Saturday, April 10, 2010

#33. Dogs Barking at Them

Dogs are said to man’s best friend. Through the ages, dogs have been bred to be loyal companions to man and assist us in our continued struggle for existence. Canines are loyal, exceedingly friendly and capable of brightening the most depressing day with a simple wag of the tail.

They become a part of the family, as films like Turner and Hooch and Marley and Me depict the immutable bond that is formed between owner and dog. Black people have a sordid history with dogs, as evidenced by the lack of films made with a canine featured as a prominent pet.

Michael Vick and the purported list of Black people’s greatest fears (Dogs, Ghosts and Registered Mail) help us understand to an extent the questionable relationship they have with dogs, but the growing body of evidence that projects to cast an entire specious as instruments of racism is alarming.

Newsweek published a story bemoaning the racism of white infants, and Black people wonder incredulously at the lack of follow-up story denouncing dogs as harboring racist inclinations and proclivities toward Black people with the same seemingly innate sensibilities as white youth.

On e Black writer pointed out the usage by evil imperialists and colonialists of dogs to create fear and panic among the Black people they encountered and in turn subjugated:

“The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the Humane Society and all of the Negro scholars currently writing columns in Black newspapers about how bad it is for dogs to bite other dogs never say a mumbling word when dogs are commanded to bite people. And guess which race has been most victimized by dogs that attack and bite? You know the answer, if not ask the Negro columnists that love dogs no matter whom they bite.

Everywhere the colonialist beast went to colonize people, he took dogs to attack the people. The British used dogs to attack Black people in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), the Dutch used dogs against Blacks in apartheid South Africa, the Spanish used dogs to attack people of color in South America. Dogs were used to bite Black people in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana and many other African countries, And, nobody used dogs more than the devils in America that used dogs to attack Black people from the 1600s throughout slavery days, Jim Crow days, Civil Rights days all the way up until this very day!

While Black newspapers and white media institutions are flashing pictures of cute little puppies that may have been bitten by other dogs, no one wants to publish photographs of Ku Klux Klansmen, racists, white supremacists and white segregationists commanding attack dogs to bite and kill innocent Black women, children and babies at non-violent civil rights demonstrations.”

Dogs have been used by authority figures to elicit fear in those they wish to intimidate, a tactic Black people now employ as they intimidate people purely by sight, causing a spontaneous locking of their car door.

In one particularly memorable episode of the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David has just purchased a dog that has the curiously common peccadillo to only bark at Black people. Wanda Sykes (the same comedian who warned what would happen when Black people turned on Mein Obama) is horrified at the offensive nature of the bark, which she correctly deduces as evidence of the racist nature of the dog:

Wanda: You know what's going on.

Larry: Huh?

Wanda: You have a racist dog. The dog hates black people!

Cheryl: Wanda...Wanda: Larry, you train the dog to hate black people? Larry: No, I didn't train it to hate black people.Wanda: Has it barked at any white people?Cheryl: ...No, he's...he's...

Larry: So he hasn't barked at any white people.

Wanda: Exactly. Your dog is racist.

Larry: Sheriff's racist?

Wanda: "Sheriff"? That's a perfect name for a racist dog. Where'd you get this dog? The Klan meeting or something?

Cheryl: Larry picked him out at the pound.

Larry: The pound.

Wanda: Sheriff, the fucking dog that eats black people. What the fuck, man? I'll tell you what, y'all stay here, pet your crazy ass racist dog, but I am not bringing my black ass back up into this fucking "hotel" until y'all get rid of that fucking Klan dog. Gotta Klan dog! Lookin' at me like I'm a damn T-bone!

Notice the clever use of shame and guilt by association tactics Wanda utilizes to back Larry into an untenable position. By equating the dog who only barks at Black people as racist, Wanda can freely attack Larry as being a member of the Klan, to which no white person can ever successful recover from nor mount opposition to such an accusation of heinous companionship.

Take note all Black people: associating a white person with the Klan is akin to dousing them in tar and feathers and then having them appear on To Catch a Predator. In this episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, daring the characterize the dog has having racist tendencies for audaciously barking only at a Black person is a beautifully executed stratagem that helps maintain the hegemony of Black Run America (BRA).

The white person will only be able to muster the dreaded, “I’m not racist, but…” defense, to which they have been effectively neutralized and branded most definitely a racist, like their dog.

Why do dogs bark at Black people? Is it because of learned characteristics through centuries of racist white owners breeding, who have taught dogs to hate, loath and bark incessantly at Black people while showering white people with admiration and love?

The selective breeding of qualities that would create the ultimate racist dog to create sustained fear among the Black people the white owners hope to subdue and crush is a plausible theory.

Those traits would then be passed down through the generations to other canines until a dog would find the sight or smell of a Black person worthy of breaking out into a barking session intended only for them:

Upset over the incessant barking of a German Shepherd toward African Americans, Latinos and other non-Whites, a New York man stabbed a "racist" dog. As a result, the canine lost his eye and the attacker was charged in court. Consequently, in this crime, both parties appear to be victims "partially" of a difficult work environment.

58-year-old Andrew Owens and 4-year-old Jenna both worked at Valley Oil in Yonkers. Owens was a handyman and Jenna a guard dog. From the beginning, the two had a precarious relationship.

According to Jenna's owner, she has a negative to reaction to minorities. As a result, she automatically didn't like Andrew Owens. Allegedly, in the past, her distaste for him led to a dog bite and lots of aggressive barking. Apparently, Owens was able to tolerate the situation until finding out the true reason behind Jenna's behavior. Afterward, he snapped cutting her, unprovoked, with a knife.

Fortunately, Jenna did not lose her life. Yet, this story is a sad one that is causing many people to look at her owner. They question whether she was trained to hate minorities and as a consequence, acted out against them. If so, he would hold some responsibility for creating a volatile environment.

Of course, Jenna's owner denies all allegations of training his dog to be "racist". Instead, he is focusing on an injured animal that regardless of her mentality didn't deserve a vicious attack. In the end, this is probably where most interested parties will end up.

Normally, if a Black person attacks a white person who they deem racist, the court system will side with them knowing perfectly well that racist white people have no rights. But, in the case of the Black person who attacked a dog harboring sentiments of displeasure at the sight or smell of minorities, the American public recoiled in shock.

We love animals, which is why the transgressions of Michael Vick were so profoundly adverse in the eyes of a normally adoring public toward his athletic skills.

Hurting animals is a sign of a sociopath and for this Black person to attack a dog because he barked only at Black people stretches even our credulity.

Aren’t dogs colored blind?

No, dogs are not colorblind in the sense that they see more than just black, white, and gray. However, the color range they perceive is limited compared to the spectrum we see.

To put it in very basic terms, the canine color field consists mostly of yellows, blues, and violets. "Human" reds, greens, and oranges are not distinguishable to dogs and instead appear somewhere on their yellow to blue spectrum.

So, dogs have the limited capacity to distinguish colors due to a lack of photoreceptors in their eyes. Since all humans are the same and we have the same DNA, blood and race merely being skin deep and a social construct at that, how in the world could dogs differentiate white people from Black people and bark at them seemingly out of atavistic impulses?

Racism in dogs is but an extension of the disgusting pathologies of the owner, who by extension of their deepest fears toward Black people manifest acutely in the canine causing the unfavorable reaction to Black people and the unremitting barking. As a writer from muses about racist dogs:

“But one does not, perhaps, expect to receive lessons from a dog. Then along came Percy, a young pit bull friends of mine found in Brooklyn's Fort Greene park last summer. The couple had little dog experience between them, but Percy appeared at that point in a relationship when increasingly large gestures of commitment are required (the engagement would come five months later), and he was taken in on a probationary basis. He proved to be sweet-tempered, if excitable, goofy and energetic, easily house-trained. In balance, a lot of fun. There's just one problem: Percy is a racist.

Most dog owners and people of color will admit (bashfully or forcefully, depending) that dog racism exists. Many non-pet-owners (and Cartesians) will sniff disdainfully. Racism requires malice aforethought, they'll say. Dogs can't think, therefore they can't be racist.

Nonsense, says Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a professor at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine and author of several books on animal behavior, most recently If Only They Could Speak. "Any behavioralist knows that dogs don't like subsets of people," he says, and though the most common subsets are broad—strange men or little children—"sometimes it can be quite specific. It could be tall men, or men with beards. It might be men who are wearing big shoes, might be as subtle as men who smoke cigarettes—which can be hard to pick up on—but it can also be black guys."

Dogs can be trained to discriminate. Some Jamaican resorts feature dogs that chase blacks off the beach while leaving white frat boys to fry like bacon. South Africa's apartheid government bred "Boerbuls" by crossing Rottweilers, Dobermans, bloodhounds, German shepherds, and even wolves to create very aggressive dogs for its security services. In the 1980s, the Herstigte Nasionale Party advertised such animals as "racist watchdogs" created "especially for South African circumstances." In his 1982 film White Dog, director Sam Fuller explores the socialization of racism by having a black man attempt to retrain a dog taught to kill blacks—a so-called white dog—only to have the dog attack whites instead. Paramount found the film disturbing enough to block its release for more than a decade

But even if unfamiliarity breeds contempt, how does this explain Percy? Whatever the circumstances of his early life, being abandoned in Fort Greene indicated that he was, if not raised by, at least exposed to people of color. In such a case, a dog probably has had a bad experience at the hands (or feet) of those it doesn't like. This does not necessarily incriminate Percy's previous owner. In The Dog Who Loved Too Much, Dodman profiles a dog who developed a mysterious hatred of white-bearded men late in life. Eventually Dodman determined that the owner's white-bearded ex-boyfriend, left alone with the dog just once, was the likely culprit. "A dog's memory is like a photographic plate," Dodman says, "whatever happened, it just took a snapshot of that person and logged it in its long-term memory as 'bad'." (In the same vein, dogs can develop an aversion to certain breeds, sizes, and colors of other dogs.) Extreme trauma can even cause a dog to exhibit the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Whether it's bad experience or lack of experience that turns a dog into a racial profiler, the habit is hard to break. If the dog barks and the person recoils, the dog registers a victory. (Such "positive" reinforcement goes a long way to explain dogs' fixation on mailmen: He comes, I bark, he leaves.) And even if the person doesn't recoil or show fear visible to the human eye, the dog's sharp eye and sharper nose can sense fear in a tiny gesture or a whiff of sweat.

And given the Percys out there, maybe people of color are more likely to be afraid of dogs. According to a national Purina poll, people of color account for less than 15 percent of all dog owners in this country. Historically, dogs have been used to suppress blacks, and those who now live in inner-city neighborhoods must contend with the Rotts and pits gangbangers use to instill "respect." Unfamiliarity fortified by bad experiences could generate a disproportionate number of fearful responses.

Add race to the equation, and the potential for ugliness deepens. If a white owner is apprehensive about say, blacks, the dog could manifest that apprehension, which could encourage blacks who encounter that aggressive canine to fear dogs and dislike their white owners. Even owners like my friends, who I'll posit didn't come into the situation with prejudice, now find themselves tightening the leash or crossing the street when they see someone Percy is prone to bark at coming their way. And while they do this to avoid a bad situation, it could reinforce the very qualities they wish their dog didn't possess.

It is possible to mitigate such behavior, through a sort of doggie diversity training, whereby the pet is gradually exposed to what sets it off. But it can be hard to persuade your black or white-bearded friends to participate in such cultural immersion exercises. (My friends had serendipitously hired a black trainer for Percy, whose behavior has since improved.) And even careful training can never totally eliminate the possibility that a trigger too similar to the traumatic event could cause the dog to lash out.

Some will argue that what dogs display is not racism, but something more akin to cause-and-effect conditioning. Really, though, is there a difference? Consider that many people become prejudiced by being raised in a very insular way, in their own enclave of whites or Hispanics or blacks, largely ignorant of people who are different. Humans, too, fear the unfamiliar and use a bad experience or two to tar a whole class of people. The difference between dogs and people is that people are supposed to be smart enough to recognize the logical fallacy of such a reaction and a dog is, well, just a dog."

Yes, racist dogs do exist. But again, if dogs are colorblind and lack the photoreceptors necessary to distinguish color as humans do, how can they correctly identify people of color when race is merely a social construct of racist white people to keep down Black people?

This makes no sense. Race doesn’t exist, right? But then how can dogs bark at Black people?

Black people hate to have dogs single them out and bark at them, but the inability for dogs to distinguish race (since only racist humans could create ways to identify people by race) perplexes even the greatest scientific mind.

Dogs were used in the Terminator movie to correctly identify humans and locate machines, through their acute sense of smell. The odiously offensive olfactory sensations the robots produced were enough to cause barking at the Terminator and give humans advanced warning of the enemy in their midst.

Black people don’t like to be barked at by dogs and in some cases, will resort to self-defense from having to sustain a prolonged barking session from a racist dog.

Worse, dogs represent a variety of different breeds, all carefully engineered for specific tasks. Though they can mate and produce offspring, the resulting admixture of breeds will forever break the lineage of those two canines.

Some dog breeds have exceptionally high IQs (in the some cases on par with human toddlers). Are these the ones that dare bark at Black people?

Stuff Black People Don’t Like includes suffering the indignity of dogs barking at them, for dogs shouldn’t be able to distinguish race, since it is but a social construct. Must be something in the air, pheromones perhaps that induce the barking…Black people know that dogs are merely the white man's best friend.


B Herder said...

The answer is simple. Black people smell. If they smell bad to a white human nose with about 5 million 'smell receptors', imagine what it's doing to that poor pooch with 220 million smell receptors..

Anonymous said...

OBVIOUSLY Larry David didn't get the dog at a Klan rally; he's Jewish. Why didn't he say so?

That episode was just an opportunity for the "liberal elite" (Jewish TV producer and Lesbian black commedienne) to take swipes at Whitey.

Anonymous said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk...well, yes, many black people don't like dogs, which I find only means they have encountered aggressive dogs; it is irrational. I, for one, love dogs. I have had the same dog since I was a little kid and she is a German Shepherd, the same used to attack black people during the Civil Rights era.

Anyway, it is true that dogs can be 'racist', for lack of a better term. I have been told this by white people. I think it has something to do with smell, not sight. If a racist white person doesn't like blacks they can train their dogs to dislike the scent(?) black people have. It's just like training them to sniff out bed bugs and cancer cells. Also black people's energy will trigger a reaction (maybe that is more important...).

And, by the way, white people need to stop letting their dogs lick them on the face. It is disgusting heathen behavior and, frankly, creepy...

Anonymous said...


So, are you saying white criminals and mental patients love dogs and their interactions with them?

It might surprise you to learn that black people own dogs and are able to live around neighbors that have barking dogs without resorting to violence. My own grandmother had a crazy poodle that barked at me all of the time. It died of natural causes and was clearly not a racist. There is no such thing as a racist animal.

Dogs often times bark at strangers. Assuming its anything other than that is just plain silly.

That was a funny scene from the family guy. Isn't it ironic how Brian the dog never freaked on Gleveland? Even the creators of the Family Guy knows that racist dogs are just urban legend.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

This is black guy. Why do you white people take animals so seriously? All dogs need to be stabbed, just like all white people need to be stabbed by my dawgz, gnowhutimsayin. Here in L.A., all the white wimminz try to holla at my dawgz, but I'm a strong Nubian warrior, I don't even look at white wimminz, unless their racist dogs are barking at me, then I get angry and threaten them, maybe sucker punch them when their backs are turned, like all Nubian warriors are trained to fight. I have to go watch my 72" flatscreen plasma TV that I DID NOT buy at Wal-Mart.

Anonymous said...

The Dog Whisperer? There's more races than White and Black.

Hispanics have an uneasy relationship to animals, and dogs. Some from rural areas love them, others hate and fear them (one episode featured a dog hater/fearer who was Mexican, helped by the Dog Whisperer, another a Mexican lady fearing pit bulls).

There are Black dog trainers. Featured on the Dog Whisperer, working with ... German Shepherds!

Black people are going to have to get along and adopt White norms. Act "White." Or else, face the consequences of being 12.5% of the population that just does not care.

Wanda Sykes might play the Klan card on Larry, but most people don't care. Blacks are by definition, the most racist, and I'll see and raise the Klan with Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Crystal Mangum, Rev. Wright, and the Knoxville Horror. Not to mention Michael Vick.

What happens when White shame and guilt vanish? When most famous or even well known Blacks have massive incomes about 100X or more, that of the average White guy? It does not work any more.

Black people will have to get along with White norms, or face the serious consequences of being "voted off the Island" in the divvying up social goodies by political spoils. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

anon 4/11/10 7:18am,

" This is black guy. Why do you white people take animals so seriously? All dogs need to be stabbed, just like all white people need to be stabbed by my dawgz, gnowhutimsayin. Here in L.A., all the white wimminz try to holla at my dawgz, but I'm a strong Nubian warrior, I don't even look at white wimminz, unless their racist dogs are barking at me, then I get angry and threaten them, maybe sucker punch them when their backs are turned, like all Nubian warriors are trained to fight. I have to go watch my 72" flatscreen plasma TV that I DID NOT buy at Wal-Mart."

Nice job putting me in "my place" by responding to something that was posted only in your mind. That is the problem with simple minds. They argue with people that agree with them. This is just pathetic.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons police departments are reducing the use of dogs in police work. "Diversity Training" doesn't work on them. They know a felon when they smell one and they can't be talked out of it. It comes in conflict with multiculti department policies.

Anonymous said...

This is black guy. Ouch!! That "simple minds" bon mot put me in MY place. You are an Oscar Wilde for the hip-hop generation.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Desiree again huh? How is Thomas Sowell doing? Did he sign your copy of Race and Culture for you? (Being black, especially of the sainted female variety, it is easy to believe that you got into Stanford, as you earlier claimed, as your SAT score and GPA would be bumped up by 50 percentile ranks and your race virtually guarantees admission to MIT, Caltech, Stanford or any Ivy League school. Armed with a 3.9 UGPA and a 169 LSAT, even though I was too poor to afford an LSAT prep course, and without the benefit of affirmative action or any other type of preference, I was accepted to four different top ten ranked law schools, so I am not impressed. I say this before you begin your response with more boasts about a school you may have gotten into with a 950-1050 SAT.)

Well, you know the reason for all these rayciss dogs, Desiree, they are owned by white males whose penis envy of the mythical well hung black male has been transferred by rayciss microwaves to the dogs and the dogs are merely expressing their envy of da black mane's gargantuan "muh dikk". There, I know you were thinking it, so I said it for you.

Since we are talking about "disgusting heathen behavior", perhaps you could advise your poor, oppressed people who are responsible for 70% of all violent crime and 60% of the murders in America according to the pro black FBI, of the cathartic powers of soap, water and a little self control. Then, maybe 12% of the population would not carry 50% of the AIDS cases, with the black female AIDS rate being 23 times that of the white female rate. The gonorrhea rate among blacks would not be 18 times greater than that for whites, with blacks accounting for 69 percent of reported cases of gonorrhea in America. Perhaps the rate of chlamydia among blacks would then not be more than eight times higher than the rate among whites. Perhaps all that soap would mean that the rate of syphilis in black females would not be 16 times higher than in white females. Maybe "good hair" accounts for these differences. Most importantly, perhaps blacks would then not be three times more likely to carry herpes than any other race.

My sources (rayciss hate facts):…2march2008.htm…tsheets/aa.htm

Abe Stinkin' said...

I have to agree with Black Guy above on this one. His post was in agreement with the article and I don't understand why he is being attacked. This was not a reasoned comment, it was made purely because he was black, and not for the reason that he drew first blood. I guess whoever made that comment would also attack Pastor Manning on the same grounds. While I will certainly never be invited to speak at an NAACP convention, I do not approve of this situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but this site is really starting to suck: the writing is getting worse and worse.


Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I'm sorry you feel that way. I wrote this entry very quickly (I have a list of over 500 future entries, but when inspiration strikes, I write an entry in about 30 minutes).

If you see errors, send them to me at

I will fix them quickly. Thanks for reading and don't get too discouraged at the errors (I'm not perfect!), as I'll work to fix them. Normal if an error is made, its due to my traveling. I was in an exotic locale when I wrote this entry Saturday.

Also, Black Guy... I shouldn't have approved that comment by the faux Black Guy. I knew it wasn't you, but I thought you'd be flattered by stealing of your moniker.

After all, pretending to be someone you are not is the most sincerest form of flattery.

Desiree - I once feared dogs greatly. Now, I love them. Do you have a pet? Nothing wrong with a dog licking you on the face - after all, a dogs mouth is cleaner than a humans.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Black Guy -

As stated above... be flattered you have people posing as you. Do you have a dog?

Hope LA is treating you kind. I'm going to be traveling to Orange County within the month. Hope those earthquakes are done for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Perception of dogs is as cultural as it is racial. When I was in the Army, deployed to Iraq, I was amazed at how the Iraqis viewed dogs as unclean. Calling someone a "kelba" (Arabic for dog) would have been grounds for a revenge killing in some cases. When I told some of the Iraqis that I let my dog sleep at the foot of my bed, or that I let it lick my hand, they looked at me like I was psychotic.

Anonymous said...


I had a Golden Retriever as a child. She lived a long healthy life, and managed not to get stabbed by crazy black people.

Los Angeles is great, and if you get a chance check out Newport Beach. It's beautiful this time of year. I'm sorry I can't vouch for the earthquakes.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, you seem like such a positive fellow in almost all of your responses to criticism of your informative blog. I was disheartened to read that you loathe tea party protestors. Even though you seem to have a view that the Constitution is no longer applicable to the American political process, why would you "loathe" or detest people that have a disenting view of the direction that our once great country is taking under Emperor Obama and simply wish for the Constitution to be adhered to?


CWN said...


"And, by the way, white people need to stop letting their dogs lick them on the face. It is disgusting heathen behavior and, frankly, creepy..."

Yes, white people will stop letting their dogs lick them on their faces, when blacks stop murdering and torturing their own dogs, a la Mike Vick.

Because, that is disgusting heathen behavior and, frankly, creepy.

B Herder said...

I let my dogs lick me in the face all the time. I even let my dogs lick my toes and *then* lick me in the face.
In fact, being as my main hobby is restoring old/vintage Dodge pickup trucks, I turn a lot of wrenches and get my fair share of cut-up hands. I let my dogs lick my cuts. Why? Dogs have certain antibodies that humans lack. (This is why they can eat disgusting shit and drink gutter water, with no ill affects)
My cuts heal up a lot faster, and never any infections. This is also why a dog will lick it's own wounds for hours on end.
Now, a dog licking you can be a sign of affection, but they'll also do it because of the salt you sweat out also.
Dogs know how to take care of themselves. They're actually smarter than a few people I know.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... why is color-blindness even coming up?
look at a black and white photo of a black and a white guy and it's even more obvious they look different.

I am sure that there are dogs trained (intentionally or not) to fear/hate black people, but there are probably a lot more that are just not used to how black people look.

they don't normally pay close attention to tv and pictures, so if a dog grew up never or rarely seeing a black person, it makes perfect sense for them to freak out.

imagine growing up never seeing or even knowing about people outside your race(or the race of your owner), wouldn't you freak the hell out when you saw them? And if no one could explain it to you, it wouldn't be easy to get over.

Steve said...

Off topic. Did you get those links I sent you SBPDL?


Abe Stinkin' said...

My mistake, Desiree said her mother went to Stanford and not her.

However, Desiree's patently false statements in other posts about how affirmative action is necessary to avoid cronyism and nepotism, and that affirmative action hires are "just as much if not more qualified" than those of other races with vastly higher i.q., grades and test scores is beyond laughable; the evidence in this area is well established, even by the Supreme Court when it has considered A.A. issues in education, as in say, the Bakke case, which I will be glad to analyze for Desiree to blow her out of the water if she attempts to debate this point.

Moreover, in any free society, nepotism and cronyism are par for the course. I was a poor kid from the trailer part trying to get law jobs. Despite going to the same law school that the Kennedy family, William Rehnquist and Jesse Jackson, to name but a small few sent their kids to, I found myself getting turned down repeatedly in favor of others with vastly inferior backgrounds and abilities, all due to cronyism. Most often, I was turned down because the more well connected attorney who interviewed me was jealous that I got in a better school than he did and I did it without any political influence from a rich parent, a rich parent that was only able to get them into a fourth tier, shit school that I could get into in my sleep. Where was my affirmative action?

I was a kid who got attacked verbally and physically by feral Northern Virginia blacks on a daily basis because I had only one pair of pants per school year, which at one time were pathetically held together by a bobby pin at the crotch and my working poor father could not afford the $200 Nikes nor the 4 bedroom townhouse that welfare and Section 8 afforded my black attackers. I later tried to get good jobs in the law profession, armed with Ivy League level credentials which all the odds said I could never obtain, and I have to struggle, losing out to the moronic offspring of wealthy parents with connections or to uppity affirmative action blacks with an LSAT score 30 points below mine and a g.p.a. two whole letter grades below. Blacks do not understand that glass ceilings and cronyism affect everyone, that the cops are often assholes who harass everyone and that socialism and quotas for protected groups are not the answer for problems that plague all of society. I know, for a fact, that it is laughably easy for any black to get into an Ivy League school. All the good jobs are reserved for them, and all students and graduates know it.

Moreover, claims that firms don't hire unqualified affirmative action beneficiaries are also blown apart by the well known "business case for diversity". ANY firm of any kind that hires professionals with graduate degrees depends on government contracts, in addition to being regulated by the Civil Rights Act and being held in the web of numerous entanglements which subject them to federal government mandates of "equal opportunity employment", which is code for quotas. A.A. hires are mandatory for any firm entangled with the government, as all firms are, with most depending on Federal government contracts to some degree. When a white applies to one of these firms, if they are not "in the club" or part of a "protected class", they will not get the job. They will get a form in the mail from the company asking them to list their race and provide other information about themselves which proves to the EEOC and other Federal agencies that the company practiced "diversity" by turning down a more qualified white, as required by these absurdly racist Federal mandates.

Critical Thinker said...

Desiree, do you comment here simply so you can generate traffic for your blog?

And, by the way, white people need to stop letting their dogs lick them on the face. It is disgusting heathen behavior and, frankly, creepy...

So, guess we should whup dat dawgz ass. From now on, we'll treat our dogs the same way blacks treat other people. We'll beat up our dogs over the slightest of slights. If my dog ever licks me again, I'll stab him with a meat thermometer!

charlie sierra said...

Ummm... Abe Stinkin': good points all, but I think Desiree is a little sensitive about the whole "good hair/bad hair" issue, as you can probably guess as to which side she must align herself. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

You missed this anti-canine black psycho:

A retired fire chief.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't exactly popular with his colleagues:
During the trial, Johnson’s lawyers spoke about his years of service and dedication as a firefighter, wonder if they bothered to mention all the problems and trouble that surrounded him for years that showed in many comments from fellow firefighters shortly after this horrific incident. Wonder if they mentioned that a group of retired LA Firemen have created a fund to help with legal expenses for the Tooles. That’s right, the Tooles, not Glynn Johnson. That kind of says something in itself when rather than back and support “one of their own” they are actually supporting the family who is bringing charges against a fellow firefighter.

Anonymous said...

@critical thinker:

LMFAO! Thank you for the giggles. Why would I come on *here* to generate traffic for a blog that is mainly analysis/fun shit about MICHAEL JACKSON? Are you an idiot or something? It would be better if I went to argue on some MJ forum, which I'm not going to do because their are racist, white dumbasses there as well, ones who are FANS and would actually piss me off. (Why would I do that to myself?) I'm sorry if you are curious to click my hotlinked name. That is *your* problem! I'm not *asking* for you to do that. If you don't want to, don't! Everyone from here who goes to my blog *just* leaves a traffic number, no comments, no nothing. (shrugs) Whatever, doesn't bother me. I doubt any of you even *like* Mike. Once, again, so the fuck what! And, BTW, what is the problem with me being on here? LOL! Get the fuck over it! The internet is a free for all, isn't it? If SBPDL didn't want to post my comments, he doesn't have to. It's his blog. Get mad at him, not me...SMFH!
No, I don't think people should *ever* stab dogs and mistreat them. I'm an animal lover. Michael Vick could burn in Hell for all eternity and that'd be too good for him. I have zero tolerance for animal cruelty. Period. Fuck zoos, circuses, riding elephants in Asia, horsebackriding, hunting, eating meat, etc. But, white folks need to stop letting their dogs lick them, I'm just saying. It's weird! And disgusting. Dogs love to eat cat shit, they lick their asses, and they eat that gross dog food and kibble. I love my dog more than anything but I don't let her lick me. Whites have some sort of obsession with dogs which makes them act sexually towards them? (shrugs and LOLs)

@charlie sierra:

Still thinking about penises? Boy, boo! (And, btw, how old are you? I can excuse your banality and stupidity if you are under 19, but over 21, then you have a problem...) You can believe whatever you want about so-called myths or my hair (LOL, weird). I can't stop you; I'd try but it's tiring since, you know, you aren't too bright...

charlie sierra said...

Once again, Desiree, as in your very first post on this site in fact, you seem fixated on talking about men's genitals. I never mentioned them in this topic so WHY bring it back up, unless you're just totally obsessed with the whole subject. You should really get some professional help with that. Yes we all know of your shame of being been born Black with "bad hair" as you call it. All your comments here prove is that you have forever been enslaved by your (misplaced) hatred towards your benefactors. Don't believe me? Go to Africa then and see how long your self-entitled ass lasts. When you get there ask forgiveness from your ancestors God(s) for foresaking them. Don't worry though, your moronic comments won't be missed. You continue to embarrass yourself, have you no shame?

charlie sierra said...

Oh yeah, "college educated" (on my dime I might add) Desiree, your grammatical error of confusing the contraction of "they are" as the possessive case "their" is just one more indication that your "free" education (because you're a minority, not through merit, as clearly borne out by your incoherent gibberish in your "posts") proves the old adage: "You get what you pay for", quite true. Your Troll-posts, even as entertainment, have become an unfunny joke, so I must refer you to the last sentence of my previous post. You should really stop breathing through your mouth for a bit. Your pathetic IQ may actually gain a point or two. Now if you hurry you may be able to get to Wal-Mart for some more hair relaxer, though if I were you I would really consider losing the whole Black person="bad-hair" neurosis and instead learn to love yourself and your natural nappy hair.

Anonymous said...


LOL, you are making me laugh! Actually, it's my mistake--it was 'abe stinkin' who brought up penises again, not you. All of you guys just say the same BS, so...yeah... But, nonetheless, I can mention penises and those without them all I want, seeing that, as a woman, I quite enjoy them, thank you...

Okay, so you are still delusional if you think I'm ashamed of being black and having so-called 'nappy' hair. I know you hate redundancy (oh, my!) but I think it bears repeating: I am black and proud of it, and I wear my hair in it's natural state and proud of it. Period. If you want to continue on in your self-manufactured lie about me having 'white wimmens' hair on my head or relaxing, then, by all means, continue; it is not going to stop the earth from spinning. The same goes with your idea of me being intellectually inferior and having an education lacking 'merit'. Go ahead and keep dreamin', my man!

But, I will say, whites are the only ones who will deny truth and systematically cover it up with lies. Blacks, even if the truth is unbearable, still want to hear it. Your type makes me laugh and shake my head in most likely misdirected pity. Go ahead and call me a troll but last time I checked, this was an erroneous site about stuff black people don't like. So, umm, yeah...there's bound to be a black person or two on here. I'm just commenting and you're just getting mad at what I say. That's hardly troll behavior; it's more indictative of your deadly short fuse, and also a weird obsession (?). You don't have to comment on stuff I say but, since you do, don't be disingenuous and call me a troll. That is just stupid!


charlie sierra said...

Gee Desiree, YOU are the one who first used the term "bad hair" to denote YOUR skewed view and shame of Black women's hair. I don't care about Black people's hair or what they do or don't do to it. Your hang-up not mine. Your posts here reflect the same old arguments that are played over and over by self-entitled "educated" morons who end up sounding like a broken record and have zero facts to back up their hyperbole. You've been taught the current (false) White-guilt version of history, aka the "Libtard" view. And even though the truth is here for all to see, you can't even adhere to your own view that as a "Black person even if the truth is unbearable you still want to hear it". This site, far from being erroneous, keeps people informed (through verifiable factual events) tongue in cheek style, about the agenda being pushed by melting pot magpies and diversity dingbats to bring America from a first world nation to near third world status. We're more compliant and sheeplike that way. You are merely another successfully brainwashed (Black-edition) product of just such an agenda. Your failing is that you can't see past your own hatred and bias and in the end you're just another (black) sheep with blinders on. I also find that because you cannot fight the facts presented here to you by myself/other posters, your retorts come off as merely childish. So in the end you continue to embarrass yourself. Yes there are other Blacks that post here but at least some of them have a coherent/valid viewpoint, unlike yourself.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Charlie, if you think I’m so ‘childish’ why do you even bother responding to my comments? Sheesh, boy (or girl; you do sound quite feminine, by the way, so I’m not sure...)!
Anyway, your comment is completely hypocritical. (1), if you don’t give a flying fig about what black people (women especially) do with our hair, why do you insist on telling me that I have ’follicular neurosis’, with relaxers and ‘white wimmens’ hair? That would, indeed, say you care just a tad bit about black hair, or at least using it to insult (strong word, perhaps; that would signify that I cared...) me. Heh, I think you should reread your comments and understand that you brought up hair, not me. Seriously. Yes, it is true that the usage of perms and relaxers, etc., etc. by black women is a form of genocide...
(2), ‘libtard’, ’melting pot magpies’, and ’diversity dingbats’? Did you lift those fabulous alliterations from Billo or Beck? Lit devices notwithstanding, you are actually the one brainwashed by an agenda; you‘re just another white conservative reactionary, complacent and self-satisfied until there are grumblings of a status-quo upset. You are also the one who is hateful and bias. Minorities not getting into school on merit? Yes, that is bigoted! Where does the vitriol come from? Abe Stinkin’ said above in his rambling soliloquy that he was beaten up by blacks as a youth. Did that happen to you? If it did, I hope you realize that the actions of a few don’t represent the many...
(3), there is no such thing as a revised, multiculturalist, anti-white version of history, especially one you allege I’m brainwashed by. Ha! Please. People only say that when the atrocities of America and Europe are called out for what they were/are. I’ve taken history courses and it ain’t nothing but bigging up whitey. Where have you been?
(4), as for truth, your version of ‘truth’ is gilded in privilege and lies. It says a lot when you can’t even recognize that so-called stats are overtly biased! The real truth is that the West was predicated on lies when it came to people of color. Think about it: how is it that at least 90% of the world, which is colored, thinks they are ‘less-thans’ in comparison to whites? And by less-than, I mean not worth shit. How has that happened? Give me a legitimate explanation. The only way I can think how that has occurred is through lies and the ‘divide and conquer’ mentality of white conquerors. (Sheer, unadulterated brutality notwithstanding!) This whole power structure and power stronghold of the West is completely based on fallacies and de facto ideas on who is worthy/worthless. Simply, it is the reason why people like you get angry and riled up (ie. the Teabaggers) when anything threatens to destroy your matrix!
*sighs* By the way, it is very ridiculous to call me hate-filled. Please. Look in the mirror before you throw around that BS! You are the one who’s the racist, Mr./Ms. Sierra, not me. Your lack of self-evaluation is startling. But that is with most people on here. Toodles, sweetie, I’ll pray (to white God, oh my!) for you...

charlie sierra said...

Wow Desiree, you seem to have been really bothered and hurt by my posts. You did mention supposedly having "good hair" so I recognized your follicular neurosis and merely pointed it out to you. The truth hurts doesn't it? You can't change the facts so you deny their existence and resort to more childish slander and regurgitated "Evil White Man" blather. Yes pray to your fantasy "God" or whatever makes you happy. Your infantile lines of "reasoning" would indicate a person who believes in "Gods", "Spirits" and probably the "Tooth-Fairy" too. I see your brainwashing is complete so feel free to rave on as your sense of victimhood and self-entitlement are rather amusing, though in a pathetically sad way. Sorry to disappoint but I've never been "beaten up" by Blacks. So now you're a psychoanalyst? What laughable delusions of grandeur! I'll leave you with this: "Never did the eagle waste so much time as when he submitted to learn from the crow". (Psst: I know you're kinda dense, so the crow here is you). Ta.

Abe Stinkin' said...

Abe Stinkin' airbursted a 10 megaton ICBM over De-si're'e in multiple places and her response was that Abe Stinkin' used the word "penis" somewhere. (If he did, it was only to illustrate the fact that Shaniqua baby mama brings it up in every post; then she attempts to cover up the implications of this fact by saying that we are obsessed with the idea if we point out her obvious obsession. Pretty pathetic strategy.) Go ahead, get pissed, I dare you to try to step up to the plate and argue any of the points you ran from. You try to pull out that "cultural bias" crap about "white privilege" (joke) and "stats" (which though incredible are still tilted in favor of negroes to sugarcoat the truth) and I will embarass you at a level your simian mind cannot fathom. You are not equipped to argue with Abe Stinkin' especially when he is right, but he could argue that the world is flat and beat you anyway, so good luck. Bring it, please.

Abe Stinkin' said...


The statement contained within your mindless blameshift is innacurate. Blacks did not "beat me up" at school, they ganged up, ten on one, in cowardly packs, all the time. No two of them put together could have beaten me in a fair fight. There is a difference.

Moreover, the idea that this is the "few not the many" is laughable, as any non black who has ever, at any time in history, walked or driven through an all black neighborhood could testify to. In light of the fact that black males, 6% of the U.S. population amazingly commit 70% of all violent crime and 60% of all the murders, and are 50 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa, your excuse making nonsense is summarily destroyed. Common sense would do this as well, but FBI crime stats are just icing on the cake that everyone has tasted. You can't erase away every single experience that every single non black has ever had throughout history with a few mendacious and self serving keystrokes on your keyboard. You have an inflated opinion of yourself; your logical fallacy of appeal to authority is invalid because you are a moron and you have no authority to appeal to. You are not God, nubian or otherwise. Your opinions are a meaningless joke.

The whole world avoids blacks like the plague due to their ingrained evolutionary responses. What you call "rayciss" is really an evolutionary defense mechanism necessary for survival. It is unfortunate that Southern whites, victimized by unspeakable negro savagery, had to be the bad guy by creating the necessary evil of segregation. I do not agree with de jure segregation, from a consitutional or legal standpoint, but current FBI crime stats are the key to understanding the past in regard to this unfortunate practice that was really forced on puzzled whites who could think of no other way to relieve themselves of the burdens of living near blacks and their endless list of pathologies. I curse the South everyday for this geographically limited practice for which we must all pay. I would gladly give up my U.S. citizenship if there were an economically feasible environment where I could retreat to without the presence of blacks. You've already taken over our entire society, so what's the difference. (You can borrow that apostrophe, De-si're'e' if you run out. I'm all out of dashes though, you are on your own there.)

Its funny, the majority of black males scowl and attempt to intimidate every non black who goes by them, but they get mad when a woman clutches her purse tighter or someone crosses the street to avoid them. Blacks are very good at having it both ways. Rules, standards of right and wrong and norms of conduct do not apply to blacks, ever. Dey be keepin it reel dawg. The black blame shift is the gift that just keeps giving. The more blacks whine and cry about slavery, a worldwide institution which every race has been victimized by throughout history, the more whites forget that they were themselves enslaved in great numbers, even in early America, and get on their knees at the altar of negro worship. It is America's bizarre, suicidal love affair with the negro and its horrifying cultural atrocity of hip hop that will be its undoing. The more De-si're'e' bitches, pisses and moans, the more whites kneel before her and provide more money, more preferences, more affirmative action and more power in BRA. She and other blacks know this all too well, they are the greatest con artists of all time. They aren't just conning you out of dollar bills at the 7-Eleven people. Blacks are the new slavemasters. Hey, black people, put the whip down for a minute, we rayciss whites need to be able to get up and earn some more dollars to be handed over to you by Uncle Sam-bo.

Unknown said...

Racist dogs? Who cares cant stand dogs for the love of me. My husband loves dogs but he allergic(thank God).

@Abe stinking:"The statement contained within your mindless blameshift is innacurate. Blacks did not "beat me up" at school, they ganged up, ten on one, in cowardly packs, all the time. No two of them put together could have beaten me in a fair fight. There is a difference."

I was ganged up on by white chics in school 10 to one like the cowards they were so what makes your experience any different to any ones?

Poor people commit all the violent crimes in whatever society you go to and your statistics are way elevated!

Southern whites victimized by savage negro? Lol you are a joke.

Anonymous said...

you cant tell someone is black by smelling them, you ignoramus

Wow said...

I'm really appalled at the blatant racism on this blog and I'm white. What makes your situations of bullying different from anyone elses? Abe Stinkin sounds bitter did you ever think maybe your credentials were not up to par? I'm not going to totally dissagree about their not being bias when it comes to getting into ivy league schools etc. but to blame an entire race of people for not getting that job you wanted or into that school you wanted is dumb. You clearly made it didn't you, their are going to be people from all races who are going to upstage you in life but to have such hatred is wasted energy. The world is not an island neither should it be I have learned so much from traveling and experiencing other peoples cultures, maybe you should to.