Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why are Firework celebrations for the Fourth of July being canceled? The Threat of Mahogany Mobs

The threat of Black Flash Mobs ruins the Fourth of July
A few days ago we published an article detailing why Dr. King’s daughter was barred from Funtown. The behavior of youths, packs of teenagers, Black people in 2011 at amusement and water parks provides evidence that perfectly justifies their continued presence being curtailed and ultimately prohibited.

That the behavior of an increasing majority of an already hostile minority is escalating to a state where randomly attacking innocent civilians has been named Knockout King and Polar Bear Hunting and the Disingenuous White Liberal reaction to Flash Mobbery is to censor the offending race from dissemination in the media so that Black people won’t be unfairly stereotyped tragically defines Black-Run America (BRA).
Going to water, theme, and amusement parks is quickly becoming an impossibility due to the behavior of unsupervised youths, packs of teenagers, Black people. 

In 2009, this article was published at The Huffington Post that argued the Fourth of July would finally be fully celebrated by Black people because the President of the United States was a half-Black dude:
But now, the images are changing and possible images of the future are bright, untested and thus far unimaginable, just as the swearing in of a black president.
"He looks like me," cried the unnamed boy on CNN. "The president, he looks like me."
This Fourth of July may be just another chance to get the best view of fireworks for some people; talks about where you can get the best value on ribs and hot dogs; what family member's gossip is the hottest this summer, and classic portraits of babies donned in red, white and blue overalls waving tiny American flags. There's nothing wrong with all that. It's Americana in classic form.
But for Black Americans; whom some prefer to be called African-Americans; this will be a Fourth of July like no other.
The food will taste a little more flavorful, the music certainly more in tune, and the fireworks symbolizing a whole lot more while they glare brighter and stronger along to the Star Spangled Banner.
The summer is better now.
As Jim Goad pointed out in his Black Memorial Day 2011 article at Taki Magazine (“The Memorial Day Mobs”):
These digitally orchestrated and monolithically black mob attacks only seemed to start after Obama was elected. And they seem devoid of any political message beyond brute, ugly, triumphal racial intimidation through group power and group force. America’s black Attorney General refers to other blacks as “my people” and refuses to prosecute slam-dunk cases of voter intimidation when his peeps are the perps. And all these events are passively enabled by a media that largely sticks its own head up its ass and pretends that everything smells peachy. If anyone complains, even while their teeth are being kicked out of their mouth, they’ll get called the worst word in the world.
Remember that it was in the summer of 2009 that a white family was attacked by more than 50 Black people in Akron, Ohio, and that the mahogany mob chanted “This is a Black world.”

That’s a great way to celebrate a fireworks display. Here are the key quotes from that story:
Akron police say they aren't ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.
But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear.
It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend's home in South Akron.
Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted ''This is our world'' and ''This is a black world'' as they confronted Marshall and his family.
The Marshalls, who are white, say the crowd of teens who attacked them and two friends June 27 on Girard Street numbered close to 50. The teens were all black.
''This was almost like being a terrorist act,'' Marshall said. ''And we allow this to go on in our neighborhoods?''
Know that Disingenuous White Liberals who are in charge of the editorial policy at The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Chicago Tribune find the reporting of the race in stories of flash mobs, general thuggery, and mayhem to be a major faux pas and against editorial policy. 
Portraying Black people in a negative light (though they represent 100 percent of the participants in violent flash mobs) runs counter to the aim of Black-Run America. Just like water parks and the proverbial Funtown of Dr. King’s scripture, community July 4th celebrations resplendent with awe-inspiring fireworks are no longer an option for many cash-strapped cities. 
The USA Today published a front page story today that lamented the trend of firework celebrations being canceled due to budgetary concerns and droughts across the nation:
Wildfire concerns caused by droughts are combining with budget problems to increase the number of Fourth of July fireworks displays called off or in jeopardy of being canceled.
States including Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, California, Arizona and Alabama have banned all outdoor burning in certain areas, as well as the sale and use of fireworks.
The governor's office in Texas has granted 14 requested countywide bans, spokeswoman Lucy Nashed says. That has led to the cancellation of traditional fireworks shows in multiple Texas cities, including Austin and the Lake Travis area.
The bad economy also is continuing to fizzle fireworks shows in areas not affected by drought.
A group of University of Florida's media outlets, including the school's radio stations, canceled the fireworks display they have hosted in Gainesville for the past 20 years after more than a half-million dollars was cut from their budget. The cost of the celebration was $30,000 to $40,000, says Randy Wright, executive director of the school's Division of Multimedia Properties.
"We didn't feel like it was the right thing to do … when we are potentially having to lay people off," he says.
Chicago has cut funding for fireworks this year, Chicago Park District spokeswoman Jessica Maxey-Faulkner says. Elsewhere:
•Cincinnati's annual $30,000 All-American Birthday Party and fireworks display have been canceled because of budget concerns, says Deborah Allison, manager of business services for the city's Park Board.
•A $50,000 celebration in New Britain, Conn., has been canceled for budget reasons, Mayor Timothy Stewart says.
Jersey City's fireworks display is off for the second consecutive year, says Maryanne Kelleher, director of cultural affairs for the city.
Some people are not letting traditions go without a fight. Brandon Bott,13, of Bloomingdale, N.J., has collected more than 600 signatures he will present to the borough council today in an effort to reinstate canceled fireworks, which Mayor Jonathan Dunleavy says cost $7,000 last year.
"It is important to have the fireworks and events like that because it brings the community together," Bott says. Councilwoman Linda Shortman said she believes the council will consider Bott's petition.
In times of austerity, many cities will be forced to shave off unnecessary expenditures in an economically justified move to have a sound budget. Droughts are a legitimate concern as well, with a massive brush fire having its fiery origins in Chinese made fireworks a negative trade off to 10 minutes of pretty lights illuminating the night sky followed by a quick grand finale. 
The brave Chicago-based blog Second City Cop postulated a different reason as to why Chicago was canceling its fireworks celebration and it has a direct correlation to the group Major League Baseball warned visiting teams about: youths, packs of teens, Black people and the Mahogany Mobs they participate in at random.  
Paying for more police officers to patrol the streets and present the illusion of increased safety is something Chicago (Atlanta and many other major cities) is doing this summer, all because of Mahogany Mobs. The Mainstream Media believes there is no need to discuss the racial group of the offending members of flash mobs and youth attacks, so we will dub them Mahogany Mobs. 
Public celebrations of our nations birth are no longer tenable in many cities, not because of financial problems, but because the safety of that public cannot be guaranteed anymore. 
Whenever large crowds of Black people gather, violence is sure to follow. Be it a large rap show at Rutgers University, Urban Beach Week in Miami or Black Biker Week in Myrtle Beach, the common thread that holds these unrelated events together is violence and an increased police presence required to maintain some semblance of order. 
In Houston recently, the inaugural Houston Beer Festival was oversold by 8,000 tickets (was only prepared for 12,000 beer enthusiasts) and yet the violence recorded was the failure to properly hydrate thirsty beer-revelers with tasty inebriates. 
Image the cell phone videos that would have been recorded were the event in question the Houston Black Beer Festival (and the cost of policing the event to the Houston taxpayer).
You should be left with the realization that the only place to properly celebrate the Fourth of July is in a Whitopia, where the threat of violence from Mahogany Mobs is gone, with no form of public transportation available to transport these misunderstood youths to that city so they can shout, “This is a Black world.”
Ask yourself this:
Does the food taste a little more flavorful, the music more in tune, and do the firework symbolize a whole lot more while they glare brighter and stronger along to the Star Spangled Banner? Is the summer better now?
The cancellation of fireworks in many cities has nothing to do with droughts or with budgetary concerns; it has everything to do with the continued implementation of Black-Run America, meaning that no rational discussion of the Mahogany Mobs transpiring throughout the nation can be occur. 
So when you look up in the sky this Fourth of July and see nothing but stars gazing back, and in the distance the sound of police sirens can be heard (which the boom of sadly absent fireworks should drown out), understand that you are silently celebrating Black-Run America.


OneSTDV said...

Maybe I'm being dense here, but just curious why you included the Wonder Years clip?

I imagine you watched that show growing up?

Gv said...

Also, the more BRA lumps together "white people" and denies the richness of European heritage, the less it makes sense to celebrate the independence of one group of boring ol' whites from some other group of whites.

Anonymous said...

They ruin everything. They are the Black Plague. This whole planet needs to be cleansed because of THEM. If that means most of us have to die just to get rid of them, than so be it. It will be unbearable to live in a world full of their violence and "culture" anyway.

Anonymous said...

Great closing paragraph. Profound and sad.

Anonymous said...

I find that the number of websites and blogs devoted to "mid-century" culture, retail, restaurants, architecture, music, magazines, etc.is increasing by leaps and bounds. Search around and you'll find people taking pictures of anything left of the 1950's-60's, and a great many nostalgia sites ranging from the very personal (this is my youth/this was my town in the 50s/60s/70s) to the very broad themed.

I have a theory that at least part of the longing for the past is a longing for the order and progress inherent in White-run society. Most of those bloggers, site maintainers wouldn't admit it to themselves, but if they study the past, they know that people were safe in their persons, the future was filled with boundless possibility, and Civilization was on the advance, rather than on the retreat as it is today.

What people are yearning for is the America that the TV shows and the History teachers claim was a horrible, evil place, and yet it is plainly obvious that when Whites were in charge, we invented Space Travel, and put men on the Moon. In BRA, we are dismantling our Space Agency because you can't Affirmative Action a rocket scientist into being...the ships will explode, people will die, calculations are either right or wrong, and no one can gloss the wrong answers over.

These nostalgic bloggers aren't longing for a return to the old Woolworth's lunch counter, or longing to stay at Howard Johnsons (though all of this would be cool), they are longing to eat at a restaurant that isn't filled with rowdy Apes whooping, hooting, and hollering. They long to walk down a clean, quiet street after dark without the constant fear that a pack of feral teens will beat them and their family to death just for walking around. They are longing for an America that worked, where excellence was sought after, praised, encouraged, and admired. The long for a return to sensible policies on Race, Immigration, and National Identity.

The Wonder Years really were just that; they were the culmination of thousands of years of Whites out-evolving the lesser races, and for a few decades, we enjoyed the fruits of our ancestors accomplishments. Then, we immediately turned around and dragged it all in the mud and purposely sowed the seeds of our descent. Ask anyone who lived in Long Beach, CA or Detroit, MI what it was like to live in those places in 1960, and ask them if they would choose to live there today. Ask your grandparents what kind of quality of life they had when they could keep the African at bay. If not for our foolishness, our Race would have probably cured every disease, solved every problem. Instead, our treasure is wasted on "Diversity". Great results, eh?

Anonymous said...

So, according to the Huffington Post, Independence Day can't have any meaning to Asian Americans like me, because none of the presidents so far have been Asian. I'll have to cancel my barbecue.

Anonymous said...

This is the single greatest website on the Internet - it's also the most depressing. It would be one thing if SBPDL was racial vitriol. The problem is that it's simply a blog reflecting mainstream reporting on the day-by-day life in BRA.

Anonymous said...

If you've ever seen the show Bait Car, where the police place a car in a hood, wait for a thief to steal it, shut off the engine, lock the doors, and make an arrest, I think there needs to be a bait water park. Set up an urban day at a water park, have the national guard hiding behind a tarp, and then when the mob starts fighting drop a giant net and arrest everyone. You can also make a bait store, a bait bus, a bait subway train, bait rap concert, etc.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


Hope this doesn't date too much, but I'm to young to have seen The Wonder Years when it was on TV for its original run.

I was randomly searching on YouTube a few years ago after reading about the Akron attack (2009) and found this video. It reminds me of where I'm from and the general feeling of community, fellowship and pride in America that we felt.

I'm in my mid-20s and I can promise you some of my favorite memories when I'm in my much older will be the wonderful July 4ths from my youth with my family; my teenage years with friends I'll have forever; and even during college and after when we all came back to celebrate the fourth together.

That Wonder Years clip captures something that is dying, something uniquely American. It's pretty powerful stuff, at least to me.

I sometimes write entries that should be for my eyes only, because I do throw personal stuff in and add videos that many people reading probably won't have the slightest idea why I include them.

Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen a full episode of The Wonder Years.

I'm not sure if the clip from Hulu is working, but it's one of the most beautiful scenes ever filmed, the climatic scene from Field of Dreams.

Probably should have saved it for Father's Day...

OneSTDV said...


The Wonder Years was rerun for awhile after its original run, so I figured you had watched it then.

And I agree that there's something about that scene that hits you emotionally - the community feel that doesn't really exist anymore.

Hirsch said...

Watching that "Wonder Years" bit made me pine for the days gone by. And yes, Tim Wise, they were the good old days. 200 years from now shows like the Wonder Years and Turner Classic movies will serve the same function as Rolant Saevery's paintings of the now-extinct Dodo bird. At least someone will remember what we looked like, as long as the celluloid images hold.

And I had to put my dog to sleep today. Damn it's getting to be a depressing week, and it's only Weds.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

If you want to open up a water park, do it the right way. You pay to get in and then secure your belongings in a lockeroom area that is under the watchful eye of security guards (sad that it's come to that) then to gain entrance to the park itself....jump into the moat which surrounds the entire circumference of the water park. I'm thnking at least 30-40 feet wide and 7-10 feet deep. If you can swim, you've got it made. If you can't, well, consider it part of the price that has to be paid.

It would no doubt cut down on the wrong element being in attendance in vast numbers. If a few could actually make it, well then, hope for the best. As for those that scream "this park is racist" Refund them their money and let them get the fuck on. We all know this would never happen of course, but it's still fun to think about it. :)

D J said...

Good morning, Stuff. If this turns out to be a dupe, please just delete it. Much in the way of strangeness with the internet here this morning.


Anon at 6:42: The Wonder Years was, more or less, my era. I was older than the narrative character, but not quite old enough to be drawn into the meat-grinder of Viet Nam.

I am 62 and born in Los Angeles. We did not have the direct "whites only"-sign segregation of the south, but negroes knew they did not go in the front door at the Biltmore or the Statler Hilton, and that Ciro's on Sunset Boulevard was Not For Them.

You mentioned the mid-20th-century webistes and how folks are reaching back. I reach back every single day. I stream or order films from as early as the silent era right up to about 1980. RARELY do I order anything newer. My XM receiver is generally set for the 40s channel, or the classic radio shows, or the ONE clean comedy channel they have. Most music I buy is old jazz, or classical. In short, I want to live as much of what American was as I possibly can. Aside from my musical tastes being 20 years before my own generation, I try to live the life of the America I knew, and saw die.

My memories include visiting the artwork of Simon Rodia, driving there with the top down on the car, and not worrying about a thing. To drive with the top down anywhere in Los Angeles anywhere east of Highland Ave today and you take your live in your hands.

Memories also include entertainment from negroes that was amazingly good and that had a wide market. Nat Cole, Billy Eckstine, Ella Fitzgerald, the Mills Brothers, and many others were listened to by just about everyone; they stood or fell on their talent, not wild behavior or thug behavior in front of press photographers.

As others have mentioned: a stroll after dinner or well into the evening was safe virtually everywhere. No one DARED do anything wrong. Justice was swift, harsh, and sure.

Not every negro was a menial. Those who were worth it could work their way up. No, it was not as easy as for Whites, but it was possible. My mother's maid moved up to seamstress in a clothing factory, to supervisor of 120 sewing machine operators. Not exactly president of GM, but it beat scrubbing floors and paid more. She succeeded because he busted her bee-hind; she did not run, sniveling, to the NAACP.

"Social programs" were for those who needed a leg up; it was not a way of life. There was no midnight basketball. If "the youth" acted up, they got a swift whack on the head and a trip to the county lockup.

I've been rambling; I'm sorry. I need to get to work so will close this out. As I do so, Artie Shaw's band is playing "Dancing in the Dark". Darn, but it feels good to hear it.

Anonymous said...


Best commentray ever on Black America. Only thing missing is the malt liquor. And busting some caps on ya ass.

The simple truth is that blacks do not want to behave in a civilised manner and rewarded for doing so by DWL.

Anonymous said...

That episode of the Wonder Years had an older much sexier Soliel Moon Fry better know as Punky Brewster this was pre breast reduction surgery and that makes that clip something extra special to me.

Oh yeah, blacks fuck up all things family and wholesome. There is nothing family or wholesome in the black community with the over 70% out of wedlock births and the consequent monster factories their ghettos create.


Anonymous said...

While I'm waiting for the coffee to finish brewing,I wanted to give everyone here a heads-up. Juneteenth,which I suppose could be called the Mahogany Fourth of July,is right around the corner,and all of the People Who Make Things Work need to keep their eyes open for the events that are inevitable when large numbers of blacks gather.

Juneteenth is June 19th,and it's the day that federal troops landed in Texas after the end of the War of Secession and began enforcing the Emancipation Proclamation. ( At least that's what I was told in my 7th grade social studies class and as far as I know,it's accurate. )

Juneteenth celebrations were a strictly local custom when I was a kid,being limited to Texas,and some parts of Louisiana along the Tx./La. line. In fact,when I was in the Armed Forces in the late 1980's,no one had heard of Juneteenth except other Texans and maybe some Cajuns if they lived close to the state line.

However,I understand that this has changed,and I can attest to have seen Juneteenth Celebration announcements as far away as San Bernardino,when I was working in Southern California in the late 1990's. If these celebrations have become more widespread since then,it wouldn't surprise me at all,and it would be a very good thing for anyone reading this to do a quick search for Juneteenth events in their area and avoid the area of these events like one would avoid crab lice.

On a brighter note,these Juneteenth celebrations will doubtless provide the author of this fine blog with a wealth of incidents to chronicle.

And I also want to wish everyone a great 4th of July!

Ex Gladio Libertas

Anonymous said...

I never watched the show, but that clip made me tear up a bit.

~AV~ said...

I'm in TEXAS, I will avoid any venue this weekend that will host anything remotely JUNETEENTH...that means, I will not walk my dogs near any city parks, or for that matter even DRIVE my car by any city park that has picnic tables/bbq pits.

I have seen in the last few years rowdy late day drunkeness...and we don't need the current TEXAS heat wave/drought/rotten economy to "be the magic hate whitey spark" who happens to be too close to a city park with rowdy feral people in it.

Thank GOD...I am CHL...

Fellow "Eyes that can See" Texans here know what I mean...

CLICK this link and chuckle when you READ number 9...and remind yourself that the COOLERS can be full of Malt Liquor...

Houstonians a re urged to strengthen the tradition of Juneteenth by coming to Hermann Park early on Sunday, June 19, 2011, to celebrate with family, friends and coworkers. The park features 445 wooded acres with picnic tables and grills, along with fountains, gardens, statues, playgrounds for children and educational facilities, such as the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Houston Zoo.

Miller Outdoor Theatre is located in Hermann Park at 6000 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, Texas, 77030. Miller Outdoor Theatre is wheelchair accessible. MetroRail serves Hermann Park. Information can be found at www.ridemetro.org. Concert-goers bringing cars are encouraged to carpool.

There are Juneteenth events in Houston area in the days ahead.

The Miller Outdoor Theater at Hermann Park will have a Juneteenth concert on Sunday, June 19 from 7-9:30 PM. This is a free event with (free) tickets required for the covered seating. Click the link for details.

Here is a list of events taking place in Houston and Missouri City between now and June 19th.

There is a Juneteenth Parade on Saturday, June 18th at 10 AM that will start just outside Minute Maid Park. Here is the parade route and some more information.

~AV~ said...

Paul...more future fodder....


Black Consumers Spend $2.2 Billion With Toyota, Yet Toyota Refuses To Thank Black Consumers For Their Support

~AV~ said...

Baltimore preparing for Juneteenth and the 4th of July...they just aren't brave enough to "say so"...

(H/T to DrudgeReport)

Baltimore Opens City Curfew Center

MORE wasted white tax payer dollars....

I guess they will be serving "Grape Drank and Pork Rinds" to the chillenz...

Anonymous said...

What a world we had. I'm 46. You kids, you young folks, cannot imagine what a world we had.

And we pissed it all away in the name of "love".

We beg your forgiveness.

Midwestern said...

White people should take your kids tent camping on the 4th. Blacks don't like Mother Nature. We did this as kids - big watermelon cooling in the river, pond swimming, canoeing, hiking, campfire, smores, snipe hunting. No blacks present, EVER. A joyful white experience.

The 4th is just another opportunity for blacks to "act a fool". Blacks in my city fire their weapons into the sky until 3am and shoot bottle rockets at other people's homes and cars. This continues for about a week after the 4th. Where do they get so much extra money? Hmmmm.

There is always a huge police presence in and near black neighborhoods once people get their drank on and start fighting. Smoke from the BBQ barrels nearly chokes you to death, and there are hundreds of people walking around everywhere. Best for good white folks to be on vacation for the weekend.

Andrew E. said...


Thank you for posting that wonderful clip from that magnificent film, Field of Dreams. A film which celebrates not just baseball but America (pre-Black Run America) is relevant to this post and I think you were right to include it. Not only is it great to watch in itself, it provides a powerful juxtaposition to our current reality (nightmare).

~AV~ said...

Poor Rahm...


poor bastard...he is going to have his hands full this weekend...

Discard said...

Midwestern: Some airports re-route landings and take-offs on the Fourth to avoid celebratory gunfire. Personally, I think we ought have mobile mortar platoons to provide counter-battery fire. (For those who don't know, we have long had radar that can pick up a projectile in flight, and determine the point of origin from its parabolic path. "Counter-battery fire" is when artillery then hammers that point.)

Anonymous said...

A commenter on the Second City blog made a great point re media censorship and Eric Holder:

"'Didn't Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder call Americans cowards for not being able to discuss race? He did. And why is everyone afraid of it?'

Because it violates the Terms Of Service everywhere. Did you think that the people who've controlled each new form of media as it was developed were going to stop here?

It goes beyond the Tribune constantly shutting down entire comment sections; try putting up your own web site that touches the correct nerve.

'If you want to know where power lies, ask whom you canot criticize.'"

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Exactly freaking right! The TRUTH violates the Terms of Service everywhere in liberal Black Run America.

The LA Times let people speak in the comments for about a year then recently they started really cracking down and deleting EVERYTHING that did not satisfy SWPL convention.

The media seem to think that they can prevent thought by censoring it. They think they can reduce conflict by lying about it. All they're really doing is turning up the heat on the pressure cooker. When people are told they don't even have the right to think freely and that they must bow down like slaves to liberal propaganda, it just infuriates people like I'm infuriated now.

Anonymous said...

The suburb in which I grew up has become, except for a few sections near the lake, as bad as the worst parts of the inner city. What was once a truly idyllic place live now is so "vibrant" it makes me want to vomit.

For many years this town hosted the best fireworks display in the region; people came from miles around to be part of the crowd. But then the Canadians, as we call them, moved in and destroyed the family-friendly neighborhoods surrounding the city park. It became too dangerous to walk the half-mile or so to the festivities, and a policeman friend of mine told me there were so many calls to break up fights that there weren't enough officers available to maintain a safe environment. The whole 4th of July festival was cancelled 3 or 4 years ago under the guise of the poor economy, but we know the major reason was poor behavior of a certain segment of the suburb's population. We now need police in the public library just to keep order.

Why are these thugs in the library, you might ask? Certainly not to borrow or read books. They congregate around the computers playing games or looking at athletic shoe advertisements, or go to check out 10-20 DVDs at a time.

It sickens me me to witness the fall of all these once-wonderful towns to the barbarians. Speaking of which, at the library yesterday I saw on display a children's book recounting the "Great Migration" of blacks from the south to northern cities, searching for a better life. But at what a great cost to the rest of us...

The great one said...

Look at the "Civil Behavior of SBPDLs after the Stanley Cup loss. http://msn.foxsports.com/nhl/story/vancouver-riots-overturn-cars-set-fires-boston-bruins-canucks-stanley-cup-finals-game-7-061511

B. Herder said...

Paul, The Wonder Years actually holds a special place in my heart being as, I lived those years. In fact the same exact time-frame as the show is set in (Same grades - same years) And although it's kinda' supposed to be 'Anytown USA' to those of us who lived it, it's clearly The San Fernando Valley (Suburb of Los Angeles).. Even the high school in the show is Van Nuys high.
The show is a very good description of the times (Although it does have it's left-leaning moments)..
Back then we didn't worry about locking doors at night, and as kids the only worry we had was getting back home in time when the street lights came on. Even for Hollywood, it's a very good description of pre BRA, which sadly, you didn't get to experience. On 2nd thought, I don't know if that's a good thing, or a bad thing in your case...
Unfortunately, you can't buy the series on DVD because of some sort of music copyrighting .. Although I do happen to have to whole series on DVD. It's WELL worth the watch, and I'd be more than happy to send you the series.. You got my email ;^)

Anonymous said...

"The Wonder Years" is available at Amazon: