Friday, April 23, 2010

#13. The Welfare Queen Title

Black people have it pretty good in Black Run America (BRA). Despite being 13 percent of the population, Black people have the benefit of controlling permissible dialogue in the United States by dictating what can and can't be discussed.

The prevailing wisdom in America is of Black dominance and superiority in sports, which anyone paying attention to the National Basketball Association (NBA) or National Football League (NFL) would concur is the case.

The fear of Black baseball players becoming extinct in Major League Baseball (MLB) is a cause for national emergency and every effort is to be attempted to alleviate the situation.

Indeed, Hank Aaron had this to say about the new Atlanta Braves player Jason Heyward:

The legendary Atlanta Braves slugger told The Associated Press Tuesday that Heyward, who is black, "can mean an awful lot to what ails baseball."

Aaron shares a growing concern that there are too few African-American players in the game. It's a concern he expressed again during spring training. He says it's a common problem that baseball has been slow to address.

Aaron isn't wasting anytime promoting the Braves' newest African-American star.

After Heyward's debut on Monday — which included a three-run homer on his first swing — the Hall of Famer was even more optimistic that the 20-year-old rookie can make a difference.

"You don't know how excited I was, and not only me," Aaron said. "I was talking to (civil rights pioneer and former Atlanta mayor) Andrew Young about the same thing, and he wants me to bring him out there to meet Heyward. It's beginning to move through the black area. People are getting excited."

Aaron, 76, says the buzz makes him feel good.

"He can certainly bring the excitement back, not only for Atlanta but also for African-American players," Aaron said. "We do need to have many, many more Jason Heywards
However, the treatment of Toby Gerhart and Tim Tebow in the 2010 NFL Draft highlights something sinister underneath the appearance of Black dominance in sports that undermines the credibility of an entire league and concept.

BRA can only endure as long as the perception of Black superiority in sports is maintained and this ruse is shown all to carefully in how Heisman Trophy runner-up Toby Gerhart was treated in the NFL Draft for daring to have the dexterity of running the football from the tailback position and being a white athlete.

Most white people are well aware of the high crime rates that accompany Black people in which ever city they live, but they firmly believe that with the help and influence of superior white values and morals, that every Black person can be remade into the image of Michael Oher.

White people live far away from Black people, segregating themselves from the crime and mayhem that strangely follows Black people in every city they choose to reside.

Now all Black people are not criminals, though Black people do worry about high rates of Black-on-Black crime. Of course, not all Black people are exceptional athletes either.

For those who fail to make professional sports, the Federal Government quickly can step in and find room to employ Black people disproportionately to their percentage of the population. Jobs with some form of 'Diversity' coordinator or head of 'Diversity' are also a common vocation for Black people.

Black Run America continues because white people believe that if everyone works hard they too can achieve the American Dream. In fact, white people tried desperately to give Black people the American Dream of home ownership that they removed bothersome and unneeded burdens such as down payments, credit checks and employment verification in the mortgage process through a system of subprime lending in an all effort to ameliorate past discrimination in lending.

This attempt of white paternalism brought the world economy to its knees, crashing Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers, nearly bringing down American International Group (AIG) in the process.

Black people defaulted on mortgages they couldn't pay and were unqualified for in the first place, yet they still had the authority through the strength of BRA to sue banks for predatory lending:
The NAACP filed lawsuits Friday against two of the nation's largest mortgage lenders -- HSBC and Wells Fargo -- alleging "systematic, institutionalized racism" in their subprime lending.

"We have targeted these banks because we have gone through what we can get our hands on, and it seems like there's a real problem here," NAACP CEO Benjamin Jealous told CNN.

Jealous said the group wants "transparency." "We want to see the books," he added. "We are not seeking damages; we just want them to fix the problem."

Both companies denied the allegations.

HSBC spokeswoman Kate Durham said the company does not comment on litigation, but she said, "We stand by our lending practices."

The suit would be dropped, but the good intentions of white people to give Black people a hand out in home ownership was obviously not appreciated.

That nebulous term, The American Dream, is difficult to attain for some and the disadvantages Black people continue to have economically in America seemingly disable them from attaining that dream and in the process, live in a perpetual nightmare of Black underclass existence.

White people have created a system entitled commonly know as welfare to help those less fortunate survive while they land on their feet and get their life back on track. These same white people believe Black people are welfare abusers, who take advantage of system designed to help people in the short-term, while Black people use it for long-term economic betterment.

Nothing brings joy to a white persons heart like watching a sporting event on television and learning that a Black athlete survived the perils of a welfare home and the absence of a father to make it through sports.

Nothing brings outrage to a white persons like the notion of a welfare abuser however, especially all of those Black people who fail to become big-time Black athletes that they can cheer for in at the college or professional level.

There is a perception, a misconception mind you, that a lot of Black people are on welfare. Since 70 percent (and rising) of Black children are born out-of-wedlock, the idea of the Black welfare queen has arisen:
A welfare queen is a pejorative phrase used in the United States to describe people who are accused of collecting excessive welfare payments through fraud or manipulation. Sensational reporting on welfare fraud began during the early-1960s, appearing in general interest magazines such as Readers Digest. The term entered the American lexicon during Ronald Reagan's 1976 presidential campaign when he described a "welfare queen" from Chicago's South Side.[1] Since then, it has become a stigmatizing label placed on recidivist poor mothers, with studies showing that it often carries gendered and racial connotations.
It has been stated by that local nightly news casts distort the reality of Black people, as:
According to Lawrence Grossman, former president of CBS News and PBS, TV newscasts "disproportionately show African-Americans under arrest, living in slums, on welfare, and in need of help from the community.
He is correct, as this news story out of Tampa, Florida can attest:

TAMPA - The din of room 168 at the Economy Inn on East Busch Boulevard occasionally drowned out conversation.

Twelve children ranging from teenagers to toddlers to infants spent the past week here, scrambling across the floor, bouncing on beds. With eyes filled with resignation on Wednesday morning, they were hungry and dirty and they wore the same clothes as the day before and the day before that.

Angel Adams, the mom, was asking for help, as the children rambled about the room. She was homeless and hopeless, she said. A relative paid for the motel room for a week, and after that, who knows. Her fiancé is in prison. Her 1-year-old is named John The Baptist Brown.

With measured indignation, Adams said somebody owes her.

What do I do?" she said earlier in the day. "I have no answers. My family has been railroaded. Someone needs to pay.

"Nobody's helping me."

She remained distrustful of the system, she said. It was a system that despite all good intentions landed her in the motel, in this fix, in the first place.

Others would disagree, saying Adams is the cause of her own problems.

This morning, inside the dingy motel room, Adams handed out a list of her children's names and ages. Across the top: "Three fathers. One Mother. Fifteen Children."

Ten of the children, she said, were fathered by Garry Brown, currently serving a five-year prison term for dealing cocaine. A sampling of his kids' names: Garry Nesha, Garry Brown Jr., Garry Lethia, Garryiell and Garry Rick.

The United States economy collapsed largely because of the subprime mortgage fiasco, which was instigated as an attempt to undermine traditional lending requirements to augment the number of Black people who owned homes. When these Black people failed to pay mortgages, banks that held Credit Default Swaps ( mortgage protection) defaulted, posting massive losses that caused the entire system to buckle, contract and basically collapse.

Thus, the hope of giving home ownership to Black people facilitated the economic collapse, triggered massive unemployment (that Black people face at higher rates) and yet, white people were still blamed for practicing predatory lending.

The best intentions are what the road to hell is paved with, and the system of welfare is but another example of white peoples benevolence gone awry:

Blacks are vastly overrepresented on the rolls. As the first chart on this page shows, 5.4 million — nearly 40 percent — of all recipients are black. The second chart compares actual numbers of recipients with numbers in the population to show the percentage of each racial group that lives on welfare. Only 2.9 percent of whites are on welfare whereas 18 percent of blacks are. This means that any given black is six times as likely as any given white to be on the dole. Although Asians have the lowest percentage on the dole after whites, they are still nearly twice as likely as whites to be recipients.

Given these disparities by race, it is no surprise to find that the states with the most non-whites generally have the most welfare. In the District of Columbia, which is 75 percent non-white, 9.3 percent of the population are on welfare. In 35 percent — black Mississippi, 6.8 percent are on welfare. In some notorious black ghettos, more people are on welfare than not. In Camden (NJ), two-thirds of the adults are on welfare and in East St. Louis (IL) 75 percent of the population gets AFDC.
Indeed, sports is what Black Run America is fueled by and for those unlucky enough to make it to the pro ranks, the fallback plan of welfare and hoping that one of your children is athletic enough for a scholarship to college is the best plan moving forward.

White people care about Black people and Black Run America so much that they brought the economy to its knees in an attempt to bring about social justice. White guilt is an incredibly powerful force.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes the welfare queen title, for Black people would never, ever take advantage of handouts and them complain about them afterward, right?

Amazing study on race and welfare can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for some time now, Mr. SBPDL. I've seen all kinds of opinions from all across the board (yeah, I like your writing but, find the responses you achieve more informative (I suspect you do too)).

I have never been a fan of "victims". But, I must state that welfare is a sort of oppression. I have little sympathy for the negroid species but, that is the truth. It's the same here as it is in Africa with the free food they get there. Welfare stifles any real development or progress (a word the libs love to use).

Yeah, I'm a "racist", though, not the retarded kind. It seems obvious to me that our country is headed into a race/civil war. I have no problem at all with dropping a negroid at the threshold of my home with the greatest firepower afforded me by law (or greater).

When I really think about it though... as I must... I feel the need to identify what got us in this place and how do we keep it from once again gaining power after all the dust settles?

Sorry, what was I thinking? I'm just a stupid White Nationalist. I must be crazy. I'll just vote Republican and hope for the best.

Round and Round was a Ratt song. Does anyone else smell a rat?


CWN said...

In that picture at the top, they look like they are saying.

"where muh daddy is?"

Steve said...

Im not going to go on a long diatribe about this. Im reminded more and more each day in BRA the old saying "Work harder America millions on welfare need your money"

Hirsch said...

Wow, it really is a bit of Orwellian logic on the part of SBPDL to think that white benevolence and black greed caused the tanking of the housing sector.

Lenders loosened the restrictions in the housing sector, not out of benevolence, in the hope that these disadvantaged people would somehow be able to pay, but with the knowledge that they probably would not be able to pay, and would default, returning the houses to the market, not much worse for the wear.

No doubt the people who accepted the loans are as much to blame, but this was a Faustian bargain, and it takes two to tango.

Regarding welfare in general, I'll never understand why black people regard Clinton as the De Facto first black president, and why he is so reviled by the Right, when he slashed and burned Welfare harder than Reagan hit Mental Health.

You know, I'm not a fan of the porcine bag of feces known as Michael Moore. He made one good movie, "Roger and Me," and even that one took license with the truth. But he does have a point when he mentions the amount of public subsidies that corporations get, which are essentially welfare on an exponential scale. This money does not, as some would have you believe, yield dividends for the tax payer who foots the bill. It usually goes to give bonuses to men who should be in jail under the RICO act.

Of course, a $15,000 shower curtain, or $30,000 gold shower head is a better use of money than feeding a human being.

Anonymous said...


Are you saying the U.S. government keeps statistical information on the race of welfare recipients? If so please post a link for the source of these "facts" I'm sure you would find any information posted on what you would perceive to be a "black" website to be biased. So, I'm sure you would understand if a thinking person took your source with a grain of salt.

"Thus, the hope of giving home ownership to Black people facilitated the economic collapse, triggered massive unemployment (that Black people face at higher rates) and yet, white people were still blamed for practicing predatory lending."

I have many problems with this statement. I realize that we all suffer from selective amnesia, but lets be honest. The desire to "help" black people led to the economic collapse? Are you joking? Waste, fraud, and corruption top my list of causes.

Outside of wackos on the internet and the traveling circus of ass clowns like Ann Coulter, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc..Who's even entertaining such a retarded notion that white people as a whole are responsible for predatory lending.

"A welfare queen is a pejorative phrase used in the United States to describe people who are accused of collecting excessive welfare payments through fraud or manipulation. Sensational reporting on welfare fraud began during the early-1960s, appearing in general interest magazines such as Readers Digest. The term entered the American lexicon during Ronald Reagan's 1976 presidential campaign when he described a "welfare queen" from Chicago's South Side.[1] Since then, it has become a stigmatizing label placed on recidivist poor mothers, with studies showing that it often carries gendered and racial connotations."

The woman called out by Reagan during his presidential campaign was a criminal committing fraud. That's the true genius of dog whistle politics. You throw some crap out there and allow people to see how ever they see fit. Barry the half breed mastered that form of manipulation during his run for office.

Reagan's BS worked like a charm. We elected some Hollywood actor that with the help of a few cronies went on to commit treason under the guise of patriotism.

So, call me naive if you like , but I don't believe that some poor person living in a trailer in West Virginia or a housing project in Detroit is the cause for this nations problems.

-Black guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black Guy,

Here are some interesting studies about predatory lending:

Watch the video of George Bush below (this will be enhanced in a future post).

I searched in vain through numerous sites trying to locate government published stats on welfare.

Here is one that I found that I can't substantiate.

Those are good points about Reagan and Obama. I don't disagree with those at all.

But back to the original point at hand... greed and hubris of Wall-Street was problematic. Goldman Sachs, AIG, etc., are all to blame.

However, watch the Bush video below or read this fascinating article on minority lending.

Again, the point of this post was to discuss the title welfare queen. I'll admit this piece was all over the place.

I've been reading "The End of Wall-Street", "Obama Zombies", "Taboo" by Jon Entine and four other books that have my mind racing right now.

I just think it is funny that George Bush lowered traditional standards of mortgage lending in an effort to pander to minority voters and inadvertently triggered a global recession.

By putting low-IQ people on welfare, we have perpetuated a system where we reward sloth with avarice.

I saw a correlation between the two, but failed to spell it out in a sarcastic tone. I'm going to work on this piece some more to flesh it out.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


you wrote,"Hirsch said...

Wow, it really is a bit of Orwellian logic on the part of SBPDL to think that white benevolence and black greed caused the tanking of the housing sector.

Lenders loosened the restrictions in the housing sector, not out of benevolence, in the hope that these disadvantaged people would somehow be able to pay, but with the knowledge that they probably would not be able to pay, and would default, returning the houses to the market, not much worse for the wear.

No doubt the people who accepted the loans are as much to blame, but this was a Faustian bargain, and it takes two to tango."

This was a tough article to write in a sardonic tone. Trying to draw a correlation was a stretch (between abortion abusers and minority home loans that weren't paid back)...

I wrote this piece while watching "Face-Off" last night and lost my train of thought during the climatic scene of the film.

Let me think some more about the point I was trying to make and I'll do it in a clearer manner.

Thanks for the response. I haven't seen "Roger and Me" or any Michael Moore film.

I did read parts of "Stupid White Men", but I was under the delusion the book was going to discuss stupid white men, instead of being a I hate Republican Party rant.

Anonymous said...


Let us remember that the "welfare queen" we all came to know and love went the way of the Dinosaur. All thanks in part to the welfare reform bill signed by Bill Clinton in the 90's.

The lifetime entitlement was reduced to five years, and the clause that allowed for increased cash benefits per child was also removed. Welfare rolls have decreased dramatically and have been decreasing ever since. No one died in the streets.

I have one question for you. Neither you nor I are on welfare or receiving food stamps. If all welfare was abolished today. Do you actually believe we would receive any benefits? Or would that money go to AIG, BofA, etc.. to ensure that incompetent CEO's receive their golden parachutes at our expense?

Politicians on both sides of the aisle create and maintain an entitlement program and then whenever its is politically expedient scapegoat those very same people. Who falls for that crap?

"I just think it is funny that George Bush lowered traditional standards of mortgage lending in an effort to pander to minority voters and inadvertently triggered a global recession."

No one in power makes a move like that to pander to voters minority or otherwise. That was a money grab plain and simple. When you have the president of the United States reduced to the role of lackey for bankers and wall street. That should tell you that the fix was in. The only thing he needed was a leisure suit and a bad comb over and the look would have been complete.

George Bush was giving lenders the green light to throw caution to the wind, because in the end they were gambling with OUR money, not their own.

That's why I have more respect for Bush and his cronies, many of them are occupying positions in Barry the half breed's administration. At least with them you knew you were dealing with criminals and liars. Barry on the other hand is doing underhanded crap under the guise of altruism.

-Black guy

Critical Thinker said...

Barry on the other hand is doing underhanded crap under the guise of altruism.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Since so many people were mystified by this magical half breed, they lost sight of who and what Barack actually is: a politician, and a damn good one. Think I'm exaggerating about his magical negro half breed appeal, just look at him winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Funny, because last time I checked, presidents who escalate warfare shouldn't be winning peace prizes. Well, I guess that just means that the prize itself is worthless.

Barack doesn't give a crap about your or me. He simply wants to be re-elected. He'll do whatever is expedient or friendly to a neo-con agenda, whether it's bailing out the large banks, escalating our military presence in Afghanistan, or a whole host of other things.

I can at least take hope in the fact that if he doesn't do anything soon, he'll be gone. With the exception of blacks (and even many blacks are growing more and more frustrated with him), most Americans don't approve of him, particularly white Americans.

Don't worry, black guy. I doubt we'll be hearing about Barry the half breed after two years.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the marketing. That's what truly disgusts me. Most everyone in this country would rather be entertained than informed. The best entertainment is available on Foxnews and MSNBC. There are also movies and sitcoms as well.

The commentator Black Guy has great points in his statements. Ronald Reagan wasn't the first "actor" to be elected. Though, he does occupy a spot in a long line of actors. BTW, that's what they are.

When will people realize the propaganda they use to influence us has destroyed the fabric of our society. I'm not yet an old geezer but, I do remember a time when there wasn't a homosexual on every movie or television program. I remember a time when the Church wasn't under constant ridicule. I remember a time when women were presented respectfully instead of as promiscuous "hook up girls" that have "power over their bodies".

The fact there are negress' in this country with a whole gaggle of nigglets has little to do with the real issue. Frankly, I'm sick of talking about it but, that hasn't stopped me yet.


Phalluster said...

ahh, this is sort of my area of expertise as a former employee of a securities firm.

hirsch, you are wrong: minority lending absolutely led to this global recession. i'm sure you're tired of hearing about the woes of the Community Reinvestment Act. instead, i will just paraphrase my old boss.

"you see, the government decided that it was unfair to blacks to not get loans with their bad credit and low incomes, so they told the banks, you have to lend to black people, or else. so the banks said to themselves, how can we mix bad loans in with our good loans? they figured it out and created subprime mortgages. now those have collapsed, but the government has the same rules. so the banks switched to FHA loans to let blacks get mortgages. someday, that will collapse too, and the banks will invent some new loan product for the blacks with bad credit. it will just repeat itself forever."

now, the real reason for the collapse is not giving loans to black people. rather, it was lowering the collective bar, allowing whites to take advantage of black standards. this flooded the housing market with speculation and leveraged positions.

what we SHOULD have done, but could never be allowed to do, was to say, "black people (and hispanics), you surely suck, and will never make as much money, pay your bills on time, or display the future time orientation as whites (and asians). we hereby subsidize banks to lend to you as if you were not a giant risk to default. whites and asians do not qualify for this leeway."

if we had quartered this subsidy properly by spelling it out clearly, we would not be in this pickle of a recession.

Anonymous said...

I always find it amusing to hear people speak of "money" when they seem to have little understanding of what it really is. Then again, I'm crazy and I should stick to my research of UFO's instead.


Anonymous said...

Here is some reading material for crazies like me when they tire from their "UFO research". I'd link to Alex Jones' website but I find it to be abundant in the "tinfoil hat wearing" mentality that discredits true "UFO researchers" like myself.

An amusing conversation that helps explain what money is:

A list of MSM articles regarding how money is created:

The Wikipedia article pertaining to central banks:


Anonymous said...

It's a one-room flash mob.

I want to know who the men are who keep having sex with the woman in the picture. What do they say to themselves? "She's unattractive and broke and homeless... but hey, she won't make me wear a rubber."


I feel sorry for the motel housekeepers who will need to clean up after this family finishes spilling crumbs, fruit punch, boogers, diaper detritus, and whoknowswhatelse all over the place. It's a Superfund site.

Look, joking aside, I'm white and I prefer to be with my own kind, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that there is a terrible double standard in play here:

"Jon & Kate Plus Eight" earns the stars fame and fortune.

"Octo-mom", after people were done griping, gains corporate sponsors and spots on television.

This woman? No one is going to donate a truckload of diapers and free nanny services to her. Why? She's BLACK.

The only assistance she'll get is from government services, funded by angry taxpayers, and she'll be treated like garbage for needing that help. She'll get bitter because the situation is hopeless. I mean, how many lectures does she need to hear? She can't correct what she's done, and the fact that she hasn't slept a full night in almost two decades reminds her of this constantly.

Worse, her kids are condemned to lives of misery and scorn just by existing. They already look profoundly sad. Rather than hate Mommy for putting them in this situation -- no kid wants to hate their mom -- they'll put their resentment somewhere else. Anyone got an idea where?

I wish I could wave a wand and have this woman and her kids have a stable Dad in the picture and a home in a safe neighborhood, with a tree-lined backyard and fresh air and a friendly dog and maybe a fat hamster. I wish they would have enough nutritious food to eat and good schools and responsible babysitters. I wish that the only time these children would spend in a motel room is when they're on a vacation, and that they had clean clothes every day and new outfits for the first day of school and on Easter Sunday.

I was blessed with those things as a child. To be honest, I suspect that my European bloodline and resulting heritage was at least a part of how that came to be the case. That doesn't mean I think I "owe" anyone for that, but even so the little kids in that photo won't need to obtain advanced degrees in order to know of whom they can be jealous.

earthman92 said...

"...segregating themselves from the crime and mayhem that strangely follows Black people in every city they choose to reside."

I'm sure it's caused by gravity

Hirsch said...

@phaluster. You said:

"Hirsch, you are wrong: minority lending absolutely led to this global recession. i'm sure you're tired of hearing about the woes of the Community Reinvestment Act. instead, i will just paraphrase my old boss."

And then you said:

"now, the real reason for the collapse is not giving loans to black people. rather, it was lowering the collective bar, allowing whites to take advantage of black standards."

I don't mind being corrected when I'm wrong, but it would appear that you contradicted yourself. First you say, "Minority lending" is responsible for this. And then you say, "The real reason for this collapse is not giving loans to black people."

The private sector does not take orders from the government (no matter how much oligarchical control people ascribe to Obama) unless there is something to gain.

Take Health Care. Sure Health Insurance companies will adapt their policies as a result of "Obamacare." But whether or not you were paying attention, Insurance Stocks started climbing on the index right after the legislation passed.

The private sector will only allow itself to be dictated to when the compromise has some sort of backdoor benefit, not seemingly obvious to the public. They don't spend millions on lobbies to see no return on their investment. Somehow, someway, you watch, they will find a way to benefit from universal health care, probably at your expense.

Anonymous said...

I like what the anon at 7:50 on 4/24 said. Brilliant, and surprisingly compassionate!

SBPDL, book learning don't mean shit without life experience. Although its by proxy, my mother has been a social worker at the Nevada State Welfare Division for over 10 years and she says most of the people who've come into her office were whites. I'm not saying that black people don't come in there--they do--but your intent for putting that pic up there was to induce the typical racist ire and bigotry from your knuckle-dragging readers. That's fine, I suppose, but check this: what is interesting, as per my mother (who talks *incessantly* about her job), is that the whites who come into the department feel *entitled* to the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), food stamps/EBT card, medicaid, etc. This is an air that the whites have, not the blacks and hispanics. She says they are the main people who threaten to call superiors when their checks are late. I'm just saying: blacks may make up the national 'bulk' (or so they say!) of those coming in for monies but its the whites that like to raise hell. Welfare queens don't exist anymore, really, because people can only stay on it for a few years (I think 2 to 5) and no more than that.

BUT, I will say, my mother has a rough estimate of about 20% who come in there and lie about their finances in order to get more benefits. A case she had to call investigators on a few years back involved a woman with a restaurant and an ice cream truck making 100,000/yr getting food stamps and medicaid.

Good times.

By the way, two things: would you like give us a ballpark estimate of your age? And, if you don't like black people (or vast majority of us, besides the uncle toms and house negroes) why do you bother to blog about us and the things you think we don't like? When I don't like something, I try to ignore it; I know you've said that you don't really care (or something to that effect) about how America is turning to 'shit'. Just curious...because it seems hypocritical to bitch and moan while watching the flames...

Phalluster said...

hirsch, you are missing the forest for the trees. if there was no moral imperative to give loans to non-asian minorities, there would be no bubble. your orwellian finger-pointing can end there.

blacks don't have enough money to spur on a speculative market and drive inflation; this does not indemnify them from their "role".

kindly re-read my previous comment. i think it was rather profound. the tyranny of liberalism is the pursuit of the lowest common denominator. it's the beginning of a thought experiment to explain dave's 'fermi paradox'.

here's a timeline:
1965 - ted kennedy's immigration and nationality act (mexicans begin flooding in)
1977 - community reinvestment act (common-sense lending guidelines are shattered)
2008 - run on bear stearns, collapse of lehman bros. (markets finally recognized shitty debt)

you could say that the work of a quintessential DWL, ted kennedy, caused a global recession. would you 'blame' white liberals, or the corrosive minorities they pandered to with their destructive policies? it's not quite chicken-or-egg; if the minorities are around, the DWLs will manifest. so, i blame (non-asian) minorities.

Hirsch said...

@ Phalluster

I would say that I was a little overbearing in invoking Orwell, if not for you attributing a "global recession" to one alcoholic senator who probably should have gone to jail for murder a long time ago.

Interest rates did not lower as a result of black people giving that sad puppy dog look to the lenders, until they were driven by a "moral imperative" to lend them money. The economic boom of the early 2000s spurred the dicey lending practices. The volatile creativity of adjustable rate mortgages was not cooked up by black people.

If you honestly believe that moral imperatives, and not profits, are the impetus behind any of the decisions made in the private sector, then it's pointless for me to even attempt to hold a conversation with you.

I would personally like to get a hold of the demographics behind the sub-prime lending (not to argue with you, but just out of curiosity.) If you have the numbers, and a credible source, I'd be much appreciative.

Just to ask you a question, though, take Rent-To-Own furniture.:We all know it is a scam, and one targeting poor people, at extortionate rates. I haven't seen an RTO commercial in years (hopefully they've gone out of business), but I remember, from my time in the Army, that they were deemed a form of predatory lending.

RTO, probably sensing that black people might resent being preyed upon, hired a rotating cast of black faces (I remember Richard Pryor doing a few commercials) in order to assuage any misgivings they had.

I wonder, though, (since I am not black and purchased my house through a VA-backed loan) when these banks were extending their predatory- I mean morally righteous- loans to black people, did they even use an intermediary black face to set up the negotiations built on a house of cards?

Just wondering.


CWN said...

Desiree's mother worked as a social worker for welfare. And most people coming in were white, according to mom. Well damn, that just seals the deal. Desiree's mom says so, now we don't have to worry about those pesky facts or anyother useful info.

Thank you for sharing that with us Desiree, your mom as shown us all we need to know. And, since she went to stanford, we best be believing and accepting it all. Yessum masta.

I mean the fact that it might have been a white area or not doesn't matter. The fact that whites out number blacks by a large percentage does not matter. Just those entitled white people coming in and seeing desiree's mother.

And I am quite sure that they would be entitled, considering the amount of money whites pay into the government, being robbed every step of the way. You might feel a little entitled.

When whites set up the country, fought for its independence, payed into it, you might feel a little entitled.

Also, in her blind militantism, Desiree confuses agreeing with whites to being an uncle Tom or house negro. No boo, that's just being correct. It has nothing to do with kissing ass. I don't know who brainwashed you, but you need to snap out of it and stop worshiping micheal jackson. He was in la la land also.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Hirsch, but according to Thomas Sowell's book, "The Housing Boom & Bust", Phalluster wins this argument.

White Guy

Phalluster said...


first of all, you and i are dialed in on much of our sentimentality. i don't want to invoke some "auster vs. the world" mentality to oppose your position on one matter.

that said, i'm not sure where to start deconstructing our different opinions. "low interest rates" and "sub-prime interest rates" are not necessarily the same thing. in the jimmy carter 70's, you needed 20% down to finance a house at 12%, maybe even more (i try not to think about those times). if, suddenly, you needed 0.3% down to finance at a 12% interest rate, fixed for an initial two years, that would still open some doors for minorities big-time.

regarding racial distributions of sub-prime loans, i do not know what you would hope to glean from those figures. single white women capitalized on a gluttonous proportion of sub-prime loans. such lending was convenient for the "no fault divorce" industry.

i suppose that i risk going off on a limb here, but i personally oppose "feminism" as it has ever been advertised during my formative years. i am 29.

this is digression from the point: lowering lending standards to empower minorities (specifically blacks, but eventually over-saturated by hispanics) created a MANDATE (that is, fannie mae is backed by the US Mint, as we saw was true) that the collective bar for debt standardization was lowered. mortgage debt is packaged and sold on the bond market in "tranches"; basically, the likelihood of obligations to expire. sub-prime loans flooded the most risk-free (two year) tranches of mortgage-backed securities with relative garbage.

more importantly, securitization of this shit debt was federally guaranteed by former colleagues (specifically jews, though we won't go there tonight)

bringing it back for a moment: sub-prime mortgages caused this global recession.

"sub-prime" was a device created to lend to blacks.

there are not enough blacks among us to cause a global, or even national recession. dumbing down our standards of practice, on behalf of blacks (though ultimately mexicans), is quite enough to get this done.

china invested in our currency without considering our commitment to the lowest common denominator. they are leveraged against our own leveraged investment, which is ultimately leveraged against some non-asian minority paying for a 4 bedroom colonial in a recognizable suburb.

now i'll finally revert back to your own terms of debate. you don't recall any blatant race-pandering during mortgage refinance ad campaigns (though there was), unlike rent-to-own furniture. thus, that institution cannot be racially motivated.

i don't feel satisfied by posturing patronizingly. i would much rather convince you of the "tyranny of liberalism", aka the fervent pursuit of the lowest common denominator. i have had the displeasure of dealing with countless insufferable whites in my sales days. i've put two and two together and concluded that this entitlement complex stemmed from marxist blank-slate multiculturalism, aka blacks, aka mostly mexicans now, aka soapbox-grandstanding.

in good faith, are there any portions of this you would dispute?

Anonymous said...

Phalluster & Hirsch,

You both believe that the crisis was cause by blacks defaulting on loans, but Phalluster's point is that if ONLY blacks had defaulted then we would have ok because of the low amount of TOTAL loans they had. If we had subsidized those the subprime loans ONLY for minorities, they would have defaulted at a lower rate, the unqualified whites who should not have been approved never would have been approved, and the crisis would have been averted because the same unwise loans would not have been made to the many more whites with poor credit who took advantage of lower banking standards.

Anonymous said...

This article is disengenuous. Blacks receive a certain form of welfare AFDC. There are numerous forms of welfare in this nation. If you believe whites or blacks are on welfare more than latinos then I have a bridge to sell you. Blacks do not make up more than 7% of those who receive loans.

Hirsch said...

@ anon 6:15 AM

While Thomas Sowell is more informed than say Desiree's mother, this invoking of one individual to stifle all dissent kind of boggles me, and I've seen it elsewhere, not just this blog. On some sites re: race, I've seen people latch onto Pastor James Manning as if he were the be-all end-all, infinity plus one rebuttal to any argument.

So yes, I "saw" you with my comments, and then you "raised" me with a "Thomas Sowell." Phaluster 1 Hirsch 0 The paperback hath spoken.

Anonymous said...

Phalluster & Hirsch were both just arguing over symptoms of a flawed and terminally diseased system. That system made a lot of people homeless and a few people even richer. In the end the banks don't have to pay taxes because of their "terrible" losses and the "workers" have to foot the bill.

Our money HAS been backed by "something" since the gold standard was removed. Our money is backed by the government's power to tax us. That's it! There are people "creating" money by giving the "working man" the shaft.

This all has little to do negroids and a lot to do with the MONEYCHANGERS.


Anonymous said...


I didn't say you had to believe me or my mother; that's your choice. BUT, I will say that her voice from inside the system is a little more legit than reading out a bunch of so-called stats. It's just another perspective but on a reality tip. Las Vegas, NV is a very diverse metropolitan city with a good amount of minorites. There are several locations of Welfare Divisions in the city and you go to the one you are zoned to. The one my mother works at is downtown in a racially mixed area; even as such most of the people who come in and get benefits are white. Just to let you know... (and, if you are of the opinion that these whites getting welfare are more 'entitled' than the blacks, you need to get off that Crystal. NONE of them pay taxes, okay? They are ALL in the same boat.)

I have not been brainwashed by anyone; my 'militantism' occurred when I realized that my blackness still mattered. There is a sociological article about 'Optional Ethnicities' which, in part, mentions how minorities become *more* minority (eg. a black person becoming more black) when they are racially isolated at all-white schools/environments. Well, dammit, that happened to me! Those white kids at my first university (in that hick town Reno) weren't very open-minded; I experienced discrimination during orientation week, and had several other experiences that made me feel not-so-good about myself! (I mean, it's pretty embarrassing to have the *only* open seat next to you and a white student comes in late and would rather pull up a chair at the end of a table and write on their LAP than sit down next to you! sheesh!)

Also, as some one who knows (regretfully) from experience, many black conservatives tend to let white racism slide since they are benefitting from the favor these whites have bestowed upon them. Oh, yes, that leads to lots of typical house negro behavior because you don't want to lose the phony privilege. I'm not calling anyone out but someone (black) on here said any black person offended by that white kid telling All blacks get out of Wal-Mart, and then Whole Foods need to get over themselves because it was no big deal. That's house negro behavior. First of all, that shit wasn't funny; if it was funny I'd agree. Secondly, the vast majority of blacks (myself included) live/have lived in very diverse areas and are not used to such outward racism, esp. in 2010. So, such a display should be discouraged and punished if racial harmony is one of the goals of a successful integrated society. In sum, any black saying 'get over it' is Tomming for the Man. Simple as that. I've done stupid shit and worse while Tomming, such as allowing white guys I've been friends with say 'nigger'. It's embarrassing...

In sum, Dearest Heart, I'm not going to 'snap out of it'. Also, I don't *worship* Mike Jackson, hells no; he's just a fun subject (and if you disparage him to me it won't work because I'm extremely knowledgable about all the mess he's gone through and plan to write about my investigations in the coming months).

By the way, do you know someone called Tyrone Deshawn da Fif? ;-D

Anonymous said...

Watch out evil whitey!!! Desiree is going to write her investigations of Michael Jackson (SPOILER ALERT!!!--YT KILLED HIM, BECAUSE YT IS JEALOUS OF ALL NEGROS!!) Also, she used to *allow* yt to say nigger, but no more!!! Desiree will NOT allow it!!!

I'm glad those hicks in Reno were so evil and racist, because without them we wouldn't have America's favorite Authentic Sista, Desiree!!

Next time YT doesn't sit next to you, just assault him or her (wait until their back is turned, as per Nubian Warrior tradition) then claim they were "hurling racial slurs." Works every time

CWN said...


Ofcourse whites are more entitled. Who do you think pays most of the taxes in this country? Whites do. Altho with all of the racially based help that blacks get, that whites do not. I would not doubt that whites need more help.

Or haven't you heard about the United caucasian college fund? A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Not that it really matters to me anyway. Too much money is wasted on handouts. We have become an entitlement society. Starting back with the new deal, and now with healthcare.

I wonder how open minded a mostly black school would be to a white person? Because ofcourse blacks are very tolerant people. I think South Africa shows this to be true.

Also, maybe the white student did not sit next to you because of body odor. Did you take a bath and wear deodorant that day? Maybe you gave them a black look that they were not comfortable with. Maybe they feared you might attack them. Why does a white person have to sit next to a sista? Do you want to enslave whitey and make them obey you?

I would also imagine that many black liberals tend to let racism slide also. I know that many white liberals tend to let black racism slide. Because I promise you that if a person said for all whites to get out of a store, the blackswould laugh and the cops would not bother with it.

The problem is, that you cannot punish racism, when the only one being punished are whites. And this is always the case. Double standards don't work to make society better. It just pisses whites off and makes black feel like they can be openly racist. I also hope you don't do stupid shit now, and let your black friends use the term nigger.

I am glad you know so much about that freakish child molester Mike Jackson. I am also glad you are right on top of that story.

Unknown said...

agreeing with whites doesnt equal to being correct.
Again whites recieving welfare are more entitled? why? Everone receiving welfare doesnt pay taxes so why would any person be entitled just because of race?

Speaking of double standards isnt it double standard to criticize the black woman abut go ahead and praise the octomom? come on both have an outrageous number of children and both arent married, difference being octomum go corporate sponsorship and black mum gets welfare.

Anonymous said...

Whites on welfare don't pay taxes. Admit it: you think white welfare recipients are more deserving because of their skin color! I know you do, so just come out and say it...

Tsk-tsk...'Body odor'? Why didn't I *expect* that from a semi-comatose fucktard like you? If you'd like to go to Reno and take a deep whiff of those hicks then you'd see that many are in need of a serious hosedown. I have a thing about smells and BO so I pickle myself with fragrance, something I'd wish many people--regardless of race--would do... Them not sitting next to me is not indictative of anything I'm doing; it's indictative of a culture of white supremacy, in which a black person (or any PoC, maybe except East Asians) is never 'good enough'. If they ever thought I 'smelled', then that was a racist, preconceived notion, seeing they've never been close enough to smell me. A 'black look' given? Heh, in hindsight, they deserve it, don't they? 'Attack them'? Well, maybe, since whites that sheltered tend to be *incredibly* irrational. And they *should* sit down because it's stupid to go an hour and 15 mintues scribbling on your lap! 'Enslave whitey'?; if I had that much power, you'd be worshipping the ground I walked on over typing some ignorant ass comment, one to which you clearly are unaware showcases your *relentless* stupidity and egregious racism.

But, once again, this is just another reason why blacks shouldn't be any type of house negro conservative; whites will *never* respect, or, just to your face.

And racism is predictated on the perps having power, something PoC (esp. blacks) don't have. I'm not saying *anyone* should be openly hostile to anyone based on color. But so-called black racism is merely prejudice while white racism is institutional, bringing along with it a stinging legacy of psychological tyranny and madness. Can blacks bring their 'racism' in the justice system? Can blacks deny jobs? Are there any stereotypes of whites that blacks can use to 'keep whitey down'?

No, of course not!

And didn't I tell you before? It's laughable to call Mike Jackson a child molester to me. It doesn't hurt, so I'd suggest you not waste your energy. Maybe a few months ago it would've hurt and you could've brought me to tears (of rage, mind you) but not now! Freakish, sure! I'd agree with that... Child molester? No... (Take a look at the site White Watch; your kind is more fascinated with children's bodies, not to mention the bodies of horses, dogs, and dolphins. It was your kind that came up with pedophilia and zoophilia, anyway, all in an attempt to justify your strange attractions.)

Anonymous said...

Blacks' total fertility rate is trending down — undoubtedly as a consequence of diminishing economic differences.

Like Whites, Blacks are barely reproducing enough to replenish themselves.

It is the Hispanics and Muslims who are reproducing like crazy. But Hispanics, given time, will reproduce less when their economic position changes.

Muslims, on the other hand, are making it their mission to procreate like crazy. This is their secret weapon to convert everyone to Islam or kill them.

Nearly all races have made procreation a civic duty at one point in time. For whites, it was around the fifties where we were up to 25% of the world population. Now we are half does that.

CWN said...


I don't recall praising octomom. Also, I don't think that she is white either. She looks hispanic to me. So.


Actually I think welfare is abused. But, you have got to keep in mind that it is blacks with a 70 percent out of wedlock birth rate. The government is daddy. All that they need is a hud house and a nice college loan. Not to mention the free shit illegals get, and they should not even be in America to begin with. You starting to see the picture? I know you do, boo. Indotrination makes for a long road to recovery, but we will get there.

Hey, it is not my fault that blacks have a strange odor, especially in the cold weather. Plus, not all black women shave their legs or wash their nappy ass hair all that often. How could you, with those hair styles? I sure as shit know that whoopi goldberg doesn't wash her hair often. No sir ree. If you wash properly I will give you a cookie, I am proud of you. Hey, atleast you don't smell like curry, like those dot heads do.

And I don't care about what blacks be or don't be, ya dig?

Blacks have plenty of power, because of their skin. A white person even looks at a black person in a cock eyed manner and they can cry racism. A black can be openly racist, a white cannot. That is power. Blacks want to control whitey. Blacks want to hold whitey back because they can't keep up with whitey. And yes, blacks can bring their racims into court. You must be forgetting about O.J. "If dee gluv don't fit, you muss aquit" Well, they sure as fuck aquitted the killer. Why? because he was black and Mark Furhman said nigger a few times. Didn't matter that he was guilty, no, not at all. Theys gonna let dis brotha free. Can blacks deny jobs? They can get you fired from yours if they cry racism, or bring a lawsuit agaisnt you. They can keep theirs even if they are not the best worker because they are black. They can be hired because they are black. So Spare me.

You can laugh all day long. But Mike Jackson is a filthy child molester. Anyone with two brain cells can see this. Plus, I find it odd that you defend Mike as not being a pedophile, by pointing to white pedophiles. Who ever said that there were not white pedophiles? And how does that make Mike the freak innocent?

Unknown said...


A child born out of wedlock doesnt mean government handouts. My parents have never been married for the 31yrs they have been together but we have never had government handouts, sh*t I dont even have college loans, my father made sure as we started life independent of him we never had any debt to carry over so you assertions are completely inaccurate.

BLack people have power because of skin? Since when? Hell if I did then my husband and I would have to leave the house everyday early incase we get stopped for searches(the curse/blessing of two darkskinned people in a car together) or have idiotic police ask us every now and then if we are drug dealers because we have a nice car or I would have my dream job after being denied of just because my hair is nappy as you say it. You give opinions as a white guy but you have never lived your life as a black person so you dont know what you are talking about.

FYI: Most black people thought OJ was guilty as hell and Michael jackson was a molester so next!

Feel free to correct my spelling mistakes

CWN said...


I am sorry to hear that your parents have chosen to live in sin. But my claims are accurate according to statistics and common sense.

You have most likely had power begining with the 60's ,and the birth of radicalism, and political correctness. That is when things started to become assinine. People lost their minds and we have never recovered.

I think most blacks supported O.J. and Mike Jackson. Simply because they were black.

Unknown said...

CWN: Live in Sin? lol that cracks me everytime, white people leave together for several years before they get married and have children its called fornication for the religious nuts(good thing am not)yet somehow they think they are better than my parents just because they have children after they get marries? Common sense? What common sense? I wish we had all that power you attribute to us.

MJ even chris rock made a joke about him before after his trial he was a constant source of joke whenever we met with people. You forget in America celebrities black or white get away with sh*t for simply being celebrities. Thats why charlie Sheen will most probably get a slap on the wrist for almost killing his wife. It wasnt about them being black since I know many white folks who were in mikes favour, it was about him being a celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. this is so sad. White people disgust me and this is coming from an Asian man.

Anonymous said...

Even Thomas Jefferson pontificated on the heavy oder of the Negro ...

Anonymous said...