Monday, May 23, 2011

Looting in Minneapolis after Tornado? Who Looted?

Nation's Healthiest City Harbors Dark Secret about Crime
Hurricane Katrina showed what a “Day without White People” (or, as Hunter Wallace calls it, “The Day the EBT Cards Stop) looks like. We’ve been following the horrible stories of flooding in the Mississippi area (the pictures of Vicksburg are heart-wrenching) and found a link to a story of looting transpiring in Minneapolis after a tornado struck that city.
This looting prompted the first “curfew” ever to put into effect in the nation’s fittest city, though news of who exactly necessitated the “curfew” isn’t easy to come by:
Rescue and cleanup crews are being protected by Minneapolis Police on the north side of the city as a curfew is in effect. There were also reports of gunfire and looting in storm-damaged sections of the north side Sunday.

The city of Minneapolis has issued a Curfew, effective from 9 p.m. Sunday to 6 a.m. Monday for areas between I-94, Penn, Plymouth, and Dowling Avenues.
Residents are told to stay in their homes during that time — and not enter the perimeter if they are outside.

Police Chief Tim Dolan, who’s been with the department for nearly 30 years, claims this is the first curfew he has seen in the city.

Another report on the need for a “curfew” stated looting took place at a liquor store and gunshots were fired:
Soon after a tornado ripped through North Minneapolis pm Sunday afternoon, an estimated 20 looters ripped off Broadway Liquor Outlet.

The high winds that downed trees and tore off roofs in the area also smashed the glass storefront of the liquor store at 2201 W. Broadway Ave., which was closed.

The looters stole liquor, cigarettes and cash, said owner Dean Rose. The store had plywood boards nailed to its exterior by 7:30 p.m., but broken glass and cases of beer could be seen scattered on the floor inside. Rose said Sunday night he didn't know the extent of the theft.

Minneapolis Police on Sunday night could not confirm reports of looting.

"It's devastating," said Rose, the third generation of his family to run the store. "It puts us out of business."

"It's an unfortunate disaster," he said. "The whole community has been hit hard."

Asia Harris, 26, of Minneapolis said she saw the looters as the storm struck. Debris hit the Honda Accord she was driving, but she took notice of the thefts.

"Once it hit, they started taking things out," she said.
Wait. So is the “curfew” required because of the city's predominately white and healthy population? Not exactly:
Some of the city's poorest neighborhoods face rebuilding after a swift, deadly tornado ripped through northern Minneapolis, tearing roofs off houses, toppling huge trees and power lines and knocking over rail cars.
We at SBPDL quickly consulted the famous Flickr map that shows the racial breakdown of the city, and our hunch proved dead-on correct: the area that required a “curfew” was one of the few locations where Black people reside in the city.
Then we decided to consult The New York Times EBT/ Food Stamp map. Guess what we found? The map shows Hennepin County (where Minneapolis is located) to have a population 9 percent of which people are on food stamps. White people make up 2 percent of those on food stamps. Forty-seven percent – yes, we said 47 percent! –  of Black people in Hennepin County, Minnesota, are on food stamps. That Black people are roughly 13 percent of the county shows which group requires the bulk of the federal help when it comes to eating (not to mention the free lunch program for Black students).

In neighboring Ramsey County, 49 percent of Black people are on food stamps as compared to just 4 percent of whites while 12 percent of that county's overall population receives foot stamps.
Some of the other counties in Minnesota show that – as of 2009 – more than 60 percent of the Black population is reliant on food stamps (Blue Earth, Houston, Nicollet, Steams, Kandiyohi, Wadena, Otter Tail, Douglas, St. Louis, and Clay County).
We have shown before that “curfews” are primarily required in Black cities and/or war-torn areas. We have shown a lot about Black people that most other sites won’t show, including the fact that the majority of crime in Minneapolis is committed by one group of people:
The statistics tell a tragic story. According to federal crime figures, homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American males aged 15 to 34. They also indicate that between 1976 and 2004, 94 percent of black murder victims were killed by black offenders. While "black-on-black crime" is having a devastating impact in Minnesota and across the country, its racial overtones have made it a difficult problem to address or even discuss. In this story, three community leaders weigh in on the roots of black-on-black crime and what, if anything, can be done about it.

St. Paul, Minn. — St. Paul Police Chief John Harrington views black-on-black crime as a scourge ripping apart his community. Since racial breakdowns of crime statistics are hard to come by in Minnesota, Harrington has been forced to do a lot of digging. 

He determined that in 2006, 70 percent of all aggravated assaults in St. Paul, the most violent crimes on the books, were committed against African-Americans. Given the proportion of blacks in the local population, Harrington was shocked. 

"In the city where ten percent of the [population] is black, how can you have 70 percent of your victims of this particular crime, which is one of the most horrendous crimes you can do, how can that be so out of whack?" he asks. 

As a first step toward controlling the problem, Harrington says you have to figure out who is in the suspect pool. When he divided the suspects by race, it gave him a snapshot of the degree to which black-on-black violence afflicts St. Paul. 

"Just like 70 percent of my victims are black, 70 percent of my suspects are black," he says.

Harrington says black-on-black crime is an outgrowth of two huge problems affecting Black America: the high rate of out-of-wedlock births and gangs.
“The Day the EBT Cards Stop” is a day, a moment, that no one is prepared for, nor is anyone talking about what it means to have such high percentages of Black people reliant on the state for the daily sustenance.
In Minneapolis alone, nearly 1 in 2 Black people receives EBT/ Food Stamps. Black people are responsible 70 percent of aggravated assaults in St. Paul (part of the Twin Cities) despite being only 13 percent of the population.

We hate to write this, but this report (written by Disingenuous White Liberals) shows that if one removes the Black population from Minneapolis, one removes virtually all the crime:
 The purpose of this report is to examine the experience of African American males in the criminal justice system. The focus is on males, 18 to 30 years old who are arrested, convicted, and sentenced in Hennepin County District Court. Data on arrests are from the Minneapolis Police Department and the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). Data on jail bookings were obtained from the Hennepin County Sheriff. Data on court dispositions and sentences were provided by Hennepin County District Court.

The information contained in this report reflects some of the data being compiled as part of a larger effort to examine the nature, extent, and causes of racial disparities throughout Minnesota’s criminal justice system. Compared to other states, Minnesota has the greatest black-to-white disparity in imprisonment rates. In 1997, the most recent year for which state-by-state data are available, the ratio of African Americans to whites in state prison was 25.09 to 1. This is the highest ratio of all states. In 2000, 37.2% of the state’s prisoners were African American. By comparison only 3.5% of the population of Minnesota was African American. The disparities are not limited to the “back end” of the criminal justice system. For violent offenses, the arrest rate of African Americans in 1999 was 1,621 per 100,000. The comparable arrest rate for whites was 76 per 100,000 resulting in African Americans being 21 times more likely to be arrested for violent crimes than whites.

In Hennepin County in 1999, African Americans represented over half (51.5%) of the arrests for violent crimes1 and whites represented 29.5% of violent crime arrests. Of all counties in Minnesota only Ramsey County was higher in the percentage of African Americans arrested for violent crimes (52.9%). African Americans accounted for a smaller percentage of arrests for property crimes (33.3%) than whites (40%). The percentage of African Americans arrested for violations of narcotic drug laws was twice as high as the percentage of whites arrested, 58.7% compared to 30%.

The first time “curfew” has ever been declared in Minneapolis is the result of the cities “poor” looting a liquor store and shooting guns.. The cities “poor” are its Black residents, who are responsible for the lions-share of the crime (the majority of which rely on EBT/ Food stamps to eat).
Nature has a tendency to bring out the best in man (think Japan and Nashville) and the worst (think Katrina). Nature is the one variable that has always thwarted the efforts of DWLs to cover up Black-Run America.


The Engineer said...

My gut instinct is to call out the sensational media and declare looter stories as bullshit, but then I remembered I was a white, Christian man. Like all Christian, white men, my first instinct is always compassion and faith -- as in, compassion for my fellow man and faith that they wouldn't kick another man when he's down.

Unfortunately, from the above entry it seems the alleged looting took place in a majority negro neighborhood, so the sensational media is probably reporting the truth.

After Katrina rolled through, I was sitting on my sofa with water up to my ribs and worrying about my mother who lived about 15 miles away. I knew her house didn't flood, but I also knew her husband installed a HUGE natural gas generator. I worried about what would happen to them when the sun went down and their house was the only one lit for miles ... and it would have been, too, like a pinball machine.

Luckily for them, the neighbor started a fire which spread to my mother's house. Her local government turned the water off (for some reason) and the firefighters who responded could only watch the brick house burn to ash (which it did).

Hey, Negro People, why can't you get your crap together? I was just in Seattle and the whites and Asians get along. In Houston where I live, the Whites and the Hispanics get along for the most part. The Jews, the Indians and the Middle Eastern types like each other for the most part. Why can't you negro people get along with the rest of us? Are you retarded?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, seeing that most blacks don't commit crime, what is your point?

I'm about as likely to loot as an old white woman. Or are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?

I can understand the mentality, I suppose, but that doesn't ameliorate the reality that I am still not going to loot (unless, of course, you hold the presumption that regardless of my own statements that I will not loot, I cannot overcome my 'black nature' come disaster--but that's just specious).

So, what we have here, essentially, is relying on 'numbers' over reality. Hmm, well, if you do decide to orchestrate your death marches against black people, even relying on statistics and probability will lead to the deaths of a vast majority of innocent blacks.

Just sayin'.

Clarence Davidson said...

What was observed in Minneapolis was not looting. Rather, it was an instance of ebonomics in action, or ebony economics, a kind of socialism focused on redistribution of material goods to melanistic citizens so that they may enjoy a quality of life approaching a for now poorly defined ideal level. How can one impose a curfew on an economic system? It makes as much sense as imposing a curfew on capitalism. Note how well ebonomics serves those free to participate in the system, such as was the case in NOLA following the Katrina disaster.

missbosslady said...

Who's looted?


I assume the headline is rhetorical.

Who ALWAYS does the looting?

C'mon Desiree, you know the right answer, you just can bring yourself to face the truth. Who could blame you. If they were my people I would be ashamed too.

Old White Jim said...

When I first moved from Detroit to Minneapolis in 1974 I thought I had discovered paradise. At that time the Black population of Minneapolis was probably less than 1%. The only area that had a concentration of Blacks was the projects on the North Side off Plymouth Avenue. The projects consisted of a couple of high-rises and several blocks of duplex homes.

There were so few Blacks in Minneapolis that the Lakers had been unable to make a profit, so they moved to L.A. in 1968.

It really was like paradise. The houses were all well-kept, the lawns were kept mowed and people respected community property. The bus stops at major intersections had glass walled waiting areas that had radiant heaters in the ceiling. The main building at Minnehaha Park had coin operated hot plates so that pick-nickers could warm up their side dishes. The city had parkways with jogging, hiking and bicycle paths that went from lake to lake, nearly encircling the city.

Crime was pretty much something that happened someplace else and you read about it in the Star in the morning and the Tribune in the evening.

All of that changed rapidly when we were blessed with diversity in the 1980's. Michigan eliminated General Assistance to single people and many of Detroit's finest specimens found their way to Minneapolis.

A few years later, Illinois paid a great many of their career parasites a lump sum to leave the state and ever generous Minnesota got more than its share of those upstanding citizens.

By 1987, the city got tired of replacing the broken glass and vandalized heaters at the bus stops, so most of them were gone were gone from the culturally enriched areas. The hot plates at Minnehaha Park were vandalized so many times that the city park service finally quit fixing them.

The parkways turned into hunting grounds for sexual predators, including guys who found that the parking spaces adjacent to the jogging trails were a fantastic place to masturbate. The parking lots at the beaches were even better. Female joggers and bicyclists started wearing clothes that covered more skin and rape whistles and pepper spray became as common a sight as water bottles and fanny packs.

To make things even more pleasant for the citizens of the formerly idyllic city, some of the transplanted sexual predators thought that teenage White boys were pretty cute. Many a blonde kid felt the jungle breath on the back of his neck.

Minnesotans were just too kind and generous for their own good. As a result, Minneapolis, the Flour City, the once shining jewel of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, is just another shit-stained mini-Detroit.

Please note that I read the same demographic statistics that SBPDL read, and I can tell you firsthand that the stats are bullshit.

Minneapolis is thoroughly infested by the dark ones. In Minneapolis proper the only neighborhood that is relatively untouched by the wonders of diversity is the area south of Lake Street near the Mississippi River. The North Side has been culturally enriched all the way to the northern city limit and far beyond. The same is true of the South Side.

Even Nordeast is severely infested. That once mosly Polish part of town lies across the Mississippi from the rest of Minneapolis. The old joke used to be that the Plymouth Avenue bridge is the longest bridge in the world because it goes all the way from Africa to Poland. Prior to the early 1980's, Blacks didn't cross that bridge. Bad things would happen to them if they did.

Now Minneapolis, City of Lakes, is called Many-ape-alis, City of Apes, by rural Minnesotans. There even used to be a billboard south of International Falls that told Canadians: Welcome to Minnesota, Land of the Afro-tax.

Don't let the census fool you, Minneapolis proper is at least 50% Black and getting darker by the minute.

That White Girl said...

"Or are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?"

Actually... that's exactly what we're saying.

"but that doesn't ameliorate the reality that I am still not going to loot"

This blog isn't about you personally, Desiree. Nor is anyone here asserting that ALL blacks are criminals. Blacks, do, however, make up an astronomically disproportionate amount of criminals in this country. A natural disaster happens, and of course a large number of blacks start acting like assholes. Our point is that this behavior is virtually non-existent in non-black neighborhoods when adversity strikes. It is pretty much a guarantee in a black neighborhood.

The statistics on the neighborhood in which the liquor store is located is about 65% black.

Anonymous said...

"I'm about as likely to loot as an old white woman. Or are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?"

No based on your genetics you are, just because you might not doesn't change the fact that your race as a whole commit far more looting than whites.

Anonymous said...

"Hmm, seeing that most blacks don't commit crime, what is your point?"

I have a better question...

Seeing that an enormous disproportion of blacks (especially negro males) DO commit crime...and seeing that looters are almost always exclusively black...what fucking difference does it make if 51% of blacks are allegedly not criminals?

BTW, aren't you banned?

Anonymous said...

I see Desiree has fallen into the common liberal trap of "Aushwitz Syndrome". This is when a lefty goes full retard and assumes criticism of a protected class means instant death camps and genocide for the criticised class. No Desiree the fact that the majority of the violent crime in MN,, which is mostly committed against other blacks you twit, does not mean anyone wants to liquidate Blacks. Where in the post did Paul suggest this? You are seriousily deranged and need help. For heavens sake blacks suffer the most from black crime but in order for you to maintain your african bonfides you jump to death marches and ignore the real problem and the point of the post. I hope you are not incurring debt getting that left wing brainwashing you call a college education. By the way you are not black you are bi-racial.

-Fed Up White Taxpayer

White Devil said...

"are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?"


Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Dear Desiree:

For someone who hates this place, you sure post here a lot. If what our host is saying is so obviously at odds with reality, why waste your time disputing it?

No one cares if you personally are a looter. It is impossible to judge unknown people on an individual basis. But when it comes to large groups of people, one has no choice but to judge them on the basis of observed group behavior.

Which is why people dislike and avoid groups of black people. For all I know, a given group of black people may be churchgoing pacifists who would never hurt a fly. But I can't risk my life and property on that possibility. I have to judge a given group of black people by the behavior of other groups of black people I have encountered. And since my experience with groups of black people has been almost universally negative, I have no choice -- none at all! -- but to assume that any given group of black people is a potential threat.

That's a shame. And for that shame black people have no one but themselves to blame.

People don't lock their car doors when they see Asian kids standing at the streetcorner. No one is afraid of being raped and robbed by a mob of Amish youths. The parking lot of a Star Trek convention may be full of white kids, but nobody worries about being rolled there. Why? Because we know what to expect from such groups.

And it is for that same reason that we dread seeing black people show up.

Anonymous said...

13% of the population represents 70% of the crime.Desiree should know it isn't a conspiracy.It is truth.

Like the anon above @ 7:06,black people cause many of the social ills of America.Even an Arab doesn't look he'd pose as much danger as a regular black teen.

Anonymous said...

Seeing that an enormous disproportion of blacks (especially negro males) DO commit crime...and seeing that looters are almost always exclusively black...what fucking difference does it make if 51% of blacks are allegedly not criminals?

Where's the 49/51 figure? Do you have a link to this? Otherwise, that's just some reactionary position based on an arbitrary and ultimately fallacious statistic.

If it was 49 percent of blacks as criminals, I'd agree with you and so would other blacks. Having 1 out of 2 blacks as criminals would mean that most blacks would be victimized.

But it isn't true, is it? So what's your move now?

@ That White Girl:

This blog isn't about you personally, Desiree. Nor is anyone here asserting that ALL blacks are criminals. Blacks, do, however, make up an astronomically disproportionate amount of criminals in this country.

Looking solely at numbers, if we eliminated white criminals--potential and actual--the country would be holistically safer (we always forget to mention the lawbreakers on the corporate and political level who do the most damage, all of whom are white). Eliminating black criminals would only lower crime rates in urban areas. Not a real win seeing that we make up 13-15% of the population.

By the way SBPDL writes and attacks even law-abiding blacks (the vast majority of us), I am sure it does not take much for him to think that all black people are criminals.

You are apologizing for him. He won't even admit this is the truth.

@ Anon:

No based on your genetics you are, just because you might not doesn't change the fact that your race as a whole commit far more looting than whites.

Hmm... whites are less likely to live in highly-populated urban centers where the insufferable effects of poverty are substantially worse than if one lived in a wide-open rural community (here in Nevada, we have lots of poor white people living in tiny towns along the Interstate between Vegas and Reno). Seeing that the old truism of a poverty-crime linkage has yet to be completely obliterated (sorry, WSJ), when a situation to loot occurs, naturally I would expect an urban area's disproportionately black impoverished lot to take 'advantage' of the 'opportunity'.

It's not genetic; it's economic. The genetics argument is pulled out like some trump card but it really has no meat, all things considered. It is a typical justification by higher-ups to avoid fixing anything in poorer, minority-dominated communities.

Latinos were the main looters in the LA riots. Is that genetic with them, as well? Or can we say that, like blacks, they, too, are typically poorer and live in urban settings, and so on? I think we can. A causal, not correlative, nexus between race (i.e. genetics) and crime has not been established and relying on something so nebulous is simply emotion-based bigotry.

@ Anon 7:06PM:

You are showing your inability to delineate, which is absolutely dangerous. If the (overt) death marches happen, your thinking will lead to the deaths of the vast majority of innocent blacks.

I can tell the difference between miscreant blacks and the rest of us. It is quite simple. I can also tell the difference between miscreant whites and the rest of you.

Why can't you do this? Or do I possess ESP?

Silent Running said...

So, what we have here, essentially, is relying on 'numbers' over reality.

In the same way that mathematics relies on numbers over reality. Thanks for the best laugh I've had in weeks, Dezzy.

Silent Running said...


Check out these pictures of successful homemade levees amidst the flood. Even I'm a little astounded at just how well these seem to be working. The people who would go to these lengths will never need a government handout. They believe in themselves and their own abilities as free people.

Anonymous said...

"are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?"

And we have a winner!

Steve said...

Damn Paul wasn't she banned?

Anonymous said...

I'm about as likely to loot as an old white woman. Or are you saying that based on my having black skin and/or black hair texture, I am statistically more likely to loot than an old white woman?

To quote someone else what do you want? A cookie?

Oyster person said...

I have successfully applied my personal experiences and post-judgement of the facts when pre-judging a person or group.

Therefore, I declare myself a postjudice oyster cracka'!

Ohhh to Desiree, calling you bi-racial was a kind gesture, in my book you are a cracka' nigger, with a nasty attitude overshadowing your tax payer funded education.

Midwestern said...

"...innocent blacks..."

Ha. Hey everyone, don't fall for this line of pure crap from the resident Negro. I have worked in crime prevention in black neighborhoods, and there is a great deal of intent in black criminality. Trying to save all of the "innocent blacks" has almost bankrupted our dear country, set us back, and caused the end of countless innocent white lives. This is just more shuckin' and jivin' and very typical.

White people save the innocent black children from their absent fathers, from their neglectful and abusive mothers, from starvation and illness, from their low IQ, from their poor decision making skills, from their bad grades and anti-intellectualism, from their own black culture, from their violent nature, from their tendency to loot and steal and the list goes on. This is one huge racial shakedown of whites.

Enough with the innocent blacks bull! I wish I had audio to play for all of you, when blacks sit around and laugh about how stupid, weak, and gullible white people are. Blacks get off on victimizing white people, taking their money, and planning racial shakedowns. The entire black community conspires to do these things, it is intentional and planned.

The number one thing blacks hate, next to themselves, is white people. If blacks start killing each other, then guilty white people will jump in and try to save them all. Translation, more $$$ spent on the "violent black community". Note how once the black crime peaks, blacks in the "community" are on the news demanding that "someone needs to do something for us!!". Yada yada yada. White people, wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Blacks can not exist in a civil society. It is not in their nature.

Blacks are not innocent! They all profit from black criminality. Blacks do not hold the criminals in their culture accountable for their actions. When Tyshawn sells drugs, mama and grandmama profit. Prostitutes profit. Other criminals profit. When blacks get a lift from AA off the backs of the white taxpayer, they flee black neighborhoods to live in white neighborhoods and leave all of the filth behind for DWLs to clean up. It is all about the transfer of wealth and property from white to black. Fully orchestrated, fully planned and executed.

This includes the ghetto blacks all the way up to the so-called "middle class" and the AA hired black judges, lawyers, cops and governors. Remember the black collective's No Snitching policy SPDL covered last year? Blacks close their curtains and lie for each other. Remember OJ? Textbook black behavior. No snitching and criminality is all part of the black culture's family value system. Blacks don't want the light shined on their inabilities and their pitiful existence. Keep hope alive!

THAT is why blacks are so victimized by each other (black on black). Because blacks have no honor, and they are too stupid to realize that the same criminals that they hide are the ones who will victimize them. When will black people learn their lesson, asks the Engineer? They just can't. Their biological limitations creates a defunct culture in which the people have no honor.

And as I said before, "I'm just sayin'" is a phrase commonly used by blacks (especially black women) when they really don't have anything useful to add to the conversation. TNB.

From the black dictionary..."with the proper use of this tool, it is possible to deliver a rude comment or burn and have it bounce off simply as an opinion disguised as an objective opinion, and who can argue with you over an opinion that you dont apparently support."

Anonymous said...

Like other blacks, she likes to loot white people's property, including the looting of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Whites have been mishandling the black population for over a century now. When are we going to learn our lesson? We are funding a group of people who are bent on destroying us. We should never expect that blacks have the same value system that we do no matter where they live or how well they speak. Culturally, we are polar opposites to blacks. American blacks did much better when whites placed very firm social constraints upon them.

When blacks were limited physically and socially by law, they were much better behaved and their criminality could be contained. They were better at keeping tabs on the bad actors in their own communities. We have never been able to manage black criminality very well, and now that you add in white guilt, the failed attempts of multiculturalism and diversity, DWLs and their PC attitudes to the mix, we are doomed if we don't get a handle on the black population in our cities.

Blacks are ultimately going to pay the ultimate price for this when whites wake up. Whites culture will always rule because we have a strong value system which includes honor, decency, and morality.

~AV~ said...

HMMMMM Drudge is keeping up the good work and sharing with his readers the animal behavior that is 365BLACK!

[Black Teens Rampage for Weeks and Finally Someone Has Video]

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis Somali "happy slapping" video:

Anonymous said...

@ Midwestern:

You should be quite proud of your low impulse control. You never fail to prove my point each and every time I post; you are as reactive as ever. Thanks for that, girl.

Anonymous said...

"Where's the 49/51 figure?"

I did not say anything about "49". You are the one who said "most" blacks are not criminals, and "most" is anything more than 50%. Surely you could figure this out for yourself.

BTW, aren't you banned?

Anonymous said...

"When blacks were limited physically and socially by law, they were much better behaved and their criminality could be contained."

This is why Apartheid worked in South Africa.

And this is why South Africa has turned into a gigantic shithole since Apartheid was ended.

Anonymous said...

Artist says,

I have been running my own consultant business for over 30 years. I have never collected a payment from a black customer who is a business themselves.

When I have worked for a black that had a corporate job I was slandered inside that company and lost the account. The customer hoped to knock me out so her brother could start servicing the company. I did get paid one that one since the talented 10%er was unable to prevent my being paid.

My policy is to never work for a black customer. I really don't have to worry about it since I don't work on government contracts.

A guy I knew ran a recording studio. He started producing rap and hip hop. Integration got him five bullets to the head. Seems he had some wealth that needed redistribution.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they don't need a natural disaster as an excuse to loot. We'll keep seeing more and more of this.

MrGJG said...

Why is the only concern always black on black crime?
Is that the only way they think the black community and dumb white liberals are going to address the problem?
Why can't we talk about the thousands of white victims, or are they less than?
The fact is the vast majority of white people victimized by blacks are truly victims, where as a large percentage of victimized blacks are more like "victims" who were slower on the draw, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

You guys all realize that "Desiree" is about as black as a bowl of rice, right?

"She" is a white college guy. Ignore "her" and she'll go back to smoking pot, listening to Pitbull, and feeling self-righteous.

Anonymous said...

Most of our employees are black. They are polite, well-spoken, full of hustle, and always working just a little bit harder in order to do well for themselves.





Naah, just kidding. They're a bunch of illiterate, coarse, lazy slobs who screw up what little work we can get them to do. Oh, but if you fire one of them, it's racism.

Dissident said...

Bravo Midwestern! Bravo!

You're so right, behind our backs many blacks are conspiring and mocking the stupid white race. They know we're to damned gullible and naive to do anything about it, plus they know they have the corporate media on their side.

I've seen the double-faced attitudes of blacks over the years. When they're getting something from you, they're your best friend, but let them pack up, and they become angry, ravenous, wolves.

Thank you for setting the record straight.

Oh, and BTW Desiree, if you don't want people to "react" to your posts. Then don't post!


Midwestern said...

Poor, poor Desiree.

"Gurl", you are just a fat, bloated, sex-starved, miserably lonely black woman with a big mouth, and huge chip on her shoulder. Your kind comes a dime a dozen and everyone here knows 10 black women just like you. You are not unique. Who are you lecturing on impulse control, LOL??? Have I ever been banned from this site? You have been banned and your impulsiveness causes you to come back and stalk us again and again. You are a shameless fool.

You are the female version of the empty black suit. Yet another one who cannot take a hint that you are not wanted. You are a lost soul, longing for the acceptance that you will never EVER have. You would not dare say the things you do to my face because you would get a swift beat down. You are jealous of all white women, our inherited privilege, our strong men, our amazing history and legacy, our slim bodies and silky long hair, and the fact that we are naturally born into the dominant culture. You can only complain and wish, but will never be like me or my sisters no matter how hard you try. Hater! Hater! Hater!

I have amazing impulse control. I am self sufficient, confident, proud, hard-working and loved. You say things that are completely meaningless on this blog, blathering on and on, hoping that someone will give a damn about you. But they don't. No one here cares about your life, your "struggles", your grievances, your ability to overcome your blackness, or the plight of your people. We have tried and failed with all of you, now we shall walk away. SPDL likes you because you exhibit so perfectly the black mentality that we discuss. I think he pities you a bit too. Nothing to be proud of.

If you care so much about innocent blacks, then save up all of your nickels and dimes, go out on the road and start preaching your love to them. Feed their babies, mow their high grass, pick up their trash, find jobs for them, drive them to work. Give them your money -make it rain gurl! Show them how their black culture keeps them strapped to poverty, show them how to use birth control, how to speak the language, how to assimilate into American culture, how to look to themselves and their culture to find the reason for their failure. And to finally stop blaming the white man.

M.G. said...

"In the city where ten percent of the [population] is black, how can you have 70 percent of your victims [and perpetrators] of this particular crime, which is one of the most horrendous crimes you can do, how can that be so out of whack?" he asks.

These expressions of surprise are getting tiresome. Those who utter them are so clearly ignorant of their own country's history that they should be embarassed to open their mouths in front of a camera.

African criminality in America has always been disproportionately high, from colonial days to the present. Here's W.E.B. Dubois, writing in 1899 about colonial Philadelphia:

In 1732, under Mayor Hasel, the City Council "taking under Consideration the frequent and tumultuous meetings of the Negro Slaves, especially on Sunday, Gaming, Cursing, Swearing, and committing many other Disorders, to the great Terror and Disquiet of the Inhabitants of this city," ordered an ordinance to be drawn up against such disturbances.

...And in 1741, August 17, "frequent complaints having been made to the Board that many disorderly persons meet every ev'g about the Court house of this city, and great numbers of Negroes and others sit there with milk pails and other things late at night, and many disorders are there committed against the peace and good government of this city," Council ordered the place to be cleared "in half an hour after sunset."

I have statistical tables on it here, from the 1820's to the 1930's. Pre-Civil War, post-Civil War, post-WWII, the story stays the same.

All this 'shock and disbelief' about a phenomenon that's 300 years old and shows no signs of stopping is really getting absurd.

Midwestern said...

Artist, we all have stories like yours.

So many times white people, in the spirit of trust and fairness, open themselves up in an attempt to give the "good blacks" like Desiree a chance, but they are not like us. They beleive that they are good, but compared to whites, they are not. We have a problem with perception.

black good = white bad

Blacks have no honor or morals, for the most part, and are unable to participate in business transactions and follow the rules. They do not pay their bills, avoid contracts, claim ignorance of the details and fine print, and scream "racism" whenever they are held accountable or priced out. White men can have verbal contracts and seal the deal with a simple handshake. Not true for blacks.

As in society, the rules do not apply to them, and they can walk away from any agreement or refuse to pay.

Midwestern said...

"You never fail to prove my point each and every time I post;"

So funny how you stole this line from us. WE are always talking about how you prove TNB every time you post. You always give us the typical negro viewpoint on everything. It helps us to avoid your type in real life.

44 Magnum said...

It is astonishing to me that so much angst is produced for a tiny percentage of the population that is negroid. AA, Food Stamps, Section 8, Anti-violence initiatives, Curfews, Lower Educational Standards, Silence over laughable Afro-centric History lies, disingenuous celebration over negroid "Art" and "achievements". All this while the negroid population rapes and murders our people physically and financially and punishes fellow negroids who achieve even minimally as being "Oreo's" and charges them of being not "Authentically black".

This state of affairs warps our culture and our aims. We look inward instead of outward. Instead of colonizing the Moon, we "deconstruct" Detroit. Instead of honoring the best of us and reaching for the sky, we create "special" programs and lower standards, except in life critical professions like surgeons, fighter pilots, Computer scientists, etc., while changing TV and Movies to cover this so as to "include" the negroid (See Hollywood in Blackface).

While some might consider a continuation of such a result the only option, I disagree. It is time to consider Forceful Expulsion. In other words, Compulsory Repatriation.

I suggest this as an alternative to the historic solutions such as a Charismatic figure that rises and genocides a people (like Rawanda or Nazi Germany) or a Battle of Tours solution where by a people are driven out at the point of a sword.

60 years of this too much.

Midwestern said...

When disaster strikes a white community, people work together to rebuild what they have collectively lost. When blacks are in the same position, the criminals come out of the woodwork as opportunists and the "good blacks" sit by and watch the show, waiting for whites to show up and start cleaning up. We are not the same.

As Jared Taylor wrote in his excellent article on Hurricane Katrina, “Africa in Our Midst”:

Natural disasters usually bring out the best in people, who help neighbors and strangers alike. For blacks — at least the lower-class blacks of New Orleans — disaster was an excuse to loot, rob, rape and kill.

Our rulers and media executives will try to turn the story of Hurricane Katrina into yet another morality tale of downtrodden blacks and heartless whites, but pandering of this kind fools fewer and fewer people. Many whites will realize — some for the first time — that we have Africa in our midst, that utterly alien Africa of road-side corpses, cruelty, and anarchy that they thought could never wash up on these shores.

To be sure, the story of Hurricane Katrina does have a moral for anyone not deliberately blind. The races are different. Blacks and whites are different. When blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western Civilization — any kind of civilization — disappears. And in a crisis, it disappears overnight.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, do you have anything useful to say besides your cute little written annoyances like "Hmmm", and "LOL, LMBAO" and "dearie/sweetie" and "just wow!" and "blame whitey"? Anything of value?? Oh, that's right. We have already shot down each and every one of your pathetic arguments about the downright general goodness of black people. You have nothing else to offer, and so you make an ass out of yourself to prove that you still exist.

Your posts are very much like the one-way conversations that one would have with blacks in public.

Midwestern said...

Angry White Dude has a great new printable flyer.

Just for fun, I am going to print a few and include them in our "New Neighbor Welcome Baskets" for the Neighborhood Association welcome committee.

RobertB said...

Across the river from Nth Minneapolis is N.E. Minneapolis--a neighborhood populated historically with Polish people. The old joke was:

What's the longest bridge in the world?
Answer: The Broadway bridge (pictured at the top in your view above), it goes from Africa to Poland.

North Minneapolis has been black a long time. Broadway avenue is it's main thoroughfare. There used to be a fabulous Jewish Neighborhood adjacent to it along Theodore Wirth Parkway--but after the blacks rioted, looted and burned in 1967, the Jews all left. Jews don't really like diversity for themselves at all.

Anonymous said...

That cop's statistics don't make sense. Blacks are 70% of the victims and 70% of the perps? I'm willing to bet that 95% of the perps are black where blacks are victims. And I'll bet they make up a good little chunk of the perps where the victims are non-black.

Midwestern said...

"It is astonishing to me that so much angst is produced for a tiny percentage of the population that is negroid."

This is why we need to be able to legally separate ourselves from blacks once and for all. Enough of black grievances and demands. They crave our attention and inclusion like spoiled rotten children. We must support freedom of association and the strengthening of white culture and families. White people have to power to do this every day - it all depends on how we vote in the polls and how we vote with our money.

Blacks are like the pitiful little kitty with a broken paw - good natured, generous white people fall for their tricks every time and get burned. Blacks cannot exist without handouts from whites. We are not the same. We must finally cut the apron strings and put our money and energy into the promotion of everything white and save Western Civilization around the world.

Let blacks finally fend for themselves! Let them build their own communities from scratch! If they burn them, they suffer the consequences. Let them provide their own goods, grow their own food, create their own employment. Let them understand that their parasitic behavior will not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

@ Midwestern:

"Gurl", you are just a fat, bloated, sex-starved, miserably lonely black woman with a big mouth, and huge chip on her shoulder.

Oh, come now. You've never even seen me nor do you know me (pardon me, but I am a black girl, not woman; I'm 22). That is just as silly as my assuming you are an ugly, fat white woman based on whatever pathologies I think you may display. Enough of that foolishness, lady; not every black woman is 'Precious'.

But I will say this, though, based solely on the black encounters you describe on this site, I know you do live in the ghetto. Additionally, I do think you enjoy, in whatever capacity, imagining that black women are somehow jealous of you.

That is really sad. Again, if you have to get your worth from arbitrarily lowering the worth of someone else, you have no worth at all. Remember that.

And you did react even more in the way I predicted. Priceless. Your impulse control is very low. You're like a Pavlovian dog when you see black. Can you delineate?

It's funny, too, that you say 'chip' on shoulder when you are the one frequenting a site and complaining about blacks achieving upward mobility at the alleged expense of whites. THAT'S a chip the size of Texas.

Funny story about crazy white people:

"Parents keep child's gender under wraps"

They are allowing their kid to make his own 'gender choice', LOL. Minorities don't do this...

Anonymous said...

""Gurl", you are just a fat, bloated, sex-starved, miserably lonely black woman with a big mouth, and huge chip on her shoulder."

Not much I can add to this.

Anonymous said...

"Jews don't really like diversity for themselves at all."

Not all of us are followers of Abe Foxman's beliefs. Not by any stretch.


~AV~ said...

1200pm ANON said....

That cop's statistics don't make sense. Blacks are 70% of the victims and 70% of the perps? I'm willing to bet that 95% of the perps are black where blacks are victims. And I'll bet they make up a good little chunk of the perps where the victims are non-black.

Funny how 70% of all black babies are bastards...

Magic number...that 70!

~AV~ said...

Has anyone been watching the classless Michelle O'bama on her white tax payer funded trip to Ireland?

Check out this picture...

That White Girl said...

"They are allowing their kid to make his own 'gender choice', LOL. Minorities don't do this..."

Just for you, Desiree:
My Princess Boy

Marc B said...

"And to finally stop blaming the white man."

A person will never be control of their lives until they realize that their position in life is where it is because they haven't done what they need to transcend it. Adult's don't blame others for their own actions, let alone for an entire race for their lowly position, children do.

Black's are the group on the bottom and they are also the group prone the most scapegoating, externalizing all of their problems by not acknowledging their own role in their destruction. Until blacks as a race grow up and assume adult responsibility for their actions, every other race will pass them up while consciously distancing themselves from them.

Anonymous said...

"They are allowing their kid to make his own 'gender choice', LOL. Minorities don't do this..."

We tried to get the opinion of black fathers, but couldn't find any.

Anonymous said...


I'm Irish:Its costing my pocket a lot more.

Take no notice of the adoring "masses" slobbering over His speech,an appallingly condescending example of "paddywhakery",i.e bullshit.

Most of us know that if His great great Grandfather had known what his progeny would have produced by emigrating to America,then he would have thrown himself into the ocean mid-Atlantic.

It would have been the only honourable thing to do.
I certainly would have taken the long-dive.

Sheila said...

"Minorities don't do this . .. " Perhaps not - but they do do this:

Anonymous said...

I lived for many years in a small, very wealthy town just north of San Francisco called Mill Valley. It is very white and very wealthy and always has been. You rarely see black people on the street.

Oftentimes, the first storm of the rainy season is windy and blustery and sometimes it knocks out the power in the downtown area where I lived. I shit you not, every time this happened raggedy-ass black people - mostly men - would show up and just...hang out and look around. Mill Valley's a few miles from a majority black town called Marin City. It's also about a 10 mile drive from Richmond, CA, another black city. I guess that's where they were coming from.

The first time it happened I thought it was kind of funny because it almost seemed too cliché to be true. But there they were. After watching it happen multiple times, I was pissed off and would have loved to give them all high-velocity lead poisoning. These were people who were not part of the community, who contribute nothing positive to it, and only show up to attack and take advantage of people whenever they see an opportunity to do so.

Clearly, they didn't live there and, from their demeanor, they were clearly up to no damn good. This was a major turning point for me in understanding just how full of shit the media and society really are in their lies about white and black people. Those blacks were showing up in town as predators, pure and simple.

What would black folks say if, every time the power went out, a bunch of dead-eyed, creepy, predatory whites showed up to see who they could rape and rob? Eric Holder and the national media would be all over it. Whites have been totally abandoned by the major institutions of society including the federal, state and local governments as well as the corrupt, dishonest media.

Playing Roots Backwards said...


No Blacks lived as far north as Broadway until the mid-1980's. The old "longest bridge" joke was around long before then, and Plymouth Avenue was the original nigger street.

Also, the view at the top of this article shows the old Stone Arch Bridge and the Third Avenue Bridge. Going north from there you have the Hennepin Avenue Bridge, the Harriet Island Bridge, the Plymouth Avenue Bridge, THEN the Broadway Avenue Bridge.

RobertB said...

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Wrong--there were blacks on Broadway in the 60's--I first heard that joke in 1969 as a ten year old. My mother's sister lived in North Mpls then--22nd and Lyndale, as a matter of fact. She moved to South after the riots. See dude, my family has only been in this state since 1847. Several streets are named after my father's family or in-laws. One in Mpls for in-laws. In fact, they write 3 page Sunday edition (front page) newspaper stories about my ancestors. There is a park in this state named for my deceased daughter as well.

I know what I'm talking about. The bridge you're talking about is the Hennippen Ave. Bridge, Broadway is just north of it and Broadway is visible in the top of the pic. Whats the matter, don't like me pointing out how blacks destroyed a very nice neighborhood? They thought they were going to burn the Crocus Hill neighborhood in St. Paul that Summer as well. That is the neighborhood I grew up in. When they marched down Dale St. and got to Summit Ave, they turned around and went the other way--because all of the white men were sitting out on their front porches with their guns waiting for them. See, back in those days most of the men were either WW2 or Korean war vets with their service weapons.

Midwestern said...

Desiree, I refuse to read your retarded posts. Long winded and useless. No one here wants to read your blatherings, You don't have to agree with me, I don't expect you to. I am so happy you use that God awful blue highlighted illustration on your posts so that I can avoid them easily. Sorry I fell into your clap trap and responded to you, it was fun but I am finished.

I will act as if you are still banned from this site (as it was promised that you would be, oh well....). You are a fool. You are a black pawn, a token negro on this site and you allow yourself to be used to set an example and prove our suspicions about blacks. OK, we get it! It used to be cute to be put in our places by the sassy black woman, but we have found that you are nothing special, you have a very ugly personality, you are yet another example of a jealous black woman with a poverty-stricken attitude.

I am through with your verbal masturbation and your ghetto thought patterns. So Hmmmm.....go take a hike, go to hell, take the long road home, go fuck yourself sweetie, or just go away for good. Go help your peoplel. You make the choice, whichever suits you best, LOL!

Playing Roots Backwards said...


Spend some time on the North Side or learn how to use Google Maps. The view from Stearns County must be a bit foggy.

I lived at Dupont and 24th Avenue North from 1974 until 1988. The niggers had just started moving past Broadway when I moved. I then moved to another house I owned at Girard and 27th Avenue North. The niggers were all the way to Lowry Avenue by 1990, so I bought a house out in Ramsey in Anoka County.

You see, I am basing what I say from living on the North Side when it went to shit. You are basing what you say on stories your White Flight relatives told you. Talk to your aunt again.

Anonymous said...

I saw Dizzy's picture. Let me just say she is one UGLY beast. He blog sucks too, and yes she is obsessed with stupid topics. The funniest thing is all those dim witted white guilt crackers trying to to kiss up to her.

Freysboar said...

@ Midwestern- You've said what I've been saying for years, let them have America and see how long it takes to COMPLETELY destroy it! Your statements are great!
@ dessiree- You are a typical black parasite. Your 'act' works well I'm sure with most White Folks ie playing the good n innocent black girl.

Anonymous said...

Funny story about crazy white people:

"Parents keep child's gender under wraps"

They are from south of Detroit!

Midwestern said...

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention.

The fact that you have received the nicknames of "Diarrhea" and "Black Lesbian" and "pig" on this blog, and have *almost* been banned several times shows that you are not wanted here. A real woman would never take this treatment, would be horribly ashamed, and would feel compelled to take a look at herself in the mirror. But not the strong black woman, who must live up to all of the stereotypes and bulldoze herself forward and show us who is boss.

You should have the decency to leave here and never post again. You have no sense of honor. A real woman would never take this type of treatment, and you are no real woman.

Midwestern said...

Desiree said:

"They are allowing their kid to make his own 'gender choice', LOL. Minorities don't do this..."

This is long, sorry.
Yes Desiree, LOL for sure. You don't like me, Desiree, because I cut to the bone and I am tellin' on you. I have spent too much of my live immersed in "diversity" and as my husband says, I know waaaay too much about black people and their unique culture. I will assume that by "minority" you mean blacks.

Black women may not allow their children to grow up gender-free, but please explain to me why there are so many 26 year old black homo-thugs walking around half naked? Why are black men not interested in women in general? Don't forget that it is black women who raised these creatures. I have witnessed the "nurturing" mothering techniques of black women, and it explains a lot about your defunct black culture and why their children are so messed up, and why black girls become mothers at age 13.

Black women are seething with anger an hatred and they take it out on their offspring because they have no power otherwise. Black women are the opposite pretty, dainty, feminine, witty and alluring, light and innocent. Black women are eternally angry at themselves, angry at useless defeated black men, angry for their failure and poverty, angry at their bloated bodies, and the list goes on. Black women are forceful with their rage. "I don't need no man" is a constant theme.

I have a black friend who was a social worker for a while, and she found that black women were the most abusive and neglectful parents on her client list. She learned a lot about black people during her short career, and finally quit because it was so depressing. Black women F around, get pregnant - OOPS! and then have to "deal" with the little mouth to feed. Black women are not capable of "parenting", as you call it, because they are not capable of empathy. They use their children to gain a free ride from the white taxpayers, use them to steal merchandise from stores, to lie for them, to break into your house through the small cracks, to attempt to connect in a very strange way to and tie down the black man who impregnated them, to run drugs, to hustle candy bars to white people on the sidewalk for money, and to garner sympathy from the general public, and maybe, just maybe, raise a successful B-baller and get a million dollar house on a hill for free.

This "black women are noble and loving and good parents" is a load of crap. You are a liar! Some black mothers who have moved into a more middle class position *might* be able to mimic actual parenting, but they always fall short because black culture has a different agenda.

White parenting is all about a legacy, about future planning, the transfer of property, the nurturing of the next generation for success, the increased value of the family, the continuance of the family name. I hug and kiss my children constantly, and my job is to usher them into the world as complete human beings.

Blacks have no concept of any of this.

coreymcalindon said...

Fucking racist bastards. Just because one person does something wrong doesn't mean the whole of that "race" is to blame. I myself am a white 13 year old person with about 5 black mates. And none of them "loot". Just leave them alone. Filthy twats.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently reading "Race and Reason" and "Race and Reality", and when I see you write that people are beginning to wake up, people are starting to see, this can't go on much longer - I don't whether to laugh or cry.

Folks, these two books say the same things you say, and they were written over 50 years ago. They note the deliberate silence of the media about black failure and racial differences; the intimidation and silencing of academics who question the "party line"; and the uncaring government forcing blacks onto whites in spite of overwhelming opposition by the citizens.

In those 50 years, absolutely everything has gotten worse, far worse than the author ever imagined. And of course we now have the Hispanic invasion on top of it all. Seeing those expressions of hope from so long ago, and knowing what actually transpired - desegregation, forced integration, forced busing, quotas, reverse discrimination, immigration quotas favoring the Third World, wave after wave of illegals from Mexico, amnesty, amnesty, amnesty, anchor babies, PC, white guilt, and finally an affirmative action hire President - leave me with no hope at all.

Dissident said...

"Fucking racist bastards. Just because one person does something wrong doesn't mean the whole of that "race" is to blame. I myself am a white 13 year old person with about 5 black mates. And none of them "loot". Just leave them alone. Filthy twats. "

Listen here boy! You don't know your @$$ from a hole in the ground, it's clear you don't have the life experiences to be shootin' off at the mouth. When I was your age I had some black "friends" too, but as we became older they discovered that it wasn't cool to be hangin' with no cracker and moved on. If you're lucky then that's what will happen to you!

So listen up green horn, wet behind the ears, 13 year old idiot, don't come on here using abusive language and don't try to preach to people that have collectively hundreds of years experience compared to your scant 13!

You'll either grow up yourself, or you'll learn the hard way.

PS. Turn off the rap music and start thinking for yourself, you've got your whole life ahead of you, don't blow it now.

Anonymous said...

"Fucking racist bastards. Just because one person does something wrong doesn't mean the whole of that "race" is to blame. I myself am a white 13 year old person with about 5 black mates. And none of them "loot". Just leave them alone. Filthy twats."

London's population is about 15% black, yet blacks account for about 50% of the city's murderers. Not all blacks are murderers, but most murderers in our society these days are black. If pointing out this FACT that makes us filthy twat cunt bloody racists, or whatever you Brits say these days, then so be it. We're racists. You're very young. Hopefully as you grow up and grow a brain, you will recognize this.

Anonymous said...

"Folks, these two books say the same things you say, and they were written over 50 years ago."

The internet has been a game-changer.

Freysboar said...

@ corymcalidon- 'Just because one person'
We'll leave them alone when they leave us alone.
When they stop intimidating us. When they stop gang raping White teen girls. When they stop crying like babies when they dont get their way.
etc.... And I doubt your actually a 13 yr. old.
Your statement was a little too contrived.
'just leave them alone' you cried, that was funny though. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That is just one of fugly dizzies stinky sock puppets! Nice try loony toons.

Anonymous said...

Midwestern, you look the fool. Issuing childish attacks on someone's appearance and telling someone to "Go fuck themselves," and to "Go to Hell," and telling them you're going to beat them down and THEN in the next breath saying you hug and kiss your children is too contradictory to bear.

I really enjoy SBPDL's site and I mention the viewpoints on here all the time in conversations with family and CLOSE friends (can't say it to everyone or they'll scream, "Racist!"). I think he's doing good work. But arguing using insults turns people off. It makes us look like "ignorant rednecks." You don't stoop to their level. I was one of the few people who were okay with Desiree's posts because I thought, "Well, letting her post here is like giving her the rope to hang herself."

I typically like your posts, Midwestern; I think the White Woman's voice is important because too often people mislabel the right as "anti-woman." But you come off like she got under your skin - I think she may have. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what she looks like - pretty or ugly. I saw her picture. She's better than average for a black woman. But she's a Negro, and will only talk from a platform of low IQ Negro thinking.

That's just my two cents. I think we should keep it clean so people don't think we just sit around here foaming at the mouth waiting for some random black to come on so we can call them names. It turns more moderate race realist whites off. I know because I gave a few friends links and they all basically said the articles were good but the comments were like a bunch of whites who let loose on blacks because they know they couldn't/wouldn't do it in real life without repercussions.

SBPDL does his site a disservice allowing those comments, I think. Yea, no one is saying "Fucking nigger" or "Monkey" but that high school crap might as well be the same thing.

Keep up the good work, SBPDL. I am trying to spread the word!

Unknown said...

That is just one of fugly dizzies stinky sock puppets! Nice try loony toons.

There is nothing ugly about that girl. She looks good; I know tons of brothers who'd want her. Calling her ugly is asinine. Nothing intimidates white people more than a beautiful, smart black woman.

I have to give Sandman credit: at least he's trying to elevate what was basically name-calling from another insecure white woman. Watching them bring out the "hair trope" is funny as hell.

Okay, a black woman buys a weave and what else do you have? She still has a bigger booty. (check my profile photo - when do you see that on a white girl besides the Kardashian sisters and Coco?)

You guys are a joke...

Freysboar said...

First off 'black dude' Nothing annoys Whites more than a black (period) who "thinks" they're smart and beautiful. There's tons of brothers who'd want her. Well I have'nt seen her pic but I do know this- 'brothers' have a f.... anything mentality, otherwise your species would be extinct! And by the way the pig kardashians are not White.

Anonymous said...

Freysboar, you are so right I was thinking the same thing when mr. "I think my with private parts" opened his fat lips. Black Dude we know blacks have no standards when it comes to women. That is why 50% of black females have an STD and I venture to guess that for black dudes it's 75% cause we know they be giving that HSV to men as well.

Look he has a nude pix as his icon. It just shows his swallow thought process. As for fugly. She openly says she wants a white BF. Why one axes. Maybe cause they aren't infected with STD, are employed, take care of their families and cam speak without Ebonics. Losing black dude dats you!

Unknown said...


First off 'black dude' Nothing annoys Whites more than a black (period) who "thinks" they're smart and beautiful.

No shit?! Talk about insecure!

Well, I haven't been on here that long but she seems smart and she looks good. I don't think it's an incredible leap to say she's a smart and beautiful black woman.

Well I have'nt seen her pic but I do know this- 'brothers' have a f.... anything mentality

^^^That is funny as hell.


Black Dude we know blacks have no standards when it comes to women.

Does that include the white women we like that white men want us to "want"?

Look he has a nude pix as his icon. It just shows his swallow thought process.

Would you be happier if I had a profile picture of Estelle Getty? Look, I'm a man, and the most beautiful creature on Earth is a naked woman, especially a naked black woman.

As for fugly.

Who are we talking about? Not that girl!

She openly says she wants a white BF.

You know, she can want a white boyfriend but she knows she can always come home.

Once again, you guys are a JOKE! Pure comedy. This site is GREAT!

Dissident said...

Hey give Black Dude a little credit here, at least he's standing up for his own black women, that's more than many white men would do for their white women.

And Black dude has said in the past, that he's into his own race and doesn't really care for the white woman.....Hey, These are positives in my book.

Black Dude you have my support and your comment about smart black women intimidating whites. I'm not sure that's true, perhaps some are intimidated. I for one, want blacks to be upwardly mobile, and intelligent, as long as they leave the attitude behind. I'm talking the attitude of entitlement and victimology.

I want you people(blacks) to succeed, just not at the expense of everyone else.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing intimidates white people more than a beautiful, smart black woman."

You are immensely unqualified to speak for white people.

"You guys are a joke..."

Your race has the highest murder rate, the highest rape rate, the highest illegitimacy rate, the highest dropout rate, the highest illiteracy rate, the highest AIDS rate...

Your race is a joke.

Freysboar said...

@ black dude- All you basically did was parrot back what everybody else said! Your are right about one thing The most beautiful thing in this world is a woman or as you primitively put it a 'naked woman' Your wrong about the black woman thing though. And if you think that anybody believes you think a black woman is the most beautiful, your nuts! A Whyte Woman is the most beautiful. We are not gods chosen people or deciples of god/christ. We are born of the Gods. The Sons and Daughters. Our Women are direct decendants of the Gods/Goddesses. Each have Their Blood in them. In african religions your (irony) a slave to your gods!! Save all your black women are great BS for your stinky sisters.
And we all know how obsessed black males are with our women. if they dont give it up to you you rape them, usually they're teen AND preteen girls. Seems to be a monthly occurance in the U.S. with your species!

Midwestern said...

More interesting stories about the nurturing black mother:

An Ohio woman convicted of killing her month-old baby daughter in a microwave oven was spared the death penalty and sentenced Friday to life in prison without parole.

Pregnant "mother" of 3 Pa. Mom Charged In Death of Baby Found in Suitcase

Midwestern said...

"@ Midwestern- You've said what I've been saying for years, let them have America and see how long it takes to COMPLETELY destroy it! Your statements are great!"

Thank you.

@ Sandman,

Not sure who you are, but I wish more more white people would allow blacks to "get to them" in the way they get to me - we would not be in such a mess. Obviously you have not lived in near proximity to ghetto blacks and seen their natural behaviors. It is shocking to the system. I have seen so much filth, neglect and abuse that I am not keep reading, I don't care if black men find Desiree attractive physically. I can bet that she is ugly defined. I have much more experience with the general black population than most whites (and some blacks for that matter...), and you could learn a thing or two from someone like me.

As a conservative mother and woman, I have seen animals show more compassion for their children. I will not hold back in order to not look like a "redneck" and impress people like you.

Maybe you should choose to show more outrage.

I have seen black women starve, beat, and humiliate their children and Desiree defends them. I have seen black men terrorize and brutalize innocent whites and Desiree defends them. She does not deserve your sympathy. Not one ounce.

Oh yes, and feel free to search Desiree's posts to see how much she hates you too. You score no points for your compassion.

Black women work very hard to be hideous. They are terrible mothers, unfit for marriage, and the worst of the race, in my opinion. None of this is my fault or yours yet we are blamed. You should think about why you believe I am out of line in suggesting that Desiree's posts deserve a verbal beat down, and why I believe that she is physically and morally ugly.

I am not really here to please you.

Anonymous said...

"Black Dude"?? Come on, this guy talks more like a black woman who thinks this is what a black man would say, if she were in fact a black man. Desiree must think she's so clever by pretending to be a black man this time while getting off on her stalking of this site. Black Dude, you can deny this, but for pete's sake stop writing like an angry feminist negro.

Anonymous said...

Yo black dude, or should I say "dizzy diarrhea" why nit try to refute to STD deal or you not gonna because the truth hurts. Well you can just lable it a hate fact. As SBPDL said once you go black we DON'T want you back! The white chicks that go for blacks learn the hard way these facts when they have their men cheating on them all the time bring home STDs. Their is a kernel of truth in those old lonny toons about the black side of town being "lazy town"

Unknown said...


Come on, this guy talks more like a black woman who thinks this is what a black man would say, if she were in fact a black man.

You are the second person accusing me of this, which is funny as hell. If I was a woman, remind me to kick God's ass for giving me a dick when I get up there.

I don't know how I am talking like an "angry feminist negro." If it's because I am one of the few black men who has the balls to stand up for his women, then I'll be the "angry feminist negro."

This man also defends black women:

I'll be honest with you and say that there could stand to be more brothers as evolved me when it comes to our women.

Ameenah said...

Dear Midwestern,

I think what you say of black women is shameful. How can you say all black women make bad mothers and bad wives? Where do you live? I am Ghanian and I have 3 children of my own. My husband is a general practitioner and we both immigrated to this great country. We are happily married! I would never do as you say and I know of tons of American black women who would think what you say of black women as crazy. I kiss my children, I sing to them, I play with them, I love them. I miss them when they are at school. Where I come from children are at the heart of the community. What you speak of is crazy and sounds like you live around people who need help themselves. You are outrageous to put that on all black woman! You can find abuses of children from all colours. You can find bad wives and bad mothers from all colours. Only a stupid human being would navigate the world with tunnel vision. It sounds like you are the violent one. You did not say "verbal beat down" to Desiree but that you would beat her down in person:

"You would not dare say the things you do to my face because you would get a swift beat down."

Sounds like you are violent and need to settle yourself. You do not know anything about black women, motherhood, marriage no matter what you've seen. For every bit of dysfunction you've seen, I can give ten examples of wonderful black women, in America, in Ghana I have seen. You are very ignorant!

Forgive my bad English.

Midwestern said...

"Ameena". LOL.

Anonymous said...

This guy was unfortunately wrong on Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

@ Ameenah

We are relating facts here that enclose a "large majority" of black women. As for your personal anecdote it has no relevance here. If you cannot understand what an average is, then you have no business dismissing Midwestern's factual statement. There are of course some exceptions to the rule, and you seem to be one of them, but please understand averages before rushing to judgement.

John said...

Up until around 1990 no negroes of any number lived in the Twin Cities. Then around that time word got out as to how lovely a metropolitan area the Twin Cities were and the rest as they say is history.

Where there was historically no crime, certainly no violent crime, the negro naturally brought same as they always do. Today, once beautiful and safe Minneapolis and St. Paul rank in the top twenty as violent crime and murder ridden cities.

Ah, the lovely, beguiling negro.

Anonymous said...

After the tsunami in Japan.... No looting.
The blacks are just a breed still evolving.
And did I mention lazy?
Also loud mouths. Most people are afraid to say anything because they are in fear of retaliation.

But they have some good musicians.. That's it.
the truth has been spoken

Anonymous said...

Nearly every racial group has had their turn at being members of a ghetto. The Irish, the Jews, the Chinese, etc. All of these people have managed to assimilate into the melting pot of America. Most have risen to the middle class and many have became wealthy. It is my contention that this happened because poverty and hunger motivate people to work at bettering themselves. Why haven't the Blacks been able to achieve this? Why haven't they assimilated into the American culture? An interesting question that I was once asked was "Have you ever considered that LBJ created the the "Great Society" and welfare to keep the Black man out of the White man's job market?" A good question indeed. Prior to the "Great Society", every impoverished group had to struggle to survive. Now, we have the Blacks, a culture who have been given enough just to survive thus eliminating the need to struggle. So what have the Blacks done given such an opportunity? I suspect that they have done the same thing any group of people would do in similar circumstances. They have taken advantage of it. There is no longer a need to struggle to improve themselves. If there is no motivation, why would anyone try to improve themselves? It appears to me that the "Black Problem" was created by "well intentioned?" white liberals. If their true intention was to completely destroy a culture and prevent them from ever assmilating, they have certainly succeeded.

Your Offspring's Non-White Spouse said...

Why are you crackers so mad? The white race has plenty other things to worry about.