Monday, May 9, 2011

This Bud's Not for You: Budweiser has "African American Bud" Web Site

At first, we thought the Web site we will quickly discuss was a joke. Sent over from the fine folks over at in an E-mail, we were sure that it had to be a clever and incredibly slick hoax.
It is not. Much like American Airlines Black Atlas and McDonald’s 365Black marketing strategy, Anheuser-Busch has created a new campaign targeting the Black community.

If you're Black, get a grant or learn about great Kings & Queens from Africa!
When you visit the page, you are welcomed to “African American Bud!” (this must be the one Black friend all white people allude to prior to making a racist comment or after a making a racist comment and pronouncing their sorrow – “I have Black friends, but…” or, “I can’t be racist, I have Black friends…”) and greeted with explanation:
Anheuser-Busch believes that it's important to be in the community and of the community. That's why we support community-based organizations in their efforts to inform, advance and support the African-American community. Here, you can learn more about our work and, in several instances, how you can become a part of it. Welcome to your community. Welcome to
Even better, you have the option of learning about the great Kings and Queens of Africa through an interactive tutorial (available here). We at SBPDL actually thought this site was still a cruel – and impressive joke – until we took the tour of great African Kings & Queens:
African-Americans have influenced global culture through rich traditions, a strong vision for the future and boundless creativity. Anheuser-Busch understands and appreciates the importance of the African-Americans community's artistic and cultural contributions, which is why we seek ways to promote and preserve the work and legacy of historical and modern-day cultural icons and artists. Since 1975, for example, the Budweiser Great Kings and Queens of Africa program—a series of 30 paintings featuring historical African kings and queens—has advanced cultural pride and awareness while providing African-American artists the opportunity to share their talents with the world.
Highlighting many rulers from Ancient Egypt (wait, were they Black?) such as Thutmose III, Tiye, Nefertari, and such great African rulers as Tenkamenin, King of Ghana and Affonso I, King of Congo, the great kings & queens series from Budweiser is an Afro-centrists fantasy come to life.
Or, it could just be that Michael Jackson’s Do you Remember the Time Afro-centrist music video featuring all-Black actors as Ancient Egyptians was the cue for the dramatic tutorial. We still aren’t sure this site isn’t a joke, until you learn this:
 We believe that everyone deserves the chance to learn, grow and prosper; a chance to fulfill their promise. That’s why Anheuser-Busch supports educational opportunity through scholarship programs, including funding national educational organizations like the United Negro College Fund, 100 Black Men of American and the Tom Joyner Foundation, and a variety of national and local organizations all concerned with ensuring equal access to education for everyone.
Anheuser-Busch is committed to helping minority- and women-owned businesses succeed. The company's Partners in Economic Progress Program has helped more than 9,000 businesses provide products or services to Anheuser-Busch, amounting to more than $309 million in spending annually. If you are interested in business opportunities please visit our supplier registration website below. Registering through the website ensures that your company will become part of our vendor database, but does not guarantee that a business opportunity will become available.
Ostensibly, anyone looking to improve the Black community can apply for a grant from the “African American Bud” organization by going here. When applying for money, be sure to learn about great African kings & queens.

On second though “African American Bud” must be the one random Black guy in every Budweiser beer commercial bringing diversity, fun, and that ‘hip’ factor to an otherwise boring and dull all-white party.

You can contact “African American Bud” here

A lot of things make us laugh. 365Black and American Airlines Black Atlas are both fantastic marketing strategies that are funny to us, but “African American Bud” is an even funnier attempt to corner the market of Black beer consumers.

Plus, you can learn a thing or two of great (made-up) African kings & queens from the Budweiser Afro-centrist tutorial in the process.

So add another company on the growing list of corporations who have bowed before the awesome power of Black-Run America (BRA) and decided to create inadvertently hilarious Web sites that pander to this segment of the population.

We recall that Jesse Jackson was able to secure a Budweiser distributorship for his son, and if you’d like to know how, consult this link.

As for us, we at Stuff Black People Don’t Like will engage in a boycott of Budweiser beer. Besides, we’ve always enjoyed Coors far more.


Anonymous said...

I checked out the website... it is like something from the twilightzone! They actualy have a portrait of Hannibal as a Black African!! You cant make this up! I guess all those ancient European and Arab Scholars / writers who described him as a white man were wrong. Thank Goodness we have Budweiser to provide us true history!! HAHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...

Time to start drinking the Czech Budweiser (Budvar in the english language markets) It' stronger and maltier. And no pandering to blacks.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The "Kings" and "Queens" they profile presided over such advanced civilizations that no artistic likenesses of any of them survived, necessitating these negrophilic paintings of them!

Old White Jim said...

I first learned of Budweiser's passionate love of the Negroid subspecies in 1997. It was a hot muggy day for riding so I stopped for a Bud at Mac's Spend-A-Buck Saloon in White Springs, FL.

I exchanged some small talk with the smiling, very hot and lovely bar maid and everything was nice until I told her I wanted a long neck Bud. Her smile suddenly turned upside down and her eyes glowed like coals in the deepest pits of hell. She and nearby drinkers looked at me like I was gingerly chewing on a turd.

"What?", I sheepishly blurted.

"You don't know?" she exclaimed in disbelief.

She rolled her eyes and continued, "Every time you buy a six-pack of Bud, they give a dollar to the United Nigger College Fund."

She brought me a Coors which she served without a smile.

I hurriedly drank my new favorite beer, left a good tip in an attempt to make amends for being such a race-traitor, then hit the road a wiser man.

I'm sure that the folks at Mac's will appreciate your expansion of their ancient boycott.

Anonymous said...

Just as whites are eating less McDonalds, I bet less are drinking crappy beer, opting instead for imports and microbrews.

Either that or this is some kind of preemptive move at fighting off some kind of discrimination lawsuits by pointing to their website as proof of belief in diversity. The fun facts were probably researched by a minority hire.

missbosslady said...

Ugh! Bye-bye Bud!

Myself, I am a fan of the micro brews, usually a better quality and helping out a small business, to boot!

Anonymous said...

You could see all of this coming with the "Whad Up! ad campaign of years ago. Me, I never like Bud, nor any other Anheiser product. I mostly buy locally made beer from one of the smaller breweries or get growlers from the brewpubs.

Old White Jim, I wouldn't be too confident on Coors either.
"Can diversity help us sell beer? Yes it can,"says Ryan Baca, director of the office of inclusion for the Coors Brewing Company. "Our markets are diverse and the people who drink our product are diverse, from both economic and cultural standpoints, with different lifestyles and sexual orientations."
Capturing a bigger share of various ethnic markets is a stated goal of Coors's marketing department. "It is more than just hiring diverse talent," says Baca


Anonymous said...

oh, so you've posted on Afro-centrism before? That's awesome. The sooner that hog wash that passes for "scholarship" dies out, the better.


Anonymous said...

AB is focusing on selling their piss to blacks for the same reason tobacco companies are focusing on third-world countries: they need a population that doesn't know any better.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Afro-centrism has largely died out... save in the minds of Budweiser and a number of academic institutions that peddle the work of people eviscerated in Mark Lefkowitz.

That those institutions are largely state funded universities (not just HBCUs) tells me all I need to know about the state of education in America.

The Budweiser King and Queens of Africa tutorial is what you can expect to learn in many schools. Absolutely hilarious.

Anonymous said...

After seeing their Hannibal, I had to take a peek and see if they also counted Cleopatra as a "black queen of Africa." Well, of course, Cleopatra was there too, presented as black as midnight. But the mini-bio goes one better, stating that cleopatra is often "erroneously portrayed as caucasian." If Cleopatra wasn't caucasian (at least in the sense that we understand that word to mean "white" today), it will come as a huge surprise to the Greek ancestors who founded the ptolemaic dynasty. These ignorant cretins will do anything to sell beer.

Anonymous said...

In June of 2005, I, along with my fellow adult-age family members, took a tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Saint Louis, Missouri. Both of the tour guides were young, pretty, blonde, and white college-age girls. Their names were Megan and Lisa, I think. Everybody in my tour group was white, too. At no time during this tour was there any mention made by Megan and Lisa, the tour guide girls, of a "commitment to diversity" (This is what I would call pandering to blacks.) by Anheuser-Busch. Megan and Lisa just told those of us in our tour group all about the history of Anheuser-Busch, the respective family histories of the two founding fathers of Anheuser-Busch, the story of the Budweiser beer brand, and about the brewing process of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery itself.

At the end of the tour, my family and I joined the rest of our tour group for some free Anheuser-Busch beverages inside the Anheuser-Busch Brewery's hospitality room, which basically looked like an upscale bar. Despite the free beer and other beverages being served, nobody got drunk, loud, or belligerent. Everybody just enjoyed their drinks and eventually went on their way. All in all, my tour with my family of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery back in 2005 was a serene, peaceful, and black-people-drama-free day.

If I were to take a tour of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery now, would my tour guides be girls with names like Megan and Lisa like it was in 2005, or would their names be more like Shaneequa and Taneeka instead? Would I have to hear Shaneequa and Taneeka tell me all about the Anheuser-Busch Brewery's charitable efforts to fight AIDS in Africa during this tour now, or how Anheuser-Busch just donated some money to build a new memorial to honor Martin Luther King Junior, instead of them telling me about how Adolphus Busch and Eberhard Anheuser first came to Saint Louis from their native Germany, or being given a chance to see the stables where those big Clydesdale horses are housed?

Since it now appears that Anheuser-Busch has chosen to so blatantly kowtow to blacks and shrug off its own proud history of being founded by German immigrants in America, I will never again buy any Anheuser-Busch products. I'll just buy real German beers imported from Germany instead.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Most people I associate with on a social level drink either micro-brews or Coors (because I make them).

I've been on the tour of the Coors facility in Golden, Colorado on at least five occasions and have loved each minute of it. The city that Coors is located in (Golden) represents everything wonderful about America.

If you're an a high school reading this blog and have a proficiency at math, I recommend applying to the Colorado School of Mines located in Golden.

You can get a job with the Coors Brewing company in the summer and enjoy one of the best (real) educations you can get in America.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your site, but the word is "anyway". "anyways" is not a word.--Just thought that, as a White man, you should know this--Regards.

Anonymous said...

Paul, the author of Not Out of Africa was Mary Lefkowitz, not Mark Lefkowitz. That brave woman--who was fighting on the frontlines of this nonsense since the 1980s--deserves all the credit she's due. Love your site, Paul!

rahm said...

I've found that these lists tend to start great and end poorly. They start with some of the greatest people of the ancient world, and then suddenly everyone starts to wear loin cloths. I've never understood why that is...

Anonymous said...

I first saw the painting of "Hannibal" as the black king in David Duke's book "My Awakening". What a bad joke they are still pushing it. Hannibal was a Carthaginian, who were descendants of Phoenician settlers from the Eastern Mediterranean near present day Lebanon. I never liked Budweiser even back in my college days in the late 60s. I drank Schlitz instead.

Dissident said...

Black @$$ kissing @ it's finest, courtesy of Anheuser Busch, McDonalds, American Airlines, and who knows what other corporations.

I will promptly fire off a snarling e-mail to these pandering co.'s and let them know that, I as a white civil rights activist, will NOT be supporting their products in any way, shape, or form.

This is getting of the absurd!

Does black America have that much buying power, as to illicit this kind of @$$ kissing? I'm inclined to believe that this diversity BS has gotten these corporations racing towards the bottom....wouldn't care if they all fail.

Their products are inferior anyway.

Anonymous said...

@ SBPDL On a flight to Kenya i remember drinking Tusker lager. I have to say it was damn good. Brewed in Africa to a British colonial recipe.

If Blacks insist on having their own Beer they could do a lot worse than importing something from where the British have instilled a proper beer brewing culture in Africa.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. I honestly cannot see blacks purposely purchasing Budweiser; stealing it maybe, but not walking into a store and buying a case. The only beer I saw blacks drinking was of course high powered malt liquors, because the object wasn't to kick back with friends and have a good time, but to get absolutely shitfaced hammered which often led to a violent rampage.

So many times I arrived at a scene of violence, carnage, mayhem, etc and it would be littered with empty malt liquor cans and bottles. It reminded me of stories of mountains such as Mt Everest, popular with climbers that were littered with empty oxygen bottles.

Personally I like an ice cold Fat Tire, and now that I've been made aware of this nonsensical ass kissing effort by Budweiser, I do not care to imbibe any of their products again.

Don said...

From anon-2:37: "I'll just buy real German beers imported from Germany instead."

I hear that!..WHY these fantastic German beers do not dominate the market is bewildering?! (might have something to do with the U.S. demographic?!)..Beers like Franziskaner & Weistephaner, Bitburger pils or a good Kolsch!..

I don't even drink "domestic swill" anymore like "Butt-wiper". There are some excellent American micro-brews & I do like Samuel Adams for a mainstream beer.

That Budweiser is now doing this nonsense with it's "african kings" will only drive more whites away..We are all sick to death of political correctness & multiculturalism (& showing Hannibal & Cleopatra as black is just beyond belief?!!)...So just go ahead Budweiser,keep up this foolishness. There are a lot of American micro-brews & imports that would LOVE to see an increase in their marketshare!.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if they were "historically" such a great race. Looking at all the kings, queens and their achievements. The what the f...k has happened lately?

Fayette White Guy said...

You may want to reconsider your Coors love:

How does this guy gain a foothold in pop culture, given the nastiness of his lyrics?

Anonymous said...

Ok, if they were "historically" such a great race. Looking at all the kings, queens and their achievements. The what the f...k has happened lately

YT "stole" their math, science, and engineering.

Anonymous said...

Fayette White Guy said...

"How does this guy gain a foothold in pop culture, given the nastiness of his lyrics?"

Answer: It's because he's black. It would be "racist" if we whites were to hold "Ice Cube" to the same standards as we would hold members of our own families to. That "race card" sure has paved the way for so many blacks in this world nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Yeah seriously screw anheuser busch (or however u spell it), ever since I started noticing that they engaged in exceptionally anti white male advertising I said to hell w/ them, and even if Im @ a bar getting a cheap on tap beer, I still won't but get the Bud. Coors (if I want something ok), Sam Adams, newcastle, dos equies, heineken, and definitely Hefeweizen is where its at.

Left Coast Dude

I hope blacks continue to drink their Colt 45 and dont even notice what the Busch is doing

Anonymous said...

For those who don't know, Anheiser Busch is now owned by ImBev,now called AB-ImBev, a Belgian company whose other brands include Stella Artois, Labatt, Leffe, Franziskaner, Becks, Spaten, St. Pauli Girl and many, many others.

Midwestern said...

"Does black America have that much buying power, as to illicit this kind of @$$ kissing? I'm inclined to believe that this diversity BS has gotten these corporations racing towards the bottom....wouldn't care if they all fail."

I recommend local micro beers. I would like to think that the welfare/tax dollars we spend on blacks, (then spent by them on Budweiser and other goods) is swiftly cycled back into the money pool and back into the pockets of the original white tax payer.

Don't blacks just recycle money? They don't understand money and economics, from my experience, they just like to spend it on useless junk.

When black have money in their possession, they don't save it, build retirement, medical savings accounts, make home down payments, purchase land, fund business startups, and they don't save or build any type of wealth. They only spend government money on drank, fast food dinners, merchandise and bling produced by whites, so eventually we get most of it back, right?

Example: There is a 30's black welfare woman in my neighborhood with several small children in a section 8 apartment house. Since the white taxpayer covers all of her needs - food, housing, heat, air conditioning, education, medical care - she spends money on useless things like plastic trees and flowers for the yard, rims, a trampoline, fancy hairdos, rental furniture, new clothes for her kids, a portable basketball goal, weekend parties and cookouts. Her brother and boyfriend live with her, deal drugs from the house and sell liquor to the locals on Sundays. Drive through any poor black neighborhood and you will see expensive merchandise like plastic toys, bikes and sporting equipment littering the yards.

They are too stupid to understand that they are pissing away an opportunity to create a little something for the future. This is why blacks are poor.

EgyptInfo said...

According to the 18th Dynasty family tree, Thutmose III is the paternal great grandfather of Amenhotep III. If that's true, it means Thutmose III is in Y chromosome Haplogroup R1b (the same Haplogroup as Charles Darwin, and the most common Haplogroup in England). Which proves he has at least some white ancestry. He definately didn't look West African like in the picture. Note that Egyptian Kings normally marry their sisters, so the maternal line is going to be similar to the paternal line.

Was Tiye (Amenhotep III's wife) nubian? Probably not. Tiye's parents are well proven by DNA testing, and she was related to Amenhotep's family. The mummy's of Tiye and her family are all known.

Akhenaton was proven to be R1b Y chromosome haplogroup, and proven to be the son of Amenhotep III. He was not black (he was a crazy idiot though, so it's a shame he wasn't black).

Nefertari was not a Nubian. She was of Egyptian royal heritage.

Cleopatra was Greek.

I could go on, but I think you get the gist.

nokangaroos said...

Some tiny remarks ... ;b
- Thutmosis III was probably the greatest pharaoh of all time (Ramses II had a wee bit more to his credit, but he had 70 years to rule). His major bane was his mother (NOT sister) Hatshepsut, a feminist icon whose major contribution to history was keeping him from the throne for 20 years. But there were no blacks on the throne before the 24. dynasty. Indeed, many of the greatest are known to have been redheads (Seti I - III, Ramses II). And, though Hatshepsut insisted on wearing the beard of Osiris (a blasphemy at the time) there are contemporary graffiti of her chancellor nailing her from behind.
- Tiye must indeed have been something to behold. Her major contribution to history was that her sickly offspring Amenophis IV Ekhnaton was the grandfather, father and uncle of Tutankhamun; a complication previously unheard among pharaohs who routinely married their sisters but did not bang their mothers.
We may also note that Ekhnaton as soon as he was old enough to rule had her confined to a cloister where she died alone and in poverty.
- Credit where credit is due: Kanga Mussa, by all accounts, was one of the greats of his time. And Shaka Zulu was indeed a military genius; though I doubt his requirement of celibacy in his impi (=regiments) would find much favour with Anheuser&Busch´s target population (g). Oh, and he didn´t invent the assegai (which, BTW, doesn´t look like in the picture either).

- Ever since I first saw that drivel about a decade ago I have been wondering why they haven´t included Geiserich among their "Great Kings of Africa". After all, he is credited with the invention of vandalism and he was at least as black as Hannibal and Cleopatra.

Anonymous said...

It's curious how white kings and queens are symbols of oppression but Black Kings and Queens are a symobol of Africa's rich cultural heritage. It's curious, too, to note that AB capitalizes Kings and Queens. Apparently, everything pertaining to Africa and Blacks is of such monumental importance that it all requires capitalization. Pretty soon, we'll be discussing BLACK KINGS and QUEENS. Then, a few years henceforth, it will be BLACK KINGS and QUEENS in boldface and italics. Eventually: !B!L!A!C!K! !K!I!N!G!S! and !Q!U!E!E!N!S!

Discard said...

nokangaroos: Shaka Zulu did not have to be a military genius to be head and shoulders above his rivals. In the continent of the dullwitted, the guy with an IQ of 100 is king. Have you seen "Idiocracy"?

~AV~ said...

Stone fan myself...My farvorite is Sublimely Self Righteous...gave up golden beer flavored water years and years ago...

I want my beer black and friends white...

I also only venture to beer joints that DON'T cater to "TV advertised convenience store beer" justs beckons to the underclass to come in and start problems...

$4.00 and higher pints of meaty beer keeps the trouble away...

Simple pleasures are the best...and it is great to be white and indulging in white selfish behavior!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell the new Belgian owners they're swinging on the wrong monkey vine here. The anthropoids won't drink Bud. They prefer "malt likker", like Colt 45, Olde English 800, St. Ives (mint flavored monkey urine).

The more foul it tastes, and the more fortified it is, the more the protohominids like it.

I gave up on "Boonweiser" a long time ago. Once the quality starts deteriorating, you know something like this is coming.

Anonymous said...

Why do blacks insist upon living in the land of the people who enslaved you? Why don't you create a homeland for American blacks somewhere in Africa and we'll all get along a lot better.

If you boycott places like MCDonald's they will become places of refuge for non blacks, where we can feel safe in a clean environment.

The concept of attempting to copy Things White People Like is stupid because there can be no irony on a site like this.

You think Bud is going to care if you boycott it, its not like they'll go bankrupt or lose any prestige. If White people boycotted it there would be concern, but blacks will only get laughed at, who cares.

The Truth said...

@Anonymous,nokangaroos, EgyptInfo etc

I would love to debate any of you in public on the subject of The Nile Valley Kings ethnic make-up and appearance. Two questions to any and all of you, please find the word Egyptian or Egypt written in Medu-Netcher? And please,what did the people who built the society along the Nile (modern Egypt) call themselves in their own language? Thanks!

chez crisden said...

ladies and germs, the great kings and queens of africa posters, are acurate pictures of the african queens and kings.

i am sure there are more kings and queens of africa that have not been shown yet. i am sure people of africa and african americans, and people of african descent from afround theworld have found this information. and the people/black people probably work for budweiser came up with the idea for great kings and queens of africa.

Anonymous said...

If the 'great kings and queens' of Africa were so great, where is their legacy?...Like Darfur, and all the other wonderful areas of the last couple of hundred years or so with tribal rivalries trying to kill off each other, female castration, and other fun-loving things that African culture has bestowed in humanity???
Give me a friggin' break!!...And I have freedom of speech as long as I am politically correct?? WTF? Horse**t!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone will read this considering this is almost a year after the original post. But after researching this on my own, I ran across this....why you are making fun of Budweiser...guess who is making fun of us....

They took your website and used it as their own. lol. Now that sucks. I understand what you are trying to do here...but you can not talk about what we don't like when they are having a field day laughing at us because we laugh at us. We should stop posting things like this in the public, and create website for registering only. Its not so funny when the finger is pointed back at you. And yes I am black. But it sickens me to know you make fun of our race, and they are doing it too. Not cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is heartbreaking. So much disdain and bigotry. It's a shame...

Anonymous said...

People, People, People. It is not that hard to get along. Even while you are blogging. All companies cater to a base. Whether it is an African-American, Latino, Female, jewish or Christian, etc., base. People buy from those with whom they are comfortable and familiar with, and those that acknowledge their existence too. It is not necessarily ass kissing. It is called marketing to your bases! I remember the Bud kings and queens series from when I was a child growing up in the 80s. I'm 41 now. I've never cared for beer so I don't drink it, but I do remember those posters. They rocked! And they rocked because they were a reflection of me. Yeah, I have pigment in my skin. That is what it means to be black in America. To have pigment! So...the likely hood that those kings and queens were black, is absolutely positively plausible and the truth, because.... of the regions from which they came. I know white folks can't stand it when suppressed information about black folk's greatness gets out. I guess it is the same for ignorant African Americans that grew up in this society with low self esteem and no knowledge of their ancestors and their accomplishments ( and I don't mean slave ancestors). I wish I could answer each blog personally but I have a life. But I will note for the guy that pointed out that Hannibal was a "phoenician", that that meant he was actually a "canaanite", and that "The Land Of Canaan" extends from Lebanon southward to the brook of Eygpt, and eastward to the Jordan River Valley, and as far as I know people of the caucasian persuasion were not the dominant class of people in that region, genetically speaking. There is even some doubt about the authenticity of the bust they have of him on display somewhere in Italy. I am sure it is the european features throwing everyone off. Lol. I would also like to add to the LAPD officer that made the malt liquor comment. Ass hole. My last comment for the night is, people read something other than a billboard, Ebony, or people magazine. The truth is out there, some of it distorted and hidden, but dig deep before you judge or make blanket uneducated comments. The key is to read some books written by non-white authors. They are not always looking for the truth. They are sometimes just looking for information or trying to hide the truth for that matter. It is easy to dominate the ignorant. Remember, many civilizations "don't exist" and "did not accomplish" because of genocide, slavery, miseducation, torture, warfare, and the intent to conceal. That is what conquerors do. They steal the pearls of a civilization and claim them as their own, and they demand that you live a life of servitude and that you assimilate them until your traditions are no more. Obama 2012!

dyscopia said...

I call dibs on this! I presented a paper LAST YEAR on this very issue in April 2011 at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)in Atlanta.

The paper is titled, "“Remembered, Mystified, Forgotten: The Rhetoric of ‘Racial Regality’ in the Great Kings and Queens of Africa Posters.”

My presentation is archived in the 2011 CCCC convention program.

And it's listed in my CV at: