Monday, June 6, 2011

Color of Change: Satoshi Kanazawa fired over his "Psychology Today" study on Beauty

If you don't agree, you have no future in BRA
Some group called Color of Change is taking credit for the recent removal of Satoshi Kanazawa from Psychology Today. You remember the maelstrom that erupted over a study that dared defame Black women’s beauty? We wrote about it here.
Gloating over the power to coerce independent thinking, Color of Change published this triumphant screed:
Psychology Today recently published an article claiming it to be scientific fact that Black women are less beautiful than women of other races. The article was flawed from top to bottom -- it was actually opinion masquerading as science, written by someone with a track record of using pseudoscience to promote discredited racist and sexist ideas.

Psychology Today needs to apologize, explain how this happened and how they plan to make sure it won't happen again. Please join us in demanding that they do.
Color of Change is dedicated to “changing the color of democracy” into an obviously beautiful hue of tyrannically Black. That’s the only acceptable color of democracy for this group, as evidenced by their attack on Psychology Today.
Any study that doesn’t conform to Black-Run America’s (BRA) narrative is easily dismissed as pseudoscience, and any scientific study that can be manipulated to further the objectives of BRA is deemed as legitimate and cutting-edge science. Take this study that is touted by
The findings of a study conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto suggest that knowledge of the science behind the human body might be able to help defeat racism. The study authors assert that educating individuals about our genetic similarities -- specifically, the fact that humans are 99.9 percent genetically similar -- can do a lot to diminish the meaning we attach to physiological differences.

Behind the research was the idea that people often mistakenly assume that superficial ethnic characteristics are a reliable sign of significant genetic difference. The result: Study participants who were more informed of genetic overlap between strangers were less likely to racially profile.

According to the researchers, the results suggest that people's beliefs about genetic variation are malleable. Education, therefore, could be a useful target for anti-prejudice interventions. "People without a strong motivation for prejudice -- and even those with professed egalitarian ideals -- frequently display signs of racial stereotyping," they concluded. "We suggest that people with egalitarian ideals may still exhibit stereotyping at least partly because they harbor particular assumptions about genetic variation."

We can all be guilty of focusing too much on identifying, criticizing and being frustrated by racism, and not enough figuring out how to do away with it. This is a step in the right direction. And while it strikes us as surprising that a little awareness of the biological version of "we all have more in common than we think" could do so much to alter long-held beliefs about race, if it works as well as the researchers suggest (at least as one piece of the puzzle), we're all for it.
Psychologists have long known that many people are prejudiced towards others based on group affiliations, be they racial, ethnic, religious, or even political. However, we know far less about why people are prone to prejudice in the first place. New research, using monkeys, suggests that the roots lie deep in our evolutionary past.

Yale graduate student Neha Mahajan, along with a team of psychologists, traveled to Cayo Santiago, an uninhabited island southeast of Puerto Rico also known as “Monkey Island,” in order to study the behavior of rhesus monkeys. Like humans, rhesus monkeys live in groups and form strong social bonds. The monkeys also tend to be wary of those they perceive as potentially threatening.
But what does Scientific American know? Obviously this study is pseudoscience, easily dismissed because it fails to properly buttress BRA with empirically convenient data.
Which is why were are here to begin with, knowing that Black women are obviously lusted over by males of every race at rates that far exceed that of pale, white women.

In searching the data on how the percentage of Black psychologists (1.8 percent are Black), we came across these interesting points which show that Black people have no desire to have their mental health evaluated by pseudoscientific white people:
African Americans have lower expectations of White psychologists and counselors (Watkins and Terrell, 1988).
         African Americans view White psychologists as less credible and less capable. (Watkins, Terrell, Miller, & Terrell, 1989) .
         African Americans are less disclosing to White psychologists (Thompson, Worthington and Atkinson, 1994).  
         Mental health practices can be used as a form of cultural oppression against people of color (Sue & Sue, 2003). 
         African Americans are less likely to receive a Black psychologist for those who prefer one because only 1.8% of all psychologists are Black.  Of that 1.8%, a smaller percentage, 0.5% (one-half of 1%) are Black male psychologists. (Townes, 2004; American Psychological Association, 2007).
"When seeking to explain differences between African Americans and whites, it is important that researchers first consider the impact of black-white demographic and socioeconomic differences. This is because disparities found in research sometimes are attributable to differences in poverty and marriage rates, regional distribution, and other population characteristics. However, investigators often continue to observe black-white differences after controlling for differences in social status and demographics and must look elsewhere to explain their findings. One of many possible explanations is racial bias:  African Americans might, under the circumstances being investigated, be victims of adverse treatment because they are black."

When four decades of research and psychology literature suggest that Black clients generally prefer Black counselors (Wintersteen, Mensinger, & Diamond,  2005; Campbell & Alexander, 2002; Thompson, Bazile, & Akbar, 2004; Speight & Vera, 1997; Okonji, Ososkie, & Pulos, 1996; Coleman, Wampold, & Casali, 1995; Atkinson, 1985, 1983; Casas, 1984; Sue & Sue, 1977; Harrison, 1975; Burell & Rayder, 1971; White, 1970; Grier & Cobbs, 1968; Vontress, 1967), it creates a public health dilemma when Black people are underrepresented in the mental health profession and overrepresented in populations that have a high need for mental health services. When Black people need psychological help in a White-dominated society, the race of their counselor can be a critical factor as to whether or not they seek and receive help.  Black clients are more likely to receive mental health treatment under emergency conditions, and under coerced and mandated conditions rather than the preferred conditions that Whites receive treatment, like voluntarily and self-referred (Hu, Snowdwn, Jerrell, Nguyen, 1991; Takeuchi & Chueng, 1998).  Black people often have no choice but to be seen by providers that they might not have chosen or preferred if given the chance to select a mental health provider (Thompson Sanders, Brazile & Akbar, 2004)
Gosh, why aren’t more Black people entering the field of psychology, considering such vast potential for garnering a significant slice of an under-served market segment is available as clients immediately due to Black people’s desire to only have their mental health evaluated by Black people? To answer that question, we might have to venture into a territory reserved for those who practice a vile form of pseudoscience.

Knowing that the degrees pursued by college students are highly segregated (by choice, as no one is keeping Black students from pursuing degrees in molecular biology, geological studies, or engineering; their test scores and study habits are sufficient barriers to entry), the only way to increase Black participation in the field of psychology is to lower the standards required to study and earn a masters and doctorate so the many, admittedly under-served mentally ill Black people – who eschew white psychologists – can finally find out why they have voices in their head. 

Hey, we are doing it for doctors and lawyers, why not mental-health evaluators? To see how colleges are implementing BRAs agenda, check out this site

So congrats to Color of Change for working diligently to remove pseudoscience and Satoshi Kanazawa from infecting the BRA-approved discourse on beauty. Remember that Allure magazine, in a scientifically-correct poll, found that mixed-race women are the most attractive.
We all know that Black women are the most beautiful. And if you don’t admit that, Color of Change will come after you because no dissenting opinion – no matter how scientifically sound – is allowed in BRA, where the color of our democracy has been changed to a dominating shade of Black.


Anonymous said...

Kanazawa should just move back to Asia where there is still freedom of thought and science is not under attack.

The West has reverted to being somewhat like the church inveighing against evolution and the fact that the earth revolves around the sun rather than the other way around.

Percy Kittens Reloaded said...

Color of Change finally scored a victory.

Incidentally, they were co-founded by Van Jones, a staff member in President Obama's administration (until Glenn Beck "outed" him as a Communist and the administration cut him loose back over Labor Day weekend of 2009).

Anonymous said...

"Flawed from top to bottom"! That's rich! Nice to see them avoiding knee-jerk responses and programmed, facile cliches. If it's flawed from "top to bottom," why is it that they don't offer one single piece of evidence to support that claim? (Apart from the vague claim that the author used "a dataset from an unrelated study of teenagers.")

These blacks in Color of Change also lie (is that a surprise?), claiming that Kanazawa "draws the obviously false conclusion that Black women are 'objectively' less attractive than women from other racial groups." We all know he never said "objectively": that would mean he was speaking for every one of the six billion individuals on the planet. All he wrote was, in essence, that on a broad cultural level, black women are least desired the world over.

Notice the level of intelligence of one Negress in her attempt to debunk myth: "The Illustrious Career of a Crap Psychologist," Jezebel"

Wow, with a name like Jezebel she must really me smart!

Or how about this fascist attempt at shutting people up? "How to Debunk Pseudo-Science Articles about Race in Five Easy Steps," Racialicious, 5-17-2011"

Instead of encouraging their readers to read, cogitate, and respond when encountering ideas different than their own, they're arming them with the ability to identify certain types of thought with the express intention of stifling it.

Oh, and with a name like Racialicious, you know we're dealing with rocket scientists.

Anonymous said...

My dad works at one of the world's biggest engineering construction firms. He says it's white, oriental, Indian, and for some reason a lot of South Americans. On the rare occasions he's encountered a black engineer, who in most cases comes from a black college, it's been an outright embarrassment how badly under-qualified they've been. When you're dealing with 5 billion dollar construction projects in which even a minor mistake can lead to a multi million dollar delay, no company can afford diversity hires.

Anonymous said...

Is "fired" the appropriate term? Psychology Today is a periodical and Satoshi merely contributed to it. I didn't see anything about the London School of Economics firing him.

Midwestern said...

Black people cannot handle the truth about race, especially if it shines a negative light on them, which it always does.

I think many confused DWLs who promote black beauty and black culture have never lived in close proximity to blacks. I know a crusading-white-pedagogue DWL couple who travel to Haiti to teach music to the disadvantaged children. Their house is decorated exclusively with African art and trinkets from Haiti. They rave on and on about the beautiful colorful people, the rich culture, the singing and dancing, and the "happy in poverty" hopeful and uplifting attitude of the Haitian people. We should be more like the Hatians!! This couple raises money from their DWL friends to dole out on the next trip.

I am sure that in walking amongst the poverty-stricken Haitians, they feel very morally superior. They have adopted these "noble savages" as their own people, and do nothing to promote their white culture. It almost seems like a mental illness to me.

Any white who make comments about the "beauty" or "richness" of black culture has never experienced black culture up close and personal. That is the only conclusion I can make. Of course blacks think they are beautiful! Race apologists have been telling them so for decades. Now we have created a monster with a very high self-esteem.

Black people have very interesting behaviors when white people are not around, and so most white people never get to witness the "richness" first hand. In my experience, blacks talk about very different things, subjects which are often shocking to whites, and they even use a different language when in an all-black environment.

Anonymous said...

let the fools believe what they want. everyone knows the reality

Anonymous said...

If I were conducting a scientific study examining whether black women were universally considered the least desirable, I'd ask 1 question:

The thought of performing cunnilingus on a black woman...

1. excites you
2. intrigues you
3. repulses you
4. no response

Guarantee you all the elites will select #3, including Bill Clinton.



To be fair, no one is saying there is 'scientific proof' black women are not beautiful, only that few people see them as such.

You can be accepted. You can be rejected.
Life sucks that way, but you press on regardless...


Anonymous said...

And I can teach thee, coz, to shame the devil
By telling truth: tell truth and shame the devil.

If thou have power to raise him, bring him hither,
And I'll be sworn I have power to shame him hence.

O, while you live, tell truth and shame the devil!

-- Hotspur, Henry IV. Part I (1597)

Sagat said...

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but numerous studies have found that Black women are statistically less desired than women of other races. This is what was at the core of Kanazawa's study. He's not saying that there aren't beautiful Black women at all; he simply showed that overall they were deemed to be less attractive.

For some reason, Blacks have a hard time understanding averages and statistics. If I point out the average IQ of Blacks is 85, I can be guaranteed a response like, "Shut up racist! I know some Black geniuses, so that can't be right."

It's like this. White people are statistically more at risk to develop skin cancer. That doesn't mean that all White people will get skin cancer. And just because Black women have a lower average desirability rating, doesn't mean that there aren't some great looking Black women out there; it just means that there's a lot of ugly Black women out there to pull down the average.

Douglas said...

That took a little longer than I expected. I didn't think he would last through the first week.

Liberals, simply can't stand the truth, especially regarding one of their victim groups.

Steve said...

The Race of Failures(RoF) scores a Pyrrhic victory.

Anonymous said...


Despite all of the lies told on both sides. Blacks and whites statistically do not desire social interactions with one another.

There are around 41,000,000 blacks in the US and less than 1,000,000 black/white married couples.

The bottom line is white people do not find black people attractive. Any white person saying anything to the contrary is either a liar or has some kind of fetish.

-Black Guy

Anonymous said...


I find white women to be wildly unattractive.

Why can't you just simply say that about black women without all of the excuses and bullshit?

-Black Guy

Anonymous said...

Rhianna is a very beautiful black woman. Yet she earned a nice shiner from her boyfriend Kanye. A beautiful black woman, with an ugly black eye, from her black boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but gotta vent...I am gobstruck after seeing Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton actually hosting an MSNBC news program earlier this evening while channel surfing. How in HELL has it been possible for that crooked Negro buffoon to go from race agitator to host of a national news program? America has truly lost its way. Time to emigrate to a saner environment for my children's sake.

kurt said...

Red bull king of the rock commercial and new Chrysler 300 commercial sums up BRA.

Anonymous said...

Hey black guy?

Go fuck yourself. It is unbelievable that after your comment about the SEALs, you are not gone.

Fuck off garbage

Anonymous said...

"I find white women to be wildly unattractive.

Why can't you just simply say that about black women without all of the excuses and bullshit?"

Because this is a discussion of societal trends, not individual opinions, you fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

"How in HELL has it been possible for that crooked Negro buffoon to go from race agitator to host of a national news program?"

CNN and MSNBC both foolishly believe they can boost their abysmal ratings by appealing to blacks.
Apparently after being crushed by Fox News for ten straight years, there is a willingness to try almost anything.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase "Col Nathan R. Jessep",
BRA can't handle the truth.

White Devil said...

"I find white women to be wildly unattractive."



I have a suggestion: Chess. Black people hate chess, I can't find a single African grandmaster.

Sagat said...

I said earlier: Blacks have a hard time understanding averages and statistics.

And then we get this:

I find white women to be wildly unattractive.

Why can't you just simply say that about black women without all of the excuses and bullshit?

-Black Guy

Thanks for proving my point.

Anonymous said...

LOL Commenter "Black Guy" OWNED by Anonymous at June 6, 2011 7:08 PM


Discard said...

Isn't the editor of the magazine responsible for the content? Was he fired?If not, then the publisher must actually agree with Kanazawa, but threw him overboard to appease the sharks.
Which brings up the question, who are the sharks? Surely not Blacks, who cannot possibly have any real influence. Always, the question should be, Cui bono? Who benefits?

Anonymous said...

"Because this is a discussion of societal trends, not individual opinions, you fucking idiot."

Aren't social trends nothing more than a collection of individual opinions?

-Black Guy aka Fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

Liberals, at least, cannot or won't comprehend them. Female liberals are the worst ones.

Cannot think why this would be. Can you?

Anonymous said...

"I find white women to be wildly unattractive."

Funny how he unintentionally brought up an interesting point- and that's that I, nor anyone would find that even remotely offensive.

Why? Because whites aren't constantly thinking in terms of race (do blacks EVER think about anything else other than race? Maybe if they took a time out from it they might be in danger of actually accomplishing something in life- HA!)

Not to mention the fact that it's nothing more than a childish rebellion meant to garner attention. It's just goofy- like saying- "Bill Gates is a loser." OK- knock yourself out- the only ones chiming in with you will be crickets.

But comedy aside- again the most disturbing aspect of this story is the Nazi-ish element of it all- don't like someone pointing out the elephant in the room? Have them fired.

1000 years of social engineering isn't going to make men of any other race find black women attractive. If the reason that I as a white man don't find black women attractive was based on racism (belief that whites are superior to all races) then why do I find Latina & Asian women so irresistible?

Here's a refreshing perspective for you- I don't find black women attractive BECAUSE THEY'RE NOT ATTRACTIVE. PERIOD.

Traveller said...

it seems some of his posts are still here

If one today writes an article with title

"Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?"

he deservers the title of most courageous writer ever lived.

Anonymous said...

Of course the majority of black women are ugly ass worthless pieces of garbage but stating true facts about blacks is like yelling "FIRE" in a movie theater!

Dissident said...

Cut "Black Guy" a little slack. At least, Black Guy has stated that he loves his own women. Personally, I respect that from him.

I know he's probably in the minority with black men, because we all know how much they lust after the beautiful white ladies. Give him some credit for at least standing up for his own women. I have no problem with that at all.

Midwestern said...

I find black women and their behaviors to be wildly unattractive.

There. Are you happy now Black Guy?

Anonymous said...

"Aren't social trends nothing more than a collection of individual opinions?"

Yes, and the ocean is nothing more than a big collection of water drops.

However, if we want to learn about tidal trends, we do not study an individual drop of water, we study the ocean.

It is a given that any type of study that attempts to objectively define patterns of human preferences WILL NECESSARILY include a wide variety of individual opinions.

Kanazawa did NOT draw his conclusions by polling a handful of individuals, he analyzed a whole array of human behavioral criteria, then connected the dots.

Anonymous said...

" Give him some credit "

Yes, after he calls the posters on this blog "rednecks", "losers", and racists. Your compassion for black guy is amusing.

Marc B said...

If black women were really so appealing, black males wouldn't be pathologically chasing every white heifer in hopes of turning her into a mulatto factory while passing over scores of average looking black women.

Anonymous said...

Black, man. I wouldn't. Not in a million years.

Pull out all the stops...including the Halle Berrys and the what-have-yous. No.

If white women want to co-mingle, terrific - that's their choice. Not me.

This is the single greatest website on the whole Internet.

savannah said...

Jesus Christ Supercop-

Yeah, I'm a white woman who is exclusively attracted to white men, and I always got that comment too. The best way I've found to shut them up is to ask them "Would you call a gay man sexist because he doesn't find women attractive?" I've never gotten an actual answer but you can tell it makes them think, and most importantly, it gets them to leave you alone. Give it a try!

SimpleMindedSociety said...

Is it really fair to compare black women and white women (or lighter skinned women)? Black women have darker skin, naturally kinkier hair, and different sexual features (in terms of size of lips, breasts, and buttocks) than white women. They look completely different in terms of many physical variables and if they live in a society where the opposite is considered "better," then, no doubt, they'd be considered less attractive than the dominant paradigm.

I've read about this story on other blogs and the angle taken by the commenters on this site is, frankly, appalling. If you don't find black women wholly attractive than that is a personal belief. But what good is it to make them feel bad about themselves? It seems as if everyone under this blog already made up their minds and that's that. And?

Kanazawa was fired because his article wasn't scholarly rigorous (pseudo-scientific) and racist. Period. Psych Today made the right decision. If you think it shows something like "silencing truth," then you are way out of line, at least in this case.

Anonymous said...

At Anon. June 26, 2011 12:27 PM

Diarrhea, we all know this topic inflames you. Like I said aren't you banned? And lastly Kanazawa was fired because he couldn't again state something truthful because Afrocentrist like you would riot.
Now get the hell out of here for good!

Anonymous said...

“Last week, a blog post about race and appearance by Satoshi Kanazawa was published–and promptly removed–from this site. We deeply apologize for the pain and offense that this post caused. Psychology Today’s mission is to (now mis)inform the public, (not) to provide a platform for inflammatory and offensive material. Psychology Today does (not) tolerate racism or prejudice of many sorts. The post was not approved by Psychology Today, but we take full responsibility for its publication on our site. We have taken measures to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. Again, we are deeply sorry for the hurt that this post caused.”

When you pander to people who do not know what they are doing you lose all credibility (as Edinburgh University can confirm).
Crawl to the uneducated morons you nonsense shilling morons!

Anonymous said...

I'll quote Sagat:
"Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but numerous studies have found that Black women are statistically less desired than women of other races. This is what was at the core of Kanazawa's study. He's not saying that there aren't beautiful Black women at all; he simply showed that overall they were deemed to be less attractive. "

They are STATISTICALLY less desired than women of other races.

What part of that study is erroneous? Exceptions are not the rule.