Saturday, June 18, 2011

Banning of the Trolls Starts Now

There is no Troll Toll at SBPDL; They Just Aren't Welcome Anymore
We approve all comments here at SBPDL. To some, this might seem a nuisance. To us, we are able to control the flow of the conversation by reserving the right to decline comments.

We have failed in doing this. Someone named Desiree has been a great nuisance here for too long, driving away readers with her diatribes that make virtually no sense. She created a persona called "Professor Snape" and has recently been posting under the names "Jones," "Dree," and "Dreko."

You are now banned. We'd like to open up posts and allow anyone to contribute without censorship, but SBPDL has become a brand that must be protected.

Seek help Desiree. Please. Creating multiple personalities in an attempt to change people's opinion on Black people and the concept of Black-Run America - that a lifetime of real-world experience have unfortunately provided ample fuel for such views and derision toward a system that seeks to normalize Black pathologies - and writing long-winded comments (only about 10 percent of her various characters posts get approved) seems a strange waste of ones time.

We wish you all the luck in the world as you finish your studies at UNLV. Time is ones most precious resource and you should always remember that it is finite. Don't waste it anymore coming here; we won't waste ours dealing with your comments anymore.

Just as the Mainstream Media is forced to censor their comments section on any story dealing with Black people on their Web sites, we will now do the same when it comes to the impertinent rantings of those who come to SBPDL and write lies peddled as truth in the same vein as Stephen Jay Gould's Mismeasure of Man.

So to protect what we have created, SBPDL will no longer publish comments that fail to address what is written or the words of any of the various incarnations of Desiree, an individual who has successful driven away readers. It was our fault that we kept posting her rants.

We take full responsibility for that and we will rectify that now.

Thanks to all of you loyal readers who continue to inspire us with your e-mails, comments and continued visiting of this site. Doing SBPDL has inspired so many other projects and gotten the creative juices flowing in us big-time, and we owe all of that to those who visit this site, link to us on their blog rolls and spread the SBPDL message across the web and to their friends (it might be ambitious, but we have plans to unveil five books in the next 10 months, plus a video documentary of Detroit and Birmingham). 

Tolerating negativity from an obviously obsessed troll is something we are no longer interested in doing. At all. We owe it to you, those readers who invest their time and understand what we are trying to accomplish, to finally pull the trigger.

Expect the third part of our response to Steve Sailer on College Football tomorrow and a big article on Green Lantern and comics. Plus, a Father's Day message (Happy Father's Day Dad!).

You are banned Troll. We'll let Ryan Reynold's awesome insult from Blade Trinity be the last words we ever direct at you.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time. There are some subjects which can benefit from the presence of opposing ideas. This isn't one of them. The time for debate on this issue is over. Over the nearly fifty years since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Black people in America have had ample opportunity to speak their minds. Their actions have spoken loud and clear. There is nothing left to say. The time for talking is over.

In that famous speech of 28 August, 1963, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior set out in a few simple words the thesis of the entire civil rights project. He called for a society where men would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Well, with all due respect to the late Dr. King, that dream has come true. Over the five decades since, America and the world has noted the character of black people -- and we have judged it.

There was a time once when black America had a real shot at raising itself to the first rank of humanity. That time, sadly, has gone. Every day, black American culture becomes more dangerous, deadly, and decadent than the year before. And with each passing year the ability of the rest of America to deny the truth grows weaker and weaker. Today, on the fringes of white society -- the blogs, the chats, the humor sites, the social networks, cable TV comedies -- more and more white people are beginning to admit openly the truth about race relations in America. With every black riot, flash mob, gang attack, and street crime incident, the number of white people who are no longer willing to pretend gets bigger. And when this realism breaks into open society -- when some brave white radio, TV, film, or Internet personality dares speak the truth in public -- the pent-up force of white racial consciousness will burst forth, and all the fantastic power of the media/entertainment complex will be powerless against it.

Until then, we must stay the course. We must stay cool and avoid the provocateurs. We must ignore the swastika jockeys, hooded night-riders, and other examples of organized hate. What we are doing has nothing to do with hate for any people or culture. What we are doing we must do for the love of our people and culture.

Bearing that in mind, there is no longer any need to discuss the issues with those on the other side. The debate is over, and the verdict is: no, we can't all get along. The only thing left to discuss is what we are going to do about it, and how.

Benjamin said...

'Martin Luther' Michael King was neither a doctor or a reverend. He was a plagiarizer and a philanderer. Basically, the fact that he is the black Messiah and many black people wish for him to become a saint, shows the aptitude of black people everywhere. Plus, the fact that BU refused to take away his doctorate shows how afraid the average white person is of being called a 'racist.' Well, soon the time will be upon us(if it isn't already) that the term racist is meaningless and we can finally be called 'realists' for having the good sense to see that black and Mexican parasites are making us into a society where Whites and Asians support these inferior human subspecies. We have imported Africa and the rest of the third world with the expectation that they will suddenly become 1st world. Genetics say otherwise. Now is the time to stand up and be not afraid of the 'racist' label that will be foisted upon you. When someone says you are a 'racist', simply respond, I prefer the term 'realist.'

Anonymous said...

SBPDL, I urge you to reconsider. Reading Disarray's trolling attempts is amusing, and I enjoy humiliating her. Honestly, the only reason I read the comments sections is to observe her self-destruction.

She's the type of bitch you love to hate. She makes things fun! I urge you to let her stay.

M.G. said...

Some pretty smart people get dragged into endless circular debates on the internet because they don't realize they are talking to the equivalent of a ten-year-old child. This gives me no pleasure to say, but certain people, by dint of their lower general IQ, are unable--not unwilling, but simply unable-- to grasp the mathematical concepts like 'average,' 'mean,' 'median,' the difference between exceptions and rules, individual vs. group performance, bell curves, etc., that HBD arguments are based on.

Aristotelian logic may be your cultural and ethnic heritage; it is not everybody's. Basic statistics may seem like an evidence to you, they are literally outside the comprehension of many adults you are interacting with on the internet. Don't forget Rushton's work on the 'mental age' of different ethnic groups.

If I wandered into a theoretical physics forum and started spouting off, I would be laughed out of the place and banned--and rightfully so. Why? I don't have the gray matter to even understand what's being talked about, and can't add anything to the conversation. I'd be a buzzing bee, an attention-grabber derailing the topic. Punching out of my mental weight class, and too stupid to know it.

When you get stuck in a circular argument online, stop! Take a step back, and ask yourself an unpleasant question: Is this human being even cognitively capable of grasping basic statistical concepts? If not, let it go. You are Sisyphus pushing that rock uphill, you will never get to the top. You're arguing with a child. Save your energy for debating people who 'speak your language' (IQ-wise).

In other words, don't be like this guy. Raising your blood pressure for nothing just isn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

Affirmative action does not work.
They asked to be treated like real people because they can behave and they have consistently failed.
This troll was ample proof of this fact

Anonymous said...

BTW, I only post because I truly find SBPDL's articles entertaining and easily refutable.

Shame she never got around to refuting anything in any article.

Anonymous said...

Debate is good. Intelligent moderation keeps debate alive while cutting down on abuse. Also discouraging use of the N-word. Even stormfront does that. having your ideas tested makes you stronger. I come here to test my own ideas for I am actually on the other side,solution wise.The problem is well laid out here. Your solution is extra constitional and odious.

D J said...

Paul, you are more or less right on time with this troll ban. I was getting to the point where I decided it may be time to pull up stakes and head on down the road.

There's nothing wrong with an opposing view if the view is based on fact, or is based on an informed opinion. One might even reach the same conclusion as those with whom one is usually in conflict.

Desiree / Snape / Dreko / Dree / Honest Crusader was not contributing a thing. She comes only to metaphorically drag a key down the side of other peoples' cars, then run away giggling that she put something over on the honkeys. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

"We must ignore the swastika jockeys, hooded night-riders, and other examples of organized hate."

To be fair, almost all of the organized hate is on the other side. From Black Panthers, to La Raza, to the Marxists in the Democrat party who openly work for the extinction of our White Families. They brought the power of the Military to bear upon the brave men and women of the South who sought to prevent the collapse of their Civilization, a process which now nears its completion. Martin Luther King was a fraud, a Soviet operative, and was dedicated to Black Rule in America. We still can't see his FBI file because it proves all of these things are true.

The swastika types, I'll grant you. No good can come of a Socialist ideology; it is incompatible with the ideas of Liberty and Justice that spawned this great Nation, and the Jewish dentist on my block isn't the one ruining my neighborhood, it's the Sec. 8 vouchers in the development 2 miles away that are poisoning the school my kids attend and who are committing the only violent crimes in our town's history. Poverty, my ass! Free house in a neighborhood of hard-working successful people, free education, free food, free cable and internet all on my dime? They should be thanking Whites, not stealing from them and raping them.

There is nothing wrong with hating a cancer which invades a healthy body, and results in only suffering and eventually death. They can keep Jazz. I'd have gladly done without it if we could have avoided the horrors of integration and "diversity". Non-Whites are a cancer upon our once healthy Society, and we are sick unto death with them. I rightly hate the fact that the High School I attended is now teeming with sub-human monsters, and though I pay the ever rising property taxes which keep it afloat, my children would be beaten, stolen from, or worse if they dared set foot upon the doorstep. We can and should hate those who have wrought this awful state of affairs, and who have no remorse for their horrible conduct. In the end it was our own failure of nerve. We should have offered them the return ship to Africa, or subjugation in perpetuity. Instead we debased our own future because some phony, plagiarizing preacher came around and sing-song voiced everybody to sleep with his irrelevant, malicious platitudes! Hate was the right response then, and it is the right response today. Nathan Bedford Forrest, Bull Connor, and Gov. Wallace were right and should be venerated as heroes. They rightly fought against the flashmobs, the violence, the filth, the decay, the incivility that we bear witness to in our daily lives. They knew it was coming! They tried to stop it! They were vilified and have been proved right millions of times over.

Yargh! Your point was well made, I'm just especially frustrated with the sad state of affairs this Juneteenth.

~AV~ said...

@ANON 11:22

He called for a society where men would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Well in some ways the PC media plays that game...they will not "crucify" the skin color when reporting the news. Main reason...the media KNOWS deep down it isn't so much black people as it is "niggers".

It isn't "black skin committing crimes" is the "character flaw" best described as "being a nigger".

Imagine instead we heard that a pack of ROAMING Uncle Toms had gathered probably wouldn't scare anyone except a liberal who would quickly classify them as "Tea Baggers" or "sell outs"...

However imagine a world where free speech would allow the us to describe predators looking for an easy buck through lawlessness/violence...and we were able to describe it as..."A pack of 20 niggers attacked...." or "A pack of 6 niggers raped...." or imagine..."a pack of nigger elected polititions took kickbacks/looted....

The PC media is happy to define fringe white behavior...that Klansmen appeared, or Militia members, or racist tea baggers...they have NO PROBLEM placing adjectives in front of a white group!

What is wrong with using NIGGER BLACKS? We all know what the fuck that is describing!

No sense in smearing the Uncle Toms with the broad black paint brush...many have been suffering for years and many are on the last frayed thread we have before it gets really ugly. Many I know were HUGELY against Obama...and described his as a Nigger's Pied Piper to the welfare plantation.

The media orchestration of the facts to avoid the discussion of the "blacks" nigger versus the Uncle Tom values is coming to a head.

DrudgeReport has a link to a FOX story...people are finally being able to discuss these facts at FreeRepublic (discussing the Horowitz article on FrontPage)...I laid it out and people replied favorably versus the flames I would get years ago...discussing the same facts.

Conservative White America and Uncle Toms have had enough, now what is the action plan?

Don said...

Thank you sir!.

That woman truly needs help!.. Her pathologies were Freudian in scope.
seek help now Desiree!.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Ah nevah did likes dat ho. Tanks aplenny, Misah Paul.

Anonymous said...

I actually liked debating her and found her a perfect specimen of the psychotic and racist black mentality.

I was really looking forward to teasing her after Klitschko knocks out Haye on 7/2 as she is always hoping and praying for a black heavyweight champion. But there will be no Great Black Hope.

Anonymous said...

I am ambivalent about this.

As Paul has said a few times, it's useful to know that someone has had the educational opportunities Desiree has had (if she is to be believed), and has moderate intelligence, but still holds the ignorant and corrosive beliefs that she does.

Desiree personifies the black pathologies that are destroying our society:

--Unwarranted extreme self-esteem
--Complete lack of self-awareness
--Distorted view of one's position in the "big picture"
--Worldview wherein the race card trumps law, ethics, morality and common sense
--Extreme sense of entitlement
--Extreme lack of reason and accountability
--No understanding of, or regard for, consequences
--Bringing vulgar sexual and scatological language into otherwise polite discussion
--Pattern of excusing violent and otherwise criminal behavior of other Africans

Desiree is a first class amateur race hustler. She, and anyone who shares her anti-social beliefs, is dangerous. I believe it's wise to remind ourselves that such vermin exists in our society, in our schools, in our workplaces, and in our public fora. I can't say I'll miss Desiree, because she's a repulsive presence, but experiencing her screeds has made me re-evaluate many seemingly decent, pleasant Africans who may secretly harbor the same seething hatred of White people that Desiree manifests. Whenever I encounter an African, I now assume, for my own safety, that that person is just another hate-filled and hate-motivated African like Desiree, or like Desiree's Spiritual Ideological Baby-Daddy, the loathsome holocaust known as Barack Obama.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I wasn't sure what else to call her. It's my fault that I've feed her for so long and posted her stuff. You should see the stuff that doesn't get posted that she writes.

One time, she posted the same five comments more than 30 times each each, begging me to post them.

What else do you call that besides a Troll?

I call it someone who needs help.

OneSTDV said...

Every blogger has one or two trolls that are absolutely obsessed with them. I don't know why particular trolls are obsessed with particular bloggers, but it's guaranteed that you'll get one extremely persistent troll.

I've banned my trolls and even though I have an unmoderated comment section, I also delete any psychotic comments from obvious trolls.

Dissident said...

Her rantings were the ravings of a certified lunatic. She made no case and presented no evidence for any of her positions. She thought that by using multi-syllabic words that she was actually impressing someone, she failed to realize that words without context are just that-words.

If she presented at least a modicum of rational discourse then people might take her seriously, however, she tries so hard to impress with a vocabulary of impertinent words that she came across as an imbecile.

It was painful to read and impossible to understand.

How someone as seemingly intelligent as she was could be so culturally inept is beyond reasoning. She is a prime example of the enigma that is modern society. Wherein seemingly intelligent people can swallow PC BULLSHIT, hook, line and sinker.

She is the very definition of the race-hustling bigot. She pretends not to dislike whites, but secretly despises the very ground upon which we tread. I've seen her type all to often.

She's prideful and obnoxious. Her type will accept no amount of reasoning and because of that are categorically irrational. I don't know about you but irrational people scare me.

Now, may the next troll step right up!

Brother Anonymous said...

She's already posted as "Anonymous" on other threads, and I predict that's what she'll do now. I don't think she can be gotten rid of entirely, but perhaps minimized.

The first anonymous poster on this thread had it exactly right, and put it beautifully. I just wanted to add a couple of points, especially regarding the "only whites can be racist" argument.

This is actually the language of genocide: the targeting of a specific racial/ethnic group with a unique and special evil. People who proffer such arguments should receive a very strong response. If one can describe ideological arguments as "evil," this is one of them. They should particularly receive a strong response because the argument has been created to couch the genocidal impulse in somewhat abstract, passive, academic language. Do not tolerate people who engage in such arguments.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul. Your site is the best blog on the entire internet, but Desiree's presence made it virtually intolerable.

As Dissident so aptly stated "Her rantings were the ravings of a certified lunatic".

Brother Anonymous said...


"Your solution is extra constitional and odious."

Look out, Paul! It's "extra constitional"!

Section 8 for blogs? Wouldn't surprise me.

Anonymous said...


The word is nigger. While I agree it is a word that should be discouraged from general usage calling it the 'N-word' is just another form of PC BS not to mention juvenile.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what the hell does "extra constitional" mean anyways?

Anonymous said...

Artist says,

The great black conservative/libertarian blogger and writer Elizabeth Wright once wrote that black folk simply will not leave white people be. She states the goal of most blacks is to completely dominate white society and white people individually. They want to inject themselves into every situation no matter how private. Ms. Wright says the want to dominate our very thoughts, and from there our actions.

Desiree certainly seems to believe this. She and her comrades simply cannot live with the fact that non-blacks gather on this site to discuss pressing issues that concern us. These fellow-travelers are besides themselves because they cannot control our thoughts. It’s impossible for them to bear.

I wonder how it would received should some white trolls infect black sites and blogs, constantly attaching and critiquing? She probably would be outraged.


For some enlightening reading and incisive commentary on the “problem” I encourage the reading of Elizabeth Wright.

Her blog can be found here:

And here:

Her views on the Race Business are honest and to the point. Unfortunately she has become chronically ill and her writing has fallen to next to nothing.

She’s an important voice, one of the few black conservatives out there to go along with Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Shelby Steele and the few others. She keeps alive the voice and theories of Booker T. Washington. Most people don’t know that Booker T. offered a competing ideology to the W.E.B. Dubois and the pack of Marxists that started the NAACP. His theories have largely been purged for the national memory. Had he been listened to we would be in the situation we find ourselves in today.

~AV~ said...

ah HA!

Found the troll for Desiree...

Black Troll with 'Fro

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. I wouldn't call her a troll per se but that is the normal nom de cyber for someone who posts such claptrap as she did, so often. I would call her a typical black person, one who never admits to the atrocities committed by blacks, the drain on social services they are, the unmitigated you-owe-me attitude that is supported by their leftist white enablers, and their all around lack of productivity yet they make demands for equality and recognition for the simplest of accomplishments. Not to mention their demand for respect while offering none to anyone.

I've encountered hundreds like her, who will use a single a example of a white person behaving badly or criminally to say "See, white people do that too" and make us believe that it's a wash. She was articulate for a black person but her messages, under all her various pseudonyms, were tiresome polemics. She did nothing but complain and point the finger, trying (futilely) to get her message out and felt the only way we would listen is if more people like her posted their beliefs. So, she created these "sock puppets" (love that) and it became obvious that she was these other non existent posters.

I enjoy this site for its honesty and for the very astute observations that many people post. It doesn't bother me one way or the other that she is banned but it will probably be a better place without her.

Brother Anonymous said...

Booker T. Washington is despised by "authentic blacks." He's the original Uncle Tom.

Anonymous said...

I think Desiree keeps coming back to prove to herself that she can keep up. She will probably take her banning as proof of her superiority in argument.


Anonymous said...

The gaol of white society is most blacks.

PercyKittensReloaded said...

Anonymous wrote: "Reading Disarray's trolling attempts is amusing"


Well, I don't come her to be amused. I come here to be educated and to commiserate with like-minded individuals. If I want to subject myself to the culture that produced her I would be a regular poster at Crunk & Disorderly.

Paul did the right thing. Don't let her come back. She's a weed and she'll eventually infest and overrun the entire board and bring people like her along with her if she's given the chance.

Anonymous said...

Booker T's "talented tenth" theory seems to map with reality more than the one size fits all, "we're all equal" fantasy PC land thinking

There are some brilliant black thinkers and doers out there-- like the Sowells, Williams, etc. They are the natural leaders of the black community. But they've been prevented from leading them because DWLs have opted to go with the Al Sharptons.

I'd make room on the boat for the talented tenth. Any thoughts on this?

BTW good call on the troll-- having to scroll past her nonsense was getting tiresome.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a believer in banning "Trolls". I guess the case has been made that she is not a Troll but it all comes down to the amount of work Paul has to put into his blog. If Paul has to spend an abnormal amount of time editing her post then she must go.

I for one do not want her banned if she is just a poor poster. Not one of us her are perfect nor college level debaters(speaking more for myself). I understand she has illogical arguments, participates in Ad Hominem attacks, and breaks many other rules of civil discourse but in a way I think she is an important voice.

We can all be in agreement and pat each others back because of our similar views but I do want to hear what the opposite side has to say even if it is poorly expressed. It is an important point of validity that we do not ban black posters but rather let them hang themselves with the ignorance of their position. Besides what are they to say? "We are the cockroach and bane of Western society!" That would be too much truth to handle.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Desiree qualifies as a troll. A troll is someone who specifically posts on boards to inflame people JUST to inflame them. I believe she believed what she said and that's not a troll. That's just a poster who has a minority opinion that no one agrees with.
The banning of Desiree is going to lead to the banning of all people you think are Desiree. Furthermore anyone who offers a dissenting opinion will be banned because you think it's her. But maybe that's the kind of site you want. That's the kind of "brand" you're after: no dissenting opinions, no black people, no liberals.....
It's cowardly.
GA: "I think Desiree keeps coming back to prove to herself that she can keep up. She will probably take her banning as proof of her superiority in argument."
That's what I thought and that's kind of what's happened. If I was her, I'd be proud I caused such distress in Paul that he not only banned her, he wrote a post about her. If attention was the only thing she was after, then this whole post and thread should make her as happy as a clam.
All of this is pretty pathetic. I'm sure my post will get the gavel too.


Raspail said...

Booker T. Washington was right about everything. The man was a hero and an example of the American spirit in action. If you haven't read his autobiography, Up From Slavery, you should do so as soon as possible. In its pages you will find not only an inspiring and entertaining tale of American history, but a blueprint for harmonious race relations in this country.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


I have no problem with dissenting opinions. Desiree abused her privilege to post here by writing things and trying to get them through by repeatedly sending them after I declined the comment.

Writing about pedophilia constantly and being a spokesperson for White Watch was enough too.

I enjoy Black Guy's posts and don't mind Honest Crusader.

This isn't going to be an echo-chamber where people just write the same thing in the comments, so don't worry about that outcome.

Desiree had her opportunity to play by the rules. She created multiple entities that inevitable resorted to bringing up pedophilia.

It got... weird.

I wish her the best. She wrote a long post in response to this one and I thank her for her sincerity and honesty in it.

But she was driving away too many people (over the past 10 months, more than 50 people have privately e-mailed me regarding her unbecoming posts) and I finally had enough.

Maple syrup said...

Thanks Paul for getting rid of her, she won't be missed!
Isn't White watch an anti-white blog?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Every person profiled at White Watch is disgusting.

Just as every person profiled at is disgusting.

A criminal is a criminal. A rapist is a rapist. A murderer is a murderer. All should punished.

White Watch is a site that Desiree repeatedly cited and it seems to be something that provides her with much of her ammunition.

Most of the people profiled there need to be either locked away for life or completely removed from the world.

Another point: you can look at the pictures of the white people and realize something is very, very wrong with them.

When you go to, the pictures of the Black people profiled look like your average Black athlete, rapper or entertainer.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think Desiree qualifies as a troll."

Bullshit, she's a troll, and she's been banned from other blogs for the same reasons.

If she wants to believe in Santa Claus, that's her prerogative, she's entitled to her opinions. However, I do NOT believe in Santa Claus, the topic is NOT open to discussion, and quite frankly, I'm fucking offended when someone tries to convince me that Santa is real, especially when they do it over and over and over. That's not "dissent".

This blog is for THOSE WHO CAN SEE, anyone who can't accept that does not belong here.

Anonymous said...

"If I was her, I'd be proud I caused such distress in Paul that he not only banned her, he wrote a post about her. If attention was the only thing she was after, then this whole post and thread should make her as happy as a clam."

Who gives a shit?

Anonymous said...

OK, since the topic is approval of comments, I can address that. I've submitted comments several times, both anonymously and using openid. None of them ever got published. I wondered why, since my comments were always respectful, literate and germane, which was not always the case with comments that were posted.

So, this is a test. Is it worth my while commenting, or should I just go away?

Anonymous said...

OK, got it. First preview, else you don't get prompted for the captcha...

B. Herder said...

Two thumbs up...

Midwestern said...

I have spotted posts by Desiree on many other HBD blogs. She is obsessed with us. Here is what OneSTDV said to Desiree on his site. She posts as "Joe", "Gil", "JIGG" and Anonymous, often posing as a man who uses stupid emoticons:

"But I will give you a singular honor. You're the first commenter to be banned from my site!! I will delete all further comments from you without even reading them.

Go away and take all your alter-egos (Gil, JIGG) when you just use Anonymous) with you."

44 Magnum said...


I am satisfied that you gave D every possible break. In the many posts I could always count on there being at least two D posts, one denouncing Those Who Can See and offering the latest rehash of negro conspiro-history and black self justification. The second post would invariably ignore factual arguments, logical reasoning and evidence of our own eyes and go on about ancient crimes, many of which still go on in da mudderland with the occasional side comment either graphic sexual or blood libel.

To find out that she posts 10X the number we see is nauseating. None of her posts were heartfelt or useful attempts to deconstruct the negro pathologies like "Beat Whitey Night" or the incidence of rape. All were either proud justifications of said behavior or sniveling responses (It be colonialism!) that make no sense. I can't imagine what you went through sorting through literally hundreds of pages of her posts under multiple names but afterwards you must have felt like a shower. "Jones" was a particularly vile persona.

Personally I think that we will be able to discuss the future without the negro in a much clearer light without her rantings.

Anonymous said...

Ure picta of trolls nun b a "Troll of Color" Datsrayciss'!

Mr. Sandman said...

Bad move, bad move! How could you ban her when you've yet to discuss CEBFs? She was the only CEBF around to "explain" and showcase the CEBF pathology. We could all speculate and criticize but nothing'll be like talking to one in the virtual flesh.

To give Desiree credit, she at least offered a good fight which is probably why everyone hated her. She was like someone getting slugged over and over and keeps on popping up, bloody, bruised, missing teeth but still fully functional. She's a very pretty, bright girl and it's a shame she's plagued by that black mindset of Blaming Whitey and making excuses for black failure.

I hope you at least let her comment sporadically. It's iffy, I know, but she was fun. too bad people couldn't just deal with a black trying to defend blacks on a site about blacks. Hey, this site is pretty popular. Blacks were bound to find it. SBPDL, you happened to attract a highly entertaining and at least smart black troll. You should be flattered, all things considered.It's a sign of a job well done.

Desiree, if you're reading and you probably are, remember I didn't mind having you around.

SBPDL, do you really think you can get rid of her completely, though? Like Colt said, you'd probably end up going paranoid and deleting other black posters (they do think the same anyway).
PS. Black guy and Honest Crusader are not good "black" posters. The former is a separatist so of course he's not as bombastic and the latter uses a bunch of anecdotes and disappears. There's nothing like the "real thing" in D.

Anonymous said...

Notice to all Diarrhea-lovers...

She has her own blog, you are at complete liberty to visit with her there, and enjoy her musings to your heart's content.

Anonymous said...

At Anon, June 21, 2011 7:58 AM

She has her own blog on top of occupying this one on an hourly basis? Then she must be spending all of her waking hours ( wonder if she gets to sleep at all ) on the net. She's indeed plagued with a pathological obsession that is blinding her to our plight. She just doesn't care about the legitimate frustration we face on a daily basis in BRA.
Btw, I agree with you, if some are interested in giving credence to her ever increasing diatribes, I suggest they visit her site.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sandman and Colt are both the same person.

Anonymous said...

"Desiree, if you're reading and you probably are, remember I didn't mind having you around."

Nice pandering, "Sandman". Do I hear sucking sounds? Oh dear God man, are you in love with her or what? Yuck, I am feeling sick to my stomach.

Obviously you have not had much experience with black culture in daily life. Desiree is another empty black suit, full of herself, bloated self-esteem, racist, and constantly trying to mimic white behavior.

You are the worst of the problem for apologizing and making excuses for her. If you are white, she hates you, and you don't even realize it.

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing like the "real thing" in D."

Maybe you two should hook up then, crazy man.

Anonymous said...

Why would I want to read her blog? All she talks about is that weirdo Michael Jackson.

No, Colt and I are not the same people. Come on now, don't turn this into something nutso. I genuinely didn't mind Desiree. When SBPDL discusses CEBFs I hope he allows her to comment. We all know she'll be stalking his page anyway. Might as well throw the dog a bone!

Anonymous 10:28AM,

"Sucking sounds"? I'm happily married to the world's most beautiful white woman and I simply said Desiree was fun enough to keep around as a regular poster. Saying she's pretty and bright is not a proposal. Maybe if people didn't immediately resort to name-calling when she posted, she wouldn't have all of these "selves" trolling his blog.

By the way, are you Midwestern? You sound just like her.

Anonymous said...

"You are the worst of the problem for apologizing and making excuses for her."

For fuck's sake, Mr Sandman IS Diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

"For fuck's sake, Mr Sandman IS Diarrhea."

WTF?! Man, I think you should step away from your computer and get some fresh air. You're as obsessed with her as she is with this blog. I guess it takes an obsessive to point out an obsessive.

You'd think someone was out trying to catch a leprechaun. Move on and contribute something meaningful to SBPDL's great website.

Anonymous said...

Mr Sandman:

Diarrhea, you are transparent, and fucking pathetic. You are a sick, sick, mentally disturbed, demented fruitcake. You're not fooling anyone, please STFU, and Fuck You.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sandman
If you're not Diarrhea, then tell me this: why is it that when we click on your blogger profile, it's say unavailable?

Now, get the hell out of here you slimy impostor!

Wulfram said...


Those trolls are as ugly now as I remember them being as a kid. Thank you for banning the nasty little critters.