Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Thoughts on the 2010 NFL Draft

Those who eschew professional sports are incapable of understanding how American life in the 21st century operates and how it evolved to be this way over past 50 years.

Perhaps no better example of the magnitude of Black Run America's (BRA) power can be provided than the National Football League (NFL) draft.

Once the college football season ends after the final bowl game, athlete-students begin preparing for potential employment in the NFL by participating in post season games (such as the Senior Bowl in Mobile) and training for invitation-only scouting combines, where professional scouts dissect every attribute (both physically and mentally) of the potential employee.

After the Super Bowl, all football fans turn their attention to the NFL Draft where they anxiously anticipate the selection of new athletes to love and admire, simultaneously spending countless hours of wasted productivity memorizing all of the physical attributes of the players (without getting paid as professional scouts mind you).

The NFL Draft is a topic that dominates sports pages and television for the better part of two months, as a frenzied amount of talk and hyperbole is expended over virtual and mock-drafts regarding players perceived value to potential employers.

The NFL Combine (now available for all-day viewing on the NFL Network) is an invitation-only event where the top college prospects compete before a vast audience of scouts, team personnel and fans to assess their physical gifts (40 time, number of times they can bench press 225, shuttle run and Wonderlic) .

ESPN employs an army of scouts who rank prospective athletes on a year-long revolving basis - led by Mel Kiper Jr. - who has a profound influence over how the draft will play out. Todd McShay, a diminutive white guy who appears to have played only paper football in his time on earth, acts as Kiper's lurking No. 2 (much as No.2 was to Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers trilogy) in analyzing the draft months before it actually plays itself out.

Now, the NFL is a league that employs Black people at 69 percent of the available active-roster positions. Thus, the NFL Draft is obviously a celebration of the Black athletes superiority and more so - thanks to the year-long obsession with the NFL Draft provided by ESPN and other sports outlets - a shining example of BRA at work.

The continuous - positive - images of potential NFL employees is a veritable panorama of Black faces, succeeding at running the football, catching the football, blocking for those aforementioned individuals and/or tackling those people. Occasionally you might even see a Black person excel at throwing the football (although two Black quarterbacks were drafted in the 2010, neither are projected to play that position in the NFL).

Whereas society is hard-pressed to find positive images of Black people (if you watch the local nightly news, such images are exceedingly rare), sports and Hollywood (though completely fabricated) create an entertainment-enhanced view of Black people and their actual, lingering contributions.

It could be argued that without sports and Hollywood, Black people would have no positive images to substantiate the tolerance that America bestows Black people for the pernicious rates of crime, rape, murder and ubiquitous mayhem they cause.

However, as Jeff Benedict has shown in his book "Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL" if it is Black athletes committing the crime, it is of little concern to the American public as long as they score touchdowns are produce wins:

Shortly before the Super Bowl, all-pro defensive player Ray Lewis stood trial for double murder. While the prosecution dismissed the other charges, Lewis pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, admitting that he lied to the police during their double homicide investigation.

In "Pros and Cons: The Criminals Who Play in the NFL," authors Jeff Benedict and Don Yaeger estimate that of the 1996/97 NFL players, 21 percent competed with criminal records, up to and including allegations of rape and assault. (Among non-football-playing young men, 15 percent have criminal records.) This means that 79 percent of players possess clean records. Still, the sports role model pool seems a tad shallow.

Here's the problem. The type of person and attitude required to succeed in sports -- especially violent sports like football -- make athletes, almost by definition, a tough sell as role models. Sports psychologist Julian Morrow says, "What makes a player successful on the field -- anger, risk-taking, limited impulse control -- may not make him someone you want living next door."

And in last year's Super Bowl, St. Louis Rams linebacker Leonard Little played. Earlier that season, Little pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for driving under the influence and causing an accident that resulted in the death of a St. Louis mother. His sentence? Ninety days in jail, but the judge allowed Little to serve some time on work release.
Propensity to criminality as a pre-condition for employment in the NFL seems to be on the list of qualifications necessary for draft status, and the 2010 NFL Draft offered us a glimpse into a future seeded with a number of individuals absolutely locked for inclusion in future entries on NFLcrimes.com.

Though NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has attempted to clean up the game, newspapers and ESPN still report on crime happening in the league:

“Any employer has rules,” NFL spokesman Aiello said. “When an employee breaks them, they can take disciplinary action.”

Earlier this month, Goodell sent a memo to teams that said “NFL and club personnel must do more than simply avoid criminal behavior.”

“The impact of those behaviors, even if noncriminal, are immediately felt, readily apparent and have an obvious impact on our brand and what we’re trying to stand for as a league,” said Birch, the NFL VP.

But wait - we were here to discuss the 2010 NFL Draft. Before that can happen, it is important to point out that college football and the NFL both sport audiences of overwhelming white males, who vote Republican.

Knowing this and knowing that college football is played by a 50/50 white and Black mixture and the NFL is roughly 69 percent, you can imagine that the similarities between the NFL Draft and old fashioned slave markets that might come up. With this in mind, a controversial paper entitled The Erotic Gaze in the NFL Draft had this to say:

In addition to such routines, extensive media-facilitated public display of the athletic body, presented as entertainment, has become a staple of sports media coverage. The media that cover the league frequently find excuses to profile the bodies of players, exposing them for the pleasures of their mostly male readership. These occasions for stripping NFL athletes for public view have increased in recent years.

This move towards a more public celebration and inspection of the male form as entertainment corresponds with a so-called ‘‘disappearance’’ of whites from elite leagues like the NFL. While the league was not long ago dominated by white men, recent shifts mean that roughly two-thirds of NFL players are now black. African Americans are now even well represented at quarterback, a position which until recently was the near exclusive preserve of whites. The visibility of blacks in the draft is even more prominent. More than three-fourths of first-round picks from2000 2006 were African American.

Usually, these strange demographics pass without comment. Popular theories of why blacks are so over-represented continue to emphasize racialized theories of biological difference, such as those offered in Jon Entine’s recent book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We’re Afraid to Talk About It . Public discussion of such discrepancies is, however, as Entine’s title suggests (while overstating the case), often considered rude. Nevertheless, recent years have seen mainstream writers broach the topic to express a palpable uneasiness about the supposed ‘‘disappearance of the white athlete.’’

A 1997 Sports Illustrated cover story that asked ‘‘Whatever Happened to the White Athlete?’’ announced with a palpable sense of alarm that ‘‘Whites have in some respects become sports’ second-class citizens’’ in the face of the presumed domination of blacks. This new development
had even led to the development of an athletic inferiority complex for whites: ‘‘White athletes are frequently the ones now tagged by the stereotypes of skin color. The twist: whites themselves are doing much of the tagging.’’ As evidence of the widespread belief in white athletic inferiority, Sports Illustrated offered the results of an unscientific survey that suggested ‘‘cracks’’ in ‘‘the self confidence among young White males’’: 34 percent of whites surveyed agreed with the statement ‘‘African American players have become so dominant in sports like football and basketball that many White athletes feel they cannot compete at the same level.’’
Sports trigger a delusion that Black people are able to excel in that particular field alone, as sports remain the last segment of American society untainted by affirmative action programs and governed strictly by a distinct meritocracy.

Thus, Black people are better athletes than the white majority, and the over-representation of Black people in football (remember, Black people are only 13 percent of the population: imagine if more Black kids were in college than in jail and thus, eligible for the NFL Draft and you realize it is conceivable that the NFL should be 80 percent Black ) is proof that merit shines above racism, although we have to admit the infatuation with the NFL Draft and the physical attributes of the players is quite freaky (talking to you Mel Kiper).

However, the 2010 NFL Draft offered something shocking in its midst, a running back who is white. Toby Gerhart complained of prejudice prior to his eventual selection by the Minnesota Vikings in the 2nd Round, but he landed with a team that will utilize his skills as a running back instead of the dreaded fullback position that so many white runners are saddled with in the NFL.

We at SBPDL have discussed Gerhart before and wish him success in the NFL. Tim Tebow, a surprise 1st Round selection by the Denver Broncos offers intrigue through his charisma, piety and drive. He will be an outstanding quarterback in the NFL, though some sports fans find him to be lily-white and a Nazi:

Just when you thought you knew everything about Tim Tebow, a Boston sports radio station informed us that he is probably a Nazi.

The host was joking, but then so was Don Imus when he insulted Rutgers women's basketball team. CBS fired him. Will it do the same when the race-based insults are directed at Tebow?

Why do I get the feeling Tebow will be Denver's starting quarterback before Fred Toettcher is out of a job?

"Toucher," as he is known to his listeners on 98.5 The Sports Hub, had this observation on Tebow's draft-night gathering.

"It looked like some kind of Nazi rally ... so lily-white is what I'm trying to say. Yeah, Stepford Wives."

Come to think of it, I didn't see much diversity at the Tebow house. Maybe all that missionary stuff is just a cover, and his family has really spent years setting up a skinhead movement in the Philippines.
You see, the NFL is a Black league and white people are being conspicuously purged from the league. The audacity that Tim Tebow wouldn't have a Black person present at his house when he was picked offers the terrifying proof that he is a NAZI! White people who dare associate only with white people are ready to don the white sheets and march in file to military tunes, you see.

Gerhart, for having the audacity to point that the NFL scouts asked him about being a white running back in a league with no white running backs was demonized as well.

Plenty of players went in the draft that we found interesting, including Myron Rolle. A Rhodes Scholar, Rolle went in the 7th Round because scouts thought he was too smart for the league:

Interesting story from USA Today about Myron Rolle, the former Florida State safety turned Oxford University Rhodes scholar. We’ve read a lot of Rolle stories recently, leading into the NFL Draft. But this one stands out because it brings to light the ridiculous notion some NFL types have that Rolle is somehow uncommitted to football because he chose to put his athletic career on hold to accept perhaps the most prestigious academic scholarship in the world.


In a league that not only accepts but in some cases makes stars out of those like Pacman Jones and Ben Roethlisberger, it boggles the mind that some in leadership positions in the NFL have the gall to question Rolle’s character. Yet that’s what this story shows.

From the USA Today piece: “To some in NFL circles, the former Florida State star’s decision to put football on hold for a year while studying at one of the world’s foremost academic institutions — not to mention his plans to become a neurosurgeon — indicates a lack of commitment to the game, and Rolle is aware of this.”

And this: “During the [NFL scouting] combine, former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick said Rolle’s situation comes down to “a character issue.” It not about personal conduct, but whether Rolle is totally committed to playing pro football. Billick also said Rolle’s intellect can be a hindrance on the field: “If you want to create hesitation on a guy, make him think. This guy can’t help but think.”

The NFL is 69 percent Black. Saying Myron Rolle - a Black player - is too smart for the NFL is one of the absolutely most ironic statements that can be made. Why is he considered a scholarly addition to the NFL and Vince Young isn't?

Also of interest, the same year Myron Rolle became a celebrity in the United States for the oddity of being a Black Rhodes Scholar (who played football as well), a white UCLA lineman named Christopher Joseph was also awarded a Rhodes Scholar. How come we never heard of his name when the Myron Rolle stories were constantly paraded in the news in 2008?

Nevertheless, the NFL Draft was offered in prime time this year and garnered massive ratings:
ESPN broadcast of the NFL draft has drawn the most viewers ever.

With the first two rounds held in prime time for the first time, ESPN’s three-day telecast had 3.7 million viewers, up 27 percent from 2009. It also attracted 2.85 million households, second most in draft history and up 24 percent from last year, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The most households to watch a draft on ESPN came in 2006, when 2,000 more homes than this year tuned in.

Even ratings for the third day, with Rounds 4-7, increased 10 percent to a 1.8. The final day was on Saturday this year, Sunday in 2009.

The majority of the 1st Round picks viewed by a massive audience were Black people (three white players, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and some white guy ESPN told us "looked like a Green Bay Packer), which further justifies the fact that sports operate under as a meritocracy.

Or is it? Steve Sailer wrote about an odd website called Castefootball in 2005, writing:

J.B. Cash has been arguing for years on his Caste Football website that pro and college football teams discriminate against white players. Most of the racial patterns in football are clearly due to obvious physical and cognitive differences between the races, but are they all?

Cash has assembled a fair amount of anecdotal evidence for his discrimination hypothesis, but I'd like to see a thorough statistical study because in competitive markets like the NFL, irrational discrimination is punished by losing. Of course, the NFL is a cartel that shares the wealth and spreads the good seasons around using the draft and manipulating the schedule to prevent dynasties and to build up bad teams, so the pressure of the marketplace on NFL teams not to discriminate isn't as strong as in say, the British Premiere soccer league where teams with bad records get "relegated" down to the minor leagues...

One thing that strikes all observers of India is the incredible stability of the caste system. I wonder whether football coaches use this caste-like division of labor among the races to cut down on racial conflict within the team. In big time football, blacks mostly compete with blacks for starting jobs and whites with whites. This reduces the likelihood of disappointed players stirring up racial divisiveness within the team and in the media, where lots of white sportswriters are quick to denounce anything they perceive as discrimination against blacks (while remaining wholly silent on the questions Cash brings up).

One of the more sophisticated aspects of Cash's critique of the football establishment is embodied in his use of the term "caste." He contends that, as among the Hindus, different jobs are reserved for people of different ancestries. Some positions are open to whites -- offensive lineman, kicker, punter, tight end, quarterback (although to a diminishing extent) -- while some positions are somewhat open to both races -- linebacker, safety, defensive tackle, blocking back -- while others are just about off-limits -- tailback, cornerback, wide receiver.

So, teams can vary racially on two dimensions -- both percentage of whites overall and percentage of whites at typically black positions. For example, the class act of the NFL, the Patriots, have had an above-average percentage of whites on their team during their dynasty, but their white players have been mostly found at stereotypically white positions, with the partial exception of linebacker, where they've had an above average percentage of white linebackers. Overall, though, the Patriots have been just whiter at mostly white positions than other teams, rather than say, starting white tailbacks and cornerbacks.
So, we at SBPDL ventured to that website and found an interesting thread at one of its discussion forums discussing the draft and it was reported that an unsurprisingly few number of white players were selected:
Here is a rundown of draft picks by position

QB-13 out of 15 white but the two blacks drafted will almost definitely not play that position in the NFL.

RB- 1 out of 14 white.

WR- 7 out of 27 white. Surprising to see Mcgaha, White, and Jurovich get snubbed.

TE-8 out of 20 white if we count Aaron Hernandez. Disappointing to see Colin Peek left on the board.

Offensive linemen- 13 out of 35. This is just despicable. That's just under 40%.

Defensive linemen-3 out of 59. They can't be serious!!!!!!!!

Linebackers- 9 out of 36. That's exactly 25 %.

Cornerback- 0 out of 35. The same as every year.

Safeties- 1 out of 16.
It is safe to say the Black dominance of the league will continue (thanks to the Rooney Rule - which mandates the interviewing of a Black coach for every head coaching position available in the NFL - the league will soon have 32 Black bosses. The Steelers and 49ers are coached by Black people and neither team drafted a white player).

For those who don't believe Castefootball, look at the attributes of Kent State's Jameson Konz, a white utility offensive player who runs a 4.4 40, has a vertical jump of 46 inches and weighs 230. That raw physicality should have correlated to a 3rd or 4th round pic, but he slipped to the 7th round. Was it due to the handicap in the NFL's eyes - his whiteness?

SBPDL knows sports are what keeps aloft Black Run Ameria. It is what enabled Mein Obama to get to the White House:

Obviously, there are so many factors that have been applied, incrementally, over a long time to bring us to a place where an African-American can be elected president. But I cannot help believing that the ubiquity and esteem of the black man in sport has played a significant part in this transformation of the body politic's thinking.

However, we at SBPDL are forced to ask a serious question: is the NFL an entertainment league - like Vince McMahon's WWE/WWF? Is there an incentive to keep the league increasingly Black, to uphold that belief in Black superiority and keep alive BRA?

With positive images of Black people rare save for sports, must this charade be kept alive to stave off martial law in every major city - as Chicago might be forced to enact because of intense Black violence?

The NFL Draft had three unique players we at SBPDL followed intensely: Gerhart, Tebow and Rolle.

Rolle is a Black athlete who is intelligent, but he might be to intelligent for his fellow Black athletes in the NFL according to NFL personnel.

Gerhart is a white running back. He will be one of 64 (32 teams usually deploy a two-back attack) that carries the ball more than 40 times in the NFL in 2010.

Tebow is called a Nazi by those who follow sports for daring to spend his draft night with only white people. His resume includes stints in prison, but only to testify to Black people on death row and help them find salvation. Hardly the work of a Nazi.

How long can BRA continue, you ask? Only as long as white people find watching the NFL Draft erotic and then enjoying trading Black players in fantasy football. Remember only white people play fantasy football
FSTA research shows that only 1.6% of fantasy players are black, 2.3% are Latino and 1.1% are Asian. And the more I learn about the typical fantasy player, the more I think most minorities simply have better things to do. "The people who play fantasy are more into sports, more hard-core than the average fan," Berry says. "The reason the NFL embraced fantasy in such a big way is that it found that fantasy players watch three hours more football a week than the average football fan."

In searching for an Actual Black Person who plays fantasy sports, I wind up talking to noted comedian Guy Torry, who's got a famous bit called "Learning From White Folks." Turns out I stumbled onto the biggest black fantasy football fan of all time. "Who the f are you calling a nerd?" he screams at me. "Nobody loves fantasy more than me." The laugh as an exclamation point never arrives. Damn, this brother's serious. "Man, you don't know the half," he says.

Of all the opinions I collected on the racial disparity, though, one of the most interesting came from Kim Beason, an associate professor at Ole Miss who is also the CEO of Fantasy Sport Research Specialists. Basically, Beason's six years of research shows that people who have well-paying jobs with fast Internet connections are more likely to play fantasy sports. "When you break it down, it appears the disparity has to do with a critical mass of individuals who are together discussing fantasy sports," he tells me. "Up to now, that has mostly occurred in the white workplace. And a lot of time, it's on the Internet." But as the web grows, this potential audience is becoming more diverse, which makes Matt Berry a happy man.

The power of Black Run America is clearly shown in the NFL Draft. No more evidence is necessary. Just ask Toby Gerhart.

You don't see the NFL fretting over the lack of white players in the league as Major League Baseball does (with the leagues dwindling number of Black players) or writers asking if the Oakland Raiders or Washington Redskins are too Black (as one National Basketball Association writer stated the Indiana Pacers were too white).

Black people are expected to dominate sports and whenever a white player threatens their turf, it must be exposed as a virulent form of racism to keep white players employed.

Thus, the lack of Black players in baseball is evil and must be fixed. Too many white players on a team in the NBA equates to racism and white players hoping to play in the NFL are uncerimoniously not drafted.

Those represent SBPDL's thoughts on the NFL Draft of 2010.

That is the power of BRA.


Hirsch said...

While I don't give a crap about football, I must admit to being in that rabid American minority who love boxing. In the 1980s, most of the heroes were black.The most popular boxer, middleweight Marvin Hagler used to enter the ring to John Sousa's "Stars and Stripes Forever." He was that anomalous black man who was patriotic and not perceived as an Uncle Tom.

But my love for boxing is what makes the argument surrounding the criminality of football players ring so hollow. The argument is that football is a violent sport, and thus draws volatile individuals under its wing. This argument is patent B.S., when you consider the gladiatorial nature of Boxing, and that, excepting a James Kirkland or a Mike Tyson, there are plenty of men who leave it in the ring. In fact, Emile Griffith and Ray Mancini, both of whom beat men literally to death in the ring, were pussycats in their private lives.

White Males in the UFC and mixed martial arts sphere also don't have the criminal records to match black men in the NFL, though they do have quite a bit of scar tissue, and have spilled blood in the octagon.

Also, the paucity of white boxers is probably not something to be lamented. As Larry Merchant said, "Boxing is the sport of the dispossessed, the underclass." There used to be many Jewish boxers, believe it or not, but they assimilated into society, and found better ways to earn money than hitting and getting hit. If the vast majority of your boxing stars are black, ipso facto, that's probably not cause to celebrate.

Which would you rather have, a Senate which is ninety-percent white, or a ninety percent white football field? Let the black men have their pigskin.

For other reasons as to why the white Athlete disappeared, I would ironically turn to Malcolm X. He once posited that America castrated the black male. Through Political Correctness and multiculturalism, it seems the pendulum has swung, and white men have become so sheepish that they have trouble throwing a punch even in defense.

Let me qualify that: American white men have trouble fighting. With a couple of exceptions, most of your tough white boys in boxing, who dominate, are coming out of Belarus and Germany, where I suppose they aren't brainwashed from birth to believe that to be a white man is to be racist.

Sorry for rambling.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, read it regularly, and agree wholeheartedly with what you have to say. With that said, you really need to do a better job at proofreading these articlese before publishing them. The glaring typos detract from the overall wit and message you are conveying, and credibility is essential since you are dealing with the unwelcome truth.

Anonymous said...

San Diego Charger's 1st round selection, running back Ryan Mathews, is 50% white.

Phalluster said...


I did not originally intend to play your foil.

I have more than a passing interest in the dying sweet science. Your failure to correlate testosterone-filled "gladiatorial" sports with violent crime falls flat, despite your anecdotal evidence. It did not sit well with me overnight, as I pondered your oversights.

Paul Spadafora (shot his pregnant girlfriend), James Butler (Max Kellerman's DWL brother's killer), Vernon Forrest (died in a gunfight while escorting his 11 year old godson), Edwin Valero (murdered wife then killed self), Jo-El Scott (murder), Josh Pompey (murder), and a quick google search could multiply this list.

Let me toss out a theory to counter your HBD-denialist theory that boxers are not as categorically prone to violence, in your mind, as football players. Quite simply, there are much fewer boxers to observe. Boxing is not nearly as lucrative as football, so the sport attracts fewer athletes of any color. Many champions are legacies of some sort.

On the flip side, football attracts revenue at even the elite high school level. Scouts and Rivals scouting services charge subscription fees to college fans to read recruiting updates about the progress of 16 year old football players. Meanwhile, the Boxrec.com site looks like shit.

Thousands of football players have their livelihoods subsidized by football scholarships. Networks pay hundreds of millions for the right to broadcast their games. Golden Gloves tournaments might put their fighters up in a hotel for the weekend... maybe. No one knows who they are. So you can name fewer boxing criminals than football criminals? This is no proof.

Testosterone is universally accepted as a positive correlation to aggressive behavior.

For every Marvin Hagler, who loved America (and was well-marketed), there is a Muhammed Ali, who hated America (and was well-marketed).

And for the record, Mike Tyson's rape conviction was bullshit.

Anonymous said...

To add to what Hirsch said--

Did you know Larry Fine from the Three Stooges was a boxer? True.

As far as the pendulum swinging against White males, I agree 100%, but I see it swinging back the other way, due to the rise of MMA (and more explicitly, the use of wrestling as a combat art. Look at high school/college wrestling. Who are the top wrestlers? Who are considered among the all time greats?)

In the U.S. army, there has been a big push in training Combatives (hand-to-hand fight training that sadly has pass by the wayside to make room for a more sensitive, female-friendly Army)

I can tell you from experience, blacks cannot wrestle. Blacks in the Army hate Combatives, because now they have to back up their big mouths. Before, they could talk and talk, puff up their chests, and mean mug anyone who would dare to diss them. Now, they get a chance to prove it, and it usually doesn't go to well. A simple single or double-leg, and thats it.

Check out military Combatives tournaments. Check out MMA. See who is at the top. All due to that forgotten sport dominated by evil YT, wrestling.

Wrestling--put that on the list of stuff black people don't like

Anonymous said...

Caste Football has an interesting new article by J.B. Cash on its main page right now.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Second Anon,

Thank you for reading and the praise, however unworthy it might be.

You are correct in your view of typos, etc. The way I write, I have an idea come into my head that is time sensitive, to ensure the most hits and maintain relevance.

I have amassed a list of 500 ideas that still need to be written - most of these fall in the category of the original entries on SBPDL - but when I see a news story (like Chicago needing Martial Law to deal with minority crime) that is time sensitive, I write about quickly.

Henceforth, I have secured the skills of a friend who has volunteered to edit material before it is posted.

I will go through this entry thoroughly and edit.

Thanks again for reading. I wrote this entry all from memory and recalled a number of articles I read to piece it together.

The overall idea is of course without sports, Black people have absolutely no positive images for the public to view.

Men like Booker T. Washington - a man who tried to better the Black community by turning inward instead of relying on handouts from out groups - are forgotten and hated by Black people for his selling out.

Last anon,

I read the article by Cash at Castefootball you suggested. I once thought the ideas on that site were overblown... no more.

Abe Stinkin' said...

In light of the media's obsession with slandering Tim Tebow and other white players who have shattered the myth of black athletic superiority, I am surprised he even got drafted, despite being the greatest college QB ever. Its even more absurd that the best RB in the nation gets drafted in the low 2nd round. Every black RB drafted above him will be a bust, just like almost every great black hope QB that has ever been drafted. But, negro affaleets have more lives than a cat; they just keep drafting bust after bust after bust and nobody ever learns. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How about JaMarcus (the stupiest black name I have ever heard) Russell getting drafted #1 in the draft three years ago, and getting cut now by the Raiders. He made nearly $40 million bucks over three years just for being black. Maybe he'll get a Nobel Prize also since he has the right qualifications.

All I can say to all these so called superior athletes is to get in the Octagon. Full contact fighting is the oldest, purest and most important of all sports. Whites, with some rare exceptions, destroy blacks in one on one street fights and mma fights. Blacks are cowardly pack hunters, almost always suckerpunching and attacking with superior numbers. They have trouble with the all inclusive nature of one on one fighting as it is more complex than just fetching a ball or putting a ball through a hoop. Real fighting involves wrestling, which blacks are rarely good at because their core strength is lacking and straight line speed and vertical leaping do not help much. Simply put, in my experience, white males are functionally stronger than black males; dunking a basketball does not denote raw strength. Real fighting might involve kicks, punching, elbows, takedown defense, etc. After years of having to fight cowardly blacks in the streets, I have found them to be unimpressive in one on one conflict and surprisingly weak, no matter how muscular they look. My only fear of fighting any black is weapons or a gang.

There is a reason that whites have dominated pro boxing for the last ten years and they own MMA. There is a reason why white basketball players in international play routinely beat American dream teams of NBA all stars. The reason is that European borders have opened up since the fall of communism and eastern block and other European players, unrestrained by political correctness, racism and the bizarre and suicidal American affair with the negro, are allowed to thrive in international play and show the true greatness of the white athlete, who is just as athletic as Tyrone and De-Shawne' but has the added x-factor of intelligence combined with superior strength. Blacks are often fast, nothing more. In international play, whites win many more competitions in every sport and win more Olympic medals than any other race, despite being the smallest minority of the world population. If you take the racist American athletic system out of the equation, international play in all sports virtually proves white athletic superiority. Just count the percentage of Olympic medals won by whites compared to their proportion in the world population and the American media's myth of black athletic superiority becomes an unfunny joke.

Hirsch said...

@ Phaluster

Despite your attempts to eviscerate me, I enjoyed your post, if for no other reason than that you enjoy boxing and are American.I'm aware of every fighter you mentioned, from the "Harlem Hammer" up to and including the late Edwin Valero, who basically pulled a "Carlos Monzon" fairly early in his career.

And while you spouted off a litany of boxers, you came up wanting in the Mixed Martial Arts arena. Is that because you are not a fan, or you conveniently ignored it, because it does not mesh with your conviction that violence outside the ring (or the octagon) is an accepted byproduct of violence inside of it.

Boxing is not, as you asserted "a dying sport." That is a talking point that is parroted quite often, but the statistics and pay-per-views don't support your views. Worldwide, interest in boxing is peaking. I have seen studies that show it is anywhere from the second to the seventh most popular sport worldwide. (American) Football does not even crack the top ten). Now, soccer is another story.

Regarding boxrec.com, that is a matter of opinion, so I won't debate you on that point, but I find it incredibly thorough and detailed. If I want to know the top 100 boxers in any division, active or in history, in any weight class, the information is there at my disposal. If that looks like shit, then fine.

And yes, while boxing is not as lucrative for the fighters as it should be, I think, if you can sneak onto the $300,000,000 plus estates of either Don King or Bob Arum, they would be happy to debate you on the profitability of boxing.

Sorry I made you lose sleep.

Hirsch said...

@ Phaluster One other point...

In a previous post, the user Desiree called Pat Tillman essentially stupid. I thought it was tasteless for her to speak ill of the dead, and I'm afraid I must take umbrage again. Since Sam Kellerman was beaten to death with a hammer, he is not here to counter your charges that he was a "disingenuous white liberal." I'll act on his behalf.

I don't know if you ever saw his cable access show in New York, but he routinely told his callers that he slept with their mothers, and to go screw themselves, while cavorting around the set with half-naked women.

He didn't seem to me like someone who would be embraced by the PC left, in my opinion. He didn't publicly express very many views politically, probably because he was a kid who's main intent was to party. He was innocent and openhearted enough to give James Butler a place to stay, and he paid for that naivety.

Max, on the other hand, is left leaning, and if you want to lay into him, by all means. I can think of no straw man more vulnerable than a kid who was brutally murdered.

Regarding boxing in general, if you're a fan, please visit theboxingtruth.com. Every Sunday night you're given unprecedented access to stars, and we could always use more support.

Hope your day finds you well...


Anonymous said...

To the anonymous that said.."In the U.S. army, there has been a big push in training Combatives (hand-to-hand fight training that sadly has pass by the wayside to make room for a more sensitive, female-friendly Army)", that is blatant bovine fecal matter! I bet some female kicked you in the nuts so now you carry a grudge! There are many reasons for changes but those changes include more not less hand-to-hand training! No matter what most organizations do to become more female friendly, it will never happen because of misogynists like you! I'm glad my parents raised me better! Unlike you I am not threatened by females! In truth you are worse than a black buck because he doesn't know how to interact better and you should!

Anonymous said...

To the genius Anon at 1:27pm

You are all over the place there, so I don't know how to respond. First off, until SFC. Matt Larsen wrote the Army combatives field manual in 2001, and started the combatives training school at Ft. Benning in 2002, the Army had moved away from hand-to-hand combat training. Even after the combatives school was established, it wasn't until 2007 that MAC (modern Army combatives) training became mandatory for all Army units.

Secondly, how is stating the truth (that the military moved away from hand-to-hand training because of its quest to enlist more females) equal me carrying a grudge? Stating the truth makes me a misogynist? Is that like how stating "hate facts" makes one a racist?

Anyway, I'm glad you are not threatened by females, since most of them share your love of over-dramatizing. I'm sure its nice to have feminine shoulder to cry on. So go put on your clunk black nerd glasses, your skinny jeans, your ironic 80's themed T-shirt, and head on down to Starbucks, order a soy Chai Latte, and cry about the evil misogynist who hurt your feelings on the internet.

Phalluster said...

If Sam Kellerman was not disingenuous, he was certainly still a Crusading White Pedagogue. We can mourn his death as we do that of Grizzly Man.

Anonymous said...

General observations on black physical abilities-these are my own,and ought to be considered anecdotal. But for all that,they shouldn't necessarily be ignored.

Blacks are burst performers. They aren't bad at tasks that require large effort over a short time frame (sprints,jumps,etc.). But they're not very good at sustained effort over a long period of time. Cross-country skiing,kayaking,cycling,and the like are almost completely devoid of blacks.

And quit laughing when I mention cross-country skiing. The equipment isn't expensive-hell,you could outfit yourself with a good set of used cross country gear for less than what ONE spinner rim costs. And you can carry it on the bus with you,so there's no real excuse for urban youfs not to give it a try once in a while. Last time I looked,there's plenty of snow in Detroit in the winter,too,so it isn't like there's no place to practice.

Boating is a little more problematical,but here again,used equipment is available at reasonable prices,and if you buy it used,you can usually sell it for something close to what you bought it for in the first place,so if you wind up not liking the sport,you can dispose of the gear without taking much of a beating. Same with bicycles-you don't have to have a brand new one to get started,and I kept-and regularly rode-one bike for almost 20 years with a bare minimum of upkeep.

You can do a lot with a little,as long as you have some perseverance and are willing to put forth a little bit of effort.
However,I also have to say that if blacks start taking up any of the above practices in any great numbers,I'll have to find another way to pass my limited spare time. It's difficult to defend against a mugging when you're on a pair of skis.