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Mayor Cory Booker, Newark and First Murder-Free Month in 44 Years!

Milestones in the Black community are to be commemorated, remembered and honored. Each February, a plethora of these moments are celebrated in what is known as Black History Month. Black intellectuals work overtime to promote momentous events that enhance their community while Disingenuous White Liberals (DWL) and Crusading White Pedagogues labor in tandem to promote this goal.

Perhaps, this is why the electrifying news of Newark, New Jersey being murder-free for the month of March 2010 was greeted with shock, awe and cheers! Mind you, it has been 44 years since a month came and went that was also murder-free, so the news of no individual being parted with their life is cause for celebration!

You read that correctly: Newark is murder-free for the first month in two score and four years!:
Mayor Cory Booker can point to a major milestone in the city of Newark.

For the first time since 1966, Newark is marking its first full month without a murder.

Police Director Garry McCarthy says the last time the city went through a calendar month without a murder was in May 1966. Two years ago, the city went 43 days spanning parts of January and February without a murder.

Ten people have been murdered in the city in the first quarter of 2010, the same number as last year but the second-lowest since 1941.

This great milestone came to pass thanks to the daring exploits of Mayor Cory Booker, or Obama-Lite as some have dubbed the Brown Paper Bag Test passing political celebrity. Time magazine dubbed him the Savior of Newark in 2000, and nearly a decade later the first murder-free month has transpired in 44 years!

How did Mayor Booker produce a murder-free month, you might ask? Well, he hired a white cop from New York to lead the Newark Police Department:

Booker hired Garry McCarthy, a respected, no-nonsense New York City cop, to run his police department. McCarthy had helped New York City mayors Rudy Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg cut Big Apple crime. Booker took a huge risk because in Newark, McCarthy had two strikes against him. First, he's white. In a majority-black city fraught with racial tension between residents and police officers, that was sure to anger some locals. Second, he's not from Newark, a provincial town accustomed to giving plum public-sector jobs to its own. So here comes this Ivy League mayor reared in the suburbs entrusting the police department to a white outsider? Political suicide, anyone? "If you're a white Irish cop from New York and have something to add to the city, I'm not shutting the door just because you're a white Irish cop from New York," Booker contends.

Despite the strong law-enforcement team the mayor put in place, Booker's staff begged him to quit harping on crime. After all, violence, especially in a city with Newark's harrowing history, is awfully hard to control. "It's very ballsy," Newark city councilman Oscar James II says of Booker's laser focus on reducing murders. "Some dude decides to go on some crime spree, starts taking people out, and then what? It happens." (See pictures of an ammunitions manufacturer.)

During Booker's first year, the strategy did indeed backfire. In August 2007, three local college students were murdered, execution-style, in a city schoolyard. The tragedy was a nightmare that traumatized Newark and its confident new mayor. "It broke me down," Booker says on a Friday evening in June while relaxing in the back of his SUV. "I was feeling a deep sense of frustration and pain. I was just taking all the violence at that point very, very personally."

Instead of shuffling priorities to save face, however, Booker attacked crime even harder. First, he worked with the Newark business community to raise $3.2 million to install more than 100 surveillance cameras throughout the city. The technology led to 109 arrests in its first 16 months of operation. And against the advice of his staff, the police director, even his mother, Booker started personally patrolling the streets with his security team until 4 in the morning. "At some point, I just told him, 'Cory, you keep me on my knees,'" says Carolyn Booker, the mayor's mom.

Let's take a quick look at the population of the city, New Jersey's largest (mind you, Newark has declined by nearly 200,000 citizens since 1950):

As of the census[3] of 2000, there are 273,546 people, 91,382 households, and 61,956 families residing in Newark; recent census projections show that the population has already increased to around 280,000. The population density was 11,400/mile² (4,400/km²), or 21,000/mile² (8,100 km²) once airport, railroad, and seaport lands are excluded, Newark has the eighth highest density in the nation of any city with over 250,000 residents.

The racial makeup of the city was 53.46% Black or African American, 26.52% White, 1.19% Asian, 0.37% Native American, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 14.05% from other races, and 4.36% from two or more races. 29.47% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. There is a significant Portuguese-speaking community, made up of Brazilian and Portuguese ethnicities, concentrated mainly at the Ironbound district.

Newark was once ranked the most dangerous place to live in America (a mere 14 years ago), but with tough police work; more than $100 million dollars in private, philanthropic donations pouring into the city from white liberals praying that Mayor Booker can bring salvation to a city in distress; and the reinvestment of those donations into creating a short-term sense of safety through economic development and revitalized downtown Newark have temporarily removed brought hope to a city long devoid of a such an emotion.

It won't last. Crime only decreases because those who commit fouls that mock societal regulations are put behind bars with longer sentences. Some have called Newark the new "Black Wallstreet" which can only be deemed so thanks to the generosity of white liberals who have given $100 million to a non-profit organization that Mayor Booker set up:

At a time when good economic news is scarce, it's encouraging to hear about three businessmen, all Rutgers alumni, staking a claim to the future in Newark's West Ward.

Victor Baker, Hassan Keith and Jeffrey Montgomery are constructing houses on five empty lots on South 9th Street between 11th and 12th avenues. The Star-Ledger's James Queally described how the trio plans to serve working families in need of affordable housing with five duplex-style homes.

They call the $2 million project "Black Wall Street," after the prosperous black community of Greenwood that thrived in Tulsa, Okla., in the early 20th century.

It's a nickname freighted with historical significance.

Greenwood was indeed a community with enormous wealth for its time and place. There the black middle class supported a vibrant business district, apart from the white city of Tulsa, which restricted black activity and even imposed curfews -- not unusual in many segregated American cities of the time. The journalist Brent Staples and other historians described Greenwood as a "black city within a city" of as many as 15,000 residents, boasting 191 businesses, including 15 doctors, two dentists, one chiropractor and three law offices.

In that sense, "Black Wall Street" connotes hard work, self-sufficiency and success.

How many trillions have been wasted trying to improve African nations? What have philanthropic Americans taxpayers, bestowing gratuitous amounts of money upon African nations to show for their generosity? Nothing.

At least - for a month - white liberals have helped Newark become murder-free.

The solution of every majority Black city in America is to locate an individual of Mayor Cory Booker's ability, as he has been a great salesman in convincing white liberals to donating millions to ensure some form of tranquility in a city long devoid of any peace.

As you can see by this list of crime in America, we might need to clone Mayor Booker if this will ever happen.

Stuff Black People Don't Like would like to thank those people who donated more than $100 million to help pay the salaries of all the new police and the installation fees for the security cameras that have been placed throughout Newark. This, and this alone, has cut down crime and brought about the momentous month of March... the first murder-free month in Newark in 44 years!

Mayor Cory Booker might be a celebrity (thanks to being like Mein Obama, an articulate Black guy), but he is at the mercy of the donors to the Newark non-profit that helps pay the bill to keep crime down in that city.

Here is CNN on the celebration of March free of the madness of murder in Newark!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, 44 years and a murder free month. Atleast none that were reported. Or the bodies have not been found yet.

So for a whole month no white women were raped and murdered. No white person walking down the street was gunned down. No black thug attacking another black thug, "putting a cap in yo ass". No homes burglarized by savage blacks who kill the white families.

Not that black scum attacking and killing other black scum bothers me that much. It is when innocent whites have to suffer that it turns bothersome.

When will people wake up and realize that blacks and liberals can't run anything? You want things fixed, let a white conservative do it.


Anonymous said...

If we make Cory Booker the king of Africa can we expect all the savagery and cannibalism to stop overnight?
Did the murder stop just because the mayor is black? How did this magic work?
If this negro is so magical then it would be very selfish of it to remain here in America while the masses of blacks in Africa suffer for lack of his special ju-ju.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Cory Booker's friends with Rachel Maddow raises red flags all across America.

Mowing the lawn prevents drug-dealing? More likely, the crazy guy with the shotgun, saying,"Get off my lawn!"

Anonymous said...

This guy is carrying more white genetic material than even Halle Berry...and yet they are trumpeted as as "black" success icons...

Anonymous said...

No kidding. The guy is a few SPF away from Conan's complexion.

Anonymous said...!/pages/Newark-Anti-Violence-Coaltion/187817488230?ref=ts