Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mayor Nagin Writes Book: Crayons Sold Separately

Hurricane Katrina gave the world a glimpse of daily life in Detroi
Black-Run America's (BRA) Mayor - Mayor Ray Nagin - is back in the news after publishing a book about the traumatic experience of seeing what "a day without white people" was like in New Orleans in the aftermath  Hurricane Katrina.

You remember Hurricane Katrina, right? That horrible storm that ravaged New Orleans in 2005, exposing to the world what living in Detroit is like on a daily basis.

So what is "Black-Run America's Mayor" talking about in his book?:
New Orleans, almost six years after being devastated by Hurricane Katrina, is still working to rebuild. Former New Orleans Mayor, C. Ray Nagin, has penned a new book, called Katrina's Secrets, which reflects on the historic hurricane that devastated the city and the federal government's response to the natural disaster. 

"We could have all done better, absolutely," said Nagin during an interview on MSNBC. "But it's just a part of history now."

Nagin's book talks about the days that followed Hurricane Katrina, the struggle to gain federal aid from FEMA and the politics behind the scenes. He even points out the lack of co-operation that was due to bipartisan politics between a Democratic governor and a Republican president. 

Nagin's book is not all doom and gloom, he showcases the heroes and, as he puts it, the "sheroes," who were some of the first responders after the hurricane. "You're gonna learn about how we brought a city back from almost being totally devastated," Nagin said. 

The former mayor was quick to point out that although the local police were diligent to rescue and help New Orleans, and according to him, 90 percent of displaced citizens were quickly moved to the convention center, on a federal level new laws have not been enacted to help prevent slow governmental response times. "No laws have changed and it can happen again."
 Local police abandoned posts, leaving the city completely lawless until Blackwater (now XE) came in and cleaned things up so that correspondents from the Mainstream Media could safely enter the city. Oh, and the National Guard. Read this story on cops in New Orleans who stayed to try and maintain some order in a city under siege by the natural disaster of a hurricane and the unnatural disaster of unsupervised Black people.

Imagine the YouTube videos that would have gone viral had the iPhones and other cellular phones equipped with recording technology been widespread in 2005.

Though the lessons of Hurricane Katrina have gone down the memory hole, BRA's Mayor - with the publishing of a book - reignites our interest in them. Just days after the looting began, Mayor Nagin was a mess:
Days passed, looting started, the feds didn't come, and Nagin cracked. In a radio interview Thursday night, he ranted passionately for 14 minutes that the feds had done little to stop thousands of deaths: "Don't tell me 40,000 people are coming here! They're not here! It's too doggone late. Now get off your asses and let's do something, and let's fix the biggest goddamn crisis in the history of this country!" Nagin didn't stop until he broke down in tears.

The New York Times wasn't as Steve Sailer, but they did write this:
THE white people got out. Most of them, anyway. If television and newspaper images can be deemed a statistical sample, it was mostly black people who were left behind. Poor black people, growing more hungry, sick and frightened by the hour as faraway officials counseled patience and warned that rescues take time.

What a shocked world saw exposed in New Orleans last week wasn't just a broken levee. It was a cleavage of race and class, at once familiar and startlingly new, laid bare in a setting where they suddenly amounted to matters of life and death. Hydrology joined sociology throughout the story line, from the settling of the flood-prone city, where well-to-do white people lived on the high ground, to its frantic abandonment.

The pictures of the suffering vied with reports of marauding, of gunshots fired at rescue vehicles and armed bands taking over the streets. The city of quaint eccentricity - of King Cakes, Mardi Gras beads and nice neighbors named Tookie - had taken a Conradian turn. 

In the middle of the delayed rescue, the New Orleans mayor, C.Ray Nagin, a local boy made good from a poor, black ward, burst into tears of frustration as he denounced slow moving federal officials and called for martial law.
If Rudy Giuliani can lay claim to being "America's Mayor" then Mayor Nagin is the perfect embodiment of "BRA's Mayor."

Recall that a horrible earthquake/ tsunami hit the northern part of Japan and looters and Blackwater (now called XE) where not required to bring stability to an area that would soon experience a near-nuclear meltdown.

One of our most popular articles was Japan 2011 vs. New Orleans 2005. Read it to understand something elemental, undeniably fundamental about why what we are about to write is true.

Many American cities require martial law and massive police force, not because of natural disasters, but because of the unnatural inability of Black people to follow the law. Indianapolis this past weekend is a perfect example of this, as were the event of Black Memorial Day 2011.

Curfew is used to ensure that Black teens don't participate in Polar Bear Hunting, Knockout King, or random robberies in cities like Atlanta, Baltimore, St. Louis, Cleveland, Birmingham and Newark. In Chicago, the suggestion of implementing martial law to curb Mahogany Mobs has been floated.

"BRA's Mayor" will never be able to admit, nor will those Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) who position themselves as Black peoples eternal cheer leader, that the words of then Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone (1986) were confirmed during Hurricane Katrina:
``Since there are black people, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans in the United States, its level of intelligence is lower on the average,`` three nationally circulated Japanese newspapers quoted Nakasone as saying.
This New York Times article on the horrible educational gap between whites (and Asians) and non-whites shows the truth in Nakasone's statement.

Despite his cartoonish effort to save New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, reports that BRA's Mayor would include crayons with his book are not true.


Gulf Coast Gal said...

Well, what went down the Memory Hole was the response of black NO residents in the hours before the storm hit.

There was AMPLE warning for people to evacuate. I remember being very distressed that people without resources weren't pressuring the local govt to get them OUT of New Orleans.

Prior to Katrina, we had lived in Pensacola for a few years, survived a few bad storms, and knew well the situation facing New Orleans, since it had been debated openly for years as a "worst case scenario".

Instead, many elected to stay in place, IN SPITE OF THE REPEATED WARNINGS ABOUT THE SCALE AND INTENSITY of the storm, and chose to shelter in the Superdome.

There were multiple interviews of people in line waiting in line at the Superdome. Most were in a festive mood. They were hooting, cackling and just in general pleased that the government was going to be footing the bill for this "Adventure". None had anything that could be useful with them: No water, no blankets, NOTHING. They repeated over and over again that they expected handouts from the Govt and the Red Cross. Many made statements that it would be like a "party" or an "adventure".

I was sick to my stomach, as any reasonable person could foresee how dangerous this storm was, and would try and get out, and if they couldn't, at least bring supplies to ensure the comfort of themselves and their families.

Hate to say it, but I have no feelings of empathy for those who chose to stay for "the adventure" since Uncle Sam was gonna be footin da bill.

That was my first real glimpse into the mentality of BRA.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm here to tell you it isn't by any means forgotten in the cities that still put up with the trash from that fiasco. Go back? Why would they go back to nothing when they have it so good in Texas?

Meanwhile, just about everyone I know has gone and worked there for a couple of months rebuilding- and made damn good money. The only ones that have gone back are whites who didn't live in the city. They also used their checks wisely, like repairing their homes or replacing their vehicles, not on Diet Mt.Dew and steaks etc.

And, of course, you can't forget that where there is cheap property our brown friends will be there snatching up property.

Anonymous said...

This is another topic that sends Diarrhea into psycho-fits, look for multiple sock puppets.

Anonymous said...

The title of this post cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

I was in Gentilly during the storm. Had lots of fun. There's no engineering for negro people and tsunamis. Sorry.

Plus, Mayor Chocolate City was born black and he really couldn't do anything about this. Poor bastard. His Chocolate City refused to lift a finger and help itelf.

About three weeks later, Louisiana made a sweetheart deal with Texas -- we'll send you 10s of thousands of negro people and we'll "take" 10s of thousands of your illegal Mexicans. Every bus that left New Orleans with those filthy, helpless negro dogs came back with helpful, hardworking Mexicans. While the negro slept on our dime in hotels, Mexicans slept in parking garages between 14 hours days cleaning up New Orleans. True story.

Several months later, Metairie had to outlaw taco trucks. After that, only the outlaws had tacos.

My biggest regret is that I didn't have night-vision goggles and a couple of more lawless nights to hunt. Maybe next time ... ... ... because alligator is good eatin'.

The Engineer

Hirsch said...

With Nagin, it's the same as Eric Holder or Jeremiah Wright. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Blacks with a high level of visibly white ancestry tend to overcompensate, making sure with their every action that people understand they're black. Bernie Mac and Wesley Snipes didn't seem to have the same problems.

I don't think I will be reading this tome, but I can imagine it will be a self-serving lovefest. Excerpt (page 88) "And as the call came from the fifth ward that George Bush and his evil cronies were set to dynamite the dam, I donned my cape and flew to the scene in a last-ditch effort to save the Chocolate city from the vanilla evil-doers. Did I mention that I'm black?"

Anonymous said...

If you've read Zeitoun, or the numerous articles of The Nation- it's readily apparent that Ray Nagin only made things worse. People needed rescue, they needed competent police.
A police force which disintegrated into anarchy, Police Officers abandoned their posts (mainstream media), they became little more than exceedingly well armed looters with badges that gave them freedom of movement (The Nation magazine), and they violated private property to a level that made a progressive like myself start thinking "I need as many guns as I can get my hands on".
I recommend the book Zeitoun for anyone who wants to read a first hand account of Katrina from the non-Superdome crowd, it's an eye openning account of how New Orleans became pretty close to saigon circa 1975 for a few weeks. A Syrian American small business owner who stayed behind to watch his property had police/military ad hoc team show up, arrested them all at gunpoint- The man had ID and documents showing he owned the building in a desk in the room- and put them through the hell that passed for a prison system for months on end. Oh, I forgot to mention- There was no phone call, no trials, no due process whatsoever. Just "Get on the bus, get in the cell, get out of the cell, etc".

Ray Nagin presided over anarchy, I didn't see any cops showing up and arresting people at the superdome, I didn't see cops taking on looting/scavanger gangs, howerver if you're a property owner just trying to make sure that you're business doesn't get destroyed down by looters then prepare to have your door kicked in and a team of ad hoc police/national guard arrest you at gun point (and By gunpoint, I mean a big assault rifle pointed straight at your chest).

Ray Nagin's police department didn't disarm looters, it didn't disarm vigilantes who were using passerbys for target practice, it certainly didn't try to disarm the thugs who took advantage of the chaos to act out a post apocalytic warlord fantasy (i.e. you get a knock at your door and find a guy leveling a shotgun at you, screaming for your car keys). His police department did disarm little old ladies of their revolvers, it arrested anyone who wasn't a threat- business owners, diabetics, the elderly, preacher's wives, foreign students, nurses, etc.
If you were a racist with a gun, and were out for blood- well Ray Nagin's Police Dept would be all too happy to leave you alone..

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

I hate to say this, because I don't want to sound conspiratorial, but what happened in New Orleans is exactly what will happen in other major cities that have the dynamic of a Black mayor, Black police chief, and majority Black population.

If Chicago turns into a full-scale riot, which could happen with the wrong police officer shooting the wrong "youth", who knows what will be required to restore order.

With the Black media (newsone.com, thegrio.com, theroot.com, blackvoices, twitter and stuff like the Atlanta Post) the news will spread quickly to other cities.

This is the scenario I fear could happen this summer.

Ray Nagin clones exist as mayors of most major American cities, as do citizens with the exist mentality of those left behind in Katrina's wake.

Hirsch said...

On second thought, I may have been too hard on the mayor. There are certain socio-economic factors and disadvantages from which black people suffer that must be taken into consideration, thus excusing their behavior. Or, in the words of our modern day prophet Michael Eric Dyson:

"First of all, we must internalize the flatulation of the matter, by transmitting the effervescence of the Indonesian proximity in order to further segregate the crux of my venereal infection. Now, if I may retain my liquids here for one moment, I'd like to continue the redundance of my quote-unquote intestinal tract, because to preclude on the issue of world domination would only circumvent-excuse me- circumcise-the revelation that reflects the aphrodisiac symptoms which now perpetrates the Jheri curl's activation. So do not misinterpret the chauvinistic anomaly posed by the veracity of the white man."

See the rest of The Right honorable Doctor Professor, Scholar's speech here, with a special appearance by Sir King the distinguished reverend Cornell Prophet West.


Anonymous said...

Black people can't be expected to evacuate before or prepare for a hurricane. They can't allow a hurricane to disrespect them like that.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. What's funny is that despite all the blacks who left NO for Texas (increasing their Part 1 crime rates to astronomical levels) crime STILL went up in NO despite many having left for a more target rich environment.

Anonymous said...

They're not unnatural. They just don't belong in our society. Expecting most Africans to thrive in Western civilization is like expecting cats to bark or fish to fly. They evolved to be Africans and they would be happier as Africans. It is a tragedy for everyone that they are in America and that colonial civilization was even attempted in Africa at all, as it just makes them want to replace their natural way of life for a prosperity they will never be capable of obtaining instead of being happy with what they had. On some level even the most progressive people understand this. They wouldn't support, say, trying to coerce Kalahari Bushmen into accepting development on their ancestral lands. But they don't apply that idea to the greater picture: that Africa and the African people altogether are meant to be bushmen and not Americans.

bubo said...

Wasn't Nagin in the Dallas Four Seasons when the hurricane brushed by? (It actually hit Mississippi) I'm sure I read that somewhere. The guy didn't even stay around to watch his city being destroyed by floods and black people.

I also read about the widespread confiscation of homeowners firearms after the floods came. If they wanted to stay in their homes they were made to relinquish all of their guns. I'm not conspiratorial either but damned if that doesn't sound like a dry run for the disarming of the law abiding populace during an "event."

D J said...

"A Syrian American small business owner who stayed behind to watch his property had police/military ad hoc team show up, arrested them all at gunpoint..."

Read that several times, folks. Think every word through.

Now, remember: when things make the full transition to an openly police state, the POLICE will be the ones rounding you up. That friendly police officer who buys coffee and a doughnut at your cafe, or who brings his uniforms to your shop for cleaning and mending may be smiling at you NOW. But when the opportunity arises, he will turn against you like a rabid dog.

I'm old enough to have attended school with kids whose parents went through this very thing. They were lucky in that they survived. That place was central Europe in the 1930s.

Some of my contemporaries had themselves escaped the Eastern Bloc countries. The common thing: the parents from the 1930s, and the contemporaries of the 1950s both said the same thing: it was the POLICE who took, or tried to take them away.

Police do the bidding of their employers. If it is a choice of upholding the law and the Constitution, or keeping their paycheck and pension, the paycheck and pension beats someone else's rights, or even life, every time.

Silent Running said...

If you were a racist with a gun, and were out for blood- well Ray Nagin's Police Dept would be all too happy to leave you alone..

"Racist with a gun" = someone prepared to defend his property and his life from roaming bands of feral Negros.

Blue Eyed Devil said...

The lingering memory I have of Katrina was something that took place several weeks after the hurricane slammed through NO. A fairly hefty black woman who had relocated after the storm to the area I live in now, was talking to someone on her cellphone. I couldn't help but hear her (you can always hear fat black women 10-20 feet away) tell someone on her cellphone "I need my Katrina money" because apparently Uncle Sam wasn't getting it to her quick enough.

It sucks that the storm left so much ruin in it's wake but it also sucks that folks didn't heed the warnings and get the hell out of the path of the storm as well.

Anonymous said...

"a Democratic governor and a Republican president" had a bi-partisan problemand it was the democrat who sent empty buses from the city to Houston.

A white mayor would have used them to transport people.

Anonymous said...

"Now, remember: when things make the full transition to an openly police state, the POLICE will be the ones rounding you up."

DJ, this site is STUFF BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE, no one here is interested in your paranoid fear of police, please stay on topic.

Anonymous said...

There was a huge spike in murder rate wherever Katrina refugees relocated here in Houston. My sister works in HR, is unfortunately a liberal dumbass, but even she will no longer interview anyone with a 504 area code or any other New Orleans area code because hardly any of them have cars or credit scores over 550.

Anonymous said...

@June 22, 2011 6:28 AM : Speak for yourself. I am interested in his "paranoid fear of police", because it is based upon the truth. Cops are the Enemy. They do the bidding of the Enemy. They hate us and everything we stand for. Do not trust them, interact with them, or try to be friends with them. They are only in it for the money, the kickbacks, and the thrill of watching "civilians" grovel and beg for their lives beneath the boot heel of the Man with the Badge.

Come the Clampdown, who do you think is going to be doing the clamping down? Who is going to be arresting you for being a member of a "racist, right-wing militia" while the Section 8ers riot, rob, and rape unmolested? Who is going to be shooting your kid in the face because he won't put down his gun even though holding a gun is not a crime? Officer Friendly, your local neighborhood Hero in Blue, that's who.

Just as he did in N.O....

Discard said...

What color were these police who disarmed honest people?

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

Don't bash on cops too much guys.

I have it on good authority that the folks at Secondcitycop.blogspot.com head over here and moreso, the reason most white people and anyone else who oppose BRA fail to speak out publicly is for the fear of losing their jobs.

Should cops have just started randomly shooting people during Katrina?


Oh wait, they did.

Here's what I could find on the Katrina/ gun confiscation story:


Hirsch said...

The Police State stuff sounds like something that would come out of Alex Jones's gyrating double chin as he attempted to hock some of his New World Order DVDs. When the shit hits the fan, the cops will not clamp down on you or round you up into camps. They will abandon their posts and go to protect their families.

If the center does not hold, there won't be a currency. Jeb Bush or Malia Obama or whatever nightmare president we have at the time could offer the policemen salaries of 10 Billion $ each when canned goods would be a better method of barter.

The state is an overreaching entity. Timothy McVeigh made the wrong choice, but he was not an idiot. What happened at Ruby Ridge, what happened to Robert Jay Matthews, what happened at Waco were all shameful responses by the federal government. But snipers don't kill for free. And helicopters don't drop white phosphus incindiary when there's no fuel. Keep your guns and by all means prepare for whatever contingency you see fit, but the cops are not some malevolent THX like army of robots who don't have their own beliefs and families. When you talk about the police force as if they're some conspiratorial army, it reminds me of blacks moaning about police brutality after Dontavius Deshaun La'Jenkins draws first and then gets some return fire from the po-po.

Anonymous said...

"Speak for yourself. I am interested in his "paranoid fear of police", because it is based upon the truth. Cops are the Enemy"

No, cops are not the enemy, and this blog is STUFF BLACK PEOPLE DON'T LIKE. Negroes often perceive cops as the enemy, because negroes are often criminals. Your hatred of cops is based upon the fact that you are black.

Anonymous said...

"Don't bash on cops too much guys."

We have NEVER had cop-bashers on this blog.

Paul, since being banned, Diarrhea has returned with a whole slew of new screen names. Every time someone tries to change the topic away from black people, it is obviously her.

Anonymous said...

Black mayors view race as a much more important component to their success than do any other race of mayors. It can be said that any politician panders to where the money is but their is something much more salient to the black mayor.

Go to any city where a black mayor has been elected and watch how quickly AA is instituted to the nth degree. A majority of any government employment will soon become black well beyond the demographics.

Once enough blacks are in position at their government jobs corruption increases astronomically. Services slow to a trickle and mayhem and decay set in.


Anonymous said...

"But snipers don't kill for free."

No, but they'll kill to steal and maintain their power base. Will all police stay out in force? No. To think that most will not take advantage of the situation given police antics in the drug war however, is naive in the extreme.

Maybe most will drop the power tripping attitudes once PC/BRA mentality can no longer be funded but I'm skeptical. Far too many seem to buy into the government knows all mentality.

Anonymous said...

This and CofCC are the best sites on the web thanks to great articles like this!!! What about a look back at the OJ case?

Anonymous said...

MuayTyson: "Black mayors view race as a much more important component to their success than do any other race of mayors."

What do you expect? When has there been a time there were so many black politicians in general that they could just ignore race?

This reminds me of white antipathy towards the seeming black fealty to Obama. Katt Williams joked about it; he said something to the effect of, "White motherfuckers, can't niggas be happy for just one goddamn moment? Take a look at a history book" - simulates flipping pages - "White, white, white, white, white, white... You motherfuckers have owned the White House for 200 motherfucking years!"

(Heavily paraphrased.) He then goes into a stint about Michelle Obama being a "real nigga" and how blacks were worried Rev. Wright was going to "fuck up some shit."

I think black politicians try to be neutral but it's a battle between what's expected from you AS a "black politician" and trying not be seen as a BLACK politician. White politicians don't have to worry about this; it's just right-left, even though there is always a substantial "Is he a real American" wing to the right that they have to kowtow to. When in doubt: keep Flag pins handy.

There aren't too many Latino and Asian politicians but I can assure you - at least for the Latinos - there would be "race preference" or the accusation of "potential" race preference. Look at Sonia Sotomayor. Bill Richardson never got too far in terms of presidential aspirations but Latinos would've been the new "blacks" in terms of his political posturing.

That's kind of how it is for minorities. It's just too bad they have to be labeled by whites for it.

In terms of Katrina, I will state this: George Bush really did not care about black people. Whether you want to blame inaction on local or state La. government, the point is after the shit hit the fan, the President of the United States took too much time before he helped. I tend to believe it was more about class than race.

Discard said...

White cops know all about Darks. They know that they get hired with lower test scores, that they complain about getting equal instead of preferential treatment, that they look out for their own first. A White cop's power base, when TSHTF, is the White community. Not the Darks, not the SWPLs, but productive White people. The thing to worry about is Dark police.

Anonymous said...

I really feel that cities and neighborhoods that are 80%+ black and constantly complain about cops harassing them (and refuse to "snitch" to cops) should be allowed to opt out of it entirely. Any crime committed in their jurisdiction would be self-policed or not policed at all. They can build their own prisons and police force if they feel that American justice is unfair. The only exception would be crimes against children, which can and should be policed as normal. And, of course, any criminals that wander out of the area and commit crimes outside would be tried and punished as normal.

If they can do better, let them try...or not. Possibly they'd prefer "or not." It would save the rest of us an awful lot of time, money and grief.

Anonymous said...

"Far too many seem to buy into the government knows all mentality."

Source, por favor.

Anonymous said...

The "Dark police" !! Ha!

Here's a video of an old white New Orleanian having her gun confiscated and forced out of the city by police:


You have a couple of choices in a situation like the old bag, A) hide the gun and answer the door, B) hide with the gun and don't answer the door, or C) answer the door with the gun and shoot to death anything that enters.

Hobbson's choices, one and all. That's why I left in two jiggles of a jack-rabbit's ass.

The Engineer

Anonymous said...

"Ret'd LAPD here. What's funny is that despite all the blacks who left NO for Texas (increasing their Part 1 crime rates to astronomical levels) crime STILL went up in NO despite many having left for a more target rich environment."

That's our brown brothers and sisters for ya.

BTW: I outfit police and fire vehicles and can tell you most of the higher echelon and blacks are straight up dicks while most of the beat cops are halfway decent people.(This wasn't directed at Ret'd LAPD but, the everybody)

Silent Running said...

They hate us and everything we stand for. Do not trust them, interact with them, or try to be friends with them. They are only in it for the money, the kickbacks, and the thrill of watching "civilians" grovel and beg for their lives beneath the boot heel of the Man with the Badge.

Truer words were never spoken. It's incredibly dangerous to assume that because the cops go after black criminals, the cops are your friends. They are not. The fact that they crack black heads is incidental; they're happy to crack anyone's head, especially that of the Caucasian gun owner.

Here's what I could find on the Katrina/ gun confiscation story

There was a book written on the subject that I highly recommend: The Great New Orleans Gun Grab. I'll also repost these videos: 1 2 3.

A White cop's power base, when TSHTF, is the White community.

Then tell them to stop kicking people's doors in on bogus drug warrants and murdering them. Tell them to stop killing citizens who are asleep in their own backyards holding "pistol grip" hose attachments. Tell them to stop arresting and disarming citizens who carry openly (in open-carry states) for "resisting arrest."

Anonymous said...

"Katt Williams joked about it"

Diarrhea, white people don't give a fuck about Katt Williams, most have never heard of him.

You have no idea how obvious you are, and I find it hilarious.

Anonymous said...

"George Bush really did not care about black people"

Diarrhea, you written this before, and it's still unoriginal and boring.

You have no idea how obvious you are, and I find it hilarious.

Discard said...

Silent Running: I read the article you linked. Nothing about a bogus warrant, nothing about murder. I don't know what the investigation will show, and neither do you. It is not unreasonable to serve a warrant at 10:00 AM. The cops say the guy came up shooting, so they shot back. Unless you think that people ought to be allowed to sell prescription narcotics from their kitchen, there's nothing in that article but a sad story.
I know that there are bad cops. I was nearly run down by one speeding in a schoolyard full of kids about ten years ago. I also know that there are wholly unjustified killings. When I lived in Los Angeles, there was a police killing in the adjacent county (Ventura) that the prosecutor called a murder, but admitted that he'd never get a conviction. There are bad doctors and bad electricians and bad music teachers too. But the fact is, I very rarely get any shit from cops, at all. Only twice twice in my life, both times by Mexicans. I look scruffy, I ride a ratty motorcycle, I drive my cars until they die, and find myself talking to the police more than I care to. They don't like my looks, but I help them out and I'm on my way. If you have issues with White cops, maybe it's your attitude. Seriously. Or maybe you just live in a corrupt county or state. Nobody I know has problems with the police.
BTW: When TSHTF in L.A. during the (Stacy) Koon riots, the cops split and left the shopkeepers to defend themselves. They were hardly Storm Troopers.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. During the riots I was in a black and white that was four deep with other cops. Twelve hour shifts of running from call to call, backing up other cops who were either under fire, surrounded by hostile crowds that were moving in on them, mass looting, etc. It was fluid mayhem, no one knew what the hell was going on as situations devolved/changed from people just milling around to instant anarchy.

We knew store owners, especially the Koreans, were heavily armed and DID WHAT WE COULD to protect whomever and whatever we could from the mobs. This trash about "storm troopers" is conspiratorial nonsense but I'm used to it.

I can't regale people with war stories to make them like us or appreciate what we do and have to go through. Some people are pissed that cops have the right to arrest and deem this fascism.

Going to work every day was often like going to war. Thousands of eyes looking at you, wishing you were dead or at least injured so that you were defenseless and could be savaged by the mob. Being targeted and sniped at. Having rocks thrown at your car or dropped onto you from a freeway overpass. Female gang members with razors in their mouth, ready to slash you if you drop your guard.

On and on everyone, I am only scratching the surface. I'm not trying to generate a shred of sympathy but this blog is all about honesty, right?

Anonymous said...

"This trash about "storm troopers" is conspiratorial nonsense but I'm used to it."

It's just Diarrhea's predictable attempt to steer the topic away from black people, ignore it.

Midwestern said...

"I can't regale people with war stories to make them like us or appreciate what we do and have to go through."


I am often frustrated with cops for several reasons.
Why can't I get the beat cops in my city to search and arrest the black thug drug dealers standing on the neighborhood corners when I call 911? Why do they just drive by them, look, and then keep going?

Why can't I get the cops to stop and search the black couple (prostitute) having sex in a car in front of my house at 2am? Cops just drive by, shine the light, and keep driving.

Is nothing illegal in a black neighborhood? Are cops this afraid of black crime? I am very afraid that if TSHTF in my neighborhood, I am on my own.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. Midwestern, I truly am appalled at the poor policing you have to endure. Try and contact your Chief of Police/Sheriff and demand extra patrols in your neighborhood. These are called "passing calls" or "passing checks" and are done so at the request of the public.

Keep calling 911 and don't be anonymous if you want the cops to be more proactive. If they have a contact name it gives the complaint more credibility when called in because many times we go to a scene and everyone has left, and the reporting party doesn't wish contact.

If you can have a face to face with the local cops who patrol your area, all the better.

There has to be a public liaison office to contact because they certainly don't want you going to the media. No one wants to look bad.

If you can document the illegal activity, possibly with a cell phone camera, get license plates, vehicle and occupant descriptions, even better.

Again I am not making excuses for the cops in your area. When you see these drug dealers, maybe give them a second look because you may see what appears to be a gun under their shirt. This of course will expedite a police response and guarantee contact with the dealers who may be on parole, probation or have a warrant.

It may not appear to be the case but I really believe the cops are on your side. Maybe some cops know that low level crimes (drug dealing, prostitution, graffiti, noise complaints, etc) will be seen as chickenshit beefs by the DA's office and will be dismissed "in the interest of justice" and it will just be a waste of time unless they actually on-view a crime in progress. This is no excuse, but maybe the local cops are just frustrated.

Please keep us informed as to what transpires, I truly hope it changes for the better.