Thursday, April 29, 2010

#642. The Uproar over "Thor"

It was said by a man long since gone that, "Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths."

During Black History Month we discussed how cinema presents opportunities for Black people to take on roles that reality seems to continually deny them, granting them the chance to play characters who have vocations that are exceedingly rare in the real world.

Perhaps then, you have caught a glimpse of Hollywood's public dream, creating myths in film by casting Black people in roles that non-celluloid enhanced life shockingly can't provide.

It is important to note that Joseph Campbell was speaking about myths that unite a cohesive people to the past, safeguard their collective present and grant images of hope and courage to forge on to create a future where those myths may endure.

In Black Run America (BRA), the great myth that binds the nation together is maintained through sports, plus the continued inclusion of Black History Heroes in cinema and television to help satiate the appetite of those in need of entertainment.

Since 2000, the predominate form of entertainment at movie theaters and thus, wherever DVDs are sold, has been through the genre of comic book movies. Raking in billions upon billions in worldwide box office revenue, films such as The Dark Knight, X-Men, Superman, Spider-Man and a host of others have a profound impact upon pop culture.

The problem is of course the nearly complete absence of any Black people in comics or in comic book movies. Hundreds of millions of people see these films, read the comics and buy the merchandise but rarely is it in celebration of any Black comic book hero, but the continued perpetuation of the notion that" only white people can save the world" ideas.

Comic books are the 21st century answer to the myths of old that worked to make mere mortals strive to have the characteristics of the Gods, ennobling us to summon the courage of greater beings in pursuit of truth and the overcoming of personal obstacles:
Comic books have always been popular with the American people, but in recent decades their popularity has increased dramatically. The Christopher Reeve's Superman movies may have that just shows America's fascination with that character. Film seems to be America's choice of form for pop culture, and comic book adaptations seem to be limitless lately.

In the more popular titles there is also more going on that is subtle that draws us to them. The characters are iconic in who they represent too. Superman represents the immigrant. He fully embraces America and will do anything to help his country, but at the same time he has to remember where he came from and that he is not truly an American (or even a human). The Hulk is a representation that anger can take over even the most rational of people and make them into a monster. Batman is an avenger, and uses fear against those who use fear to intimidate regular people. Captain America is an example of the truly patriotic and righteous as he fights the Nazis and Red Skull. The X-Men represent the outsiders, the people who suffer prejudice in the real world. It is these subtleties that also draw us in to these characters and stories.

Over time, these characters have dealt with a changing morality, and they have changed with it. That is one reason that we are drawn to them and why they are still compelling. The Greek and Roman myths changed too. The mythologies reflected morality and human nature, but there were many different versions of the stories just like in comics. Comic books will continue to reflect the nature of our society, and that is why they will continue to be popular. There is a lot more going on in comics than just kid's stories, and that is why they will be around for a long time to come.
The problem with the comic book movie is one that plagues that Black people, for so few Black faces are seen in these films that can give Black people myths and heroes to cheer for (Barack Obama comics notwithstanding) and engineer any type of character that can import positive ideas to the Black community. The universality of heroism is a noble idea, but to Black people only characters that are distinctively Black can provide idols for young Black people to cheer for, buy their merchandise and strive to replicate (see the power of the Obama Effect).

Thus, in the new Iron Man movie the Ultimate Avengers story, the character of Nick Fury - long an aging white guy - has been replaced with inimitable Samuel L. Jackson. A traditional white character has become a Black character, merely for the sake of integrating the white world of comic books.

In the poorly-received Daredevil film, the master of criminality Kingpin - once again a white character in every incarnation of the comic before - was replaced with a Black actor, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Black people need heroes (and villains) to identify with and the inclusion of Black characters - replacing boring white people - helps to open the door of mythology to more people, bringing about desperately needed inclusion.

Regrettably, Black people forget the incredible 1990s film Meteor Man that stars a nearly all-Black cast and a Black superhero trying to make Washington DC safe for Black people.

The upcoming Thor 2011 film (all part of the plan to eventually make an Avengers film) is one movie that hardly has the ability to cast Black people or any person of color, considering the subject material is the Nordic God of Thunder and his companions of Asgard:
In Norse mythology, Asgard (Old Norse: Ásgarðr; meaning "Enclosure of the Æsir"[1]) is one of the Nine Worlds and is the country or capital city of the Norse Gods surrounded by an incomplete wall attributed to a Hrimthurs riding the stallion Svadilfari, according to Gylfaginning. Valhalla is located within Asgard. Odin and his wife, Frigg are the rulers of Asgard.
Ostensibly, a film about Nordic Gods is one that will be devoid of Black people, right? You see, Black people have a problem with white actors playing Black roles. This reasonable response to white people being cast as historical Black characters devalues the films authenticity:

Ya’ll know that every time a historical Black person is deemed to be of merit, his or her onscreen depiction will be done by white people as white people.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not one of those people so pathologically Black that I have the urge to smash every pane glass window that depicts Jesus as a white man, but anybody with even a cursory knowledge of the bible realizes that he couldn’t have looked like Jim Caviezel.

Anybody that knows Egypt is in Africa wondered what in the world was going on when they first saw the Ten Commandments starring Charleton Heston as Moses.

I mean, this wasn’t an Egypt that had its bloodline significantly lightened by being conquered by Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon and Mussolini seemingly in succession. This was early BC Egypt; the one that still looked like Harlem in the 1980s.

And a lot of times, you don’t even have to be a dead Black person to get a white actor to play you.

Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, is an African-Dutch-Jewish-Chinese-Cuban.

Who played her onscreen? Angelina Jolie who is none of the above.

And then (and I know this is a sidebar argument but please allow it) whenever a Black life is deigned significant enough to not only appear onscreen but also with a Black actor playing the part, there always seems to be a white story which serves as an undercurrent.

Take Invictus or Cry Freedom or the Last King of Scotland, movies about, ostensibly at least, Nelson Mandela, Steven Biko and Idi Amin.

Those movies also gave equal time to telling the stories of a white soccer player, a white journalist and a young white physician.

All this makes me wanna make my own movie: The Beatles—starring Charlie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Hart and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje.

Black people should have the right to play Black characters in films. Of course this makes sense. However, Black people should also have the right to play white characters as well, no matter how silly the inclusion of such a character in a historical inaccurate might be. In the 2011 Thor film, the casting of Black actor to play a Nordic God makes perfect sense, as we live under the rules of Black Run America (BRA):

Even for an actor who has played a vampire-hunter with a guilty conscience, a Baltimore crime lord with a taste for Adam Smith, and an asset manager with a stalker, the role of the Norse deity Heimdall – guardian of the burning rainbow bridge between the world of men and the world of gods – was always going to be a bit of a challenge.

But playing a god in Kenneth Branagh's forthcoming film Thor has turned out to be the least of Idris Elba's worries, after fans of the comic books turned on the star of The Wire for reasons that have nothing to do with his acting ability and everything to do with the colour of his skin.

When news emerged late last year that the 37-year-old black Londoner had been chosen to play Heimdall, "the whitest of the gods", a being who can hear the sap flowing in trees and look across time and space, many devotees of the Marvel comics on which the film is based flocked to online forums to weep, gnash their teeth and unleash a tide of indignation...

Elba, who was born in Hackney, north-east London, to a Ghanaian mother and Sierra Leonean father, has addressed such concerns in a string of recent interviews.

"There has been a big debate about it: can a black man play a Nordic character?" he told TV Times. "Hang about, Thor's mythical, right? Thor has a hammer that flies to him when he clicks his fingers. That's OK, but the colour of my skin is wrong?

"I was cast in Thor and I'm cast as a Nordic god," he said. "If you know anything about the Nords, they don't look like me but there you go. I think that's a sign of the times for the future. I think we will see multi-level casting. I think we will see that, and I think that's good."

Cinema, which is far less reliant on existing, classic material, has lagged behind theatre when it comes to colour-blind casting.

Rumours of a black James Bond remain just that, although his CIA friend Felix Leiter has been played by two African-American actors, Bernie Casey in 1983's Never Say Never Again, and Jeffrey Wright in the Daniel Craig films Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008).

In 1999, another originally white US lawman, Captain James West, was played by Will Smith in Wild Wild West, which also starred Kenneth Branagh.

Understand, white actors cannot play Black roles but Black actors can play any role they want. Even a character of mythology that belongs to the pantheon of Nordic heroes is fair-game to be portrayed by a Black person, though evidence for Black people arriving in Europe starts in the 16th century.

Nordic myths are quite old and bespeak of a time when a homogeneous people roamed the land, with Gods that reflected their fair skin to worship. However, Black people see nothing historical wrong with the inclusion of a Black person into the world of Asgard, for it makes absolutely perfect sense.

Even Captain America was rumored to be open to a diverse potential actor base, with Will Smith leading the way at one point. Never mind that during World War II the United States Armed Forces were segregated, thus negating the opportunity for a Captain America to be Black as this is of trivial importance:

While everyone seems to be chasing down flimsy leads about who's playing Captain America, I'm left wondering: What the heck is Marvel thinking here?

It's been a month since "Captain America" director Joe Johnston promised casting news within "a couple of weeks," and besides a disappointing (and ever-growing) list of actors I'd never dream of installing as the title character, we're no closer to anything firm.

None of this answers the question: How is there not one non-white actor on this list? To have 10 actors reportedly in the running, with not a single one of them African American, Latino or otherwise, isn't exactly representative of the American population these days. Why pass on a great opportunity for Marvel to think outside the box. After all, isn't America a melting pot?

If a Nordic God can be Black, by gosh a World War II soldier can be Black and thus, earn the title of Captain America. Black people (who were 9 percent of the population during World World II in America, the rest of 90 percent of the people being white) can see themselves playing any role, regardless of the time, place, country or historical figure.

George Washington? Black in the next biopic on his life. Neal Armstrong? Don't you know all of NASA is Black, as was the first man on the moon? The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians? Black, Blacker and Blackest.

White people cannon be cast as Black characters. Ever. Period. End of discussion.

Especially white women, for the opportunities of Black female actors are precious few to begin with and only growing rarer.

But Black people see no great travesty in playing historically inaccurate characters, especially "the whitest God of them all" as Stuff Black People Don't Like includes the uproar over Thor.

Black people need myths to guide them by and though African mythology is orally rich , the visual shock of seeing a Black in Valhalla and as a Nordic God offers a chance to continue the displacement of the old mythology that once bound a people together, but now works to bring about their complete dissolution.

By rewriting history and mythology new and more palatable myths emerge.


Anonymous said...

The powers that be that made this film must be so blinded by their "progressive" ideology that they do not even realise what a commercial flop this will be!. Think about it, Thor is from NORSE Mythology!, ergo the people MOST likely to go see a film about a Norse myth would overwhemingly be white (& probably proud of that fact to boot!). In they put a black to play Heimdal! (& they don't think that whites WILL NOT NOTICE THIS??!!). It's as if we were to make a film about Shaka Zulu & cast a blonde haired, blue eyed Brad Pitt to play the lead then feining bewilderment as to why black audiences did not appear!....Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad!!.

Anonymous said...

“Still looked liked Harlem in the 1980s”? What the hell does that mean? Egyptians have gotten DARKER, not LIGHTER, over the last several millennia. The way they look now is the darkest they’ve ever been, and they still don’t look like denizens of Harlem. The Ancient Egyptians have absolutely no connecting lineage to the people who are in Egypt now, or to anyone in modern-day Africa, for that matter.

As for Charlton Heston, he played a Jew in captivity. How can this imbecile assume that Jews in captivity would look like everyone else in Egypt when said Jews weren’t indigenous to the region?

Where do these blacks get their ideas from? Furthermore, where do they get the arrogance to pass off these fallacious ideas as “true history”? (As opposed to the “false” history taught by the “white establishment”?) Lastly, why are they such a bunch of envious morons?

Hirsch said...

I am looking forward to the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. biopic, entitled "Martin" starring Adam Sandler in the lead, and Jerry Seinfeld as Malcolm X.

Might I also suggest the forthcoming biopic of the late, great father of psychiatry Sigmund Freud, "Freud," starring Martin Lawrence as the Viennese doctor. Initial plans were to have Bernie Mac play the role, but he went and died on us. RIP Bernie.

Anonymous said...

And another thing: the generalizations these people extrapolate from a handful of examples never cease to amaze me. One or two films are cited in which White characters portray (allegedly) black personages, and this is what they say: “Ya’ll know that every time a historical Black person is deemed to be of merit, his or her onscreen depiction will be done by white people as white people.” Or how about this: “And a lot of times, you don’t even have to be a dead Black person to get a white actor to play you. Mariane Pearl, wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl, is an African-Dutch-Jewish-Chinese-Cuban.” A LOT OF TIMES? Is this guy kidding me? He named a grand total of ONE movie! And notice the implicit racism: Mariane Pearl is a combination of FIVE different ethnicities/races (if we grant credence to the anti-Semitic myth of a Jewish race), and yet the only one that registers in his perception is the one-fifth African lineage. Meanwhile, she’s one-fifth Dutch, which makes her racial makeup equally White. If her Jewish lineage is White, then she’s MORE White than she is black. And yet, somehow, due to his sophistical, perverse black logic, Mariane Pearl is a BLACK person. That’s all they see: BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK.

What a bunch of racists.

Anonymous said...

This is a side-issue, but following one of your links to the 'NewsOne' site ('For Black America') led to this piece, which contains the statement, "Blacks are the only “people” I’ve ever considered to be actual and authentic members of the human family." Read it, it gets worse. Standard black racist dipshit stuff, but it's obviously a fairly mainstream site, viz. the ad announcing 'Al Sharpton Now Blogging on NewsOne!' I wonder how Al would answer to that one? There's also an ad for Roland 'Squeezhead' Martin, temporarily off the CNN reservation I guess. I guess this would be like Rush Limbaugh buying space on Stormfront.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the heads up ill be missing this at all costs! Whats next the "white Black Panther"!

Anonymous said...

Actors are supposed to live up to the expectations of a character not about equality, Imagine a film about Shaka Zulu starring an Asian, It just wouldn't fit, equality just for equality is an insult to everyone.

Anonymous said...

LOL i have to say this is a blantant kick in the nuts. I could see them slipping in Will Smith as captain america but a Norse god Thor being played by a black dude. Someone is behind this and giving the Norse people a big middle finger.

CWN said...

Well, I am Legend was ruined because of Will Smith.

In the book, you have an average white guy. Not some jive ass nigga. And he didn't give a shit about his appearance. He grew a beard and had long hair. He didn't work his abs and glisen in the sun. Keeping his fro tight. The guy lives in a house, not apartment. He is in L.A. not New York.

Those CGI creatures were a joke. In the book he is dealing with vampires . Not wild half human creatures, but organized vampire type humans. They have their own society and ways of existing. They are not wild animals.

But no, you have to go and show how modern we all are, with our black characters. Because whitey is so lame. Whitey wasn't too lame to come up with the characters tho, was he?

The closest that they got to getting it right, was with Vincent Price in "the last man on earth". Not the omega man, and not I am Legend.

How freaking hard is it to take a book and stick to what makes it popular? No, they have to change it and shit all over it.

On the tits of Chuck Norris, why!!!!!!!!???????

Stuff Black People Don't Like said..., a subsidiary of Black, is perhaps the greatest example of why we live in Black Run America.

The websites make Mexican or White websites look tame in comparison, as you get a glimpse of what Black people truly feel about the country.

Plus, big corporations bankroll the whole enterprise. I don’t think white people have the luxury of Ford, Toyota, GM, GE or other Fortune 100 companies putting up money to help run Stormfront or other white websites.

Oddly, I think that Hispanic websites do receive major funding and corporate sponsorship too…

Again, everyone should read on a daily basis.

Steve said...

Lets see...
Wild Wild West=Fail
New Odd Couple=Epic Fail
Black King Pin=Fail
I am Legend=Fail
Black Nick Fury=Jury Still Out
Black Felix Lighter=Accepted
Black 007=End of the franchise
Black Alicia Masters=Fail
Black Vulcans=Humorous Fail

..and now Heimdell.
I wont even go into the whole black Jesus, Moses thing.
If blacks are in such desperate need for black heroes then convince Tyler Perry to take off a dress and make one or tell Spike Lee to lay off the crack and make a black superhero. Whites made Hancock and gave him the necessary white girl friend I don't recall any uproar over that movie.

Thanks for the info on Newsone never seen that site before and its got major funding isn't that racist?

Anonymous said...

Alternately this post be called:

Stuff White People Don't Like, #6,324,345,678,900,321,000: Blacks Playing Roles of Make-Believe White Heroes that Whitey holds onto in order to prolong his Aryan (not!) Fantasies.

It's not that whites play in black roles; its that you whiten the actors that play traditionally colored characters (Paper Bag test, anyone? smh...). The idea of a black person playing Thor may seem absurd but it is also quite funny to watch whitey freak out. Have we PoC ever made so much of a stink about the bleaching of colored characters that it has stopped Hollywood from doing it? No, of course not; we have little to no power in this country. *Isolated* films such as this do not showcase any sort of so-called Black Run America (again if we run America, why the hell aren't I in college free, or on the cover of every magazine for that matter?) Have you seen 'Avatar'? That is *another* typical Hollywood action flick with seriously racist undertones, eg. the white guy saved the day even when he was sent to be a mole in a mission of (predictable) destruction and when white guy as Nav'i Avatar was making it with chief's daughter (blue people=African/Native American concoction) her hair changed from braids (throughout WHOLE movie) to straight. (I mean come on!). I didn't hear any outcry over that movie. That's because since we live in White Run America, the Suits make movies whites can see themselves in (not to mention fulfill fetish fantasies of white man screwing savage, native princess [voiced by the Man's new favorite black fantasy sex goddess, Zoe Saldana! Halle Berry's too old?], who will acquiesce of course, NEVER EVER wanting to be with her native male counterpart Tsu'tey [aka Angry Black Man]). Hancock was racist, too; can't have a black Superman, but a *magical* black guy who is unkempt and in need of anger management. He also was still under the white loser is former superhero GF was with, not to mention he risked his own life to save one of theirs AND put the stars in the sky for THE WHITE MAN!

I think you need to step back and gain a little perspective, SBPDL. Most movies are made by whites for whites. This movie is not a 'trend'. If we wanted to disrupt shit, we'd (well, not *me* since I don't do self-hating shit) stop wearing weaves and perms, 'cause we all KNOW white folks are scared of naturally nappy hair, AND, we'd cast real black people to play black people instead of the usual Paper Bag test-passing mulatto...

And, seriously, what is with these Norse myths? Do the Nordic gods/goddesses represent the highest fruition of white beauty/majesty/strength/power? Big blond dude? LOL. Myths are for children; those comic book nerds need to get some sun. (Funny: even milky white geeks think they are above black people! Wow! I thought losers were at the bottom regardless of race, simply because they were sexually spastic limpwrists. Go. Figure!)

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, you all have your panties in a bunch because of Heimdell?

Well, let's see: in Norse mythology, Heimdall is the "whitest of the gods"...who came from nine different mothers (possibly the nine daughters of Ægir, called billow maidens) and was called "the White God".

So it seems Heimdall should be played by a very light-skinned person, probably an albino.

In the Marvel universe, Heimdall is a rather minor they could have some leeway there. Frankly, Marvel's Heimdall is boring...the guard of the rainbow bridge.

I certainly don't expect everyone in Asgard/Vahalla to be white though. But if you will make a character black, consider Hogun the Grim.

Generally, I think that a small amount of character should be played by a certain race (Thor, Black Panther, Silver Samaria), but someone like Nick Fury? No. He's not a race-based Jackson is fine with me.

Critical Thinker said...

@ Desiree

Give it up negress.

Have we PoC ever made so much of a stink about the bleaching of colored characters that it has stopped Hollywood from doing it?

Are you kidding me? You "people of color" make a stink about everything! Find me something that coloreds like you don't complain about. That would be impressive.

No, of course not; we have little to no power in this country.

And believe me, I am eternally thankful for that. Getting rid of those illegals (regardless of the short term consequences) will help keep it that way.

Again if we run America, why the hell aren't I in college free, or on the cover of every magazine for that matter?

Get a grip, Desiree. Just because whites are such a "dominant" and "privileged" group doesn't mean that the overwhelming majority of white people get to go to college for free or appear on magazine covers.

So, are you saying that in your BRA, blacks would get a bunch of handouts? That's quite telling.

In conclusion, if blacks are so pissed off about not getting enough roles in most films, they need to create their own damn films. In spite of the best efforts of leftists and non-whites, we are still the majority of this nation, and the majority of the filmmakers are white. Therefore, guess what? Most films are made by whites, for whites.

Don't like it? Then don't watch, or create your own films where coloreds are properly represented.

If Malcolm X were here (and I'm sure he's one of your heroes), he would tell you to stop begging the white man for roles in films. He would tell you to stop begging him for stuff in general. Instead, you should create your own films and your own film industries.

Otherwise, deal with it.

On another note, having a negro play a norseman is pretty absurd. Now, if he were to put on white face paint or make himself look white, I could handle that. However, no African like Idris Elba should play any European.

To my fellow whites, since we don't like this, let's not whine. Instead, let's vote with our wallets and refuse to see this film. Maybe then, they'll think twice about having Kunta Kinte play a European god.

Anonymous said...

The jews that run Hollywood despise the White race more than blacks or mestizos. They take every opportunity they can to mock our identity and religion. Hollywood openly promotes degenerate ideas and behaviors. People need to see them for what they are. They have a hard-on for Whites and Nordic/Germanic Whites in particular.

The myth of the jewish race? Where did you come up with that one? Jews are more than just adherents to a religion, they are a genetic people. The below DNA business website run by a man named Bennett Greenspan demonstrates in a way that they view themselves as a race/tribe.


Anonymous said...

Here's the link:

Anonymous said...

to desiree .. it's obvious you're clueless as to who makes 'hollywood movies' .. 'movies made by whites for whites' .. jews run hollywood and they sure as hell don't have the interests of whites in mind .. you couldn't more off ..

so you try to downplay and degrade norse mythology by laughing at what their portrayal of beauty is 'big blonde dude lol' .. can we then laugh at your potrayal of what beauty is ? 'dark nubian prince with nappy hair' ? then you go on to say 'those .. nerds need to get some sun' .. what's wrong with being pale and white ? .. oh that's right .. if you're black you get to shit on and say whatever derogatory comment is on your mind about whites ..

Anonymous said...

The "real" mythical Thor was a redhead not a blond.


Abe Stinkin' said...

We be Gypshuns n sheeiitt yo. Din U know we built da Pyramids?

Morons. For starters, blacks are indigenuous to Sub Saharan Africa, not North Africa. Anthropologists, geneticists and biologists all consider Egyptians and all other North Africans to be caucasian. A DNA test bears this out. The only reason for a darker tint is the melanin enrichment that any caucasian would develop in adapting to the sun rich environment of North Africa. This is also why indigenous South Americans with dark skin are biologically caucasian. If Howdie Doodie moved to Egypt, his descendants would have progressively darker skin which would darken logarithmically and then reach a point of equilibrium, but they would not have nappy hair on their heads, blue gums nor the average i.q. of 66 which exists in all of Sub Saharan Africa.

Blacks cannot conceive of the fact that Sub Saharan Africa is a racial dividing line. In fact, these afrocentrist "black studies" types don't know that what is now North Africa was physically joined with North America and South America, during the late Paleozoic period 280 million years ago. At this time, the northern edge of Gondwana, the continental plate containing South America and Africa collided with the continent of North America, creating the Appalachian mountains in what is now the American South East.

After this and several other smaller collisions, all of the continents were joined at this time in a supercontinent called Pangea. I find it very telling that all the other continents, sensing trouble, were smart enough to break apart from Africa and go their own way, sending Africa as far south as possible. The North Africans were not off the hook but at least they have the dividing line of the Sahara. It seems that Darwinism holds true even for inorganic entities such as tectonic plates.

As far as Charlton Heston playing a jew, do Jerry Seinfeld, Benjamin Netanyahu and Karl Rove look black to you?

The idea that Egyptians were ever biologically "black" is laughable. No idigenous North Africans have the sickle cell in their blood chemistry; it is exclusive to Sub-Saharan Africans as a means to ward off the malaria which uniquely plagues the sub saharan region by creating anemia in the blood, as malaria cannot exist in an anemic blood supply. This is but one of the genetic markers separating Sub Saharan blacks from North African caucasians.

Thus, it is clear that the whole "we be Gyshuns n sheeiitt" thesis is another example of blacks doing what they do best, stealing someone else's history in order to fabricate their own. The fairy tale about blacks constructing the Pyramids is central to the whole "black studies" scam.

Anonymous said...

Regarding, I just checked out the site and to be honest i'm pretty fucking scared. Not necessarily because of the content or anything like that but rather due to the way that things are spelled, syntax, etc. Honestly while reading it, if I wasn't aware that the site catered to a black audience I would think that the site was a newspage catering towards middle-schoolers. The general style of writing comes across as very awkward and basic, and on top of that in each article you should probably expect to find at least one or two spelling errors or mistaken usage of homophones (i.e. two, too, to), etc. Granted, you can generally understand what is being said and there are not copious amounts of spelling errors, however upon reading it, it is quite obvious the basic level of intellect behind the authors of articles/editors. This is not just something that I saw in, it is a phenomena i have noticed time and time again, ranging from facebook statuses written by black acquaintances, or even in lectures by a black professors. Generally speaking, spelling and coherent sentences/arguments do not seem to be a strong point of african americans. Of course though I realize that at this website I am merely preaching to the choir XP.

In conclusion, I am not trying to come off as petty for noticing things as trivial as spelling errors, and yes i'm aware that white people have their fair share of bad spellers as well, I am merely noting that a disproportionate amount of black people seem to be unable to process english properly, I can easily count on one hand how many blacks I have met that could spell/write as competently as your average white person.

look at this article to see what im talking about

Anonymous said...

woo, how embarrassed am I, I noticed an error in my own text. Its funny how when you're writing about proper writing you seem to be most liable towards making those very same mistakes yourself. Probably from trying so hard to avoid that exact scenario lmao.

Anonymous said...

Critical Thinker:
Why are you so upset, guy? (well, am I right about 'guy'? Your writing is quite feminine...) 'Negress'? That's not a very nice thing to say to someone; it makes you look kind of bigoted! (Unless that's what you're going for...)

Okay, seriously? What about those examples given? Your own gratuitous racism aside, isn't it just a *little* fucked up? Black people always as voodoo, magical people? Always with the high-yellow mulatto woman as a sex object? I'm sick of it. But I should just make my own movie and have my own film industry if I'm tried of seeing whitey's fetishes and safe caricatures. Shame on you, Desiree! Bad!

We wouldn't *need* handouts in a BRA; everyone would be living comfortably and EQUAL, unlike in WRA. *And* there would be no crime because there is no white materialism that prompts it. (And I'd be Queen...of course.)

LOL, I do complain a lot, don't I? I should stop, especially since my 'complaining' doesn't have to do with anything important. Forget about institutionalized racism and psychological genocide against the black race. Forget about all of that! That's not an emergency at all! Silly me; silly, silly, little negress... Forgive me massa?

Anonymous @ 2:33PM:
No, I'm pretty aware that 'jews' make most movies in Hollywood. But, alas, they are still white and they hate PoC just as much as 'regular' whites. Quit with the 'They aren't us' bullshit; it's aggravating nonsense. (Have you ever seen a real jew? Yeah, they don't look like the typical -Stein, -Berg, -Heim, or what-have-you, ie. German/E. European.) Jews are just the only whites who've been able to act like sacred cows while still rolling around in their privilege. If white non-jews weren't so stupid, they'd pull that sort of congame, too; you'd have privilege *and* you wouldn't have to deal with us PoC 'bitching' at you! You'd say 'Hey, we are just as downtrodden as you people (wealth, power, and handouts notwithstanding)!'

I'm not bashing Thor for being a blond guy; please. If you people love blondes, go right ahead; Shirley Temple was an adorable, blond cherub. Matter of fact, I hope you are blond; I wouldn't want you feeling bad if you can't live up to your own ideal. As for the nerds, they do need to get it together (I don't care about their skintone!); fantasy is a dangerous place for those with cloistered, fragile minds.

Anonymous said...

My name be La'gina Washington, I wuntz to gibe props to my sista Desiree. You be da best riter on da internet. Dammn right dem whites be scared of da naturul beutie of a sista. Dem whites canst handa a africin beutie like us, dats why dey raysits.

When dat book about Micael Jackson be commin out? I wunts to now which white debil be da one dat kills him


Anonymous said...

"I am merely noting that a disproportionate amount of black people seem to be unable to process english properly, I can easily count on one hand how many blacks I have met that could spell/write as competently as your average white person."

What is more disturbing than the language skills is the lack of any unique thought.

I have commented on blackplanet before. The users there are FAR more senseless and racist than what you'll find at a typical WN blog or forum. People need to wake up and smell the...

Yeah, like anon said, "I'm preaching to the choir here."

Anonymous said...

That is definitely true, the lack of any unique thought never fails to amaze me. They are nearly completely and totally uniform in their thoughts and opinions. It just seems like blacks lack the capacity for seeing outside of themselves. They can't seem to objectively process reality, in a nutshell, they are not very logical.

CWN said...


Who the hell else is gonna be a voodoo magical person? How many white witch doctors do you know? Plus, let us not forget Hati and their voodoo crap. I mean come on, I thought you blacks liked to "keeps it real". You are just pissed off because the movies are showing reality. The Serpent and the rainbow was a great movie. Good white guy, fighting an evil black voodoo guy. You might want to check it out.

And who cares if high yellow women are sex objects. Plenty of white women play whores in movies. What is your point?

And what exactly is white materialism anyway? I never heard of it. You don't get it at Stanford do you? I sure hope that you haven't fallen victim to it.

The massa forgives you.

Critical Thinker said...

Why are you so upset, guy? (well, am I right about 'guy'? Your writing is quite feminine...)

My writing is feminine?! One thing I've noticed about you, desiree, is that you harbor a ton of sexual/gender hang-ups.

One of the things you did when first commenting on this blog was assert that white guys only say the things they do because they have small dicks. Now, I guess you're trying to claim that my writing is feminine.

Methinks you have some unresolved sexual feelings.

That's not a very nice thing to say to someone

Aww, did I hurt your feelings? Come on, Mrs. Strong Black Woman, you can endure it!

But yes, it was my intention to insult you. I am a bigot, as are all rational people on this earth. I certainly don't come to this site in order to sing "We Shall Overcome."

But I should just make my own movie and have my own film industry if I'm tried of seeing whitey's fetishes and safe caricatures.

Yes, you should. Only that way will blacks actually achieve respect. As Booker T. Washington said (I know, you think he be one of dem Uncle Toms) "a whining crying race may be pitied but seldom respected." Begging and demanding stuff from the white man isn't going to get you any respect.

We wouldn't *need* handouts in a BRA; everyone would be living comfortably and EQUAL, unlike in WRA. *And* there would be no crime because there is no white materialism that prompts it.

Wow! Because I'm sure that in BRA, everyone would be living in wonderful, communal bliss. There would be absolutely no materialism, competition, or conflict. We would all join hands and sing peace songs together, and there would be not the slightest bit of inequality.

Keep dreaming, desiree, because your wonderful utopia is never going to happen (and it certainly won't happen in BRA).

Forget about institutionalized racism and psychological genocide against the black race. Forget about all of that!

Indeed. We don't care about your race's well being or whether or not you're "equal." We simply want you out of our hair.

Desiree, you never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Critical Thinker:

The 'small dicks' issue just makes me laugh (I didn't say that white men's small penises makes them say these things; I'm just saying white men hate black men, in part, because of the penis thing. Men worship their penises! Have you ever heard of my 'unreciprocated homoerotocism, by proxy' theory that is going to win me a Nobel Prize? LOL...). Anyway, I wasn't trying to insult you asking if you were a woman or not; I was just saying that your writing sounds feminine. Period. Honestly, I still don't know for sure and it bugs me not being able to pinpoint your sex. Sue me, damn! I mean, I don't *blame* you for wanting to keep it a secret, seeing that many white men are misogynists and, history shows, the only way a white woman has been able to get any kind of respect within the Patriarchy is to don a masculine 'aura'. I don't have any unresolved anything; I was just asking you a little bitty question! Just because your writing is a tad more 'shrill' (fact of life: we women are sometimes shrill.) than everyone else's doesn't mean you have to go and say I have 'penis envy' or something. LOL! Why you gotta get so mad, Critical Thinker?

No, you didn't hurt my feelings with 'negress'. It was actually quite funny. It was a poor attempt at an insult. 'Negress'. Who would've thunk it would return from 1860? LOL!

Okay, seriously, don't quote Booker T. and then talk about not caring about black people's 'well-being'/equality/etc. You can't have it both ways, hating blacks and then using a safe black against me. That's just stupid, C.T., just stupid. So, would you care about my race's well-being if we were all 'Uncle Toms/Aunt Tomasinas'? Really, what would make whites 'care' about our daily struggles against the legacy of slavery and psychological genocide? Seriously, something's gotta give. (And by 'out' of your hair, do you mean 'annihilated'?)

Anonymous said...


"And who cares if high yellow women are sex objects. Plenty of white women play whores in movies. What is your point?"

Who *cares*? What's my point? Hello?! Besides the typical 'offering-up-women-on-a-platter-for-male-consumption' bit in films, a WoC as a sex object makes her *nothing but* in the minds of those who've never encountered WoC. They'll think, 'WoC=prurience'. Are you too dense to see that as a problem, or do you have some sort of fantasy? White women as sex objects definitely makes MoC see them as whores, even other WoC thinking the same thing. Men need to get it together across all races, smh. That above utterance says a lot about you, CWN.

White materialism is the product of capitalism. By the extension of whites creating capitalism, they created materialism, the measuring of one's status by things. Black people, since they've never had anything during slavery, Jim Crow, etc., have bought into materialism. Needing white man's sneakers with black athletes names on them, needing blood diamonds because they are allegedly 'priceless' status-raisers. Killing each other, *thinking* that it's okay to kill each other, over 'stuff' that is just going to line the white man's pockets. It's madness! But that is what happens in capitalistic societies all over the world: theft, robbery, muggings, etc.

I don't need 'massa's' forgiveness; I was being sarcastic. Massa can eat it...

Anonymous said...

In the summer of 1978, I think, I went in a multiplex theater to kill an afternoon. the movie I saw was "The Norseman." One of the "Norseman" was played by formerhall of fame defensive end, Deacon Jones. Somewhere in the movie it was explained that the Deacon Jones chracter was captured during a voyage off the coast of Africa.

This movie starring Lee Majors was only in theaters a couple of weeks and has rarely been seen since.

charlie sierra said...

Forget about "BRA", just pan over to South Africa if you want to see a REAL Black-run country! Oh yeah, Critical Thinker, Desiree was shrieking about White men's genitalia in her very first post. You've probably noticed in her posts that she will first try to push the "Evil White Man"/YT owes us EVERYTHING rap. I guess she doesn't consider Blacks receiving preferential treatment when applying for Federal jobs and college admission(you know, how Desiree got in) fair enough. Then she'll resort to childish personal attacks, i.e.: "You sound really feminine", funny stuff. This leads me to believe she may actually be a twelve year old DWL as her comments are so very cliche. And what ever you do, DO NOT mention her whole "good-hair-bad-hair" thing as she herself first used that terminology in one of her posts. Yes, another case of racial follicular neurosis. Combine this with her recent admission of having a "chubby face"(?) from some pharmaceutical(?!) she's ingesting (maybe she should "plump-up" her avatar to reflect reality) and you have a recipe for, well, boring and repetitive posts. So to recap: same old same old "Evil YT", nappy hair fighter with inclusive follicular neurosis, chubalicious(work it!), and going out on a limb here to include(please "God") ghetto nails. So in the end, just get over it. Haven't you gotten enough "free cheese" from the government yet?

Anonymous said...

people like desiree and actually all whining blacks are the reason why all the empires in world history never apologized to their victims,and never should.we can blame the jews all day for their anti white propaganda,but fact remains that it's our fault ,that we accept it and feel guilt towards savage humans(if you want to call them that).if you can't expell them ,rule them with an iron fist.that would be the best way.

And no, it's not BRA it's JRA.Blacks ,Latinos ect are nothing but tools.Is anyone here believing that Barry O. has any power?Puppet of the ZOG just like Bush was.

CWN said...


Would you prefer that there was more homosexuality in movies perhaps? More brotha on brotha action, or some find nubian bonding on the down low? Why are you upset that women play sexual fantasies for men? What else would you have? Necrophilia, beastiality, pedophilia? If you have a hard on for women getting over on men, go watch G.I. Jane. Don't bitch and moan because women are still women and men are still men. Men are the leaders, and women the helpers. Feminism has ruined America.

What is wrong with capitalism? You have yet to show anything better than capitalism when running a free society. Communism? Dictatorship? Monarchy? socialism? What is better than capitalism? Ofcourse capitalism can be abused, but it is still the best system. If the government got out of the way, and let buisnesses run themselves,you would have better capitalism. Let a company rise or fall on their own and not bail them out.

Now materialism is a different thing. That is an individual thing. Each person decides what they need or do not need. It has nothing to do with capitalism. If people are robots then that is their fault. Theft, robbery and muggings are gonna happen where ever people live. That is human nature. A fallen sinful being will sin. Everybody has free will.

Massa can eat what? I don't really like tuna.

Anonymous said...

*Was* ingesting, sweetie; meaning: IN THE PAST. Maybe I'm not being fair to big pharma; those meds did do the trick but I *swear* it's linked! ('chubalicious' because I had an illness? wow, new low for whitey! I'm was never expecting sympathy but I'm a little taken aback to tell you the truth...) I don't eat white trash food (aka McDonalds) or meat or any genetically modified 'gubment' cheese that lines the pockets of corporate fat cats while blacks (and poor whites and Latinos) are dying from obesity and heart disease. Hell no--this 'negress' is a vegetarian; I'm not a statistic like Miss Gabby in SBPDL's post. Actually my avatar is not 'skinny'; she's considered 'plus size' on yahoo. I just chose that body because I liked the outfit...I should probably change it to the dashiki and ripped jeans my sister has, or maybe an enchantress of the Underworld (that's more fitting for me, right, Charlie?)!

White, 12yo DWL? What? LOL! Nope...100% black and beautiful (well, more like under 75% but don't fault me for not wanting to sugarcoat things...).

If I'm so damn boring, why do you feel the need to reply to anything I say? Heh, I know: you can't get enough! Even though you hate me, you can't help but wrongly say I have 'follicular neurosis', that I didn't get into college on merit (LOL), and now ghetto nails? LOL! Like the last time, I'll pray to white Jesus for you, okay sweetie? (I'll fly out to wherever you are to help you pray, if you'd like?)

And Critical Thinker was not being personally attacked (since when is being a woman derogatory??); I know she's female. A woman knows! The way she's attacked me (and my blog by extension) raised a red flag; she's hiding because she's afraid the white men on this site will look down at her. Charlie, I thought you were gay because you, too, sounded shrill (but you'd already mentioned having 'a large penis'? LMFAO!). I envisioned a neo-Nazi Clay Aiken. I now realize you aren't shrill because you are effeminate, you are shrill because you are just a whiny little git! You can't help's your nature...

Anonymous said...

"Necrophilia, beastiality, pedophilia?"

Um, no...that's whitey's deal. Check out real news stories from

"Would you prefer that there was more homosexuality in movies perhaps? More brotha on brotha action, or some find nubian bonding on the down low?"

By the way you continually mention black men and their sexual proclivities (as in your mind), it would seem like you'd much more prefer to watch that than me! I'm not into homosexuality.

"Don't bitch and moan because women are still women and men are still men. Men are the leaders, and women the helpers. Feminism has ruined America."

And this is the problem with men, white men (who run media and establishment) especially. While there has been flaws to feminism, I'm grateful for it being here. While I embrace men and women's complementary differences, you need to get it together with your misogyny!

"Ofcourse capitalism can be abused"

Exactly; case-in-point, the western world. Everything works in theory, babe.

"Massa can eat what? I don't really like tuna."

Me saying 'eat it' is not akin to a man saying 'suck it' (why are penises the source or power and homoerotic/sexist denegration upon another? can you answer that, CWN? you are a sexist man with a penis, right? you have such a brilliant mind). I was referring to 'eat shit'. And I was NOT saying 'eat me'! But you have a dirty, little mind, don't you? A dirty, prurient, little mind...sad! You don't like tuna (typical misogynist jargon SMH)? WELL DON'T THAT EXPLAIN EVERYTHING?! (i will always believe homosexual males have a deep-rooted hatred of women, starting with the mother, the one they claim they love. check the arab world; nothing but woman-hating fools on the down-low--that's what happens when misogyny reigns supreme; the West is quickly following suit!) Or are you just one of those hypocrites who'll 'get yours' and that's it?

LOL! I just realized: 'massa' was directed at Critical Thinker, not you. Yet you want to be my massa? AND you thought I was saying 'eat me'? Damn, you are SICK! Well, if you want to be my 'massa' than just play nice; I'm only a hotlinked name away...

(by the way, do you know someone called Tyrone Deshauwn da Fif? if you don't, let me know so I won't have to ask you again...)

CWN said...


"Um, no...that's whitey's deal. Check out real news stories from"

Okie Dokie, I will go to white watch. And you can check out

If you are not into homosexuality than stop complaing about heterosexuality in film. Or maybe it is just a jealousy of white women. White women are more attractive than black women after all, even asians know this. So stop bitching and moaning about white beauty. Calm down and eat your tuna.

"Everything works in theory, babe."

What a piss poor answer that is, babe. I want real world examples, not theory. What works better than capitalism in a free world? Because everything else takes away freedom. Unless you prefer something else? Maybe a black run dictatorship, maybe like detroit?

"Me saying 'eat it' is not akin to a man saying 'suck it'"

How could I possibly know that? Seeing as black women have so many babies out of wedlock. I was only assuming the norm of black sexual behavior. Saying "eat it" is rather vague, and can lead to many assumptions. Now, if you meant for me to "eat shit", your shit, I still must pass on that wonderful offer. As tempting as it may be, I will have to use some restraint. But thanks anyway.

And no, I don't hate women. I just believe sometimes a woman needs to know her place and obey her man. God made Adam first, not Eve. Arabs follow a false religion, so whatever they do they do.

"Yet you want to be my massa?"

If you want for me to be your massa then just ask. Don't beat around the bush, harriet tubman. I got my cotton and whip ready.

Tyrone Deshauwn da fif? Who in the hell of black names is that, batman? Your drug dealer? Pimp? Don't know em.

Anonymous said...

"Tyrone Deshauwn da fif? Who in the hell of black names is that, batman? Your drug dealer? Pimp? Don't know em."

LOL...sorry about that; I'm surprised you even answered! Hey, I had to ask; no need to call me a hooker/drug addict. Maybe you are familiar with the Church of Tedo?

"I was only assuming the norm of black sexual behavior. Saying "eat it" is rather vague, and can lead to many assumptions."

It can lead to many assumptions if you have a dirty mind. Sure, we blacks like to get our freak on. Some should learn responsibilty and tame their freakiness.

"stop complaing about heterosexuality in film. Or maybe it is just a jealousy of white women. White women are more attractive than black women after all"

I'm not complaining about heterosexuality. LOL, it was quite typical that you'd say I was jealous of white women. Yes, there are beautiful white women in the world and I have no problem saying that, just like there are beautiful black, Latino, Asian, and Native American women. All of the above is your opinion, not fact. Try not to be disingenuous...

"even asians know this"

Asians, the poor things, so backward when it comes to their race. I wouldn't use sad, brainwashed, and demented creatures as a way to prove a point. Asians are beautiful; it is too bad they don't know it!

"So stop bitching and moaning about white beauty. Calm down and eat your tuna."

Eat my tuna? So I'm a lesbian now because I'm lamenting over sexism/misogyny in American film? Wow, that is truly a terrific way to divert attention from the real issue: demeaning celluloid images of women. It has nothing to do with white beauty; or are you linking a white woman's attractiveness with how well she can submit?

"And you can check out"

I've checked it out; it isn't anything special. Same shit you see on the evening news. WhiteWatch has the deviant acts whitey doesn't want anyone to know about, thus WW wins...

"God made Adam first, not Eve."

God flubbed on Adam and Eve was version 2.0, new and improved.

"If you want for me to be your massa then just ask. Don't beat around the bush, harriet tubman. I got my cotton and whip ready."

LMFAO. I believe by 'cotton and whip' you really mean 'flowers and a crown', as in you are preparing to worship me as the beautiful black queen that I am. Yes, that's what you mean...don't be coy; I won't bite...

charlie sierra said...

Yes, I'm quite certain you know all about "Black-Donalds" and are probably well aquainted with the menu judging from your knee-jerk reaction when I mentioned your obesity issues. Oops, didn't realize you wanted sympathy, but hey, you are mostly genetically programmed to qualify for a Kimora sausage-stuffer girdle some time in the (probably near) future. Hey, you brought it up. You seem to really identify with your avatar, you do realize that it's just a cartoon, don't you? It is precious however hearing you babble on about "dressing" her up. Just break out your dolls and get it over with. In fact you find it impossible to keep from trying to refute the very issues you claimed to have, i.e: the "good/bad" hair, obesity issues, fascination with White genitalia, etc. Just "keeping it real", isn't that what you want? Offering to "pray" for me is obviously a last-ditch attempt on your part and as it turns out irrelevant to me as I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo. Maybe try the tooth fairy or boogey man next time you appeal to the Lawd. Halle-Joolia! Just think in a few years you'll probably be able to use "Precious" as your avatar. Healthful tip: put the pork rind down.

Anonymous said...

charlie, couple of things:

I was 'knee-jerk'? LOL...*shrugs*...sorry you read it that way. Truthfully, the only reason I get upset is 1. women shouldn't be judged based on appearance because it rude and sexist--not everyone is going to be pretty--and no one should be made to feel bad if they aren't at patriarchy's standards; and 2. I'm tired of the BS lumping every black woman in the same group because some of them don't know how to push away the plate. Is that not understandable, or are you so ferociously dense?

Seeing I've mentioned my vegetarianism, pork rinds and 'black-Donalds' as you call it are irrelevant. Be sure to follow along next time, okay, honey?

My avatar will remain the way she is, seeing there is no such thing as genetic predispositions to anything; it's all about--you guessed it!--pushing back the plate.

Calling me fat or, rather, saying that I'll be fat in a few years, is *laughable*, trust me on this one, dude. It just makes you look ignorant. Go on and believe it if you'd like; your mind says: Desiree's black, they say black women are fat, thus Desiree's fat. *shrugs* Whatever... I'll be fat for you then. I'm the dumb one for ever trying to convince you otherwise.

Your religious beliefs or lack thereof say a lot to your little character. I don't really care if you are an atheist or whatever you are; it is plain to see that Whitey can't bow down to anything but himself, and when he does try to take on religion he twists it for his own megalomaniacal gain. Whitey is a deviant and he created beastiality and pedophilia because he is prurient and sex-obsessed. Check the Catholic Church for *the* greatest history lesson in white religious perversion, or have a cursory knowledge of the so-called great white civilizations of Rome and Greece; nothing but animal- and child-fucking perverts. Break the trend, Charlie, stop the sexually abusive madness!

What I don't understand is you bringing up how blacks abandoned their indigenous beliefs for Whitey's religion, yet, being an atheist, you don't know shit about Christianity! Wow! Well, you don't have to be involved in the religion to *know* that it's not 'white'--Jesus wasn't white--but Whitey merely adopted it as his own because he saw it as a good tool for bludgeoning native peoples. If they, through violent force, adopted Christianity, what do you *care* for? It's all mumbo-jumbo, right?

But I'll keep it at that. You are seriously not worth my time, little Drapto, and, like I said above, I'm dumb for engaging you. I don't know how old you are but if it's older than me (low 20s), you have a big problem on your hands.

Don't bother responding because I won't see it. Peace!

charlie sierra said...

Ha-Ha Desiree, you won't see it? Now you are going to bury your head in the sand because my words of truth are too much for you to fathom? That's rich and thanks for the laugh! The point you continuously miss is that you, by accepting your enslavers religion, have forever enslaved yourself spiritually. If you're the "proud" Black woman and YT hater you claim then why would you continue to be on the "massa's" leash spiritually speaking. It's just easier for you to give up it seems and instead just babble on about Jesus' race. I don't give a toot about your fairy tales and consider religion, in general, to be a scourge upon the land. "No genetic predisposition", was just a patently stupid comment by the way, par for the course for you it seems. Always writing in your posts about how you are "Black and beautiful" leads me to believe that if you tell yourself that enough you may be able to actually believe it some day. Self-hate is a dangerous thing. Get some help honey. Learn to REALLY love yourself and stop trying to be someone you're not: a "privileged" White woman with White wimmens hair, praise de lawd! Your final sentence is telling. You HOPE I don't respond; no such luck my "little" black ostrich. Hint: Put the cookie down! And I know you're reading this because you are a masochist but just didn't realize it, until just this second. Ta.

Anonymous said...

Good news SBPDL! I read that Chris Hemsworth will be starring as Thor, not the nig-nog from England.
Hail Asgard!

Anonymous said...

Okay then, if it's alright for a black man to play an indigenous nordic man from one of the whitest places on earth, is it okay if I, a white man, play the role of an indigenous bushman in the next African movie?