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Newark, Pre-Crime and the Summer of 2011: What Does Black Memorial Day Portend for the Nation?

Unlike South Africa during the World Cup, we have no money to fight crime
Are we wrong to assume that Black Memorial Day was just the beginning of what is going to be a long summer in the United States of America?

One city that we didn't mention initially - but in e-mail correspondence with Jim Goad found out experienced similar problems - is Milwaukee. If one were interested in digging, they could probably find that other cities experienced increased levels of violence over Memorial Day weekend 2011.

Our guess is the rapidly disintegrating City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia - experienced increased violence, as did Indianapolis. But that's just our guess.

What's funny is one year ago we were predicting massive violence in South Africa during the World Cup. We were wrong, but for a reason we failed to consider: South Africa was turned into a police state for one month, with hundreds of millions of dollars allocated to keeping alive soccer (excuse us, futbol) enthusiasts from around the world in an effort to put a positive spin on that failing country.

Hard to believe, but South Africa had 44,000 additional police officers policing that crime-infested nation during the World Cup on top of the 300,000 private security employees already working to keep that nation in some working condition (at a cost of $450 million a year).

The only way to deal with high rates of Black crime is to erect massive police states and direct resources that could go toward building infrastructure and improving the overall quality of the nation, instead toward keeping Black crime from completely submerging the nation into anarchy.

South Africa's fate is sealed, as is NASA's.

So our question is will the summer of the 2011 present a moment that finally forces some Sanctimonious White Conservative (SWC) to speak up and confront the problem that White Flight only amplifies?

Newark, a city blessed with a Black mayor capable of raising massive funds from Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) trying to garner positive publicity, is only a year removed from its first murder-free month in more than 44 years. Those days are long gone as violence has forced Newark to prepare for what could be a long summer.

You should remember that Newark Mayor Cory Booker is a star in the eyes of DWLs across the nation and he was able to set-up private charities that have received hundreds of millions in a bid to fight crime in that city.

It's not doing any good and Newark will attempt a South African-style plan to combat rising rates of crime:
Newark police yesterday rolled out a wide-ranging plan to flood city streets with cops and recruit the community as crime-prevention partners, amid five recent killings and the looming memory of last summer's staggering body count.

A large-scale redeployment of police to high-crime areas, as well as increased police visibility, will be the backbone of the city's law enforcement strategy, acting Police Director Samuel DeMaio and Mayor Cory Booker said yesterday. The "Safe City Task Force" will also recruit churches, recreational centers, camps and local nonprofit groups to provide alternatives to another brutal city summer.

The unveiling of the plan days ahead of schedule follows a bloody six-day span that left five people dead and 12 others wounded by gunfire — part of a year of soaring crime rates following the layoff of 163 officers in December. As of late yesterday, 37 homicides have occurred in Newark this year.

But even with the police force’s full complement, the unofficial start of summer after Memorial Day last year began one of the city’s deadliest periods, with 35 homicides between June 1 and Aug. 31 — the worst for that time span since 1990.

"We are not going to surrender our streets," Booker said in a phone interview yesterday. "We’re coming out with superior force and we’re going to start now to make sure that this summer is not marred by violence, but marked by peace, security and strength."

All officers not assigned to the detective’s bureau or narcotics division will don a uniform. The city will bring back mounted and motorcycle units to roam high-crime areas. Precincts will introduce "community roll calls," where officers report for duty on the streets of neighborhoods they patrol. Mobile Command Units also will set up camp in 15 to 20 city trouble spots.

"If the feeling is that the police aren’t around, people think they can walk down the street with a gun in their waistband and nobody can stop them," DeMaio said. "But if the presence of the police is felt strongly in the neighborhood, the criminals are going to think twice."

The initiative is also meant to bolster community relationships, he said.

Minors beyond 100 feet of their homes after 11 p.m. will face consequences from violating the city’s curfew. Unlike past years when police issued summonses, teen violators will be taken to area churches, where clergy and community groups will mentor and direct them to summer programs.

"We want the contact between the police and the citizens in those areas to not be just negative — to not just be criminal contacts," DeMaio said.

Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray applauded the city’s efforts, noting the twin goals of enforcement and engagement.

"The fact of the matter is that police alone are not going to be able to solve the problem," she said. "We need the full cooperation of citizens and witnesses, and they have to have some faith in us to ultimately come forward and talk to a jury about what they've seen."

The plan was already showing promise Monday. Police handing out fliers around Spruce Street interrupted an attempted armed robbery at the Walter Lewit Drug Store, arresting the alleged gunman and getaway driver, DeMaio said.

But late afternoon gunfire erupted in the city’s West Ward yesterday, injuring two men, one critically, and punctuating the daunting task police face.
So what does the plan to fight pre-crime in Newark actually mean?:

"The focus will be on the community ... in the neighborhoods and we'll better work together to show what is necessary … to show that we are a phenomenal city," he said [Mayor Booker] to a standing-room-only audience of roughly 150 people that included police officers, firefighters and students from Calvary Christian School. A large screen behind Booker read, "Have a super summer in Newark." 
The plan includes:
  • Restructuring the police department so officers normally behind a desk are in the street on patrol at least once a week. This will shorten the administrative work week to four days for the summer;
  • Police roll calls will take place outside precincts for residents of the community to view;
  • "Super summer" coordinators that include nonprofits to discuss ideas to suppress crime;
  • Extending hours of public parks and swimming pools;
  • Creating an online, living document that people can check to find activities;
  • Deploying members of the Essex County Prosecutor's Office's V.I.P.E.R. unit to Newark that will focus on narcotics and anti-gang enforcement;
  • Bringing back motorcycle patrols, mounted units and a helicopter;
  • Developing community bus rides where residents show police problems;
  • Developing a curfew where those caught would be taken to a house of worship in the city, instead of being taken home.
"I don't want our department to be anonymous individuals that people don't engage with," Booker said about the city's police force. "A lot of officers live in our neighborhoods and they have to get to know people there."

Last year, from June 1 to Sept. 1, the city witnessed 35 murders, according to Booker. He told the audience Friday, "That will not happen ever again."

Booker said the initiative was supposed to start later in June, but that changed after a spate of violence this past week left at least five people dead, including Newark police officer William C. Johnson. Johnson was shot in a drive-by shooting six blocks west of the church on Lyons Avenue last Thursday. He died early Friday morning. Rasul McNeil-Thomas, 19, of Newark, was charged with Williams' murder Saturday. Another suspect remains at-large.
Boston, Charlotte, Nashville, Milwaukee, Chicago, Decatur (Al.), Myrtle Beach, Miami, Long Beach and Rochester, New York were all cities impacted by Black violence and Black Flash Mobs over the Black Memorial Day 2011.

Newark is preparing for the summer of 2011 by instituting pre-crime initiatives in that failing city. No matter how much money pours in from Mayor Booker's DWL friends, delaying the inevitable is no longer an option.

Based on the actions of 'youths', 'urban teens', 'bikers', 'gang members', Black people in cities throughout America over Black Memorial Day Weekend 2011 - and based on Newark's desperate attempt to prepare for the onslaught of criminality - we can safely argue that the summer of 2011 will offer many more moments that will make the events of Memorial Day pale in comparison.

Unlike FIFA and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, most major cities are cutting their police budgets and don't have excess funds allocated to deal with minority crime. Those cities that do try and stop minority crime are investigated by the Department of (in) Justice and Eric "My People" Holder, who in his spare time is campaigning to get The Wire back on the air.

We are nearing the point where that national dialogue on race is forced upon us and the 'nation of cowards' will finally be called upon to discuss how a significant percentage of 13 percent of the American population requires the erecting of police state to properly govern.

In the past, we have argued Atlanta will be the city that witnesses the beginning of the end of Black-Run America. Violence is rising in that city, though media outlets have as yet to identify what is going on there.

The homosexual population in Atlanta is powerful and you wonder if, like in Miami, it will be homosexuals that point out the problems that are to come in The City too busy to Hate.

Unlike South Africa at this time last year, the United States no longer has the money to stop what is coming. All we can do is enact curfews in major cities. That's it.

DWLs (and SWCs) have thrown money at this problem for 40 - 50 years and augmented the Black Undertow. Crusading White Pedagogues (CWP) have taught Black students that every problem and obstacle they face in America is due to White Privilege and continued white racism, simultaneously teaching white children that they are responsible for every evil in this world.

The consequences of our indifference to reality are upon us.

So readers, we ask you to submit stories from the city that you live in that discuss how police and elected officials are preparing to deal with pre-crime.


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Anonymous said...

greensboro, NC:

Anonymous said...

Durham , NC:

Franz said...

Funny that Mr Booker's initiatives and "The Wire" should get mentioned in the same post. Apparently Mr Booker is dead set on following the policies of the FICTIONAL mayors Royce and Carcetti. You know, putting "bodies in the street", "letting them know who we are" and failing that, "knocking heads together".

The world is getting to be a strange blend of fiction and reality. I remember vividly when the White House brought in James Cameron to deal with the gulf oil spill. Just because he did all those deep sea movies all of which had happy endings.

A couple of months from now mayor Booker will probably write a letter to HBO, begging them to let him have detectives Freeman, Greggs and Colonel Daniels. Only to receive a brief reply stating "but it's only television, child". said...

The news media in Indianapolis is biased against White people.

A recent op/ed in the Indianapolis Star bemoans the efforts of the state legislature to enact an Arizona-style law that would crack down on the invasion of criminals from Mexico and elsewhere.

The article begins by playing economics card: Unless the state allows itself to be overrun by illegal aliens, we will be perceived as hokey Hoosiers and that ain't good for business.

The article then evokes memory of the once-active Ku Klux Klan, lynchings and other memories for the Hoosier state's "racist" past.

The point of all that: If there were flash mobs attacks in the city, which news outlet would report it? I can think of none.

Playing Roots Backwards said...

Mounted and motorcycle patrols; community involvement; churches; camps; handing out fliers; blah, blah, blah. It's all been tried and it's all just useless widow dressing. Scared citizens are screaming "DO SOMETHING", so the mayor and his ineffective goon squad are just going through the motions of doing something.

If they really wanted to have an impact, they would replace their Mobile Command Units with Mobile Execution Stations, but they won't, so the problems will keep growing and spreading.

We already went through several other periods in America when lawless thugs made it unsafe for law-abiding citizens to walk down the streets in many cities and towns. The outlaws of the Wild West, the marauding niggers of the Southern Reconstruction and various bunches of gangsters during the prohibition days and later during the Great Depression created pockets of depravity into which no sane person would venture.

In those troubled times the wrongdoers were methodically hunted down and exterminated like rabid dogs by hard White men, some with badges and many without.

Today we have an enemy nation in the center of every large city and some of the creatures within those enemy nations have their eyes set on the smaller cities and towns. Don't count on the Federal Government to keep the niggers out of your part of town because they are presently working feverishly to help them get there. Right now HUD is preparing to use Section 8 and Section 3 to move some hood trash right into your backyard and they probably have a long range plan to help them follow you to whatever exurb you run away to.

The police can't fix Newark, and they won't be able to fix the places that those Newark niggers will move to in an attempt to escape from themselves.

Such problems can only be solved by regular White guys who turn into hard White men when they decide that they have had enough.

In much the same way that Black Flighters don't realize that they are the problem, White men don't realize that they are the solution.

So put yourself though a regimen similar to military basic training, then buy and learn to use a firearm. It's going to be up to hard White men like you when the shit gets shitty in the very near future.

Two last things: A 12 gauge pump shotgun loaded with number 4 buckshot is very effective for home defense. A J-frame S&W .357 revolver with a 2 1/2" barrel and a Pachmayr Smoothie grip can be fully concealed under a a light jacket or a heavy shirt when carried in an upside down tear-out holster. Load it with semi-jacketed hollow points.

Anonymous said...

@foxsnooze - I live in Indy and you are right in pointing out that horrible article laying on the white guilt thick. 10%+ unemployment, broke governments and they still want illegals here. You are right that no tv station would air it, but they do not shy from showing photos of the perps. Slight difference in Indy vs. other metro areas is it is still majority white and incredibly pro-gun owner. The concealed carry laws and gun ownership laws make it a riskier play for the gangbangers here.

Midwestern said...

Indianapolis seems to have a more pacified population of blacks for some reason. The blacks seem to only shoot and kill each other and leave whites alone for the most part. I think that Indiana's "racist past" has been a very effective deterrent to black crime, but I am not sure how long it will last if more blacks move here.

I have also noticed in driving around our city that there are many many large black neighborhoods in the suburbs. I am not sure if they started out this way, but I think our black population is a LOT higher than the reported numbers.

Dissident said...

I live in one of the most pro-gun states in this nation, also one of the safest states and also one of the most poverty stricken...go figure. But, because my state has such a pro-gun culture and the people that know how to use them effectively; we have some of the lowest crime in the US. It also helps that we don't have many of the African persuasion either.

Most of the crime around here is committed by Meth addicts.

I agree with Roots Backwards above. He says hard white men is what we need. I couldn't agree with him anymore. A lot of men I know are pussified wimps! The pussy-liberals in the media have made them that way. Since I reject the limp-wrists in Hollywood, I'm not as affected by their agitation-propaganda.

I understand that being a MAN means doing the right thing, treating people with respect and protecting the innocent. Let that be a warning to any thug that comes around me. I'm armed, I'm loaded, and I sure as Hell aren't afraid to dispense with your sorry criminal @$$e$!

I'd advise ALL white people to learn proper hand gun techniques and like Root's said, a shotgun is your best friend. 12 gauge pump action.

Anonymous said...

@Midwestern - I moved to Indy from Boston. "They" are going to be where crime is, but the black population in Indy might be higher paid than in other metro areas.

When you say suburbs, the black population has definitely drifted east and north. It used to be dont lvie south of 38th, then 42nd, and now 56th. Warren township now has a ton more blacks and Lawrence townships watched their schools go from very good to very bad in 10 years. Big problem Washington Twp is going through are the f-ing apartment operators who startred taking section 8 money 5-7 years ago. The township should have fought that tooth and nail.

I still think Indy's gun culture is what helps keep things in check.

Anonymous said...

What was that about cops being able to go into people's houses at will in Indiana?

Midwestern said...

@ Indianapolis Anon

"It used to be dont live south of 38th, then 42nd, and now 56th."

Perception is everything for whites, but some areas are safer than you think. I think SoBro is still a safe place for whites with the new retail strips going in. I feel very sorry for whites who have had to run north and west, only to find that the black miscreants follow them and foul up those neighborhoods and schools too.

I live south of 38th street, and yes my white friends wonder what is wrong with me, but I am not afraid of blacks and they are quickly moving to the suburbs with vouchers. Maybe there will be a "white undertow". The Mapleton area is slowly gentrifying, but whites are still very afraid to move here. First the gay white men move in, then other DWL whites and their coffee shops follow.

There are still many annoying ghetto blacks here and the unique culture that follows them, but now we have white college professors, hipster artists, white IUPUI students, and white retirees moving in. When more whites move in, blacks get the hint and move along. I have bonded with my white neighbors, we practice crime watch, and now it is 50/50 black/white on my three blocks. This is progress.

Underclass blacks don't like whitey watching them. We still have section 8, but these blacks are steadily moving out, finding that they can live in a "nice" new apartment in your neighborhood with their voucher and have magical white schools instead of living in this "black ghetto" in a huge house they cannot pay to heat.

Most blacks have been here for years living in great granny's house since she's died, but once the property taxes become past-due, the family squatters sell the house to a white person for $40,000 or it goes into foreclosure. Police and social services have turned up the heat here, and the blacks don't like it. It is disrupting their underground economy of drugs, gangs, and theft.

I think that THIS will be the place to be for whites once TSHTF. At least the houses are still affordable and it is near downtown. Tougher times are coming, and we have to think about our investments. I would rather be here and have an increase in value, than live there and see my shit decline rapidly.

Midwestern said...

"What was that about cops being able to go into people's houses at will in Indiana?"

The court's decision stemmed from a Vanderburgh County case in which a man yelled at police and blocked them from entering his apartment to investigate a domestic disturbance. The man shoved a police officer who entered anyway and was shocked with a stun gun and arrested.

The court issued its 3-2 ruling contending that allowing residents to resist officers who enter their homes without any right would increase the risk of violent confrontation. If police enter a home illegally, the courts are the proper place to protest it.

Police perform warrant "sweeps" in bad neighborhoods, and now they can break down your door without a warrant. This violates the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment against unreasonable search and seizure. Criminality once again destroys personal liberty.

Anonymous said...

"...allowing residents to resist officers who enter their homes without any right would increase the risk of violent confrontation. "

Typical DWL anti-white logic.

This is the same thing as avoiding the hateful acts of reporting black crime stats, flying the"offensive" American Flag in schools and other things that we ban in order to not "increase the risk of violence" from or hurt the feelings of the minority population. Cops should have a warrant in order to enter a residence.

Once again, whites willfully bend over, take it in rear, and lose their personal liberty at the same time.

Anonymous said...

@Midwestern - Ha, I have a friend who lives south of 24th on Pennsylvania in one of the gentrified blocks. No kids. You have a point about some of downtown. Just look at the NY Times census racial diversity map to see what locations are cleaner to live in. The black undertow definitely blew out Warren and the southern half of Lawrence township. One thing to keep in mind is subprime mortgages are done, so they will have to crawl back to renting, living with mom and gramma, and stop expanding into nice subdivisions with 0% down.