end the violence in Minneapolis. He also hopes to change the stigma of snitching, which has created a code of silence in the black communities. 
“Sometimes I feel alone. Sometimes I feel alone. The ones that don't get snitched on continue to hurt and terrify and destroy a community,” he said. “If I have to stand by myself in front of a fire squad. I am going to be that one who lets the youth and community know that this is right. Only right changed me and can change them. 
We can’t be quiet about it anymore.” 
So far, there have been no arrests in any of the Chicago incidents from the weekend.
No arrests?

Obviously a cabal of upper-class white people in Chicago are going out in the cover of darkness and targeting blacks across the city as part of a grand scheme of gentrifying all-black neighborhoods where land is cheap and tall, mixed-use skyscrapers can soon be built...



Black people are shooting one another in Chicago, but we must continue to persist in the belief blacks being shot are nothing but innocent victims of the systemic racism and implicit bias of bullets somehow missing white people as they fly around until only hitting blacks.


Anonymous said...

As if the shootings aren’t bad enough don’t forget the no snitching rules. Heaven forbid you tell the authorities who the perpetrators are. No solution for stupid, except death.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's the Russians. Running guided hunting tours for rich white people in south and west Chicongo.

Just like they run pirate cruises up and down the coast of Somalia and guarantee the boat will be attacked by pirates. So the rich white clients can blow them away with AK-47s.

Somebody should tell the Minneapolis liberal morons that.

Anonymous said...

“If I have to stand by myself in front of a fire squad. I am going to be that one who lets the youth and community know that this is right. That's easy. Just go back to Chicago. Stupid. Please ?

Baron Münchhausen said...


Confirmation that Blacks are Teenagers to at least 21.

Thats when they Shift into the "Older Teen" Age Bracket which is 22 - 35.

I've been waiting for this day for many moons, ever since I saw in a News Article "Older teens" used to describe what I thought were Adults. Silly me. Expecting the teenage years to fall within the line of Numbers spelt with "Teen"

God Damn it. My White Privilege strikes again

The Baron

Anonymous said...

Who is Killing The Black Victims? It is not always Police or Whites, But other Blacks.

Who is Killing The Black Victims? It is HARDLY EVER Police or Whites, But ALMOST ALWAYS other Blacks.

Fixed it.

Anonymous said...

For your enjoyment...

Bait truck of NIKE shoes. Someone is thinking overtime. lol

Anonymous said...

OT, just a reminder to SBPDL readers that anything you say or do can and will be used against you at any time. An edgy comment, an off-color joke, a sideways glance...if there’s a whiff of you ever having had a racist thought cross your mind, even years ago, you WILL lose your job and NOW even the news media—will participate in shaming you before the outraged antiracist mob. THE CRACKDOWN IS GOING TO HEAT UP!

nokangaroos said...

But, but ... dese be INTELLIGENT WAYCISS bullets!!!
No, wait ... this didn´t come out right ;b

The correlation between %blacks and murder rate is +0.77 (the beauty here being they cannot very well argue murder causes blacks ;b), far above the predictive ability of ANY other excuse their handlers have come up with (income, education, etc.).
That number alone should send them screaming - if only they could understand it.
Unfortunately like the ANC they believe that boycotting skoo is going to really, REALLY show YT (with equally predictable results).
Whoever brought up that trope must have hated blacks.
Next idea?
"Scholarships for snitches".(B)rrriiiiight.
"Escape".(read: "to wey dem White hos be at gnomesane")
Neither in the US nor to Europe do they "escape" any problem - they ARE the problem.

- It is a common misconception they are "less evolved". In fact, the opposite holds true (shorter generation time, higher selective pressure) and our concept of "higher" is indeed meaningless and Eurocentric. What we perceive as "problem" (destroy anything they cannot eat, rape or steal lest it be of use to others, all emphasis on sex and violence, none on brood care) are highly specific adaptations to rapid repopulation after periodic die-offs ("R selection") and, in terms of population replacement (the only measure of "success" known to Nature), downright admirable.
The downside of adaptation ("specialization") is that it constricts available pathways for further evolution ("Irreversibility Rule", DOLLO).
In layperson´s terms this means that if anything the Bantu are TOO FAR evolved and the common ancestor of Bantu and humans would have FEWER problems adapting to modern civilization.

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

“How can we expect someone else to respect us if we don't respect ourselves?"


100 BRAVO said...

Whenever the Liberals in CA would ask why I left SC the answer was always the same, "Black Crime." Drove them nuts. "You can't say that!!" they would reply. "I just did. Prove me wrong." was my response. Living in rural Sonoma County I asked them why they did not live in Oakland, Richmond, or San Jose. "Too dangerous..." they said. "What makes it dangerous other than Black Crime? Too many White people??" I asked. They would then try to shut down the conversation because they knew they were talking to the voice of experience and engaged in an argument they could not win. "You're just a Redneck Racist..." was what they would usually fall back on. "No, I am a Racial Realist who lived in a city that was half Black with a daily robbery, rape, murder or assault, almost all committed by Africans in America. I chose to live someplace safer and safer meant as low a percentage of Blacks as I could find. As a 100% Disabled Combat Veteran who spent half of 1970 in an Army hospital, I would prefer to avoid gun violence." They had no comeback for The Truth.

Tiring of CA price$, taxe$, fee$, permit$ and survey$, and listening to Liberals flap their yap about the South and Southerners, we, the wife and I, decided to move back to Florida where we first met. CA real estate values indicated that selling out there would mean being able to pay cash for a place in FL so I sought out real estate in counties with the lowest Black population adjacent to the VA hospital of my choice. Bingo!! A beautiful custom home appeared in an area that is 600 rural square miles of 100% well armed Caucasian Conservative population. The CA property was sold to the first guy through the gate and I wrote a check for my house, swimming pool, acreage, and complete privacy in an area of FL where the county administration is 100% Caucasian Republican, Confederate flags are flying everywhere and the 3% Negroids in the lower end of the county are not cut any slack at all.

We never see them up where I live and guess what, crime in general and homicide in particular is non-existent, the last premeditated homicide being in late 2015, a drug deal. All the locals, lovely country folk, say they are perfectly happy without Negroid influence on any element of of our lives. As the wife says, "It's not Heaven, but is it Paradise."

Mr. Rational said...

Everyone in the media knows what the problem is, but anyone who dares to even allude to it is immediately fired at the very least.  This prohibition on realtalk is enforced by at least 95% of everyone in the system, who are either true believers or go along with it in order to avoid coming under suspicion as being insufficiently "down with the cause" themselves.

Our gatekeepers in media, academia and government are traitors.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic (but related):

Man Arrested Before Driving Test After Drugs, Handgun Found In Car

Takes his MOTHER's car to a driving test and smokes pot on the way.

chattanooga gal said...

what I find telling is that she moved from Chicago to escape the violence, as probably did many of her brethren, and now she is having to have stop the violence marches in her new city.... predictable hmm?

Anonymous said...

The main reason why these patterns must be treated as mysterious is that if they were examined honestly and with a clear head --- it would lead to illiberal conclusions.

It is a literal head in the sand strategy, don't ask the right questions so that you don't have to deal with quease inducing answers. People will cling to their delusions rabidly, and this kind of deliberate obtuseness is a subconscious preservation strategy. No one likes admitting error and having to start over.

The biggest fear that a liberal has is having to admit that they were incorrect about mankind and that prior generations (i.e.- "the racists") were correct. That would mean coming to accept that the past sixty years of social engineering have been a waste, has left many cities in ruin, and prevented a better use of resources that could have been used to make a much better world. That is their ultimate :::black pill:::

Having your illusions shattered is, well, a shattering experience. So much so that one would have to pretend to HAVE NO IDEA AT ALL regarding who could possibly be responsible for these homicides. Really? No idea at all? Really?

Seriously, can you imagine having to be that dishonest with yourself? And its long term effects on your sanity to maintain and double down on lies, all the time, at every turn? To come up with creative and tortured alternative explanations rather than come to accept the obvious and simple?

... No wonder these people are so nuts. That has got to make you a basket case to live that way.

- Gwoob

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile last night in North Philadelphia local rapper General Reezy was gunned down during his "Stop the Violence" tour. Another also killed, 4 wounded. The band plays on.

Anonymous said...

Jesus both of those newscasters are disgusting trannies!

I thought this was a spoof at first. Good grief. Why do we stand for this nonsense??

Anonymous said...

Most of these blacks are starting not for profits and LLC charities to help the blacks on our dime. They operate with federal and state funding, and donations from altruistic white people who think the money is going toward something beneficial.

My city of Indianapolis, for example has at least 50 of these nonprofits that I know about, including the 100 black men, StarPoint summer camp, Indy Ten Point Coalition, Summer Servings, Community Development Corporation, Children's Museum of Indianapolis Foundation's Mid-North Quality of Life Plan, blight remediation, Great Places 2020, National Night Out and block parties sponsored by IMPD, $100 Christmas gift cards and free basketball baby shoes for welfare whores, urban church sports teams, Black Expo Job Fair, and the CICF foundation.

And now we have this new anti-violence department in our city government with 2 full-time dindu gang employees fresh off the streets while at least 3 worthless welfare dindus get shot dead every day by violent streets and weekends.

It all operates ON OUR DIME and there is no return on investment for us. Not one.

I am so sick of this I could die. This whole black anti-savagery project was meant to dispossess and displace us. And they are doing a great job of it and the blacks are as bold and fat as hell from all the free food and cash assistance.

Anonymous said...

The Newscaster said 91% of Blacks were killed by other Blacks AND then she said 85% of Whites were killed by other Whites (I hear that a lot) seeming to imply it is the same thing regardless of race, Don't the people who make this Argument realize their are OTHER VARIABLES? The answer seems to be NO, Example if a White man gets into a fight and murders another White man, but that is the only murder in that neighborhood that year than 100% of whites were killed by whites, Now if you go to a Black Neighborhood in Chicago or Baltimore or New Orleans etc, and there are 500 murders in a year and 450 are by other Blacks than 90% of Blacks were killed by other Blacks, So Whites would have a HIGHER PERCENTAGE than Blacks of being killed by their own race, but in the White Neighborhood Murder is a VERY rare occurrence, in the Black Neighborhood it is a DAILY occurrence, it is EXPECTED, it is surprising if their is a day without a murder. My Guess is Chicago had more Murders last weekend than any White neighborhood has in 20-50 years.

Pat Boyle said...


I have a theory. I just finished reading Lee Berger's book "Almost Human". An idea popped into my head as I read it. You don't have to pay any attention to me. I'm not an anthropologist or paleontologist. I have no scientific credentials. I'm just a retired software executive.

But the state of the politics of science is such that today many issues that border on racial matters are so radioactive that some things never get said by those with real credentials. So it is with the anthropology of race.

This book was co-authored by John Hawks - the author of many YouTube lectures and
videos on anthropology. Berger lives in South Africa and he found the huge fossil deposits of Homo Sedeba and the even bigger cave deposits of Homo Neledi. The Neledi cave has more pre-human bones than any other site ever found. It is in a cave so small that they had to recruit skinny women anthropologists - few men could get in to it.

What they found was a new species of African hominin with human hands, feet, legs and body but a very small head. It apparently was quite recent - around a half million years old. That was surprising.

At the time this creature lived it shared Africa with other hominids and probably interbred.

We know that to the north Africans walked off in to Europe and Asia where they met and interbred with Neanderthals and Denisovans. These were primitive but big brained hominids. The Africans who stayed behind have no Neanderthal genetic admixture but geneticists can see remnants of what they call 'Ghost' populations primitive populations that are extinct and unknown. Homo Naledi may very well be one of those populations.

If that is so then the story of modern human races is simple. The Caucasians and East Asians mixed with large brained earlier people. Whereas the native Africans mixed with the small brained Homo Naledi.

Every day science finds more evidence that blacks are different.


Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III said...

"Innocent victims of the systemic racism and implicit bias of bullets somehow missing white people as they fly around until only hitting blacks"

Daaayyyyuum...Paul be bringing new levels to the Magic Bullet Theory!

And sheeeeiit!

Blue Eyes Matter said...

One thing's for certain, the blacks fleeing Chicago in droves is fueling the violence in Minnesota. Every night now there are calls of shots fired, with the usual perps, black males. The somoli "teens" are creeping around in peoples yards late at night, trying doors and windows, and breaking in. The checkout lanes at the stores are full of arrogant demanding welfare mothers, with their swarm of misbehaving, foul mouthed offspring. We're under assault on every front up here. One block over has become a row of rental houses, complete with porch monkeys sitting over there from 1:00 in the afternoon when they get out of bed, until the early hours of morning, drinking, smoking dope, and ooking and eeking noisily.
Now Governor Dayton is honoring Beyonce and Jay Z for being such good role models for young people. It's even worse in Minneapolis. I moved away 35 years ago after being victimnised by black low life theives several times. Soon we are going to be shut down for pointing out the danger these animals pose to civilised society. It's a sad day for America , next stop South Africa.

Anonymous said...

He finally stopped the violence once and for all in Philly. For him, anyhow! ;)

Anonymous said...

Tanisha Taylor Bell sure did a great work in regards to the young black men in Chimpcongo that recieved scholarships given out in the name of her father, EZEKIEL TAYLOR - A BLACK MAN SAVAGELY KILLED WELL BEFORE HIS TIME BY BLACK TEENS!

Just look at the young men who are carrying the legacy of black violence to centers of higher learning!

Anonymous said...

A probable cause search of the vehicle turned up almost one pound of marijuana, a scale, more than $15,000 in suspected drug-related money and a 9mm Glock handgun with a loaded 30-round magazine, police said. He was then arrested.

Wooding, 22, was charged with a number of drug trafficking and handgun charges. At an initial appearance, Wooding was released on a $7,500 unsecured bond.

Archie bunker said...

I'm retired, live in the country, will say what I want, when I want, will arm myself and place to the hilt, German shepherds patrol the perimeters, will resist political correctness and only associate with my own race and only the right ones of them- resist BRA

Non PC Infidel said...

As far as blacks being different, it's also been noted that (among many other things) their saliva contains enzymes not found in any other race. That's obviously another inheritance from the extremely primitive proto-humanoid "ghost" populations in their ancestry.

Archie bunker said...

On the news they showed volunteers handing out nice sports logo backpacks filled with all sorts of items, the only thanks I saw was the occasional white kid, amongst a sea of black sullen faces that took the bag, never made eye contact

Californian said...

This affair would be hilarious were it not for the lives lost, taxpayer dollars squandered and streets gone wrong. It's another example of how disingenuous liberal ideology can not deal with the reality of black perpetrated violent crime. They are shock – shocked! – to find that blacks kill other blacks in record numbers. No doubt a grant is already in the making.

As for YT in Minneapolis and if you are connected to the real world: stay alert, stay armed, stay alive.

Anonymous said...

Pat @ 9:54 am. I’m no scientist, but i also find evidence that blacks are different everyday. Have been doing so since 1960.

Anonymous said...

Our favorite pets are at it again. What a coincidence when Korean war MIA's are being returned home and the NFL goons are raising fists, kneeling, making lewd faces. in general showing contempt for the nation. Here is the story: Disgusting !!Boycott the NFL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Special class meets dindu.


Hmmm. There are spooks in Minneapolis (once a pure whitopia) being murdered by space aliens?, the KKK?, gremlins?. I remember the opening to that TV show with Mary Tyler Moore in which she throws her hat into the air and spins around. Apparently, the place in the city where she did that is now a Somali dindustan. How did that happen?

Anonymous said...

The “missing link” in evolution is a DMA sequence similar to negroid. The problem with it is that it would suggest a less evolved human.
That itself breaks down evolution and supports the race based intellectual disparities.

Anonymous said...

How you ask? Answer: bleeding heart liberals are to blame, especially the bleeding heart white female.

Anonymous said...

Pat as usual your contributions here are great reads. I look forward to every post.

Another Guy in Florida

Anonymous said...

Who is killing the black victims? It’s not always police or whites, but other blacks.

“Not always”? Are you fucking serious? Try “hardly ever”!

These fucking newstards could not possibly be that obtuse unintentionally...

Anonymous said...

Looks at me for gibbs muh day.
Those news anchors are awful! Really Minneapolis? This is the representation of your city you want to put out there a tranny and a dyke.

Archie bunker said...

While wearing a stocking cap on a hot August night, proving how stupid they really are, looksatmuh

Archie bunker said...

Fox has normal people, not surprising

Marc B said...

"Obviously a cabal of upper-class white people in Chicago are going out in the cover of darkness and targeting blacks across the city"

Not Chicago, but that is the New York City of the Law and Order TV series. If you believe their premise, wealthy White businessman from Manhattan have been behind a violent crime wave striking the Five Boroughs for nearly three decades.

Anonymous said...

You must be in the panhandle somewhere. Hmm...maybe close to me! Rural Florida is the best, isn’t it?

Anonymous said...

That’s how it is here, Archie. ANY “charitable endeavor” shows cucked whites handing out gibsmedats to ungrateful, surly, entitled blacks. A close big city (a black infested dump), shows this crap constantly. Christmas, back to skoo, Thanksgiving, summer vacation, any and every occasion for blacks to get some free stuff donated by stupid whitey. It’s always fun to see a report from inside one of those black infested skoos, white teachers teaching almost all black kids. You just wonder how people that likely grew up there, around blacks, could still not get it.

Justin Igger said...

Nothing ensures someone getting shot like a Stop da Bi- linnz march or cRap tour, lol.

SKIP said...

"Apparently, the place in the city where she did that is now a Somali dindustan. How did that happen?"

Courtesy of our own damned government.

Anonymous said...

"...both of those newscasters are disgusting trannies."

I see I'm not the only one who noticed—WOW!

"Most of these blacks are starting not for profits and LLC charities to help the blacks on our dime. They operate with federal and state funding, and donations from altruistic white people who think the money is going toward something beneficial."

So many blacks drive really expensive-looking vehicles: I wonder how many of them "work" for these "charities."

"Christmas, back to skoo, Thanksgiving, summer vacation, any and every occasion for blacks to get some free stuff donated by stupid whitey. "

Thank you. I say that we should utilize the expression "stupid whitey" over & over: It's time to get tough.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
How you ask? Answer: bleeding heart liberals are to blame, especially the bleeding heart white female.

August 9, 2018 at 9:02 PM

The white MEN are more to blame than any woman whatsoever, for letting them and the spineless walk all over us and do whatever the hell they wanted.

Anonymous said...

in the article it talks about a theft of guns and ammo from rail containers. That suggests an inside job, which further explains the sting. But to the average IQ Black, this in-depth understanding of deductive reasoning (is it REALLY that in-depth?) is well beyond their abilities. So therefore, it be racist.
Feed them what they want to see/hear/read (lol).

Anonymous said...

Oh how true this is.
I was given a verbal warning because a black of Caribbean decent stated to my boss that I made several racist statements to him. I didn’t, not even think them. I was there to do a job, that’s it. When I challenged my supervisor and demanded evidence stating that it was a false report, false disciplinary action, and offered to take a polygraph. I was told that in the south, if one is a Yankee (I’m from the west), any claims of racism cannot be challenged.
Black People ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

It is called cognitive dissonance.

Illinois, specifically Chicago, politicians blame down State gun sales for the influx of guns into Chicago. They blame everything and everyone EXCEPT the actual perpetrators of violence.

Anonymous said...

Here is a great story about the Chicago bait truck, note the video in it. The female newscasters are naturally black. The theme of this story is "cause and effect", these people think that everything is free for the taking!!!And they wonder why they have more shootings than Afghanistan. How can you survive in a world where stealing and killing is justified because it's there?? See the comments , and this is a great site by the way.

Anonymous said...

I was literally cracking up at that story lol