Friday, April 9, 2010

Mein Obama and Big MO to Appear on "American Idol"

During the 2008 election, you wouldn't have been wrong to confuse the title of Fox's hit television show "American Idol" with the fictional title of a documentary about Mein Obama, Barack H. Obama.

The media hid the gloves of investigative reporting and instead continually clapped them together in a monolithic chorus of sustained gleeful prose and joyous stories about the impending the election of the first Black president and the historic moment that was now only an inevitability.

Mein Obama is the ultimate American Idol, a hero for our downtrodden nation and the embodiment and desires of Disingenuous White Liberals in every county of the country.

His gushing bride, Michelle Obama (henceforth known as The Big MO), was electrifying the nation with her comments of the undeniable pride she felt for her nation now for the first time, since it had repudiated the repugnant sins Pre-Obama America and accepted a leader of sound mind, full of cognition and post-racial feelings to finally erase doubt, fear and anxiety and usher in a new day for the country.

Truly, Mein Obama's character is beyond reproach, boasting all of the qualities that an American Idol must possess. Oddly, he has been the receipent of a Nobel Peace Prize before being invited to appear on a television show that has co-opted a fitting moniker for the first Black president.

Zod-Obama is an American Idol in a way that Simon Cowell could never dream of offending with witticism and quips enhanced with his impeccably puckish delivery and English accent.

And now the titan of American pop culture has finally found synergy with the television show that dares to utilize his nickname without offering tribute and kneeling before him in reverence.

Yes, Mein Obama - the ultimate American Idol - is appearing on the American Idol:
The President and First Lady took time out of their busy schedules on Wednesday to sit down for a taping with "American Idol" as part of the hit show's fundraising event set to air next week.

"Idol Gives Back" is a two-hour charity performance that has already raised more than $140 million in contributions for global organizations.

This year's beneficiaries include Children's Health Fund, Feeding America, Malaria No More, Save the Children's U.S. Programs and the United Nations Foundation.

The special episode typically features big-name stars. It will air on Wednesday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET.
Just as the hit show The Amazing Race is a documentary of Black supremacy and the glories of Black Run American (BRA), the intelligent producers of American Idol have finally decided to stop the shows monumental ratings collapse by inviting the Mein Obama to appear on the show at a time he is experiencing unprecedented levels of disapproval:

The chops-licking over the declining performance of Fox’s “American Idol” may grow more intense in the wake of the Tuesday night ratings for that perennial powerhouse. Fewer people watched “Idol” on Tuesday (when the contestant Crystal Bowersox performed with the didgeridoo player Ernie Fields, both left) than watched ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” on Monday. (“Dancing” runs performance episodes on Mondays, with results on Tuesdays; “Idol” generally has performance on Tuesdays with results on Wednesdays.)

And for a second consecutive week, in the category Fox cares most about — viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 — “Idol,” if the Tuesday overnight ratings hold, will post its lowest number ever for a two-hour edition of the show. It will also be the lowest-rated Tuesday edition of the show since an hourlong episode on Aug. 13, 2002, in its first season, when the series played in the summer. “Idol” had a total audience of about 20.4 million on Tuesday, below the 21.2 million that “Dancing” averaged for its performance show on Monday. (The “Dancing” results on Tuesday averaged a total audience of 12.3 million.) But the “Idol” 7.1 rating among viewers 18 to 49 is what will be most noticed. That is down from a 7.7 a week ago and down from the 8.1 the show averaged for the three previous weeks.
It can't be so? Two American Idols (Mein Obama and the long running karaoke contest masquerading as entertainment) are fading into irrelevance and ratings obscurity?

Wait? Isn't this all the plot of a Hollywood comedy that starred another caricature of an extremely unpopular President using a national-renowned singing show to bolster his sagging approval ratings?:
"American Dreamz" is a comedy, not a satire. We have that on the authority of its writer-director, Paul Weitz, who told Variety: "Satire is what closes on Saturday night. So it's a comedy." Actually, it's a satire. Its comedy is only fairly funny, but its satire is mean, tending toward vicious. The movie is more slapdash than smooth, more impulsive than calculating, and it takes cheap shots. I responded to its savage, sloppy zeal.

The movie has two targets, "American Idol" and President Bush, not in that order. As it opens, a TV producer and star named Martin Tweed (Hugh Grant) is planning the new season of his hit show. On camera, he's Simon Cowell. Off camera, he's Machiavelli, scheming for contestants who get the highest ratings. The season will end in a three-way contest between a Hasidic Jew rapper (Adam Busch), a corn-fed Ohio blond (Mandy Moore) and a theater buff from Iraq (Sam Golzari), who is secretly a terrorist.

Meanwhile, in the White House, President Staton (Dennis Quaid) awakens after his re-election victory and has an impulse: "I'm gonna read the newspaper!" He asks for the New York Times. "We can get one," an aide assures him uncertainly. He finds the paper instructive. "Did you know there are three kind of Iraqistans?" he asks his chief of staff (Willem Dafoe), who looks uncannily like Dick Cheney. Surrounding himself with books and even the left-wing Guardian from England, the president isn't seen in public for weeks. "There is a lot of interesting things in the paper!" he marvels.

The plot chugs forward on two fronts. On the TV program, we see Sally Kendoo (Moore) playing the role of a screamingly delirious young contestant, pushed by her mother (Jennifer Coolidge) and superagent (Seth Meyers) and dumping her boyfriend (Chris Klein) because he's going nowhere and she's going up-up-up. As the godlike "American Dreamz" producer and judge, Hugh Grant does what he's curiously good at, playing an enormously likable SOB...

When the president is finally blasted out of his bedroom in the White House, he resumes public life with an earpiece so that his chief of staff can dictate, word for word, his response in every situation. That many Americans believe Bush has used such earpieces, and that he rarely if ever reads a newspaper, brings a certain poignancy to these scenes. The First Lady (Marcia Gay Harden) labors behind the scenes to counsel and advise him, and explain stuff to him. Badgered by publicity about his "reclusive" chief executive, the chief of staff decides to book the president on the season finale of "American Dreamz" to show what a great guy he is. The terrorist, who seems headed for the final round, is ordered by his handlers to wear a bomb into the studio.

The buried message of the film, perhaps, is that our political system resembles "American Idol." Contestants are chosen on the basis of superficial marketability, and go through a series of primaries and debates while the pollsters keep score. The winner is not necessarily the deserving contestant from an objective point of view, but is the one with the best poll numbers. A candidate from either party will be defeated if he is not entertaining. His intelligence and matters of right or wrong don't have much to do with it. In this scenario, satire plays the role in politics that Simon Cowell plays on TV.
American Dreamz is a funny film that is entirely forgotten, yet Mein Obama and Big MO are daring to replicate this movie by appearing on American Idol.

Art imitating life, or life imitating art... something like that.

One can only laugh at the parallels that exist between the film American Dreamz and the move by America's First Family to seek solace and a captive audience on American Idol.

Do you think anyone will call into the show and vote for Obama to be the 2010 winner of American Idol? In this day and age, having that prestigious award on your resume is far greater than a contrived Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama and American Idol were made for each other. One can only hope Mein Obama breaks out his rendition of Pants on the Ground.


Anonymous said...

First they got an extra judge. Then they got rid of Paula, who was fun to watch when she was high. Now they have a lesbian, Ellen degenerate, who has no background in music. Plus, Simon will be leaving the show. They are not the greatest at making good decisions. So why not bring on Barry from Kenya, to kiss his ass and piss off more viewers? Atleast the viewers got some revenge when they voted for the christian guy over the sodomite lambert last season.

Just like Dancing with the stars and their little gay marriage episode. Blah blah blah. It just pisses alot of people off. But the PC movement must push on. No matter how immoral and tiresome it gets.

So bring on Barry Soetoro to American Idol. It is all PC B.S. anyway.


Anonymous said...

SBPDL...This is a masterpiece!

hirsch said...

Thou shalt not criticize the Obama. Kneel before Zod!