Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just Another Day in Paradise

From Freedom Rides to Flash Mobs: The Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement
It's been a long couple of weeks here at Stuff Black People Don't Like as we count down to finally listing Hollywood in Blackface in paperback form on its site. It is already available in Kindle form, the future of books.

We'll be back tomorrow in full force, but we just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day: call your mom if you haven't already.

A couple of quick thoughts:

Sacramento is screwed. The first time a Black person gets electrocuted attempting to steal copper wires from the City's street lights, they will sue the city for millions. They'll become a hero to millions of downtrodden people everywhere, like the Freedom Riders glorified in this Washington Post article that graced the above-the-fold front page of the Sunday edition. That article laments the fact that many school districts in the nation are just as segregated now as they were when the misnamed Freedom Riders rode into the South for justice; the article does this, however, without mentioning the disproportionate number of disruptions caused by Black students that lead to disciplinary actions and immediate white flight from the area.

Once a school district goes 20 percent Black, "for-sale" signs will litter once desirable properties.

Having grown up in the era of Black-Run America (BRA), we here at SBPDL have no memories of Jim Crow save for the persistent reliance on black-and-white images from that racist epoch, photos affixed to some article designed to drum up sympathy for every new measure enacted that places Black interests above all others.

We live in a country where Black people are always able to ask "And Then?" when it comes to what concession will next be made, since every problem Black people claim to face has it origins in white racism.The continued deification of those who participated in the Civil Rights movement grows increasingly frantic with each passing year, and the article in the Post was no exception:

The Freedom Riders have gone on to become social workers, software developers, teachers, preachers and shopkeepers. Two of them serve in Congress, Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and Rep. Bob Filner (D-Calif.).
One of the youngest of the riders, Hezekiah Watkins, is now 63 years old and lives across town from Lovelady in Jackson. He has found himself thinking the same thing when he looks at his 21-year-old daughter, Kristie. In recent weeks, as he has given interviews and speeches about his experience during the rides, he has juxtaposed his teenage years with hers.

“A lot of times, she feels as though somebody owes her. I’m always asking, ‘What are you owed and by whom?’ ” Watkins said. “I talked to all of my kids about the ’60s and what we went through. They’ll just look at me like, ‘It’s not relevant.’ My thing has always been this: You’re standing on a banana peel, and any given day you could slip.”
 From the Freedom Rides to Flash Mobs. Black-Run America is about to slip on that banana peel.

With that, we invite all readers to contribute the craziest story from their hometown or from other parts of the country that transpired this week (and weekend). Could it be looting in Memphis from the horrible floods that ravage the city like a rampaging rebel army? Post the link in the comments section; anything goes.

Do you like Phil Collins?


Fayette White Guy said...

Good song; reminds me of my youth.

Here's a story from the town near which I currently reside:

There was another good story of a guy getting fingers chopped off on the nightly news, but it seems to be scrubbed from the local news websites.

Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Earlier I alluded to a story out of Pittsburgh where a 17 year old black male robbed a slumped-over-at-the-wheel white male who had suffered a heart attack while driving. Here is the link to the story:

While I was at that site's homepage, there were the usual stories of shootings, stabbings and robberies where most didn't identify the assailant(s). When they did, it was yet another black dude.

Anonymous said...

Just another day...

Warrior said...

It's only going to get worse my friends. Great job Mr. Kersey! Charles Bronson would be proud!

Anonymous said...

Two Haitians accused of murdering 61yo Postman to steal
his mail box access key in Miami

White Devil said...

More of the same ... said...

Jim Crow laws were not intended to discriminate against black people. They were intended to protect decent citizens from black crime.

What if national Jim Crow laws were in effect today?

Cathy Stickley, 54, would still be alive. She was a cab driver who was stabbed to death a few days ago by a black fare. [source]

A Las Vegas convenient store would not have been mob robbed by a horde of blacks last week. [source]

Jane Britt, the elderly White woman who was murdered and stuffed in her car's trunk would still be alive. The accused killer was a black employee of a nursing home where Britt's husband stayed. [source]

The 64-year-old hospital executive who was murdered while walking home in broad daylight would still be alive. Jim Crow laws would have prohibited his black killer from walking on the same sidewalk. [source]

A Washington, DC convenient store would not have been mob robbed by a horde of blacks. [source]

The numerous blacks-go-berserk-in-restaurants would be limited to black-owned businesses. [source]

The Louisiana appliance store owner would still be alive as Jim Crow laws would have prohibited his alleged killer from entering the store. [source]

The White person whose beating at McDonalds went viral on YouTube would not have been attacked. [source]

And list goes on and on.

The so-called freedom riders should be viewed as advocates of black-on-White crime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Two Haitians accused of murdering 61yo Postman to steal his mail box access key in Miami"

Here's the article, with no pics or description of the killers.
Google search confirms they are negroes.

Anonymous said...

Last month:
And our friends at thugreport:

"When something happens in South Central, nothing happens; it's just another nigga dead."
N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that I hope,fervently hope,that Kindle is NOT the future.

I love books,I love the look,touch and smell of books and I own several thousand of them.
A future without the physical presence of books?.No thank you.

Sheila said...

I don't get/read the local paper. However, I did go out to my formerly-favorite store over the weekend, and instead of the usual atmosphere (peaceful, quiet, discreet, designer yet discounted) I found it filled with blacks, Indians, and Hispanics. Merchandise was strewn all over the place and aisles were blocked by groups talking loudly to one another or on the phone. I left quickly. The next day (Mother's Day) I decided to check on another branch of the store. While the crowds were absent (the "12 hour sale" was over), every last sales person was black. Every one of them. There used to be the usual mixture of Whites (quite a few gays) and the occasional Indian - I saw not a one. I was last in that store perhaps a month ago - so the change-over happened rapidly.

To compound matters, I saw far more black shoppers than usual wherever I went - one roared past me in his BMW going about 65 in a 45mph zone when I was going home. When we moved here 17 years ago, there were almost no blacks - I could go weeks without seeing one. While I read the demographic statistics about their rapid increase in my county, I hadn't really seen/experienced it up close before.

I guess I'll be shopping a whole lot less (and I already shop infrequently) and somewhere else, to boot. I also reminded my husband that somehow we need to find the money to move - and SOON.

Annie Oakley said...

Sheila - I'm seeing the same bullshit here in Florida. If it's not Haitians babbling in French (either on their phone driving their POS car) or some other Caribbean mystery meat walking around. I expect any day now to see some Chiquita banana lady with fruit on top of her head and flies swirling around.

I remember South Florida in the mid 80's and even as early as 2000 as a mostly even tempered white city.

I now have to drive many miles to get to a white only area. And I have no problem with doing that. I also buy a lot of stuff online, easier on my wallet gas wise and less hassle with surly non-white illegal alien workers.

I refuse to go Walmart (Target is whiter) as there are no white cashiers. I will only go to a register that has a white cashier working. If not, I leave and go somewhere else.

Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls are full of non-whites. The kids are screaming and running all over the store (especially the Mestizo hellions) while Mom and Dad walk around the store like bovine cattle in the field.

Anonymous said...

Fucking Laker niggers attacking Dallas Maverick whites

so damn sick of niggers and their thug shit

Martin L. Kuhn Jr. said...

I would love to contribute a BRA story that occurred in my county here in south central KY, but there aren't any. We only have 31 extremely polite, nervous members of the Negroid subspecies of the human race in my county and they are very much aware that Mr. Crow is still alive and well in the hearts of the local folks.

Let that be a lesson to you.

Sheila said...

Craziest thing in politics: The movement Republicans' great black hope, Allen West, is on record saying the GOP shouldn't waste its time trying to repeal Obamacare. Majority of comments by right-liberals insist that's okay, they'll give him a pass (just as they did when he joined the Congressional Black Caucus). Others are more disillusioned, so they're moving on to the next magic negro, Herman Cain.

Paul, you ought to do a post about "once you go black, you never go back" - in politics or anything else. Personally, I don't see Obama leaving office at all (nor do I see many more faux "elections" in this country's future); neither do I see a genuinely conservative White candidate again from either party. All of the GOP's latest stars are non-White: Marco Rubio, Herman Cain, Allen West, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Eric Cantor. Here in Texas it's Bob (I think) Williams (a large, very black guy who affects bow ties) to replace KBH in the senate. If they have melanin and can spout "conservative" platitudes, all the Whites (who think they're not DWLs but really are) just swoon.

Sheila said...

Annie Oakley, Walmart has been a trial to shop at for years. Target is less crowded but not much better; plenty of black, Indian, and Asian employees at the local stores.

I stopped shopping at Ross and Marshalls years ago, precisely because they're favored by the blacks, hispanics, and Iranians/Arabs. My formerly-favorite store is Steinmart, but it's now 365 black and I won't go back. I loathe the mall and avoid it at all costs. The only other stand-alone store is Kohls, which is a big favorite with Indians and Chinese, and is stocked with mediocre and overpriced merchandise, to boot (and, if I'm not mistaken, owned by extremely liberal Wisconsin Jewish political family).

Like you, I drive miles out of my way to go to an area with more White shoppers, and I also buy more and more online whenever possible.

missbosslady said...

I see many Floridians here on this thread. I too hail from the Sunshine State, in fact grew up in Miami. I have watched a beautiful paradise turn into a brown pile of crud! You would be hard pressed to find a more corrupt region than South Florida!

The other day I was thinking back on a film I'd read about a few years ago; A Day Without a Mexican, supposedly to show how horrible it would be if California wasn't overrun by illegals. What a joke! But it got me thinking, how about a Day Without White People? What would that look like?

Any thoughts?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

A Day without white people would look like Detroit.

Anonymous said...

This story didn't just happen, but it encompasses black savagery very well. This isn't a black part of town either.


Anonymous said...

The very first homicide in my city this year happened just moments after midnight. A young black male celebrating with his family was stabbed to death over a parking spot by another black male. My city is only about 25% black, yet blacks account for over 70% of the murderers. Black people, this is why "No Negros Allowed" signs were placed upon the doors of White establishments. This is why you weren't allowed to move into White neighborhoods. It wasn't because of unfounded racism based upon the color of your skin. It's because you guys do shit like that at astronomical rates compared to other races.

missbosslady said...


Ha! I walked right into that one!

Dissident said...

Sheila and others that are lamenting the fact that formerly white enclaves (basically, all of America) are now looking like sub-Sahara Africa and Bombay. All that I can say is that I feel for you, but there are a few white places that you could live in, yet you'll probably have to get used to rural living and a lack of convenience, etc..

My state is 95% white, sure there aren't an overabundance of economic opportunities here, but at least it's relatively safe for whites and I don't have to fear for my life constantly.

You may think of moving if at all possible. Besides, we could always use educated, civilized,productive, white families to keep a proud heritage alive. said...

I note that blacks don't like living in black environments any more than Whites like living in black environments.

The result?

Blacks invade White neighborhoods, schools, shops, etc., to get away from themselves.

White then move on. Blacks follow.

I call it the Demography Dance.

Douglas said...

That freedom riders picture reminds me of the sad tales my told tells of trips to Birmingham Alabama in the late 50s and early 60s. He said even then it was very dangerous to get on a bus in the city due to the black menace.

MrGJG said...

A little off topic, but I was listening to Hannity on the way home from work and he two black guests.
One younger radical punk and an old-timer.

They were discussing some crapper who got invited to the Black House who craps about killing cops and former presidents.
Of course the young punk is down wit-it but the old-timer went off on him about all the shit he put up with to get where blacks are today and basically telling him blacks are worse off now because of ingrates like him that keep moving the social justice line.

A lot of the old-timers really appreciate how far they've come and are perplexed with the younger generation who in their minds are pissing it all away.

Dissident said...

The older blacks in my my area are very dignified and civil and I enjoy being around them. Wish I could say the same about the younger ones, but I can't.

I can't stand their uppity attitudes and their stupid behavior, not mention that "rap music".

But you are right, I think many of the older generations abhor the behavior of the younger generations. Just yesterday, I noticed a van load of black elderly ladies, and they were very nice looking and polite as they got out to go shopping in the local grocery store. I'm sure that they are horrified by what they see happening in the black community today.