Friday, October 2, 2009

A quick note

Only those posts that have a number sign (example #5. Classical Music) in front of them count as part of the official canon of Stuff Black People Don't Like. We have a running narrative going here and it is important you start from the beginning to understand what SBPDL is all about. So go back and start from the very first post if you are new, and enjoy the read (plus the videos!).

For those just visiting for the first time, welcome. You'll see that in the three months that this site has been up, we have grown to be a unique niche on the internet. You can access us at and send emails to, if you have questions/suggestions/interesting facts to dispense.

Also, a fan group exists on Just type in SBPDL in the search box once you have logged into your account, and sign up to be a fan. Honestly, if you aren't a fan of this site, sign up anyway.

Eric Holder, the attorney general of the United States, asked us to stop being cowards when it came to discussing race in America. We here at SBPDL agree that this task has to be started somewhere, and we decided to start it.

You'll notice we have never endorsed (once you read the entire canon of SBPDL) a political party, nor can we really be pegged as "racist" - although some would view us that way - as we just try and highlight reality for what it is at every step of the way.

If you don't like facts, then call them hate. We have an entry about that (Hate Facts). The point is, enjoy the site. We believe in freedom of speech and welcome comments (keep them clean), and will reject those that are abusive, denigrating of a particular people or religion, or, if they use excessive profanity.

It's 2009. Political correctness really isn't charming or fun anymore. It's stifling free speech and open communication about the direction our country has been going in for a long time (under any president, Black or white).

So, sit back, re-read the old posts, watch the videos and laugh for once. Stuff Black People Don't Like is gearing up for some big things the rest of the year, and all we ask, is you keep reading (it wouldn't hurt to post a link on any forum you might visit, regardless of the topic...).

And now, because this video can't be properly introduced with words, we'll leave you with this:


Anonymous said...

U go girls! Eat mo' o' dem frahd possums! Mmm mmm mmm! Hail Obama!

Anonymous said...


You are week minded fool, afraid of the truth, just as everyone else...


Porter said...

The second thought I had when viewing this video in macabre amazement was a flashback to the black bar scene in Animal House where Pinto asks his date what she is majoring in, and she responds "primitive cultures"--then a quick camera cut to Otis Day gyrating on stage.

The first thought was that perhaps universal suffrage was not the best idea.

Anonymous said...

super sized chick is pretty agile...

Anonymous said...

Yes, that truly is a "high culture" at work there. Surely, they are the same as nice English, French, Italian, etc. women in their customs and actions. Utterly disgusting....I may not eat for a week.

Anonymous said...

"and will reject those that are abusive, denigrating of a particular people or religion"

complete bullshit.

reading through your and your readers' posts is all it takes to bring to light your hypocrisy.

why post that if you are not going to stick to your guns? why post that you are not racist when you make racist responses in the comments?

eric holder holds you accountable as well, coward. you should try holding yourself accountable.

man up and drop the pretense.