Friday, April 9, 2010

#453. Breaking out of Prison

Our civilization finds virtue in those wrongfully imprisoned for a crime they never committed and the valiant effort to then retain dignity and sanity inside the cramped, soul-confining walls of the jail cell, while they plot a grandiose escape from the penitentiary.

Sir Walter Raleigh, Alcamenes, James the First and Alexander Solzhenitsyn are all men who were wrongly incarcerated and became figures of admiration for the endurance of grave injustices they survived.

The Shawshank Redemption is purely fiction, but a film of deep emotional brilliance as it solidifies Morgan Freeman firmly in the ranks of best Black History Month Hero actors. He plays the philosophical mentor to Tim Robbins who musters the courage to not only endure the hardships of prison, but triumphantly break out in a cathartic scene of emancipation.

No man desires imprisonment and especially the wrongfully confinement into a state-sponsored dwelling should encourage feelings of resentment, only counterbalanced with the determination to ameliorate the situation by escaping.

Though the film The Great Escape centers around POWs, it illustrates what every man alive who faces the cruel fate of iron bars as walls must attempt to do when thrown in jail. To be locked away for a crime one did not commit is an injustice to humanity and to acquire equilibrium, one must plot escape.

The novel and 2002 film The Count of Monte Cristo illustrates the drive to survive in prison and finally remove oneself from the eternal damnation of the jail cell by escaping and exacting revenge upon those who put him there to begin with.

Yet fiction and film represent a false sense of reality. Escaping prison is no longer a noble goal for the wrongly imprisoned, but an of pure insanity.

Black people, wrongfully imprisoned at an alarmingly rate because of their steadfast refusal to cooperate with police, have a strikingly limited desire to escape from prison.

Targeted by police because they dare drive while Black and - of course - because police operate in a climate of entrenched racism and intrinsic hatred of all things Black, the percentage of Black people in jail has reached staggering proportions:
Real life is more complicated, of course, but this simple model illustrates an important truth. In the marriage market, numbers matter. And among African-Americans, the disparity is much worse than in Mr Harford’s imaginary example. Between the ages of 20 and 29, one black man in nine is behind bars. For black women of the same age, the figure is about one in 150. For obvious reasons, convicts are excluded from the dating pool. And many women also steer clear of ex-cons, which makes a big difference when one young black man in three can expect to be locked up at some point.
Black people never commit crime and are only imprisoned at alarming rates because of the dogmatic, entrenched racism of the police, which is rampant in every precinct of the nation. Everyone knows Black people are targeted by the police (as we learned from the horrific Henry Louis Gates incident and the Beer Summit) and never commit crime.

This is merely a left-over conspiracy from the odious world of Pre-Obama America, a ephemeral vestige that will soon be removed. White people want you to believe the Color of Crime is Black, and though statistics might prove this theory, it is of minor consequence.

Cooperating with the police isn't a sane policy as the enforcers of the law are automatically prejudice and agents of a corrupt, fascistic system that hates Black people.

Are police racist, you might inquire half incredulously at the axiomatic stupidity of the question. The answer is undoubtedly yes, if only because of the high incarceration of Black males.

But what to make of the story of a Black man breaking into prison after breaking out to get cigarettes, completely destroying the noble idea of the wrongfully accused prisoner valiantly fighting for freedom and plotting a grand escape?:
Authorities say an inmate who broke out of jail, then returned after stealing 14 packs of cigarettes, has been sentenced to 20 years.

Prosecutors told The Florida Times-Union inmate Harry Jackson, 26, escaped his cell at the Camden County Jail last year and went to the exercise yard to retrieve cigarettes he had expected would be tossed over a fence.

They say that when the contraband wasn’t there, Jackson scaled the fence, broke a window at a convenience store and grabbed cigarette packs only to be arrested upon his return.

Jackson pleaded guilty to burglary and escape charges Monday. Prosecutors say he had been jailed on charges including driving with a suspended license. His lawyer, William Ashe, didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment.

Why would a Black person break into prison, willingly playing the role of Frightened Inmate No. 2 from Arrested Development that Tobias portrayed, and risk getting caught?

This could be arrested development in action and it could throw the whole notion of the judicial system being awash in racism asunder. Black people willingly and voluntarily returning to prison antiquates the idea of nobly escaping the big house for a crime one didn't commit.

But wait, it happened last year as well, as a Black person found freedom intolerable and tried to sneak back into prison without first committing a crime:
SHARPES, Fla. — A former inmate in Florida was injured while trying to sneak back into jail. Sylvester Jiles suffered severe cuts from barbed wire while trying to climb a 12-foot fence at the Brevard County Detention Center Monday night. The 24-year-old former inmate was released last week from the jail after accepting a plea deal on a manslaughter charge.

He showed up at the jail Monday night and asked to be taken back into custody because he feared family members of his victim would retaliate against him. Jail officials said they couldn’t take him in and told him to file a police report.

Instead, he tried to climb over the barbed-wire fence and fell in his attempt.

He remained hospitalized for his injuries Tuesday.

Is prison a better living situation for millions of Black people that those given the choice of freedom or lock-up would choose the latter by breaking INTO prison?

The Great Escape is a forgotten film in the world we live in now, as the new title would be The Great Return, a film loosely based on the reality of Black people desiring prison so badly that they decide breaking in will be quicker than committing a crime and waiting for sentencing.

Stuff Black People Don't Like includes breaking out of prison, for the desire to break into prison is a much nicer proposition for Black people now.

Are cops racist? If Black people are breaking into prison, the answer to that query should be obvious.


Anonymous said...

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Blacks have a propensity towards rape, and apparently it doesn't matter what hole that they use, or who that hole belongs to.

Maybe that homosexual connection, that bond of scat play, is just too much to ignore. Keeping it on the down low in cell block B.

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Anonymous said...

This is Black Guy. I've never broken out of prison, or been in prison, so neither have any other black people. White people go to prison too, so thinking black people go to prison is racist. I'm going back to L.A. and watch my 72" plasma TV and NOT check out white wimminz, because I'm Black Guy.

Anonymous said...

The culture of jail and prison has permeated black culture. How many know the origin of the saggy pants look? It is the result of imprisonment, since pants without belts and a size too large are prison-issued. When people return home from prison they have baggy pants.
I'd say it is a memorial to prison time, if things were that sentimental.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I really just wanted to point out the two stories of a Black person breaking into prison and then a Black guy breaking out of prison to get cigarettes and then going back into prison.

Anyone know if those two stories have video news coverage?

Cracker Americanus said...

I feel that blacks do not consider prison and bastard children shameful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Black Guy. Come on know deep down inside you really do want to look at "white wimminz", what black guy doesn't. Even the most racist, white hating black male can't help himself.
By the way I think you are A-OK. We may be on opposing sides of the fence, but our viewpoints are not too dissimilar.

Anonymous said...

That's amazing because about an hour ago I watched the one where Gob volunteered to go into prison to prove that he could escape. He swallowed the key, but it didn't quite work out as he had planned.

Anonymous said...


Your comment is perplexing. And disgusting. What goes on inside of that warped, inadequate brain of yours?! Get help; I can guarantee all of that sexual backwardness is not healthy... And I think you fail to take into account how many weak white punks 'give it up' in order to have protection. I'm pretty sure--no, I *know*--you'd be doing the same thing! 'Yummy white ass'? LOL! Jesus, guy, you have some serious issues! I can get saying black men want them some white 'wimmens' but 'yummy white ass'? Yummy white MALE ass? (I think that may be oxymoronic?) Sounds like you're the pervert with some strange, STRANGE longing for black summer sausage! Hmmm... (and how do you know that black men turn into sodomites first? is that from personal experience? were you someone's plaything?!)


What is with whites obsession over the idea of black men liking white women? That mentality *litters* this site (and it is quite funny)! Although *some* black men are pathetic uncle toms who feel immasculated by a strong black woman, most aren't. Shit, there are gorgeous white women but to act like their 'tops'? Ha! Please... Unfortunately, the majority of interracial relationships (ie. blk/wht and wht/asian) in this country are marred by fetishism. Anyway, white men need to stop putting white women on pedastals, only to throw them down when they don't live up to your sexist standards. No wonder all of those middle class white women marched! White men are the worst sexists ever...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with CWN. I think all black males have homosexual tendencies, and that is why they love going to prison. Think about your life. Imagine losing everything you have, being locked up for years, if not for life, away from your family, friends, your wife/girlfriend/any woman. Scary, isn't it? So why do blacks love being locked up? Why is going to prison such a bagde of honor? Why do black men spend so much time (when not in prison) prettying themselves up? How many times have you seen black men sporting matching hats, shirts, pants (making sure to expose just the right amout of ass cleveage), and shoes? Does any straight man have official "outfits"?

All black males are homosexual.

Prove me wrong.

A said...

As a Southern gay white man "who can see" regarding black folks it is obvious to me from your remarks that you cant see when it comes to us gays. There is nothing deranged or perverted about being gay and our existence, unlike that of blacks, doesnt cause chaos and crime. To the contrary we tend to be more educated and wealthy than straight folks and are overrepresented in the creative class which gives the world architecture and other useful things. Gay men are not just "real men" but I would argue that when you consider the absolute hell that we deal with at the hands of many straight folks we are stronger than many straight men.

Anonymous said...


Don't worry, your precious white women are safe from this black dude. There are millions of beautiful black women on this planet so I'll do just fine. I have no idea where this paranoia comes from since less than 2% of all white women are involved in interracial relationships.

We aren't on opposing sides. We're on different sides. I'm totally aware that your mommy and daddy taught you otherwise.

Now I question how our views can be similar since I know more about the history of your people than you know of mine. History books can teach you a lot more than a few internet videos.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...

@anonymous on 4/11, 7:09am:

You agreeing with CWN says a lot about your intelligence (or lack thereof). 'All black males are homosexuals'? Please. Your whole comment was just stuck on stupid. Since when did trying to look good mean you were gay? Is that not a stereotype? Black men can't help it if they have more natural swag than white men, many of whom also like to not clean themselves up. If you want to talk about who's more 'gay' then that'd be whitey for the win. Nearly all white dudes I've come across/overheard/seen, etc. are constantly joking about blowing their male friends and doing them up the ass, not mention the constant penis references and sex with animals by white males on TV and movies (eg. South park, Family Guy). White guys are the gay ones, not black dudes--you don't see rampant appeals to legalize gay marriage in black countries nor is the transmission of HIV/AIDS in black countries through gay sex but hetero sex; that is the complete opposite in the West. I know calling them 'homos' is just another attempt for white men to try to assuage their inadequacy. But, damn, I don't understand how a self-created lie can bring about psychological comfort!


See, many many people have said that a lot of whites in the gay subculture are racist. I have never known white gays but damn, your comment really puts things in perspective. Please tell your fellow gay brethren to stop tricking black people and other people of color into believing we should allow you to piggyback (pardon the pun) on our civil rights struggles. All white gays care about is elevating themselves to the status of their straight white brothers and sisters. They don't want anything else. At the end of the day, your white privilege remains regardless of your sexual proclivities. 'Absolute Hell', my black ass. You guys can hide it in order to live amongst the majority straight population but because of your white privilege you can never be satisfied with just that; the genetic compulsion in whites for selfishness and egomania propels you to fight onward. Gays don't cause 'crime' because homosexuality is just another form of sex, and since when did choice of sex partner lead to voter supression, job denials, forced internment in festering slums, and strategic zoning to the most inadequate schools, all of the above which leads to crime-inducing poverty?
A southern, rednecked, privileged racist white baffoon AND a so-called 'discriminated against' gay guy? Wow, you must be HELLA confused!

Anonymous said...

For the love of God, it's "buffoon" you mindless negroid harpy.

Anonymous said...

@ Desiree. How would one know that black males are the primary perpetrators of sexual crimes in prison. For evidence of this, please read Amnesty International's report "No Escape: Male Rape in U.S. Prisons." I'm personally surprised that AM IN. investigated this, but their researches show that black men in prison routinely subjugate, brutalize, and rape white males at a high rate. In fact, when you factor in prison stats, males as a whole are sexually assaulted at about 20 times the rate of females.
Also, I highly recommend the non-fiction memoir "Fish" by T.J. Parcell, which tells the story of a frail, young white male who was ruthlessly exploited by black males in prison. Something tells me that Al Sharpton would be coming to his (or any other white male's aid). They are, after all, white, and therefore not deserving of protection or sympathy.

Keep in smarmy...


Anonymous said...

"Black people, wrongfully imprisoned at an alarming rate because of their steadfast refusal to cooperate with police..."

Hahaha that's the best line from this post.

But seriously, I had to sit through a lecture about the "Prison Industrial Complex" while in college by this Jesse Jackson wannabe. I'll spare you the details of the talk, but basically his explanation for the huge numbers of black males in prison completely ignored the fact that they broke the law and that was why they were in prison.

Anonymous said...

"For the love of God, it's "buffoon" you mindless negroid harpy." Damn it anon 8:58pm you know as well as I do that asking blacks to spell things correctly and use proper english is pure "racissesm" at its core. How dare you, sir or maam?

CWN said...


"your comment is perplexing. And disgusting. What goes on inside of that warped, inadequate brain of yours?!"

Now Now boo, don't let it bother you too much. You need to save all the energy that you can, to spout your nonsense to people at this blog.

Sometimes the truth is disgusting and warped. Like what blacks do to whites. Reality is a real bitch, boo. And I agree that sexual perversion, such as is done in prison , is not healthy. Not healthy at all.

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Maybe it is because of a lack of a real male role model, not knowing how to act around other men. Or they just want to show affection for that lost fatherly image. Who knows how black minds work? Do they work? Can they work?

I am surprised that some black like sharpton, doesn't say that they rape white male ass to get back at whitey for slavery. Slavery makes black men gay, something like that.

Anonymous said...

Black experience and the ability to observe is where I get my knowledge from. Believe it or not, Mommy and Daddy, bless their hearts, are very politically correct/naive and good white liberals. No paranoia on interracial relationships either, but again, anyone but the most obtuse can easily discern most black males fixation on white women. The fact that the vast majority of white women do not reciprocate speaks volumes of their desire not to elevate the risks of getting into a physically abusive relationship with what most likely will be a serial philanderer.

Desiree, unlike Black Guy, you have a seriously unhealthy victimization complex and a very altered sense of reality. Are blacks ever to held accountable for their behavior and life choices? You rant constantly about the mot du jour amongst the black community, privilege. If and when your people build a functioning society will be when your descendants amass privilege. Anyway, black women are the current titleholders for privilege. Schools and corporations trip over themselves trying to admit or hire them, lowering their standards ever further to accommodate them while raising the bar ever higher for white and Asian males. Finally, where the hell do you get your white experiences. No straight white male I have ever known jokes "about blowing their male friends and doing them up the ass". You are seriously disturbed and have not a little of that angry black woman complex akin to another undeserving black woman of privilege, Michelle O..


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah--get on my spelling (which is usually *flawless* by the way). Classy...and strangely predictable! Don't miss the forest for the trees.


First of all, white women gravitiate towards black men like a moth to a flame. I don't know where YOU live but white women are always all over black dudes here in Vegas. 'Unreciprocated'? Hell no! I think a lot of white men are very scared of the fact that white women love black men. Unfortunately, it is fetishistic, so once they get a 'taste' of the black man, social stigma from racist/fearful whites makes them go back home. 'Tis very sad indeed; love/screw who you want!
Oh, and as for the aforementioned white male homos, I am a college student and when I was at my previous nearly all-white university (had to get out of there!), I'd hear them joking about doing shit like I've mentioned all over campus and in the dining commons. I had a friend in high school--a redhaired white guy--who told me at some sleepaway event all of the teenage guys stripped down to their birthday suits and ran around, dicks slinging, and were grabbing each other and slapping each other's asses with towels! Also, when I was in junior high, these two white guys came to school walking funny and a friend-in-common told me that they said they were doing it to each other. So, those have been my personal experiences; maybe you are some old(er) guy but that's what's happening with some in *my* generation. Keep your eyes OPEN!
Just because a black person has money and status does not equal 'privilege', you mindless drone. Oprah, the richest woman in America, was barred from entering some store in Paris and one in New York. This would not have happened if it was a white American woman. Nope... Money doesn't mean shit, nor does the dreaded, so-called 'entitlements', if your skin isn't the right color.
And I'm not dissing 'Black Guy', but he's on here a lot 'uncle Tom'-ing it up for all to see. Oh, he still has some black in him but damn, there is a reason you pinheads like him or like hearing what a house negro has to say. He's entitled to his opinion and so am I. BTW, stop lumping asians and whites together; most asians *hate* white people. They have just learned to live with you and their 'model minority' status, albeit in the most anti-PoC way possible. SMH.

Anonymous said...

Like I said Desiree, you are extremely angry and full of racist antipathy. As I can point out the foibles and shortcomings of whites, "Black Guy" is confident enough, and honest enough, to do the same with blacks. Neither one of us are race traitors and he is certainly no house negro. While Black Guy is no doubt capable of having an honest dialogue on race, you are not, full as you are of false entitlement and simmering and festering racial anger. Do Asians hate whites...probably. However we , as a people, are slowly realizing the insanity that passed for policy in opening up are doors to vastly different cultures and races through mass immigration. This will eventually be corrected and reversed. Your country, as eloquently stated by SBPDL, is dying. In twenty years the US as the world knows it will be a very different, and hardened, society. The hostile, antagonistic and acrimonious attitudes of blacks like you will be one of the main, but certainly not the only, enjoy your ride.

Anonymous said...


I'm not angry whatsoever. I *am* passionate, though, but the two should not be considered synonomous. Do I have racial anger, hatred, antipathy? Hmm, well I don't think so. I don't hate white people whatsoever. Nope. I don't. My words may *seem* hypocritical to that fact but I don't. But I do believe the sleeping giant that is blacks en masse needs to be awakened. I don't want a war but a psychological revolution. Everything blacks have experienced since being in the West is akin to genocide. That is a fact. 'Hey, Tyrone, you'd be better if you had a white woman on your arm!' 'You'd be a lot prettier, Keisha, if you straightened your hair, not to mention more successful!' 'Girrrrl, I don't want to go to the beach cuz my skin will get darker. I don't wanna be dark!' Yep, that is psychological GENOCIDE! I think many whites dream of a United States in which all minorities are just colored versions of themselves.

Do black people break the law; do they have shortcomings? Absolutely! If I have ever denied that then I'm sorry. But the point is that everyone always looks at black people like we do the bulk of atrocities and I have to chuckle and bring up that that is simply not true. History tells us this is not true! I don't mean to make excuses because I don't like criminals, period. but when are we in this country going to stop racializing crime? Race is not a future predictor of crime; poverty is! As for 'Black Guy', I think my calling him an 'uncle tom' wasn't fair. Sorry 'Black Guy'; Desiree regrets that! But you, Northlander, are typical of racist whites who use the words of blacks, like Black Guy, for your own evil purposes, to confirm your own bigoted stereotypes! A la Bill O'Reilly!

Why will the US be changed forever in 20 years? Because there was an upset in the status quo of white presidents? Puh-lease! Barack Obama might as well be a white man in blackface. Why whites don't like him is purely based on the fact his skin is colored, no other reason. He's basically white: he was raised by a white mother and white grandparents (he looks just like his white grandfather!). I don't get the hatred. He's white. Seriously. A white liberal Democrat. Get it together! I'll enjoy my ride as soon as we get true equality.

(On the white homo tip, that racist Eugene Terreblanche was gay, just in case you needed another example...)

Anonymous said...

Great writing, and I love the effort put itnto your site. Keep it going!