Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Does Michelle Obama Look Like Chyna?

Let’s get this out there: Michelle Obama looks like a Black version of Chyna.
Is that former WWF wrestler Chyna?

You might be asking yourself, “Who is Chyna?” She is a body-builder turned WWF (WWE) wrestler. She actually just debuted in TNA wrestling. A picture of her can be found here.

We don’t mean to be disrespectful to The First Lady, but if we were to see her at the gym we’d probably turn the other direction. She seems to have the type of personality of that one lifter who sweats profusely, yells and grunts when lifting embarrassingly light weight, and gives people menacing looks for merely being in their way as they walk to the water fountain.
Lawrence Auster has published some hilarious pieces on Michele’s arms and it’s obvious the First Lady throws around some mean weights and could probably curl her husband.
Sports Illustrated has a feature called This Weeks Sign the Apocalypse is Among Us and though it is not sports related, we offer this Dancing with the Stars worthy moment for their consideration:
First Lady Michelle Obama has a lot of things going for her. She's married to the president of the United States. She has two cute kids. Famously toned arms. A great wardrobe.

Oh, and she totally knows how to Dougie.
The first lady paid a surprise visit to Alice Deal Middle School in Tenleytown for a dance party Tuesday afternoon. When she arrived, the students were already out on the field, prepping to perform a Beyoncé workout video as part of the first lady's nationwide "Let's Move" initiative.
Students were warming up to the Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling" when Michelle Obama took the stage. As students began to recognize her, they screeched with excitement and rushed closer to the stage.
"Are you surprised?" Obama asked them.
We're guessing yes.

Is that a white Michelle Obama?
"I know all of you love Beyoncé, right?" Obama asked the kids. "Me too! Beyoncé is one of my favorite  performers on the planet."
The first lady praised them for practicing the video, telling them it's great they're working out and having fun at the same time.
Then the kiddos displayed their new moves, although she'd warned them she hadn't had time to learn the moves in the song. "I'm gonna be off to the side trying not to embarrass myself," she said.
That didn't keep her from grooving on her own, though. Michelle Obama performed the Dougie, the Running Man and the Cha-Cha during the song.
But afterward, she returned to the stage, suggesting they do it again. This time, Obama got into it much more, picking up more of the moves. See, all she needed was a bit of a warm-up.
More than 600 schools performed the Beyoncé workout simultaneously this afternoon. Only one school, of course, was lucky enough to have the first lady doing the Dougie on the sidelines.
Watching Michelle dance, one finally realizes why Mein Obama spends so much time on the golf course. For all we know, Chyna could be Michelle’s lifting buddy.
We’ve never quite understood why the media fawns over Michelle Obama; after all, she looks like a Black version of Chyna. And why does the media mention her “famously toned arms?” There bigger then Barack Obama’s quads, which isn’t something any media outlet should find worthy of admiration.
Michelle Obama looks like a Black Chyna.
We mean no disrespect to The First Lady by pointing out her similarities to Chyna. Somebody just had to say it.  

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Ricardo said...

Most black women are either loud, obnoxious, fat, stupid, man-looking or all of them at once. There are a few black cuties though.

Anonymous said...

The instant Øbama either relinquishes or is kicked out of office, he'll be on the lookout for some fresh booty. He's too much of an emasculated beta to do anything right now, but I bet that every time he's out on the golf course, he's dreamin' about jettisoning mama michelle bigarms and gettin' it on with somethin' sweet. Wow, retirement from POTUS on the massive public dime is almost better than the initial election rush!

Iron Zeppelin said...

Here's something that could be true : black men avoid making tough decisions (but love a job with responsibilities for obvious reasons.)

Here's an example of Obama's total lack of balls regarding Bin Laden :

Here's an example of another powerful black man who can't even make it seems like he makes decisions :

In my opinion, most of it comes from the fact that both were abandoned very early by their fathers and they never learned to act. That's elite black dysfunction for you.

MrGJG said...

I discovered this site yesterday and after voraciously reading dozens of blogs and posts, my blood pressure has exploded.
Not because "I couldn't see" before coming here, but because of the sheer volume of TNB that seems to exist in this once great country that I love and would die for.

Regarding Michelle my Belle, she's a typical Aunt Jemima looking black woman with a typical boulder sized chip on her hideous shoulder.
I'll give that Beyonce is hot, but that has to do with her White features neutralizing her African features giving her a high-yeller look.

Greying Wanderer said...

If you think about, if you're in Africa faced with decisions like:

Me. Lion. Nearest Tree

Then low impulse control is a survival trait.

Evolved for Africa.

Transplanted into a more modern, urban environment it becomes a major problem.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"I discovered this site yesterday"

Welcome, you're among friends!

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Had Google not actively engaged in removing this site from search results back in May of 2010, I'm convinced this site would be viewed by more than 10,000 people a day.

If anyone out there has a solid grasp of ways to manipulate search engine optimization (SEO) contact me.

Welcome to the site.

Anonymous said...

(Obama) and gives people menacing looks for merely being in their way as they walk to the water fountain.

There is an article online that relates the Whitehouse wants an article in a small newspaper killed that says Michelle: gave the Marine One pilots eye contact but did not speak to them. I thought about the article as I read the above comment here.

Rusty Mason said...

Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist'
By Guy Adams in Dallas

10mm Auto said...

I think you left out the real pictures of Michelle that set peoples hair on fire. The AP picture of Michelle waddling up the stairs in her wrinkled skirt and washer-woman blouse and her hulking arms next to the President of Frances wife and the Princess of Spain last year.

Of course, Michelle knows she is as ugly as the underside of a 1979 Suburban and she secretly hates Whites and beautiful White women. So seething and obvious is this emotion that she can't even keep it contained and it has become a running joke on the internet.

Even the magazines are getting into it!:

All this of course is under the radar of black people who feel safe and comforted in the strong and powerful arms of Michelle.

Anonymous said...

Chyna would kick her a** in a fight! Even if Michelle attacked (as they usually do) with her pack of 6 sistahs.

Anonymous said...

As repulsive as Chyna is, I'd pick her over Moochelle.

Anonymous said...

Thug report is back.

Lee said...

I love it when the leftist media compares Michelle to Jackie Kennedy. Jackie must be spinning in her grave.

Greying Wanderer said...

"Cheerleader must compensate school that told her to clap 'rapist'"

It just keeps getting worse.

Dissident said...


Hey I just heard on the radio yesterday about a cottage industry of marketers that have sprung up, simply because Google changed their algorithms for searching.

These people just re-write text to be more original?

It seems that they are looking for "originality in text" searches, as opposed to other heuristic parameters.

I'm sure that this site was just blacklisted by the thought police. They probably have some kind of filtering they impose on the politically incorrect.

Don't Tread On Me... said...

Well the African fertility dance women seemed WAY more demure and chaste than the american black females; even while being almost nude. Todays sistah likes to air hump/dry hump anything and everything and moves her big ass like it's being electrocuted. Have mercy, pie in my eye!!! So in effect, women in Africa living on a purely primitive level, are more evolved, morally speaking, than todays US certified black woman. How freakin' embarrassing for black women. Oh yeah, no shame.
Chyna, while an impressive
weightlifter, and owner of manly jaw and probably enlarged clit, had her ass handed to her by Joey Buttafuco, of all people, on TVs celebrity boxing. Didn't expect that outcome at all.

Midwestern said...

I always thought she looked like a black Sigorney Weaver.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a clip of CNN's (communist news network) Jack Cafferty telling Wolf how hot Michelle is. Laughable. Typically, black women are the loudest, rudest, and fattest people on the planet.

Moochelle is probably in the upper range of black attractiveness despite her weird figure. Huge ass, small waist, no chest. She looks like she has a dip in as well.

She's definitely the alpha male in her marriage. I wonder if she was proud the other day when Navy Seals (99 percent white) killed Bin Laden (supposedly)? Why did it take TOTUS 16 hours to order the killing?-- the Man. said...

Relative to most black women, Michelle is attractive.

The physique typically of black women is a genetic marker; another notation that makes us different. (But we're not supposed to notice.)

If it weren't for White Western civilization, Michelle would be living in a grass hut, sporting a lip plate and bathing her babies in cow urine. I wonder if she's grateful.

Anonymous said...

I have been referring to Mrs Obama as a "shaved sasquatch" ever since election day. Strangely enough that moniker has been catching on.

Anonymous said...

I always refer to her as the First Wookie.

Pretty sure she can kick Barry's ass without breaking a sweat.

Marc B said...

The media was in full court press mentioning how attractive and stylish she was during Obama's first year as president. It was as if they said it enough, people would eventually believe it. She was billed as the new Jackie O.

I'm not immune to noticing a good-looking, feminine, visually appealing black woman, and I guarantee you that Michelle Obama is not among them. Her personality is especially uncouth and abrasive the moment she loosens up.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First, the arms. "Toned" or not, they're disproportionately long. I find it disturbing. And hilarious.

Second, did I understand that excerpt correctly? Are they making kids do a "Beyonce workout" in school now??

My husband and I don't have any kids yet, but when we do, THIS is exactly the reason they will be attending only private schools. Over my dead body will any little girl of mine be exposed to a day of "Booty-Poppin' With Beyonce and Michelle."

No. Just no.

Anonymous said...

I guess you all took time away from your busy day of prescription drugs, tramp stamps, interracial porn viewing (oops I wasn't supposed to expose that), drunk driving, pedophilia, homosexual relationships (because we all know who started that), meth additions, wife swapping, choking games, dip chewing, satan worshipping, sexting, etc.

Let's see, white women. Fake silicone/saline filled breast, dry hair, thin Botox filled skin, thin Collagen filled lips, nose jobs, butt implants, cancer riddled sun baked skin, bottle-bleached hair, crow's feet in their mid-20s, make-up covering her cesarean scar, receding hair line (what's with the hair loss white women?), bulging adam's apple, facelift by 29 years old, etc.

I'm over here panting like a white male gym teacher, in an all girl's middle school P.E. class.

As a group of people who have raped, stolen, lied and murdered many of the original inhabitants of EVERY country they have ever entered. I would think you all would be the last people to insult anyone.

Your lack of melanin which is attributed to the climates you all lived in thousands of years ago. Is the main culprit for the lack of compassion and empathy that has haunted you for all of your days on earth. You lived in tough, harsh climates that forced you to act in the same manner as the animals in that environment. It is reflected in your bloodlust, filthy hygiene, unhealthy affinity toward dogs (which borders on sexual), penchant for consuming half cooked meats and your disgusting and perverse behavior towards young boys and girls. Throw in a heaping serving of sexual insecurity and viola! You have a race of people that just like the cockroach, are responsible for "droppings" that infects and kills anyone who has ever come in contact with them. Be it Socially, Spiritually, Physically, etc.

Keep living the fantasy of white dominance. You all are a dying breed. Your women (as filthy as they are) no longer wants to settle for the closeted, bisexual, beta male who talks tough in public but secretly likes to take it up the butt. Sorry fellas, your white women no longer wants to "role play". Where she dawns a mustache and prison guard uniform, while you play a "rough and tough prisoner" who needs a little "discipline". The kind where she accost you in the "prison shower" (which is actually the master bathroom of your home)and then anally rapes you with the strap on you bought her for Christmas. I know, weird huh?
Get over your fears and insecurities.

Oh yeah, private school won't protect your daughter from the white drug addict 19 year old college sophomore who video tapes your 16 year old daughter and her BFF having sex after snorting a few lines of coke. But then again you all are white. I forgot how you all think. Your philosophy is "as long as she is in the house, where I can keep an eye on her".

So send that little white trash to Private school all you want. That won't stop the hyper sexual behavior she learned from watching her mom get titty surgery so younger guys will think she's a M.I.L.F. You white women teach your daughters how to be whores. They see the tons of makeup, the titty surgery, the cutoff jeans stuck in your frail butts, the halter tops, the nude pictures from Cabo and the love affair of alcohol. Then they think "I want to be just like mom". Dad is no better. He is too busy jacking off to online interracial porn (which he minimizes when anyone enters the room) and flirting with his daughters friends at her pool party. Add that to his jumping up and down cheering black athletes like a prepubescent teenage cheerleader on NFL Sundays, and again, viola! You have a daughter who is just a few years away from running a 3-some in here dorm room with the starting running back of her college team.