Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Could Have Been on Mars: But we had to Fund Black-Run America

I'm taking the SBPDL cap of for this one. It's personal.

Back in the late-1990s, I visited Birmingham, Alabama and wondered why the city was so rundown. I must have been around 14 or 15. The reality of Jefferson County isn't pleasant and compared to where I grew up, it made since to attribute Birmingham's collapse to its majority population.
We could have been here...

The fact that 12 years later, five Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Birmingham have fled the city shows you just one of the many incalculable costs of Black-Run America (BRA). The majority of crime (both to person and to property) are courtesy of a Black population that receives substantial funding from the US taxpayer. The majority of the crime in all of Alabama is attributable to only 29 percent of the total state population.

And Sports Illustrated had the gall to do a cover-story on the horrific tornado that ripped that town apart; Montgomery, Birmingham, Mobile, and Huntsville have been ripped apart by a much worse disaster over the past 40-50 years, and the amount of harm done by this unnatural disaster (the combined power of Disingenuous White Liberals, white guilt, and subservience to Black people and accommodating their every whim and desire) is of epic and incalculable proportions.The costs of damage to Tuscaloosa by that devastating tornado can be calculated; the costs associated with maintaining, moving away from, safe-guarding from rape, incarcerating, educating, feeding, housing, insuring, clothing, pampering and securing your property from Black people is not quantifiable. 

Funding Black-Run America (BRA) - think EBT cards, welfare, trying to close the gap in academic achievement, families moving away from crime-ridden areas, Section 8 housing, court costs associated with coddling an population that commits crime at a disproportionate rate, jails, etc. - has required the mis-allocation of precious resources that could have gone to so many other important causes.

But in BRA, the number one cause is excusing away continued Black failure by over-funding and over-indulging the very source of the problem.

Investing in one of the many collapsing cities throughout America doesn't make any sense. From a business standpoint, the negative costs associated with trying to open a small business in a failing, majority Black city far outweigh any positives that could come with such a socially conscious move (read this article about Camden).

Remember the story I did on Huntsville? Once one of the most important cities associated with our national desire to reach the stars, it now ranks as one of the most important cities in America associated with our national desire to uplift every Black person at the expense of our national interest.

Yesterday I read with sadness an op-ed from Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon (we don't have time for conspiracies or nonsense; we did go to the moon) and realized that the great nation desire to find scholarly Black engineers now supersedes NASA goals of space exploration. Here is what Armstrong said:

Was President Kennedy a dreamer, a visionary, or simply politically astute? We may never know, but he had the courage to make that bold proposal 50 years ago Wednesday. The Soviet Union's Yuri Gagarin had completed an orbit of the Earth the previous month and electrified the world. The United States had taken only one human, Alan Shepard, above 100 miles altitude and none into orbit. Americans, embarrassed by the successes of our Cold War adversary, were eager to demonstrate that we too were capable of great achievements in space.

In addition to its own editorials, USA TODAY publishes a variety of opinions from outside writers. On political and policy matters, we publish opinions from across the political spectrum.

Roughly half of our columns come from our Board of Contributors, a group whose interests range from education to religion to sports to the economy. Their charge is to chronicle American culture by telling the stories, large and small, that collectively make us what we are.

We also publish weekly columns by Al Neuharth, USA TODAY's founder, and DeWayne Wickham, who writes primarily on matters of race but on other subjects as well. That leaves plenty of room for other views from across the nation by well-known and lesser-known names alike.

President Kennedy called in the leaders of the nascent National Aeronautics and Space Administration for their opinion on any space goal that Uncle Sam could win. They concluded that the only possibility was a manned lunar landing, and that would include all the principal elements of human space travel.

The president decided this was the right project, the right time, and the Americans were the right people.

"Now it is time to take longer strides — time for a great new American enterprise — time for this nation to take a clearly leading role in space achievement, which in many ways may hold the key to our future on earth.
… Let it be clear that I am asking the Congress and the country to accept a firm commitment to a new course of action, a course which will last for many years and carry very heavy costs."
— President Kennedy

A half century has passed since Kennedy challenged our citizenry to do what most thought to be impossible. The subsequent American achievements in space were remarkable: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab. Our efforts enhanced international cooperation with Apollo-Soyuz, the space shuttle and the International Space Station. The compelling fascination of our space achievements among young people spurred their interest in education.

By 2005, in keeping with President Kennedy's intent and America's resolve, NASA was developing the Constellation program, focusing on a return to the moon while simultaneously developing the plans and techniques to venture beyond, and eventually to Mars.

The program enjoyed near-unanimous support, being approved and endorsed by the Bush administration and by both Democratic and Republican Congresses. However, due to its congressionally authorized funding falling victim to Office of Management and Budget cuts, earmarks and other unexpected financial diversions, Constellation fell behind schedule. An administration-appointed review committee concluded the Constellation program was "not viable" due to inadequate funding.

President Obama's proposed 2011 budget did not include funds for Constellation, therefore essentially canceling the program. It sent shock waves throughout NASA, the Congress and the American people. Nearly $10 billion had been invested in design and development of the program.
NASA is no more. Outreach to HBCU's and Muslims and finding Black scientists is of far more importance.

Instead we fund Section 8 riots
In reality the funding of Black-Run America is of far more importance. We can't have Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac collapse, because Black people would be harmed disproportionately. But we can see NASA collapse, because that frees up more money from an already exhausted budget (funding BRA isn't cheap!) to go toward the never-ending cause of improving the quality of life for Black people.

This might be too much for some people reading this site, but I'm in a vendetta kind of mood. I want to put together a short book (100 - 150 pages) tentatively called We Could Have Been on Mars: But we had to Fund Black-Run America.

 All of the money spent trying to improve the academic success rate of Black students over the past 40-50 years has been a monumental waste. The Return on Investment (ROI) for this investment has been, well, it's hard to qualify, but we have helped a lot of Fortune 500 companies find valuable employees to promote over more qualified individuals.

So we ask you readers to search for the best articles on NASA you can find, detailing the budgets of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions. Statistics on diversity of the employees would be awesome. Then, help us locate the statistics for costs associated with programs like Headstart and other monetary wastelands concocted to help Black people excel in the classroom.

Costs associated with HUD, welfare, crime (think incarceration, court costs, the need for more police, etc.), EBT cards, and anything else you can think, send it over to me.

We could have been on Mars by now. Instead, we have to close up shop on space exploration and continue funding Black-Run America.

How many other cities are like the big four in Alabama? Natural disasters didn't destroy the urban core of these cities and force White Flight, that quiet capitulation by white people to their Black overlords. Yes, the tornado in Tuscaloosa was horrible and the loss of life was tragic, but what about the costs of abandoning Birmingham, Montgomery, Huntsville, and Mobile to Black rule?

The morality of funding Black-Run America must never be questioned. That we have mortgaged the future of the United States and space exploration to funding BRA must be quantified and qualified. It's important to see what the ROI is for this investment.

Help us out with We Could Have Been on Mars.


Spence said...

President Kennedy would be ashamed to see the level of BRA today that it is at.We will be surpassed economically by China at this pace in 2016 if President Obama is elected again,or another Pres. that panders to BRA.

He said,"Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country."
Those of Black African descent are very strong physically because of their ancestors' environment,as everyone knows.

Why give them welfare and AA,which causes their low intelligence to make them lazy and think they will always get benefits and $ without working hard?
We need a fiscal conservative,like Pres. Kennedy and Reagan,who cut taxes and cut the welfare.I have hope in someone who is honest like Ron Paul.

Hirsch said...





I grew up with Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Star Trek and all the other pre-genesis of a space-faring civilization's infrastructure. In July 1969, I watched on a little black and white TV as we made the Moon a "White American Males-Only" private club.

But...I was saddened to be an eyewitness to our society's deliberate trashing of a white man's space program to fund a welfare program for, ironically, an alien culture.

Like the weeds in Florida reclaiming Launch Complexes 1, 3, 4 and 5, if we wish to Reach For The Stars, we've have to hack away at the encroaching jungle.


Anonymous said...

Hey instead of getting off this planet I would rather pay for some no loads king like dinner. Lobster and porterhouse steaks all washed down with copious amounts of diet mountain dew. Paid for with food stamps.

-Fed Up White Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

As you mentioned,the cost of funding BRA is unquantifiable. That might be a good thing,for anyone interested in a peaceful existence,because if the costs were quantifiable,then blood might well have been running in the gutters for the last 20 years.

But the most heartbreaking part-to me-is what's referred to as "opportunity cost." This one really is unquantifiable,since it deals with the might-have-beens that never were.

These might-have-beens never were because some Dad couldn't indulge his 10 year old son's interest in chemistry. Because Dad had moved his family 40 miles away from his job in the nearest city,and when he got home at night after a long day and a hellish commute,the poor man was too tired to do much of anything but eat,and then go to sleep so he could get up again and do the same thing tomorrow. All to keep his family safe from predators.

Or these things didn't happen because some girl taking a creative writing course was so traumatized by an assault that her natural talents were never developed to full potential. Or because some kid couldn't get an after school job to save for college tuition,because all the potential employers had either closed due to "inventory shrinkage" or the budgets were so stretched by the need for security that part time after school help was out of the question.

And on,and on,and on. Believe it or not,some of us notice these things and realize that Yes,Virginia-it didn't have to be this way.

Ex Gladio Libertas

Anonymous said...

The cost has been incalculable. Our GDP could be twice what it is today, if not more.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to include, when writing about schools, all the gory details about court ordered billions to failed New Jersey schools and also the Kansas City case, both now dropped in the memory hole.

Stephen said...

No blacks on Mars? PLEASE SEND ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Constellation program is not being funded because we never went to the moon in the first place.We could never reach Mars either. Its all a sci-fi fantasy designed to fritter your future away like Black-run-America is designed to destroy the European people and it's culture. It is the love for Babylon and the hatred of Christ Jesus which the Pharisaic rulers of this world have polluted our minds with. If you look to the skies, it should be to await the Saviour's return, so all His enemies become His footstool. Maranatha! Markus

John Sobieski said...

As a former resident of Birmingham, I think you hit the nail on the head. I watched Birmingham's decline from the 70s through 1984. Then I moved to Atlanta! and watched that decline.

Spunkmeyer said...

Sometimes the saddest things are what didn't happen. Katrina, Haiti, countless examples in Africa and elsewhere in the world of horrible deeds that would scar your soul are bad, but they were going to happen anyways. It is just the nature of those people.

Though humanity getting to Mars has never been a sure thing. We could have done it, but instead we tried to stop devolved human nature by throwing money at it. Ridiculous. You cannot affect human nature with money in the form of handouts.

Now we are behind, and will continue to get further behind as time ticks away. This was our fault, because we are stupid.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when a black is in charge of the USA and NASA? Do any black/African nations have a space program? Do any of them even have airplanes that can fly without white flight mechanics taking care of the planes?

Anonymous said...

When we finally get to Mars, can we send all the Africans there?

bubo said...

Another stat that I think about is the cost that our hospitals and thusly ourselves have to pay to patch up the amount of gunshot victims per year in the US. Blacks account for about 70% of the gun crimes in this country. I read that the average cost to treat gunshot wounds is about 50,000 dollars. I believe these stats as I sprained my foot and was hit with a bill of almost 1000 dollars for xrays and ace bandage. Multiply that figure by 200,000 or so black related shootings. You get the point. It didn't take nuclear Armageddon to destroy the US as a superpower, it took blacks.

Anonymous said...

White people (over a soft violin sonata): "We could have been on Mars if it weren't for Negroes."

Me: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! *gasps for air* Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Dream on, douche! If white people ever get to Mars (by the way, good luck sucking in CO2 and dust), it won't be to the credit of the Redneck Wing of society; you'll be thanking whites of higher IQs. The Japanese don't have to take care of black or brown and they've never reached Mars.

Same with the USSR.

The US couldn't go to Mars because those in power were too busy containing CREATED CHAOS. By the way, pretty hilarious how you blame 13 percent of the population on the nation's domestic problems. Get real! Numbers, man, numbers: you still have significant amounts of white people receiving "handouts." Hypothetically speaking, getting rid of whites would be more beneficial or just as beneficial as getting rid of Negroes!

Oh, shit; time to laugh again at your arrogant, bloated pipe dreams:


Midwestern said...

I have previously posted the lyrics to "Whitey On The Moon", by Gil Scott Heron which effectively sums up how blacks misunderstand the high aspirations of whites, and the curiosity and genius of white culture, and expect us all to step down to their low level of living.

When I hear whiny blacks and liberals moan about the cost of space travel, and how many "mouths we could feed with that money", I remind them of all of the products they use EVERYDAY which were created as a result. Memory foam, invisible braces, satellite dish TV, cell phone technology, smoke detectors, and all of the rest of the discoveries which help our poor blacks to live like kings. Don't expect the proud blacks to ever give credit or say thank you for any of this, by the way.

Anonymous said...

You know you can talk shit about blacks all you want but at the end of the day they have EXPLOSIVE birth rates and white women are increasingly craving black dick.

Whites won't wven be around in 100 years so your incessant whining is just pathetic. That and your ignirance of history. Listen idiot white people ENSLAVED black people. We broguht them over here, we made them do our work for us, weraped their land, we destroyed their culture, we wrecked the African contient. We owe them big time.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Asians are smart and capable enough to go to space. They allow almost no blacks into their populations so we can be assured they will continue to flourish.

As for the U.S. and many other white nations, well, we have a huge burden with our amount of blacks. That population is growing as well - estimated to be 16% in the U.S. by 2042.

Having a black president has not made them behave any better. No has trillions of dollars in handouts and affirmative action preferences in every institution.

Their defect is in their genes.

Funny thing is, many of the greatest Americans - Jefferson, Clay, Monroe, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt ... knew this. Some tried to act but even then it was hard to make people see that a future with large numbers of blacks was indeed a black future for us all.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

We owe Africa nothing. Nothing.

Someone wrote:

"The US couldn't go to Mars because those in power were too busy containing CREATED CHAOS. By the way, pretty hilarious how you blame 13 percent of the population on the nation's domestic problems. Get real! Numbers, man, numbers: you still have significant amounts of white people receiving "handouts." Hypothetically speaking, getting rid of whites would be more beneficial or just as beneficial as getting rid of Negroes!"

Looking at Birmingham, Detroit, Memphis and other major cities, it is quite simple to extrapolate from the empirical evidence that Black people and white flight doomed those cities (and many others).

Yes, you do have a white people receiving handouts, but you have a disproportionate amount of Black people receiving handouts. When Black people represent 13 percent of the United States but more than 40 percent of those on EBT cards nationally, that tells you something. Same with prison population, dropout rates, crime rates, etc.

Anonymous said...

"When Black people represent 13 percent of the United States but more than 40 percent of those on EBT cards nationally, that tells you something. Same with prison population, dropout rates, crime rates, etc."

Well said. The other part is how much that 13% pays in taxes. In Levin's "Why Race Matters," he showed that blacks only paid about 6% of the taxes in the U.S. That was in the mid-to-late 1990s but I doubt that has changed and may have gotten lower.

Anonymous said...

"Listen idiot white people ENSLAVED black people. We broguht them over here, we made them do our work for us, weraped their land, we destroyed their culture, we wrecked the African continent. We owe them big time."

1. Blacks who came here were already enslaved in Africa and slavery still exists in Africa to this day.

2. Slaves did some work - particularly in agriculture in the South. But white labor overwhelmingly built this nation.

3. Blacks were taken from a Stone Age tribal culture where there were no written languages, no number systems, massive famines, slavery, cannibalism and a life expectancy in the 20s.

4. Hospitals, banks, roads, schools, computers, airplanes ...etc only came to sub-Saharan because of whites or Arabs. Colonization is the best thing that ever happened to black Africans and the only thing that can make that region civilized even today (see what China is doing in much of black Africa).

Anonymous said...

"You know you can talk shit about blacks all you want but at the end of the day they have EXPLOSIVE birth rates and white women are increasingly craving black dick."

1. In the U.S. blacks only have moderate birth rates. They are certainly behind Hispanic birth rates.

2. Black males like to think that - and that is probably why there is so much black -on-non-black rape. But if you look at Internet dating/f**king sites it is still white males in the most demand.

By the way, I just saw a show on TLC about the man with the biggest penis in the world. He is white!

I guess we beat you guys in everything!

Anonymous said...

"We broguht them over here, we made them do our work for us, we raped their land, we destroyed their culture, we wrecked the African contient. We owe them big time."

We certainly owe them all a one-way trip back to Africa -- which continent we should then carefully ignore, stopping immediately all forms of foreign aid, & especially all forms of medicine. Those poor black darlings have suffered so much from us evil white folk. It's time for us to just leave them the fuck alone, forever & ever. And vice versa.

Anonymous said...

"Listen idiot white people ENSLAVED black people."

Actually, white people FREED black people.

Blacks have always enslaved other blacks, they still do today.

Anonymous said...

Most blacks really don't understand space travel or aspirations to such. You need only look at their past(present) in Africa-they never saw fit to look further than the ends of their own noses.

This country is going bankrupt supporting deadbeats and it makes me wonder if reparations are in place and we weren't told? We are paying them no matter how we feel about it. I just wonder what the next generation will face, and it frightens me to even ponder.

As for blacks & NASA, being someone old enough to remember, a black astronaut lost his life during the Challenger incident back in 1986. I remember it vividly because this occurred on my 11th birthday. The world was an exciting place then and this country was obviously vastly different. I do not recall ever this astronaut being discussed during black history or by any black person to be honest. His name was Ronald McNair. He was accomplished on his own , with no obvious help from the government. THESE are the kinds of blacks America needs-not whiny ghetto trash.

I mourn for this country as I fear its greatest days are perhaps behind us or so far in the future I can't ever hope to see them.

More on McNair here:

Sagat said...

If Whites ever did goto Mars, then after centuries of terra-forming the planet into a livable place, maybe even a paradise, Blacks would then start crying about how they deserved to goto Mars too. Then, of course, Whites, who are so easily pushed over by the big mouthed crying of juvenile Blacks, would then pay for the interplanetary travel of shiftless Blacks to the new White homeland of Mars. Just imagine Blacks driving around Mars with spinners on their rovers, complaining about the cold and demanding that White people hook them up with cushy jobs.

This is what you'd get:

Midwestern said...

Black Anon (Black Guy, Honest Crusader, Desiree...) said:

"Get real! Numbers, man, numbers: you still have significant amounts of white people receiving "handouts."

Sounds like you are just getting started with the whole race realism journey! Welcome along!

Please read and digest some truth black anon, Hunter Wallace has done the hard work for you and put the info into little colorful charts that even the retards can understand.

Scroll down for the latest EBT Card/Welfare usage by race, and then note the public school per student spending vs. the spending per prisoner, then apologize to the hard-working white taxpayer for paying your people to eat:

Anonymous said...

We don't need whiny ghetto trash, but white liberals certainly do. Blacks need to be left to fend for themselves. They were doing just fine before the LBJ's Great Welfare Society. If anything, they've devolved since then. Keeping them on the welfare plantation buys millions of votes for the democrat party

dirtydog1776 said...

I practiced an inquiry based, hands on approach to teaching science at the elementary level for many years in an inner city school. Looking back now, I realize that it was a waste of time for most blacks. Most blacks treated experiments as an opportunity to fool around, get in trouble, engage in name calling, the list goes on. When it came to analyzing results in the form of oral or written observation and drawing conclusions, the results would have been hilarious if it had not so pathetic. More than one parent said they had a "smart little boy or girl," but it was my fault they did not do well, the unstated assumption being that I was racist and was holding back beautiful little black and brown children who had never had a chance to succeed and merely desired a chance to fly high with their dreams and goals. ( Do you detect a note of sarcasm?) All the girls wanted was to have a baby, no husband necessary and a fancy cell phone. The boys wanted gold jewelry, expensive sneakers and a fast car with fancy wheel rims, a gat would be nice, too.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a quote I read a while back.

"A nation can either have a black population or a space program, no accountant will sign off on both."

I believe that was from an economics professor but don't remember who.

As for whites enslaving black, I've always found it funny how blacks can overlook the simple fact that blacks in the US have the highest standard of living of blacks anywhere in the world including Europe (the black standard of living anywhere in Africa is so low its pathetic).
I also love how blacks always act as apologists for the ones who actually created and drove the world slave trade. If you mention to a black that Africans enslaved each other since before recorded history, and Muslims began the commercial slave trade, you will normally get a response like,
"the koran has verses about how muslims must treat their slave humanely and with respect, like bring them into their homes to eat with them and if they had known how white would treat them they would never have sold them to the whites".
This ignores the fact that the bible also has verses on how to treat slaves and Christians would be much more likely to follow those than would muslims (as can be seen by the periodic massacres of non muslim by muslims in africa today).
In essence black have to know by their ancestors being brought out of africa, they inherited a higher standard of living, longer life expectancy, and many other benefits. To bad they realize the only way they can actually achieve social and financial gain is by playing the victim for fools who will believe it. Of course with the blacks baseless high self esteem, its easier to play victim than face the fact that a majority of their people are functionally retarded on the IQ scale and could never survive in a modern society, being more suited to hunter gathering.

Midwestern said...

Spending per Pupil vs. Spending per Prisoner

Minneapolis EBT Card usage by race:

Virginia EBT Card usage by race:

South Carolina: The Color of Crime (Rape, Robbery, Homicide):

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Anonymous wrote: "Listen idiot white people ENSLAVED black people. We broguht them over here, we made them do our work for us, weraped their land, we destroyed their culture, we wrecked the African contient. We owe them big time."


Not an original thought in that ramble, but just a checklist of ultra-left-wing talking points.

I've had this conversation before with a co-worker (as recent as this week), and asked him to name how exactly the British and the Americans raped Africa (which was his allegation). He could not provide even one natural resource that America had "stolen" from Africa.

As for bringing slaves over to the United States...the country paid dearly for that. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost, an entire region burned to the ground and set back economically...whatever advantages of slavery were realized prior to The Civil War have long since vanished once Sherman invaded and destroyed Atlanta.

Black Americans today would not even be here if it weren't for slavery. I realize that's not an argument many of them want to hear, but it's true; they'd have been born on a continent where treatable diseases run rampant...where violence is an accepted form of everyday life..where education is negligible...where there is no intellectual curiosity about the world around them...

To put it in perspective, the United States vaporized Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and yet helped Japan rebuild itself into a democracy. Since 1945 Japan has gone from rubble to one of the largest economies on the planet, yet Africa is still as much of a toxic dump today as it was in 1745...and in 1645.

Or look at South Korea. In the late 1960's it had the Gross Domestic Product equivalent to modern day Afghanistan. Now South Korea is one of the world's Top 10 economies, and yet Africa is still centuries behind.

In fact, when discussing South Korea or Japan, it's useful to note that both are not terribly large countries. Between the two of them they have limited land resources, and probably under 200 million people combined. But the African and Asian cultures could not possibly be more different, and it shows in the accomplishments of Japan and South Korea (and the lack thereof in Africa), the ability to anticipate technological needs, the ability to adapt to changing technology, the ability to show self-restraint and reproduce's also why Asian immigrants come to America and are so quick to become successful (and why Koreans and Japanese, who have no concept, guilt, or linkage to slave owners in this country, quickly identify black Americans as problematic customers and attempt to shun them or avoid them when possible).

Midwestern said...

"Oh, shit; time to laugh again at your arrogant, bloated pipe dreams:"

Black Guy, at least use your tag. We know your sarcastic victicrat writing style -
"You guys..." and

"capitalism sucks"

Blacks owe white America a huge "thank you" for 1. Being the first country to outlaw slavery so that blacks could 2. Live in the best and most prosperous country in the world and 3. Have equal opportunity to achieve (NOT equal outcome!) and 4. Have food, air conditioning and a written language and they should also 5. Say "I am so sorry" for the ghetto culture and domestic terrorism that blacks have unleashed on our civil society.

You will change no minds here.

Brother Anonymous said...

Other posters have pointed this out already, but the United States didn't enslave blacks. They bought them, which was a legal transaction at the time.

Then they freed them.

Brother Anonymous said...


"we made them do our work for us"

Yes, they had a limited but still significant presence in Southern agriculture. As far as building cities and infrastructure, well...not so much.

Whites did bring that civilizing infrastructure to Africa, though, creating a few decades of relatively high affluence and productivity. I'd say "you're welcome," but I guess that wouldn't be appreciated. Hey, sorry for interrupting the dark night of savagery that's dominated Africa for millenia. You can get back to it now. If the Chinese let you.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we owe Africa nothing, but it's quite true that the majority of the black people here in America today are descended from slaves. Canada never had the slave trade we did, and their black population is a much more manageable 2%.

I don't understand how anyone can reconcile the rhetoric about black people vs. the reality of what white people did. For instance, black people are stereotyped as lazy, but WE brought black people here to do work for us that we didn't want to do. Black people are stereotyped as promiscuous, but white slaveowners are responsible for MOST the 25% European admixture in black people today via having sex with their female slaves. Black people are stereotyped as violent, but white people often beat their fieldhands mercilessly.

Well, stereotype isn't the correct word. I realize that these "stereotypes" are based in truth (although I'd argue they are mainly applicable to black males between the ages of 14-40 due to their high testosterone levels and low IQ.) But you absolutely cannot deny that white people are guilty of these incongruities. I guess the plain truth is that white people are intelligent, polite, friendly, and clean...towards and around other white people. We have behaved monstrously towards other races in the past. Yes, this has changed a lot, and we are now basically the beneficiaries of the world...but that DOES NOT CHANGE THE PAST.

Now, I'm NOT saying that we should prop up black people indefinitely because of how we treated them decades and centuries ago. I am just saying that we have been guilty of the same things we accuse them of doing, and I doubt our genetic makeup has changed radically since then, so this is something that is inside white people as well as black people.

Anonymous said...

Has anything good ever come out of sub-Saharan Africans? Can anyone honestly name one invention or philosopher from African that is note-worthy? It is said that humans originated out of Africa, so they've had a head start of tens of thousands of years. What gives?

Discard said...

SBPDL: This idea, that Blacks have kept us from visiting Mars, is powerful. I have been searching for a metaphor that adequately characterizes the burden they place on us. "Blacks are sand in the gears". "Blacks are sumo wrestlers on a track team". But your formulation cuts deep. It is the mirror image of the liberal slogan, "If we can put a man on the moon, we can end (poverty, racism, ignorance...). Well, we gave up on the moon, and we still can't do those other things. We have impoverished ourselves, diverted the nation's resources to racial uplift, cast out productive Whitey from his throne of privilege, and have nothing to show for it. Future historians will write of this and scratch their heads.

Anonymous said...

Your headline: EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT POINT. My father always said a society will never advance if it uses its resources to feed people.

Anonymous said...

"the reality of what white people did."

Reality check:
Most "white people" never owned slaves, although collectively it was "white people" who freed slaves.

"We have behaved monstrously towards other races in the past."

Speak for yourself, you are not entitled to speak for others. 99.9% of white people have never behaved "monstrously" toward anyone.
If you feel guilty about your own monstrous behavior, then get help.

Anonymous said...

"white people often beat their fieldhands mercilessly."
One Harriet Beecher Stowe novel does not necessarily mean that all slaves were beaten mercilessly. While I am certain that there was some mistreatment of slaves, a smart slave owner would realize that a broken tool does not work as well as a fully functional one.

missbosslady said...

Dear Anon @ 3:09,

You poor, pathetic DWL! You must be joking with your self-hating little screed. Maybe you have some monsters in your family tree, but mine is monster-free. My people have never owned anybody.

You do realize that the bulk of immigration into the United States occured well after the civil war, right? Masses of Europeans, mostly the down-trodden arrived here with hardly a nickel in their pockets.

Your statements are lacking in the extreme. Maybe you are descended from slave owners and this is where you derive your personal guilt.

Tell me, my fact-free little poster, can you give us the total number of slave owners in the United States pre-civil war? I suspect, that if you even bothered to educate yourself in the slightest, you would find out how wildly inaccurate you were in your statements.

Myself, I am of Irish descent. My uncle has an old sign in his basement that used to be posted in a New York City public park. The sign reads:

No Sailors
No Dogs
No Irish

My point? We got over it and went on to be a wildly productive people. You're welcome!

Go get yourself some history books, read them and then come back to us with something intelligent to say instead of a bunch of bleeding heart, mush mouthed, fact free bullshit!

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Reality check:
Most "white people" never owned slaves, although collectively it was "white people" who freed slaves.


Correct. We're talking about one region (The South), and less than 1 in 4 southern families were slave owners. The vast majority of Confederate soldiers were neither slave owners nor from families that owned slaves.

Don't get me wrong; I totally abhor slavery, but let's not confuse facts, either. It's not as if the slave traders were snatching all of West Africa's scientists and astronomers and leading economists. If slavery had never occurred Africa would still look the same today.

Anonymous said...

FYI, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 of the Armstrong article don't belong there. They are boilerplate from the bottom of the column describing editorial policy. Please delete.

Anonymous said...

I have always been fascinated by the whole "collective guilt" that is applied to the white race for its actions – that guilt for the actions of a small number of ones forbears/ those of similar genetic origin can be applied to the current members of that race…

That all white people can be made to feel guilty for slavery, colonialism, white mans burden, manifest destiny, etc…

Now if the preceding is true – that current members of a group are tainted with the sins of history, even they did not participate in or currently condone the past actions of their group….


This is also true – all white people are capable of claiming “collective pride” for the actions of a small number of ones forbears/ those of similar genetic origin can be applied to the current members of that race…

So all white people are to be honoured for - antibiotics, generated electricity, organic chemistry, the Haber process, rocketry, jet turbines, internal combustion engine, steam engine, the water screw, geometry, calculus, algebra, paved roads, petrochemicals, plastics, public welfare, democracy, aqueducts, sewerage disposal, water treatment, dentistry, radiography, modern medicine, the internet, computers (both mechanical and electronic), the Westminster system, light globes, satellites, GPS, production line manufacturing, industrial farming, the sextant, astronomy, physics, inoculations, batteries…. Even if they did not participate in or encourage the actions of those who invented these.

Now with the above either both are true or both are false..

Pick one and stick with it.

Anonymous said...

The Federal government has given so much money to blacks that the government effectively owns them. China is busy taking over Africa. We could give our government-owned blacks to China to pay off the trillion or so dollars of debt we own them. Win-win.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"We certainly owe them all a one-way trip back to Africa -- which continent we should then carefully ignore, stopping immediately all forms of foreign aid, & especially all forms of medicine. Those poor black darlings have suffered so much from us evil white folk. It's time for us to just leave them the fuck alone, forever & ever. And vice versa."

The stupidest thing white people ever did was to bring modern medicine to Africa and the rest of the Third World. By doing so, we caused their death rates to drop dramatically. Unfortunately, we left in place their "cultures", which encouraged high rates of child bearing to counter the normally high death rate. So we unbalanced the birth rate = death rate equation and caused a massive population explosion, which caused environmental devastation in many parts of the world due to the overload of humans. We also vastly increased the number of inherently stupid people on earth. So rather than heading toward the world of Star Trek, we're headed for a dystopian nightmare as whites, with our defenses down and borders open, are overwhelmed by a tsunami of black and brown people of our own creation.

Anonymous said...

A good resource for information on space programs is here:

In particular, read "Your Flight Has Been Cancelled":

and Project Orion:

The Apollo program was a casualty of the Vietnam War. Having spent $25 billion learning how to get to the moon, and finally reaching the point where real science could be done, the Nixon administration cancelled the last three moon missions - Apollo 18, 19, and 20 - which would have cost only about $20 million each.

The Office of Management and Budget has been NASA's main adversary for decades. NASA administrators would propose an ambitious, phased program such as a space station and a shuttle, and OMB would say "Great! Do it for 1/2 as much money." That would force NASA to scale back or stretch out the program, or compromise the design and cut corners. The International Space Station, which was declared "complete" yesterday, is really only "core complete", with the additional truss and modules which would have more than doubled its current size having been cancelled, or built but never to be launched.

Reaching Mars would be a good learning project, as would going back to the moon, but we could only live there in underground facilities. The lack of a liquid iron core and a magnetic field exposes the surface to high levels of radiation that would make long term survival on the surface impractical. Even the trip to Mars would expose astronauts to unacceptable levels of radiation unless we develop fast, nuclear powered propulsion systems first. In the long term it might be possible to terraform Mars and Venus into habitable worlds, but that requires technology beyond the Star Trek level. Still, manned exploration of the entire solar system would be a fascinating project. We learn so much each time we send out a robotic probe, but actually being there and operating in the planet's environment would tell us so much more and more quickly.

Liberty's Lady said...

Whites need to incrementally start to push back against the "Great Society" model.

In our neighborhood, after a black magazine published an article about how great the local public schools were, how safe the neighborhoods, how reasonable the home prices, a black group starting bringing blacks out here on Sec 8 and with no-money-down loans to "buy". Our school system went from <1% black to >15% black. You can imagine the result. Our local grocery store has had two attempted armed robberies, and we see graffiti and tagging popping up all over the place. The number of times I have seen a car load of ghetto blacks roll down their windows and literally throw bags of trash out the window... I stopped counting.

A large group of us took our children out of public schools and began homeschooling. We have a homeschool co-op that is by invitation only. All the moms and dads who teach have at least a Master's degree in their subject area. Many are former teachers and/or adjunct profs at the local college. No blacks. Our kids are thriving -- for example, in the 8th grade biology class, the children do a dissection every week, working their way to progressively harder creatures. The 8th grade physics and chem students also have a lab every week. Every other Friday is a field trip. The kids are happy, safe and thriving, and the cost is minimal.

Our numbers are growing. We responded by first, filing tax appeals and having our real estate taxes lowered (make the falling RE market work for you). We also lobbied our local Board of Supervisors to have the tax mill rate lowered, and to renegotiate the % of RE taxes sent to the school board lowered. So, as the number of blacks in the local system increases, we have effectively dramatically lowered the amt of funding.

We don't associate with the blacks that choose to move here. When they started shopping en masse at a local market that catered to them (kale greens, goat meat) we just stopped shopping there, and looked around for alternatives. Now we support local farmers and buy our meat, eggs and veggies in another co-op that is by "invitation only" and does not include blacks. There are very few things I need to purchase now from our local large corporate mega-market ... so much so that the General Manager approached me the other day with "incentive coupons" asking me to come back. Ha!

DWL's may push blacks and integration on whites, but they can only take it so far. I don't have to invite blacks into my home or to swim in my pool or take part in a "sleep over", I don't have to have my child educated with blacks - homeschooling has been constitutionally upheld (and is growing, with good reasons), and I don't have to spend my $$ buying products that cater to blacks or the diversity myth. And I can be an activist to reduce my RE taxes going to causes that support blacks disproportionately over whites.

Liberty's Lady said...

Re: slavery.

Yes, blacks and arab muslims enslaving and selling others still goes on in Africa and the ME. Yet not a peep in outrage from American blacks. That also does not include the sex trafficking trade or the human trafficking across our southern border. Again, silence from BRA.

And, compared to Africa, there is no "poverty" in America. Even the lowest income black, making use of public schooling (ie: government provided day care, since they "learn nothing" and are essentially warehoused and off the street for a few hours every day), government housing, food stamps and the myriad of other vouchers/freebies, is wealthy compared to their African cousins. A black sportscaster who went to South Africa to report on the soccer cup, was amazed that South African blacks feel that ALL American blacks are "rich".

So, so, so sick of the whining and constant complaining from black America. Have. had. enough.

Anonymous said...

"the reality of what white people did."

If white people are collectively responsible for bad stuff then they are collectively responsible for good stuff too.

If white people are collectively responsible for bad stuff they did to blacks then blacks should be collectively responsibile for bad stuff they did to whites.

So, put a total price on it. Put a total price on all the bad stuff white people did and then subtract from that total the beneficial stuff white people have done and further subtract the endless black violent crime.

BRA doesn't want to do that though. BRA wants a society built on white debt that can't be paid.

Anonymous said...


I never said "capitalism sucks". As matter of fact I believe just the opposite. It's your white brethren who post here that seem not to understand the true working of "our" country.

Trust me when I tell, that I am far from a victim.

-Black guy

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't some of the primary issues affecting a trip to Mars be fuel, communications, and medical care. Especially since a round trip will take around 400 days.

-Black guy

Brother Anonymous said...

"Liberty's Lady said...

Whites need to incrementally start to push back against the "Great Society" model."

Now you're gettin' somewhere. This is what I keep saying: we've got to move beyond pointless refutations of Desirees et al, to actual plans of action. Very good.

Anonymous said...

Blacks were brought to this country in chains and against their will.

I want them to leave the same way.

Liberty's Lady said...

@Brothers Anon:
One of the best push-backs is the decision to homeschool.
The youngsters are getting a quality education, are safe, and are free from indoctrination. Parents have 100% control.

It also drives the DWLs and the blacks absolutely, bat guano insane. I can't count the number that have told me to my face "I don't have the right to do this" and our family has an "obligation" to keep our kids in the public school system to provide "mentoring" and "modeling" to underachieving blacks. Ha!

It also chips away at the funding mechanism for public schools. Public education is still calculated on a per-pupil basis. Less bottoms filling seats in the school network, less dollars flowing to it. The best way to finish off the public schools is to support a network of homeschool co-ops like we have estalished.
HSLDA has a great web with resources.

Another great way to incrementally chip away at the BRA dominance and to "starve the beast" is to in effect go "John Galt".

After Obama was selected, we held a wake on the day of his inauguration. A group of us decided we weren't going to support his Administration in any manner, and we quit our full-time, six figure, outside-the-home jobs and elected to stay home.

It has made a remarkable change in our families. Our families are stronger, as is our community. I still work, but do not accept FRN's or anything that can be tied to a 1099 -- I work for barter of goods and services. This has, in many ways, actually increased the quality of life of our family.

Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari, Inc has a good philosophy towards strengthening local communities. You should google/read some of her work on HUD, drug money laundering, rebuilding small town America.

And I am serious about boycotting BRA. The most powerful weapon is the power of the pocketbook.

Anonymous said...

"If white people are collectively responsible for bad stuff then they are collectively responsible for good stuff too.

If white people are collectively responsible for bad stuff they did to blacks then blacks should be collectively responsibile for bad stuff they did to whites."

This is incredible.

White "bad stuff" is significantly worse than black "bad stuff" because

(a) white "bad stuff" was institutionalized;
(b) white "bad stuff" has a way of being transmitted globally;
(c) white "bad stuff" has enabled a group of people (whites) to assert arbitrary superiority over every non-white people group, consciously, sub-consciously, and unconsciously;
(d) blacks have absolutely no political power;
(e) most importantly, black "bad stuff" is completely individualized.

White "good stuff" is great and we all benefit, primarily because of the far-reaching hand of white power. But there can be no debate: the bad stuff whites have done outweighs the bad stuff blacks have done. It is on two entirely different planes.

I suggest you lay off the shrooms.

As for collectivism, individual whites are more accomplices to white "bad stuff," simply because all whites without fail benefit, than personally responsible. I don't think any REASONABLE and LOGICAL person would go up to someone like the charming Mr. Rogers and blame him for X-Y-Z. But to deny you benefit from the "bad stuff" is disingenuous.

You cannot blame all blacks for so-called black "bad stuff" because what you discuss is crime, which is individual and more reflective of class than race. Take note that poor people of all colors across the world commit crime at exponentially higher rates than other social/economic classes. There is a common denominator there.

To repeat: lay off the shrooms.

Greying Wanderer said...

"Wouldn't some of the primary issues affecting a trip to Mars be fuel, communications, and medical care. Especially since a round trip will take around 400 days."

Yes it would be very difficult. That's what makes it fun.

We could practise by building a city under the sea or inside a mountain just for the sheer hell of it.

Anonymous said...

America is finished unless it expels it's black population and growing Mestizo population. If America doesn't have the guts to do that, it doesn't deserve to survive. The Chinese are the next superpower and they will rule the world because they haven't swallowed the selective poison that White Europeans have. They are in the process of colonizing Africa right now and making it their play toy. Once it is theirs, it is theirs forever along with all of it's vast resources which the Negro has never been able to capitalize on. The Chinese will think nothing of killing the Africans and driving the remainder out when they are of no longer useful and the Chinese population in that continent reaches critical mass. China is gearing up now by reducing their strict child policies. They killed at least fifty million of their own citizens in the twentieth century alone under pogroms. What is a few hundred million Africans to them?

With it's wealth, Africa should have been the world center of power many times over, if not for the lack of quality of it's indigenous people. It is literally the richest continent on Earth in terms of resources and potential, but the poorest in terms of quality of it's people. Everywhere Africans go, they bring their misery and devolution with them.

Anonymous said...

Blacks whine about slavery hundreds of years ago, but the simple fact is, they sold themselves. Slavery has been endemic in human history and whites were the first ones to outlaw it. Today there are more black slaves THAN AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY. There are literally 10's of millions of black slaves in Africa and the ME.

Why don't you hear the race card pimps like Jessie Jackoff and Fat Al whining about that fact?!? They're too busy shaking companies down and making sure they go to WHITE areas to protest every time some stupid black punk gets shot by the police while committing a crime.

By the way, blacks manage to kill more than 10x the number of blacks than the KKK did in more than 150 years! If Fat Al and Jessie were REALLY committed, they'd be protesting in black areas where the problems are. But in a black neighborhood, they'd get their fat asses shot! Ever see Fat Al or Jessie in SoCal or the worst parts of slums? You won't because they know they wouldn't be leaving under their own power.

Annie Oakley said...

Liberty’s Lady: great idea about the food co-op. I’m going to work on that type of deal right here in my neighborhood. That can certainly benefit my husband and myself. I did read in a blog that if you’re storing food OR a prepper, don’t tell anyone who is not preparing or you could live to regret it.

Whites will never win in BRA. The money and guilt extortion is infinite. One dollar is too many and a million is not enough. You cannot win with blacks for any reason. Whites could self-destruct and kill themselves off and blacks would still bitch and moan, even after the white man was dead.

The only answer is complete and total separation. We could send the American blacks to South Africa and the African continent. Any poor or abused South African white person could immigrate here in exchange. I like that idea.

Similar to when the feds do a gun exchange. You bring in a gun and you get a $50 red lobster coupon or something stupid. For every black that was expatriated to the mother land, we would gain a South African or European white person who would love to live here in the USA and be productive.

Oh and can we send back the mestizos as well?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be so sure about what some of the commentors have said about China, especially in the long-run since they've just begun informally colonising Africa :

Discard said...

I have felt for some time that we ought to seize the valuable parts of Africa for ourselves, before the Chinese and Hindus do. When we can't do it through commerce and bribery, justify it as humanitarian intervention, whether protecting the remaining Whites who actually feed the Blacks in Zimbabwe and South Africa or guarding the Western food shipments that keep much of the rest of the continent alive. Africa is a soon-to-be carcass, and the jackals who are on the scene will enjoy the feast.

Brother Anonymous said...

Anonymous/Desiree said:

"I suggest you lay off the shrooms."

I'm liking this whole shrooms thing...

BRA is America on shrooms.

Identity politics is society on shrooms.

Yeah, it fits.

Lady's Liberty said...

@Annie Oakley:

We have found Bread Beckers to be great and it helps us pool our resources to split shipping costs.

And yes, you should definitely keep your "prepping" quiet. We have more than enough to sustain our needs, and are working now towards stockpiling so we can help our neighbors.

Don't forget to stockpile ammo, as well.

Lady's Liberty said...

One of the things that will be very difficult to quantify is the ideas, innovations, etc NOT created because of the diversion of resources from top-notch science and engineering classes to pander to the lowest common denominator (ie, blacks). Resources are no longer about "excellence" but "fairness". It's ridiculous.

As mentioned previously, all the spin off science from the "race to space" has had a ripple effect through out the economy.

Another reason whites need to "drop out" and reject the public school system. It has devolved into nothing more than a race to the bottom.

One area that has suffered from the destruction of NASA is the discovery of new, more efficient fuel sources other than hydrocarbons. So many alternative systems/ideas were on the cusp of true realization, before the funding was slashed.

The whole new cultural imperative of " 1st da Month" has been very costly, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I was the Anonymous @ 3:09, and it seems my comment has stirred up quite a bit of silliness. One thing that I've noticed is that it's almost impossible to debate people here because they lack reading comprehension and jump on some idea of what they THINK I'm saying. Instead of actually reading a comment and attempting to think abstractly about what is being said, it runs through some sort of ignorance filter. "This person holds a viewpoint that is slightly different than mine: this person is a bleeding heart liberal: this person is using a typical bleeding heart liberal argument: this is how I will respond."

If you go back and read my comment, you'll see that there are some things I never said:

I never said all white people are responsible for the ills of the world.
I never said white people should bear "collective guilt."
I never said white people are monsters.
I never said white people TODAY are guilty of ANYTHING.
I never said what happened in the past should be the structure of our policies today.

Since it appears anything more complicated than the most simple argument in the most simple words will be read incorrectly, here is what I was TRYING to say:

1) White people stereotype black people as being lazy, violent, and promiscuous. However, white people have also been found to behave in such a way. They simply generally do not act in such a way towards each other, which is why we are able to build and sustain advanced civilization and black people cannot.

In even plainer English, white people do not, as the phrase goes, "sh** where they eat." If dirty business is to be done, it isn't to each other and it isn't in our own neighborhood.

As to the idea that ONLY slaveowners are to blame for the ills of silly. Slavery was part of a culture, and it couldn't have existed if the majority of the people within the culture didn't approve of it. That's like saying the only people who are to blame for honor killings in the Middle East are those who actually stone women -- honor killings exist because the entire culture permits it. It's also like saying the only black people who should bear responsibility for gangs are those who are in a gang, and not the "community" (I use that word loosely, since black areas can't really be called communities) that allows the gangs to thrive within it, refuses to "snitch" to the police, marries and reproduces with gang members, etc.

Since I know by this point whoever is reading this is going to be TOTALLY unable to comprehend what I'm saying, let me reiterate that I'm addressing the idea white people have that we are superior in character to blacks in all respects, even though we have created and perpetrated wildly inhumane systems in the past. If slavery isn't enough of an example, what about the Holocaust? Wait, most people who respond to this probably think the Holocaust was a hoax. Okay, what about the Soviet gulags? The Holodomor?

How many evil things in our past have to be pointed out before it is clear that white people have been guilty of atrocity?

2) My second point was that slavery is the main reason why we have so many black people in our country today, and if our ancestors had been less inclined to import others to do their work for them, we wouldn't be suffering such a large black population. Look at countries that abolished the slave trade early, like Canada...they are free of the black horde. We're just lucky we didn't invest as heavily in it as Brazil, or we'd be TOTALLY screwed right now.

Army brat said...

I am tired of the meme that the Armed Services are a shining example of successful integration and black "achievement". Nothing could be further from the truth, and it has only been escalated under Mein Obama's BRA.

The amount of taxpayer $$ that is frittered away on blacks for training, subsidies, etc in the military complex is disgusting. For example, it is an "open secret" about using minorities as "front people" for "pass through entities" for defense contracting. Find a warm-body minority, put their name on the paperwork, and they collect a nice fat check skimming a piece of the action for doing NOTHING. Defense contractors need them to win the bid, and taxpayers pay exorbiant rates for basic services due to the BRA "minority pass-through mark-up". Sickening.

Another example is expensive training dollars wasted on incapable blacks, in the name of "diversity".

For example, the Defense Language Institute in beautiful Monterey, CA is an elite and difficult to get into school. Average candidates are above average in intelligence, and have to write the Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB). Blacks are routinely given waivers for this very challenging test, because they can not make the minimum cut-off scores, and then placed in seats in languages they have no hope of passing -- think Arabic and Chinese -- complex and difficult languages.

The costs to the taxpayer to train an interpeter/linguist at DLI is approximately $250,000 per student. That's right, $250,000 per student.

A recent example of how this is frittered away is a black Army captain who was given a slot at DLI even though he did not demonstrate the aptitude or ability to achieve. He was placed in the Chinese language program, notoriously, one of the most difficult languages to learn.

He arrived in Monterey with his Puerto Rican wife, 10 children and 2 inlaws as dependents. Whining and complaining, the Army accommodated his family by making renovations to a former CO's home, with a separate residence on the property for the in-laws (and he still complained!). Where else but in the BR-Army are you rewarded for having children you can not afford nor house?

Needless to say, he failed the course and was allowed further opportunities to re-try the course. He failed again and again and again, dragging down the more accomplished white students in his class with him. When he failed the third time (are you seeing the $$ wasted yet), he was "offered" the opportunity to earn a Master's degree on the taxpayer dime at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Over half a million dollars in training and attendant costs was spent on this loser. "Equal opportunity" at its finest.

The Army refuses to release statistics on how many blacks actually write and make the cut off for the DLAB entrance exam, or provide information on how many black students who enroll, fail out. (This is not including the marginal black students who the instructors fudge marks for to get them to the finish line).

And don't forget, Colin Powell recently crowed at a HBCU as commencement speaker that he only achieved a 2.0 GPA at City College in NY, but we've been told for years how "brilliant" he is. Ha!

Had enough yet??

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:09

Thanks for the article. Interesting. Yes, the Chinese are colonising Africa and have heavily invested in infrastructure that meets their needs -- ie: roads and bridges to remove resources, etc. They also do not hire Africans for any of the work, importing almost all their employees from China.

The Chinese have nothing but contempt for blacks. If blacks in America think whites are "rayciss", they haven't dealt with the Chinese.
You will note in the article that visas for blacks to China are limited, and the Africans are buying up all the crap that even the Chinese don't want.

My son is fluent in Mandarin, lives in China, and lectures on Chinese culture and the history of Chinese diplomacy and trade with the West. He states the Chinese consider blacks to be "less" than animals almost uniformly. The only blacks he has encountered in Beijing tried to sell him drugs (talk about a stereotype) and were promptly reported to the internal secret police.

So, once again, blacks in America will have no idea how good they have it now, until it's too late. Lol.

Liberty's Lady said...

Re: We could have been on Mars.

Since the blacks starting moving into our area, not only have we had to invest a great deal of time and money in additional security, firearms, firearms training, but we also now incur costs, time and effort to educate our children outside of the public school system. When you consider the number of families that have to do the same thing, this is not an inconsiderable sum of lost time and resources.

Not only the money, but the unquantifiable loss at time and energy and resources at directed at non-achieving blacks and away from those who have the ability and desire to achieve. The loss in new ideas, innovations and progress -- I don't know how to quantify that.

Another thing that concerns me is the pandering to BRA means that the history of Western civilization is not only being degraded, it is being distorted. At one time, to seek a degree from the nation's finest Universities, a candidate had to complete a least two semesters of the study of Western civilization.

No more. Our history and culture are being erased before our very eyes. Part of the goal of BRA is to erase our children's sense of their past and self.

YYZ said...

"Look at countries that abolished the slave trade early, like Canada...they are free of the black horde. We're just lucky we didn't invest as heavily in it as Brazil, or we'd be TOTALLY screwed right now."


This is only partially true. Yes, there was slavery in Canada, but not as entrenched in the US.

However, Canada is far from free from the "black horde". Because Canada has a policy of allowing domestic immigrant workers to apply for permanent residency after 2 years, thousands of Jamaicans came to Canada, and along with them, their criminal, non-legal extended family. The black ghetto at Jane and Finch in Toronto is notoriously infested with crime, a few years ago, a police officer was killed by a Jamaican who had physically been deported literally only weeks before. Morningside and Finch in Scarborough is another black ghetto/hellhole. Welfare, drugs, car theft, failing schools, etc. The usual whenever large numbers of blacks congegrate. Toronto is discussing financing an "Afro-centric" high school because of the inability of blacks to achieve.

Quebec made the decision to admit large numbers of Haitians (because they speak some bastardized version of French) and they settled in Montreal. Let's just say, the Haitian neighborhoods in Montreal look like ...Haiti.

Blacks, however, *LOVE* Canada. Welfare, baby bonus checks (they pay you to make babies!), winter clothing allowance, housing subsidies, free health care, free dental, free public transit. Woo-hoo!!

Canada just recently to revise their immigration admission policies, and are not admitting prospective immigrants from Africa or the West Indies, because a decades-long study has shown these immigrants (a) fail to assimilate and (b) are not self-sufficient, even after two generations and (c) remain a burden on the taxpayer indefinitely.

Needless to say, screams of RAYCISSSSS! rang out.

But, yeah, Canada has huge problems with blacks now due to progressive, liberal, wishy-washy "pro-diversity" policies of the late 70's and early 80's.

Discard said...

Anon at May 29 3:21 AM: Whites are so much more capable than Blacks that the evil we do could hardly fail to exceed the evil Blacks do. When Whites decide that we need to knock some other people down, we invent airplanes and bombs. When Blacks decide they need to knock some other people down, they import machetes made by some more capable race and hack their enemies to death. Given White technology and White technicians to maintain it, Blacks would exterminate everything in sight. The only thing saving the world from Black savagery is Black ineptitude.

Infidel said...

Discard, Brother Anonymous:

(I'm the Anonymous on May 29 at 3:21AM)

Bro, you did not even address anything except the "shrooms" bit. Why even respond? You are only showing your ass.

Discard, you miss the point completely! Blacks have no power; whites have all of the power. For example, Tyrone mugging someone and knifing them is several orders of magnitude less "evil" and less worse than what happened with Enron.

Going to a country, forcing the native people into second class citizen status, then being ousted by successful rebellions, but surreptitiously keeping your tentacles in the country using dummy governments ran by flunkeys prepared to do your bidding... that is fucking evil!

That is evil on an exponentially greater level than robbery, murder, assaults, etc.: "individual" crimes.

The former is "white evil." The latter is evil everyone does, as proven by its proliferation all over the world. If white good has such an "enormous impact" on the world, are you too stupid to acknowledge that white evil - of the variety that I've just described - also has an enormous impact on the world?

See, your problem is that you cannot even bring yourself to acknowledge the holism of white evil. That's the problem with this whole wing of manifestly anti-intellectual thought.

"The only thing saving the world from Black savagery is Black ineptitude."

PLEASE, if you can, show me a study - something - that shows that ALL blacks are inept and they ALL fail, and they ALL suck ass. Additionally, show me a study that produces these same results as the aforesaid but while these blacks are in an advantageous environment.

If you are unable to do so, please acknowledge this in FULL and COMPLETE honesty. Because without something delineating the accuracy of your prejudice, yours is JUST a prejudice.


Discard said...

Infidel: If Blacks were not, on average, grossly inferior to all other races, (excepting maybe Australian Aboriginies) they would have built, somewhere, somehow, some kind of civilization. They haven't. That's my evidence.
Blacks have the power to destroy. Destruction is much easier than creation, it requires no imagination and little effort. And Blacks have used their power to destroy every White-built city they've entered. Is there a city somewhere that's been improved by importing Blacks? That's my evidence. Their destructive instincts are as reliable as the sunrise.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, if you can, show me a study - something - that shows that ALL blacks are inept and they ALL fail, and they ALL suck ass. Additionally, show me a study that produces these same results as the aforesaid but while these blacks are in an advantageous environment.

Why? What evidence have YOU provided that ALL whites engage in what you typically niggeristically term "white evil," eh nigger?

The only people hurt, in the main, by Enron-like financial shenanigans are investors. Niggers, in the main, are emphatically NOT investors. It's only in a nigger idiot's nigger imagination that such crimes are "infinitely" worse than the degeneracy, filth and violent crimes the nigger beast carries with it wherever its worthless hide settles.

Anonymous said...

"The only people hurt, in the main, by Enron-like financial shenanigans are investors. Niggers, in the main, are emphatically NOT investors. It's only in a nigger idiot's nigger imagination that such crimes are "infinitely" worse than the degeneracy, filth and violent crimes the nigger beast carries with it wherever its worthless hide settles."

Well stated.

Anonymous said...

I thought the n-word was prohibited on this site. Or, am I mistaking SBPDL for another one?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

I did lax on "the-word-that-shall-not-be-named" or whatever the n-word is called by those who find its mere utterance the most vile form of communication imaginable.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

He said,"Ask not what your country can do for you,ask what you can do for your country."

They say "Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. Where is my free stuff? I deserve it because I am black."

Anonymous said...

Whites won't wven be around in 100 years so your incessant whining is just pathetic. That and your ignirance of history. Listen idiot white people ENSLAVED black people. We broguht them over here, we made them do our work for us, weraped their land, we destroyed their culture, we wrecked the African contient. We owe them big time.

Would the black slave traders of Africa and the old Confederacy not owe those who were genuine slaves rather than whiny who does not know their own history?

Where do you draw the line? Who owes John Kenneth Galbraith's family?

I doubt there was much of a culture there to wreck in the first place.

If the space and arms race ruined the Soviet Union because they could not pay for both while running a dysfunctional economy then " It didn't take nuclear Armageddon to destroy the US as a superpower, it took blacks. "

Anonymous said...


You lose all credibility and self-respect by calling people terrible names. Stick to the facts. There is enough ammunition there to make your point without descending into barbarism by calling an entire race of people such names.

kkkmighthavehaditright said...

And your a tard, you are ignorant of history. Everyone has enslaved blacks, not just the typical european "white man". You only know of the white man doing so because its been recent, go back a couple thousand years and many cultures have enslaved blacks. Hell, the "white man" was enslaved by the egyptians, egypt is in africa folks. So united states slavery was just payback, although we would be way better off if slavery wouldn't have happend....the blacks would still be living in tribes in africa instead of living here in lushness. It pisses me off everyone saying we owe blacks for slavery although not a damn one was alive or knows anyone alive during that time period. If that backward thinking was correct, anyone of roman decent owes me and my next couple of generations a lifetime of free food, housing, utilities and our obama phone because I am of german decent and we were enslaved by them well beyond my frame of refference in time.

Blogger said...

As a writer and a white nationalist, I didn't wait for BRA to get around to going to Mars - I went there myself in my novel "Hold Back This Day" ( and urge others to pick up a copy and journey there too. Without demonstrating the glory that awaits whites out among the Stars, we cannot get our fellow whites to fight with us, as they will have no motivation and no reward. I have always aimed to inspire in my writing, and Mars is one of my great inspirations.

Hold Back This Day
The Towers of Eden

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'll help you out:

*America could have been on Mars, but it fought stupid wars that took resources away from the space program.

*America could have been on Mars, but it couldn't tax the wealthy or corporations enough to fund said space program enough to go back to the moon and then go on to Mars.

*America could have been on Mars, but it's too lazy to encourage the main military industrial firms to do anything other than make crap like F-22 and F-35 jets, as well as stealth bombers/fighters it doesn't really need anymore.

*America could have been on Mars, but it didn't ever consider nationalizing said military-industrial firms as part of a comprehensive plan to get up into NEO (Near Earth Orbit) with a space station, back to the moon, and then to Mars by re-orienting said industries to build spacecraft capable of doing exactly those things.

All of these things could have been done in addition to maintaining a social system, but the silly majority in charge of the USA didn't want to do any of it. So now it's reduced to insulting black people and saying that they're responsible due to 'being supported bu ZOG' or some other nonsense that you fascist fools believe in.

Looks like blaming other for misfortunes caused by you is still in vouge.

Anonymous said...

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