Monday, April 18, 2011

All that is wrong with America: Kemba Walker, a rising senior at UCONN, admits to reading first book

Kemba Walker admits to reading first book -- as a rising senior
Connecticut, led by Kemba Walker, just won the NCAA basketball championship. Lauded for his ability on the court and in the classroom, Walker recently admitted something quite strange that seems to throw into question his school work and the legitimacy of the title student-athlete.

Walker – a rising senior - stated he recently read his first book:
Connecticut star guard Kemba Walker announced today he would forgo his senior season and enter the NBA draft. It was an expected move not only because he led the Huskies to a national championship, but also because he had participated in Senior Day festivities and is set to graduate from school in three years.

According to Sports Illustrated, Walker appears to have gone through college having only recently completed reading an entire book for the first time.
And in his travel pack is a copy of New York Times columnist William C. Rhoden's Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Black Athlete, a book that Crump encouraged Walker to read as part of an independent study class on racism in sports. Before the Final Four, [academic counselor Felicia] Crump suggested that Rhoden's book would be the first that Walker had ever made it through cover-to-cover. After the win over Kentucky, Walker confirmed this. "That's true," he said. "You can write that. It is the first book I've ever read."

Walker admittedly found it difficult to make the academic transition after high school, but worked with Crump to come up with a plan to earn his sociology degree in three years and is close to achieving his goal.

"I just need to finish up strong," Walker told reporters. "It won't be hard. I'm gonna take all the time I need to graduate and most likely I will."

According to the Hartford Courant, here's the plan for Walker to complete his studies and leave school with his degree.
He'll finish course work over the next few weeks and will have some online courses and internship (probably conducted with the NBA team that drafts him) in order to officially graduate. He will walk in the commencement next month.

This story serves as a microcosm for all that is wrong with America today and the misplaced priorities major universities have. Sports is the only reason Black Run America (BRA) exists. Walker might be talented on the basketball court, but he has no business remotely near anything called a classroom. That he is on-track to graduate despite never reading a book is a clear indicator of how this nation collapsed.

Positive images of Black people would never have been created – manufactured – were it not for athletics on both the college and professional level. Because Black players compete for beloved alma maters or your favorite professional sports team, tribal loyalties are forged to these athletes.

College and professional football and basketball provide the bulk of positive images of Black people for your average American to consume.

Most sports have become the cheering on of Black athletes who have no loyalty to your alma mater beyond the opportunity it presents them to gain national exposure and training for the professional ranks. Indeed, the majority of these Black athletes grew up in areas that no alumni nor supporter of a major college would leave near.

Walker was recruited to play basketball as an amateur, but has spent three years at a publicly-funded institution without reading one book for his studies.

Anyone with a sociology degree from UCONN should feel ashamed today.

Arne Duncan, the head of the Department of Education, said he wants to penalize those college teams with low graduation rates by keeping them out of March Madness. This would have a disparate impact on teams that are majority Black.

What Duncan should pressure the NCAA to do is revoke the UCONN national title and award it to Butler.

The majority of Black athletes on college campuses have no business being there. Thanks to their athletic ability, any moral or academic inadequacies are excused away in the pursuit of victory.

Scratch that: Anyone with a degree from UCONN should feel ashamed today.


Anonymous said...

An open letter to SBPDL's negro readers:

You negro people are so retarded it's beyond jokes or insults. How exactly did the term "diversity" ever become associated with you? Every negro movie I've ever seen has one fundamental conflict: being black; every negro book I've ever read has one fundamental conflict: being black; every successful negro is lauded because he "overcame the one great conflict (struggle)": being black.

Normal literature has three great conflicts BTW: Man vs. Man, Man vs. Nature, and Man vs. Himself. In black culture, it's simply Negro Vs. Visible Light Spectrum.

Where is the negro equivalent to Quentin Tarantino? or Ayn Rand? or Lafcadio Hearn? How about Stephen Hawking or Bill Gates? Does Nikola Tesla have a black equivalent? or Paramahansa Yogananda? Greg Pattillo?

Nope, nope and nope.

You negro people are all exactly the same. You all drive like shit, eat the same kinds of crappy food, contribute nothing and complain about everything. In these United States we fought the Brits because they were taxing us without representing us. Now we have representation without taxation -- because of you lazy negro people. The one advantage you savages have is that when the shit hits the fan and the power goes out, nothing much will change for you guys. The rest of us who weren't born black will consider it a tragic step back to the middle ages, but not you.

How is it possible that this dunder-head basket baller got that far in academia and hasn't read a single book cover-to-cover??? How is that even possible? At the very least I would have expected every negro to have read Alex Haley. I guess having Levar Burton host the Reading Rainbow was pointless.

The Engineer

Douglas said...

That is absolutely incredible. Any credible academic institute should lose it's accreditation over that. What was his major?

Mike Cunningham said...

From my perspective, this post IS what is wrong with Black america.

It is no wonder that, on reading of a 'win' or a 'super jump', or a series of 'goals', whatever they might be, the average white guy just shrugs and says, "Thats all that they are good for; running, jumping, kicking. Oh and screwing as well; they're really good at that!"

Phalluster said...

The next book he touches will probably be the bible at an aggravated assault trial.

Anonymous said...

Sports and dope are the only things that really bring white people together with blacks.
And even that is only on a shallow level, because blacks can not have any contact with human beings without trying to benigger them in some way.

Remember Favorite sports teams and illegal drug abuse are the only things white people and blacks share in common.

S.A.Dutchman said...

Brush yo teef, brush yo teef, brush yo goddamn teef! HaHaHaHaHaHa-MY GOD! That was funny!

Anonymous said...

He is 'gettin' paid', thus a success to his fellow blacks. This seems to be their one driving goal in life, above all else, whatever it entails, and usually by any means necessary. But at what cost?

I blame black women. They have these knuckle heads too soon, don't teach them anything, and basically let popular culture raise them via the television and their peers. They don't have skills to even be a parent or provide basic necessities, but can churn out basketball playing children with the i.q. of toast who will some day be granted a multimillion dollar contract-and then who will in all likelihood end up penniless with nothing after all. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Is that really the black American dream? It is truly pathetic and will be their own undoing. Give it another generation.

Anonymous said...

The read a book video has done more to uplift the black race than all the money squandered on trying to educate them.
Not that many of them will ever read a m##### f###### book, but if they will brush their teeth and use deodorant then that would be a great achievement.

Anonymous said...

Not only did he graduate, but he did it in THREE YEARS. How exactly does one take and pass 40 credit hours per academic year for three consecutive years, and NEVER READ ONE FUCKING BOOK?

Ironic that the only book that he ever read was written by a racist black author who rails against white society for exploiting black athletes. I wonder if Kemba is such a numb nut that he doesn't realize that he was GIVEN a college degree simply for being a black basketball player. I am sure he was mesmerized by Rhoden's book that (falsely) claims black athletes are being shortchanged by whitey, and is totally clueless that his sham graduation serves to completely disavow Rhoden and his book's tired, boring premise.

No doubt he'll get a big standing ovation when they call his name at UConn's commencement ceremony. Thousands of DWLs will applaud wildly for a black man who overcame the egregious handicap of being black, and, in the process, rendered worthless the same college degrees for which they actually studied, read books, and paid money.

White Guy said...

The Duke Lacrosse hoax come full-circle:

Don said...

I swear. I often feel like ole Mr. Heston in "planet of the Apes"..."it'a a mad house, a mad house"!..

Thank you again SBPDL. If this is not final proof that a university "diploma" is not even worth the paper it's printed on I don't know what is?!...

Do not fear though. This madness is almost over. today's Dow tank because of our pitiful credit rating is proof that our currency is on the cusp of insolvency. Hyper-inflation will ensue & there will be massive bank collapses. Austerity will become a profound understatement!.

When people have barely any money to feed their families & keep food in their bellies, EVERYTHING else will become small potatoes. First I see us pulling out from all but our most vital overseas bases..Then, MASSIVE cuts in public expenditure. No more welfare, headstart, HBCU's, AA, Govt. set-asides, S.S, medicare...Nothing!. When this comes about the very LAST thing people are going to do is spend their few dollars for tickets to see some vile, mindless ghetto apes whos hate them & play a childs game!.

Our cities of course will burn. Plagues, civil wars & famine will spread throughout the planet. Race & ethno wars will spread like wildfire (America the MOST likely for that to happen!). America, Canada, Britain, Spain & France will most likely see new states arise from within their old borders.

In the end though this collapse is needed to wake up the mindless masses (it's the ONLY thing that will!)...Don't despair though, this will have a cleansing effect & our people like the mythical Phoenix will AGAIN rise from today's worlds ashes!.

Anonymous said...

@ The Engineer --

I concur but the film snob in me can't help but nitpick: decades upon decades of brilliant directors and the best example you can come up with to exemplify our filmmaking superiority is Quentin-fucking-Tarantino? Really? I take it you don't watch many films.

Anonymous said...

Quentin Tarantino is a talentless hack, a true piece of garbage. 'Nuff said.

OneSTDV said...

I recall hearing that Walker was graduating in 3 years during the national championship game. And I thought to myself - how the hell is he doing that.

Well now I know - he's not really doing it.

Notice the topic of the first book he's ever read. What a surprise. I imagine the 2nd book he'll read will be by Cornel West or Michael Eric Dyson.

Former Black Militant said...

Though I to detest black culture and I hate most black movies and television shows, I can tell you that all black people are not the same. I being one and the owner of many books , 269 on chess alone. Serious denunciations of black culture and people are needed but just hating all black people is counterproductive not only for yourself but for your "white" group you laud so fondly. Personally, most of the men I study are white because the things I want to become good at many whites were masters of. I do not look for role models based on skin color but on their expertise and encourage other blacks to do the same. Stephen Hawkings is on my player and I use Einstein as a constant reference to what smart is. These men to me are not just white but universe's intelligence made manifest for all mankind to learn from. Being black and watching black people act ignorantly as many do is disappointing, because I know some can do better, but there are elements within our group who are so recalcitrantly ignorant and selfish, they deserve your tirade, and honestly, so large of a percentage it can make the whole group seem rotten but within the black stew of good and bad could be the brain to develop a cure for cancer or develop the next solar battery. I personally want to be that black person and I am raising my children to be givers and not just takers.

Anonymous said...

I'' bet he is smarter then you worthless racists.

Your female relatives (daughters, wives, sisters, etc...) probably want to bed him because of his big black cock, muscular body, and swagger.

BBlacks built this country (slavery, etc..) and are now taking it over.

They doinate sports and entertainment.

All women especially white women love them and consider them much more desireable than white "men"

White people will be extinct in 50 years and blacks will keep going.

Whites have not changed blacks but blacks have changed whites!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's one more than most of them will ever read.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon and OneSTDV,

I highly recommend "$40 Million Slaves" as everyone should read it to understand the Black militant mind that is shared by 90 - 95 percent of Black people.

That the vast majority of Black pro athletes go bankrupt shortly after they retire is a regrettable fact, but one should realize it is the rare Black person who saves money for the future.

To understand "the Blacks" mind, reading Rhoden and, as OneSTDV mentioned, Dyson is an absolutely requirement.

Anonymous said...

FBM, I knew a few kids in college like you. Good guys in my engineering and comp sci classes. They had an identity apart from angry black man oppressed by the world.

I understand that it is ironic if not shameful that the Kemba Walker situation is shameful, but you guys aren't seeing the other side to college athletics. I came from a top 5 university and volunteer with our alumni group. Athletics is absolutely crucial to maintaining a relationship with alumni and pulling in donor money.

If 5 kids who can barely read but can dribble a ball and hit enough shots to put us into the sweet 16, the revenue that brings in will put 1000 kids who who were top 10% high school, top 10% SAT, etc etc, through college.

Bad mouth athletics as a prop for BRA all you want, but tell me how else I'm supposed to hit up the 55 year old high net worth alumni for a $50,000 donation for the scholarship fund?

I just did a fundraiser last weekend, do you want to know what our highest silent auction item was? It was a football jersey signed by one of our hall of fame running backs. It went for $5,500. That's nearly a semester's worth of tuition. Do you think I could have done that auctioning off a luncheon with one of our Nobel prize winning faculty?

AZ Gal said...

From anony-April 19, 6:37

"Your female relatives (daughters, wives, sisters, etc...) probably want to bed him because of his big black cock, muscular body, and swagger".

"All women especially white women love them and consider them much more desireable than white "men"


Hahaha, yeah right BRO. You just KEEP telling yourself that!.

I'm a 26yo gal from Peoria Arizona. I waitress at a trendy north Phoenix eatery & sports pub, it's considered quite a "meet market". I VERY rarely see white women with groids, the ones that do?..Well we all know them!.

You people have really, completely deluded yourselves thinking that we want you?!..It's really funny in a way!, & pitiful...Me & some of my gal freinds used to workout at a local gym (pure fitness). For some reason it was popular among blacks?. I quit because of the foul, vile stench that would emminate from your reeking, sweaty bodies, made me gag. The idea of "relations" with "that", is the stuff of nightmares. I now just work out at my apt complexes weight room.

Me & my gal freinds go out often (okay, well I did up until 4 months ago. Me & my hubby are expecting!). We talked all the time about our wants & desires in our guys. Never once EVER have they expressed a desire for groids!.

Greying Wanderer said...

Former Black Militant,

People like yourself need to team up, form some kind of black version of mensa with a minimum IQ of whatever, raise cash, then when there's enough buy some land somewhere, build houses and start your own thing.

There's never going to be any kind of peace because diversity goes completely against the grain of human nature.

Anonymous said...

"Your female relatives (daughters, wives, sisters, etc...) probably want to bed him because of his big black cock, muscular body, and swagger."

SBPDL, please stop allowing juvenile comments like Anon 6:37, dissent is fine, but this is just a troll with nothing to contribute.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Some people on the ESPN comments section are saying that "cover-to-cover" is a qualifier. That the book he recent read from front to back was the first book that he voluntarily read and wasn't required for a high school or college course. Even if that were true, what a shame and a disgrace that a person has waited until college to read one book that wasn't required of him/her. Reading is essential for all kinds of social development, and the fact that he waited until his last year in college to read a book without being required to do a paper on it is an abomination.

Unknown said...

SBPDL and the other low IQ whites could not read well enough to determine what Kemba said. He said that he never completed a book from cover to cover. Like many people, he probably started reading book but never finished them. With this error, it makes most of low IQ whites dumber than they are naturally are. And you wonder why High IQ ,Elite , and Liberal whites want nothing to do with you guys.

Anonymous said...

"Your female relatives (daughters, wives, sisters, etc...) probably want to bed him because of his big black cock, muscular body, and swagger."

Have you met Snape? You guys should get along great. long as you don't move into his neighborhood or nothin'.

Anonymous said...

"SBPDL and the other low IQ whites could not read well enough to determine what Kemba said. He said that he never completed a book from cover to cover."

Oh. Well.

Dat's okay den.

Hirsch said...

I could understand if he said he never read a book for pleasure prior to this one, but to have never read a book? Isn't that mandatory in grade school and high-school. No "Where the Red Fern Grows" or "A Separate Peace" or "The Chocolate War"?

To be that devoid of intellectual curiosity is to be barely human. It's ironic that after reading his first book about discrimination against African-Americans he'll go on to attribute any obstacles he faces as owing to the color of his skin, rather than, say, never reading a fucking book.

White Guy said...

"Whites have not changed blacks but blacks have changed whites!"

Other than, oh, I don't know: read, write, bathe, ect ...

It seems like Kemba has read one more book than this fool.

You truly display the intellectual capacity of the African.

Just think: if there are no Whites, then the brown hordes will destroy you and probably enslave you - they don't suffer from "brown guilt" and will not become the replacement hosts for the African parasites.

Anonymous said...

Hey Former Black Militant:

Since you can "see", are you actively and publicly denouncing black ghetto behavior? If not, could you start?

Do you call the police and social services on the parents of your students who are obviously neglecting their children? You are required by law to do this.

Can you please contact your black leaders and show them the real stats on black crime, lower IQ, and the cause of their underclass behavior?

Could you start a campaign to expose the black welfare fraud and the reliance on a criminal causal economy in the black ghetto, which includes drug dealing, prostitution, and the hustling of stolen goods?

Could you please help to hold the bad actors in your community responsible for the plight of blacks in America? Could you please denounce the black on black genocide of murder and abortion in America?

Could you please tell your black brethren that the Civil Rights movement is officially over, blacks are free by law, and they can finally start contributing to our European dominant culture and economy?

Could you also tell them that a black separatist sub-culture will never exist successfully in America?

Will you encourage blacks to return to the African motherland if they wish to denounce America?

Help us out.

Professor Snape said...

I think it's time to be fair. This guy is an athlete, not a walking microcosm for the entire black race. That he ascended so high in his education yet had never read an entire book says more about the perks of being athletically gifted when one is in school than "blackness". UConn should be ashamed at this obvious display of favoritism for its athletes.

Anonymous said...

"Your female relatives (daughters, wives, sisters, etc...) probably want to bed him because of his big black cock, muscular body, and swagger."

I'm an avid fan of SBPDL. I'm also a White female. I can assure you, I want black cock as much as I want cancer. Most White females I know feel this way.

"BBlacks built this country (slavery, etc..) and are now taking it over."

Blacks were pretty much only farm equipment and housekeepers for the elite. Agriculture made up only a tiny portion of the US GDP. That's why the North was so much richer and more developed than the South.

And blacks aren't taking over anything. All the power that blacks have has been given to them by disingenuous White liberals, and can be taken away by mass government layoffs. That's quite a precarious ledge to be standing upon.

"They doinate sports and entertainment."

And that's about it.

"White people will be extinct in 50 years and blacks will keep going."

I won't exactly be a spring chicken anymore, but I plan to be around in 50 years. So will my children. White people won't be extinct in 50 years you moron, Whites will be around 50% of the American population if current demographic trends continue. That means out of the 400 million people predicted to be living in American, around 200 million of them will be White.

Anonymous said...

That 'Read a Book' video is too funny.

Anonymous said...

"White people will be extinct in 50 years and blacks will keep going."

Enjoy Liberia 2.0

John McClane said...

White people will be extinct in 50 years? dat mean we be like da dinosaurs?

Anonymous said...

How many black collage graduates have never read any thing other that 'hate YT' or 'blame YT' type of books?

Anonymous said...

so so sad. are you all intimidated by the black man. the educated ones are next door to you or maybe behind the fence in that gated community you cannot enter. not because he plays some sport, but because like his forebears who performed the first pediatric opened heart surgery or discovered multiple uses of the simple peanut plant, he has the inquisitive mind that puts him above the fray and have YOU looking up to him. don't be afraid, we don't bite.