Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Negro Fascism" in Billboards 'Good'; Heroic Whites in Billboards 'Bad'

It’s already a well-known fact that Black people don’t like the Winter Olympics. But Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) have reason to dislike the games now as well: 
Russian Winter Olympics Billboards: Not complying with "Negro Fascism"
A promotional campaign linked to the 2014 Winter Olympics is stirring debate in Russia because of its use of allegedly "fascist" imagery.

The campaign employs images of blue-eyed, blond sportsmen and women which have been described by critics as "neo-Hitlerite" and "like something from a Leni Riefenstahl film".

Images of an Aryan-looking snowboarder and an ice-skater gazing into the middle distance dominate giant billboards in Moscow and feature on the cover of brochures to advertise Gorky Gorod, an elite housing complex being built at Krasnaya Polyana near Sochi on Russia's Black Sea coast. The complex is a private-public partnership which will be the Olympic media village at the 2014 Games.

"Without doubt the authors of this advertising were inspired by Nazi art," said Ekaterina Degot, a well-known art historian and former curator at the State Tretyakov Gallery.

When the billboards were put up, the Russian art collective Voina, itself known for its controversial painting of a 65-metre penis on a drawbridge in St Petersburg, tweeted: "On Pushkinskaya Square opposite Gap, there is a huge advertisement, openly fascist in style, for elite housing in Sochi.

Degot and others said the style and pose of the subjects in the images was heavily suggestive of Nazi art which stresses racial purity and superiority.

The Guardian has learned that the images of the sportsmen were produced by Doping-Pong, a St Petersburg-based design company which uses a swastika as one of its online "banners".

One of the company's recent projects is a series of erotic photographs of two young women, one called a "fa" (fascist), the other an "antifa" (anti-fascist activist), who grapple with each other in a wrestling ring and tear off each other's clothes. The "fa" appears to win the fight and triumphantly wraps herself in a Nazi flag.

Doping-Pong also works closely with Katya Zashtopik, a Russian artist in her 20s who is known for her sympathies with the ultra-right, and who uses the online avatar Dopingirl.

On 20 April, Adolf Hitler's birthday, she published a yellow "smiley" on her blog embellished with a toothbrush moustache and a slick of black hair. The caption read: "Happy Birthday."

Dima Mishenin, one of the designers at Doping-Pong, denied a report that Zashtopik was personally involved with producing the Gorky Gorod images. "It's our work, not hers," he said.

Mishenin claimed he had no sympathy with far-right ideas, but said he believed "the Olympic aesthetic starts in Berlin in 1936 and is created by Leni Riefenstahl".
He added: "For me this is about the aesthetics of beauty."
Wait a second. Doesn’t this correlate to what Psychology Today recently published? The ‘aesthetics of beauty’ are almost universally viewed as originating from Western Europe. This is why Black women spend billions each year straightening their hair in an expensive – and ultimately futile – attempt to ‘look white.’
Richard Spencer over at Alternative Right coined the term "Negro Fascism" in an attempt to describe the strange “Imported from Detroit” Chrysler advertisement that debuted during the most recent Super Bowl.
We would just call it an extension of Black-Run America (BRA). In BRA, no one blinks when Nike creates advertising campaigns that make gods out of Black athletes.  No one dares utter that this is an example of “Negro Fascism” even though Nike’s 2007 campaign for LeBron James (‘We Are All Witness’) attempted to create such images in the minds of the fans of the former Cleveland Cavaliers star:
NBA fans know that LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is making his first NBA Finals appearance of his career. To celebrate this event, Nike is launching ‘We Are All Witnesses’ integrating marketing campaign that pays tribute to James and acknowledges the legions of fans worldwide who are 'witnessing' his greatness, power, athleticism and beautiful style of play.

Introduced in November 2005 via the unveiling of a 110-foot high by 212-foot wide billboard in Cleveland, the Witness campaign built its crescendo very fast with every win of the Cleveland Cavaliers until they made the NBA Finals.

With the NBA Championship series beginning last Wednesday, Jun 6, the new execution of the Witness campaign was unveiled with a 30-second television spot during the first quarter.

The television commercial, which was shot in black and white features a highlight of James in the 2007 NBA Playoffs and set to the song "I Shall Be Released" sung by the soulful Marion Williams (original track by Bob Dylan).

The new execution also includes a print ad featuring a photo of James from the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals and the iconic line "We Are All Witnesses". The black and white ad will appear in Sports Illustrated, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Akron Beacon Journal this week.
When James spurned Cleveland and took his game to Miami, those same adoring Cleveland fans quickly tore down the mural that represented ‘Negro Fascism.’ Come to think of it, is that all modern professional sports have become, a perverted worshiping of the “Negro Aesthetic” in both college and professional football and basketball?
No one is denying that – on average – Black guys tend to be faster in short races:
This is clear at the world-class level in men’s track and field. Blacks of West African ancestry monopolize the 100-meter dash, accounting for all but one of the 200 fastest times in history. They're almost as good at 200m, not quite as overpowering at 400m, and only modestly competitive at 800m. They aren't world class at any longer lengths, although a black Brazilian did once run a fast marathon in the 1990s. (Brazilian blacks appear to average more East African ancestry than American and West Indian blacks.)
But what we at SBPDL don’t deny is that sports fans in America have been conditioned to accept “Negro Fascism” in both football and basketball, that American sports fans have been conditioned to believe that Black athletes are superior, and that American sports fans have been conditioned to believe that any team with too many white players is inherently weaker.
BRA approved, "Negro Fascism" in sports
This is why we applaud players like Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews who created – though it was a joke – a Facebook “White Nation” group:
Former USC linebackers, and potential No.1 NFL Draft picks Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing created a Facebook group called "White Nation," which among other things advocated the "arrest [of] black babies before they become criminals," according to

It was all a joke, an unnamed administration source previously told the Daily Trojan. Apparently, the joke arose from the fact that Matthews, Cushing, and other white teammates were dubbed "White Nation" by one or more non-white USC players, according to the report.

It's unknown whether and to what extent Matthews and/or Cushing have been grilled about the incident during pre-draft interviews. But if the Niners deemed it appropriate to ask Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford about the divorce of his parents, it's more than fair game for NFL teams to revisit the issue with Matthews and/or Cushing in order to confirm that it really was a joke — and then to attempt to discern the humor in it, reported.
Physical, mental and psychological intimidation is something Black athletes (at 80 percent of the NBA, 69 percent of the NFL, 50 percent of major college football programs, and 63 percent of major college basketball teams) hold over white athletes (except Bill Romanowski). White guys who excel at these sports – think Peyton Hillis in football – will always be attacked by Black players because white athletes aren’t supposed to do the things Black guys can do.
We’ve been conditioned to believe this because of “Negro Fascism,” and the primarily white fans of professional teams and alumni of major colleges believe that only by drafting and recruiting Black athletes do their teams have any chance of winning  and being successful.
That the majority of these Black athletes have no business ever stepping foot on a college campus is of little importance in the minds of white college sports fans; what is of major performance is whether these Black athletes will lead their university to a national championship. That’s the reason the majority of Black athletes are even enrolled in school, not to earn a degree but to win some championship, allowing white alumni who live vicariously through their university's sports programs to put on that "We Number One" swagger.
So go to any major city or step on the campus of any major university; chances are you’ll see massive billboards erected in pursuit of the “Negro Fascism” representing attempts to manufacture a new type of ‘negro aesthetic’ that a single billboard for the Russian Winter Olympics can, with devastating ease, quickly remind the world why that Psychology Today article was 100 percent correct.

Update: Forgot about this scene from Rocky IV. It won't embed, so enjoy it here


Steve said...

Good for the Russians. Nice to see a billboard that isn't stained with homage to the Race of Failures (RoF).

Anonymous said...

The billboard looks as Soviet as it does Fascist.

10mm Auto said...

I'm confused (but that is common in BRA). Soviet style Che images of Obama is "inspired" and "hardhitting" while Russian style images of Proud Whites is "Facist"?

As a side note, I have been dating a beautiful woman from Eastern Europe and I asked her what Russians think of Africans. Her response? "Pas Humane" (Not Human). They do not have any PC blinders on at all. When africans misbehave as in riot or commit crimes, they don't get trembling apologies or some sort of "outreach". They get a beating in a cell and a plane ticket back to da mudderland.

Anonymous said...

This blog makes excellent points, but BRA wouldn't exist without the tacit assent of a big portion of whites. The truth is the qualities of official blackness- aggressiveness, deep admiration of effortless athleticism, humor with a mean vein, a casual, lackadaisical attitude toward life, a contempt for thoughtfulness, etc., are things strongly valued by a lot of whites. They are only being brainwashed that the things they appreciate have their best and highest expression in black people, which is true.

Discard said...

Anon at 8:26 has it right. Wasn't the term "Soviet Realism"? Muscular man with a hammer, beautiful woman with a sickle, striding purposefully forward. It had a vogue in this country too, among certain left wing artists. But I guess if you ask the painters of 65 meter penises, anything they haven't the skill to create must be fascist.

Greying Wanderer said...

Cool looking poster.

Anonymous said...

"Physical, mental and psychological intimidation is something Black athletes (at 80 percent of the NBA, 69 percent of the NFL, 50 percent of major college football programs, and 63 percent of major college basketball teams) hold over white athletes."

Maybe not. White and non-black boxers and MMA fighters don't seem all that intimidated by black boxers/fighters.

And the whitest NFL teams (Packers, Pats, Colts) usually win the Super Bowl with roughly 50% white rosters.

Dissident said...

Here's what multiculturalism did to this young, beautiful Swede.

Warning: Don't view the pictures at the bottom of the forum if you can't stomach brutality of the most unimaginable kind.

We've become somewhat accustomed to this kind of heinous barbarism here in the US, but now the Scandinavians are letting these animals into their countries-they'll learn to regret that mistake!

On the topic of the posters. They look very sophisticated and appropriate to me-what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Before the Orlando Magic were blown out of the water by Atlanta, one of the downtown buildings had a multistory banner of a raging, maniacal-looking, sweaty Magic basketball player draped down its side. You could not go walking downtown without seeing this distasteful Negro image, larger than nature intended, invading the cityscape. I was happy that the team was quickly eliminated from the playoffs.

D J said...

"This blog makes excellent points, but BRA wouldn't exist without the tacit assent of a big portion of whites."

There is no longer any tacit assent, in indeed there ever was, among a big portion of whites. It is something whites must do in order to keep their businesses open, keep their jobs, keep their futures. One wrong word, one wrong hiring decision, one wrong action, and the government will destroy you. You will accept affirmative action. You will accept having your money taken from you at the point of a gun and brandishing of a badge. You will accept Section 8 renters next door. Und yoo vill LIKE IT!

The great one said...

98% of Russia is a third world country. Do you honestly think blacks care about what Russians think? Russians don't want to live in Russia. Besides the 20 oligarchs who control 98% of the economy, what do Russia have to offer? Russia is a failed country; a perfect example of SBDPL city when they are left to their own devices. Honestly, how many people want to visit Russia as a vacation destination? Russia is such a shitty country that you have a hard time keeping Russian there. Why don’t SBPDLs move to Russia and live amongst your kinfolk? You will be totally free of NAMS there. By the way, I have never met any NAM that wanted to visit Russia- If fact; they talk about it with great distain.
Very few blacks are interested in MMA. The blacks that are in MMA are usually at the top of the pack. You have Anderson Silva (Black Brazilian), Jon Jones, Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem. They pretty much are dominating or will dominate at their weight classes. Everyone knows heavyweight boxing is a dump. That is why the klitschkos are dominating. Even David Haye, who going to beat Vlad klitschko in June admits that he will not be consider one the best of all-time after beating Vlad klitschko, because the competitors are lousy. The last quality black Heavy was Lennox Lewis. Lewis was an old, overweight and out shape way past prime who destroyed the face of the white hope vitaliy klitschko

Anonymous said...

"Do you honestly think blacks care about what Russians think?"

Do you honestly think anyone cares what YOU think?

Liberty's Lady said...

"By the way, I have never met any NAM that wanted to visit Russia- If fact; they talk about it with great distain."

NAM's "distain" Russia or any other place where there is no free ride -- where you actually have to "work". And NAMs know how the natives feel about them.

Anonymous said...

"Very few blacks are interested in MMA."

LOL You know nothing about mma.

I've attended hundreds of mma events, and I've seen hundreds of black mma fighters, most of them are terrible. Typically, black fighters are good strikers with zero ground skills. The fact that there are several really good black fighters does not change the reality that most black fighters suck.

BTW, your bad spelling and grammar (along with your cluelessness) are very reminiscent of one of our previous idiots, a gay black male who called himself Dishonest Crusader.

The great one said...

Anonymous your reasoning sucks. That's like saying you went to a star trek convention and most of of the trekies were blacks, so that means most trekies are black.
98% of black people could not name any black fighters in MMA. Blacks care about sports where they can make alot of money and they are idolize. HOw many blacks kids want to be evans, silva or overeem? America's best athletes dont do MMA. who get more vaj jay: NFL or MMA fighter? Who get more vaj jay in high school: the football playvr or the wrestler/MMA?
The Average player in the big money sport makes more than the top fighters in MMA.
MMA is almost like US soccer
If I all black

Anonymous said...

He reminds me of the self-described elite, Riley.

Steve said...

To the "Great One" more like the dumb sub-human one. Your statements make me laugh, your a pathetic creature that lives in your own small world.
Realize this you are a failed species that exists only because the white man allows you to live. Your very life depends on the charity of others. If your a DWL then your fate is predetermined your a loser and your judgment is coming sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous your reasoning sucks."

In other words, you don't understand.

"That's like saying you went to a star trek convention and most of of the trekies were blacks, so that means most trekies are black."

No. It's not like that at all.

"98% of black people could not name any black fighters in MMA."

98% of black people can't do simple math or speak proper English.
So what?

Anonymous said...

I am an employee of Frito Lay and a few years back our stupid company decided to have a nigger faces of the NBA ad campaign on some of its BILLION dollar selling brands packaging. There was an immediate nationwide drop in sales as the buying(white) public didn't like the "buy our chips, MF" look of the bags and the stealing(black) public didn't make them any money. Needless to say it hasn't happened since.

Anonymous said...

The Great Moronic One said:
"98% of Russia is a third world country"
"Honestly, how many people want to visit Russia as a vacation destination?"

Another black genius with an 80 IQ. You've never been to Russia, but you give your uneducated opinion, and of course, no facts to back it up.

I have been to Russia. It is a beautiful country and very nice people. And it's economy is getting better all of the time. Hard working, and proud, Russia is again asserting itself as a world power. Now, tell me about those African world powers.

One thing you notice is the beauty of the subway stations in Moscow. They are works of art. I couldn't help but think about how this could never be in the US, because the low life blacks would have to destroy it and cover it with graffiti. Just a "black thang", you know.


The great one said...

Questions for SBPDLs: You say most white people are SBPDL, but how come you guys don’t have influence or the power to sway public policy? If this is the case, it's very telling about SBPDLs’ abilities. To allow a very small group of DWL's to have more power than you, proves that DWL must be very powerful/smart and or SBPLs are extremely stupid or genetically deficient.

Anonymous said... and this blog is what makes the world go back. By the way I'm a black dude... worst of all african (Kenyan)... and I love it. So you guyz in my perception think we should still be enslaved. Freakin idiots.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

The world go back to what? Your link goes to this blog as well. What was the point of your comment?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

The great one,

Just head over to or pick up a copy of "Fast Company" to the see the world the DWLs have created.

This is an excellent question and one I'll explore next week. However, to see what Hedge Fund managers are actually thinking about right now, consider this article:

Recall that less than 1 percent of farmers in America are Black and you can see what SBPDL are actually producing.

Anonymous said...

"You say most white people are SBPDL"

Strange, I've never heard anyone say this.

Please cite an example, thank you.

Anonymous said...

"So you guyz in my perception think we should still be enslaved."

In my perception, you want to rape and murder all whites.

Freakin savages.

Anonymous said...

"So you guyz in my perception think we should still be enslaved."

So, Kenyans are also prone to using "z" for plurals? Must be a black thing, huh? "Hey, gang, let's look illiterate!"

Anonymous said...

I like the poster, if your offended that theres no blacks in the damn thing tuff shit...they are the host country and its their culture...if it was Zimbabwe or a turd world country hosting then whitey wouldnt be in the picture at all....

Stan Horn

Dissident said...

To the "great one".

The only reason that SBPDL's aren't more influential politically is simple.

We're fighting against public perception based upon a media that skews reality constantly, it's really that simple. You blacks (and other "minorities") have the bastard media to thank for your rise to prominence and NOTHING else-get it?

Don't think for one moment that it's anything you people did to deserve what you've got. the ONLY reason you have a pot to piss in is, because of sacrificial, hard working whites.

This public perception is beginning to change. The sleeping giant is becoming more racially conscious daily. You'll scoff at that notion I'm sure, but just remember, let sleeping dogs lye. Get it malcontent?

Keep pissing up the tree and it's going to hit you in the face eventually.

We whites have conceded our political power, because of the lie of PC and because of the subterfuge of DWL's and a hostile anti-white media.

This is changing; albeit rather slowly. As more whites become disenfranchised this process will gain momentum.

We've given it away; no one has taken it from us-not yet!

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of DWLs are the same as SBPDL. They don't like black kulcha. The only difference is they pretend to like it. They are the ones who will smile at you when you walk by and then stab you when your back is to them.

Pat said...

“Everyone knows heavyweight boxing is a dump.”

On what evidence? When black boxers dominated, East Europeans were stuck behind the Iron Curtain. Now that the tough Slavs have the chance to compete for titles, logically boxing is MORE competitive, not less.

Just my opinion: I don't believe Ali in his prime could have beaten Klitschko in his prime. Klitschko (who's Ukrainian, not Russian) isn't just tough. He's also smart.

R said...

I knew I wasn't the only one who thought the poster had a Soviet feel to it.

Dissident that was horrific, poor girl.

I must second the warning not to see the pics unless you are at least somewhat desensitized.

Unfortunately it is to be expected from blacks, especially from African refugees like Sweden has. They're savages who often excuse criminal behavior and don't have a strong sense of justice.

The great one said...

Pat you are a moron and can not read.
David Haye, the number one contender for the title says that about the heavy weight class. Because of this, he says he will never be considered one of the best because it was such a bad era. Is that not good enough evidence? In addition, Emmanuel steward, one of the top trainers of all time said the same thing. 2)The iron curtain is no excuse. Black Cubans were also under the iron curtain, but they managed to stay competitive during this time. 3) Vitali Klitschko is considered to be the best of the brothers, but yet an aging, overweight, under-trained out of shape lennox Lewis destroyed his face when they fought. And Vitaly was in his prime at the time.

Anonymous said...

Great One is a buffoon:

1. Lennox Lewis was only 37 when he fought Vitali. His usual weight was 250 and he came in at 256. Before the fight he noted he had been lifting weights and his physique was fine for the fight. Vitali was up 4-2 on all the cards when the fight was stopped due to a cut. Lewis retired rather than fight Vitali (who was still not at his peak) in a rematch. Lewis also was beaten by several whites in the amateurs.

2. Show me where Emmanuel Steward said this was a weak era. He said no such thing and has noted on HBO that the heavyweights of today are much bigger and stronger than at any other time.

3. Wladimir is considered the better, more accomplished boxer. Vitali is considered "tougher" but Wlad is the better boxer.

4. As for MMA, five of the top 10 pound for pound fighters are white. Two are black. Twenty percent of the fighters in the original UFC competition were black and they were all handled.

Anonymous said...

David Haye will never be considered the best because he is not. He was a good cruiserweight but got a gift decision against Nicolai Valuev and has beaten second tier challengers (Ruiz and Harrison) since then. He will get KO'd by Wlad on 7/2 if he shows up (he already punked out of two fights with the Klitschkos).

Anonymous said...

"Black Cubans were also under the iron curtain, but they managed to stay competitive during this time."

Black Cubans were competitive in professional boxing?

I must've missed that.

Pat said...

"Great One," your name calling breaks my heart. No class David Haye’s endless trash talking (and yours) isn’t good evidence. He beat Valuev, but I am far from the only one who feels Valuev was robbed:

Which Cuban boxers? Teofilo Stevenson never went pro. If there were any Cuban professionals, then Castro allowed it. The Iron Curtain was not an “excuse” for East Europeans. Under Communism, they weren’t allowed to box professionally. What are some professional bouts they fought in?

Re: the Klitschko-Lewis fight, the ring doctor stopped it when Vitali got a bad cut over his left eye. Klitschko was ahead on all three scorecards, and wanted to continue. Lewis was booed when he was announced the winner by TKO. Shortly before a mandatory rematch with Vitali, Lewis retired, vacating the title.

The Klitschkos have the highest KO% of any heavyweights in history (Vitali 88%; Wlad 84%; Ali 60%). Both Klitschkos are champions (and great humans). Their size and athleticism would favor them in any era. Most observers do NOT say Vitali is better, great as he is. Wlad holds more titles. Today, Wlad has it all: size, speed, athleticism, technique, brains, and heart. No-class Haye backed out of fighting either Klitschko about four times, yet still keeps insulting them. Maybe Haye won’t run away now due to the paycheck. Then he’ll run away all night in the ring like he did against Valuev.

Getting back to the argument you ignored, the talent pool in pro boxing is much larger now than in the heyday of Ali, Foreman, etc. There are far more Latinos (generally too small to be heavyweights), Filipino Manny Pacquia, and of course the East Europeans. It stands to reason the sport is more competitive. It’s more exciting than ever, IMO, even if the UFC is more realistic.

I concede that among past, big-name black fighters were some better guys than most thug blacks we see in the ring today, like Haye or Hopkins. The great Floyd Patterson was classy all the way. Ali, not so much. I know of no reason not to respect Holyfield. Tyson? Need I say more?

Now the majority – around 20 – world boxing titles are held by white men. Only men with no better way to make a living pursue such brutal means. White parents steer their boys to other sports. As East Europe’s living standards rise, they too may abandon the “sweet science,” like American whites after the 1950s. Then who knows? Maybe American blacks, on society’s bottom, will have the sport almost to themselves again (with Hispanics), if the welfare state hasn’t destroyed our underclass too much.

Then again, as the USA heads off the cliff, maybe more white Americans will return to boxing. They’d need boxing gyms where whites live. More likely, whites will keep gravitating to MMA, a more practical skill, suited to white strengths.

The Klitschkos are also honorable men: good role models, educated, who don't childishly brag about being "the greatest," rape women, use crack, or bite their opponents’ ears. Thus, white haters say they are boring, or they’re champions only because it’s “a bad era” and “Everyone knows heavyweight boxing is a dump.” With so much heart, the talented Klitschko brothers – a joy to watch – may not know when to hang up their gloves. If a tired, older Klitschko loses in his 40s, the haters will proclaim they never were good. But numerous up and comers now are also white.

This matters to all whites, to belie the propaganda that we're weak. Much like Eastern Europeans before the fall of communism, the truth is we're oppressed and don't know our own strength.

Thanks for reading. My apologies for writing so many words.

Pat said...

P.S. My thanks to Caste Football, Wikipedia, East Side Boxing, YouTube and a few other sources used to research my post. I'm really liking SBPDL and have donated (money). I urge others to do the same. Now, I really am done!

Anonymous said...

The Great One says Pat fails to read well again.
The talent pool is only large in the lower division but The heavy weight division is still lacking quality talent. Eastern European only dominate the heavy weight division because it's lacking talent. Name just non-heavyweight eastern European fight that was big? This is a fact. Go to any major boxing website or forum and you will find out.
I will man-up and take back the Black Cubans comment.
Klitschko vs Lewis Fight: Yes, Klitschko was ahead on the scoring cards,but it was not by much. It was only a matter of time before Lewis was going to knock him out. Did you look at Klitschkos's face? Do you honestly think he was going to last another two rounds and by that time Klitschko kept holding on to Lewis because he knew his demise was around the corner. You are making all of this hypothetical assumptions about what could of happen. McCain could have won the presidency. The Steelers could have won the Superbowl but the fact is that he lost fairly. Wlad would have a lesser chance against Lewis because Lewis is more technically sound than some of the bums Klitschko fought, Lewis has a longer reach and Wlad has a weak chin.
Even though blacks are not generally interested in mma, why are they the top at their divisions? Bone Jones, Evans, Anderson Silva, Kongo, Overeem and Rampage. Plus, you know that America's best athletes black or white don't participate in MMA. MMA is like an extreme sport where you have the whites who could not have made it in the mainstream sports. Stop that SBPDL victimization mentality that you often accuse NAMS of having. It would not make any sense to decimate against whites in sports because they are instantly more marketable. This is proven my Jersey sales. The NFL is about 78% Black, but the Top ten best selling Jerseys are that of the white players. It is very silly that you think that conservative white coaches, scouts, owners with white wives and children, living in white neighborhood with white friends are going to discriminate white athletes? Economically, it makes no sense

Anonymous said...

Great One:

1. Whites own all the belts at middleweight, 3 of 4 at super middleweight and 2 of 4 at cruiserweight. So it is not just heavyweight where whites are dominating.

2. Blacks are not at the top of their divisions in MMA. Only Jones and Silva are champions in the UFC. Five of the top 10 P4P fighters are white and three are Hispanic. Kongo is a journeyman who losses everytime he fights a top 10 fighter like Herring, Velasquez or Mir.

3. The idea of black supremacy in sports is pretty funny, but most coaches/scouts do practice it. Look at Caste Football for more information. Every fall, an all-white team will beat an all-black team for a Texas or Florida state high school football championship. Yet about 12 of the blacks will be offered scholarships and only 2-3 whites will get free rides.

Anonymous said...

"The NFL is about 78% Black, but the Top ten best selling Jerseys are that of the white players."

The NFL is 65% black.

Seven of the top 10 selling jerseys are of white players.

The Green Bay Packers were Super Bowl champions with a 50% white roster and starting lineup. This does suggest that there is discrimination against whites as most teams are not near 50% white.

Anonymous said...

What psychopathic minds need to hate so on Whites? This has gone far beyond mere 'concern for equal representation' for non-Whites (i.e., 'persons of color') - this is now tacit genocide, to deny whites ANY self-expression. And isn't that an 'international crime against humanity'?

Or are whites, 'less than human.'? Now, what non-white ethnic group thinks that way. Wait..... It's on the tip of my tongue.....

Fr. John+

Mister Layout said...

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