Friday, May 13, 2011

Wind of Change on the Horizon? Why the Summer of 2011 will be a test for BRA

The collapse of BRA will rival the fall of the Berlin Wall
The US Postal Service, just like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, is doomed. One of the top employers of Black people in the United States (as all Federal and state government agencies have become), the losses the Post Office continues to post are astounding: 
Reporting a $2.2 billion loss in its fiscal second quarter, the U.S. Postal Service said it expects to hit its borrowing limit by the Sept. 30 end of its fiscal year, and will default on payments to the federal government unless Congress allows it to cut costs and liabilities, Reuters reported.

The Postal Service, which has lost money the last four fiscal years, has asked to cut Saturday mail delivery and in March announced layoffs and post office closures.
We’ve long wondered why the US Postal Service continues to brag about its commitment to diversity when a direct correlation is noticeable in the increase in Black and non-white employees and the persistent trend of massive financial losses.

Remember the vocations with the highest percentage of Black participation? We do:
1.     Barbers—35.0%
2.     Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides—34.0%
3.     Residential advisors—29.6%
4.     Security guards and gaming surveillance officers—28.6%
5.     Postal service clerks-28.3%
6.     Baggage porters, bellhops, and concierges—27.1%
7.     Postal service mail sorters, processors, and processing machine operators—26.4%
8.     Taxi drivers and chauffeurs—25.7%
9.     Bus drivers—24.9%
10.   Parking lot attendants—24.4%

Two of the top 10 jobs that have the highest Black participation rates are related to the US Postal Service. Could one postulate that “residential advisors” has something to do with the government agency HUD? In 1997, austerity measures hit local, state and the Federal government and The New York Times published this important story:
'The downsizing of state and local governments is going to have a predictable, disproportionate, negative effect on people of color generally and especially the black community,'' said Bennett Harrison, a professor of political economy at the New School for Social Research. Professor Harrison, who has studied urban government workers since the early 1970's, said minority groups benefited disproportionately from the growth of the public sector and are now simply in the wrong place as history's wheel has turned. ''The case is unambiguous,'' he said.

The New York State Comptroller, H. Carl McCall, who as a young black man in the mid-1960's got his start working on antipoverty programs in the administration of Mayor John V. Lindsay before going on to a career at Citibank in the 1970's, said his greatest fear was not so much for the people leaving jobs now, but for their children and grandchildren.

''Public sector jobs helped establish a stable middle class for the minority community, but the next generation will not have that opportunity,'' he said.
Fourteen years later, the Black reliance on public sector jobs is at an all-time high. The private sector can’t find jobs for Black people, not because there are jobs Americans won’t do, but because there are jobs Black American’s won’t do. 
Yahoo reports:
If the election of America's first African-American president was expected to give blacks an economic boost, it hasn't emerged yet. Indeed, the percentage of African-American men with a job has dropped to its lowest level since records began in 1972, according to the government's monthly jobs report released last week.

Even as the economy added a better-than-expected 244,000 jobs, the percentage of black males over 20 who are currently employed dropped slightly to 56.9, the Labor Department's April report shows. For whites, the equivalent figure is 68.1 percent.
Before this recession, the percentage of black adult men with a job had never dropped below 60 percent, according to Labor Department statistics.

And among blacks, it's not just men who are suffering. Just 51.5 percent of African-Americans across the board--compared to 59.5 percent of whites--have a job, the numbers show. That's the lowest level for blacks since 1984. (That group includes 16- to 19-year-olds, who are employed at a far lower rate than their elders.)

These employment rates are calculated differently from the top-line unemployment rate, which includes only those actively looking for work, and inched back up last month to 9 percent.

Heather Boushey, an economist with the liberal Center for American Progress, told The Lookout it's not just African-Americans who have been hit particularly hard.  It's also other traditionally struggling groups, such as ex-offenders and those without a college degree.

"Anyone who would be last on an employer's list to get a job is really in bad shape" in the current downturn, Boushey said.

And employers' hiring practices may be making the problem worse. As we've reported, online job listings telling the unemployed not to apply have proliferated in recent years. The federal government is currently probing whether such listings illegally discriminate against African Americans, who are disproportionately likely to be among the jobless.
Recall that The New York Times published a story lamenting that the proficiency of Black students lags way behind that of every other testable racial group and you begin to understand that the reliance on McDonald’s for steady income (and, of course, EBT cards which cost the tax payer $34 Billion in 2008) is the wave of the future for athletically-challenged Black people.
Black people unqualified for government work will be competing for fast food service jobs (one can already predict the outcome of this based on the 1 million people who applied for 50,000 jobs at McDonald’s three weeks ago).
We aren’t trying to pessimistic at SBPDL; only painting an accurate picture of what looms on the horizon.
Recall that more than 50 percent of the workforce at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is minority (at least 40 percent is Black) and that fears of shutting down these agencies have pointed out how this would be a major disservice to the minority community.
House lawmakers (all Republicans) have introduced measures that would phase-out both government sponsored mortgage backers:
House lawmakers unveiled seven bills Friday to speed up the eventual closure of government-controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae ( FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC), part of a Republican push to dramatically reduce the U.S. government's role in the mortgage market.

The bills are part of a GOP strategy keep public attention on Fannie and Freddie, the two mortgage giants whose government takeover in fall 2008 has cost taxpayers about $138 billion so far.

Republicans, especially in the House, want to unwind the government's longstanding support of the $10.5 trillion U.S. mortgage market, arguing that the high levels of support that have traditionally been part of American housing policy pose too much of a risk of future bailouts. They face intense resistance, however, from powerful interests such as Realtors and community bankers, who have been lobbying on Capitol Hill to maintain federal support. The Senate, meanwhile, has shown little inclination to take up the issue anytime soon.
Both Freddie and Fannie continue to post massive losses, and news that the Obama Administration is planning to pressure banks to lend money to disadvantaged minority who lack credit access can only be greeted with a smile: isn’t this what brought about the latest financial collapse?
Any attempt to rein in government spending will be greeted with howls of protests from those who defend doomed tax-payer supported organizations that act as minority employment firms. Perhaps it was Ron Paul who said it best in one of those universally derided newsletters from the early 1990s:
"Opinion polls consistently show that only about 5 percent of blacks have sensible political opinions, i.e. support the free market, individual liberty and the end of welfare and affirmative action."
Those from Koch-money supported organizations and Lew Rockwell acolytes who believe people will instinctively flock to ideas of limited government and nebulous, indefinable terms like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’ fail to understand or take into consideration the reality of human biodiversity.
Why would Black people ever go-along with the dissolution of government programs and jobs that they rely on for a middle-class existence? Why would Black people ever consider defunding EBT cards, which in many states 40 percent of Black people rely on for filling their bellies?
That the majority of Black people and Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) are wedded to Black-Run America’s continued existence foretells the troubles that are before us this summer. School is about to let out and we’ve already seen Flash mobs of “youths” plunder stores across the nation with a Jack Sparrow-like zeal for debauchery and unlawfulness (check out the fantastic work of Unamusement Park on this subject).
It will only get worse once school is out.
Just remember that The Wall Street Journal reported that white people now see anti-white bias rising and anti-Black bias decreasing:
Both white Americans and black Americans perceive significant progress in the fight against anti-black bias, but white Americans believe the progress has come at their expense, a new survey finds.

The researchers contacted a random national sample of 209 whites and 208 blacks, and asked them how much discrimination each group faced, on a scale of one to ten, for each decade since the 1950s.

Black Americans saw anti-black bias as declining steadily, from 9.7 in the ’50s to 6.1 in the ’00s. Over the same period, they perceived a small increase in anti-white bias, from 1.4 to 1.8.

White Americans saw an even steeper decline in anti-black bias: from 9.1, in the ’50s, to 3.6, in the ’00s. But more striking, according to the researchers, was the sharp increase in perceived anti-white bias: Among whites, it shot up from 1.8 to 4.7.

White Americans, in short, thought that anti-white bias was a greater societal problem by the ’00s than anti-black bias.
Unemployed "Youths" will use Twitter to coordinate robberies and Flash Mobs
This week saw Omar Thornton’s story of eternal victimhood debunked:
Omar Thornton, who was black, “did not seem to understand the concept of seniority” and therefore believed he was subjected to racism at Hartford Distributors, Manchester Police Chief Marc Montminy said. The company’s most senior drivers pick the best routes, leaving the remainder for less senior workers like Thornton, Montminy said.

Thornton shot 10 people, eight of them fatally, within three minutes Aug. 3 before killing himself in what Montminy said was the worst mass shooting ever in Connecticut.

Immediately before the shootings, Thornton was fired for stealing beer. Afterward, he called 911 and told an operator: “This place is a racist place. They’re treating me bad over here. And treat all other black employees bad over here, too. So I took it to my own hands and handled the problem. I wish I could have got more of the people.”
No word on if restitution will be paid to those white people dead by his hand. Also this week, the USDA released a report on discrimination after the Shirley Sherrod blowup. Naturally, Black people – who have a vested interested to continue reporting discrimination – reported discrimination:
Despite acknowledging a legacy of discrimination, the Department of Agriculture is still plagued by civil rights problems that have in the past led to unequal treatment of minorities seeking loans and other help, according to a government-commissioned report Wednesday.

Most of the employees interviewed by a private consulting firm did not believe the department, sued over the years by blacks, Hispanic, American Indians and women, had a civil rights problem. Research by the Jackson Lewis LLP Corporate Diversity Counseling Group “substantiated in part the anecdotal claims of neglect, at best, and wide-spread discrimination, at worst” at the department.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack arranged for the $8 million review as part of an effort to address long-running problems, many involving minorities denied loans by department field offices staffed mostly by white men.

Discrimination was most acute at the agency responsible for delivering farm loans and other programs to rural residents. The study noted that far fewer minorities participated in many programs than did whites, and found not enough effort to go into minority communities to market loans and services.

“Customers and potential customers stated that USDA policies and practices, often unintentionally, and sometimes purposely by ‘bad actors,’ result in the unfair treatment and denial of program access which have had a broad and longstanding negative impact,” the report said.

Vilsack said the department has put in place some of the more than 200 recommendations from the report. Since he took over in 2009, he has focused on correcting civil rights problems, reviewing long-neglected complaints and settling lawsuits brought by the minority farmers. He calls it a “cultural transformation.”
Black people will forever complain of discrimination, despite the mortgaging of the future of United States by DWLs (and Sanctimonious White Conservatives) who made a Faustian Pact that the Black population could be improved and gradually weaned off the break of government help.
Every effort has been made to improve Black people’s life in America (save the institution of the Michael Oher Act) and every effort has failed.
We at SBPDL want Black-Run America to end, so we lament none of what becomes increasing clearer on the horizon. The Economist reports – without admitting the economic ramifications of such demographic changes – that white people in America are no longer having kids.
When Black-Run America comes crashing down by its own hand, none of these demographic doomsday scenarios will matter. The costs and burden on the US tax payer for supporting the rearing of unwanted Black children (72 percent of Black children are abandoned by Black males and left by the stork on the US tax payer’s front door to care for) will end.
The summer of 2011 could end up being the ultimate Stuff Black People Don’t Like.
This will serve as the last we write on this subject. But we wager that the summer of 2011 will provide the initial thrust that proves to be Black-Run America’s demise.
Sorry for the length of this piece. We want to write about light-hearted things like pop culture, sports, and # posts, but this needed to be written.
Calls us alarmists if you will; we just see and report what others refuse to acknowledge. So give us your feedback.


Anonymous said...

When the welfare spigot is turned off, there will be mass rioting and looting in the streets. It could be a couple of years from now or 50 years from now. You better keep your guns and ammo handy.

Sheila said...

"We at SBPDL want Black-Run America to end ..." From your website to God's ears.

Greying Wanderer said...

"When the welfare spigot is turned off, there will be mass rioting and looting in the streets."

It'll start before that i think. The dumber ones expected their newly-elected Pharoah to give them a McMansion, BMW and a couple of blond haired slaves each. Seems to me they're already restless.

When the welfare spigot is switched it won't be rioting it'll be like a full-on zombie apocalypse movie.

Anonymous said...

Guns 'n ammo will ultimately be of little help save small local flash problems. When the lid comes off, as it must, guns will insure only that you won't go down without a fight.

We don't have the stomach for the sort of bloodshed that will inevitably ensue. Plus, the government will surely side with the "oppressed." We're created quite a pickle for ourselves.

The best protection will be found in small well organized and well armed communities spatially sequestered from the marauding gangs of NAMs. The best solutions will involve leaving them to their own devices and resisting the temptation to "help."

D J said...

I plan to buy my first firearm when I get home from my present business trip. This is not a step I am taking lightly by any means. But, I live in Birmingham, and although I reside on the outskirts, I am taking no chances. I fully expect things will "go bang" in a big way this summer. If not Birmingham itself, then, somewhere nearby.

Svend said...

Every year Miami hosts Urban Beach Week. Some years have seen 400,000 young blacks flock to Miami Beach (population 90k) for a couple days of tearing the city apart. The talk of the town is if this year will be a nightmare, compared with the usual disaster of years past. I take this to mean that whites (which here means white Hispanics) have been watching the youtube videos and are assuming the behavior to be new. Maybe it is new. Maybe blacks are escalating. Let's find out.

Stephen said...

Sweet! I was actually listening to this song yesterday pondering the future of the Divided States of America. And speaking of the Berlin Wall, I remember my dad telling me about 10 years ago when I was 13 that he never expected the Berlin Wall to fall within his lifetime.

I can't predict precisely when BRA will crumble, but I know it will, and possibly sooner than any of us expect. I predict in 15-20 years much of America will be considered uninhabitable slums (much worse than it is now). Non-white children now outnumber White children in several states. Atlas is shaking and he can't hold on for much longer. I remember a quote that goes something like this: "To think that unlimited economic growth can be achieved with finite expendable resources one would have to be a madman or an economist."

BRA will collapse in my lifetime, it's a mathematical certainty.

Dissident said...

"Sorry for the length of this piece. We want to write about light-hearted things like pop culture, sports, and # posts, but this needed to be written."

Please don't apologize for telling the truth. Never acquiesce when defending your position SBPDL. You sir, deserve a medal for the work you're doing here. It's not politically correct and it could be career suicide, but you're doing it and doing an excellent job, if I may add.

And finally to all my white brethren living in close proximity to these hoodlums/gangsters/deviants, please protect your wives and children with whatever means you can. When the SHTF, things are really going to get nasty and real quick! Have a escape/defense plan if you live in an urban setting. Take a concealed carry class, learn self defense techniques. Most of all just try to avoid hostile situations at all costs.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your desire to keep things light-hearted, but that era has passed. The truth about BRA must be shouted from the mountain-tops. It is a literal crisis, every bit on par with Islamic terrorists. To allow our youth to continue to boil like the proverbial frog in the pot is irresponsible and immoral. Please don't abandon the truth, however painful it might be for some to hear and admit. The fun and games have come to an end, and the time for men to be men is here.

The great one said...

Do you know what's funny?
SBDPLs like to blame DWLs for all of America's problems, especially BRA and try to distance themselves from all of America’s problem, but want to take credit for all of America's success.The majority of whites who contributes to America are DWLs (the operative word is majority). SBPDL are intellectually deficient. Name me just one successful SBPDL. Name just one SBDPL invention or breakthrough? If SBPDLs controlled America, it would look like most of Russia and Appalachia: a pure wasteland. Name me just one SBPDL city you would like to live in? And even if your managed to find one, why are you not living there now?

Anonymous said...

Black Run America is so complete I doubt if a white male can ever be elected again to the US presidency, unless he has a black male or black female as a running mate. He might have a slim chance then. No black, hispanic, or muslim will vote for a white man, nor will most jews.

Anonymous said...

The Great One said: "Name me just one SBPDL city you would like to live in?"

What? Name one and you and every Black with bus fare would show up, bringing all your glorious diversity.

No thanks. I'm keeping my mouth shut.


Anonymous said...

Feels good to live in a predominantly white SWPL city with a sprinkling of Asians in the Pacific Northwest! We have time to recover from delusional thinking, as I don't foresee many blacks making a beeline here before the collapse occurs.

Anonymous said...

ingrate one,

Actually, the original Untouchables gave birth to the highest civilization in North America... at least until the original DWL's killed their men, raped their women, starved their children, burned their cities, and robbed them of all their wealth, only to curse the dispossessed as poor white trash. But I digress.

The numbers of SWPL and Untouchables are difficult to know with certainty due to active repression of Untouchables, but the successful industries undoubtedly have both types.

Let us look at the industries that definitely don't contribute to America: subprime mortgages, diversity consultants, social services, community organizers, Wall Street, carbon trading, climate science, and so forth. Certainly the purview of the DWL.

Oh, and anywhere in Orange County, CA (indeed, any piece of Southern California minus a few square blocks) circa 1990 or earlier. Not there now because its been overrun by our neighbors del Sud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous are you kidding? The only reason TPTB allowed a black man to be voted President was to show BRA that they can't run the country for shit..and it's being proven.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know what's funny?"

Here's a few things...

rahm said...

@The great one:
Name some of those brilliant DWLs you're talking about? The term SBPDL is a rather recent term, that said I can name two very notable individuals right off who share many of our beliefs: William Shockley and James Watson. Let's see some hardcore DWLs who have actually accomplished anything worth noting.

Anonymous said...

The "great" one. Obvious DWL being obvious.

Sorry but you can't pigeon-hole SBPDL's as being uneducated or stupid. The situation is just a smidge more complicated than that simplistic statement.

Appalachia, which happens to be a marvelous part of the country, indeed has it's share of DWL's just as DWL strongholds like San Fran have it's share of SBPDL's. In some cases DWL's can have an epiphany and become SBPDL's themselves after a traumatic encounter with BRA hits them square in the face.

As for the people that are arming themselves, good idea. Especially those in diversified areas. I myself live within trudging distance to several section 8 apartments. I have thought of contingency plans and how I'll protect my home since the 2008 election, which I believed would turn riotous if Obama had lost. I see the same scenario coming next year at the latest.

I recommend 3 types of guns. A handgun for personal protection in close environs where escape is impossible. A 38-44 caliber revolver does nicely. A shotgun for home protection. Last would be an "assault" rifle. AK47, SKS, AR-15. If I had to choose one it would be the shotgun. In the case your fortifications are breached, a few blasts with a 12 gauge will send most intruders running the other way.


Discard said...

Great SBPDLs? Almost every engineer and scientist that ever lived. Would Tesla or Westinghouse or Kelly Johnson or anybody who worked on the Apollo Program have lived or worked with Blacks? Do the geeks at Microsoft today hang with the bros? SWPLs just want enough tame Darks around to amuse them. The city districts they favor generally have the same demographics as a Sierra Club meeting. Inside, they're as racist as anybody.

Dissident said...

"If SBPDLs controlled America, it would look like most of Russia and Appalachia: a pure wasteland. "

You're a moron! I live in Appalachia and I would take Russia over Detroit, Atlanta, LA, or any other majority minority city.

You want to know what a "wasteland" is, then look no further than any ghetto in any part of America or elsewhere.

Even though many parts of Appalachia are poor economically, at least they're safe and fairly civilized. Can you say that about poor ghetto's-Hell NO! The difference: White & Black-nuff' said.

I despise liberal retards like you more than I despise many black criminals- why? Because, at least, the criminal will admit that he's one, you liberals are too full of self righteousness to see your own pathetic failures. Liberalism must be a pathological psychosis of the mind.

It goes against all human nature.

Anonymous said...

In the coming years we should tell the blacks that they are jobless because the Hispanics force labor prices down, but tell the Hispanics that we support immigration because it helps diversity. Let the 2 sides battle it out. I would place my bets on the
Hispanics though because at the top of their food chain are basically 100% European folks who's ancestors took over South America over the last 500 years.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Regarding the speculation of when B.R.A. will fall and the rioting/looting will begin: if Obama loses re-election, it will begin that night. Not fifty years from now, not 15-20...18 months if he's not reelected and 5 and half years if his successor is a white, male Republican. The bottom line is that anything that looks like a rejection of Obama or his policies will be interpreted as "racist" and the free-for-all will begin.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

For all the posturing of DWLs and SWPL whites, they certainly find living near Black people a losing proposition.

I live in one of the top SWPL cities and everyone is excited that only two pockets of the Black Undertow remain and, soon, SWPL whites and homosexual whites will start buying up cheap property in these areas and the final gentrification process of the city will have started.

SBPDL people include whites, Hispanics, Asians, Uncle Tom's and those, like Donovan McNabb, who are are deemed "not Black enough" and have their loyalties questioned by other Black people.

Name a SBPDL city? Look at any city that the US News and World Report or CNN money deem one of the most desirable cities to live in America. You'll find an implicit SBPDL city there.

Of course, whites will create these Whitopia's because "of the good school system" but when you hear this know it means "no Blacks in the school system."

NW European said...

I see western society collapse economically, your article touches on just a small portion of the problem, but a very important one. Hiring people to work in the public sector, as means of creating jobs, shows us just how wrong and crazy things have become, both with the economy and culture. And now a collapse is inevitable, it's just a matter of time. And yes, it will hit blacks harder than whites, like every disaster hits poor countries harder because they have less resources to deal with it, or are too dependent on others. When the economy tanks people who are prepared will naturally fare a lot better than those who are unprepared, it's just reality. Which is why I think the US will be fine in the long run, people have an individual survivalist tradition, in Europe nothing happens if the government doesn't act, Americans are just different, and they're armed. The collapse of western economies will hit Europe harder because of the reliance on government by whites, not for welfare but for action. The muslims on welfare of course are gonna raise hell if welfare is cut, and we'll see if timid Europeans are able to grow a pair and fight back like the Americans will, I don't think so.

If BRA falls and welfare rolled back the country will explode in riots, could be La Raza tries to revolt in the chaos, that's sure to come later anyways. The fall of the Berlin wall was a moment of unity, not so with BRA I think, it's fall will be a moment of underclass uprising, and historians will point to some date, not too far into the future, as the event that started it all. It will probably be the next US presidential election when the country rejects the first African-"American" president as a one term failure and an embarrassment, but it could also just be a drop of a pin.

The great one said...

It true that DWL don’t want to live around blacks, but it is certainly true they don’t want to live around SPBDL's. DWL's do everything they can to create buffers to not associate or live with SBPDL's. With that being known, why do SBPDL still want to move to cities controlled by DWL's? It seems that SBDPLs are the bitter geek that constantly gets rejected by the popular girl (DWL). SBPDL If SBPDL's cities are so good, why are you not living in one? Discard: You are right. The people who worked on the Apollo Program or who works in Microsoft don’t hang with blacks, but they definitely don’t hang with SBPDL as well. Dissident: Be honest and not delusional, how many productive people would voluntarily move to Appalachia? How many of America's brightest students are moving to Appalachia? How many companies look for talent in Appalachia? The truth of the matter is that skid row in L.A is better than living in Appalachia. Russia is a perfect example of SBPDL controlled society. It’s so fucked up that even Russians don’t want to live in Russia.

missbosslady said...

Of course, the implosion of BRA is inevitable, there is only so much water in the well. However, I don't see the event coming in as a big bang. I think that it will be a gradual cessation of government handouts, but if it does come in one fell swoop then the most critical thing will be proximity and preparedness. SBPDLs are prepared because their eyes are open and they're generally not black.

I find it difficult to believe that 13% can succesfully take down 87%. Sure the initial actions of blacks will be as per their response to EVERYTHING. Scream, yell, riot, destroy, loot, burn, etc..., but I don't see the country as a whole tolerating this for an extended period of time. Certainly, there will be casualties, I expect the Wiggers and Social Workers to be the first victims, but prolonged incursions require resources. Since blacks don't plan beyond the immediate they are ill-prepared for any long distance and prolonged action.

Those of us wise enough not to live anywhere near blacks will fare just fine. The few that make it to our communties will be met with force.

Myself, I expect to sit back and watch the blacks punch themselves out. Of course, my firearm will be resting in my lap.

As for "the great one", let me give you a little tip youngster, if you feel the need to refer to yourself as great, then it's a good bet that you're probably not. Your silly screeds betray your complete lack of education and failure to understand the subject matter. I'd peg you as a self-hating little white douche with scant life experience and zero accomplishments. Seriously kid, you're talking to adults here, do you really think that we can't spot a little punk-ass like you from a mile away? Come back to us when you've got a little hair on your chest.

Discard said...

great one: The people who worked on the Apollo program and most of the White people who work at Microsoft ARE SBPDL. Over many years, I have noticed that people with BA degrees are class bigots much more often that are people with BS degrees. My wife has a couple post graduate degrees, but I have worked in the trades most of my life, so I have a foot in two worlds. The engineers I've met generally have no problem with useful working class men like myself, it's the teachers and professional caregivers who despise "rednecks". And of course, engineers can count. They trust numbers, and the numbers tell them that Blacks are a drain on civilization. They never send their kids to melanin enriched schools.

Anonymous said...

Locust says: Blacks will always claim discrimination against white America, though the majority of the government services support their percentage of the population far exceeds their proportion of the total population, even though government entitlement programs continue to provide food, housing, transportation, bill assistance and even cell phones to their population. The black middle-class exists only because of local, state and federal government jobs, jobs that go disproportionately to blacks, affirmative action system guarantees blacks will benefit from any increase in government employment. Private institutions which are government sponsored such as healthcare fields and non-profit groups also provide employment to the vast majority of minorities. Small businesses which are black owned and operated exist through government sponsored loans, lawsuits and support from a system which has past its breaking point in the last decade. Nearly all black executives are affirmative action appointees, puppets placed in positions which will have little to no influence on the over workings of the corporation, insulating their eternal track record of failure from the overall institution.

Blacks claims of inherit racism within the system they overwhelmingly benefit from, a system they run due to their large employment, is nothing more then a visit to the ATM of white Americans. A system that is built around their benefit, a system within which their existence is funded. The tax base of Black Run America is the white Americans. Without which black run America cannot exist. Each year government spending increases and government employment increase, at a loss of private sector jobs and wealth. Each year the number of minorities applying for government assistance increases, guaranteeing an ever increasing source of democrat voters, organized labor which seeks to fill its coffers with government money, also steadily shifts costs of its parasitic relationship to the various levels of government and consumers. As the bureaucracy grows consuming wealth, driving up the cost of living, inflation, forcing down the standard of living for most Americans. The black population reliance on government money steadily increasing faster then the rate at which whites are able to fund, creating massive government debt which have already forced foreign lenders to other shores. We face the inevitable collapse of the American system. Government spending cannot end on its own, government reliance on entitlement programs will only increase in the coming years, and the tax base cannot meet this demand. Raising taxes as some has suggested will only drive tax producers underground, off shore, or out of business, why produce when you will not enjoy the benefits of production. Any tax increase will kill long term growth, thereby lowering government remittances further, and increase private sector unemployment. This is the system the current generation will inherent from the 50+ members of our population, a system that is beyond repair. They sacrificed long term sustainability for short term stability, they choose their own comfort and retirement over the health and safety of their grand children. Hard choice were demanded of their generation, instead they collectively kicked the can down the road, now instead of reforms and higher taxation, we face both and other government ponzi scheme in a failed attempt at salvaging a dying national system and eventual total collapse.

Anonymous said...

"DWL's do everything they can to create buffers to not associate or live with SBPDL's."

You're an idiot who hasn't a fucking clue what he's talking about.

Please STFU.

Anonymous said...

I feel insulted at the "great one". DWL are parasites. They take advantage of the host, SBPDL whites, and after that continue to believe themselves to be the creators when they are nothing more than leeches.

"It seems that SBDPLs are the bitter geek that constantly gets rejected by the popular girl (DWL)."

Good to know. That bitter geek boy will get a good bitter geek girl and never talk to the 'popular' girl ever again.

NW European said...

"Russia is a perfect example of SBPDL controlled society."

You have no knowledge of Russia, that much is clear, Russia is not controlled by SBPDLs, what does it even mean? Please answer that question specifically, if nothing else.

Russians have been living under tyranny since forever, and are backward, poor, drunk and dying. They are also being inundated by muslims, as well as Chinese in the extreme east. There are more muslims in Russia than in all of western Europe, Russian males are the most displaced of all in Europe, and they drown themselves in vodka and die young. Russian women are looking abroad to find someone to marry, the country won't even last to mid-century. So how, exactly, is this a "a perfect example of SBPDL controlled society"?

Anonymous said...

SBPDL are all around you. Look at any surburb outside of the major cities. SBPDL are close enough to enjoy the cities without having to deal with blacks and DWLs 24/7. Nobody will say it out loud because they will be fired from their jobs. In BRA, anyone who doesn't worship the black kulcha is worse than a murderer. You are the typical DWL know it all that nobody likes. Your family and "friends" might smile at you, but when you're not around, they refer to you as the asshole.

Anonymous said...

If the US economy really does implode this summer, and then the next US civil war starts afterward, I am calling dibs on the Pacific Northwest region to become the new SWPL homeland after the US totally ceases to exist. We can call it "Whitelandia" or something like that, and our currency will be backed solely by both silver and gold - not paper and ink. As long as the new SWPL homeland remains totally mono-cultural and racially uniform, it will rise to greatness in less than even one generation.

Martin L. Kuhn Jr. said...

I was 14 years old in 1967 when my folks chased my sisters and I into my dad's Thunderbird and hauled us from the West Side of Detroit to a relative's house in Detroit Beach, down in Monroe County. We watched the Motor City fires light up the sky from 30 miles away. It was exactly like the distant fires in several scenes of that 2009 apocalyptic movie entitled "The Road".

Ever since that day all Jesse Jackson had to say to get White America to drop trousers, grease up and get out the check book was, "It's gonna be a long hot summer."

It's good to hear that same message coming from SBPDL. I, too, believe that during the coming summer many members of the Negroid subspecies are going to show their asses in such a way as to remove the blindfolds from a great many White people who don't normally focus a critical eye on the obnoxious activities of our dark little brothers.

Let the chimp-out begin. Dropped trousers, butt grease and checks will not be on the table in this coming round of bargaining.

(Not to change the subject, but somebody needs to do a case study on Monroe County, Michigan to discover what the folks who live there are doing right. The county is home to mostly blue collar workers and farmers and it sits directly in between the nigger-infested cities of Detroit and Toledo, yet to this day its population remains over 94% non-Hispanic White.)

Liberty's Lady said...

I agree that BRA is dying. I disagree that the white race will disappear.

It is true, that white Liberals (DWL) are not procreating at a rate to maintain their population. Case in point, my SIL, a classic liberal-arts-bullsh!t-degree DWL, had one "perfect/designer" child, and more of their set is similar - one "show" child or none. So, DWL's are dying, unless the current public school indoctrination system can generate more.

On the other hand, the numbers of SBPDL whites is increasing. I agree with the other poster: SBPDL tend to have degrees that are of actual value (engineering, science, etc) and they are having a lot of kids.

We have four surviving children. Most our similarly-minded, deeply Conservative SBPDL friends have around six. All of these children are conservative and race-aware.

My oldest is getting married to a SBPDL engineer. She's a pharmacist. They plan on having at least 4, and will definitely homeschool. They also are locating in a semi-rural area that is "not quite" Appalachia, but close.

We moved to the ex-urbs and with other like-minded families, built a thriving, beautiful community. Unfortunately for us, one of the black magazines, Jet or Essence or something, highlighted our community for black migration because of the low taxes, low crime and great public schools.

There has been so much black migration from DC and PG county that our community is now destroyed. A nearby town is now known as "Hoodbridge". We have all pulled our kids out of the public schools. There have been two armed robbies at our local supermarket (guess) and two women have been raped at gunpoint in their minivans with their toddlers watching, strapped into their seats. All of this goes unnoticed by the MSM.
Home invasions, etc. My husband and most of the males in our neighborhood now check the daily police blotter and arrest reports/mug shots, because the media won't report on it.

Many of our friends have already left for the fringes of Appalachia. My dear husband has only 18 mths left until full retirement, and we have begun our search for property in similar communities. We will take a loss on our home here, but it is better than to wait and continue to be victims.

So, "Great One" is well behind the power curve. Conservative churches are growing in size; Homeschooling co-ops and other options are growing in size; and most Conservative families are large.

All of my children have no intention of supporting BRA, and consistently vote AGAINST any policies which support the continuation/expansion of BRA.

I see their generation eventually voting in a younger, hipper Ron Paul.

There is hope, but in the interim, it will be ugly.

Greying Wanderer said...

@the grating one.

"Russia is a perfect example of SBPDL controlled society. It’s so fucked up that even Russians don’t want to live in Russia."

Russia became the first DWL country back in 1917 and after thirty million murdered and seventy years of Communist (aka DWL version 1) style government of course they're a mess. It's a miracle they're still standing at all. They're only in the first twenty years of recovering from DWL government. A full recovery will probably take at least as long as the time they were under communism.

That's what DWLs do if they get power. They impose ideologies like communism or BRA that don't work and in the process of trying to force them to work they destroy everything.

Anonymous said...

+10 Grey Wanderer, that's an excellent point. I never thought of the parallel between the social engineering project of the Bolshevik revolution, or for that matter the Great Leap Forward, and BRA. When you think about it, it's the exact same thing. A bunch of dumb shits try to fight the natural order of things, that there is since the beginning of history, an established order of society. Gods and clods. Screw with nature to make the postal workers think they deserve the life of a Doctor or CEO, you have complete destruction. We are witnessing history people, and the mainstream will never admit it.

Silent Running said...

Last would be an "assault" rifle. AK47, SKS, AR-15. If I had to choose one it would be the shotgun. In the case your fortifications are breached, a few blasts with a 12 gauge will send most intruders running the other way.

I would actually put the AK first. Unless you live in a brick house, the AK's 7.62x39 round will punch through walls and doors (and people) with ease. A shotgun isn't going to do that. The AK also has a far greater magazine capacity (30 vs 8 with the shotgun).

Keep in mind that when the SHTF, you won't just be fighting the brothas. In all likelihood, you'll be fighting the cops and National Guard too. It wasn't blacks who went around disarming Caucasians in the wake of Katrina.

Russia is a perfect example of SBPDL controlled society. It’s so fucked up that even Russians don’t want to live in Russia.

Russia is "fucked up" because it is a fundamentally Asiatic country. Even Solzhenitsyn thought so. I've noticed that when Slavs come to the States in small numbers, they are generally able to assimilate and become fine Americans. Leave them to their own devices, however, and they produce backward, chaotic countries. Just look at the Balkans.

There are some great comments in this thread.

The great one said...

Why are there so many Ad hominem on this site? Just answer the questions I posed. Miss bosslady that can be true for me but logically it can be true for you as well. Lady Liberty: You are not fooling anyone. What talented young person wants to live in a rural area where opportunities are vastly limited? There are no cultural attractions, low quality entertainment, lack of access to world-class educational facilities, people with limited intellectual capital and low income. The only young people who live in rural areas are ones of low social economical status, low educational level, lazy (Can’t keep up in fast city with very talented people) and of low IQ. Talented young people are ambitious so why would they waste their talents in a rural area? That’s like Roger Federer forgoing the ATP tour to play in the YMCA. Lady Liberty says” Conservative families are large” Mexicans families are large too so what your point? You and I both know that people of High IQ tend to have few kids: two on average. So you think outnumbering DWL will give SBDPL power? News Flash: SBPDL’s presently and drastically outnumber DWL., but you guys still don’t have power. What do you think it’s better to have? DWL’s on average birthing two 120+ IQ children or SBPDL on average birthing 4-5 90 IQ children?
Discard: Do you truly believe what you’re saying: “Microsoft is SBDPL”. How often does Bill Gates visits or supports SBPLs and their cities. Why Bill Gates endowment (Millennium Fund) does not allot any money to SBPDLs?

D J said...

It is not just the full-on conservatives that feel there are bad times coming and that they should be prepared for.

I am conservative on many subjects, far less so on others. Also Sheila, for example, would not want me as a neighbor for at least two reasons; I will let it go at that for the time being.

But even us "them!"s are fed to the teeth with BRA, and welcome its imminent crash. I'll be armed, and as prepared as a naive city-dweller can be.

My hope is to get up into the mountains upon retirement. My work, by its very nature, requires close proximity to a busy airport, and that means city life for the time being.

Dissident said...

You could say that our current regime are neo-Bolshevik's if you'd like, if the shoe fits.

But Greying Wanderer is exactly correct in saying that the ideology is the same,there is absolutely no difference, and unfortunately the outcome will be the same, I fear.

Demagogues, racialists, pundits are working overtime to create this nightmare that is called BRA.

Reality will either wake you or break you, as they say. It's better to be woken than broken white people. You had better start making contingency plans to get your families out of some of these BR cities, just in case.

Leave the DWL's and the street savvy blacks to fight it out amongst themselves. Wouldn't that make an interesting survival show.

Instead of Man Vs. Wild, we could call it Urban Survivor, or Last Man Standing. How about, Soylent Black?

Anonymous said...


The most striking thing about the contemporary law-breaking and hate activities on the part of members of the black community is how much it resembles that behavior when all civil authority was given them by the federal government for 14 years after the Civil War.

Most of us lack the knowledge about the devastating behavior of blacks during their 14-year reign during Reconstruction in the Deep South when they had all the votes. We all know what that led to, we just don't realize that the same behavior was what precipitated the strong white response.

The pendulum seems never to stop swinging -- extending a hand of welcome to the social order results in a requirement that we kneel to the new bosses.

Dissident said...

"Dissident: Be honest and not delusional, how many productive people would voluntarily move to Appalachia? How many of America's brightest students are moving to Appalachia? How many companies look for talent in Appalachia?"

Since you're asking. Many co's. are relocating to Appalachia and rural places in general. Why? Because of skilled, educated, responsible, hard-working, honest, people.

Toyota built a manufacturing facility not to far from where I'm at. Guess what; they didn't build it in Detroit. Dow chemical, Dupont, ABB,NGK, Klockner Pentaplast,Caterpillar,Volvo are just a small sampling of industries in this area.

You see, there's cohesion in a work force that's primarily of the same color and culture and that's what we have here and companies- regardless of government mandates-know this.

As far as the arts are concerned. There's many skilled craftspeople in my area, making pottery, exquisite furniture, paintings and some of the finest traditional stringed music you'll find anywhere.

Discard said...

Great one: Read what I said. Most of the White people who work at Microsoft are SBPDL. Their boss, Bill Gates, is anti-White, which gives them all the more reason to recognize their own racial interests.
As for all the cultural attractions of the big diverse cities, most of them are not worth having. Nightclubs, raves, modern art exhibitions, expensive "ethnic" restaurants, are shallow kid stuff. Good for amusing people raised on TV, not so good for engaging developed minds. I lived in Los Angeles for decades, working in aerospace manufacturing. I know what I'm talking about. Yesterday I built a trellis for a neighbor lady. Last night I read a book. Today is a lovely day and I will ride my motorcycle out to a biker's gathering place, after church. Tomorrow I will go to work and drive my bus. Real work, real craft, real intellectual pursuit, real human sociability, real usefulness. Nobody cares how I dress either. Welcome to White civilization. Don't forget to set your alarm when you leave your diverse urban apartment.

Liberty's Lady said...

@The Great One:

Thanks for vocalizing the fears of DWLs. I understand that it is safer for you to believe that anyone who lives outside of SWPL urban areas is "lesser".

As has been mentioned previously, some of the top tier university prep boarding schools are well outside of the environs of cities, and many students are day students. Upper income people can afford to live on estates and have a pied-a-terre in the city. SWPL can't.

Currently, the immigration categories with priority are immigrants from Somalia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and many other backward, pre-literate societies. DWL "social justice church groups" are paid to settle these peoples, and uniformly choose stable, Conservative areas in an effort to destroy homogeneous communities.

One of the first goals after the 2012 elections will be an Immigration moratorium, and whites better demand that immigrants are literate, self-supporting, etc.

FYI, where we are relocating to ... there are no real estate agents, b/c there is never property "officially" listed for sale. The county is 98% white, and they intend to keep it that way. There are no, I repeat, no blacks in the county, and there are no real social services, mass transit, etc that black people need and flock to.

We have box seats at the symphony and ballet DC. What passes for "art and culture" these days in NYC is repulsive, self-loathing garbage.

However, please continue to believe what you need to believe. "You" are exactly the type of loser we are moving away from.

The great one said...

SBPDL Can you give us an exact definition of a SBPDL?

D J said...

@ Dissident 8:32AM Although I am a city kid (born in a place called Los Angeles; you may have heard of it), I have, at heart, been a mountain man most of my life. The place you describe is a place I'd love to be a part of.

City life offers me things I cannot get in the mountains, but with mail order and the Internet, most of that issue is solved. I may not be able to find a decent pastrami on rye in the mountains, but there is so much else that more than compensates.

If I ever get to retire, I plan on being up in the hills just as fast as I can get there. I want to be with my own kind.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there another pussy just like the grape one a few weeks ago? Is this a DWL version of diarrhea or is it diarrhea herself?

Anonymous said...

I consider myself a SWPL and SBPDL at the same time. I have two graduate degrees and I can't stand black people, affirmative action, or any of their other nonsense. Any SWPL who supports the destruction of Western civilization is a low IQ chimp.

Anonymous said...

Toyota also built a plant to Texas. BMW built one in South Carolina, as is Boeing. Honda in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky. Nissan in Alabama. TX now has more fortune 500 companies than NY and CA.

Now let's talk about how many great cities have been destroyed by DWLs and their black allies. Celeveland, Detoilet, Newark, Chicago, St Louis, New Orleans, Baltimore, Atlanta, Washington DC, Oakland. DWL's are like a flock of locusts. They move in, destroy a city built by SBPDL, then move on to their next target. DWL's, like their black brothers, are parasite. They create nothing tangible. Yahoo, MySpace, Facebook, Google, and other social/search engine websites that pop up and go away are not really that important to society.

Discard said...

This dispute over SWPLs not wanting to live among SBPDL country bumpkins is old. London courtiers thought the same way about useful people 400 years ago, and 3rd Century Roman aristocrats turned up their noses at the Legionaires who kept the barbarians on their own side of the Danube. They placed a high value on their own frivolous doings and sneered at the serious business of building and maintaining a society. In this country, they've discarded most useful production and imagine that the economy and their privileged place in it will be sustained by cutting edge theater, nose piercings, and very sophisticated telephones. Charles I was not saved by his rouged cheeks, nor Marie Antoinette by her elaborate hairdos. An aristocracy that doesn't know its job will soon be out of one.

Anonymous said...

"SBPDL Can you give us an exact definition of a SBPDL?"

I have a better idea...

Instead of asking others to do your homework for you, go back and read past entries...EDUCATE YOURSELF.

And in the future, avoid using terms that you not familiar with, it will help you to sound less foolish.

Anonymous said...

"Do you know what's funny?"

YOU...asking for a definition of SBPDL...after your silly diatribe about SBPDL's.

Lady's Liberty said...


Lol, yes, too true.

There is much made of FFV - "First Families of Virginia" here - descendants of the first families who landed at Jamestown. They were children of the aristocratic class, who, because of promegeniture, had to migrate to seek their own opportunities/land.

However, these hoity-toitys pretty much starved to death, because they had no skills that actually translated into ..... survival.
They were forced to import Polish and German skilled trades to build their community.

So, the real FFV's are not the landed gentry, but the skilled tradesmen who saved their butts and actually built the community and turned it into a profitable venture.

DWL and SWPL can only survive with a productive class that can afford/accomodate a leisure class. Notice the uproar whenever there is any talk of de-funding NEA, NPR, PBS from public funds? The very concept that all work should be marketable is an anathema to DWL's.

Posters like "The Great One" never cease to amuse with their pomposity and misplaced grandiosity.

The great one said...

I am only asking that because most of the posters have different definitions of SBPDL. Most of the posters thnk that SBPDLs are just white nationalist.

RobertB said...

"This is the system the current generation will inherent from the 50+ members of our population, a system that is beyond repair."

No it wasn't--I know, I lived it. It was the 60's generation who were all born in the 40's and early 50's. They were the ones marching in the streets and pretending to go to college--they are the ones running the country now. They are the academics, teachers, journalists, politicians, etc. that created BRA and shove it down our throats. They are also the ones who, for the second time, have profited mightily from the inflation scam.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I hate to say this, but I have no idea how the discussion of what an SBPDL person is came about. I like it and am flattered, but have no idea how that started.

Anonymous said...

"Most of the posters thnk that SBPDLs are just white nationalist."

Odd, I've never seen any poster say this.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I think I made it clear above that what constitutes an "SBPDL" person doesn't mean you have to be exclusively white.

Asians, Hispanics and even Black people can realize what an "SBPDL" person is... this site is not a "WN" site.

It's a site dedicated to showcasing to the world "Stuff Black People Don't Like"...

Anonymous said...

I live in the DC area and my father is from Appalachia. I would live in Appalachia in a heartbeat. It is beautiful and the people are pretty much decent, law-abiding (excluding the moonshiners and meth lab operators, but they still leave you alone for the most part) and take care of their own. When I go "home" I am always struck by the camaraderie and sense of belonging, something that is not found here in the DC area. Those poor "hillbillies" would give you the shirt off their backs, where as here the DWLs wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire, the illegals would rob you or kill you in a drunk driving accident, and the blacks would just shoot you in the face. Hmm, which is better, I wonder? We are leaving this area for rural panhandle FL (Appalachia by the sea) and I cannot wait. Let the fools and the DWLs have the cities if they think diversity is so great. I grew up in it and want no part of it, and DEFINITELY will not raise my children in it.

Oh, and for some serious hilarity, check out the blog It's the story of a SWPL who thought it would be a good idea to actually LIVE in SE DC. Of course after he was the victim of an armed home invasion by 4 blacks, he moved out...but of course that had NOTHING to do with him leaving! It's truly sad and deluded, but also so hilarious.