Thursday, April 1, 2010

365 Black at McDonald's for a Filet-O-Fish

McDonald's efforts to go 365 Black has brought out some unusual customers to carry out the desires of this major franchise, as nationwide Black people are engaging in behavior that continually is one-upping the previous 365 Black episode at the fast food giant (consult this entry to learn about 365 Black).

The Filet-O-Fish is so tasty, one Black patron of the McDonald's drive-thru in New York deemed it worthy for a potential charge of assault on their record to acquire one:

McDonald's might need to enlist its Big Mouth Billy Bass Singing Fish, made famous in its TV ads, to "bring back" that fish one impatient customer took at its restaurant in South Brunswick, N.J.

Police said the customer crawled out of his car and into the drive thru window to get his fish sandwich, after slapping the McDonald's employee in the face.

"After he slaps him, he takes his food," said Ryan.

Perhaps suggesting how hungry the suspect was, Ryan said he then threatened the employee by telling him "I'll be waiting for you when you get off work."

The police report said the suspect "then walked out of the store with his fish filet sandwich," went to his car, still parked in the drive thru lane and left.

However, he never came back for the employee, leaving McDonald's and Bill Bass to wonder if the suspect had ever seen or heard the words to its TV ad "Give me back that Filet-O-Fish, Give me that fish."

"His Filet-O-Fish was taking too long at 4:30 in the morning," said South Brunswick Police Detective Sergeant James Ryan to NBCNewYork.

According to Ryan, the customer yelled at the employee and pushed him against the counter.

365 Black is a marvel marketing practice that McDonald's has implemented and it has yielded incredible results.

We at SBPDL expect to see many more stories of this type of behavior at the restaurant and until then, we'll just grab a Filet-O-Fish.

For many more stories that help paint the picture of the 365 Black world we live, click here for another SBPDL entry on McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

I is lovin' it.


Anonymous said...

White people act like this all the time

Anonymous said...

I b luvn it

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Yes, white people act like this all the time. In fact, here is a link that helps establish the 365 Black marketing campaign for those still clinging to the belief white people exhibit this behavior.

If white people act this way, they merely act 365 Black.

Anonymous said...

No, white people do act like this. It is true. They get loud and violent just like you say blacks get loud and violent, even when there aren't blacks around so don't go blaming their bad behavior on someone else. (Funny how when a black *individual* does something negative it represents the collective, while positive behavior is attributed to said individual outside of his community. But for whites, it's completely reversed!) Disregarding McDonald's attempt to extertiminate the black race by brainwashing some of us into eating poisonous, artery-clogging food, what about white behavior at Spring Break or the Jersey Shore*? All you have to do is watch MTV for an hour and see the most sickeningly typical displays of white behavior because of privilege. How about some white woman stabbing her boyfriend over American Idol? What about the white guy from Laguna Beach stabbing someone over a Facebook war-of-words? What about the white FL woman who was so mad she couldn't get chicken McNuggets in the morning that she punched her fist through the drive-thru window? I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but, damn, I am continually amazed at your level of intellectual dishonesty. And people like the lovely 'Bill' and Einstein's grandson 'CWN' are just eating it up...

*And I'm well aware that you, ridiculously, believe that the Jersey Shore cast acts a fool because of black genes. Whatever. Snooki is not even white, she is Chilean. Jwoww is not Italian, she is Irish and Spanish or some shit. So don't give me any crap about them. *Some* black people act a fool enough all ready, so we don't need you guys to throw your trash this way...

Anonymous said...

Hey Desiree,

this blog is about stuff BLACK people don't like. Not "Stuff Chilean-Spanish-somethings don't like". No one is blaming stupid white behavior on blacks but if you wish to highlight the shenanigans whites or "Chilean-somethings trying to pass themselves off as Italians" engage in on a wholesale level, I'm sure you are free to start your own blog.

We have the elementary schools, the universities, the CNN Black in America specials and all of television to inform us of multitude of the evils whites promulgate upon the world, forgive the owner of this blog for trying to lend some balance to the discussion.

Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...


I'm related to Einstein? Didn't know that. Glad you checked my family tree for me. Thanks. Speaking of families in trees......... Nevermind

You again are spouting babble to ignore the facts of black violence. You forgot Ted Bundy and Dahmer for your list.

But in the words of Jesse Jackson. “There is nothing more painful for me at this stage in my life,than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery—and then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

Between 1976-2005, blacks made up 13% of the US population, but committed 59% of felony murders. Overall, blacks are 9 times more likely to commit murder than whites.
Source: US DOJ


Abe be Stinkin' yo, he be keepin it reel fo sho said...

Hey, De-si'ree',

You found a few individual examples of dumb white behavior to counter the millions of available examples of TNB that are created each day.

How bout that Shaniqua at McDonalds in Georgia a couple of years ago who called 911 because they didn't get her order of McNuggets right? TNB at its finest.

"White privilege" again, huh De-si'ree'? There is no such thing as "black privilege", is there De-si'ree'? No, of course not. Did I put enough dashes and apostrophes in your name for you? Tell Shan-ta'tay' babby daddy I be keepin' it reel dawg. I be sho he turn up agin one day when he run out Benjamins for Newports n Old E'. (another apostrophe for you there in case you run short).

I think I'll go show my committment to diversity by walking at night through a black neighborhood. I'm sure that they will greet me with open arms and will disprove all those false stereotypes. I'm sure that "white privilege" will guide me safely through this hornet's nest of future rocket scientists and aspiring rappers who are just "getting their lives together".

Your people are completely indefensible. Your psuedo intellectuallism and your awkward use of big words you barely understand cannot change reality. You make Don King look like William Jennings Bryan by comparison. Someone already tried to prove the world is flat, De-si'ree'ra. Why don't you go to Chicago fo while and spend some time wit yo peeps Paht-nah.

Abe Stinkin' (notice the obligatory, yet grammatically uneccesary apostrophe strategically placed at the end of my name.) said...

I wonder if all those future rocket scientists and aspiring rappers who are just "getting their life together" when they watch Wheel of Fortune get mad because they can't "buy an apostrophe or a dash" during the puzzle at the end.

Unknown said...

Again why are we black people generalised?

Stupid people do stupid things and yes that includes all races of people, maybe the next time there is a serial killer on the lose that is white we should treat all white males as such?
SMH* people are responsible for their damn actions and not an entire group of people!