Monday, May 16, 2011

Spell C-O-U-C-H: All-Black Middle School Spelling Bee contest held in Houston

Yesterday, some group called the African American National Spelling Bee held its first all-Black spelling bee in Houston, Texas. No information on who won the event is yet available and E-mails to the group putting on the middle school, all-Black spelling bee have not be answered.
Do we need a caption?

Wait, you hadn't heard about this spelling bee? Neither had we until today, and news on who won the event is, strangely, not available online. Here is a story from May 12 describing the event, courtesy of one of the news affiliates in Houston:
Dozens of Houston area kids will be competing for scholarships and other prizes this weekend, but we still know little, if anything about the 1st African-American Spelling Bee Championships being held Saturday in Houston.
Organizers did not return phone calls from KTRH News seeking an update on the event.
We first brought you this story two months ago, and it sparked a heated on-air debate between KTRH talk show host Michael Berry and the spelling bee's Jackie Terrell on why African-American children should have a separate competition from the more popular Scripps National Spelling Bee.
"You're telling these young black children you're not good enough to compete, you don't have the parental support and school support, so we'll create something you can win," said Berry.  "They have a trophy that's meaningless, there's no honor in that."
Terrell fired back saying "There is honor in that, we're creating an opportunity they wouldn't otherwise have."
Teacher Lynnette Durant agrees, and says that's why Ryan Middle School will send eight students to this weekend's event.
"The majority of our students are not being exposed to the national level, because only the top students that place from the school get to go on," says Durant.  "With this we're able to get a greater number of our students exposed to something more than just the spelling bee we have here at the school."
Either way, student Audra-Lynn Eveline is happy to have the opportunity.
"I've always liked to spell.  I don't know why, but I've just studied hard and kept going with my spelling,"says Eveline.  "It doesn't really matter if I win; I'm just very excited to participate in it."
The African-American Spelling Bee Championships are scheduled to take place 9am Saturday morning at Jack Yates Senior High School.
Here's another story on the Black-only spelling bee, an event many hope will raise Black self-esteem (it can't get much higher!) and in turn, improve Black test scores:
Houston businessman Robert Garner wants to help his community. You can debate whether he’s going about it the right way, but what you can’t question is his heart. 

"We’re trying to educate our community, which we feel like that’s in peril."

Garner sees an inner city community that is struggling. High unemployment, thanks in part to high dropout rates and after learning no black student had ever won the popular Scripps Spelling Bee that’s shown on television, Garner decided to start a separate competition for inner city black schools.

 "All we’re trying to do is be accountable for a community that’s in trouble in education. Scripps is wonderful, keep doing Scripps."

 (students say in unison: "caller please may have the definition, caller please use the word in a sentence...")

In this classroom, at the Boys and Girls Academy on West Bellfort, students practice spelling each day. There are three teachers who help them not just with their words, but also on how to act and carry themselves.

This is 7th grade teacher Brenda Upton.

"Make sure they are dressed right, make sure their attire is set. Ladies sit the way they are supposed to sit; gentlemen stand they way they’re supposed to stand. Things like that."
"Anti coagulant." 

"A-N-T-I C-O-A-G-U-L-A-N-T."

Starting a separate spelling bee for black students raises a number of questions. The most obvious is why? Another would be regarding the message it could send to black students, who may win competing against their black peers, but not against the larger population. Garner says he’s not worried about all that.

"We’re in a battlefield, where it’s really needed, and we feel like whatever we gotta do to get these kids educated. We’re going to do it, by any means."

Teacher Brenda Upton agrees and says it’s not about whether her students can spell better than Asian students or white students, it’s  about giving struggling children a chance to get excited about learning new words and education as a whole.

"If any one of the ten to fifteen students that we have competing Saturday win, hey we’ve done a whole lot."

The words may not have the level of difficulty as those we’ve all heard and seen at the National Spelling Bee, but the organizers admit their children aren’t at that level. By getting the kids involved and building an interest, they hope to get there…one day.
What's sad is that the primary reason America's educational system is failing Black students has nothing to do with self-esteem or funding issues. Black people are just less proficient then whites, Asians and Hispanics for reasons only nature will ultimately tell.

Only I Have a Dream (IHAD) people are upset about this story. IHAD people cling tightly to the words of Martin Luther King and go one-step further then MLK in believing that neither character nor color should be used as justification for judging a person negatively. IHAD people honestly believe in a world where equality exists across the board and are completely and 100 percent color-blind.

IHAD people become aghast that anyone would dare that Black kids can't compete with whites, Indians or Asians. Take Michael Berry, a talk show host in Houston, who was upset with the self-segregating Blacks:
Some are questioning plans to host an all African-American spelling bee in Houston this spring, saying it sends the wrong message to students.
Kids from five local schools will compete in the first-of-its-kind spelling bee in May. 
Organizer Jacqueline Terrell insists it helps level the playing field for many students.
"Most children that make it to the level to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee, are either homeschooled or attend private school," says Terrell.  "They have more access to one-on-one training than children in public or inner city schools."
KTRH talk show host Michael Berry criticizes the separate event, and questions how African-American kids perceive themselves moving forward.
"Rather than going in and teaching the kids how to compete so they can be role models, rather than giving them the sense of accomplishment, we'll say listen we know you can't beat those Indian kids and those Chinese kids," says Berry.  "So we'll make sure a black kid will win, we'll just have a black spelling bee where only black kids can play."
But Terrell believes it will spark new interest among African-American children and encourage more parental involvement.
Let's be honest: most 30-year-old's couldn't compete with some of the Indian, white and Asian kids featured on ESPN National Spelling Bee competition. What hope do you expect Black students, whose proficiency is far lower than expected, to have against these walking dictionaries? A scant, fleeting hope, at that.

It's strange that the African American Spelling Bee held in Houston yesterday has yet to announce a winner. One wonders if the final was similar to the one depicted in perhaps one of the only funny Adam Sandler films, Billy Madison:

Teacher: Spell "couch".
Little girl: Couch. C-O-W...
Billy Madison: No!
Teacher: [to little girl] No, I'm sorry, that's not right.
[to Billy]
Teacher: Well, Billy, if you spell this correctly you pass second grade.
Billy Madison: Couch. C-O-R, uh, are you going to the mall today?
Teacher: No I'm not goin to the mall, keep spelling, mister.
Billy Madison: C-O-U-C-H!
Teacher: Correct!

Worse, perhaps the last Black student had to spell n-e-g-u-s. So don't get so upset that Black people are having their own spelling bees. We at SBPDL hope they one day have their own science fairs.


Sheila said...

I think segregated spelling bees are a terrific idea. Many White kids do not even compete anymore, because the National Scripps one has become an Indian/Chinese ghetto. They are more than able to compete, but there is no cachet associated with it anymore. Neither is there any sense of competition, or challenge, when up against students who robotically memorize the dictionary. Compare today's spelling bee to the one recounted in Laura Ingalls Wilder's "Little Town on the Prairie." The spelling bee is an American invention, meant to foster a sense of community along with the learning of proper spelling and enhancing one's vocabulary. Having Rajesh mechanically compete with Sanjay does not inspire American kids to join in. Another example of diversity changing and ultimately destroying a unique piece of historical White, Christian, American culture.

Anonymous said...

You can always spot the DWLs. They are the ones who have an apoplectic fit whenever somebody (not a black person) utters the WORD THAT SHALL NEVER BE UTTERED. Hang around with lower class blacks awhile and you'll hear it 50 times an hour. I don't use it myself, but I sympathise with my friend who says he'll stop saying it when they do.

Anonymous said...

I notice the assumption that the teachers themselves know how to spell. If the majority of those teachers are black, that may not be so. I worked in the public schools with mostly black teachers, some with advanced degrees. To call them semiliterate would be generous.

Old White Jim said...

You don't enter a mule in the Kentucky Derby and you don't take a Soap Box Derby car to the Indy 500.

I don't see anything wrong with arranging a spelling competition for kids who would just crash and burn in the fast lane. Yeah, I know it's like Special Olympics for people with handicapped brains, but it's good for the kids. It gives them something to do that doesn't involve gangsta rap or gun play.

Cry me a river said...

There is no information because it was a complete failure. Just like everything that is all black. Maybe no one spelled a word right. Or someone said something smart and turned the whole event into a brawl. The reason there is a "separate competition" is because the Blacks are outsmarted. Not because they are "not good enough to compete". Only in an all black spelling bee will a black come out on top. But they even screwed that up.

I've only been in one spelling bee. And I got booted on the first word. Martin Luther King's dream is never going to come true. People have been trying to make his dream come true for what seems like a nightmarish eternity.

There is honor in what Terrell is doing IF their is something to hide. Since no black kid has won the Scripps National Spelling they just had their own with miserable results since there is no information.

Discard said...

I'm for it. We have the Special Olympics, we have amateur orchestras, we have local art exhibitions. I'll never get a Grammy Award, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't sing in a chorus. Let them have their own playing field.

Anonymous said...

Face the music Black America. Yours is an entirely different culture than white Anglo-Saxon American culture. Period. Black society will never be competitive with white society, unless it's falsely engineered by government mandates. Black culture simply doesn't share the same values as white culture. Black culture is a group-mentality culture ("It takes a village to raise a child."), whereas white society values individual achievement, hard work, academic rigor, and quiet dignity. When will America recognize this obvious truth?

The Engineer said...

The nogs are setting up a secret government. "No they're not," said my stupid wife. But she's wrong. It's a good thing she married me.

Anonymous said...

Will they be asked to spell "Niggardly"?

Anonymous said...

I wish more white people would organize things just for whites and make it publicly known it was just for whites and blatantly exclude other groups.

The media and BRA would collectively shat themselves in a fit of righteous indignation. lol

Blacks: You are buffoons. That is all.

Anonymous said...

The winners were:

1st place ($1500 prize): Mary Bello
2nd place ($1000 prize): Ashley Williams
3rd place ($500 prize): Niaha Dyson*

*The cheque for 3rd place originally had a different name written on it, but was papered over messily with Niaha Dyson's name. I don't know if there was some irregularity involved, or if the judges couldn't spell her name :-D

The congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (who thinks North and South Vietnam still exist after the US won the Vietnam war) was there, dressed in a graduation gown and hat.

The coverage is here:

10mm AUto said...

Discard said it before me. This has "Special Olympics" written all over it. I love the assumption that more money will help. How? I mean how Exactly? We are talking about a single language (English) and a book (Dictionary). How will more money make the niglets spell better? They can already spell "J-A-I-L" and "C-R-A-C-K" and "G-L-O-C-K" and "T-H-U-G" and "B-L-I-N-G", what more do they want to spell?

Anonymous said...

They want their own all negro spelling bee but they ridicule us for wanting an all White basketball league.

Anonymous said...

Sucks for you guys that:

1. Blacks have astronomical birth rates

2. White birth rates are below repleacment level

3. Black men are more manly

4. Women (especially white) LOVE black men and eant to procreate with them

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

1. Black birthrates are supported by the state. Food stamps, welfare, Section 8 Housing, medical costs... all courtesy of the American tax payer who slaves away from 9 - 5 so Black people can live a life in luxury (compared to African Blacks).

2. This can change overnight and its only DWLs who have low birthrates. Go to any healthy area of the country (Phoenix, Boise, Salt Lake City) and you'll see lots of families. Worse, it only takes one white girl to have a child to induce all her white girlfriends to have a baby.

3. This is patently untrue. Sports have had a perverse effect on people, making it seem that ghetto-dwelling thugs who can put a ball in a hoop or catch a football are something worth aspiring too. Movies and television shape images and the views of people.

It would take one movie to remove all of this nonsense that has taken 60 + years of continued repetition on television and film to create.

Go watch "Kate and Leopold" to see what is fucking manly.


White women still marry white men something like 97 percent of the time. Go to any dating web site, and you'll see white people searching for white people.

I'm in the process of writing an article on Black women and beauty (I'm sure you saw the Psychology Today that was pulled quickly yesterday....).

No one finds Black women attractive. No one. Recall that Atlantic Monthly stated, if trends continue, in 30 years EVERY Black woman will be considered morbidly obese.

I hate to break this to you, Mr. or Mrs. Troll, but everything that you wrote above (with four being an absolute and pathetic lie) could change tomorrow.

The majority of Black people in America live off the generosity of the American tax payer (whether that be through public employment or government assistance).

Anonymous said...

I was talking about sub saharan African birthrates.

The women their have like 10 kids. Africa cannot sustain that much lefe so they hve to soemwhere. They will come to the USA and Europe. Seal and Heidi Klum will be the new norm until white features are gone form the planet.

Goodbye white man! Goodbye racism! You will not be missed!

Midwestern said...

Cry Me A River said:

"There is no information because it was a complete failure. Just like everything that is all black."

BUT - everything black is not like everything white, and we can not compare the two. This is what has gotten us into so much trouble. Blacks alone are not able to live successfully within out white European Western society. The Founders of our great nation only took the white man into consideration when they created our government and the founding documents. They did not consider whites and blacks to be equals. By allowing blacks to compete openly with whites, we shine a glaring light on their deficiencies, which angers them further. This is not fair for anyone. As blacks continue to migrate back to the ghetto from their propped-up middle class status, we will see more voluntary segregation by both races. This will be a good opportunity to cut blacks off financially, force them to provide for themselves and practice personal responsibility.

What angers me most is that blacks are incapable of self government, they do not understand the responsibilities of freedom and personal liberty, they demand equality and equal outcome while creating nothing of value, they openly express their criminality and degeneracy, and they expect to be viewed as equal to whites yet they have not worked to achieve this status.

I fully support separation of the races, separate schools, spelling bees, events, churches, neighborhoods, and complete freedom of association. However, the existence of blacks should not be funded by the white taxpayer.

The white man can not hope to strengthen American culture, the American family, and his influence as a world leader if he continues to pander to blacks, demeaning himself and his own race. Just as with parents and young children, blacks do not respect the white man when he does not exhibit his natural leadership. As soon as whites get into the business of caring financially for blacks, blacks will naturally abandon any efforts toward self-improvement and hold their hands out for more. It will never end.

The book "Race and Reason: A Yankee View" by Carleton Putnam, copyright 1961 could have been written today. Wow! We could have avoided most of our racial problems by taking this wise man's advice.

Midwestern said...

"Goodbye white man! Goodbye racism! You will not be missed!"

Unfortunately, my crazy victimologist friend, you will not be able to wave Goodbye! to your self loathing and self-destruction. Curing "racism" will not cure you. If you are white, you are a traitor to your own people. If you are black, you are predictable in blaming the white man for your own people's failures.

In either case, I highly recommend that you learn more about your own people.

Anonymous said...

Moderator: Axe.

Student: Yo bitch, use the word 'axe' in a sentence.

Moderator: Go axe that white man to let you hold his axe.

Student: What the fuck kind of axe are you talkin' 'bout?

Midwestern said...

"No one finds Black women attractive. No one."

I was standing in line behind a group of black women the other day, and noticed their extreme and unattractive features. The large wide set lazy eyes, the greasy large-pored skin, the slow physical movements, the extreme high cheekbones, the protruding mouth and teeth, the manly brow bone, and bearded shortened jowls.

The women were all obese and had large pads of fatty tissue hanging from their arms and necks. They all had eczema on their elbows and feet and puffy swollen ankles. The African people, in their natural environment, eating their traditional diets, could be an attractive and sturdy people, but after generations of self-inflicted poverty, junk soul food, drugs and hard living, American blacks have morphed into a qute an unattractive lot.

Dissident said...

"Goodbye white man! Goodbye racism! You will not be missed! "

You'd be missing the white man within 48 hours. You wanna' know why? Because, that's about as long as it would take for civilization to come to a grinding halt. Rioting would break out when darkie figured out that the welfare and food stamps were gone. When the section 8 housing was no more, when the gravy train dried'd be pissing blood, because of your angst and hand wringing. You'd be begging the white man to come back and save you from YOURSELF and those other heathen ghetto gremlins.

I have to laugh at your prideful arrogance and your complete lack of respect for the only race dumb enough to support your lazy Negro @$$e$. Your spiteful characterizations of whites as Racists (TM) is foolish.....but if I am Racist (TM) it's certainly because of insolent fools, such as yourself.

Give the Mexicans the southwest, the blacks the southeast and we whites will take the's that? Would that make you happy?

Of course not...we know you'd come knocking on our door steps, begging for crumbs within a few I not truthful?

Anonymous said...

"Sucks for you guys that:
1. Blacks have astronomical birth rates
2. White birth rates are below repleacment level
3. Black men are more manly
4. Women (especially white) LOVE black men and eant to procreate with them"

Diarrhea, did you type this out, or did you just copy-and-paste it from one of your many previous postings?

BTW, aren't you banned?

Midwestern said...

Yes, and Diarrhea will surely counter my "black women are unattractive" post next. She hates white women with silken hair and strong opinions.

Anonymous said...

this is fine, Anything that promotes segregation should be encouraged
They should have their own schools , malls , countries. Just get them as far away as possible

Oyster Person said...

Paul...sorry I missed you FB post...had iPhone issues until today...

However I see you got the info...

You ought to consider delving into "black politicians" as an SBPDL expose...Sheila Jackson Lee could single handedly supply you a decade of daily topics...she is one crazy black power tripping beotch!

SHE is a perfect "black female example" of victimhood, false sense of power with her race card...and an UTTER buffoon...

she also is the sterotype of a black woman who hats her hair (you ought to listen to Michael Berry on his daily talk show...he is hilarious when he tears into the "QUEEN Bee Sheila" and her single, double or triple decker weaves...

flipping hilarious...anyhow...

Between this website, Michael Berry's show daily...Fridays he has on a comedian Shirley Q Liquor...and Paul if you haven't checked THAT out...dude you are in for a TREAT!

anyhow...glad this article made it's way to you...

love ya man!

iHeart Michael Berry show he also has a good FB page...he hosts Shirley Fridays on his show...her public announcements are great...

go check out for some fun Texas/Louisiana humor and perspective:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"this is fine, Anything that promotes segregation should be encouraged"

Personally, I don't give a shit, however...

I absolutely DETEST the double-standard.

If it's ok for blacks to exclude based on race, then it's ok to exclude blacks based on race.

~AV~ said...

HMMM, only girls won...goes to show, that the black male is utterly useless, can not compete even among their own, really does get to the reason that the black males can only focus on sports when they are not pre-occupied with their dicks.

Black males walk while holding their dick, like to basically expose their ass and dick, and are convinced that their dick possess magic that makes white women want their black dick, and then they rape.

BESIDES that I also noticed:

that the top 2 winners, had white names, not the Quineshas, Tineequas, Shamreeka, Samineequa...crazy ass black female names.

Mary and Ashley will probably break thru the barrier, and hopefully get a good education and get a crack at a decent life, until some black buck who's only societal contribution beside keeping his dick busy and or taking up jail space, manages to be the proud "baby daddy" for a few months.


Anonymous said...


You are an idiot.

You can laugh, but as we inch closer to economic collapse, blacks will be disproportionately decimated. Without food and medical treatment provided by whites, hundreds of thousands of black infants will perish.

Funny, huh.

Anonymous said...

The sooner we stop donating to PBS tv,and get it off the air the better

Brother Anonymous said...


Concluding their posts with maniacal laughter does seem to be very much "a black thing."

Brother Anonymous said...

"You can laugh, but as we inch closer to economic collapse, blacks will be disproportionately decimated. Without food and medical treatment provided by whites, hundreds of thousands of black infants will perish.

Funny, huh."

Here's the creepy thing. I'm starting to think this IS what they want. Such a state of affairs is not only "normal," but possibly even desirable to them. If you look at even vaunted African-American literature (and cinema, too), things typically build up to a riot of some sort of civilizational breakdown -- a dark and orgiastic explosion.

Henry Blowfly said...

When the welfare state collapses, Katrina disaster will look like Disneyland.

Blacks will revert to savagery.

Discard said...

Brother Anon: I've noticed that a lot of rudderless young Whites think that anarchy is cool. They, along with the Blacks, must imagine that everything will be free. When I ask them how they figure the power will stay on, they look at me, slack jawed. We've nothing to fear from these dullards. Anarchy in a White society is only a brief prelude to a firm restoration of order.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. Instead of whining about Scripps being unfair and demanding they widen the participation to include runner-ups (2nd, 3rd...10th?) or lambasting the spelling bee concept, they set up their own.
Now, for seperate classes, schools...etc.

Anonymous said...

When the government checks stop, political correctness will end. DWL America will be dragged out of their cars and forced to acknowledge the Real World -- Reginald Denny style.

Anonymous said...

@ SPDL: You said: "Black birthrates are supported by the state. Food stamps, welfare, Section 8 Housing, medical costs... all courtesy of the American tax payer who slaves away from 9 - 5 so Black people can live a life in luxury..." You have succinctly stated a chilling truth, and one that spells doom for the once-great USA.

MrGJG said...

I heard the winning word in their little Ghetto Bee was "Rayciss".

Silent Running said...

1. Blacks [in Africa] have astronomical birth rates

Which is entirely propped up by the White Man's food and medicine. Remove the White Man from this equation and you have the greatest Plague and Famine in human history. What few Africans remain will be visited by the other two Horsemen as the Chinese and Arabs carve out vast swaths of uninhabited land for themselves.

White birth rates are below repleacment level

This much-bandied fact makes it sound as though the Caucasian race will cease to exist in another generation. Even at current birthrates, you're still talking about hundreds of millions of people. As I recall, we've never needed huge numbers to keep the likes of you in line. :)

Current trends depend on whites continuing to play nice into infinity. We won't. Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

The women their have like 10 kids. Africa cannot sustain that much lefe so they hve to soemwhere.

U shur spel de goodest!

Anonymous said...

Now you are picking on kids? Just when I thought this site couldn't get any more offensive. Should be ashamed of yourselves. Hardly, anyone in America is all white or black, just giving you all a little something to think about.

Discard said...

Anon at 5:19 PM: Hardly anyone in America is all White? How did that Negro get into my woodpile? D'yuh think maybe somebody might have noticed that one of my great grandmother's kids was a little darker than the rest? You are silly.

Swim said...

Having extremely high birth rates in Africa or in the ghettos of America is nothing to be proud of. It just means you're putting a greater burden on the planet.

Look up aids statistics on Wikipedia or elsewhere and you'll see that blacks and their babies are really just shitting all over the world.

Low birthrate in an overpopulated world is a result of smart family planning and progressive thinking.

Anonymous said...

Indians always win because unlike the other groups, they have their own spelling-bee circuit to get ready before the real thing.

Why not let blacks do the same thing? I see no difference.

Anonymous said...

They always win b/c they're not intellectually inferior like a certain group of "peoplez"

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and God is listerning.the word says wec are to love one another hate is of the devil.

Make up is forever said...

its funny how people say that black society isn't equal with white but hey you love to listen to us sing and play sports i mean if we weren't here what would you do ..............