Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Black New York State Senator Wants to Make it a "Hate Crime" For Whites to Call 9-1-1 on Non-Whites

In a multicultural society, democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount. 

Our non-white future, governed by non-whites raised on a steady diet of anti-white hatred, will pass laws to benefit non-whites at the expense of whites.

Here's a glimpse of the non-white future, governed to benefit exclusively non-whites. [Calling 911 On Black People May Be Hate Crime Under Proposed Law: State Senator Jesse Hamilton proposed to criminalize certain 911 calls after a Trump supporter reported him to police for campaigning.,, 8-15-18]:

New Yorkers who call 911 on law-abiding people of color are committing hate crimes and should be prosecuted, according to a state senator who was recently reported to police for campaigning in his own district.
Fight the Future...
State Senator Jesse Hamilton, who represents Brownsville, Crown Heights and Flatbush, proposed new legislation a week after a self-described Trump fan called police to report him for speaking to constituents in public. It would criminalize 911 calls against people of color without evidence of malice. 
"That's gonna be a hate crime," Hamilton said. "This pattern of calling the police on black people going about their business and participating in the life of our country has to stop." 
Hamilton's proposal would strengthen current legislation that outlaws false reports by designating racially-motivated 911 calls as hate crimes, especially in instances where the call results in police responding with the preconception that the person might cause a threat. 
"You shouldn't have your life put in danger due to ignorance," said Anthony Beckford, the leader of a local copwatch patrol unit who is currently running for State Assembly District 42. 
Under the new law, the Oakland woman who called 911 to report a barbecue, the Philadelphia Starbucks manager who had two customers arrested and the Yale student who reported a fellow student for napping could be charged and prosecuted, had they called 911 in New York State, Hamilton said. 
"Waiting for your friends at a Starbucks is not a 911 call," Hamilton said. "It's a call of intimidation." 
The law would affect a Park Slope woman accused of calling police on a black woman who was taking shelter from a rain storm in her doorway this month.
But Hamilton noted that three people who called 911 on Saheed Vassell — the Crown Heights man shot dead by police who mistook the pipe in his hand for a gun — would not be prosecuted under his law because Vassell did legitimately appear to be a threat, Hamilton said.
The onus to report questionable 911 calls would lie on the victim and police would be responsible for investigating whether those calls were justified, according to Hamilton. 
But Milan Powell, a Brooklyn resident who stopped to hear Hamilton speak outside the Prospect Park train station Wednesday, had serious concerns about relying on the NYPD to investigate. 
"We're putting responsibility in the hands of an institution that's really predatory," said Powell, 30. "I wouldn't feel comfortable with that." 
Powell also expressed concerns about the practicalities of tracking down and investigating contentious calls, a task that has proved difficult in the past. 
A Williamsburg landlord who made 400 false reports against tenants who opened a coffee shop in his building was only arrested in 2014 when a cop recognized his voice at a local community meeting 
Hamilton countered that officials could easily locate 911 callers through tracking devices and interview witnesses to corroborate victim's stories. 
"The facts will lay out for themselves," he said.
The anti-white mindset will be codified into law, because democracy is nothing more than a racial headcount.

And we are running out of white people who are trying to fight the future.


Anonymous said...

PK, you summed it up, America is irredeemable. We need a do over from 1787 to fix things, a big reset button to press.

Whitemale979 said...

Loitering is a crime, trespassing is a crime, shoplifting is a crime, selling untaxed cigarettes is a crime, and bashing someone’s head against the concrete is a crime.

This is getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Blacks will continue to push, until the resistance is strong enough to hold them back.
A black male has a better than 40% chance of being a felon in their life time.
A black male is 2-3x more likely to commit property crime than other races.
A black male is statistically more likely to be a violent offender than other races.
It isn’t racism, it is realism.
Don’t buy into the false claims of racism by attempting to refute them.
If someone labels you a racist in an attempt to destroy your life or career, point out the preposterousness of their claim, the pettiness of unfounded claims, and the criminal nature of false claims that lead to monetary damages.

Jontavious Lamarcus Jenkins III said...

I love how these incidences are framed as being persecuted for "JUST doing X". Yet when you dig into them, most if not all involved, seem to have a back story that is usually way more nuaced than JUST doing something innocent.

Usual formula. Pick white target. Engage in interaction that will put the white person in a position where they will have to say "no", or set some kind of limit that the black person has no intention of respecting or following.

When they meet resistance to their demand, they cry Racyssisms! They do this while acting like some oppresion just fell out of the sky due to it's inherent attraction to their melanin concentration.

So now, in essence, white people would be charged with a hate crime for calling the cops on the ghetto's sacred son....Dindu Nuffins!

nokangaroos said...

In a sane society this would only be greeted by Homeric laughter.
Unfortunately ours is not one of those.
But it opens up intriguing new legal possibilities:
- Whites cannot be legally threatened.
- Resistance is not only futile but HATE!
("I demand emotional damages for having to go to the length of raping de wayciss ho;
I mean, it almost makes you feel like you´re not wanted!")
- etc.

If you want a glimpse of the future look no further than Sweden.

Anonymous said...

I’m definitely not a fan of truly bogus 911 calls, and calling the cops because you don’t like a candidate’s political flyer certainly seems to qualify. But none of the other incidents listed in the article fall into that category from where I’m standing:

-The Starbucks call was obviously justified.
-The woman calling about the BBQ thought that it was prohibited in that area (blacks wouldn’t knowingly break the law, would they?).
-The caller at Yale didn’t know the woman sleeping in the common room and thought the police should investigate.
-The black woman was standing directly in front of the caller’s door and refused to move (raise your hand if that would be fine with you).

I don’t seem to recall any black leaders demanding action over their idiotic constituents calling 911 to complain about their fucking food orders from restaurants.

In Florida:

In Georgia:

In Ohio:

In Florida (again):

(Bonus: This genius in Memphis called 911 because she didn’t want to babysit her grandkids (not that I really blame her):

nokangaroos said...

... or Florida.ß5-us-state-stand-your-ground-tie ...

Anonymous said...

Democracy, diversity, mobocracy, genocide.

Paintjob Theory said...

"The law would affect a Park Slope woman accused of calling police on a black woman who was taking shelter from a rain storm in her doorway this month."

I tried to post the link to this one a week ago. I'd encourage everybody to look at the picture of the "white" woman who called the police on the negress. White when convenient. The nose knows.

Anyway, I hope you guys and gals take the hint and take every opportunity to call the police on black Africans while you are still allowed. I'd do it but there's no negroes around here and we don't even have a police department so one of you will have to do a couple extras on my behalf.

Robin Naybors said...

Sure, let’s make it a crime for white’s to call the po-po on a negro. The endgame associated with that ridiculous law would be simple, white folks would have no other recourse than to take matters into their own hands. I, for one, completely support this!

“Dad, there’s a strange black man in the garage, should we call the police?”
“No!!!!” “It’s against the law to call the police on a negro……..put your earplugs in, son.”

Bruce County said...

First they say they want to stop arresting and charging blacks for small crimes.
Then they want to remove all bullet protection and security gates
Now they don't even want people to report them.
Soon we will have to give them our homes and cars and daughters
What the hell is wrong with America ??

OverSeer said...

Why do people even live in NY? I was born there but left 40 years ago and never looked back. Since then, this state has some of the most draconian, socialist, left leaning laws of any state except Cali. Super high taxes too! You already cannot defend yourself there thanks to Gov. Homo. If this law passes whats next to come? That its illegal to call the police on any primitive, no matter how violent? And you will be living in a state where you cannot have the means to defend yourself. You're fucked...leave that shithole now, alive, while you still can.

Bruce County said...

Certifiably nuts race-baiter and Ferguson riot fire starter Al Sharpton is once again demonstrating why he belongs in an insane asylum after saying it should be a crime for Whites to shoot a Black person, even if it’s a case of self-defense.

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER ever been so concerned for the future as I am now.

The future I envision is so bleak.

And I was a Cold War kid.

Antidote said...

"We are going to criminalise White people dialing 911 even if that means going to levels of violence, dysfunction, and death that would make Baltimore and Chicago look like a Methodist picnic."

Californian said...

Still think it's your country, YT?

If this law goes through, it will mean that anyone who even thinks of calling the cops will have to think twice. And I am sure after a couple of "show trials" in which Whites are hung out to dry for daring to drop a dime on black perpetrators, everyone else will get the message. This is part of a much bigger move towards de-policing, in which black criminality will be allowed to proceed unchecked.

Think of the proposed law as No Snitch moving out of the 'hood and into the 'burbs. And as Whites keep surrendering ground, this country will become one big "space to destroy." Baltimore's the planned future.

Let us see how many White people are Red Pilled by this incident.

Anonymous said...

Signs of the times: Shortage of forensic medical examiners. Jacksonville Fla unable to recruit qualified applicants because of city's violent reputation.

"Retiring ME: Might be hard to lure qualified replacement to 'violent city'

Dr. Valerie Rao had been set to stay on until replacement found

By Jenese Harris - Reporter/anchor

Updated: 6:48 PM, August 15, 2018

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The retiring chief medical examiner for Florida's 4th Circuit who had agreed to stay on until a search committee finds her replacement has changed her mind again...

The committee was set to have its first meeting July 11 and will need to move quickly to appoint an interim and find a permanent replacement. Without a chief medical examiner, the office runs the risk of losing its accreditation. Rao said accreditation gives the medical examiner's office credibility in court and for autopsies.

"Right now, in the country, there are at least 35 positions opened," Rao said. "You can go anywhere in the country, and if you wanted to get a job, you would, because there is such a shortage."

She said that shortage is despite good pay options. According to public records, Rao and her associate medical examiner have salaries ranging from $199,000 to $279,000 a year."

A shortage of qualified medical examiners unable to keep up with the carnage. Welcome to BRA. Welcome to democracy. Welcome to the third world.

Bill in St Louis said...

Great idea! This will force feed red pills to all but the most deluded SJW types, with the bonus of cops trying to figure out whether or not to even respond. New York will finally burn, when the responders are adraid to risk thier jobs and just say "fuck it" and all tje actual taxpayers move. Im all for it.

Archie bunker said...

In mpls, US Bank announces check your blindspot, a mobile truck that allows whites to examine their bias, everyday situations that you don't realize how you are being biased are examined, hopefully folks won't be robbed, raped and shot by the people that are likely biased against.

Pat Boyle said...

I didn't see this coming - but maybe I should have. So in Oakland some white woman complains about some blacks burning charcoal in an area where it is not allowed. The black people involved and the black political power structure get on camera to claim this is racism and the whites should be prosecuted for committing a hate crime.

Is this sort of dispute going to fade away as we strive for racial understanding?

I don't think so. I think these kind of disputes will only increase in frequency. Here's why.

Cooking on wood or charcoal is becoming a big deal in the Bay Area. I have a fireplace and I have a lot of firewood. My house was built in the sixties. But since 2016 you can't build a house with a fireplace. People worry about air quality. I have been going through a miserable experience as I have stopped using the charcoal grill on my patio. The George Foreman electric grill I bought doesn't get hot enough to actually sear a steak. I bought a propane grill but it has about 130 parts and I lost one of the screws. I've had the thing half assembled in my den for a month now. I expect that the environmentalists will soon require all outdoor cooking to be done in microwave ovens run on Lithium Ion batteries.

This is just the way it goes. I approve of clean air. When I came to San Francisco you could barely see Oakland across the bay. The air above Oakland was gray-green. I wouldn't go over the bridge to breathe that stuff. But all that has changed because of environmental regulations.

The problem is black people are stupid. They don't know about the new rules. They never know about the new rules. They have one explanation for every hurt or inconvenience - racism. They are confused by change.

Lake Merritt where the incident occurred is downtown Oakland. There are a number of municipal firebox where people can bring their own charcoal. The blacks apparently just decided to have a cook out on the public lawn. Soon no one will be allowed to have an open fire anywhere. The blacks won't get that memo either.


Anonymous said...

No snitching is de facto law in the ghetto.

Soon no snitching will be de facto, wipipo! When the house of Cards comes tumbling down it will be a crappy one way ride to the bottom. Only then can things change.

At least we aren't trying to "bring back" the dark ages some continents never had, we simply want to live in peace and progress as conscience, faith and family dictate.

Anonymous said...

Bow tie, suit.... I'm guessing this is a Louis Farrakhan follower here....

Justin Igger said...

Abusing 911is already a crime in most, if not all states and cities. This is yet another demand for a " special" law to protect the feces species.

Anonymous said...

Yup and all Whites do is talk about MLK ,he was a good one,or worship Muhammad Ali...he was the best,my ass...or Talk up all their Blacks sports gods....Or talk about how smart and intellectual Thomas Sowell is.. Right!...How's that working out for all the Republicunts that are always looking for their magic negro.Just because they think if they pick a smart ,conservative ,good one that all this BLACK hostility will end...RIIIIIGHT!.Blacks ,because of the right and left,think they built this country and invented everything.Stupid White people hanging around with their so called good ones and how is that working out. Keep telling Blacks that they did everything to build this country.This is what you get.All of the so called good ones and good intellectuals are not going to help to protect Whitey one bit. Not One. Keep thinking they will be there to save you.

Anonymous said...

Remember this quote, Whitey, for its true meaning encompasses the globe.

"We are going to take the land, even if it means we're going back to the dark ages. This country must be African. We are African."

Look into the eyes of every black you see. You will see this burning desire.

Anonymous said...

I read the many stories similar to this and can't believe what is going on, this must be a dream, I keep telling my wife to pinch my arm to wake me up. Well, that ain't working, my arm now looks like it was attacked by a swarm of bees.

Anonymous said...

This is why I am encouraging my children to learn real life, useful, always in demand, skills. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, welding, whatever. Just so long as it’s a life skill. When your pipe is busted and leaking water everywhere, or your wiring is screwed, you probably won’t worry about whether or not your tradesperson is “racist”. Even if you are the biggest virtue signaling SJW POS there is.

The idea that someone can have their life ruined and livelihood stripped from them, for noticing the truth, is insane. We are in an open air lunatic asylum, and the inmates are running the show. Scary times.

Baron von raschke said...

Another attempt by them to be above the law.

Anonymous said...

8 days in Minnesota! Too bad there's not a lot of blacks where I live (largely Hispanic, they bitch and commit crimes a lot more than us). Most of the cities they seem to visit have a rather large African-American crime problem, maybe they'll tell blacks to act white if they think their black bodies matter.

Brian in Ohio said...

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how race realists are made.

Let us all thank the Senator for the great service he has done for our cause.

Stay alert, stay alive.

PB said...

So,if you witness a Black male attacking a Black female, you turn and walk away. You have no responsibility, legal (or moral) to intervene by calling 911. It be all derone bidness.

I know that in the park opposite our place I see Abos brawling sometimes....I just enjoy the show and when its over I go back to what I was doing....Not my problem).

Anonymous said...

There were always people who would say “ this is hell “ well maybe not hell exactly but this place is giving purgatory a run for its money. The nuts are running the show.

Anonymous said...

To state senator Hamilton; this matter can be resolved quite simply. If blacks would segregate themselves from easily spooked white people all will be fine. Sorry that we panick at the sight of crime and criminals. Must be something in our DNA.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong?
Forget D or R, it is the subversive nature of Progressives who seek to destroy.

Anonymous said...

NY has a tax audit policy too.
If you sell everything and leave, they reserve the right to audit your records to make youbpeove you don’t owe them $

Anonymous said...

No better example of the deficient intellectual capacities of the average black. They are incapable of survival outside of a subsistence lifestyle, they don’t innovate, they don’t explore, they don’t excel.
Look at all the innovations around the world, then look at blacks. Even when GIVEN modern accommodations, they destroy it. When given modern farming techniques and clean water wells, they still manage to contaminate their water, suffer crop failure, and beg for assistance.
Show me a 1st world City, let alone nation, run by blacks that ISNT in a state is degradation.

Anonymous said...

Until they cross the street and it becomes your problem.

Anonymous said...

This proposal to make it a crime for white people to call 911 on nogs (and by extension other colored people) is nothing more than the logical extension of U.S. Government policies against white people going back to FDR. In 1942 the U.S. Government under the guise of wartime labor shortages first moved negroes into white housing in Detroit. This was followed by more forced integration in 1943 resulting in a big race riot. Federal troops were deployed to restore order.

Five years later in Shelley v. Kraemer the U.S. Supreme Court made new law out of whole cloth by declaring racial housing covenants that prevented colored people from buying property in white neighborhoods unenforceable. This was extensively written about by PK himself here at SBPDL four years ago. This helped destroy cities by driving whites out to the suburbs to escape black crime.

This was followed in the 1950's by Brown v. Board of Education which destroyed schools, primarily in cities as once again, whites fled the black criminal undertow out to the suburbs for the safety and futures of their white children. This government policy drove the productive, law abiding people beyond the clutches of the scumbag lawyers and politicians' pets. Needless to say rich, white (and white looking) hypocrites voiced their 'liberal'(sic) approval of these policies while buying their way clear of the undertow. Only deplorables suffered because of the government's policies.

The 1960's brought the disaster of the 1965 Hart-Celler Act which threw open the gates of the country to the scum of the third world. A series of destructive "Civil Rights"(sic) laws followed that drove more whites out of cities and gave preference to non-whites in most areas of public life. This caused whites to lose wealth by selling property at a loss, missing out on job and educational opportunities and placing incompetent minorities in various private and government positions.

This latest 911 proposal will probably pass muster; when has the "equality" tide been halted since 1942? It would be completely out of character for this not to become law. Add to this the massive propaganda campaign in sports, advertising, TV etc. showing false images of successful, peaceful minorities with their (usually) white wives/girlfriends and interracial groups designed to get whites to accept our dispossession peacefully.

At the same time it is necessary to continue to keep society functioning, something no one but whites can do. As the government's policies destroy the wealth of the productive class and the minorities and scumbag businessmen profit from government programs the nation sinks deeper into debt and inflation, another tax on productive people. This process led to the financial crisis of 2008 and will lead to the next financial crisis also. The next financial crisis (caused by a century of piling up debt) will destroy the financial system and the government's ability to inflict its policies of "equality" on real Americans. Only then will the government's anti-white crusade end.

JAX said...

Jacksonville FL has a huge Dindu problem. The city has it's share of nice areas but unfortunately black dysfunction is always ever present. Without Dindus this place would be a nice affordable place to raise a family.

Anonymous said...

Sunset laws work!

PB said...

"Until they cross the street and it becomes your problem."

Up to this point in time we are lucky that Abos don't have the Negro's Violence gene and attacks by them outside their own mob is rare. The kids (numbers driven by welfare payments) are however adopting Black American cultural behaviours in recent years. Interestingly, they do get the notion that they are coming into confrontation with the rising African population here.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute: How many times have the powers that be said to us, "If you see something, say something"?

How often have these "incidents" actually been prefabricated-propaganda stunts (that paint black people as victims)?

Anonymous said...

*DIEversity (means Chasing down the last White person.)