Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Roots of SWPL white people and How to get Back to the Future for Untouchable white people

Twenty-five years ago, a movie debut that changed cinema forever. Spawning two sequels, Back to the Future became the gold standard for time-travel movies and created a squirm-inducing moment when Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) locked lips with his future mom in 1955.

Twenty-five years later, a generation has passed with new people being born into a nation that looks incredibly different from the one glorified in Hill Valley from Back to the Future. People who fondly remember the film are merely glancing upon a piece of pure Pre-Obama America pie, perhaps subconsciously desiring a return to a time period when Michael Jackson was still Black and the future seemed so bright that shades might be necessary.

Stuff Black People Don’t Like recalls a line from the much maligned Back to the Future Part III and realizes it sums up the current epoch poetically:
Jennifer Parker: Dr. Brown, I brought this note back from the future and now it's erased.
Doc: Of course it's erased.
Jennifer Parker: But what does that mean?
Doc: It means your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you.
Marty McFly: [Marty wraps his arm around Jennifer] We will, Doc.
Yesterday, we discussed the quickly diverging groups of white people in Black Run America (BRA) – Stuff White People Like (SWPL) whites and Untouchable whites.

SWPL whites are status-seeking whites that have never met a Black cause or benefit they didn’t fall head over heels in love with and support, since they epitomize Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) to the letter.

 Untouchable whites are those white people who reside in states that SWPL whites pour scorn upon, and who face uphill battles in garnering an elite education because of their degraded status.

They live in states that have white populations that are increasingly aware of the apparatus known as BRA that has been constructed by the government, corporate and educational sectors to promote Black people above their station at the expense of all others.

Interestingly, SWPL whites have no use for Black people save to utilize them as they further their own interests in the status-seeking game they play against Untouchable whites.
Take, for example, the state of Washington, home to one of the finest examples of a SWPL white city, Seattle. A most interesting exchange recently transpired there that highlights the supreme level of trouble this nation is in:
State Supreme Court justices Richard Sanders and James Johnson stunned some participants at a recent court meeting when they said African Americans are overrepresented in the prison population because they commit a disproportionate number of crimes.

Both justices disputed the view held by some that racial discrimination plays a significant role in the disparity.

Johnson also used the term "poverty pimp," an apparent reference to people who purportedly exploit the poor in the legal system, say those who attended the meeting.
Sanders later confirmed his remarks about imprisoned African Americans, saying "certain minority groups" are "disproportionally represented in prison because they have a crime problem."

"That's right," he told The Seattle Times this week. "I think that's obvious."
Johnson did not respond to several messages left Wednesday and Thursday with three staffers in Olympia. He also did not respond to messages left Thursday at his home and with Sanders. Johnson's staff said he was with the court in Spokane to hear cases at the Gonzaga University law school.

African Americans represent about 4 percent of Washington's population but nearly 20 percent of the state prison population. Similar disparities nationwide have been attributed by some researchers to sentencing practices, inadequate legal representation, drug-enforcement policies and criminal-enforcement procedures that unfairly affect African Americans.
A quick consultation with Thugreport.com would help anyone understand the true face of criminality in this nation, though DWLs labor under the delusion that white people continue to be the catalyst for Black iniquity.

Black people have an profound inability to cooperate with the police, which many DWLs interpret as signs of racism on the part of police. Racial discrimination on the part of Untouchable whites - unrefined and disgusting beings - is always to blame for Black failure in the eyes of SWPL whites.

Lost in the excitement of Back to the Future's 25th reunion is the spread in Entertainment Weekly reuniting those Black actors who played in the TV mini-series Roots:
“There’s a line that goes through the Civil Rights movement, through Roots in [the] 1970s, to Barack Obama being elected,” LeVar Burton notes as he and Roots co-stars Ben Vereen and Louis Gossett Jr. reminisce about their days playing Kunta Kinte, Chicken George, and Fiddler. Thirty-three years after the miniseries first appeared on ABC (85 percent of the population tuned in for at least part of it, with the finale drawing 100 million viewers), a lot has changed in the country and the culture.

But, as Vereen points out in the embedded video below, filmed at EW’s Reunion 2010 shoot in Los Angeles earlier this month, not even Roots was able to enlighten everybody. He remembers what happened when co-star Madge Sinclair (nominated for an Emmy for playing Belle) approached one of the networks with a post-Roots project. “She was told they had done their quota for the African-American community,” he says.
Roots mesmerized an entire nation, washing viewers in buckets of white guilt as it took everyone back to the past of black enslavement. Roots became the ultimate device for inducing white guilt and enabling the continued construction of Black Run America, for white people would bear the eternal mark of sin for their insidious actions toward Black people.

One problem: Roots is just as fictional as Back to the Future, no matter what Kunta Kinte may have said:
MANY things resurrect themselves, some great, some not. 

The case against Alex Haley who became a millionaire and a celebrity through the profits made from his novel "Roots" and its offshoots is growing at such speed that we may someday come to understand just who this extraordinarily dishonest man actually was. 

The investigative reporter Philip Nobile pinned Haley's reputation to the wall in a Village Voice article he did in 1993 about what he calls "the greatest literary hoax of the century." Nobile has been attacked for kicking mud on the reputation of a man who did so much for Negro America by showing that it was possible to find one's way all the distance back to Africa. 

But all those who hate Nobile are talking out of their necks. The new BBC documentary "The Roots of Alex Haley" proves that they have something else on their minds besides the truth. Haley is still revered, and the support system for his work continues to perpetuate an enormous fraud on the public. That fraud and its spin-offs are so lucrative that the den of thieves that rises from the golden garbage cans of publishing, TV, tourism and the academy are threatened by this documentary, which has yet to find an outlet here. I wonder why. 

Like the Tawana Brawley hoax, the story of just what Haley brought off is an example of how history and tragic fact can be pillaged by an individual willing to exploit whatever the naive might consider sacred. Haley arrived on the scene when Negroes were becoming obsessed with their African ancestry and were having overwrought reactions to a tale of slavery that always, conveniently, left out the crucial role of the cooperative and profiting Africans. 

Stolen words 

Haley stole from a white man's novel, Harold Courlander's "The African" and, says black writer Margaret Walker, from her own "Jubilee." Only a year after Haley had become a literary star, he was sued by Courlander and settled after a five-week trial for $650,000. 

Judge Robert Ward, who presided over the case, says in the documentary: "Alex Haley perpetrated a hoax on the public." But with prototypical Caucasian paternalism, he tells the camera: "I encouraged a settlement because I believed that Alex Haley was a significant figure in the black community. I believe that Haley was a symbol. I believe that it would not serve any purpose to smash the symbol." 

In other words: If those darkies are happy with their African heritage hoax, let them have it. They're children anyway. The truth would overwhelm them, poor things. 

Since "Roots," hundreds of thousands of Negro Americans have traveled back to Africa, creating quite a tourist industry. It's one the Gambian government seems to have foreseen when it supplied Haley with an interpreter to help him patch together the lie of tracing his family back to the African village of Juffure.
In the BBC documentary, one expert after another shows just how much Americans were hoodwinked by this man. We find out that Haley admits to having had extensive passages written by his editor, Murray Fisher. 

Lisa Drew, another Doubleday editor, saw the big money coming and put "Roots" on the nonfiction list although it was obviously a novel. Presenting herself as a friend of the Negro, she offers the absurd defense that she didn't want bigots to dismiss the tale as a lie. Well, the whole thing is a lie, one that looms so large the Pulitzer Prize committee refuses to consider withdrawing the special prize Haley received. You got to watch those paternalists.
SWPL white people still believe the lie that Roots is gospel, a true account of the gross injustices inflicted upon Black people by vengeful, dispassionate whites. It's merely fiction, as real as Mayor Goldie Wilson.

What was real is Pre-Obama America. People across the country are beginning to remember that, and the impediment to this past is the creature known as Black Run America.

The future is what we make of it.

Stuff Black People Don't Like will return to normal posts tomorrow (and the cross-posting will continue at the new Web site SBPDL.net / SBPDL.wordpress.com.

But it must stated, unequivocally, that there is nothing more vile than a SWPL white person. The people of Washington deserve better then to have these vermin bemoan the sagacious reasoning of two members of the state Supreme Court when it comes to crime and Black people.

Roots has sprouted in the minds of SWPL white people, turning them into DWLs incapable of living in the real world, though they strangely self-segregate far away from Black people.

To get Back to the Future that America once had, BRA must be dismantled, and only Untouchable white people can make that happen.

But is America worth saving at this point? Is the infection of BRA to deep to excise?


Anonymous said...

I've always thought of Colonel Jessup's courtroom diatribe in A Few Good Men as an analogy for the relationship between yuppie/hipster white and redneck white with respect to race politics. For the most part SWPL white, as SBPDL writes, live in their lily white enclaves, driving European cars, wearing cashmere sweaters around their neck, and mingling at the country club. They enjoy a life protected from the very people for which they claim to have compassion. But guess who protects these people? Guess who keeps people from Thugreport from ransacking their neighborhood? Guess who does the dirty work of patrolling the section 8 housing to keep the riff raff contained and far away from the kid wearing skinny jeans, an ironic T-shirt of Che, nonchalantly blasting Animal Collective on her I phone? It's the redneck white plain and simple.

"I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post."

Anonymous said...

It doesn't help that Untouchable white quite often fight for creationism in schools, think that Adam and Eve are the progenitors of the human race, and that the earth is under 5,000 years old.

Steve said...

To the Anonymous poster at 6:18 am. Precisely what does it matter what their (untouchables) religious beliefs are? How does that fit into this topic of conversation?
You sound exactly like a DWL pouring scorn upon those that don't match your version of SWPL.

As to the first poster yes indeed the Col's words are truer now than ever before. Good post!

B. Herder said...

Well, I must admit that I am one of the unwashed untouchables of eastern WA. state. A guy who drives a 4x4 because we *need* them, rather than just to be stylish. One who prefers a BBQ beef rib-eye and a cold Coors over wine and tofu. I wear Wranglers and Ranger snow boots and flannel shirts. I also .. *GASP* .. hunt, kill animals, and eat them.
I pretty much disdain everything west of the Cascades and you pretty much have to drag me over there kicking and screaming.. But I do take solace in the fact that (Maybe not in my lifetime)one day, the elites on the left coast are going to *need* guys like me.. And you know the old saying about 'Laughing last'...

Anonymous said...

"It doesn't help that Untouchable white quite often fight for creationism in schools, think that Adam and Eve are the progenitors of the human race, and that the earth is under 5,000 years old."

This is a typical comment from someone who molests children.

Anonymous said...

The DWL hates creationists with a burning passion and will tell you on television and in print as often as possible. The same DWL loves Islam and calls it the "religion of peace". Why? Creationists won't kill you.

Anonymous said...

anon from 6:18, my response to Steve and Anon 7:44 is that my argument was directed towards the belief systems of "UW" which is incongruous with scientific fact. Radio carbon dating for instance shows that the Earth is billions of years old. Archaeology shows that there were life forms (dinosaurs) which predate mammalian life, and that the likelihood of a base pair of humans placed on earth to proliferate (by the way if it was just Adam and Eve in the beginning did that imply incest at a massive scale and doesn't that make your vitriol against the melanin enhanced is a knock against your brother?) is highly unlikely. "UW" like to use the science that indicates that blacks are inferior to them, but when the same methodology is applied to their broader belief system, evangelical Christian fundamentalism, they lose their shit. My main argument is that "UW" lack credibility due largely in part to their massive illogical world view on such an easily verifiable issue like Evolution vs Creation. Furthermore, I merely stated the general epistemic flaw in "UW" thinking and you reply with an ad homonym. It's like losing an argument and saying, "Uh well you're a fag!" Uh, good come back knuckle dragger the fact is as a "DWL" college hipster I probably enjoy more coed tail in a week than you do in a year. You'd be surprised how much action you get from student activism.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I don't think "UW" whites - Untouchable whites - can be pigeon-holed so easily as all being radical Christians.

In my eyes, you would need to create a Venn Diagram with SWPL whites in one circle and Untouchable whites in the other. You would see a lot of overlapping in the middle, but numerous ideas that push the status-seeking SWPL whites to the left and the UW whites to the right.

This is a project that I'll undertake.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

And I don't mean to use the phrase "radical Christians" in a disparaging manner, but push an agenda that posits the world being only a few centuries old strikes me as a bit... off.

I don't like to bring religion up here at all. After all, studies show that Black people are the most religious group in America, though they partake in 40 percent of abortions.

So lets try and keep everything civil.

Anonymous said...

"I merely stated the general epistemic flaw in "UW" thinking and you reply with an ad homonym."

LOL You merely stated a completely unfounded opinion, then got your feelings hurt when it was reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

No one called you a fag. You say people sometimes call other people a fag when arguing then state how much pussy you get.

This article in no way mentions creationism yet you bring it up and argue about it.

I doubt many people who post here are creationists. I do not believe the man behind SBPDL is a creationist, I am not a creationist. The majority of Christians do not take the bible literally.

Take this posting for what it is and respond to it. You don't have to bring up unrelated subjects and ideas and argue about them to prove your point.

Creationists are stupid and therefore any other basic belief they hold is stupid and untrue. They reject science and fact when it comes to their religious beliefs. You reject science, fact and statistics when it comes to black behavioral norms. How are you different?

Anonymous said...

"After all, studies show that Black people are the most religious group in America, though they partake in 40 percent of abortions."

70% out-of-wedlock childbirth.

Sheila said...

SBPDL - while I respect your decision not to bring up religion here in general, I feel compelled to offer a slight (but civil and courteous) rebuttal-emendation to Anonymous regarding "creationism" and "young Earth" believers. There is a broad diversity of belief among Christians (evangelicals included) and many of us (whose credentials and education rival the enlightened elites) do believe in Intelligent Design, which is quite different and distinct from the "young Earth" believers. Ben Stein (a buffoon, but in this case a useful one) made a pretty good movie about Intelligent Design called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" with plenty of scientific experts attesting to the evidence for Intelligent Design and the blatant flaws within Darwinian evolution as currently accepted.

A personal anecdote regarding SWPL types - my hairdresser recently recounted the woes of a new client, a SWPL from Colorado, who has lamented "Aren't there any White people in Texas? I guess I'm not a believer in diversity, after all!" Her comfortable multicultural beliefs collided with the reality of Chinese/Indian neighborhoods (Latinos live on the other side of town, and Blacks are only now arriving in notable numbers). Will this actually change the way she votes, and will she voice her honest change of heart to her liberal friends back in Colorado? I wouldn't count on it - more than likely she'll join an activist Democrat group and agitate for change from Texas' "backward" practices on taxes and public funding for her liberal holy values.

Anonymous said...

Christ is not the enemy.

For a different perspective of what many Christians used to believe before the Marxism that has warped our land also warped many in Christianity.

Cambria Will Not Yield


YT said...

I merely stated the general epistemic flaw in "UW" thinking and you reply with an ad homonym.

What the fuck is an 'ad homonym'? And when are you cretins going to realize that a personal insult is not an ad hominem?