Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Royal Wedding and No Black People? Another NFL Draft and an Omar Thornton Moment Averted

Shouldn't that be Obama up there?
Back in 2009, we wrote that criticism of Mein Obama would be construed as 'racist':
It was Xerxes, in 300, who demanded of the traitor, Ephialtes that:
"Unlike the cruel Leonidas, who demanded that you stand, I require only that you kneel."
However, unlike the fictitious words of Xerxes, Mein Obama has yet to make it mandatory to kneel before him, yet Black people have already fallen to two knees in submission to their leader. Disingenuous White Liberals have followed suit, and like Ephialtes, decided to put their faith in a more benevolent faction:
"Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."
Obama standing over the world "like a God" is exactly how Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and Black people still view their Ozymandias, with one writer at The Daily Beast even suggesting an ex-President Obama as the new head of the British Commonwealth:
In any case, it is an open secret (and one recently revealed by WikiLeaks) at the Commonwealth Secretariat that many countries do not want Charles to be the next head of the Commonwealth when the queen retires—they are looking for someone more inspiring. Nelson Mandela, once the favorite candidate, is now too old, so the crown may be offered to his wife, Graca Machel, or, more inspiringly, to Aung San Suu Kyi. (Burma was once part of the empire.) But there is a better candidate that the palace fears will unseat its favorite son and heir: In a few years' time, the role of head of the Commonwealth could well be offered to ex-president Barack Obama, with his Kenyan ancestry. The refusal to invite the Obamas to the royal wedding may not have been either an oversight or an over-slight, but a deliberate decision taken by the royal family concerned that Barack and Michelle would appear to the "black commonwealth" (the majority of its members) as providing much more satisfactory leadership than Charles and Camilla.
Kneel Before Zod!!! Wait, we meant Kneel Before Zod-Obama, the ruler a rejuvenated a colorful Pax Britannica.That England was once a white country - as short as 60 years, only a few Black people were even in the United Kingdom - is an inconvenient truth that slipped past The View's Sherri Sheppard:
Never mind who wore what, the View's Sherri Shepherd had another more controversial question about the Royal Wedding today.

'Where are the black people?' the outspoken actress, 44, asked as the panelists critiqued Prince William and Kate Middleton's ceremony.

The star said she had earlier searched through the footage of guests at Westminster Abbey.

Audrey Jones our producer was looking for the black people in the wedding and we found our Rosa Parks moment, because we were like 'where are the black people'?' she said.

'It was like where's Waldo, where are the black people?' she added.

'We found one little black child in the choir but where's the black people at this wedding?' she repeated.

'Wait a minute the Calvary guy, from New York,' said Goldie Hawn, 65, who was a guest host for the day.

Well the guests, there they are,' said Sherri, pointing to an area in the Abbey reserved for foreign royals, Governor generals and high-level diplomats.

'They are segregated but they are at the front so we have our Rosa Parks moment,' she added referring to the African-American civil rights activist Rosa Parks who refused to obey a bus driver's order to give up her seat for a white passenger on December 1, 1955.

'I don't know why they put all the black people over here but they are at the front of the wedding so I ain't complaining, they got in the front,' added Sherri.

The women also mocked the Queen and the dresses of princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.
England is a white country that finally decided a nation free of crime, murder and rape needed an infusion of its diverse commonwealth population and imported such misery. That we have been conditioned by television to believe any event that doesn't have sufficient Black participation is 'racist' and 'inherently evil' and "not legitimate' is an awesome indicator of the power of the manufacturing of positive examples of Black people through popular culture.

Journey concerts, Tea Party rallies, Jon Stewart's rally in D.C., sporting events (besides the players if its a football or basketball game), golf galleries, operas, Broadway musical crowds, honors classes in college, museum openings and other high society events all have the unforgivable sin of boasting all-white audiences.

The only time a crowd is all-Black is for a Tyler Perry movie premier, so what is Sherrod so upset about?

That the royal family of Zamunda was not invited to the wedding is an obvious indication of racism. It is our sincere hope that one day, the future off-spring of Prince William and Katie will marry the children of Will Smith's son and Mein Obama's daughter to produce the only legitimate heir to the British Commonwealth that Black people will respect.

Speaking of all-Black events, the NFL Draft just transpired. We wrote about it here. Odd that a similar remark from Jon Gruden as to "where are the white players?" wasn't uttered.

Finally, recall that Omar Thornton went on a rampage killing 'racist' white co-workers and that the media applauded his actions and condemned the alleged 'racism' of those dead at his hands. Recall that he complained of racist graffiti and the failure of the company to do anything about it, which led to his shooting spree.

Thankfully, the same thing hasn't happened yet in Chicago:
Workers from a warehouse in Joliet filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Thursday, alleging that Schenker Logistics Inc. has repeatedly refused to address discrimination claims and created a hostile work environment.

The workers said the discrimination stems from racist graffiti, including swastikas and KKK signs, painted in the break room walls and in the men's bathroom.

Angela McDonald, who works the third shift at the warehouse, said the graffiti appeared about eight to nine months ago. Since then, she and other workers have pleaded with managers to find the culprit or culprits and remove the offensive drawings, she said.

But while some of the drawings have been painted over, most are still visible.

McDonald's eyes welled up at a press conference as she displayed photos of a black swastika with a circle around it and of a white pickup truck with Confederate flags on the windows.

"It makes me upset that this is going on still as of today," McDonald said in an interview with the Tribune.

McDonald, who is black, said she makes $12.63 per hour loading and unloading candy boxes from Kraft Foods Inc. at the warehouse operated by Schenker. Kraft contracts Schenker for storage and distribution. 

Nearly 40 percent of Will County warehouse workers have reported discrimination, according to a report published last year by Warehouse Workers for Justice. The report also found that 63 percent of the workers are temps, receiving low wages with few benefits.
Only 40 percent? Mangan wrote an article of IKEA factory employees complaining of discrimination and how that Nordic company was forced to settle out-of-court. How is any work ever accomplished in America, when Black employees could easily just complain of discrimination and draw "racist" graffiti in the break-room or bathroom and get a multi-million dollar lawsuit out of it?

Such is life in a country governed by Black Run America (BRA).


Anonymous said...

One can't really complain about no Black people at the wedding. The couple was White and the native people of the United Kingdom are White. It would be like going to a Iroquois council meeting and asking, "Where are the Black People?"

Besides, Black people have a huge continent, full of natural resources and beauty, to call all their own. Maybe they should try to make Africa a livable place before moving to some rainy, dreary, tiny rock in the North Sea.

The Engineer said...

I grew up with the understanding that negro people were a genetically predispositioned warrior class ... so why do they act like such pussies when they see racist graffiti? If I were at work and I saw some graffiti that said "kill all white people," I wouldn't get the janitor fired or hire a lawyer ... I would take out my handy-dandy sharpee and scratch it out.

And when is the last time a negro was bullied or beat up by a group of non-negro people anyway? Oh, did I hear someone say, "well how about James Byrd, Jr.? He was DRAGGED to death by racist white guys in Texas." Yeah, that's true. That happened.

But Mr. Byrd Jr. served time with one of those white fellas and, with a group of other negros, sexually assaulted him in jail. So perhaps your James Byrd Jr. example isn't the best one.

So, please, stop gaming the system with your pretend racial sensitivities, Negro People. It'll go a long way to normalizing race relations in these United States.

Anonymous said...

The royal wedding reminded me just why it is vitally important that at least small pockets of white people survive the age of diversity. I doubt that any mulatto society will ever produce a goddess such as this one:

Anonymous said...

Guess they realized that nooses and cotton balls weren't getting them anywhere. And if they did any research they would know that Nazis and the KKK don't associate with each other, let alone put graffiti side-by-side.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Last anon,

You should clarify: Many of the so-called "hate crimes" that take place turn out to be hoaxes.

Anonymous said...

The (almost total) lack of blacks is a main reason that the royal wedding was such a spectacular & flawless success. Everyone knew his or her place & role to play, & each person played it perfectly.

Whatever you think about the royals, it's a delight to see people just behaving in a civilized & dignified manner. We had that here once. Now, we have diversity.

Professor Snape said...

I doubt that any mulatto society will ever produce a goddess such as this one:

And from London emerged the goddess that is Naomi Campbell. It is possible in that mulatto society! American white women are several orders of magnitude more attractive than British (or Irish) women, probably because whites are blended with other less fair complected European ethnicities, Native American, and black. That you could call any of the Middleton women "goddesses" shows that your idea of beauty is flanked at the low end of the Bell Curve.

If "The Royal Wedding" is a "Stuff Black People Don't Like", I am with the blacks; my friend said she'd had white co-workers who were going to take off the day to watch the wedding on television. I was catatonic at the idea! Any human being - regardless of hue or stripe - who would spend more than 30 seconds on any channel discussing this union of inbreeds needs to be taken out and shot.

That you'd even mention this tangentially to the idea of this being something blacks don't like shows you, blogger, are content in bashing blacks without any relevant reason. Sherri Shepherd's comments are refreshing in that she's mocking this rigid monarchy that is so unreflective of their Commonwealth.

My friend joked and said, "Imagine if Prince William married a black girl." I said why the hell not, especially if there could be Naomi's running around? I'd cut off my left foot for a young Naomi Campbell. Allegedly, the other prince, his brother, is a playboy; for all we know, he could have tasted his fair share of British black pussy.

Anonymous said...

What's hilarious is the assumption that blacks have anything useful to exploit. This country was founded in spite of the drag on its overall society by slaves and black people in general. The institution of slavery was becoming an uneconomic proposition even before the Civil War. It would have died out naturally had Lincoln left the whole thing alone, and enticed southern states back into the Union with economic incentives instead of bludgeoning them into submission while destroying the whole concept of state's rights and a republic in general.

The overall contributions by blacks to the US both quantitatively and qualitatively have been so miniscule as to be essentially moot. That cost-benefit analysis is especially lopsided now in light of the terrible regression down to the lowest common denominator, criminality, and the incredible waste of resources blacks have perpetrated on society.

The entire DWL agenda is built on this one ridiculous premise, that blacks as a whole have something innately positive that is always being exploited by white society. That trope resides somewhere between a bald-faced lie and a shameless fantasy.

Anonymous said...

I am the anon in question. I know that these alleged hate crimes are hoaxes. In fact I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that they actually drew a swastika correctly instead of the usual up side down.

Blacks need to cry racism in order to survive. If there isn't any, then make some, then put on the crocodile tears and pretend to have hurt feelings.

Anonymous said...

I watched hours of the Royal Wedding. It was so refreshing to see so many white people without the hideous blacks all over everything.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt it even occur to that fat simpleton that by default to be an aristocrat or Royal in UK and Europe you are going to be white?

As for her token black choir boy(there were 3 or 4, they go to Westminster school. One of the most expensive and academically rigorous Schools in the country. She was looking at the future black creme de la creme.

Anonymous said...

@Sherri Shepherd: You stupid ignorant moron - England is a white country, so why would you expect masses of rioting Negroes to be at a royal wedding? By the way, did you notice how orderly 500,000 white people behaved as they traveled from Westerminster Abbey to the palace? The cops didn't even have guns. Such disciplined and orderly behavior would be unimaginable for a crowd of blacks. You know it and I know it.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"I am with the blacks"

Snape, this is well-known, and never in doubt.

Anonymous said...

Professor Snape :

"From London emerged the goddess that is Naomi Campbell."

You mean... the black overpaid goddess who assaults the little people who work for her, who punches an actress for wearing the same dress as her, who hits a policeman because her luggage was lost, and then complains of racism ?

A fine example indeed ! I'll have the British royals anytime instead, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Snapey your "blend theory" in regard to beauty is another example of just how far up your ass your head resides. Scandinavian women along with Russian, Baltic and German women are at the apex of the caucasion beauty curve. You must have a shitty eye for the ladies. Oh and your perverse sexual innuendos about people you don't even know is very telling, and sickening.
Shepherd predictably went to default mode:Holla RACISM! I think it was all that white-wimmens hair that set her off. Well, that and being fearfully unable to grasp how so many whiteys could assemble together in peace without a ginormous riot and weave pulling festival breaking out. Civilization does scare the savage beast on at least a subliminal level.

Anonymous said...

"union of inbreeds"

The Middletons are upper-middle class not, inbred royalty. Thanks for make your own post irrelevant by showing your ignorance.

Midwestern said...

" ... so why do they act like such pussies when they see racist graffiti? "

I know this is a rhetorical question, BTW, but some newbies here might not understand the black shakedown phenomena. Sometimes I think whites are the pussies for not standing up for themselves.

The racial shakedown industry is the only way blacks can profit from white guilt and take advantage of their preferred status. Jesse Jackson is a master of the black shakedown. Blacks do not create anything of value our society, and they rely on the crumbs that whitey drops for them.

There is a huge financial payoff in the race hustle since whitey hoards all of the money and does not share. Blacks do not understand how commerce, hard work, and sacrifice happens, and so the only way they can "get mines" is to legally shake down whites with charges of racism, which brings the ultimate payoff, and sweet revenge for past transgressions.

Blacks are really not this sensitive, since privately they refer to each other as "my nigga", but whitey must pay for using this term or any other term deemed racially insensitive to blacks. Pure drama. Blacks secretly laugh at whites for their stupidity. Whites need to tell blacks once and for all to go straight to hell.

White Devil said...

"I am with the blacks"

There's a shocker ...

Naomi is a troll, snape, you worthless degenerate.

Sheila said...

I watched the re-broadcast of the wedding, and was immensely gratified to see what remains of White England in attendance. When I lived in England as a graduate student (back when Charles and Diana married) England truly was White - the Pakistanis were confined to the odd corner shop here or there.

Sherri Sheppard's comment not only displays her ignorance of England, but also her television watching habits - she's accustomed to U.S. commercials presenting America as a majority black country (my husband and I have taken to counting how many commercials we can find without any blacks (or token Asians or Hispanics)- none last night at all). I, on the other hand, noted how the American cameras repeatedly focused on those 2-3 non-Whites in the choir. The anomaly as the ordinary - another perfect illustration of life through the looking glass.

Snape is most likely so beta that he'd be pathetically grateful to pull someone like Sherri Shepard (before she lost weight). Once again, he is projecting his own neuroses on everyone else posting here. What a peculiar little man.

Professor Snape said...

Scandinavian women along with Russian, Baltic and German women are at the apex of the caucasion beauty curve.

Nah, I am more of a fan of the Sophia Lorens, the dark-haired woman. I noticed you did not dispute my assertion that Celtic women are hags. Russian/Baltic and German women might look fine when they're young but, by 30, their looks take a hideous down turn; I know it sounds horrible and normally I don't pontificate on something like women's looks but Howard Stern was the first to point this out and I've noticed it ever since. The only women I see who aren't hit by middle age like a freight train are Asian and black women. Iman is a goddess, maybe even more beautiful than Naomi, and she's in her fifties.


Robert Marchenoir:

And I said Naomi was fine, I didn't say she was a good person. Even so, a young Naomi Campbell could hit me with anything she'd like and I'd still kiss the ground she walks on.

I'll have the British royals anytime instead, thank you very much.

I would wholeheartedly agree with you. But if only Naomi wasn't so damned beautiful...

Anonymous said...

If Snape isn't one of Desiree's sad and odoriferous little socks I'll eat my hat. The creeping vulgarism and sexual references, the use of the word tangentially as often as possible, the obsession with trying to show how black women are attractive, the acceptance of violence as being the expected and desired outcome for any disagreements, the long, windy and dull posts...the fit is too perfect to be even tangentially coincidental.


Ivan Urkinoff said...

"Nah, I am more of a fan of"

Snape...for fuck's sake...

You are entitled to your personal preferences, however, please try to remember...

No one here gives a fuck.

Anonymous said...

Show me a black crowd a fraction of the size of the white London wedding crowd and I'll show you mayhem, violence, disorder, and pandemonium. Take note, ye blacks who always whine about racism...there wasn't ONE violent incident in that mass of half-a-million UK whities.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I'm actually embarrassed. I'm all for anyone posting here (as long as they play by the rules) but "Professor Snape" is Desiree.

A lot of new people are reading this site now, and they aren't familiar with Desiree's continued vomiting on the comment section which required her banishment.

Snape, go back to Hogwarts. I'm all for different opinions, but you've gone too far.

Anonymous said...

SBPDL wrote "I'm all for anyone posting here (as long as they play by the rules) but "Professor Snape" is Desiree".
I feel so validated. Desiree, follow your twin sister's advice and never return here. You are tilting at windmills. Of course I do have lingering doubts as to your sister's existence. She could simply be another of your alter egos. Either way, listen to her.


Don said...

From SBPDL: "I'm all for anyone posting here (as long as they play by the rules) but "Professor Snape" is Desiree."

I love it!...We ALL suspected as much. The inane diatribes.. The countless blather on victemhood..The same tired writing style & word usage..

Now we ALL know that not only does she have a bizarre white male alter-ego but with the madness of her posts she is obviously totally insane...

Desirhea, you were not fooling anyone!.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"for all we know, he could have tasted his fair share of British black pussy."

Diarrhea has an obsession with interracial sex, she constantly speculates about whites sleeping with blacks, perhaps based on her own history of banging white guys.

Anonymous said...

I still maintain Disarray had somebody helping her, as Snape sometimes used academic vocabulary correctly. We already know that Disarray is not capable of such a feat.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

Dizzy + Snape = Fail.

How long does it take for a race of people to come up to speed? Apparently forever. Try harder black folks, because you really suck at this whole life thing. :) said...

Thanks for the thought prompter that generated this realization of how our minds are caused to turn positives into negatives; sometimes intentionally.

The Confederate battle flag was once considered a benign symbol of Southern heritage. It is now hated as a symbol of White extremism; most are ashamed to display it.

The term "fundamentalist" once designated a brand altruistic Christians. The media then began attaching the term to Islamics. The word now carries the connotations of crazed, militant religionists.

The "American Way," once a national ideal, was hi-jacked by Norman Lear then fully repugnated by globalists as narrow-minded racism.

Rejecting perversions was once morally esteemed. It is now considered by hate and a phobia.

Acknowledging black-on-White crime was once a sensible obligation. Today the very mention of black-on-White crime will evoke charges of racism.

It's an interesting study in human psychology; how a positive can be turned into a negative. said...


At first I thought Poser Snapes was referring to Naomi Judd. Yep. There's an ugly White woman.

And that Sarah Palin. OMG! Poor woman. No wonder she wears a burka.

Martina McBride? Dirt bag.

Laura Ingram? Can't hold a candle to Aunt Jamima.

And what happened to poor Patricia Heaton? Did her nose fall off. Egad!

Anonymous said...

new blog @

It begins with the gradual realization of one black character oddly inserted into a script that mirrors no known reality. Hopefully, that realization progresses.

investorcs said...

Snape-Disarray actually acknowledges the existence of the Bell Curve as a meaningful population descriptor !!!

That means the whole of her racial belief system is nothing but a sophomoric exercise in progressive fantasies and wishful thinking.

Goodbye Snape-Disarray. Whatever else you may post from now on will be immediately recognized as the prattle of a poseur.

Silent Running said... she's into Harry Potter?

Cry me a river said...

How is a shortage of Blacks a bad thing? Doesn't Sherri know that Blacks don't like being around racist YT.

Even though Blacks and DWL's think Obama is the "one". He is a joke around the world that other country leaders don't even respect him or take him serious. How can he be a God IF he kneels to the Saudi King?

I can't believe the British Commonwealth want's Obama as the new head. How's that "Hope and Change" thing working out for the US. They can keep his black ass. All he does is tell the people what he want's to hear. Fortunately for him his followers do not think.

Anonymous said...


I have a question and I hope you'll answer: How did you know? How did it finally occur to you? I mean, I was Snape for months, even arguing with myself... Don't be embarrassed, though, although you should be; I am just proof of black intelligence, and it isn't like spotting a leprechaun to find blacks like me.

But, shit, how did you FINALLY figure it out? Did Hirsch email you? God, what a tattletale.

I still maintain Disarray had somebody helping her, as Snape sometimes used academic vocabulary correctly. We already know that Disarray is not capable of such a feat.

Nope, that was all me, baby, MAOA gene explanation and everything--I've said numerous times I'm a biology major and a college student; God, don't you know we read and we learn? Hey, don't be so shocked, but this is among the numerous capabilities of someone who (a) is a writer and (b)has a 135 IQ (yes, took a new test--thank you, mother--and received the results Friday).

SBPDL proved that everything is all about pigment. Snape could say all the SAME SHIT as me and be allowed but I'm blocked. A white man--even a DWL--is allowed over a black.

Why is that SBPDL? Hm. Why? And How exactly did Snape go too far? Talking about how much more beautiful the Sophia Loerns are over the stock Baltic/German women? Really? LOL!

What, do you think there is any white in existence for REAL who is as AWESOME as Snape? Sure, maybe Tim Wise but come on...


By the way, if you don't post this I will seriously post it over and over a million times and that will not be fun clearing that out of your comment inbox...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Please seek help. It was obvious from the beginning it was you , but what you said was so embarrassing, I let you through (as I did before your "Desiree" character became a liability).

Please seek help.

Greying Wanderer said...

"I am just proof of black intelligence, and it isn't like spotting a leprechaun to find blacks like me."

It's not about individuals it's about bell curves and averages. People should remember there'll always be exceptions, out of good manners if nothing else, but exceptions prove the rule.

Ivan Urkinoff said...

"How did you know? How did it finally occur to you? I mean, I was Snape for months"

Are you kidding?

About 20 different people called out "Snape" as a Diarrhea-clone from day one.

BTW, the next time a white guy takes you out on a date, you might want to avoid mentioning your habit of creating false personae in order to perpetuate your obsession with this website.

It might give the impression that your life is remarkably devoid of normal activity.

Miss Ann said...

"How did you know? How did it finally occur to you?"

Too funny. Who didn't know it was you? It was obvious from your first post, you mewling simpleton.

Aside from the sad fact that the trite and claustrophobic nature of your "thoughts" is painfully obvious no matter what the dress, only Brits and the ignorant place the period outside the parentheses. I called it immediately.

I meen, u dun beez edumacated in dis cuntry so u shud no betr, nomesayin?

Or maybe not. You can put perfume and powder on a nigger but it will still be just a nigger.

Midwestern said...

"By the way, if you don't post this I will seriously post it over and over a million times and that will not be fun clearing that out of your comment inbox..."

What a pathetic statement! What a pitiful life this woman must lead. Such a nuisance to humanity. Desiree is mentally ill like blacks tend to be, and has the intellect of a child. Bill Cosby said that the first thing he would do to help the blacks is parachute drop psychiatrists into the ghetto.

Desiree has proven herself to be a loser, a parasite, a pest. She is a jealous hater of whites, especially the fair and beautiful white woman with long, silky locks, and she hates the fact that she will never find the love of a good black man. She works tirelessly to mimic white behavior, but she is unable to truly understand the white privilege from which she and her ancestors have benefited.

She gloats and screeches that she has successfully fooled us, but we have known all along. Because of her racial limitations, an IQ of "135" translates to 6th grade in the negro intellect. We don't expect much from Desiree. She relies on affirmative action programs and the sympathy dollars from whites for her education, and is a sorry, lonely, angry pitiful loser.

Paul, you can bet that ANY commenter who claims to be educated black, and whose posts are antagonistic is just another personae created by this crazy black woman.

Brother Anonymous said...

"SBPDL proved that everything is all about pigment."

Oh, so she was that guy too. So amazingly, my supposition that "Snape" was "Pigment" was, in a sense, correct. It's like she divided her apparently already fragmenting consciousness into varying personas -- angry black militant and liberal Jew.

Dissident said...

"I am just proof of black intelligence"

That comment nearly made me piss my pants with laughter.

No! What you are proof of is obsessive compulsive personality disorder. If you were really that smart, you'd be out educating your fellow blacks on how to behave and act civil in this society.

Instead you obsess over what a bunch of Racist (TM) crackers are doing on a blog site.

Someone of your immense intellect should be using their biology degree to help African villages raise food or pump clean water, but instead you pose as a high-falutin' Jewish man-how bizarre is that?

These are strange days indeed.

Hey Queen Desiree, since you're such the writer and intellectual dynamo, where might one go to read more of your biologically inspired racial diatribes; do you have a blog?

Really, I'm just kidding, I think I'd rather watch paint dry.

Anonymous said...

Dezzie the only thing you've proven with your neurotic posts is how big your nappy head has grown with delusions of grandeur. IQ is more than a number, it's also how you use it in daily interactions with other people. So in that respect you've proven socially retarded and even I am a bit embarrassed for you. I know you hate yourself, get help. You don't have to be a masochist.

Anonymous said...

Desiree, I've read your '100 things' on your blog... you say you used to be a Republican, and then you switched to whatever you style yourself being today, perhaps a black racial consciousness advocate? What made you change? Did some guy reject you, and you thought it was due to racism? You know, people of all ages and races get rejected all the time in personal love entanglements. You should not take it as a racial indicator, nor that it means all whites are somehow racist. If indeed such a thing happended to you, just get over it and find someone new, don't viciously react and change your whole philosophy.

You should also note that, being a Republican is not really an indicator of principles, because the GOP essentially stands for right-liberalism and GAGA (go-along-get-along), certainly not conservatism.

Really, I would like to have some sympathy for you. An IQ of 134 is a terrible thing to waste, and you are wasting it. This society can be a color-blind meritocracy, and you could be a part of it, but not with a black racially-motivated chip on your shoulder. You need to disabuse yourself of all the progressive narratives nee fantasies running around in the collegiate hive-mind. Come back to reality... you'll find there are actually some nice people here to accept you as a real human being.

Brother Anonymous said...

Why is Desiree talking about IQ now? I thought that a tool of white oppression with no objective meaning.

Anonymous said...

Miss Ann: regarding parentheses:

---quitation follows---

Using parentheses with other punctuation marks such as periods, commas, colons, and semicolons can be complicated. Use these guidelines to decide how to use other punctuation marks with parentheses.


Examine the material enclosed by parentheses. Is it an entire sentence? If so, place the period inside the closing parenthesis.

Example: Margaret Fuller's major contribution to Transcendentalism was editing the magazine The Dial. (She also conducted discussions for women).

A sentence begins and ends inside the parentheses. Therefore, the period for that sentence also needs to go inside the closing parenthesis.

Revision: Margaret Fuller's major contribution to Transcendentalism was editing the magazine The Dial. (She also conducted discussions for women.)


If the parenthetical material is part of another sentence, place the period outside the closing parenthesis.

Example: Among the most famous Transcendentalists were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Bronson Alcott (the father of Louisa May Alcott.)

The parenthetical material is part of the preceding sentence. Therefore, the final period for that sentence should go outside the closing parenthesis.

Revised: Among the most famous Transcendentalists were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Bronson Alcott (the father of Louisa May Alcott).

---quotation ends---

The above is from

I do not know any specific passages written by Professor Desiree in which parentheses were used, so I don't know if she followed the rules above. My point is, it is not just Brits and the ignorant who use parentheses with the period outside the closing parenthesis. If you wish to be pedantic, at least be right.

-- the recovering grammarian

Anonymous said...

Aww, that's so cute! Desiree finally got another sock puppet banned and now she's crowing about her "win," in spite of the fact that numerous posters called her Snape character out from day one. The fairy tales that blacks concoct to make themselves feel better are SO adorable...

Desiree, did it ever occur to you that "Snapes'" failure to get banned was unrelated to race? Ever consider that Snape was allowed to stay due to the fact that "he" was a lot less vulgar, profane, and endlessly argumentative than you (as your true self)?

Interesting, that you managed to craft an educated, middle-aged Jewish sock, and stay mostly true to character. Even more interesting is the fact that you were able to follow through with a character who engaged in debate, but without devolving into your usual vulgar, profane, ad hominem-flinging, insane ramblings. Your Snape character was, at the very least, respectful to others.

We see that you're perfectly capable of being rational and polite when you're pretending to be someone you're not, so it begs the question - why can't you be that way as Desiree? Life might be easier for you.

See, no matter what fairy tales you tell yourself, you have not, in fact, proven that "it's all about pigment." Quite the opposite. You've proven once and for all that it's all about behavior.

It wasn't who you are or what you said, but how you said it. Snape could debate rationally while being respectful, if somewhat arrogant and condescending. Desiree is a loud-mouthed malcontent who is frequently irrational, vulgar, classless and insulting. Is it any wonder that Desiree garnered a different response? People don't tend to respond well to that, regardless of color.

You've proven nothing, aside from the fact that your rude, vulgar, socially unacceptable behavior is a CHOICE. You fancy yourself as "proof of black intelligence," when in reality you are proof of black willful misbehavior and intentional offensiveness. Nothing more.

Congrats to you, I suppose. For your sake, I hope you grow out of this one day.

Anonymous said...

The posts, not necessarily on this site, that used to get the most upset were always those that said, "I'm white but....", and then drone on with some ridiculous white guilt, black enabler bullshit. I wonder now how many times those have been bitter white-hating blacks pretending to be white. Many I suppose.

I figured Pigment was Desiree but she had me fooled somewhat being Snape, of course pretending to be a middle aged white man that refers to a Harry Potter character while pronouncing his lust for all things black does seem suspicious now that I think about it.


Anonymous said...

All of you are a pathetic bunch. If anyone is tacky, classes, and ugly it is all of you. You will have to answer to God one day, and you better hope he forgives your hate and stupidity.

s/n. If you hate black people so much, why do you write comments on a blog site about them? Or even have a blog devoted to black people? You all love black people, else you wouldn't waste your time thinking about them you tacky, ignorami.