Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black people's Reliance on Government Jobs Becomes Clearer; So Do the Events of Black Memorial Day

A government dedicated to advancing, and a media dedicated to censoring this concept is doomed
A nation reliant on McDonald’s for contributing nearly 50 percent of the jobs created in one month is doomed. That McDonald’s triumphantly boasts of being 365Black is an apt metaphor for that same country, which has also instituted a 365Black mantra of its own called Black-Run America (BRA).

We’ve talked about what Black Memorial Day 2011 means, and Jim Goad did an excellent job of discussing exactly what the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) reaction to Matt Drudge’s clustering of Black-centric stories on his site represents at Takimag:
And as far as trying to “inculcate fear and apprehension” goes, these street mobs are doing a bloody good job of it. Even prior to Barack Obama’s election, there was some concern that if he didn’t win, blacks across America would riot. Perched high in their glass cages, the left may be turning a blind eye to this sort of bloody racial street theater—or even winking approvingly at it—because a National Black Flash Mob in 2012 if Obama isn’t reelected might scare the living freaking sweating bleeding shit out of white voters.

These digitally orchestrated and monolithically black mob attacks only seemed to start after Obama was elected. And they seem devoid of any political message beyond brute, ugly, triumphal racial intimidation through group power and group force. America’s black Attorney General refers to other blacks as “my people” and refuses to prosecute slam-dunk cases of voter intimidation when his peeps are the perps. And all these events are passively enabled by a media that largely sticks its own head up its ass and pretends that everything smells peachy. If anyone complains, even while their teeth are being kicked out of their mouth, they’ll get called the worst word in the world.

If you consider Drudge’s site – merely an aggregator of topical news story at that given moment – to represent a universe of evolving news, then May 30, 2011 represents his attempt at giving us a constellation that – like ship captain’s of old – is guiding us to disquieting summer.
Chicago is city that is one police shooting of an “urban youth” away from massive chaos. That Black teens are working in groups to attack “people of undisclosed race” is a sign of where we are headed this summer. A gang of Black youth attacked a person in New York City’s Central Park. Both of these events happened last weekend.
A near-riot at Bessemer, Alabama’s “Alabama Adventure” park – caused by Black people – is an indicator that the problems that plagued Wave Country in Nashville and Point Mallard Aquatic Park in Decatur (Al.) aren’t isolated incidents to be casually dismissed as examples of “Black youths” being left unsupervised.
White kids are allowed freedom in an unsupervised capacity all the time, but their actions don’t require the shutting down of water and amusement parks which denies paying customers the opportunity to have fun.
One comment left at the AL.com story on the “Alabama Adventure” near-riot struck us as funny. A number of people left comments that dared call-out Black people for the truculent behavior displayed at the park, and a DWL commenter wrote:
I read some of these comments and have to ask, how's the weather in the 19th century?
What does the assertion by DWLs that criticism of Black people is somehow backward thinking and that its better suited for the 19th or mid-20th century mean? Experience is the only light we know to guide ones thinking, and many people are experiencing behavior in 365Black America that is causing them to question everything and slowly inch closer to the ranks of Those Who Can See.
But a story from Huffington Post that details the Black middle-classes – an artificial creation of affirmative action policies in Corporate America and Government jobs – reliance on government jobs and how Black people will feel the brunt austerity measures makes perfectly clear that BRA is not an economically viable proposition. It is coming to an end:
Such a sentiment has echoed throughout the nation, as the red ink left in the wake of the Great Recession prompts federal, state and local government agencies to pare down payrolls and eliminate positions that have sustained middle class dreams for decades. Since the beginning of 2008, some 375,000 government jobs have been eliminated, according to the Labor Department.

The cuts fall with marked impact on African Americans such as Mathis. Nearly 21 percent of the nation’s working black adults hold government jobs, as compared to some 17 percent of white workers and 15 percent of Latinos. Public agencies are the single largest employer for black men, and the second most common for black women.
The disproportionate vulnerability of African American employees to the impacts of government budget cuts helps explain why black workers have fared so much worse than other slices of the population since the recession’s end. In May, the unemployment rate among black Americans reached 16.2 percent, up from 15.5 percent a year earlier. By contrast, white unemployment was eight percent, an improvement from the 8.8 percent level of a year earlier.

The loss of government paychecks erodes one of the great equalizing forces at play in the American economy for more than a century. A government job has long offered a pathway for American Americans to sidestep discrimination that has impeded progress in the private sector, where social networks often determine who has a shot at the best jobs, say experts.

The 1987 film Hollywood Shuffle embodies the crucial importance of government work for black families. In one scene, a struggling black actor is reminded by his grandmother that he can always get work at the post office.

"Something similar but maybe less pronounced can be said about a lot of government agencies," said Philip Rubio, a labor historian at the University of North Carolina A&T State University, who took that movie scene as the title for an academic book on the subject, "There’s Always Work at the Post Office."

African Americans first gained employment in the postal service in the 1860s, in the wake of the Civil War. Two decades later, the post office began hiring through the civil service exam, creating equal access to jobs and equal pay regardless of race or gender. And civil service protections allowed postal workers to get involved in controversial issues such as the earliest stages of the Civil Rights Movement without risking their jobs.

By 1940, 14 percent of the black middle class worked for the postal service, according to Rubio. In the decades since, other government departments, from housing to public works to sanitation, became major employers.

But now, with the broader economy stuck in a deep rut and working opportunities chronically lean, those government jobs are diminishing, too.

"Many of the black people you don’t hear about on the news, the black people who own homes, who can afford to send their children to college and have modest savings, many of them worked for some branch of government before the recession began," said Steven Pitts, a labor economist at the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Labor Research and Education. "There is good reason to be very concerned about what will happen when this work disappears."

Houston does not, at first glance, seem like the sort of place where workers would be suffering. A sprawling metropolis defined by big oil, big malls and big freeways, the Texas city seemed impervious to the forces of decline that have beset so much of the country in recent years.

"To explain that I just need one word: oil," said Mike Valant, survey chairman with the Houston branch of the Institute for Supply Chain Management, who issues a monthly report on Houston’s economy monitored closely by the Federal Reserve. "Oil hasn’t taken much of a hit. Also the health care industry just kept growing."
The Houston area’s roughly two million residents –- about 23 percent of them black –- work largely in three industries: oil, health care and government.

But like every major American metropolitan area, Houston suffered the end of the speculative frenzy in real estate. By the end of 2010, some 12 percent of the city’s housing sat vacant, according to Census data. With so many houses empty and real estate transactions stagnant, the city saw its revenues decline as development fees fell off, along with sales and property taxes.

By March it became clear. The city faced a budget shortfall of $130 million, and given that Houston is legally required to balance its budget, cuts became virtually unavoidable. The majority of Houston’s government workers are black, so those cuts would almost certainly fall heavily on the African American community.

Mathis was among 60 city government workers who lost their jobs in the course of department consolidations during 2010. A similar fate now confronts 750 additional municipal employees who will be laid off on July 1.

Most major American cities have been eliminating government jobs. Local governments have shed 446,000 employees since employment in the sector hit its peak in September 2008. They plan to cut nearly 500,000 more over the next two years, according to a national survey of governments.

The impact of those cuts seems certain to fall disproportionately on African Americans, exacerbating already extreme rates of joblessness. It's no coincidence, some black union activists say. Many think the preponderance of African Americans in the government workforce makes them a useful target for some politicians –- particularly Republicans, cognizant that the black vote trends overwhelmingly Democratic.

"In some states I think it’s a power play, pure and simple," said Lee Saunders, secretary treasurer of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, a public sector union, and the son of a union bus driver. "In some sort of sick way, some of these ultra conservatives think that if you hurt African Americans and they are laid off and can't find work that there may be negative implications for the 2012 presidential election. If you have a lot of people who are frustrated, maybe it is going to be very hard to get your base out to vote."
If you read SBPDL, you already know the government hires Black people at disproportionate rates. Though Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are costing the country billions of dollars each fiscal quarter, phasing out these insolvent institutions can’t transpire because more than 50 percent of their combined workforce are non-white.
It’s not that the private sector is racist, as every company bends over backwards to accelerate its diversity with initiatives for increasing Black employee percentages that are just as fervent and overzealous as what once allowed this country to put a man on the moon.
It’s that qualified Black people can’t be found to do the jobs. That’s it. Newsone.com compiled a list of jobs that lack significant Black participation and the only barrier to entry that keeps Black people from pursing these jobs is a degree proving they have sufficient education for handling the rigors of the position.
Of course, that’s an educational hurdle that no amount of money can ever get to go way (that pesky racial gap in achievement just won’t close!).
Black unemployment numbers are bleak. So is the daunting task of finding cash to pay for future unfunded mandates.
Normal, hard-working, God-fearing (family men with obligations) white males are being forgotten as those DWLs in control of BRA scramble to keep afloat a rudderless ship that is sailing inexorably toward one eventuality. Matt Drudge, on May 30, 2011, showed what constellation guides us now.
Consider this piece to be the last discussion on BRA’s demise and Black-gang attacks for awhile. The government can no longer find enough tax-revenue nor print enough dollars to hold afloat BRA, and it’s coming down no matter what. We’re going back to humor (after we publish our second and third response to Steve Sailer’s college football piece).
Those of us who have views set in the “19th century” only do so because experience has made us that much wiser. Wishful thinking on the part of good intentioned DWLs has led us to this interesting juncture in history, and we hope that if you, Mr. DWL, when confronted by a gang of Black people in Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Baltimore or some hipster-area, that you tell (plead with them) those who attack you that, “But wait, my thinking is in line with 2011!”
Just remember, courtesy of Black people in Akron, Ohio in 2009, “This is a Black World.”


Anonymous said...

I read some of these comments and have to ask, how's the weather in the 19th century?"

You can always count on DWLs to turn a blind eye to horrible black behavior, while criticizing those who dare to notice.

It would be funny, if it weren't so gutless and pathetic.

44 Magnum said...

In Hindsight, it was inevitable that BRA would be exposed and go under. The massive number of crime victims created by negros (Think of the crime victims as People who can SUDDENLY see (PWCSS)) would reach a tipping point. White families with a daughter, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister, etc. raped by a negro nearly equals the number of fatal auto accidents in the USA, around 37,000. The number of Whites who have raped a negro equals the number of people abducted by Aliens, Zero. Given this disparity of victims, it was inevitable that all those family members would begin to shake off the brainwashing and realize that the negro is an Alien species that needs to be removed for the sake of the good people. Further, This is just one category of crime. Many people have become Able to See just on the fine experience of being robbed or beaten or assaulted or carjacked by the negro. Since 1992, when the great riots of LA caused many to be Able to See, millions have been brought to the truth.

The riots of the negro this summer will be an eye opener for the majority and will lead to the first strong discussions about removing the negro from our society.

Why? Because with everyone hurting in this economy and the widespread disasters that have happened to the White this Spring (and which he has shamed the negro by acting neighborly and very un-Katrinalike manner) the Whites in this Country are going to get a full on exposure to "It's a Black World" and Black Hate. No amount of Liberal excuses are going to cover negro riots and attacks on Whites, beatings and dragging the through the streets. Drudge is going to cover the news and it is going to be Ugly. Liberals and their policies that have been used for decades are going to be frankly discussed, condemned, and discarded.

I will do everything in my power to assist.

Discard said...

When the boat is taking on water, those who can neither row nor bail have to swim. I once had a Black supervisor that, to my knowledge, played no racial favorites at all. His job was dependent on producing the right sort of numbers, and lazy or inept people of any color did not help him to keep his job, so out they went. Maybe part of the reason he had his position was that he could not be successfully accused of racism. In any case, every capable overlord knows which of his minions are a help and which are a burden. They're willing to sacrifice Whites to the multi-cult, but not themselves. Even the most ardent anti-Whites will hire the most capable people they can for their own office. Most Blacks will be toast in the coming order of things.

Anonymous said...

Now that we have a legitimately multicultural society, with no systematic white racism to be found, I can propose an elegant solution to all of these market distortions:

Let the market decide.

If you're an entitled idiot who doesn't understand how an economy works, you're going to be poor. End of story.

Dissident said...

The hand writing is on the wall.

America's days as a prosperous and progressive nation are long gone. This poison of political correctness and multiculturalism is our death knell. We're finished as a first-world power, as others have said, you can't have a first -world nation with third-world people.

I'm hunkering down for the worst and hoping for the best, but I'm not optimistic at all. We have to many traitors in our ranks, I'm talking about whites that are sacrificing their own for political expediency.

Damn them to Hell. They're the ones that have done this, blacks alone could never accomplish what these bastards have done to this nation. Let this be a warning stupid white liberals/progressives/intellectuals, whatever. You'll reap what you're sowing, if you think for a moment that the over-flowing scourge won't get you, well then you're way more stupid than I thought.

Anonymous said...

DWLs are pathetic and I hope they get torn apart by their pet minorities. The 18th, 19th and 20th centuries was actually a time where a lot of liberal movements emerged such as the Enlightement, the French Revolution and others. If anything my dear DWL fool you are in line with their thinking (yes the 18th to 20th century). "Past" doesn't always equal "traditional conservative" or "far-right".

Anonymous said...

You're better off being labeled a child molester in 2011 than being labeled a racist. Without trial our even anything being spoken directly to you, businesses and opportunities close their doors to you in fear of being associated with you.
I'm sick and tired of seeing white people trip all over themselves trying to prove they're not racist (usually at the expense of their undeserving brother or sister)!

Midwestern said...

"Caleo69" at Taki Magazine responds:

"You hit the nail on the head. Most white Americans have spent 3 or 4 generations in suburbia, and at this point have been stripped of any barbarism. Completely domesticated.

But folks need to remember that prior to the mid 60's, this kind of nonsense did not, in fact could not, happen. Black folks knew damn well what would happen if even one of them got cute with someone white. The retribution was so severe and overwhelming that it sent a very clear message to the black community as a whole what awaited them if they stepped out of line.

Did it ever go too far ? Yes. But 40 years of collectively sitting on our hands and hoping and praying it would all go away has led us to this sorry state.

But this type of wake up call has been happening since the L.A. riots, and things have only gotten worse. I shudder to think how much worse it has to get before people start to realize that blacks have no intention or motivation to put a stop to this.

I fear it could get much worse before the inevitable backlash occurs."

Anonymous said...

You're right. If the white public feels that it is not being protected by the police (ha) or Eric Holder (ha ha), then the next step is the formation of white ethnic militias to provide public protection.

Blacks who participate in public attacks on whites -- and those who look the other way -- are playing with fire. Once whites lose their fear of being arrested, it's over. There isn't a police department or National Guard in the country that could handle 50,000 pissed-off white people with guns and nothing to lose...

Anonymous said...

"Now that we have a legitimately multicultural society, with no systematic white racism to be found, I can propose an elegant solution to all of these market distortions:

Let the market decide."

Have you noticed how the Libertarian Party does in elections?

catonaroof said...

I think al.com has deleted any comments which are honest about the black behavior (in the Alabama incident). I don't see them there. I think this is becoming a common tactic used to control the realist comments which were becoming more frequent. Soon the truth will not be able to be told in blogs such as that one (on msm sites).

Anonymous said...

"Have you noticed how the Libertarian Party does in elections?"

Oh, I've noticed. In the past few years, I've gone from Libertarian to Anarchist/Darwinist. I'm not counting on elections to accomplish anything -- not when so little of the population is literate, let alone capable of philosophical thought.

-Anon. @ 11:42

D J said...

Black Memorial Day has been extended:



More "yoofs" I guess.

D J said...

Sorry about the Alabama Adventure link, Paul. Teaches me to not read your articles all the way through. Pull the whole post if you want.


Oyster Person said...

anyone think that Ann Coulter has been skipping thru here???

Check out her new book...


Feral Blacks are Demonic and follow the LIBERAL ideology.

Anonymous said...

Gmail is acting all goofy...accepts password acts like it is logged in and when I try to post it goes to poop.

anyhow...check these links at Drudge...

3rd column

Carville: 2012 could be 'very rough'; Civil unrest 'imminently possible'...


RACE CARD: DNC chair says GOP wants to 'drag us all the way back to Jim Crow'...


Reformed said...

Extinction Level Event Asteroid To Hit Earth, Black People To Suffer The Most, News At 11.

The state and federal government is a bloated waste anyhow. Firing 375,000 is nothing but a good start.

FoxSnooze.com said...

Paul, When you warned the summer of 2011 would be tainted with black violence I thought you may be a little bit over-reacting.

Then comes this via AmRen:

Black riot at Alabama Theme Park

As you watch the video, listen them chanting "black boys". This is the same they did in New York. It's epidemic. This summer no state fair; no theme park will be safe.

Even those that charge admission risk hordes of black jumping the fence as they did in Nashville or beating Whites outside the ground as they did in Iowa.

FoxSnooze.com said...

oops - Sorry about the repost.

I didn't read DJ's post

Anonymous said...

Black mobs attacking whites. This is becoming so common it should have an abbreviation BMAW.

Anonymous said...

Those law abiding citizens who have no firearms should be exercising their Second Amendment rights under the law, like yesterday. Don't take it lightly and do plan ahead.

D J said...

FoxSnooze: it just shows that great minds think alike. :-{)}

Joe-k said...

I'll tell you who the three top black oppressors are. Obama, Holder and Jackson. They are all employed by the Federal Government.

You don't know who Jackson is? Look up the fat turd who runs EPA. Her name is Lisa Jackson. Never held a real job in the private sector although she graduated with an affirmative action degree in chemistry 20+ years ago. She does her best to cripple, fine to death, extract billions from White Run America. WRA is our private enterprise sector.

She is currently in a nasty a spat with Texas oil refineries over emissions. She is pushing for coal powered electricity plants to install more equipment to stop mercury emissions. The bill is 10 billion. She doesn't love nature. She just hates whitey and his economic success. Blacks could care less about "the environment". Their top priorities are free stuff via one way or another sucking off the government tit and reparations.

Given all that I'll still bet the EPA staff is at least 35% black in DC. A great job at a great (rip off the white taxpayers) wage. Get rid of the EPA and America's economy will do a lot better.

~AV~ said...

See Drudge first column and check out Rahm promising to round up feral blacks and get them off the street.

Rahm: I'll Get The (black) Thugs! http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/06/07/emanuel-vows-full-force-of-law-will-bring-street-thugs-to-justice/

Second column reports other feral behavior




Anonymous said...

Environmelontalists do not care abou the environment.

Melons - green on the outside red on the inside.

They are the heirs of 60s Maoists who hate society and what to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

If a system is unsustainable, it will end, but with a bang or with a whimper.

D J said...

One has to look at Carville's statement and ask:

Is Carville drawing a conclusion, or is he making a threat?

Anonymous said...

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