Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homeroom Segregation in Pennsylvania, Black Mother Arrested for Sending Kids to White School District: Where the hell is Superman!

Superman!! Where are you?
Does anyone see the inherent contradiction in two stories that have galvanized the nation this week? You have a school that has had huge disparity in white and Black test scores that believes segregating students by race in homeroom and giving them Black mentors will by osmosis grant them the ability to perform better on tests. Then you have the ultimate tale of woe, a Black mother living in government housing who sends her kids to a white school so that they can get a better education.

The story from Pennsylvania of homeroom segregation:
A high school has defended its decision to segregate students by race and gender.

The scheme, at McCaskey East High School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, separates black students from the rest of the school pupils, and then further breaks it down into black females and black males.

The separation is only for a short period  - six minutes each day and 20 minutes twice a month - but it has drawn criticism for raising the spectre of racial segregation.
Today the school's principal defended the policy.

Bill Jimenez said the school noticed that black students were not performing as well as other students, and that research had shown that same-race classes with strong same-race role models led to better academic results…

He told 'One of the things we said when we did this was, "Let's look at the data, let's not run from it. Let's confront it and see what we can do about it".'

The idea came from Angela Tilghman, an instructional coach at McCaskey East.

She said statistics had shown about a third of McCaskey's African-Americans scored proficient or advanced in reading on last year's Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests, compared with 60 per cent of white students and 42 per cent of students overall.

In mathematics, only 27 per cent of black students scored proficient or advanced.
These Black kids aren’t doing that great by attending an integrated are they? There scores are consistent with Black scores nationwide.  So what does the Black mother of two Black children living in government housing think is going to happen by sending her kids from the ghetto of Akron to a better (better is an educational synonym for white) school district

Will they magically find that Waiting for “Superman” produces better educational results there, surrounded by white pupils?:
Ohio mother of two Kelley Williams-Bolar was released from jail on Wednesday after serving nine days for falsifying records so that her two daughters could attend a better school.

Williams-Bolar was convicted by a jury of using her father's address to claim residency status that would allow her children to attend a higher-performing suburban school.

While her sentence was light in terms of jail time, Williams-Bolar was put on probation for two years and ordered to complete 80 hours of community service. The conviction may threaten her ability to get the teaching license she was working on.

According to NPR,

And the judge felt strongly enough about it in this case that the judge has written a letter to the State Department of Education saying this woman has no record, please don't make this a reason to pull her license.
The case has struck a cord across the nation with many sympathetic to the struggle of a mother trying to get the best education for her children. The racial undertones of Williams-Bolar's case have also not gone unnoticed.

Syracuse University Professor Boyce Watkins, who has written about the case, told HLN,
"I felt that the sentence was draconian and really, the case of Kelley WIlliams-Bolar, it's such a microcosm of everything that is wrong with America when it comes to access to educational quality, when it comes to economic inequality and when it comes to inequality in the criminal justice system."
Although many parents lie about residency, Williams-Bolar's case is unique because other parents never land in court. According to NPR, the mother fought to keep her children in the school, while other Ohio parents quickly removed their children from the school if they were confronted by district officials over residency issues.
 The United States of America, for roughly 50 – 60 years, has been built upon a lie. The educational system in the United States spends more on education and per pupil than any other nation on earth. While white students and Asians perform at levels that would rank the country among the elite, an anchor scrapping the bottom of a sadly destitute and bleak academic ocean pulls the overall score down.

Parents move their children to “better” neighborhoods and school districts, in the hopes of removing their kids from a bad element that curiously gets in more disciplinary problems at an astonishing rate. Property value in these Whitopia’s is tied directly to the school system and when that system harbors to many Black students those white families that can will move away in search of that elusive white whale, the “better” school district.

Williams-Bolar thought that by sending her kids to a “better” school district they would post higher scores on reading, math and science aptitude tests. Such is not the case, as the pernicious racial gap in learning is a persistent beast haunting the educational-equality dreams of all Disingenuous White Liberals.
In Wake County, North Carolina, forced busing to achieve economic equality is coming to an end:
IN RALEIGH, N.C. The sprawling Wake County School District has long been a rarity. Some of its best, most diverse schools are in the poorest sections of this capital city. And its suburban schools, rather than being exclusive enclaves, include children whose parents cannot afford a house in the neighborhood. 

But over the past year, a new majority-Republican school board backed by national tea party conservatives has set the district on a strikingly different course. Pledging to "say no to the social engineers!" it has abolished the policy behind one of the nation's most celebrated integration efforts. 

And as the board moves toward a system in which students attend neighborhood schools, some members are embracing the provocative idea that concentrating poor children, who are usually minorities, in a few schools could have merits - logic that critics are blasting as a 21st-century case for segregation.
One would assume that a sensible idea is having kids attend schools in the neighborhood that their parents live in, instead of riding buses for hours a day to achieve some sort of economic balance. One group in the south receives a disproportionate amount of free lunches in school, so this policy would be virtually impossible to implement in most states. 

It’s time to end the insanity. What is in front of our eyes is a truth that once powered the United States; now we are powered by a force that desires locating the next top NASA engineers from a racial group completely deficient in the area of scientific competence

You can only laugh when you read the story of segregation in Pennsylvania to try and improve Black scores, while they already attend school with white students. Juxtapose that with a Black woman living in government housing in Akron sending her kids to a “better” – ahem, white - school system in the vain hope that it may improve their test scores.

The hysteria of these stories shows how powerful Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) are right now, though they send their children to private schools far removed from the crumbling Black underclass.

But for those paying attention (H/T as always to Steve Sailer), the gaping holes in the primary notion holding Black Run America (BRA) together – coerced equality - is breaking apart.

Video of the Pennsylvania story can be found here.



Anonymous said...

It will NEVER end. Although the truth is right before our eyes, we are told not to see it, and if we happen to peek, NEVER to say it. That baaaaad truth will do you in.

Now back to the Michael Medved, et al, show...


Cry me a river said...

That's quite a dilemma. Maybe the black mom send them there because white schools are cleaner, safer, and better.

Nonwhites move into a white neighborhoods and the neighborhood goes to hell. Then whites pack up and leave. And nonwhites follow. It's like a never-ending cycle that just seems to come full circle.

There are no bad schools just bad students. Yeah, DWLs are some of the most hypocritical people ever. They won't move into black neighborhood for exactly the same reasons other whites move out. Then they criticize white people who leave. What happens when blacks are in the same school as their kids. Where will they run then.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, as always!!

The numbers of Those Who Can See are growing.

Mish said...

Serious question:

Could all this "achievement gap" hysteria end up being the straw that breaks the camel's back, racial-reality wise?

It's like a merry-go-round:

First, the "solution" to the achievement gap was school integration, followed by forced integration (busing). Whites of course fled. No improvement.

Then it was teachers--send in brilliant, motivated Ivy League superstars. Here's how that worked out: "How I Joined Teach for America--and got sued for $20 mil"

And finally, of course, "more money." SBPDL has well documented the millions poured into inner-city schools by the feds and optimistic philanthropists, to no avail.

Now, paradoxically, we're right back where we started--blacks calling for all-black classrooms and schools, as proximity to magical white students did not achieve the hoped-for educational miracle.

At what point will reality sink in? When black schools are spending $100,000 per student, versus $12,000 in white schools, with no visible improvement? When blacks are sitting at diamond-encrusted desks with iPads and Ivy League profs, and still under-performing Appalachian whites sitting in a one-room schoolhouse?

Even the most zealous Soviet communists at some point looked around at their crumbling society and said, This isn't working. Despite their fervent belief in a centrally planned economy, it led to mass poverty. Will the left's fervent belief in racial egalitarianism ever give way? If this education debacle isn't proof enough, what possibly could be?

Anonymous said...


Are you saying it's time for all those tokens, uncle toms,and house Negroes to head on down to U-haul or Mayflower and start packing their bags?

-Black guy

Hirsch said...

How can anyone be so callous as to slander this woman, who only broke the law to make a better life for her children?

You know, when I was young, we only had money to eat in fast food joints, but my parents wanted me to have the best, so my father would take me to eat steak at Ruth Christie, and we would ditch out on the check.

And when my younger brother was born, we didn't have money to build an additional room, so my loyal father donned a ski-mask and robbed a bank with a Mossberg shotgun. He was willing to break the law to give his children the finer things in life.

And now I see a woman in similar peril, and you self-righteous racist crackers have the audacity to criticize her for just trying to make a better life for her children.

As a post-script, let me add that we should be paying attention to the real rule breakers out there, like this man:

Ron Flannagan, a Vietnam veteran, in an underhanded attempt to bilk the system, neglected to pay two cents to his insurance company. This racist, malcontent swine thinks that he can exercise his wicked white privelege. Not on my watch!

Anonymous said...

Let's be fair. There are some smart black people (do I have to make a list?). If her kids are up to it, they ought to go to a school where they have a chance of learning without classroom disruptions and low expectations.

I, an atheist, paid for my goddaughter to go to a Catholic school instead of the public school where nobody cared.


Anonymous said...

"... they ought to go to a school where they have a chance of learning without classroom disruptions and low expectations."

This is all rhetorical, by the way.
Don't you think black parents know what is best for black children? Don't you think that black neighborhoods and schools are just fine the way they are? Who are you as a white person to make such a statement about what is best for blacks? This is how we always get ourselves into trouble, trying to make a population of people perform at our level, not realizing that they are unable.

Most black parents don't give a rat's ass about education, it is the DWLs and politicians pushing the education agenda on them. Most black parents are finished with parenting once birth takes place, and then the magical government husband/daddy takes over. Blacks work very hard to be authentically black, and that means anti-intellectual, rowdy, loud, and disruptive. Anything that is the opposite of "white".

Why do blacks get so many chances after so many documented failures? Is an expensive designer education really a right in America? Shouldn't you worry about the children in your life who perform well and stop reaching down to pull all of the others up? You end up pulling the performers down. Blacks think they are doing just fine being black and probably would do better without our help.

Let the rotten apples fall from the tree.

Anonymous said...

I agree with G 650pm above. In-fact so do a lot of people. Inner city Catholic churches are experiencing a mini renaissance. DWLs that love to live nr but not with diversity are pretending to be Catholic to get some high quality education on the cheap.

I would as well.

Anonymous said...

"...pretending to be Catholic to get some high quality education on the cheap. "

Isn't this just like the black woman falsifying documents trying to get her black child into a white school district? Is this not the same thing? Only one is a moral crime, the other is a federal crime. Pick a side.

Our inner city catholic schools (private) admit more than their share of poor black children from the neighborhood. It is probably some quota system enforced by the government. These kids are on free lunch and free tuition scholarships, not sure who pays for this, the taxpayer or the parishioners of the church. The poor black kids disrupt the classroom and bring down averages just as much as black kids in the public schools do. The parents are not involved. They are still the "little problem" that must be dealt with, just like in the public schools.

I don't believe that you get much protection in the inner-city by sending your kids to a religious private school. The government will never let a school become "too white", even if it is private. They will just force the private schools to admit more black kids to even things out.

Anonymous said...

Most parochial schools are just as, or even more, hell bent on diversity. The local Episcpal school (one of the best in Oakland) the first words out of the admissions counselor was how diversified they were. Nothing about the academic program or quality of education. This years 12 year old students were treated to a boy that at 12 had decided he was a girls and intended to become one. The monkey's are in charge of the zoo.

Anonymous said...

You want to know a really small group of people? Blacks who home school their children. I don't mean blacks who teach their kids how to roll a blunt, or tell them how many grams are in an ounce, or how to carjack or commit strong arm robbery...I mean legitimately educate their children at home...I doubt that any exist.

Anonymous said...


Bloody Hell!

You actually had me going with those first few lines there...and now my poor gut aches from the convulsions of laughter your script has induced! Now I can go flush my prozac down the drain!:)

@Anon 6:50

It certainly is commendable what you did for your goddaughter. But out of curiosity, how in the name of the Seven Sacraments can an atheist become a godparent? Isn't that something of an oxymoron?

Winston Jack

Anonymous said...

"You want to know a really small group of people? Blacks who home school their children."

You are correct. I have homeschooled for 13 years and I have known only known of two black homeschooling mothers and they were married to white men. Most black women laugh at the idea knowing that this is the ultimate expression of acting white.

Anonymous said...

What its like to teach black students:

Anonymous said...

Surely it's only a matter of time until "no frills"/budget independent schools are set up. Priced at a level the lower middle classes can afford.

set up to teach children what they're meant to be taught in public school but with more discipline and no cultural Marxism.

Anonymous said...

Look at how the mainstream media spins this:

From CNN: "Mother who put kids in **wrong school** released from jail early
From TheRoot: "Black Mother Jailed for Sending Daughters to White School"

I saw elsewhere this woman was likened to Rosa Parks.

The issue here was theft of a sort, but this woman is no Jean Valjean stealing a loaf of bread. Always, *always,* BRA has to change the subject; they spin this to make it appear as though this poor woman just made a mistake and put her children in the wrong school, make it sound as though somebody somewhere thinks it's a crime *still* to put Black kids in a white school.


Steve said...

I have to laugh at the absurdity of all this. It's only for about 6 minutes in a homeroom class. It will accomplish NOTHING.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

This is why predominantly black schools fail:

Anonymous said...

"This is how we always get ourselves into trouble, trying to make a population of people perform at our level, not realizing that they are unable."

Your kind is so unoriginal that you've left a bad taste in my mouth. When I see the work of your kind the smell of sour milk fills my nostrils. When I hear the arrogant, self-righteous rants of your kind I think of the High School snob. When I realize you're an adult I cringe in disbelief.

You're self-righteousness has put you in the position you are in today, and from here on it's only going to get more worse. Blacks can compete at your level and excede. I myself was always a good student in school, in fact I was the only black in honors classes, and I was the one people came to for help.

Now I'm not saying I was the smartest person in school, but I am saying that there are blacks who can compete at the level whites have set for todays standards, but you know what makes me smile? What makes smile on this particular claim is that most whites believe they're so smart, but when you compare an American to an Asian, or African, you see that they're much less capable and intelligent in school.

Why you might ask? Because the standards that whites have set for school in America is obviously mediocre and lacking compared to the standards in Asia and Africa.

Just keep this in mind: Yes, a lot of the higher education schools are filled with whites because of the standards of their kind set today, but if these standards are compared to those of Africa, and especially Asia, you'll see that this standard is indeed lacking, and no one should be boasting their self-righteous hide about it.

But we will always have our unoriginal fools.

You get What You Get.

Desiree said...

@ You Get What You Get:

Why you might ask? Because the standards that whites have set for school in America is obviously mediocre and lacking compared to the standards in Asia and Africa.

Totally agree with that. White yahoos constantly harp on the crumbling school system and blame it on black people but they have set these standards and emphasize what should be learned. If we look at the United States, the emphasis is put on business and gaining capital. So many college freshman are majoring in business.

Sure, we'll have the engineers, the math majors, the science majors (like myself), and the like, but this white country stresses business.

Even our circus ringleader SBPDL is getting a Univ. of Phoenix MBA in business. ;-)

I should note that, save business, many liberal arts paths create individuals with strong critical thinking skills and, of course, make the intellectuals we all enjoy.

A lot of white yahoos are in denial about the real problem, and it has nothing to do with black people. Nothing is being tailored to fit us or Latinos, who fail as worse or even more so than blacks (as it were). The vast majority of legislators from county to the national level are white; most people in this country are white; most voters are white.

This is not a black issue. This is a white-run issue. One black man in the White House is not going to change the fact whites changed the system. Affirmative action only caused blacks and women to be allowed in; it didn't force rules regarding rigor to change.

White people made this mess on there own.

SBPDL crazily believes that Obama's two year reign is the cause or furtherance of 'problems', but that is simply untrue.

All of the commenters are talking of homeschool and private schools; this is typical of white people, apparently: destroy something (or, in some cases, abandon it) and leave the colored peoples to deal with the rubble. (ie. many African and Latin American nations; the latter of which are run by Mestizos, not the native peoples, and many times these leaders are STRONGLY european by blood.)

The woman in this story probably correctly believes a white school is better for her children. These schools typically have more access to materials and more programs because the higher property taxes in suburban neighborhoods allow for more funding for the given zoned school. But these schools are still less than on a grand scale because of white people's soft educational standards.

The commenters here are delusional and blame it on minorities bringing down a curve. Blah. That is woefully inaccurate. I see struggling white students all the time. Don't forget them, too! They erroneously act as if blacks were to return to Africa and just whites were in America, scores would go through the roof!! LOL! Um, nope.

Funny because this is like a reverse 'Blame Whitey' thing, although it is 'Blame Darkie'. Of course, when they do it, it's okay. Matter of fact, this whole site is a big 'Blame Darkie' fest.

White people wake up: America is lagging behind because YOU people and your politicians have decreased rigor! Black people and other minorities are too powerless and underrepresented to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

"This is not a black issue. This is a white-run issue."

Like a broken record...blame-whitey...repeat...repeat...repeat...

Anonymous said...

Then there is this little diddly, regarding black parenting skills:

Rasheeda-like plasenta, lemonjello, aquanetta taquil(dayquil the daytime cold medicine) - priceless. I know white people do it all the time - NOT

Anonymous said...

destroy something (or, in some cases, abandon it) and leave the colored peoples to deal with the rubble.

Who destroyed something? YT? really? There is no word for that kind of stupid Lez

Anonymous said...

Stuff white people dont like either. A mother wanting what is best for her child.

Adrian said...

I'll relate my own high school experience, the majority of teachers were White, we had two Black teachers no big deal. No Asian, no hispanic, no Indian/either North American or Asiatic, no African and you know what? In almost thirty years of operation we had barely a dozen pregnancies, little to no fights, no drive-bus, no stabbing, no shootings, no affirmative action bullshit. Damn high school for myself and thousands of students decades prior to myself had a decent learning enviornment. Ahem. Our principal and vice-principal were white males, the had on file a letter signed by every parent who had children in that school which authorized them to administer corporal correction/basically a spanking with a three foot long by four inch wide and half inch thick paddle. Yup you guessed it, in my four years there the principal and second in charge used that method maybe ten times. It was humiliating forthe student to be bent over the principals desk, the office door left open to the main hallway and paddled when classes were let out to change rooms. Males and Females were subjected to the same correction, can anyone guess the race of most of those paddled for being generally screwups, malcontents and asshats? Can anyone guess the race of say the math or world civilization teachers? Yes the were Black, yes at one point in their teaching career they had a child of there's in their classroom. Guess what, for all their teaching, mentoring and patience the facts were glaringly obvious. Black students were their lowest performing charges, tell me why or how that could've happened. It wasn't entrenched racism that's for damn certain, as students we had the Pledge, we had the Star Spangled Banner and prayer. We had no muslim, jew, sikh, buddhist or anything like that. We were Americans, it was a better time, I graduated back in 1990.. My former school today is not one I would send my own or even adopted children to, that truly is sad. They have guards, metal detectors, a daycare for which they took over most of the library space. All the ills of diversity and multiculturalism are there now, I ask you would you liked to have the school of yesteryear back? I would.

Adrian said...

Btw our school in total scored better on national standardized testing ACT, CTBS, SAT. Our graduation rate was 100%, this meant that if things were tough any kid's parents saw the need to could put them in a lesser school. Y'know to make things easier, also any girl coming up pregnant was summarily sent packing along with the offending sperm donor. We had no baby bump girls at prom, we had no baby daddy either, we had no crossdressing, nongender bending and almost no bullies. Because once identified they were expelled, yes there was smoking in the latrines, also a case for detention and the expulsion, yes there was drug use. Marijuana for the most part, we never had a riot over any sports, we didn't have a single rape or murder. The police were prompt in arriving should they be called and were summoned twice in four years, our Black world civ/history teacher personally stopped, body slammed and stood on a kids chest in a case of WoW contact. He retired from teaching in 1994 after over thirty years, our teachers instructed by example and were tough but fair. We had AP courses, ROTC, a full service auto mechanics classroom, a career internship program and other opportunities. The graduating class of 89 sent a student to West Point, Annapolis, Notre Dame, Harvard and Yale, the students collectively earned over two plus million dollars in scholarships. 90% of students went on to colleges and universities.