Friday, June 3, 2011

Jerome Ersland and Richard King: Insanity in Black-Run America

The scales of justice are one-sided in BRA
We've been thinking about the horrible story out of Oklahoma where Jerome Jay Ersland was simply doing his job when two masked Black robbers came into his pharmacy. One would escape. The other, Antwun "Speedy" Parker, would be shot in the head and then Ersland would fire five more rounds into his body. In a sane country, Ersland would be considered a hero.

In our country, he is sent to prison. That Parker had two Black accomplices and that one of these Black accomplices pointed a gun at Ersland is of no concern. Here is how the Wall Street Journal described the action:
Oklahoma, like more than 20 other states, has encoded the right to self defense through so-called Castle Laws. Under these laws, citizens are allowed to use deadly force when they are threatened in their home—or their "castle"—or place of work.

Cases in which someone kills an intruder rarely go to trial, said Gary Kleck, a criminology professor at Florida State University. That's because police usually believe the defender was acting out of self-protection, or assume there isn't enough evidence to prove that the defender shot the intruder with malicious intent.
"They rarely have the benefit of videotape," said Mr. Kleck.

In the video of the Oklahoma City shooting, Mr. Ersland can be seen firing the first shot and Mr. Parker dropping to the floor. After chasing the other robber out the door, Mr. Ersland returns, walking past the place where Mr. Parker fell to get a second gun out of a drawer. He then points down toward the floor and shoots several times.

The main question before the jury was whether Mr. Parker still represented a threat after the first shot. Under Oklahoma law, the right to use deadly force ends as soon as the menace has passed, said Randy Coyne, a law professor at the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Coyne said he agreed with the jury verdict, based on that law.
 In zombie-lore, it is a well known fact that you "double-tap" the zombie so that it doesn't come back and try and eat you. Ersland defended his pharmacy and the lives of his employees by shooting Antwun and then chasing off the gun-toting Black 14-year-old.

Sadly, we live in Black-Run America (BRA), and the threat of a riot in Oklahoma City were Ersland found not guilty had to be considered by the jury. Watch a video here where Antwun's parents demand justice for their son's lawlessness. His mother even filed a wrongful death suit against him.

A story out of Houston has us equally peeved, as a West Point cadet now faces expulsion from school for being a punching bag for the corpulent Patti LaBelle's security detail:
Lawyers for a West Point cadet who says bodyguards for soul singer Patti LaBelle beat him while he was waiting for a ride at a Houston airport released security video Thursday showing the student being pushed and punched by two men and a woman.

Richard King, 23, a U.S. Military Academy senior from Houston, filed a lawsuit this week against the 67-year-old vocalist, three of her entourage, a Bush Intercontinental Airport taxi dispatcher and the airport, seeking unspecified actual and punitive damages in connection with the March 11 incident.

King's attorney, John Raley, said Thursday that his client had been suspended from West Point as a result of the episode and placed in a "mentorship" program which will require active-duty status of at least a year.

Police smelled alcohol

West Point spokesman Francis DeMaro declined to discuss specifics of King's case, but said cadets can be placed under mentorship for violations of the academy's code of honor. Inappropriate use of alcohol, he said, may result in such action.

Houston police responding to the late-night incident outside the airport's Terminal C said King smelled of alcohol. 

Raley said the cadet had consumed a few alcoholic drinks on his flight to Houston but was not impaired.
Raley said his client, who had come to Houston for spring break, was talking to his brother on a cell phone when he wandered toward LaBelle's limousine in the passenger pickup area.

"Apparently, defendant LaBelle believed King was standing too close to her (no doubt expensive) luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in," the lawsuit asserts. "LaBelle lowered the window of her limousine and gave a command to her bodyguards. They sprang into action."
The lawsuit contends King never struck members of LaBelle's group.

In the video, King is seen wandering near the auto while talking on his cellphone. Then he is pushed and punched before falling against a concrete pillar. Apparently stunned, King attempts to rise three times, but falls. He finally stumbles away from the scene.

For some seconds before the blows, King is not visible on the screen. The video has no audio. The security tape also shows two Houston police officers posing for photographs with LaBelle after the confrontation, King's blood on the ground a few feet away.King was taken to a hospital by ambulance. The lawsuit says he suffered a concussion.

"There can never be any justification for the savage battery of King..." the lawsuit states. "Defendant LaBelle is hot-tempered herself ... She was a full participant in the cruel attack on King. She ordered it, and never tried to stop it."

Calls to LaBelle's management company were not returned Thursday.

Driver says he was struck

A police incident report confirms that an altercation occurred involving King and LaBelle's limousine driver, Zuri Edwards, 37. Edwards told police that a verbally abusive King hit him after he was asked to move as staffers approached with luggage carts.

Police said Edwards suffered a bruise on his face but did not want to press charges against King, who told officers he could not remember what happened before or during the attack.

Raley said his client — who was a defensive player for the Army football team - may undergo medical testing to determine the extent of his injuries this summer. "With head injuries," he said, "the full seriousness may not immediately be apparent."
Watch the video here. Police actually pose for pictures with the turgid LaBelle after King was placed in a ambulance.
Here we have two totally unrelated stories. One is about a guy who lived a good life, but because two Black robbers entered his pharmacy he now resides in jail. Funny, tried to tell us that the majority of pharmacy criminals are white, one of the only times the media will gleefully reveal the race of suspected criminals:
Pharmacies voluntarily report the robberies to RXPatrol, so the true number of crimes is probably much higher, said Capt. Rich Conklin of the Stamford, New Jersey, Police Department, who advises drugstores on how to deal with the robberies.

Nationwide, the majority of drugstore robbers are white males who are in their 20s and hooked on painkillers, Conklin said. 

"A lot of them have become spree criminals," he said. "They are very determined and probably not in their right frame of mind."

The other story is about a football player for Army, a West Point cadet who would soon be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant but now faces expulsion from his university for standing too close to some Black Diva's luggage.

That's Black-Run America for you.

Of all the projects we're working on (SBPDL Year 2 and The Opiate of America), it is a fictional story like The Next Man in Hell that brings us the most enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

Something has to be done the dam is about to break BRA needs to end! These incidents need to stir our collective rage because if they do not do it what will?

Sheila said...

Paul, I was aware of the Ersland case, not of the West Point one. I need to think about them a bit before commenting directly. Just wanted to direct your attention to this from VFR:

This fits with Vanishing American's post on the same, and her well-put conclusion: Just like Henry Ford supposedly said of the Model T, ''you can have any color you want, as long as it's black.''

Anonymous said...

The ONLY punishments that should be meted out in the OK. shooting case should be the forced sterlizations of the mothers (& respective sperm donors) of the young thieving thugs, PLUS immediate termination of their welfare benefits. Period.

Benjamin said...

Paul Kersey,

First of all, I loved your work in Death Wish. Secondly, your message is important and what you write is concise and to the point. I do wish though that sometimes you would edit your posts better. I am happy to copy edit your posts to correct spelling and punctuation. I am not a grammar Nazi, but I do believe that proper grammar lends credibility. I love your work and I am not criticizing you. I know you're just an average guy who is doing what he thinks is right and not a professional journalist. Your message is important. Jerome Ersland being in prison is a joke. If someone comes into your store, home, etc. you should be able to shoot them 100 times and then kick them in the head repeatedly if you want to. They made the choice to enter your business or home to rob you and THEY should reap the consequences if you decide to have a pair and not take it. The mother who wants justice for her son should have started by reading him the Letter People. Black people are a scourge and you either stand up and fight them or move to Canada, Norway, Japan, Sweden, etc.

Clarence Davidson said...

Antwun got what was coming to him, fair enough, but, Erslund got what was coming to him as well. Shoot 'em full of holes, but once they're down, they're out. If they give up the fight, then there is no more fight. That's the rules. Chasing the second guy out the door was wrong, too, but that's a different mattter. Erslund may have been a very good guy, but he stepped across the line into thuggery.

Anonymous said...

Well-known in zombie lore? Really, dude? You are such a pop culture-obsessed intellectual lightweight. Read a book ... and not about zombies.

Anonymous said...

Ersland was wrong to go back and pump bullets into the scumbag but, if Ersland was black, he would not be in prison right now. In fact, if he was black and the thugs were white (the idea CNN was masturbating to) there is no way he'd have spent a day in jail and the media would be hailing him as a great hero. Hollywood would make a movie about him starring Denzel Washington.

Those Houston cops posing with LaBelle in front of the blood-spattered concrete make me sick. F-ing morons. I hope they get fired. Probably won't even get a slap on the wrist.

I often see people post online that they would shoot anybody who harasses their neighborhood, breaks in, whatever. Realistically though, ANY white guy who shoots a non-white is going to jail for a very long time no matter what the situation was. We still have the 2nd Ammendment but the left has neutered it as much as possible when it comes to us white debils.

Stephen said...

If Antwon was already dead then why is Jerome being prosecuted for pumping some more lead into the thug?

Discard said...

Anon at 4:15: This isn't a French cafe for existentialist writers. So what if Kersey knows about zombie crap. When I was young I knew the names of all of the Beatles, even the ones before Ringo (Richard Starkey) joined the band. I haven't cared for decades, but a young man who doesn't partake in at least some the silly obsessions of his generation is likely to grow into a lame old fart. There's time enough to finish the game and beat the Spaniards too.

Dissident said...

Erslund is a hero and a mentor. He defended his property against common thieves and vandals; he used deadly force. Was it overkill? Maybe, but if he hadn't shot the thugs full of holes they most likely would have killed, robbed, raped, plundered some other hapless victim.

He deserves a hero's welcome when he get's out of prison.

And to the poster above that called Erslund a thug? Are you serious man?

Ridding the world of murderous vermin like that, you can't be serious.

croc-tears said...

Maybe we should just pack up and go back to Europe. I'm 35 and the future looks pretty bleak for me and my family. Most regular readers of HBD blogs realize what will eventually happen in multi cult America. The southwest is already lost unless there is a bloody war. I don't have the option of moving to a DWL city with few blacks due to the high cost of living.
This is all just a rambling though so don't tear into me about not loving the country. The country was given away before I was born.

RobertB said...

First off, its an old rule of self defense--once the threat is gone, you must cease your attack.

The West Point boy will collect major money. His head is always visable and he was not close enough to the vehicle to strike the driver. He was obviously commenting on the lino and baggage as he points to it several times--but that behavior does not deserve a beat down. Lastly--notice all of the whites walked passed him without even slowing down let alone offering help. The only one who helped him appeared to be a Mexican in a cowboy hat.

White people deserve to be wiped out--they cannot even help one another and that has been going for more than a 100 years now.

Anonymous said...

There are two issues. Legal and moral. Legally Ersland was guilty, because you cannot "finish a bad guy off." Morally there are valid arguments to support a view that he was justified in killing the scum. This is what happens when law and morality are divorced.

Discard said...

Clarence Davidson: I see your point, and the jury agreed that the rule of law must be followed, but I believe that we're coming to a time when the old rules are inadequate. There have been over half a million murders in the last 30 years. How many executions? This country has a large population of feral predators, and the law as it stands can't manage them. Rather than building a hundred new prisons and putting another million lawyers, guards, psychologists, and cops on the public payroll, allow the honest citizenry to cull the population. Let the law recognize that the best resolution of armed struggle between honest citizens and thieves is a dead thief.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to dissent, but I agree with Clarence Davidson, I can't support shooting 5 additional bullets into someone lying motionless on the ground. I do not sympathize with the dead negro thug or his family, but in my opinion, Ersland crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

"Well-known in zombie lore? Really, dude?"

I took that as a joke. You took it seriously?

In a column about truly serious subject matter, this is what stood out to you??

Did someone mention intellectual lightweights?

Isaiah14 said...

The Pharmacist didn't have to shoot the kid five times. I was in Army infantry for a number of years, regular army and Special Forces. We were taught that when you move into enemy positions and drive through, than you can tap the enemy. In other words, you can kill them. However, when you leave the enemy positions you are not suppose to tap them.You ae to take them as prisoners. This pharmacies biggest mistake was going after the oher felon, and than coming back and getting another gun. He should have called the police, and held the suspect at gun point until the police arrived. The pharmacist was guilty of murder, probably in the second degree.

Hirsch said...

If you're assaulting someone, and they go unconscious and you continue with the assault, it can and many times does become attempted murder. When this standard was applied in Jena,Louisiana after six black kids stomped out a white one, the professional race-baiters were out in full force to let us know how criminally biased the justice system in America is.

Okay, but imagine a black man, retired from the military, is running his pharmacy when two young, masked white thugs with a gun and long rap sheets burst into his store. The black man shoots and kills one of the thugs. He chases the other one down the street, then comes back and fires five more shots into the prone white thug on the ground. And as a result of defending his establishment, he gets life in prison.

Imagine the reaction. Imagine the famous rappers holding a "crisis in black America" summit, Farrakhan threatening retribution in the streets while the New York Times and CNN are saturated with coverage of this injustice.

Jerome, you're only crime was being white in wrong place at the wrong time.

Annie Oakley said...

Have any of the above posters ever been robbed?
I was robbed on the Long Island Rail Railroad in 1985 at gunpoint. My late husband and I and another couple had just left a restaurant in Long Island celebrating my engagement.

One white man and one black man held us at gunpoint and took everything. Our money, our jewelry, watches, everything. The ONLY reason they didn’t take my engagement ring is that I begged them not to. They at least had some sense of decency.

Let me tell you ladies and gentleman, it’s terrifying. There is nothing like it. You literally see your life flash before your eyes in that very moment that a gun is pulled on you.

A few years before that 2 men followed me from a grocery store to my car while I was in college. Had I not been packing heat, I would have been raped and murdered. The 2 men told the cops later they had planned on raping and beating me up. A firearm saved my life.

NONE of you know what you would have done if you were Ersland. NONE OF YOU! I’m glad he killed the piece of shit thug. Had Ersland NOT been robbed, he and his employees could have been pistol whipped or raped by those punks.

Had Shannon Christian and Christin Newsome been packing heat in 2007, they may have been alive today. This lovely couple in Knoxville in Jan 2007 were car jacked, sodomized, raped and tortured. Google the couple and see how vile and despicable blacks are.

Until one of you has the unfortunate circumstance of attempted rape or robbery, then STFU.

I like George Constanza fight dirty. I will gouge out your eyes, pull hair, kick, twist testicles, I would do whatever it took to defend myself.

What the hell happened to our people? Stop being such pussies.

missbosslady said...

I saw the cadet video earlier this evening and it absolutely made my blood boil!

It is shocking that the only attempt at punishment is being sought for the cadet. How can this be? It does not matter what the kid was saying, he 'touched' no one! How is it that the body guards publicly beat a young man bloody, the event gets recorded by surveillance and no charges are brought, whatsoever!

I'm in the twilight zone, it's a lot scarier than I thought it would be.

As for the pharmacist; it is my understanding that the first shot was the kill shot, so that the subsequent shots were into a man no longer living. Is it illegal to kill something already dead? Regardless, I would venture a guess that many of us, under similar duress, might go a little over board, as well. It is not hard to imagine at all.

In fact, I would liken it to those car chases that are always televised. After chasing some asshole, at top speeds, while trying to avoid collateral injury the cops ultimately spike the tires, grab the douche out of his ride and commence to roughing him up. As I watch these scenes I think, yeah I would feel the same way. Once I caught the guy I would definitely want to beat on his ass a bit after what he just put me and others through.

It's a whole lot harder for me to empathize with a thug robbing folks at gun point, than it is to understand the terror of being ambushed by said thugs.

Bizarro World.

Discard said...

Isaiah 14: The military has an interest in taking prisoners. Prisoners give valuable information, and the knowledge that your enemies will let you live is an incentive to surrender when you're cornered. (See that news item today about the Ghurka who fought off 30 Taliban? He figured they would kill him anyway, so he kept shooting.) What interest have honest citizens in keeping predators alive?

Clarence Davidson said...

I'm annoyed by the way things are going in BRA, but it's still a nation of equality under the law, and where the law is supposed to prevail. That's what's made the US such a good country for so long. If we loose that, everything is lost. We can't just go around capping anyone we see as scum. Ersland is lucky, real lucky. The bangers had the drop on him, yet he apparently got off the first shot. He's 1369 because he shot a eumelanistic kid without a gun. He faced legal hell right from the start. The video could have saved his ass. But no, he went back and deliberately shot the kid over again, and his own video told the tale. That puts him in extra deep doo-doo. He had the right to defend himself and no more.

Anonymous said...

The guy went too far, and should certainly serve some time. But first degree murder? That's fucking absurd. Voluntary manslaughter would be a fitting charge.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who comes into my home with the intention of doing me harm is a dead man. He will leave the house only one way: on a gurney.

And I don't give a dribbling shit about the Geneva Convention or the Marquis of Queensbury. Any person who demonstrates a willingness to harm me or mine has prima facie forefeited his right to breathe my oxygen. I don't care if he's standing up, lying down, or doing handsprings. I don't care if he's awake, asleep, or unconscious. I don't care if his arms and legs are missing and he's lying there on the floor like home plate. Once he comes at me with malicious intent, I will end him, with no more hesitation than I would show when crushing a dangerous insect.

You folks poncing about with your ancient rules of combat or whatever are mad. Fuck the rules of combat. The only rule of combat that matters is the first rule of combat: kill the guy who wants to kill you.

You have to kill him. Have to. As long as your enemy is alive, he is a threat. Whether he is in jail, prison, moon colony, wherever, it doesn't matter. People get out of jail every day. California's letting a whole army of them out right now. People escape, go free on technicalities, whatever. And as long as your enemy lives, the chances that he will come back to kill you are greater than zero. If you kill him, the chances that he will come back to kill you are zero.

Well, you guys do what you like. Zero is the only number I will accept.

This guy is a hero. I only wish he had painted his face with that dead thug's blood and shouted "Havoc!" for the cameras.

This isn't a war, and it cannot be fought by the rules of war. There are no rules. This is predator and prey. The only question is: which are you and your family going to be?

Anonymous said...

"C'est pire qu'un crime, c'est une faute / It was worse than a crime; it was a blunder." -Joseph Fouché (Napoleon's secret police chief, on the execution of a royalist kidnapped from neutral German territory)

Anonymous said...


You really don't want to go to sweden, muslims are gangraping that country into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Ersland is in the right place: prison; I can freely admit that it should only be about 5 years, nothing more. It's not because he's white; it's because he's stupid. He risked his freedom because he was angry. Men should learn to count to 10.

As for King, his lawsuit is an obvious money-grab and is totally shameful. Bodyguards are, by nature, aggressive and sign contracts to protect their client at all costs. This could have been any white Hollywood starlet and the guy would have gotten the same treatment by the bodyguards. It's like 'shoot first, ask questions later.'

It was in no way a 'savage beating', although I agree he does not need to be expelled from his school.

SBPDL, are you honestly saying that you cannot see that this has absolutely nothing to do with race? Neither story does. If racial variables were switched, I would say the same thing.

@ Dissident:

Erslund is a hero and a mentor.

You cannot be serious. How exactly does being a trigger happy moron qualify as 'hero' and 'mentor'?

Ridding the world of murderous vermin like that, you can't be serious.

That's why Ersland's in prison.

@ Hirsch:

When this standard was applied in Jena,Louisiana after six black kids stomped out a white one

LOL! The white kid in the Jena 6 case was not at all seriously injured. Fair fight or not, he was just a white boy who got his ass-kicked; he was able to attend a school function later that day. This actually makes me think of girls who get drunk, sleep with guys, wake up and regret it, and cry, 'Rape!' The charges are a total farce.

the professional race-baiters were out in full force to let us know how criminally biased the justice system in America is.

The DA wanted to put teen boys in jail for a huge portion of their lives simply because one white boy--the same hue as the DA and the majority of the folks in Jena--got his ass-kicked. They wanted to call a pair of shoes a 'murder weapon'.

That's judicial overkill, incredibly Draconian, and unjustifiably punitive! Again, the boy was able to attend a function later on that day. Your so-called 'race baiters' were a wonderful addition to that backwards-ass town. I loved how some white members were on TV saying, "Get oooouuut!" It was creepy as all hell.

Those 'race baiters' prevented an American tragedy. Shame on you for being too dishonest to admit that. Teens don't deserve to spend a huge portion of their lives in prison. It's morally wrong. It's like Hammurabi's Code in this country!

Okay, but imagine a black man, retired from the military, is running his pharmacy when two young, masked white thugs with a gun and long rap sheets burst into his store.

Oh, blah. Anyone stupid enough to boo-hoo about someone risking their freedom to get revenge needs to shut the fuck up. A white guy or a black guy would be equally stupid. Sure, one can defend their property but this case was overkill. He should have just peed on the guy if he was that angry and laughed at him in court as he was heading to America's Colon.

Jerome, you're only crime was being white in wrong place at the wrong time.

You are just wrong. This has nothing to do with race. Absolutely nothing. That you have to dredge up a BS hypothetical to make the race angle feasible--"What if it was a black man..."--just shows how flawed your logic is. And I think that's the grand point. People--black or white--who focus on color are fucking retarded.

SBPDL, if you want to use the case of a hothead moron (Ersland) and a petty extortionist (King) as 'rallying cries' for ending 'insanity' in the non-existent BRA, it's not a good move!

Anonymous said...

Police doctrine and it's taught at the academy is once deadly force commences the goal is to "kill", not maim or "incapacitate".

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

I think Jerome Ersland's case is the wrong case to try and hang a point about BRA upon. Defending him undercuts some of the better arguments made by SBPDL on other topics. Shooting a guy four or five more times while he's already wounded and on the ground is not self-defense.

By putting Ersland on a pedestal SBPDL is surrendering the moral high-ground on the issue.

Anonymous said...

I will kill anyone in self defense and deal with the shit later. I know that the pharmacist got unlucky, but you have to play the odds. out of 100 black on white assaults, in which the victim used lethal force on the attacker, how many times did the white (or any non black victim) go to jail? I'm guessing it's less 1 at most.

Flip the coin over, in 100 instances where the black attacker killed a non white victim, I bet that number is around 20. Hell even if it is only 5, that's still bad.

In other words, your chance of being killed by a black attacker is probably much higher by the magnitude of 20, than your chance of going to jail for using lethal force in self defense.

Logic dictates that lethal force is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Those Houston cops posing with LaBelle in front of the blood-spattered concrete make me sick. F-ing morons. I hope they get fired. Probably won't even get a slap on the wrist.

I go with not getting a slap on the wrists this is Houston after all where Tim Teufel got a lesson in redneck hospitality.

On another note a guy in England was attempted to be mugged. He broke the guy with the knife jaw. He was arrested and held in military prison because the second guy complained to the police about his accomplice's treatment. Yes once upon the time there was a law that you could not benefit from a crime but that has sadlygone.

Fayette White Guy said...

Erslund was completely justified in killing the thug. How could anyone think otherwise? Do you not realize how horrible a crime armed robbery is? I just wish he would've gotten the other one too.

Dissident said...

"You cannot be serious. How exactly does being a trigger happy moron qualify as 'hero' and 'mentor'? "

Have you ever been robbed at gunpoint? When you have you'll realize the importance of what I said, until then shut your stupid pie-hole!

Oh wait, I'm counting to ten while these cretins rob damned asinine a statement is that! I wonder about you stupid @$$ liberal retards sometimes.

Maybe, he isn't a hero or mentor, but he's taken a potential murderer off the street. Good enough in my book.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this example of BRA. This is wrong on so many levels. I am embarrassed for the Houston Police Department. Be sure to watch the video on the left side of the page.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I should have read the article first; it appears you are already aware of the Houston case. That one deserves a post of it's own.

Anonymous said...

LOL! The white kid in the Jena 6 case was not at all seriously injured. Fair fight or not, he was just a white boy who got his ass-kicked

...just a white boy...

...just a white boy...

...just a white boy...

I typed that out three times because it bears repeating.

One of the little lessons I was taught growing up was to take statements made in anger or distress with a grain of salt,because the individual making the statement was certainly not on his or her best behavior,and allowances should be made for circumstances.

However,I finally figured out that it's really not a very smart thing to do. When someone is angry or otherwise agitated,that's the time to pay very close attention to what they're saying,because that's one of the few times it's possible to find out what they really think,as opposed to what the individual says routinely,for public consumption.

That's why you're supposed to count to 10 before you speak when you're angry. Or in the case of extreme agitation,to 100. It provides that bit of time and breathing space to think before you run off at the mouth and say something that you really don't want other people to hear.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Fayette White Guy said:
Erslund was completely justified in killing the thug. How could anyone think otherwise?

I have no problem with him returning fire and killing the little punk, if necessary, in self-defense, but it looks like Erslund took it beyond self-defense. Getting a second gun and pumping four or five more bullets into someone already shot and lying on the ground is no longer self-defense; it's overkill.

If the first shots that had leveled the kid ended up also killing him my reaction would be completely different. But we can't lower ourselves to the level of the criminal element in this society and still claim to be morally superior. said...

In black run America it is considered sport for black thugs to rob and assualt White people.

The problem is that we have allowed the media to redefine reality. White people are depicted as privileged bigots whose innate racial bias stifles economic advantages for non-Whites.

The reality is that Africans are privileged to live among us. They routinely abuse that privilege.

Anonymous said...

Hey SBPDL, let me know when that turd Desiree is gone for good and I will come back here to support your blog.

I am sick of sorting through the comments section in order to avoid her rambling BS. I already get enough of her viewpoint in my daily life.


Anonymous said...

"Until one of you has the unfortunate circumstance of attempted rape or robbery, then STFU."

Hey Annie Oakley...Fuck You.

This is a forum for discussion of opinions, not everyone agrees with you...if that bothers you, then piss off.

Midwestern said...

Just got back from my local gun and knife show.

A common theme spoken over and over again was about the need to protect home and family from thugs and looters in the coming days. I felt a new urgency among these guys, they must know what is coming. There were lots of good old boys there loading up on ammo and supplies and conditioning their guns. Made me proud!

I don't expect blacks to understand the value of property, or to understand the desire to protect hearth and home because they have never worked hard enough to own EITHER ONE, and they do not value human life. White people only want to protect what they have worked hard to build. Blacks will kill each other over a funny look or a pair of sneakers.

Anonymous said...

"Bodyguards are, by nature, aggressive and sign contracts to protect their client at all costs."

So what? They aren't exempt from the rule of law. If they are incapable of exercising self-restraint, they should be in prison with other members of their negro family.

Diarrhea, aren't you banned?

Anonymous said...

artist says,

As others have pointed out, Ersland is in the wrong. You can use deadly force to stop a life threatening attack. Once you have stopped the attack you must cease your own attack. If you go further you then become the aggressor in the eyes of the law. Likewise, you cannot pursue an attacker. By doing so you become the aggressor. So, if someone enters your castle, sees you are armed and they flee, you cannot pursue or use your weapon. Do not leave your castle.

Furthermore, should it come to it, it is of vital importance to SHOOT TO KILL. The reason is this: to justify killing someone (and therefore escape a murder conviction) you must have no doubt in your mind that you are at risk for your own life or the life of others. Disabling shots and even warning shots into the air or ground will allow the criminal's lawyer to argue that at the moment of action you did not 100% believe you were in mortal danger. Therefore the court will find use of deadly force was not justified. You will be convicted.

The video evidence and use of two different guns did Erslund in.

Now, suppose someone is in your house at 3am. Technically you are supposed to give warning that you are armed to allow the perp a chance to flee. If your state is not a castle doctrine state you have a DUTY TO RETREAT. In this case you need a safe room to fall back to. In the 3am scenario chances are they will get the drop on you. You will have been awoken and you will be disoriented. Your chances of survival are not good to begin with. If you get the drop on them and there are no witnesses the best thing to do is to kill them. especially if you can confirm they are armed.

Use of deadly force to defend property has not been legal in a western country for some time. The only crime against property allowing intervening use of deadly force would be arson in the act of commission.

Check your state laws to be sure.

Anonymous said...

artist says (part II)

For anyone interested in self defense I encourage you to purchase “The Truth About Self Protection” and “In the Gravest Extreme” by Massad Ayoob. Buy these books and read them once a year. Find out what your local laws are. Are you a “castle doctrine” state or a “duty to retreat” state? It’s vital to know. Please do not formulate self defense strategy and tactics on your own. Read about it. Talk to cops. Study crime patterns. As a result of study we have a defense strategy. We live in a rural area. Our primary threat is home invasion by drug addicts. Ayob’s book makes it clear you will only have seconds to react.

I resisted owning firearms my entire life. However, on Inauguration Day 2009 my wife and I celebrated by taking an NRA handgun course that entitles us to purchase and own handguns in our state. Did we do this because I fear black people? No. We did this as political protest. We did this because of DWLs. We also did this as a result of studying Katrina.

The logical evolution of liberal policy will lead to the elimination of any and all self defense. The total elevation of criminal rights at all costs. This has already happened in Europe. In England you can be assaulted on the street by a drunken thug. If you raise a hand in self-defense you'll be arrested. Sort of like the zero tolerance policies in many American schools. The thug class has no fear of punishment. These laws favor them and disadvantage decent people.

If you want to see what the fate of America is, look to the European Union. I urge everyone to do some research. Start here: Find out what muslim immigration and government policy of multiculturalism has done. It's quite shocking. There are many differences between the EU and US, mostly in who the players are (EU features muslim immigration, US features BRA and Hispanic immigration). But the key enablers are DWLs, white guilt, elites in whitetopias, the welfare state, the media, the educational system, and various hate crime and AA laws and open borders. All that stuff we were taught in high school about over population hasn’t helped. Only white people got the message. People of color were correct to see those lessons as the racist plot that it is. In the EU you're branded a Nazi for seeing the truth. Here we are called white nationalists and painted with the Tim McVeigh brush.

Truth be told, the governments in the EU and the US do not do their prime duty of protecting their citizens. They do the opposite. They promote the cause of the aggressor and aid predation upon productive citizens. If this is the case then these governments are no long legitimate.

Anonymous said...

"By putting Ersland on a pedestal SBPDL is surrendering the moral high-ground on the issue."

I concur.

Paul, this is the wrong case to rally behind.

Anonymous said...

Diseree may be the perfect example that blacks are born to be criminally minded. Funny if you were to take a poll I bet most blacks would feel the way she feels because crime is so ingrained in the psyche of the average black.

Erslund obviously did not have a good lawyer the jury pool was not favorable and I'm not sure the proper experts were brought in. Most bush league freshman psychology students should be able to argue he was under duress. This was an older man who had physical issues and if I am correct staff that needed protection.

map said...

The lesson here is to be careful what you do in front of a camera. The legal system obviously operates against you and you should refrain from providing evidence or giving anything self-incriminating to the police.

Keep in mind that at least 80% of all lawyers are leftists. They spend their formative years listening to all the propaganda taught to them about blacks in college and law school.

When they assume jobs working as public prosecutors (first step to a political career), the cognitive dissonance of having to put away their precious black people is unbearable (And put away they do because black crime is so obvious, stupid and vile, that even a liberal lawyer has to put them in jail.)So, if an opportunity comes up to put a white person in jail, the leftist lawyer will jump at the chance and use every legal maneuver to rope the guy into prison. It's the only way to expiate their liberal "souls."

If you are carrying concealed and a street confrontation occurs, kill the perps and walk away. A revolver chambered in .357 Magnum is sufficient to kill and leave no evidence. just walk away. There is no point in getting roped into the legal system.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Ersland took out his justified rage against blacks on robber. Years of trying to run an honest business while dealing with their outrageous misbehavior found an outlet. The robber paid the fair price, not only for his own sin, but indirectly for every black who tried to steal from, cheat, and benigger the good and honest business owner.

You cannot do normal business with blacks. Every one of them is up to no good. I am sure Mr. Ersland had to deal with several scams and rip offs every day. "I lefts my prescription in da car, wachyou mean you won gib me muh pain killas?" and "I bought dees siggarets in here yesterday and dey doan taste right, gibs me muh muney back!" This poor man dealt with these wicked savages constantly, I cannot blame him for putting a few extra holes in one of them. It is common for black robbers to shoot innocent cashiers even after they have handed over all the money.

Blacks have a proven track record. Any merchant or business man should be allowed to deal with these monsters at gunpoint. Even the ones the ones that are not out raping and robbing support the ones that are. For this they all deserve to scorch and scream in Hell. Every person who supports the blacks is a partaker in their sins. You cannot be moral and not hate blacks. Those of you who forgive third party sin are accomplices, you might as well have been the second black in the store.

Anonymous said...

"Fair fight or not, he was just a white boy who got his ass-kicked"

Justified or not, Antwun Parker was just a thug negro who got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry to dissent, but I agree with Clarence Davidson, I can't support shooting 5 additional bullets into someone lying motionless on the ground."

Adrenaline pulls the trigger. Fear of death turns your heart into a jack-hammer & your mind goes blank. He may not even remember emptying his gun. Ask any cop. I haven't been there myself but I get it.

If I had been on that jury there would have been no conviction, laws be damned. Lawyers can say any crap they want, but I would have voted to acquit.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Proof rednecks should never ever hold positions of power! For all of this feigning moral superiority to everyone who isn't white, you have no concept of it. You just want to kill black people. This is hypocrisy in the extreme!

@ Dissident:

You are a retard. I can understand him shooting the idiots coming into his store but he was stupid in risking his freedom to take revenge on someone already incapacitated by pumping them with 5 more bullets.

A pharmacist is a capable member of society. He shouldn't get a pass because of that nor should be be locked away forever. Just because you 'get' the rage of why he did it, does not make it right.

@ Midwestern:

Just got back from my local gun and knife show.


@ Anonymous:

So what? They aren't exempt from the rule of law. If they are incapable of exercising self-restraint, they should be in prison with other members of their negro family.


Please re-read this statement before you go ahead and defend Ersland. Or are you saying just because he's white he should be free to kill anyone and never, ever go to prison?

Bodyguards--like secret service men--will punch your ass out if you get in the way. The guy is a greedy scoundrel for suing.

Justified or not, Antwun Parker was just a thug negro who got what he deserved.

Roger that for Ersland.

You know, you can think that he was justified and it was 'understandable' but he is a murderer. His sentence is too long--no more than 5 is necessary--but he's was rightly convicted.

Cases set precedent. Had his case turned out differently, it could have paved the way for anyone being able to shoot any person they thought 'looked suspicious' who came in their store.

As someone who has been followed in a store before, that could be a dangerous situation for an innocent shopper who happens to be the wrong color or the wrong class.

Sheila said...

"This isn't a war, and it cannot be fought by the rules of war. There are no rules. This is predator and prey. The only question is: which are you and your family going to be?"

Having read all the comments, I have to agree with anonymous at 8:28. Standard rules of engagement do not apply. How does one qualify the rage one feels at having one's livelihood or hard-earned property threatened, at facing the prospect of bodily harm from an entitled negro? I have been robbed and I was extremely fortunate that nothing further was on the two black thugs' minds; I froze and used no common sense at all.

Did Erslund go too far in shooting Parker after he was down? Perhaps. But what if Parker had only been wounded? You know the DWLs would have moved heaven and earth to save his life, and his family would have sued Erslund for all he had. If Parker got any jail time at all, he would soon be out looking for payback. Even if he was dead, can you truly not put yourselves in Erslund's shoes? I can easily view myself doing the same, out of rage and revenge, and feeling not regret, but satisfaction. Is it regrettable I would feel that way, that our society has come to that point? Absolutely. However, the solution is not jailing someone like Erslund, it's getting rid of creatures like Antwun Parker.

Discard said...

Desiree: Haven't most of those Jena Six been jugged since then for other violent crimes? Do you imagine that stomping a kid with 6-to-1 odds is just a juvenile prank? No, it appears that these dregs were letting the world know just what their career plans were. Putting them away for life would have spared their later victims.
I don't like to generalize excessively, but it seems to me that a fair number of Blacks look at a certain amount of thuggery as normal. It's true that the typical young man is something of a jackass, myself included. I committed a number of misdemeanors and otherwise rash, foolish, or cruel actions, but it never occurred to me to go and attack some innocent person deliberately. Perhaps there is a bell curve of Black behavior that parallels Black IQ, by which a mere armed robbery by a Black carries the same weight as shoplifting a candy bar does for Whites.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I guess I've always agreed with Bo Jackson, who in this Sports Illustrated article said:

In his basement he had earlier shown off the workroom where he configures his hunting arrows for deer, bear, even fish. Jackson hunts, he says, "because it's illegal to kill stupid people." There are tools all around in the tidy room, and nearly a thousand arrows. "A man can't have enough arrows," he pointed out, "like a woman can't have enough shoes."

Evil must be confronted without pity nor mercy. I'd like to know how many times Erslund's store was robbed in the past.

As for Desiree's comments being approved... occasionally she'll say something I find interesting. Just go past it if you don't like it.

They rarely get through. Most of the time she writes the same thing over and over again and I just delete them all, rejecting them without a moments hesitation.

Robert Marchenoir said...

So Desiree's comments that we get to see are only a tiny minority of what she posts ? Holy smokes ! Thank you for sparing us the rest.

Anonymous said...

What color or religion is the DA who filed charges against Mr. Ersland?
I hope one day he finds himself on trial. The jury too. God damn them all.

Anonymous said...

SBDL _ when you eliminate that stupid nigger Desiree off your site, I'll come back. I have to look at stupid bitches like her all the time in BRA. I refuse to listen to women like her IRL.

If you continue to let turds like her on your site all you'll have is niggers posting on your site.

Goodbye Paul,
It was a good blog, but you blew it.

Anonymous said...

"Please re-read this statement before you go ahead and defend Ersland."

I did not defend Ersland you ignorant piece of shit.

Aren't you banned?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

If I didn't approve every comment, I'd hate to see what this comment section would look like.

I'm sorry you're leaving because one of Desiree's comments got through. Maybe 10 percent of her comments get through, if that.

I stand by Ersland. 100 percent and I feel sorry for those who own small businesses in major cities that have more than 15 percent Black population.

This summer you will see a lot of "snatch and grab"/ "Flash Mob" attacks by "youths" all because we live in a world governed by a set of principles that deems any action by Black people as morally acceptable due to the transgressions visited upon their ancestors.

Hell, Newark is already preparing for a long, hot summer.

I've been exchanging e-mails with Jim Goad over a big article he is working on regarding the Black Memorial Day weekend and the analysis he has accumulated is staggering.

I'm sure it will be up on Takimag soon enough.

Anonymous said...

"So, how can you use [jury nullification]? Do everything you can to get on the jury. After the judge tells you he will decide on the law and not to worry your pretty head about it, he will ask whether you agree to serve on the jury under that condition. If you refuse, he will dismiss you. You don’t get to serve. So what do you do?

"You smile subserviently and you agree. Then, on the jury, you vote to acquit a defendant who, for instance, faces prison on an income tax charge, or for failure to report for duty in Obama’s Hitler Youth, or for selling unregistered produce or dietary supplements, or, especially, for exercising his unalienable right to keep and bear arms. You do that “in the teeth of both law and facts."

"But, then, wouldn’t you have lied? Well, didn’t the judge lie? Are you required to be truthful to a man who lies to you; to a man who steps out of an alley and jabs you with a knife; to a man who would steal your freedom? You say you would never lie no matter what? I say you would and can prove it.

"You have just finished watching the local news when a man breaks into your home. You have just seen him on the news. He is an escaped serial rapist and he is carrying a twelve gauge widow maker. He asks where your daughter is. The truth is that she is upstairs doing her college algebra homework. What do you tell him?

"You lie. You tell him you just took her to the airport. She flew to Katmandu. She will be there for a couple of years doing archeology. If you would tell him the truth, which would tell me you worship your own “purity,” that your own “perfection” is more important than your daughter, you are in the wrong place. Goodbye.


"All you need do is vote for acquittal. They won’t ask you why. If they do, furious, or just frustrated by your monkey wrench vote, you will not say you did it to nullify the law. If you say that, they will throw you into jail. So you will either say nothing or you will smile the subservient smile and say merely that you thought he was innocent.

"However ridiculous that sounds, they can’t do anything about it. Remember, Judge Sobeloff said the courts “can not search the minds of the jurors to find the basis upon which they judge.” They are stuck with it. Jury nullification will become ever more important as the present administration imposes Communist law. Remember, law is too important to leave to the courts."

Read the full article here:


Anonymous said...

Copied from the comment section from KHOU, Houston TV station:

happyflier said on June 4, 2011 at 6:54 PMIf you want to help this kid's career at West Point, call the Academy"s Post Operator at 845-938-4011 and ask for the Public Affairs Office. The Public Affairs Director is Lt.Col. Sherri Reed (845-938-2006 Direct), and the Exec Officer is Maj. Olivia Nunn. Call them and express your displeasure!

Show your support.

Also, here is Patti Labelle's contact info from her website:

Patti LaBelle
2320 Norman Road
Lancaster, PA 17601

Discard said...

Mencken: The whole point of having a jury is to keep justice out of the hands of the ruling class. When I was young, we were taught the good liberal story about colonial juries that refused to convict people that Royal governors wanted convicted. If jury nullification was praiseworthy then, it still is. said...

Paul . . .

Your decision to stand by Ersland is commendable. Allowing opposition to expose their nonsense is also commendable. I enjoy reading comments from those who dismantle Desiree's every effort.

BTW, she says White folks just want to kill blacks. If that were true, Desiree would not be alive to say it.

Dissident said...

Hey folks,

Please go easy on Paul, it's important for him to allow "dissenting" positions at times, even from you know who.

I know reading these things is comparable to watching paint dry, but it DOES give an honest glimpse into the mind of some of black America and that's very important.

Paul is doing a public service here and so is Desiree, albeit in a twisted, illogical and convoluted fashion.

Desiree serves to prove to all of us that logic and reason be damned and that all that matters to her Racist(TM) mind, is that black is right and white is wrong. Simple thinking coming from a simple person, but what else should we expect from a vindictive black Racist(TM)?

HK said...

Ersland was still in danger when he went back into the store. He did not know if the two robbers who got away would come back, and he knew they were armed. He did not know if the man he shot would get up and attack him while he was waiting for the police and looking out for the other two. This was not premeditated. The robbers put him into this situation, and he was not safe until the police arrived. He should not have been charged with, or convicted of, first degree murder.

Anonymous said...

'Goodbye Paul, It was a good blog, but you blew it."

True, I am starting to feel this way too. I love Amren, there are no "dissenting" opinions allowed through. We get bombarded with the black "point of view" in BRA every day, don't need to come here for more.

Midwestern said...

"As someone who has been followed in a store before, that could be a dangerous situation for an innocent shopper who happens to be the wrong color or the wrong class."

Oh,was this the time you were sexually molested at WalMart, Dissarree, LOL? You must not spend much time around black people.

THIS comment really made me laugh out loud. Desiree you are a stupid asshole (sorry, Sandman, to offend you again...). How many of your Louis Vuitton or Chanel designer bags have you purchased at a discount from one of your fellow black sistah's car trunks?

I worked in retail management for years, and the ONLY people who stole merchandise were the miscreant black ghetto thugs. Black women even used their babies and strollers to steal merchandise, or stuffed merchandise into their maternity clothing to appear to be pregnant. I followed EVERY black who entered my store until they left. Saved the company thousands of dollars.

I caught black women wearing 6 layers of clothing out of the store. Most were stupid enough to leave the sensor tags on the floor of the dressing room after they chewed them off with their mouths. I have even witnessed black women stuffing forks, knives, and plates into their purses at the Crate and Barrel at our upscale white mall.

My husband works for UPS, and the people who steal merchandise out of trucks are the black drivers. They form a theft ring and steal until they get caught. And thanks to low IQ, they always get caught. Why they keep hiring black drivers is BEYOND ME. Of course, because of AA and the racial shakedown laws, the black robbers hardly get prosecuted. But theft is a family value in the black community.

The sale of stolen goods is a reliable way to supplement the welfare checks in the black community. You DESERVE to be followed in a store if you are black. If you don't LIKE IT, then call out your black brothas and sistuhs who steal from white-owned businesses. Your black victimology is really out of control. You are the #1 problem in the black community. Shouldn't you know better since you are so called "educated"? And you defend your people to the death. I am not so sure they would do the same for you.

You need to stop the victimology and start directing your endless anger in the right direction - AT YOUR OWN BLACK PEOPLE.

Shame shame on you. You get no sympathy here.

Anonymous said...

"Hey folks, Please go easy on Paul, "

" DOES give an honest glimpse into the mind of some of black America and that's very important."

This is a planted comment.

I personally don't care about the "black point of view" anymore, thanks anyway. Good for ratings I am sure, but most of us just don't care.

Anonymous said...

" And I think that's the grand point. People--black or white--who focus on color are fucking retarded."

Good point. Blacks are consumed by skin color. Glad to see that you recognize it as "retarded". Is "retarded" the same as lower IQ??

Anonymous said...

"I love Amren, there are no "dissenting" opinions allowed through."

This is the only thing I hate about AmRen.

Reading the comments section, where everybody just echoes each other, is boring.

Anonymous said...

"This is a planted comment.

I personally don't care about the "black point of view" anymore"

The comment is not "planted", and I believe you misconstrued his point.

He is suggesting that as whites, we NEED to be constantly reminded of the hate-filled racist black mentality that is endemic in the negro community.

Anonymous said...

"People--black or white--who focus on color are fucking retarded."

No one focuses on race more than negroes, it's always about race to them.

Sheila said...

"I love Amren, there are no "dissenting" opinions allowed through."

Amren has censored quite a few comments I have submitted, because they weren't suitably moderate in tone or subject. Generally they allow most comments about blacks, but not those about Asians, Indians, or anyone else (I've posted a number of rebuttals to "Rajesh" who likes posting there and bragging about how superior Indians are; not a one got through). I'm just as tired of censorship on the right as I am on the left.

Banning the black woman here isn't censorship; it's sparing the rest of us her usual irrational diatribes. As others have said, we're subjected to enough of that in everyday life.

Anonymous said...

I hope there are more Ersunds out there, arm yourselves white America..a war is going to happen and we are going to win it.

Adrian said...

I've been pistol whipped thank you very damn much, by two fine examples of BRA one night near closing at a service station I worked at. These two Negroes walk in wearing sneakers, basketball shorts&shirts with knit caps only obscuring their hair. One comes in a revolver leading the way, pointed at me saying. "Get your hands up motherfucker! Give me reason to put your brains allover that wall!". Well I got my hands up, stepped away from the register, one perp comes through the flimsy door that's an attempt at security. The other with pistol keeps me in his sights. Guy#1 then tries to get register open, can't in fact and while his back was to me makes his partner hand over the gun. Guy1 then hits me with the cylinde and snubbed nose barrel and I get a real good view of a Rossi 38Special. With lovely HP rounds I might add, peeps got me to open register they then botched things further by perp1 setting the gun down on the counter to fight over who gots the change as there was less than 35.00 in cash in said drawer. They left after almost forgetting the gun, took off down the street into the ghetto/project about a block away. I called the cops, at least eight cars responded I was fingerprinted, the scene was photographed, my already forming bruises were documented. I had a mini mental breakdown, a couple of the cops were sympathetic and I got the chance to go home after having been there at least four hours after this all took place. Two weeks later I was let go by the DWL who ran the store. I was already Awake well before this I had just neglected to bring my sidearm to work that day, since that day in 2002 I've never seen evidence of these guys having been caught.

Anonymous said...

"People--black or white--who focus on color are fucking retarded."

No one focuses on race more than negroes, it's always about race to them.

The retarded getting retardedier?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could find "sumthin' rayciss" in the prosecuters adddress to the court as happened in Seattle?

Anonymous said...

The 1st degree charge was over the top. At best this should have been manslaughter with mitigating circumstances.

In just about every murder case involving blacks the blurring of the perps background of a bad life, drugs, abuse comes to the foreground in front of the jury to garner pity and hopefully lessen their sentences.

I would really like to be able to take a closer look at this trial when the notes become publicly available to see if his lawyer did much of anything to defend his client.

Was Mr Ersland taking prescription pain killers the day this happened? Probably, would that affect his mental capacity to discern between whether or not the wounded suspect was a continued threat? Did it blur his thought making process at all?

I'd like to know. 25 years to life is too much. And considering what now awaits him in prison, I have serious concerns someone might look for some payback in prison. And if that's the case the prosecutor should consider any sentence at this level a death sentence.

One thing is for sure, this case, and many others that aren't getting reported has become a trend in America.

As another person commented above, that case out in Tennessee with Shannon Christian and Christopher Newsom. MSM is going out of their way to hide these kinds of stories with news blackouts.

But I guarantee you they go out of their way to cover the dead perps lawsuit.

Moral of the story, don't want to die? Don't rob someone. Pretty simple.