Monday, October 19, 2009

#419. Condoless in Atlanta

Atlanta again. Sherman infamously burned the city to the ground during the first Civil War in 1864 and the horrors of that scorched earth policy are constantly reenacted upon Georgia Tech Students nowadays.

The same strategy of scorched earth is being employed by the Black power base in the city, as the fear of losing power to the growing presence of white people migrating back into Atlanta could erupt into a reverse of the 1906 race riots.

Clayton County foretells the future for all cities that wish to emulate Blacktopia's, the antonym of the Whitopia. Yet Atlanta is a beacon for what the future holds for all people who retreat to living in a Fritz Lang inspired Metropolis - like existence.

Take for instance the poster child for disingenuous white liberal (DWL) Dr. Eugenia "Jeanne" Calle, a once prominent cancer research who was a victim of one of Lang's working-class people:

"The start of our day here at the American Cancer Society was quickly punctuated by the rumor -- and then the confirmation -- that one of our friends, a valued colleague and mentor, lost her life in a horrific crime sometime Tuesday in Atlanta.

Jeanne Calle was a member our society family since 1989. She was vice president of epidemiology here at our national home office in Atlanta

She was an epidemiologist who worked incessantly to unlock the secrets of what population-based information can tell us about the causes and risk factors that lead to cancer. There are few researchers in this country who have labored so hard and been so successful at bridging the gap between what we learn from epidemiology research and how we apply that information to our everyday lives.

We have lost someone very special. Her death was tragic and needless, and defies explanation."

Unlike the work of Crusading White Pedagogues, Calle was striving to better society through groundbreaking in fighting cancer that would have lasting implications on the health and wellbeing of countless individuals, regardless of race or creed.

Sadly, a condoless, Black Atlanta resident decided to take her life in a cold blooded manner that doesn't defy explanation, but can only be rationalized through twisted mind of the DWL:

" Their fateful meeting at the high-rise Midtown condo complex--the prominent cancer researcher and the young man described by police as a two-bit criminal--was nothing but chance.

Eugenia "Jeanne" Calle, who had a condo on the Aqua building's 20th floor, was walking her gray poodle.

Shamal Thompson, 22, fresh off a meal at a nearby Checkers fast-food restaurant, wandered in under the pretense of shopping for condos in the luxury building that boasts private elevators, around-the-clock security and skyline-view homes that cost as much as $2.5 million.

Calle undoubtedly thought she was seizing on an opportunity to sell her condo. But it was Thompson, police say, who was looking for opportunity.

Early Thursday morning, authorities arrested Thompson and charged him with beating Calle to death as she showed him around her penthouse condo. After the killing, and after he went on a spending spree with Calle's credit cards, Thompson got bolder, returning to the scene of the crime late Wednesday night and trying to con his way back inside her condo, police said.

"He was extremely brazen," said Atlanta police Lt. Keith Meadows, commander of the department's homicide unit. "It's a little unsettling when people are that bold. I can't even put it into words."

Just two weeks into retirement, Calle wanted to sell her condo so she could move in with her fiance."

Mr. Thompson who had an impressive rap sheet of criminality that rivaled Calle's record of research into combating the growth of cancer in the human body, wasn't in a position to purchase a luxury condo in Atlanta, even though the city has a copious amount of low occupancy luxury buildings:

"A one-mile stretch of Atlanta's upscale Buckhead neighborhood shows why commercial real estate is emerging as an obstacle to pulling the U.S. economy out of recession.

Separate developers in Buckhead are building four speculative office buildings at the same time with virtually no leasing activity. The 35 recent condominium projects will help give Atlanta a 40-year supply at the current sales pace. A $600 million outdoor shopping mall under way has suspended construction to save money.

....Canadian insurer Manulife Financial Corp. and Crescent Resources, a developer owned by Duke Energy Corp. and a unit of Morgan Stanley, was last. It launched Phipps Tower in March 2008, days before Bear Stearns Cos. collapsed. Regions Financial Corp., a Birmingham, Ala., bank, arranged the $95 million construction loan. A Regions spokesman declined to comment. Mr. Bell, at Cousins, was incredulous that Crescent and Manulife went ahead. "I threw up my hands. The world's gone crazy," he said."

The world has gone crazy. Calle is gone from this earth, a woman who spent her entire life trying to better mankind's condition on this planet through her cancer research and in her last moments on earth she was left wondering if Mr. Thompson might still purchase her condo in Atlanta:

Would you like for me to escort him up?" the guard asked Calle, according to Meadows.

"No, it'll be fine," Calle responded. "I don't want him to think that we don't trust him.'

It's not clear whether Thompson seriously intended to buy a home in Aqua or had the money to do so. Meadows said he suspects Thompson wanted to case the condos for valuables and didn't realize beforehand that the first two were vacant.

Surveillance footage captured Thompson on camera, but he had given a fake name to the real estate agent, Meadows said. He had used his own cell phone to set up the condo viewings, however, and police subpoenaed his phone records.

It's safe to assume Mr. Thompson wasn't going to purchase Calle's condo, but the DWL-tendencies that she exercised in the last moments of her life - one that was devoted to understanding science -in not accepting a guards accompaniment (despite his melanin-enriched appearance), for she didn't want to be accused of engaging in the algebraic equations of Hate Facts.

A senseless tragedy made the more morose and macabre by the fact of the surplus of fine condos and apartments in Atlanta that Mr. Thompson could have viewed with a reputable agent and perhaps found something more in his price range:

Between 2004 and 2007, about two dozen condos in the seven-figure price range were sold, Palm said. But as more were built, those numbers grew and created a market of its own. Since 2007, nearly 80 condos have sold for more than $1 million. That figure may give builders the impression that sales are picking up, but Palm doesn’t read the data that way.

“The market now has more condos for sale at this price than have ever been sold at this price,” he said. “That just doesn’t make any sense in this housing market.”

Freeman said there have been about a dozen closed sales at the St. Regis, but he wouldn’t give a specific number, citing pending contracts that might be days or weeks from closing. Though the building’s structure is complete, most units’ interiors are still under construction.

Plans for many of these pricey condos were put into motion before the economy soured, making it too late to stop them when the housing market started to go south, developers say.

Atlanta-based Post Properties started The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Buckhead in 2006.

“The world has certainly changed,” said Jeffrey W. Harris, an executive vice president at Post. “Our pricing now is a reflection of the economy.”

The world has certainly changed. A prominent cancer researcher is gone, for she had the heart of a DWL and refused to trust her handy Hate Facts that guide so many people to Whitopia's, those evil cities that remind their inhabitants of Pre-Obama America.

Mr. Thompson is alive and well though, and will one day search for another condo in Atlanta. Until then, he will be yet another Black person who is Condoless in Atlanta, and yet another entry in Stuff Black People Don't Like.



STP said...

Good grief if you watch the news video the chief looks like some 60s era pimp. No wonder its called 'Apelanta".

Anonymous said...

This was a most heinous crime, a black on white hate crime. Stupididity revealed itself when Thompson went on a shopping spree with her stolen credit cards then RETURNED to the scene of the crime!

While crossing through Aqua’s lobby, she overheard Thompson and a real-estate agent chatting about taking a tour of two condos that were for sale, Meadows said.

“She said, ‘Don’t forget about mine. It’s for sale, also,’” Meadows said.

Thompson didn’t. After the tour, a security guard called Calle and said that Thompson was in the lobby.

“Would you like for me to escort him up?” the guard asked Calle, according to Meadows.

“No, it’ll be fine,” Calle responded. “I don’t want him to think that we don’t trust him. “
Go to this link to read the real story of this criminal...,
This bastard, Shamal Thompson deserves the death penalty, nothing less!

WSB Atlanta offers some truly gut-wrenching insight into what Judge Becker was using her Internet for when she should have been looking into Thompson’s criminal history before sentencing him on those burglary charges. She was looking at the bridal gown website Thompson claimed to have designed. According to WSB (and WSB was the only news station that reported this), “Judge Becker cited the Web site and the ‘beautiful designs’ on the site as part of the reason for the light sentence she gave Thompson in the burglary case.”

Anonymous said...

Instead of calling this website stuff black people dont like call it why niggers suck.

Oh by the way Im a mulatto so you cant call me a racist.

Porter said...

Well you can call me racist--or not--I couldn't care less.

But what I do care about are the people like Ms. Calle who have been sacrificed--and who sacrificed themselves--on the profane alter of multiculturalism and political correctness.

I agree with anonymous above who lucidly speculates that she declined protection out of fear of offending this sub-human savage. And her fear of being "racist" cost her life. Sad, infuriating, and unsurprising.

Time and again we learn that nature has no use for either pieties or platitudes. Those who are weak, stupid, and vulnerable will be killed by those who are violent.

The demise of Timothy Treadwell should serve as an object lesson to all diversity loving whites. It's irrelevant how many years you live with and around grizzly bears. One day they *will* eat you.

Anonymous said...

"niggers suck"

"Im a mulatto so you cant call me racist"

Perhaps, you should have more loyalty for your brothers (Negros). As for me, I'll call you what I want. Negros are the most racist racial group in existance today.

The quoted comment is an excellent example of one reason against miscegenation. This fellow's comment IS "The pot calling the kettle black".


juandos said...

Sad but not suprising...

In the United States, when it comes to race relations, much is said about white racism, which gives the illusion of Euro-american as a violent and threatening community. Yet this is a deceiving and prejudiced picture. A simple glance at the interracial figures show that European Americans are often targeted for interracial crimes while they seldom practice it...

Anonymous said...

They Killed my Father in 1954 and my Mother in 1982. They are a savage lot of subhumans, I trust none of them, they are mentally unstable. I carry a weapon at all times when I'm around them and will not go as easily. God help the one that tries to hurt me or mine.

Anonymous said...

Dollars to donuts the security guard was a black man...and a racial realist. Much like my civil black friends, who have pointed out to me on more than one occasion their fears of savage blacks, most of the time they give a hand signal or a nod when we're in the presence of blacks they don't trust. They are much more attune than I. I would do the same for them when and if the situation presents itself, but usually they need no help in uncloaking savage whites.

It sounds as if he was trying to drop the hint, but she was so naive and insulated by her liberal bubble, that the idea came across as ludicrous to her sensibilities.