Friday, October 9, 2009

#84. Only Winning Nobel Prizes for Peace

SBPDL has tried to make it clear to everyone that We Live in a Black World now, regardless of the demographic figures. All that matters anymore is the United States number one and two exports – sports and Mein Obama – and the citizens of not only our country but the entire world consume both in vast quantities.

From the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the National Football League (NFL), the citizens of our country will follow their professional team to the gates of Hell if they had too, and with sports being one of our top forms of economic production in the nation, we might as well admit the US is not even a service economy anymore, but a hybrid sports-consumption economic society.

Sports project a positive image of Black people – if you don’t read Jeff Benedict’s work - since Black people are capable of performing the extraordinary feat of running with a football and putting a ball into basket. However, one skill that eludes Black people is flying planes, a task no amount of government intervention can rightfully alter.

Our second most valuable export is Barack Obama, a real-life General Zod. Black people know this, which is why they support him with nearly unanimous numbers and why the look to him as being the man who drove the stake deep into the heart of Pre-Obama America.

His approval rating in America might be slipping – among everyone but Black people - and social unrest might be just around the corner as the economy slides into disaster mode – just ask the good citizens of Detroit – but Zod/Obama has finally been given the honor that he rightfully deserves; a Nobel Prize for Peace:

"A beaming President Barack Obama said Friday he was both honored and humbled to win the Nobel Peace Prize and would accept it as a "call to action" to work with other nations to solve the world's most pressing problems.

Obama told reporters in the White House Rose Garden that he wasn't sure he had done enough to earn the award, or deserved to be in the company of the "transformative figures" who had won it before him.

But, he said, "I will accept this award as a call to action, a call for all nations to confront the challenges of the 21st century."

Barack Obama is seen as the 21st version of Ozymandias, and in this Black man rests the ability for the world to be unified (which the Nobel committee took into consideration for his prize):

Ozymandias was another name for Ramesses the Great, Pharaoh of the nineteenth dynasty of ancient Egypt. Ozymandias represents a transliteration into Greek of a part of Ramesses' throne name, User-maat-re Setep-en-re. The sonnet paraphrases the inscription on the base of the statue, given by Diodorus Siculus as "King of Kings am I, Osymandias. If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.”

The Nobel Prize is correct to award Obama with this honor, for his election has lead to peace in the United States. Were it not for his election, the chaotic scene in Detroit, where upwards to 50,000 Black people thought they would be getting a stimulus check, would be repeated in every major city. Black people have the highest unemployment of any racial group in America and yet, having a fellow Black occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue keeps alive the prospect of hope and change.

A white person in office would be cause for riots, as no positive net growth in jobs is beyond the horizon, and the rate of unemployment will only aggregate in the coming months. Yet, Obama is seen as the figure who can eradicate this imbalance, merely by maintaining his current melanin level.

Sadly, the Nobel Prize for Peace that Obama was bestowed is but another honor given to a Black person for Peace:

The first Nobel Prizes were awarded in 1901, it was not until 1950 that a Black person was a recipient. An African American from Detroit, Dr. Ralph J. Bunche was the first black man to receive the distinguished prize for his work as a United Nations mediator; his efforts led to the 1949 Arab-Israeli armistice agreement.

Ten other remarkable Blacks have received a Nobel: Albert John Luthuli, 1960 Peace Prize; Martin Luther King Jr., 1964 Peace Prize; Sir William Arthur Lewis, 1979 Economics Prize; Bishop Desmond Tutu, 1984 Peace Prize; Wole Soyinka, 1986 Literature Prize; Derek Walcott, 1992 Literature Prize; Toni Morrison, 1993 Literature Prize; Nelson Mandela, 1993 Peace Prize, Kofi Annan 2001 Peace Prize and Wangari Maathai, 2004.”

How peaceful is the world currently? Let’s just say the United Nations is considering calling rape a tool of war, which doesn’t bode to well for those who are committing it in open warfare in America.

No, Black people have been honored primarily for bringing a faux-peace to the world, where it has quickly devolved into an even more bellicose state than it was before – a precursor of things to come in the United States with Obama’s latest gift from Nobel.

Take for instance Dr. Bunche. He sure did a good job ending that Arab-Israel conflict, didn’t he? Or Desmond Tutu of South Africa, as his nation is a beacon of peace and prosperity.

What other honors does the Nobel Committee give? Alfred Nobel stated this, in his will:

“The capital shall be invested by my executors in safe securities and shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.

The said interest shall be divided into five equal parts, which shall be apportioned as follows: one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery or invention within the field of physics; one part to the person who shall have made the most important chemical discovery or improvement; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; one part to the person who shall have produced in the field of literature the most outstanding work of an idealistic tendency; and one part to the person who shall have done the most or the best work for fraternity among nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.”

Black people have won 11 Nobel Prizes, with most coming in the peace category and others in the literature and economics category, or 1.4 percent of all Nobel’s given out.

Never has a Black person won a Nobel Prize for work in the field of chemistry, physics or medicine and sadly, no award is handed out for best overall athlete.

William Shockley and James Watson, however, both won Nobel Prizes for their work in ENSURING humanity survived.

Obama is seen as the man who has brought peace to the world, as he has skillfully kept the United States from entering economically-fueled riots, but the scene in Detroit earlier this week showed what is coming. The Nobel Prize he won is a great honor, but it may turn out to be short lived. Stuff Black People Don’t like includes only winning Nobel Prizes for Peace, because more than 70 percent of their awards have come in this category.

The Nobel Prize is thus inherently racist for only awarding prizes in the fields of chemistry, physics and medicine to white people or Asians. Black people have made contributions in these fields… haven’t they?


Anonymous said...

are we men or monsters?

"bob" said...

Where in the quote by Alfred Nobel state "one for economics"??? Maybe some of our Hebrew friends were feeling left out and decided to amend the wishes of Alfred Nobel?

Will there be a blog pertaining to 'Stuff Jewish People Don't like?'

I don't think you would have to work too hard to find material to satisfy a blog audience.

Anonymous said...

The future of the world has been decided. Indeed, the Nordic man has spoken. He says, "Baaa Baaa Baaa Baaa" er, "Meep Meep Meep Mepp".

"Dude, I just totally got like 10 frags on Halo"


Anonymous said...

i like that working towards peace is such a trivial matter to you.

i also find it funny that while dubya did an incredible amount to destabilize the world at large and helped to drag our countries once good standing further into the mud than most other presidents combined to engage in a conflict that proved to be directly monetarily beneficial to his cohorts all the while dissolving our civil liberties to protect us against the very monsters he and his ilk helped to create, you take time to reprimand some one who is at least attempting to create sustainable peace in the world.

don't get me wrong, i am not much a fan of obama's track record thus far. the most recent saturday night live skit highlighting his "achievements" is a fairly accurate indication of my sentiments concerning the good he has done while in office. but that is part of my point. why such disdain for some one who has done very little, good or bad, when there are so many in our very immediate history who have done a substantially greater deal of harm to you, your countrymen/women and the world at large?

at the very least, give the guy a decent amount of time to screw up before calling foul. it seems highly doubtful he will be capable of doing any worse a job than georgey boy (let's not forget his role in the recent financial crisis obama has been charged with resolving) . and if he does, well, i will be pissed right along with you angry little righties.

Anonymous said...

Bob, the Nobel Prize for Economics was promulgated by the Bank of Sweden in 1969. It is the only category that Nobel did not provide for, ergo there's no mention of it in his will.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if I had a small dick I'd be obsessive with African American people, too:

-Every time I see one I would imagine their huge, throbbing cocks right in front of my face

-Every time I see an African American woman it would represent the ultimate female that I couldn't satisfy, so therefore I must preemptively despise her before she looks at my minuscule crotch.

-Every time I see a Caucasian American woman I would only think about how a African American man could do her better... so if he makes more than me, it would drive me insane.

- Every time I see an Asian American woman, I would hope that the stereotype that Asian American men have small cocks would be true.

Good thing I'm well endowed.

Anonymous said...

Yea, If i was a talking ape i'd obsess over white people too.

-Every time i see an African American man, im glad im not so predisposed to rape murder and violence.

-Every time i see an African American woman, im glad i don't have to deal with such manly, burly 'females' to racially copulate with.

-Every time i see a Caucasian American woman, i am glad she is the epitome of human beauty with a long range of hair and eye colors, a pleasant nature, and smooth fair skin. And actually, as far as real data goes and not negro delusions, white women are the least likely to copulate with an african american man. I suppose 'Being well endowed' was a myth afterall.

That or white women simply do not want violent thugs, go figure.

-Every time i see an Asian American woman, i can't help but think about this pleasant video of a Chinese woman showing an African American woman her place after the African American woman so disrespected her.

So much for being so tough.

DavidC said...

LOL- we're getting the "big cocks" defense!

I think SBPDL has hit a nerve!

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog. It is all so well put together, and well thought out. The research is very well done. I especially enjoy reading comments of anonymous "African" posters who can't take it. You can add "Myths black people wish were true" to the list of stuff black people don't like.
White men are not so obsessed with the size of certain parts of our anatomy. We give much more thought to loving our wives and raising our kiddos in a loving and safe environment. Providing much of our resources for their future, is a top priority also. You see we are much more concerned about the commitment involved with reproduction than the act of copulation itself. After all Fathers Day is on the list of SBPDL.

Anonymous said...

"Good thing I'm well endowed."

HAHAHA! Better for the raping, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

October 10, 2009 9:32 PM
Hey Mr 'obessessed with dick', your shared thoughts are like listening to what a dog could say if they had the gift of speech, "hey everyone I like to eat, shit and fuck."
Whoop de doo.
Though it's nice to hear that you belive in inherent racial differences too though.
And yeah darn those public decency laws forcing us all to wear pants!
Anyway how do you know much about men's privates?
You're obviously no doctor, but then there's nothing stopping you possibly taking some pre-Med classes after High Scool, as you have your whole life ahead of you and the World is your oyster!

But seriousily Black men have the highest HIV rates in America so please take some precautions OK.

Anonymous said...

6:25am anonymous. republican and christian?

if so, please convince your friends to adopt your concerns with teaching protection as opposed to the bush and similar minded funding of faith based initiatives that promote teaching abstinence and deny proliferation of condoms. it is obviously a failed tactic, ask the palins.

if not of that camp, well, you should still write your congressman and work to insure that, as per your sentiment, precaution is taught.

and to 6:06. i am not "african" (actually we all are, that is another point) and i cannot take it. not all research is well done and what holes are found are ignored when pointed out. then again, maybe they are ignored before posted. hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

'i am not "african"'

Sorry buddy, but if you smell like an "african", act like an "african". think like like an "african", write like an "african". You are indeed an "african".

You are not a member of my tribe, I can tell you that much.


Mark IJsseldijk said...

Leftist Retard above: i am not "african" (actually we all are, that is another point) and i cannot take it.

Uh-huh. You don't think or write like a White, that's for sure.

"Actually we all are [African]" - no, genetic studies have long since disproved that already obvious lie. There is furthermore no evidence for a massive migration of Homo sapiens sapiens out of Africa - not least because modern humans couldn't have developed in tropical climates anyway. Look at tropical populations - whether Afros or Abbos, they're all retarded apes.

Your cheap Jewish hack science does not impress those who actually understand science - your ape ass not included.

Anonymous said...

mark ilseldikeidiiidk.

you are cute.

dgfdfg said...

Ah, love the comments you let in here, with debates revolving around penis envy and letting people call blacks talking apes, and retarded apes, and reffering to "out of africa" with like terms cheap jewish hack science, because some people really, really hate being related to blacks. These comments being undeleted after several days.

Nah, you're just a bunch of white nationalist shit who try to pass themselves off as witty social analyists. Fucking slime.

gdffgd said...

"no, genetic studies have long since disproved that already obvious lie."

Name those genetic studies. OOA is supported by mountains upon mountains upon mountains of research and the vast, overwhelming majority of the scientific community. Multiregionalism is virtually dead. The closest there is to that is hybrid origin theories, which still have little support, which still show our migrations coming from africa. But even then, that's a minority view, with quite small amounts of evidence for it.

In regards to hybrid-origins, there's vastly more evidence for europeans and other caucasoid peoples interbreeding with non-human, non-sapient neanderthans than any other population. I suppose you'd embrace the idea of having non-humans in your family tree moreso than have some relatively recent ancestry with africans.

"There is furthermore no evidence for a massive migration of Homo sapiens sapiens out of Africa"

Evidence of this? Where's all the massive evidence for another origin?

"not least because modern humans couldn't have developed in tropical climates anyway."


"Look at tropical populations - whether Afros or Abbos, they're all retarded apes."

So much scientific objectivity for you, reffering to them as retarded apes. Maybe you should stick to VNN, or this trashy little blog, run by some cripplingly unfunny white nationalist cretins who uphold the typical cartoonish racialist model of history and have an IQ fetish.

"Your cheap Jewish hack science"

Darwin first proposed out of Africa. The Leakey family isn't jewish. OOA has support from virtually every corner of the global scientific community. But I suppose since you don't like it, it must be jewish.

"does not impress those who actually understand science"

Go screaming through the walls of academic institutions worldwide on how you're the ringing answer to the debate on human origins, then.

"your ape ass not included."

Ah, actually, maybe you'd just be far better off festering here or on VNN or stormfront or niggermania or chimpout than making any leways into scientific research. Worthless fucking asshole.

I hope the owners of this blog, major promoters of free speech and the bane on political correctness, will let my comments through if they're going to let through people like Mark who don't think blacks are human. (aborigines are technically southeast asians, btw)

Then again, I kind of doubt the owners of SBPDL aren't too far off from Mark's viewpoints.

Porter said...

I suppose those last two comments actually represent the right half of the left-wing bell curve. Though I apologize in advance for mentioning this racist trope.

With the typical adverse commentary on here proceeding something along the lines of...

"i is tink tis cite is raysis an dum"

But with these last two comments...the profundity on display with such witticisms as "nationalist shit," "social analyists (sic)," "fucking slime," and "cripplingly unfunny white nationalist cretins" (again- leftist are notorious plagiarists), and "Worthless fucking asshole."

This is approaching Louie Farrakhan level monologues. Sharpton at the very least.

SBPDL, you should be pleased. Your opposition is up from sub-saharan IQ levels (oops, there's that fetish again) to the Detroit city council. You know what George Jefferson said.

Anonymous said...

I have read some of this "Out of Africa" theory. I don't intend to prove or disprove the theory or whether or not it is jewish in origin. What I find amusing is to hear this theory from blacks. Seriously, if this theory is correct, where does it put negroid man on the evolutionary timeline? The blacks are still where they originated. The other races explored and populated the rest of earth.

It seems to me the "Out of Africa" theory is racist in and of itself. But then again, I am White and I feel no need to prove I'm somehow related to another race. My race has already created so many things. Why would I want take credit for the invention of twig and dung huts?


Anonymous said...

White people left Africa.
White people left Detroit.

Why do black people follow white people?
Never visa versa?

Mark IJsseldijk said...

some people really, really hate being related to blacks.

Well, I'm not. Nor is any Aryan.

OOA is supported by mountains upon mountains upon mountains of research and the vast, overwhelming majority of the scientific community.

Sure it is. By "mountains." Like global warming.

So now we have a nigger essentially saying that consensus is truth. And of course not willing to wade into studies or do any thinking itself.

But I suppose since you don't like it, it must be jewish.

Haha. Explain Boas, Gould, Kammen, Zimmer, Rose, etc then.


Nigger, if whites were related to you, we ought to be able to trace back to a single ancestor. But this is not the case. Aryans show a diversity of both Y-dna and mitochondrial dna haplotypes - Not one of which traces to sub-Saharan Africa.

And, your appeal to authority is typical of stupid non-whites who don't understand that truth is not dictated by "these people say so." Retarded ape.

Mark IJsseldijk said...

The closest there is to that is hybrid origin theories, which still have little support, which still show our migrations coming from africa.

They don't show anything of the sort. The fossil record is nowhere near sufficient to make such a momentous judgment. But in the world of non-white non-logic, I can see how this asininity becomes "consensus."

Mark IJsseldijk said...

Where's all the massive evidence for another origin?

Genetics. Modern population genetics hold the key to our evolution, not your Jewish bone-shamanry.

"Let's study dead things irrelevant to modern humans but ignore the living breathing people outside whose genetics we could test." Brilliant.

With this retarded methodology you can see why modern science is such a shambles.

Mark IJsseldijk said...

The absurdity of "OOA" is that we study fossils but not living populations. They are not even able to test their hypothesis of an African migration, but yet they broadcast it as fact. This is all too typical of the backward scientific establishment of today.

Population genetics and study of phenotype can offer true insights into evolution. If you want to learn about the populations alive today, study them.

Some questions:

Can you "OOA" proponents explain why ~0% of Aryan/white people have mitochondrial or y-dna haplotypes tracing to sub-Saharan Africa? Why do the Aryan haplotypes appear to have originated in NW Eurasia?

Can you explain why blacks and whites have different amount of bones and different musculature if we are both "Homo sapiens sapiens"?

Can you explain why blacks have prognathous faces and sloping foreheads and smaller skull capacities by a large amount of cc's if we are the same species?

There are others I could ask, but you get the drift. We are not the same species and Aryans, along with other Homo sapiens sapiens, certainly originated in N Eurasia. The big brains came from having to overcome the cold conditions, thus requiring more firepower upstairs.

Anonymous said...

"You are not a member of my tribe, I can tell you that much."

our shared german ancestry proves you wrong.


Anonymous said...

people of african origin are not intellectuals in general,thats a fact

doesnt mean there are no black intellectuals,there are,but in noway as many as whites and it has nothing to do with poverty as many white scientists were born and lived in poverty

Anonymous said...

"our shared german [sic] ancestry proves you wrong"

Hrmm... So you must have some misunderstanding about our tribal rules. Yes, I have essentially kicked you out of our tribe. My recommendation to you is that you walk south until you find another tribe and propagate your spawn there.


Anonymous said...

"Yes, I have essentially kicked you out of our tribe."

well damn man. that is too bad for me. i really wanted to be considered a part of a "tribe" of racist hypocrites. or have you forgotten that your "tribes" were not wanted in america to begin with either, based solely on the fact that you they were part of that "tribe"?

Mark IJsseldijk said...

Notice how my critics never returned to rebut my points. How typical. As soon as I expose their commie pseudo-science for what it is, they're "gone with the wind."

our shared german ancestry proves you wrong.

If you have non-white blood, then you are not Aryan thus not a member of my tribe. Regardless of some German ancestry.

Anonymous said...

"If you have non-white blood, then you are not Aryan thus not a member of my tribe. Regardless of some German ancestry."

good for me.

mark, do you know what aryan means? or used to? it's not white pal.

i'll contribute more to the "hack commie jew pseudo science blah blah blah" when i have time.

Anonymous said...

Quote, "mark, do you know what aryan means? or used to? it's not white pal."

HAHAHA! I'll let you take that argument up with an Aryan Iranian. I can say it certainly doesn't 'mean' mongoloid. Regardless, that term means little to me you brown eyed, brown haired everyman.

If as you say Germans were not welcome here, how do explain the fact that our tribes outnumber ALL tribes in the United States? Yes, if you exclude all the other (White or not) ethnic groups, ours is still the largest.

That's all without going 'off the wall' and combining us with the numbers of the Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish.

You claim membership in my tribe, but you know very little of it. You have no pride. Your sons will certainly hold their heads low. Mabey they will find some spare change on the ground as they wander the earth.

Sorry Mark, I had to answer that one,