Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Business Week Confirms: 2010 World Cup in South Africa is in Big Trouble

We take no pride in our conclusions being validated by real-world events. Yes, so a lily-white Duke basketball team won the 2010 NCAA Championship. So what?

But South Africa descending into chaos that rivals Zimbabwe? How could we honestly make that prediction?

For those paying attention the recent assassination of Eugene Terre'Blanche, a leader of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement, seems to throw fuel onto the smoldering fire that threatens to erupt into a conflagration and consume that piteous nation already inundated in murder, muggings and criminality, not to mention rapes.

Oh, and a tiny sports event called the World Cup is less than 70 days from starting in that crime-plagued nation. Let it be stated: SBPDL was the first site on the Internet to connect the dots that disclose the coming sports apocalypse known as the World Cup.

South Africa is woefully unprepared to deal with the influx of potentially hundreds of thousands of tourists who desire a safe-viewing of the World Cup. We have stated safety is an issue the South African government can't guarantee to visitors, and we even speculated what the death of South African patriarch Nelson Mandela could mean to the sporting event.

Now, with tensions between white South Africans (10 percent of the nation) and Black South Africans (88 percent of the nation and unquestioned rulers of the nation) reaching critical mass, it appears the arrival of 500,000 - 1 million soccer fans could serve merely as collateral damage in an undeclared genocide against the vanishing minority:
Death has stalked South Africa’s white farmers for years. The number murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994 has passed 3,000.

In neighbouring Zimbabwe, a campaign of intimidation that began in 2000 has driven more than 4,000 commercial farmers off their land, but has left fewer than two dozen dead.

The vulnerability felt by South Africa’s 40,000 remaining white farmers intensified earlier this month when Julius Malema, head of the African National Congress’s (ANC’s) youth league, opened a public rally by singing Dubula Ibhunu, or Shoot the Boer, an apartheid-era anthem, that was banned by the high court last week.

Stuff Black People Don't Like believes the World Cup must be postponed or removed from South Africa, if to maintain the delicate perception that Black people can successfully run a nation.

Perhaps it is fitting that Clint Eastwood's Invictus came out over Christmas, because the Gods whom the new rulers of South Africa pray too failed to deliver peace, stability and a waning crime rate in a country desperate for hope as they prepare to host the world's biggest sporting event.

Invictus is pure fiction masquerading as fact, all the while wrapped in the comforting blanket of sport. Yes, sports do have the mesmerising ability to manufacture a false state of happiness, tolerance and national pride. Invictus - both the book and movie - inadequately depict the real South Africa, one that major publications are beginning to report on, including Bloomberg Business Week. The April 12 issue has an article titled "The World Cup: No Winner in South Africa", that alludes to the financial shortfall the nation is poised to suffer:

South Africa has spent $4.6 billion to host the soccer World Cup, including building and refurbishing 10 world-class stadiums. All it needs now is fans—lots of them.

The government had expected the world's most-watched sporting event to attract 450,000 international spectators, helping to create jobs for the one in four South Africans now out of work. But as the June 11 kickoff date nears, officials have had to scale back their expectations. The visitor estimate has been cut to 350,000—a number that may still prove overly optimistic, considering only about 100,000 international air tickets had been sold as of early March. Similarly, the tournament's projected contribution to gross domestic product has been halved, to half a percentage point. "When the World Cup was awarded to us in 2004, the economic situation was completely different," Sports Minister Makhenkesi Stofile told reporters in Pretoria on Mar. 19. "We have to revisit those projections and be realistic."

A low turnout would be a blow to the government's efforts to bolster South Africa's economy, which is emerging from its first recession in 17 years. It would also be an embarrassment for President Jacob Zuma and Sepp Blatter, head of the sport's governing body, the International Federation of Football Assn. (FIFA), both of whom gave repeated assurances that holding the event in Africa for the first time would be a success.

The numbers so far don't look good. MATCH Services, a Swiss company that FIFA contracted to supply ticketing and accommodation services, has relinquished booking rights for more than 450,000 room nights. Sales of corporate hospitality packages are 50% below target, with sponsors and partners returning thousands of tickets for premium seats, according to FIFA.

Some fans of the "beautiful game" are balking at the cost of long-haul flights and peak-price accommodations. "The whole trip for a couple of weeks would have ended up setting us back more than three grand each," says David McNally, an accountant from Swindon in southern England who hoped to make the journey with a group of friends. "That's just too much." Surprisingly, outside of South Africans, Americans have purchased the most World Cup tickets—107,576 at last count—a testament to the sport's growing popularity stateside. To stoke U.S. interest, FIFA pressured Emirates airlines, a World Cup sponsor, to slash the price of its New York-Johannesburg round-trip flights to $2,000, from $3,000.

Even under the best of circumstances, South Africa would be hard pressed to replicate the success of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. That event drew about 2 million visitors, earning the tourism industry close to $400 million in revenue and generating $2.7 billion in retail sales, according to government figures. "Any European World Cup has the benefit of having approximately half of the participating teams being within driving distance of the hosts," says MATCH Chairman Jaime Byrom.

The Sports Economist - an excellent blog detailing sports from a business perspective - recently discussed the poor allocation of dwindling resources in South Africa to build stadiums for the World Cup that threaten to be host to near empty crowds once the games commence.

Slow ticket sales translate to even slower sales of food and beverages, car rentals and hotel accommodations. The economy of South Africa was poised to see huge quarterly gains once the World Cup started, but projections for poor attendance threaten those delusions of financial grandeur.

A recent book entitled Development and Dreams: The Urban Legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup hoped to convince the world of how the games in South Africa could propitiously improve the perceptions of Africa in the eyes of investors and venture capitalists looking for new untapped markets and resources:
The FIFA World Cup is the world's largest sporting and media event. FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) has more member nations than both the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations.

The 2006 Football World Cup 'had a total cumulative television audience of 26.29 billion' viewers and the 2010 mega football event is assured of an even greater number of television viewers, not including the increasing use of other media such as the internet and mobile telephones (FIFA 2007). World Cups are extraordinarily profitable for FIFA through the sale of television rights and through its ongoing corporate partners and events-based sponsors. By 2008, these had already ensured that the 2010 World Cup will be 25 per cent more profitable than the 2006 Football World Cup.'

However, this collection of essays offers a fantastical overview of a South African World Cup that doesn't correlate to reality.

Sports brought about integration in America. Were it not for Black athletes and the struggles they overcame on the road to full public acceptance and eventual hero-worship status, it is difficult to envision the era of Mein Obama ever occurring or for that matter, the story of Invictus ever having a chance to be written.

Again, sports and sports created the world we live in currently. Black Run America (BRA) is fueled by the exploits of basketball, football, track, boxing and baseball stars who defiantly
removed notions of white supremacy as these Black athletes set new standards that continue to shape perceptions of sports to this day.

Why does Duke have white players, people sarcastically ask? It is so well ingrained that Black athletes are superior to white athletes in sports that the mere appearance of a team with white players conjures up questions of favoritism and racism.

The book Taboo by Jon Entine makes that point. People are so fearful of bringing up race when it pertains to sport that a strictly enforced code of silence has been mandated in an all-out effort to keep unpleasant realities from ever being broached in public discourse.

Blacks do dominate certain sports, but the reasons for this unilateral domination are to remain the fodder for locker rooms and private conversation. Daring to discuss such objectionable matters might lead people to see similar parallels in American cities that are under constant duress and counties that struggle to stay afloat under the charge of Black people.

Simultaneously, white athletes who do excel at certain sports perceived to be reserved for the continued Black hegemony are given the Toby Gerhart or the Duke basketball treatment.

This world is in a precarious position. Sports have for a long maintained the delicate equilibrium keeping the world aligned and running some smoothly. As stated, were it not for sports, peaceful integration would never have occurred in the United States or in South Africa.

Sports created positive images of Black people that were non-threatening and thus, white people found commonality.

Now, the biggest event on Earth - The World Cup - threatens to show that a post-racial world as envisioned by Disingenuous White Liberals for South Africa (and by extension the United States) is better kept in the safe confines of dreams.

SBPDL again stresses that the importance of canceling the 2010 World Cup. A recent article illustrates why this must occur:
In the “New South Africa”, there is apparently a renewed appreciation for the old slogan "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer", chanted at political rallies and funerals during "The Struggle" (against apartheid).

Peter Mokaba, a youth leader in the ruling African National Congress party, is credited with originating the catch phrase. Mokaba went on to become a parliamentarian and a deputy minister in the Mandela cabinet.

By the time he expired in 2002 at the age of forty three (rumor has it of AIDS), Mokaba had revived the riff, using it liberally, in defiance of laws against incitement to commit murder. Given the mesmerizing, often murderous, power of the chant—any chant—in African life, many blame Mokaba for the current homicidal onslaught against the country’s white farmers...

Peter Mokaba’s funeral in 2002 was attended by the current South African president Jacob Zuma and his two predecessors, Thabo MbekiNelson Mandela . At the sight of the coffined Mokaba, the crowd roared, "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer!" Witnesses will not say whether "Madiba" (Nelson Mandela) partook. and

But to dispel any doubts about the esteem in which Mokaba is still held despite his savage slogan: the ANC has named a soccer stadium, built for the upcoming soccer World Cup, after this son of the “New South Africa”.

Peter Mokabe Stadium will seat 46,000 fans, and will be named for a man who admonished his fellow countrymen to eradicate white people.

The delicate balance sports have created for Black Run America (BRA) to exist sits precariously right now atop the ruins of financial markets and evaporating pension plans. Now, South Africa prepares to be ripped apart by the murder of a revolutionary who only wanted a homeland for his people to live free from odious stench of crime that permeates the air ubiquitously across that nation.

Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by the Apartheid government for more than a score of years, yet was never in danger of suffering the fate of Eugene Terre'Blanche.

Now, the fate of Terre'Blanche appears the fate of all white people in South Africa. If Mandela dies before the World Cup, all bets are off.

For the sake of Black Run America (BRA) and the current state of the world, cancel the 2010 World Cup.

If not, the world that we currently live in thanks to the magic of sports will evaporate, not with a whimper, but a resounding bang.

T.S. Elliot will be proven wrong. Baseball, college football, college basketball, professional football and the Olympics offer a concise lesson in the reality of Human Biodiversity (HBD), as much as the failures of Detroit, Newark, Jefferson County and yes, South Africa continually do as well.

The destruction of Train Stations erected during the era of segregation in America point the startling reality of HBD.

And yes, if the South Africa 2010 World Cup happens, a whole new generation of Europeans and white Americans (who are continually beaten over the head for the crimes of their ancestors) will see the fate that awaits them as the vicariously live through the suffering Afrikaners:
"There is no reason why these things, as tragic as they are, should affect the safety of fans or players at the World Cup," said Lawrence Schlemmer, vice president of the South African Institute of Race Relations, on Monday. On the surface, Mr. Schlemmer is right. There is no reason why the murder last weekend in South Africa of white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche, allegedly by two young black men who worked on his farm, should have any effect on the upcoming FIFA World Cup, the first on African soil.

Unfortunately, he's simply responding to the fears sparked by comments like these:

"We're going to warn those nations, 'You are sending your soccer teams to a land of murder," said Andre Visagie, General Secretary of the AWB, the political party Terreblanche helped establish, first to defend apartheid and then to create a whites-only homeland within South Africa. "Don't do that if you don't have sufficient protection for them, Visagie added." After calling the killing a "declaration of war" by blacks against whites in the country, the AWB has since toned down its rhetoric and joined with the government in calling for calm.

People ask why SBPDL talks about sports so much and we respond unequivocally that without sports the world we know would not exist.

This is not a mere Hate Fact being reported. This is truth. If the World Cup is not canceled or moved from South Africa, we at SBPDL believe this world changes forever. After all, who ever thought Tiger Woods could fall from grace?

A chilling video on what South Africa can expect in the World Cup is to be found here.


Anonymous said...

Have an insight for you all: ever wonder why blacks are loud? Chant so much, and seem (operative word) to be good at rhetoric especially of the intense kind?
Well, try this: the cognitive relationship we have with language differs from theirs. We see language as symbols called words which create a context whose ultimate purpose is interpersonal comprehensibility. This goal exists because we have a tradition of writing and our society has selected out people who cannot think with words. Words have quiet meaning.
Blacks have no such tradition, but more importantly as a result African society has not selected out those who cannot think with words.
Blacks see words as a means to affect others. If they get a reaction that is dramatic enough, language has done its job. Words are things and are not at all abstract; louder means bigger, repetition means more, aggression means importance.
Just today I heard a black kid rhyme loud words at a white girl ( I work in education) in a meaningless way. He was pleased; he said to me "Did you see that? That speech really worked."
Every other kid thinks he is a moron, the Chinese students especially. All very explicable when you consider the length of time written language has existed in China and the exalted place calligraphy holds.

Anonymous said...


As I said before I agree with a vast majority of the points made on this site. People are way to sensitive and take life in general way too seriously. The wal mart incident and that nonsense with the cotton balls prove that. All of that said you have got to be kidding me with this statement.

"This is not a mere Hate Fact being reported. This is truth. If the World Cup is not canceled or moved from South Africa, we at SBPDL believe this world changes forever. After all, who ever thought Tiger Woods could fall from grace?"

First of all, who gives a rat's ass about soccer, the world cup, or South Africa? I personally found out about the World cup being in South Africa from this site.

The world would change forever? Huh? Here's a little experiment for you. Ask everyday Americans the location of the World cup. Most will have no idea and won't care.

If you really think about it. What reputation did Tiger Woods really have to begin with? Role model? If so, to whom? Kids? Children could care less about golf. Black people? Remember Tiger Wood's dad was half black making Tiger only 1/4 black. In his earlier interviews he made it crystal clear that he doesn't consider himself black at all. His choice in women proves that.

This little episode is going to send his stock through the roof. I don't know if that can be considered a "fall from grace"

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

I don't think Mandela will die before the World Cup. I do think the Cup will be a disaster, with riots in the stands, many murders and assaults of visitors, and an ethnic cleansing of all remaining Whites.

It will happen because the youth leader, whose name I cannot recall, wants to be President and unseat Zuma, who is weak and appeasement minded. Moreover, it is a basic spoils fight. South Africa ran out of money, predictably, just like everyone else in the world. They have a vast thug army they need to pay.

The Youth Leader promises to cleanse Whites out of South Africa and take their stuff to pay off his thug army. Zuma being a polygamous joke, weak, and without his own group with enough thugs to battle it out, has temporized. Eventually the guy will push things and move to unseat Zuma by mass killings of Whites, both native Afrikaaners and tourists.

HOWEVER, I don't think this will have much impact. The media will not cover it, and most Whites in America will think the Afrikaaners a bunch of trashy neo-Nazis who deserved it and don't deserve to be in South Africa anyway.

The effect will be only marginal. More proof diversity, the myth of the Rainbow Nation, and multicultural coexistence between Whites and Blacks is simply impossible. Other events are likely to prove decisive: America's economy, health care rationing, aggression against a weak US by foreign enemies, and the like. Gas at $6 a gallon or more is far more powerful than South Africa's inevitable disintegration into total ethnic cleansing of Whites.

Anonymous said...

I went to south africa, and all I got was this F'ing bullethole.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good post. South Africa is heading down a very slippery path and your article sums up the problems succinctly. Well done.

Lime Lite said...

I would like to correct the following perception of Eugene Terre'blanche - he was not a white supremacist - he was a nationalist/separatist. All he wanted was the land that the Boers (Afrikaaner farmers) settled on many hundreds of years ago. He wanted to live with his own people. We knew what was coming when we handed the county over to the black savages. As you correctly point out, Terre'blanche was hacked to death with machete's by two labourers over a "wage dispute". If you believe this then you'll believe pigs can fly. This was a planned assassination by the ANC to put the fear of God into the whites. No one wants to die in this way - yet thousands do die like this every year. If Terre'blance accomplished anything, it was unfortunately in his death - his death has inadvertantly united the whites and made them aware of their impending fate if they don't leave.

Steve said...

One thing the article fails to mention is the lasck of quality construction. Sure they built new stadiums, one collapsed not long ago. Septic systems are woefully inadequate for the numbers. One particular worry is the state of the nations digital capability. Sending multiple live streaming video across the globe will tax their simple main lines. Networks will have to set up satellite farms to make up for the lack of infrastructure.
My guess is these sites will have to be heavily guarded as they will be tempting targets for thieves.

I cant wait for this all to kick off (pardon the pun).

Anonymous said...

One thing the article fails to mention is the lasck of quality construction. Sure they built new stadiums, one collapsed not long ago. Septic systems are woefully inadequate for the numbers. One particular worry is the state of the nations digital capability. Sending multiple live streaming video across the globe will tax their simple main lines. Networks will have to set up satellite farms to make up for the lack of infrastructure.
My guess is these sites will have to be heavily guarded as they will be tempting targets for thieves.

Very good point. Had this all happened when the Afrikaaners were still running things,the event would have most likely been a textbook example of How Things Should Be Done. But as matters stand,this is going to be a classic example of how not to do something. It might not be a complete disaster,if enough heads get knocked by those whose business it is to knock heads. But it won't be pleasant for anyone attending,and if it isn't a complete disaster,that will be on account of an enormous amount of luck.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black Guy,

I value your opinion of this site greatly. Why I believe the South Africa World Cup is so important to the world history is because of what this means for Africa (the continent is hosting its first world cup).

It has been 16 years since Nelson Mandela took over. South Africa was once the Raison d'être for white liberals and Black people in America, but as that nation has descended into chaos with Black rule, people have forgotten about it.

In America, soccer is not popular among Black or white people. This is true. But - with you living in LA - you must know that the new immigrants are loco for the futbol.

The world loves soccer. It is the world's sport. And yes, civil war could break out in South Africa at any point with the recent death of the leader of the AWB.

If a Civil War erupts in South Africa between the ruling Black people (the ANC) and the increasingly irrelevant Boers and Whites, you can bet white people the world over will realize their future.

Obama/ Mandela Comparasion:


And finally, this World Cup will have unprecedented security:


By the way, here is what Tiger Woods thinks about Obama.


Yes, Woods might have a taste for white women, but he likes to see light-skinned Black people in power.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Steve and last anon,

Please provide links for the stadium collapse and poor digital infrastructure (I would imagine a lack of fiber optic technology?).


Steve said...

I got the info from the old SA Sucks website. It was shut down a while back but a new site took its place called: http://mysasucks.com/.

It will take some digging but Im fairly certain the old sites news clips have been archived.
Ill look around for you.


Anonymous said...

I would tend to disagree with you about about soccer not being popular among white people.

Generally, the people in this country that love soccer are white and latino. Seattle is an overwhelmingly white city, almost 90% white. There's hardly any black people to dictate the sporting culture. As a result, they AVERAGE 36,000 fans a game for their MLS team. No other city even comes close.

Ironically, they let their NBA team leave because they didn't care enough to build them a new arena.

Anonymous said...

I should also point out to Black Guy, that MLS average attendance is already higher than NBA average attendance.

Hopefully that doesn't make you too angry. We don't want you to lose your cool and riot

Anonymous said...

" I should also point out to Black Guy, that MLS average attendance is already higher than NBA average attendance.

Hopefully that doesn't make you too angry. We don't want you to lose your cool and riot"

I find it hard to believe that "pro" soccer has a larger attendance than NBA Basketball, but I'll take your word for that one. Could it be that it is cheaper to attend a soccer game than a basketball game at the Staples Center?

It doesn't make me angry since I have nothing invested in the success of either sport.

As far as the riot goes I believe one angry black dude doesn't qualify as such. At least according to Webster's dictionary.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

As an East Indian male living in Canada- and not particularly fond of either blacks nor whites- I found the South Africa soccer argument unimpressive.

Sure, fans may not come as projected and the boom expected may not come to fruition, but neither did it in my Canada after the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Montreal- suffering from white Anglo and French hatred- ended the Olympics with too much spending, lots of unnecessary buildings and a debt they never recovered from! This came from White Canadians not big bad blacks. Hence, anyone can screw up Olympics or Sporting Events and sometimes we can do it right (Vancouver Winter 2010) or wrong (Montreal Summer 1976). Race is not everything.

As for the violence against Terreblanche and whites in South Af and Zimbabwe it is not that easy. Yes, blacks are more violent generally than other groups. Undeniable. However, why aren't "Evil" blacks killing whites in Senegal or Kenya, why in South Africa? The reason for this is that whites in Senegal do not want to control and dominate blacks but to live amongst them. The whites in SA and Zim do not want to live with blacks nor respect their culture- they want to control and abuse them. Terreblanche was a fascist racist and his death is definitely not a bad thing for this planet. That man was out to do no good. The white farmers are not more welcome in SA then they would be in Pakistan or India if they continued to control the best lands after all this time- meaning not much at all.

Yes, Africa has issues, but they are not always unique to blacks (e.g. bad Olympic management accompanied Greece, and I would love to see white "Eastern Europeans" try to organize a World Cup with their corruption, political instability, financial weakness, laziness, lack of organization, etc.). If whites don't like South Africa they should do the same as any East Indian (who may want to control white Canadians and cant and, thus, is unhappy about that)- Leave!

== Unbiased East Indian Guy from Canada

Anonymous said...

Unbiased East Indian Guy from Canada,

No, the white farmers should not leave. They should take to arms and fight. A good civil war never hurt anyone.

I am not particularly fond of Indians either, they smell of curry. And, tend to worship cows. Plus the accent is annoying.

The whites need to revolt and revolt hard against the black savages. That is the only thing those animals understand.

Nelson Mandela is a commie racist, but I don't hear anybody hoping for his death. Too bad they let him out of prison at all. They should have executed his ass.

Also, dot head, the white canadians, I highly doubt, are murdering indians left and right in homocidal, race based rages. Like what happens commonly in Africa. So don't give me that crap about the whites trying to take over. No, they just want what is theirs. And they want to be left alone by the commie government, the black savages racially attacking them like wild animals, and foreigners from curry land whining about them with nonsensical comparisons, like your canadian one.

Not that I give much of a flying F about socialist Canada anyhow. But, whites don't go around killing off minorities in race based attacks like blacks do. Just doesn't happen. It is always the minorities, especially blacks, who let their hatred and jealiousy out.

Apparently it has become illegal to be white in this world. To be a proud white person. Well tough titty said the kitty. Because whites are not going anywhere. So the south africans have two choices, live in peace with whitey, or whitey revolts and all hell breaks loose for those heathen animals.

Because whites are more intelligent, more determined, and more equipped to handle trouble than wild savages could ever be.

This, this is SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@Unbiased East Indian Guy from Canada - you talk a load of crap. Whites do not want to dominate the blacks in SA! You are the biggest racist I've come across in a while. Indian's usually are. Ghandi left SA and returned to India because he hated the black SA's. Look it up if you could be bothered.

You don't understand anything about SA or its history - rather go try to control a white Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Unbiased East Indian Guy...time to haul your racist ass back to South East Asia. Indo-Paks have to be some of the most bigoted and intolerant people on the face of the earth. Go back home and stop living parasitically in the West. Your own culture is incapable of creating a fair and just society so you infest our lands all the while harboring hatred and disrespect for the people who created the societies you use. You are simply a neo-colonialist and I hope like colonialism there will come a day of reckoning.

Anonymous said...

East Indian Guy

If you hate whites, why do you choose to live in a White-Built country? Do you feel Canada owes you something? Do you feel the need to diversify those non-vibrant, boreing White Canadians, the ones that built a country that is obviously better than whatever third-world craphole you come from? Is there a reason you don't want to go back to your country and live among your own people?

Steve said...

Ive got a few links on WC2010 and the topics mentioned but I don't want to clog your site with them. Do you have a email address so I can just send you a text file with them and can choose what to publish?


Ryan said...

Well I am a White Canadian, and I don't want some racist East Indian who shouldn't be here in the first place to think it's his place to tell White Canadians what to do . . .


Anonymous said...

I saw the acclaimed New York musical, "Oh Africa, Brave Africa". It was.. a laugh riot.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add my name and say that the "this is sparta" comment was mine. Thank you Jesus.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...



Look forward to the links.

Anonymous said...

All you guys are not dealing with the facts that I have stated. The white South Africans did not come to South Africa and legally, as I and my other immigrants did to Canada. They came illegally and forced out the blacks- mocked their culture, took over the best land, subjugated the blacks, and tried to completely dominate them. Whites in Senegal do not, hence no attack from 'barbaric' blacks. BTW, if blacks are so uncivilized (many would say history shows that this is the case), why would you move to a continent full of them?

Does thing mean that blacks in SA did not have cultural aspects that were foolish or backward- of course not. It just means that whites did not come with the best intentions. They have always tried to dominate the blacks, live in separate communities, and generally subjugate them. The Aparthied system was the culmination of their superior beliefs. I am sure that there are some good moderate whites in SA, but they are the exception.

As for your comments about East Indians being the most racist, you have to be kidding. Sure we have some prejudices but we don't go around burning crosses, beating up blacks or whites, calling blacks "N*gg*r" (neither do Chinese, Mid-Easterners, etc.). That shamefully is the exclusive domain of conservative whites (in Canada, US and in South Africa).

I don't hate whites, I respect what many have done and do for Canada. Unfortunately now, too many whites are not ready for the modern world. We E Indians adopt reasonably well to the modern North Am Life (eat in Chinese restaurants, work in high-tech, kick ass in school, work in finance, share our culture with others, listen to rap -which I personally hate as much as country music, etc.).

White kids in North Am drink too much (on average), don't study that hard, and stay too much in their own community. Ryan, if you want to send our ass back to East Asia you are going to lose your only promising students for the future (save the Jews, who have used their intellectual superiority to dominate stupid white Christians)-but that's for another time!

=== Unbiased East Indian Guy

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Unbiased East Indian Guy,

The white South Africans created the country. Like the nation that became the United States after white people arrived and yes, built the institutions and states that comprise the nation, the white South Africans landed in a portion of the African continent that few African tribes dwelled in.

Do you believe that Black people created the nation?

Mr. East Indian, if that is what you believe, then you lack any knowledge of history or how civilizations are created.

Black people have yet to create a sustainable nation. South Africa was created by white people.


Same with Canada. Same with America. Hell, the British helped save your home nation when they destroyed the Thugee Cult.

Most whites have paternal instincts when it comes to Black people... read Invictus to see this point.

The white population in Senegal is less than 30,000 (if that)... not a great example. Besides, they are encouraged to emigrate their to run the country.

Whites didn't come to South Africa illegally... there was no SA there when they arrived. The Zulu's culture is worthy of mocking, much as the film "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" successfully mocked Indian customs and mores.

Whites moved to SA in an attempt to bring Christianity and culture to "the Dark Continent"... watch the film "Africa Adido" to see how that worked.

Read what Cecil Rhodes hoped to accomplish. Now, think what the Chinese are going to do the Indigenuous People of Africa.

White people brought science, medicine and Christianity... a recipe for disaster that helped proliferate the population of Africans to the point where the majority of the world's population growth is on the continent (which will have horrible repercussions for Humanitarians soon).

The Chinese don't have the same views of Black people that white people do. They will exterminate them without any sign of guilt in their actions.

I haven't read about a cross burning in a while, nor white people calling Black people niggers (just say the word for God's sake).

What we see in America and other Western countries are the right side of the E. Indian Bell Curve coming to our nations to work for 40-50 percent less than a white person would.

The standard of living is woeful in E. Indian, so you guys will take an H1B VISA and work for peanuts (the beauty of capitalism!).

I don't disagree that white kids drink too much. They feel that they are entitled to everything (since America was founded, built and defended by their ancestors).

Some high achieving E. Indians are intelligent, the most are stuck in the bottom portion of the Caste System there, virtually untouchable.

The Aparthied System worked better than the current government of South Africa is currently performing. Black people weren't seeing a murder rate of 50+ per day and a crime situation that makes living a daily chore.

I believe the current system must crash on its own. It can't be reformed. No one wants to send you back to E. India (and its obvious that's the last place you want to go, as you gravitated to the opportunities provided by white people in Canada).

With the influx of non-whites, at what point will Canada and the USA cease having opportunities for you and your kinsman?

Most white people live among other white people (see the patterns of residential living in the whitopia entry).

They want little to do with ethnic diversity, save the occassional ethnic meal (read SWPL to understand this).

South Africa offers a glimpse of the multicultural experiment and how it will end. In chaos.

We at SBPDL just laugh at the world now... like that song by Everclear, we think it's time to swim out past the breaker and watch the world die.

In it's current form, its not for saving. Only worth mocking relentlessly.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

East Indian,

You wrote:

Sure, fans may not come as projected and the boom expected may not come to fruition, but neither did it in my Canada after the Montreal Olympics in 1976. Montreal- suffering from white Anglo and French hatred- ended the Olympics with too much spending, lots of unnecessary buildings and a debt they never recovered from! This came from White Canadians not big bad blacks. Hence, anyone can screw up Olympics or Sporting Events and sometimes we can do it right (Vancouver Winter 2010) or wrong (Montreal Summer 1976). Race is not everything."

Yes, the Olympics have been poorly attended and brought about massive deficits for the host city before (Atlanta being one).

However, the prospect of losing ones life wasn't as prevalent and pervasive as it will be in South Africa for visiting fans. I wonder why that is? Montreal in the 1970s was 90 percent white (if not more)... South Africa is 90 percent Black and has the highest murder rate per capita in the world.

Yes, I'm sure many of the fans who came to Montreal were worried about potentially being killed by mauranding bands of white youth, wielding machetes.

Here is the wikipedia entry on the Montreal Olympics.


Yes, they had debt (most city's that build new sports stadiums erect them through public funds and taxes that never bring about a positive financial return), but they paid it off eventually in 2006.


The South African World Cup is different.Factor in a Black-run government, a young Black population devoid of hope and a future and a dwindling white population faced with extinction through genocide and you have a powder keg waiting to explode.

This wasn't the case in Montreal, was it?

Anonymous said...

South East Indian Guy. Here is one Canadian white guy who does want you to go back home. But where is home for you? Unless you are of Dravidian descent your home is not India and you must be a descendant of one of the conquering peoples who invaded India and gave it its current culture...much like the deeds of the horrid white man you and others are constantly haranguing us about. Anyway, multiculturalism is dying a fitting death. Will it end quietly or violently, that is the question. There is no long term future for non-whites in the West, you bring nothing but societal fragmentation and disunity. Your loyalties will never be with us and non-whites will always remain parasitical. The winds of change are starting to stir and they are both cleansing and overdue. Continue to voice your true feelings towards the society that has afforded you your comfortable existence. The more deluded, naive white people are made aware of the fundamental hatred and disrespect immigrants have for their adopted countries and their peoples, the quicker change will be brought about.
Unbiased Canadian White Guy

Ryan said...

Very true Anonymous April 10, 2010 1:10PM. I wish we didn't have this tribal fractionalism and racial hatred and differences that have the world over. Yet unfortunately it is the truth no matter how you spin it.

Canadian citizins never asked our country to be deluged with non-whites who won't assimilate. The corrupt government just did it on its own with the promise that no harm will come from it. Yet we can see the world over what the future of disparate cultures/races do to one another when they live in the same space, and it is not pretty.

Although I may want a perfect world where we all get along, and nobody cares about how we look differently, but I do realize that in our world that it won't happen because it is a fantasy. We just are not as a species developed enough to compromise (I MEAN EVERYONE) and work together towards goals that would benefit us all.

Greed, ignorance, and fear keep us seperated, and thats not from a serious lack of trying from Whites the past 200 years, which has not done much to change that.


Anonymous said...

Why are we paying any heed to what this push-start punjab has to say? People in his country have a temple to a rat god and feed wild rats as a religious ceremony. People squat and shit in the streets. Most likely as a result of their stone-age rites and standards of sanitation Bubonic Plague still exists. Every so often there will be an outbreak and it always starts in India.

Wooood ooooh liiiiike a slooooooshie widdat?

Anonymous said...

Unbiased east indian guy

Wow, and you said that you were unbiased. Yet you spew the same liberal crap that any other race baiting charlatan would spew. Blaming whites for coming to a dead land and actually making something out of it. Blaming whites for being more intelligent and civil, more industrious than the black savages.

Whites naturally "dominate" because of superior intelligence and civilized actions. That is just normal. Whites cannot be expected to sit back and wait for minorities to catch up, and then feel ashamed when they don't.

What exactly would have been the "best intentions"? Doing all the work of building up Africa and then handing it over to the black savages to run down and destroy? Oh wait, that has already happened.

I think that your definition of a moderate white, is one who bends over and just takes it up the ass from a black savage. White who stand up for themselves are never considered moderate or good. Just evil whites who want to dominate and kill black people. Sorry, but blacks commit the violence, not whites. Blacks in Africa are the racists, the thugs, the enemy. They are a plague on the white man's accomplishments.

In general minorities are usually more racist. Out of jealiousy, insecurity, and hate. Blaming whitey for his accomplishments. Minorities have a chip on their shoulders.

Blacks call each other niggers. Cross burnings? A few decades too late there, buddy. Mid easterners are too busy blowing themselves up to call anybody anything, other than maybe the great Satan. Chinese are all hateful commies who treat their fellow chinese like crap. And indians, silly indians. Worshiping deformed children as monkey gods, whining about the british giving them their culture, poor and corrupt, smelling of curry and sweat, and let us not forget bollywood.

"I don't hate whites, I respect what many have done and do for Canada. Unfortunately now, too many whites are not ready for the modern world. We E Indians adopt reasonably well to the modern North Am Life (eat in Chinese restaurants, work in high-tech, kick ass in school, work in finance, share our culture with others, listen to rap -which I personally hate as much as country music, etc.)."

No, you just bitch and moan about them, while going to a white country, to take advantage of white achievements. Like biting the hand that feeds you. The modern world? Whites made the world modern. Who do you think invents everything? Silly indian.

"White kids in North Am drink too much (on average), don't study that hard, and stay too much in their own community. Ryan, if you want to send our ass back to East Asia you are going to lose your only promising students for the future (save the Jews, who have used their intellectual superiority to dominate stupid white Christians)-but that's for another time!"

Drink too much? As opposed to raping and killing too much?

How about we get together and worship a cow, paint ourselves blue and do the bollywood hustle?


Anonymous said...

Hey white people. SBPDL posters are not members of the ruling class who can take credit for anything that might be good about America. Members of the ruling class are too busy making money to waste time posting on ridiculous message boards. They rule over us by ensuring a steady supply of uneducated rednecks too obsessed with racial scapegoating to challenge their oligarchy. Is the main problem in your lives REALLY the existence of black people? Isn't it really that your mother didn't love you enough, you are not well educated enough to improve your lot in life, you don't make enough money, your pets keep dying, or your back always hurts...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


You are correct about the oligarchy's. No one will dispute that fact.

However, the ultra-rich live far out of sight and out of mind to worry about, unless you happen to live to them (or, they happen to Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho" and go on murdering rampages...).

Why do normal people worry about Black people? Simple. Although white people live in whitopia's and surround themselves with white people, all the while denying that is why they move to suburbs, the presence of Black people does increase the chance of crime.

Yes, white people (and Hispanics) do commit crime. But Black people on average commit a far greater percentage of crime, thus why white people have fled major cities to the safety (although environmentally destroying) of suburbs.


So, to paraphrase what George Bailey told Mr. Potter in "It's a Wonderful Life", as he discussed the virtue of giving a decent home to the people "who do the living, working and dying" among Bedford Falls, it surely makes them better citizens to be less afraid of dying or being mugged.

That is why upper-class, upper-middle class and middle-class white people generally live in residential areas that have a high percentage of white people.

The poor whites you bemoan who lack erudition are the true causalities of diversity. You chastise them for being uneducated ( a view no doubt implanted by watching television which depicts 'rednecks' as innately unintelligent ), yet would be in trouble if your electricity, plumping, car or other machine you count on for providing warmth and safety from the elements malfunctioned.

Believe me, the ruling elite of the Western World aren't in tune about how things really work outside of New York City, Washington DC and LA.

But those of us who happen to live outside of those three cities do (I happen to live deep in the heart of one of those cities).


Unknown said...

With the 2010 World Cup in South Africa on the anvil, the Socceroos will be looking forward to better their previous records and go the distance to bring the trophy home. With their fixtures already in place, the national football team is preparing to dazzle international football heavyweights and ride on the wave of support from fellow Australians.

Anonymous said...

i'm a seventeen year old afrikaans girl living in fear. Your article has really brought the problems in south africa to light. But i really dont think you all fully realize the fear we white people live in each day. As the days draw closer to mandela's death, the blacks get more educated and prepared to kill the boers. As soon as the world cup is done, this country is going down quickly.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad, confused and tragic corner of Cyberia. We in Italy are loving the world cup and how much RSA has changed. You lot seem bereft.