Monday, June 20, 2011

Illegal Immigration: One of the Unreportable Causes of High Black Unemployment

Illegal Immigration: One of the primary causes of high Black unemployment
On a day where Eric “My People” Holder proudly proclaims the Justice Department has re-opened the Civil Rights Department – dusting off the big-guns to go after all those White Mobs terrorizing Chicago and white Knockout King enthusiasts in St. Louis – we learn that Black unemployment is reaching depression level numbers: 
The economy and jobs will be big issues in Washington again this coming week.
While unemployment among the general population is about 9.1 percent, it's at 16.2 percent African Americans, and a bit higher still for African American males.

CBS News correspondent Michelle Miller reports that, historically, the unemployment rate for African Americans has always been higher than the national average.
However, now it's at Depression-era levels. The most recent figures show African American joblessness at 16.2 percent. For black males, it's at 17.5 percent; And for black teens, it's nearly 41 percent.

For some, it's crunch time at STRIVE, a job training program in East Harlem, where instructors use drill sergeant-like techniques. They teach job-seekers to correct their mistakes by fining them a quarter each time they make them.

For young men of color, especially black males in New York City, things are especially bad. According to the think tank, the Community Service Society, 34 percent of New York's young black men age 19 to 24 are not working.

"If you haven't connected with the world of work by the age of 25, it's a permanent problem for the rest of your career," says David Johns with the Community Service Society.

Christopher Scott, 20 and a high school drop-out, got a GED last year, but he hasn't been able to find a job ever since.

"It makes me feel degraded in a way cause at 20, I should be more independent," Scott says.

For those with less than a college education, finding a job alone isn't the answer. Even if they secure employment, it's often below minimum wage, and in places like New York City, it's barely enough to survive.

Jermaine Christian, currently working as a restaurant busboy, graduated from one of the top high schools in the city in 2010. He can't afford college, so after searching for a year now, he works for $5.50 per hour.

"I became more or less desperate and took anything I could find," Christian says.

Job counselors say part of the problem is that high schools aren't teaching marketable skills.

"Unless you have a skill coming out of high school, in this society, in this economy, you will not be able to find a job," Johns says.
The coming cuts in Federal and State employment, jobs that Black people depend on to create the artificial Black middle-class, are coming and will only exacerbate this dire situation. Because Black people have an aversion to actual hard-work, jobs that should be filled with Black workers require the importation (or toleration of the illegal immigration) of diminutive Brown people from Mexico to fill. 

These are the 10 Jobs in America with Highest Percentage of Hispanic Workers:
1.     Graders and sorters of agricultural products—58.0%
2.     Drywall installers, ceiling tile installers, and tapers—56.6%
3.     Cement masons, concrete finishers, and terrazzo workers—51.5%
4.     Helpers, construction trades—48.6%
5.     Roofers—47.7%
6.     Miscellaneous agricultural workers—45.7%
7.     Packaging and filling machine operators and tenders—45.1%
8.     Carpet, floor, and tile installers and finishers—44.5%
9.     Construction laborers—44.2%
10.   Hand packers and packagers—43.7%

Now why can’t Black people participate in these jobs? Good careers, steady income and wealth generation are available to Black people who decide working hard and becoming a drywall installer or a roofer is a wise career move in lieu of committing a felony.  
 Why has the entire under-class population of Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, etc., relocated to America to perform the jobs that the majority of Black people are only qualified to perform? Because small business owners, farmers, and construction companies can depend on illegal aliens to actually show up for work in a punctual manner; perform the job without any complaining, even though they don’t speak English; and work hard.

Consult these links for the Jobs in America with the Highest and Lowest percentage of Black workers.

It’s easy to believe that illegal aliens work hard when you have as a comparison the work ethic of Black people. 
An entire state has been overrun (California),  with white people of economic means leaving by choice and Black people of no means – save what the government provides –being ethnically cleansed by the will of Hispanic illegal aliens. 
We don’t know what a “Civil Right” means anymore in Black-Run America (BRA), but we do know the only civil right the historic majority population of the United States has is to grin and bear our dispossession.
So many job training programs, race-based scholarships, entrepreneurship/start-up opportunities (New Me Accelerator Project in Silicon Valley is only one of hundreds) and incentives to be a minority owner of a franchise are available for Black people that it’s hard to believe the constant, incessant, ubiquitous claims of white privilege and racism from The Man keeping Black people from achieving success in a nation dedicated to their advancement. 
 There is a direct correlation to the Black unemployment rate and the employment percentages of largely illegal aliens who work in vocations that Black people would be qualified to excel in and fill. Or so you would think. 
 An entire nation was built, a continent conquered (as well as a trip to the moon) without the need to rely on diminutive Brown people to cut our lawns, take out the trash, hang the drywall, and clean our buildings. 
Funny, an entire nation is being dismantled because of the insistence on this scenario playing out, largely because Black people refuse to do the work or cannot be entrusted to perform these tasks. 

Because all racial minorities are perceived as being in a constant state of war with white people, no one will ever mention the correlation of Black unemployment and illegal immigration. Perhaps because the employers - based on experience - enjoy the labor of the illegals more than they do that of Black people?



Anonymous said...

"Perhaps because the employers - based on experience - enjoy the labor of the illegals more than they do that of Black people?"

Probably. Tis what happens when people are taught to live on the government plantation.

However, its also killing job opportunities for white people, especially those who can't/don't go to the oh so vaunted overpriced colleges. What happens when the economy implodes finally and all those college required paper pusher jobs go away? Perhaps some of those teens could work in the fields? Nah, child labor laws.

Liberal handout entitlement mentality, ruining Americans since 1964.

Discard said...

Given the changing demographics of this country, this site might have to change its name to Stuff Dark People Don't Like. The biggest problem I see with that might be the different attitudes towards work among the different Darks. Perhaps a parallel site could be set up: Stuff Brown People Don't Like.

Anonymous said...

Blacks deserve whatever these "new Americans" do to them.

Blacks laughingly thing Asians, Hispanics and others are going to side with them against whitey.

Anonymous said...

While i think the US has every right to enforce its immigration laws, it's pretty telling that a people without a pot to piss in and no language skills can easily surpass the 'victim' community. Ha the Black Spelling Bee post made me think of the movie Spellbound: A child of illiterate illegal immigrants making it to the finals. Shows what hard work and personal responsibility can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

If there was a site Stuff Brown People Don't Like, every entry would be a variation of not liking Black people. Most Hispanics wouldn't hesitate killing a Black person to avoid looking at them, and they abhor snitching. The streets are crawling with Hispanics who have murdered Blacks, and not just the gangsters. Good Black men who work to make the Black community a more peaceful, productive part of society have fallen victim to roaming Hispanics looking for a Black person, any Black person, to kill.

Hispanics play "Knockout King" all the time; except they hunt Blacks and bring guns, shooting to kill.

Hirsch said...

The Hispanic IQ is less than one standard deviation above the black IQ, but it is high enough for Hispanics to be a kind of problem that blacks never will become. For one, blacks lack a genuine concept of territory. They'll defend a graffiti-sprayed block, but they don't have the imperative of the Hispanics who have already envisioned Aztlan in their minds and know roughly how many Latinos it will take to make it a reality.

Also, aside from sports and music, blacks have very little to entice whites at the barganining table. Hispanics at least have an overwhelming number of beautiful women, and good food, making them not only tolerable but sometimes welcome, despite the fact that the social pathologies they bring with them are not much better than what the blacks offer.

Yes, people will say, but the Italians were despised when they first came to this country, but look how they assimilated. Fair enough, except the number of Hispanics who sneak into this country illegally every year exceeds the number of Italians who emigrated legally to this country in the 20th century.

This is a problem, but it's one that will devour black America far before white America, which makes it both a curse and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

The post makes perfect sense. Blacks who have been raised with a "Whitey owes me" mentality would rather rely on public assistance. There is no good mechanism to ween blacks off of welfare until there is one jobs available and two they are hungry enough to take them.

No matter what you may feel about illegal immigrants they will and do work with little trouble. There is simply less issue with hiring an illegal than hiring a black.


missbosslady said...

The biggest threat, as a result of illegal hispanic immigration, is that areas overrun by illegal hispanics eventually revert back to type, which is to say they flee third world shit holes with a two class system only to create a third world shit hole with a two class system. I live in Miami, so I know of what I speak.

I miss my black gardener, at least he knew what the hell I was saying.

Maple syrup said...

I just have a question here: is it true that affirmative action in the state of California has been abolished?
I thought I'd inquire since I read it somewhere on another blog.

DominicanChick said...

I have to chime in and offer a different perspective on why employers seem to prefer illegals to hiring Blacks (and subsequently, legal immigrants to this country and White people) it is simply because illegals will work for much less. Those that go the legal route are being displaced for those jobs as well by a criminal workforce that undermines pay structures long established. I will give you a real life example, a cousin used to work at a store. She got another job and left that one. She was paid well there so when she was laid off at her new job she went back to see if she could get her old job back. She had left on good terms. In the time she had been gone the jobs at that store were being worked by illegals. She was offered a job paying almost half of what she used to make as the illegals worked there for that amount or less and the owner was no longer willing to pay like she used to.

I do not dispute the reality that poor job performance on the part of many Blacks has made it less likely for employers to hire them. However, it’s not just job performance that is leading them to hire illegals as there are plenty of legal immigrants who would work those jobs if they could get them by being willing (able) to work them for far less than minimum wage. Please look at this issue more closely.

On another note, thanks for your blog, I find it to be very informative and a thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

One huge difference I noticed with the Hispanics is that they have a better family structure. At least in the vast majority of cases the kids have a 2 parent household, and even if there daddy doesn't speak a lick of English, he's out cutting people's grass for 4 buck an hour instead of only relying on welfare checks. I also think that the Catholic church is a big stabilizing influence on their culture through it's institutionalizing influence. Compare that to the black churches where basically any random guy wearing a pastel colored suit who starts sermonizing can be made into a pastor.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, the Hispanic invasion will not kill off blacks, like Katrina, it will force them out of the 'hood' and into once-safe White neighborhoods that have never seen a black face. Only if they are made to feel 'unwelcome' wit all dem white faces, will dey leave, but enough o' dem wheel stay puts to ruin wats de white man makes good.

Anonymous said...

Locust- One thought, when black run america, finally implodes, and America is brought to its economic/social knees, I believe most Latinos will leave the united states due to the lack of social services that white society provides. Leaving a smaller Latino population, a starving angry black population, and a heavily armed fed up white population. What would come next i'm thinking?

Anonymous said...

Negroes think that work is beneath them. It is too hard physically for their lazy asses too. You know they have to be given position of power, like the supervisor job or they won't even bother showing up, and then they still loaf on the job and someone else does all of the work.

I am against illegals in our country. There are plenty of White people who will do those jobs.

Mr. Sandman said...


"Hispanics at least have an overwhelming number of beautiful women, and good food, making them not only tolerable but sometimes welcome"

No, my man! Don't think with your f--king dick! it's pathetic. I can freely admit there are a number of beautiful Hispanic women and even a number of beautiful black women, but that does not sweeten the pot. Nor does a taco platter or a fried chicken drumstick. The women - Hispanic or black - are usually never the problem besides the breeding end of it but so the f--k what?

Who let this guy in here?


"There is simply less issue with hiring an illegal than hiring a black."

Sure, you can mention the "behavior" thing - whatever - but the main point is that employers want cheap labor and illegals don't make a fuss. They pay these people under the table, don't give them healthcare, generally don't give a rat's ass about these people. Nor do they teach them English to make them proficient members of society instead of stuck in these ghettos. The Latino graduation rate is 57% percent. Each generation removed from the original immigrant is less likely to graduate high school.

The simple solution is to hire blacks (by all means, screen them and weed out the riffraff) or whites or Americanized Hispanics, not illegals.


"I miss my black gardener, at least he knew what the hell I was saying."



"At least in the vast majority of cases the kids have a 2 parent household, and even if there daddy doesn't speak a lick of English, he's out cutting people's grass for 4 buck an hour instead of only relying on welfare checks."

Yeah, but the graduation rate is 57%, lower than blacks (by a percentage but Hispanics are a larger population group), and newly forming gangs are primarily Hispanic and control territory almost genocidally. And if you think these people are not on welfare, you're completely deluded!

A 2-parent household for Hispanics doesn't seem to do much good, apparently. Their progeny are largely ethnocentric failures (like blacks but at least blacks can speak English) and have no desire to assimilate.

Sorry but if I had a choice, I'd choose blacks. Enough of them are decent (from my experience, anyway), they can speak English, and at least are Americans understanding the dominant culture.

SBPDL, I'd love to read a "Stuff Brown People Don't Like." Sounds like a great idea by my estimation. Blacks are 13% of the population; the miasma from South of the Border is going to swell the Hispanic population to triple that. You could capitalize on another part of the puzzle of MRA (minority run America).

Discard said...

Maple Syrup: AA might have been banned in some formal sense, but remains imbedded in government hiring and college admissions. For example, the University of California reserves space for the top (4% ?) of graduates of every high school in the state, regardless of actual ability. (One local White politician put his kid into a ghetto school, where he easily outshone the Darks, and got into UC with ease.) In other cases, great weight is placed on an oral interview, which allows a White candidate with a very high score to be overtaken by a preferred candidate with a marginal score. The enemies of our race never rest.

Discard said...

Anon at 7:36 PM: Half of the Hispanics born in this country are bastards, but the baby daddy is more likely to live with mama. They take all the welfare they can get, but work under the table too.

Bronwyn Nix said...

@Hirsch "Hispanics at least have an overwhelming number of beautiful women"

Oh please! So that "softens the blow" of illegal immigration and gang-drug warfare and the general invasion from the South of the Border? Hey, what about we girls in that? How can we benefit from allegedly beautiful Hispanic girls? Most Mexican men are 5 feet tall and lascivious. The Puerto Ricans are overly macho like black men, gawking and groping at any white girl that passes their way. I used to live in Chicago during college and, being 5'9" and a fair blond, I couldn't walk down the street without Puerto Ricans and blacks whistling and making cat calls.

Overwhelming number? Yeah...sure...right. You must have really low standards (likely) or your experience with Hispanic women is either scant or relegated to the glossy pages of magazines (more likely).

Just like most black women aren't as pretty as Beyonce, most Hispanic women don't look like Eva Mendes.

Move to the Southwest and you'll know what *real* Hispanic women look like: burned out, sweaty, fat after having SOOO many children, always pushing a stroller of infants. My friends and I used to joke about how soon their bodies go: right after high school because they're pregnant throughout senior year (notice I didn't say graduation because barely any of them graduate).

Shame on you.

I think people are too lenient on Hispanics simply because most whites don't know that they, too, have radical activists and rabidly anti-white blogs. Sure, they may seem like the lesser of two evils but that's not extending deep into the future. They have numbers on their side and this bullshit "No habla Ingles" to make them look like confused but innocent people.

I just have a feeling that "brown" is going to be worse than "black" ever was. 10 years from now, it'll be a brown nightmare.

SBPDL, I love your website and, even though its primary focus is blacks, perhaps you can intersperse in a brown update from time to time. You are our war correspondent!

Anonymous said...

"Blacks laughingly thing Asians, Hispanics and others are going to side with them against whitey."

No but blacks and hispanics definitely put aside their differences at the voting booth.

Which is why the bigger question is how the hell are whites going to survive given that we are screwed demographically? It takes only an irate and focused minority to make a difference, yet not enough is happening. I guess that's where summer 2011 that SBPDL talks about comes in. However bottom line is as the nation becomes less white, there will be more congressman, judges, police, juries etc. that will be nonwhite, and thus less likely to act in our interest.

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

75% of the illegal immigration here comes from mexico. Out here on the left coast, mexicans have taken over whole trades such as drywall, framing (carpentry) and also all fast food jobs that used to be jobs for our teens. When they get into a position of influence, they only hire other mexicans and only speak spanish amongst each other. This is how they have completely displaced whites out of these lines of work as well. There is also so much miscegination with them that would never take place with blacks. I see these people as a much greater harm to our people and nation than the blacks could ever be capable of.

Anonymous said...

...Continued, After taking over whole lines of work or trade and only hiring each other, no one listens to the poors whites cries of discrimination because the greedy employers do not wish to disrupt the status quo or what they have going on. This is the same issue with us having everything produced in China. Our own greedy whites above us selling out the working class (whites) in this country in any greedy way they can. Pour country is being sold out and our heitage given away. It may hit the africans first but we will feel it every bit as much later. Think about it.

Sheila said...

You are spot-on, anonymous at 2:38 AM - locally
here in North Texas, all the fast-food restaurants are staffed entirely by Mexicans. When I was a teen in the 70s, the first job all my (White) friends got was at a fast-food restaurant. Now, unless you are swarthy and short and speak Spanish, you cannot get hired. All of my son's friends, home from college for the summer, are having trouble finding work. I go out of my way to hire Whites, but whether it's plumbing, electrical work, carpentry, fence-building, or yard work, even if the "front man" is White, he has illegal Mexicans working for him. I would gladly pay more to get only White American citizen workers. The only company that has sent me only White (and almost always competent and courteous) workers is my extermination company!!

Bronwyn Nix, excellent appellation for Paul! Hereafter, I will refer to him as "the BRA war correspondent."

Anonymous said...

"Our own greedy whites above us selling out the working class (whites) in this country in any greedy way they can."

LOL @ "greedy whites".

Only one person on this site uses that phrase.

Discard said...

Mr Sandman: Don't believe those reported graduation rates. I have no national figures myself, but I've seen how they're put together at individual high schools. They take the number of grads as a percent of seniors and call that the graduation rate. But all those who dropped out before the 12th grade are missing from the calculations. To get a better idea, look up the grade pyramid for a school. If is shows 1000 9th graders, 750 10th graders, 500 11th graders, and 250 12th graders, you know the graduation rate can't be over 25%. I think there's a website called or something like that, which has the grade pyramids for just about every high school in the country.
And don't forget that in these bad schools, they do everything they can to give away diplomas. Some of them give you an extra year to finish, all of them teach to the state graduation exams, and many just plain cheat. Personally, I doubt that more than one in ten Hispanics could actually pass with a C average in a White high school.

Bronwyn Nix: You're absolutely right about the typical Hispanic woman. There is a minority that have a real aristocratic way about them, but most look like potatoes. They go completely to pot by the age of 25.

Anonymous said...

Hispanic youth unemployment(2nd generation generally) is only slightly better than black youth unemployment so it isn't any preference for a specific type of worker. Rather employers want cheap labor, and have basically stopped reaching out to the social networks that would lead them to hire young Americans.

"here in North Texas, all the fast-food restaurants are staffed entirely by Mexicans."
According to CIS food prep is one of the few areas where American born teens are winning against immigrants.

Anonymous said...

@ Discard

We have been here before with the Catherine Ferguson School that is going to close in Detroit.
90% of Seniors do graduate from there but say there is 100 in senior year there would have been 100/.9 or thereabouts the year before.

Anonymous said...

Sheila: "Now, unless you are swarthy and short and speak Spanish, you cannot get hired. All of my son's friends, home from college for the summer, are having trouble finding work."

I'm black and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the lack of fast food jobs for American young people. When I was a high school kid looking for my first part-time job (this was around 2005-2006), I applied for jobs at McDonald's, Carl's Jr., Burger King, Taco Bell, Chuck E. Cheese's, etc. I never got a call back. At first I thought it was because of my lack of experience - I'd never worked before - but then a similar pattern emerged when thinking back to all of the places: the manager was always Mexican and all of the workers were Mexican, many of whom had very thick accents.

It's really a shame. I'm not saying these Mexicans don't work hard but to ice people out of jobs BECAUSE they aren't Latino or can't speak Spanish in an ENGLISH-speaking country is really dangerous, IMO. I know these jobs aren't so prestigious but there's the great possibility of promotions if you continue with the company. The Latinos know this and will hire only other Latinos when they've ascended the ranks to positions of power.

I personally think it's sort of like protecting each other, like an Underground Railroad of favors or a Mafia. Whatever it is, it should give all Americans pause, whites and blacks. It'll get worse, no doubt about it. I don't want to say "invasion," but it's an invasion. I think Mexico wants the US territory, I really do.

Anonymous said...

It's called the "reconquista" by them. They do truly believe that at least half of America really belongs to them and that they are taking it over from the bottom up and through out breeding us. The greatest problem is the miscegination though. Half breeds with low iq mixing with ignorant whites, causing a shift in loyalties and other dilemas.

Thank you Sheila and brown nix for your comments.

One more thing.... Mexico is a homeland for mexicans, Africa for Africans, China for chinese, Why can't this homeland and Europe be our homeland? Europe is almost over run with arabs and others as well. Pretty soon we will be the unappreciated guests of other peoples.

Left coast white guy

MrGJG said...

I'm not sure Italians were despised here (US), although like the Irish they had to prove themselves.
The comparison to Hispanics doesn't really apply as Italians have an avg IQ of 102(surpassed only by East Asians depending on the source) vs. 87 for Mexico.
I will grant that Jews have a high IQ, yet for some reason are still despised(present company not included) everywhere they go.
Why is that Hirsch?

Anonymous said...

"I'm black and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the lack of fast food jobs for American young people."

You forgot to add that you're an obsessive negro nutjob.

Anonymous said...


"Don't believe those reported graduation rates."

I actually made an error. It was 58% Hispanic and 57% blacks. Oh well. I read the stat here:

"Personally, I doubt that more than one in ten Hispanics could actually pass with a C average in a White high school."

I agree with that. The 58% figure seemed a bit high to me. Some Hispanics seem to "approach" average white IQ but, like I said, most of the children of these immigrants are utterly worthless and, frankly, dirt dumb. Most of will end up behind bars.

Bronwyn Nix,

Okay, I agree with you about Hispanic women. As Discard pointed out, most of them stop looking good in their early twenties. I always wondered if there was a correlation between their abnormally small foreheads and their questionable intelligence (ie. as in poor graduation rates and being almost totally absent in higher education).

Anonymous said...

According to The New York Times, the diversity we are being blessed with from Mexico is only further damaging the US Test Scores and graduation rates (saw this study on Unamusement Park):

"The College Board is releasing two reports today on the crisis facing young black and Latino men, who, the reports find, continue to be measurably less educated than minority women and white men.

According to the reports, 16 percent of Latino and 28 percent of African-American men ages 25 to 34 had obtained an associate’s degree or higher as of 2008, while the comparable figure for white men was 44 percent and for Asian men, 70 percent.

The report also said that foreign-born members of those lagging minority groups were more likely to drop out than those born in the United States, especially in the case of Hispanics. While the total dropout rate for male Latinos is 20 percent, the foreign-born dropout rate is 14 percentage points higher.

“The Educational Experience of Young Men: A Review of Research, Pathways, and Progress” draws on statistics from the Census Bureau and other research documents, highlighting the need for change in the education sector. The report often compares the statistical success of men versus women. In almost every case, women are shown to have received more education.

The data about Asian/Pacific Islander men is particularly noteworthy. The authors cite the “model minority myth”— the assumption that a minority group is the superior, or “model,” group — and then challenge it, emphasizing that Asian men face problems similar to those of other minorities.

Perhaps one of the most surprising statistics is that Asian male enrollment over the last two decades (1990-2008) dropped by 9 percentage points. In comparison, African-American enrollment increased by 15 percent, while Native American enrollment increased by over 120 percent. (The Times reported in February that there was a 30 percent increase in Chinese students, both male and female, studying in the United States.)

The research report is divided into six post-secondary pathways: enrollment in school, enrollment in the armed forces, participation in the work force, unemployment, incarceration and death. In the case of Hispanics, African-Americans, and Native Americans, more males ages 15 to 24 year with a high school diploma in 2008 were unemployed than enrolled in post-secondary education. In fact, 13 percent more Hispanic males were unemployed."

SooperCracker said...

Congrats on the new tactic, Sandman/Desi! Trying to stir up a little animosity toward the browns to deflect from the focus on the failures of your own race. You are fucking incorrigible.

Anonymous said...

@ SooperCracker

Well, I am not the only here noticing this trend it seems. She hates the fact that more people are sympathetic to the brown Hispanics, read women, than they are to the Ebony beauties.

Discard said...

Some of the trade unions are being taken over by Hispanics. No room for anyone outside La Raza. The bosses are still White, but the shop stewards are all Mexican, and they're creeping up the ranks to local secretary and the like. It's easy for them to vote a union in when the compadres understand that a vote for the union is a vote for La Raza. No doubt they'll soon be forming alliances with Mexican street gangs, if they're not already. Enforcers like Vito and Vinnie are being replaced by Pablo and Paco.

missbosslady said...

There are two types of hispanics coming from south of the states; those of European ancestry and those from the native Indian line. There is a tremendous difference between the two that goes beyond the visual. It is quite easy to spot the Indian line, they are generally short, squat and none too bright. Amongst themselves hispanics delineate between the two ancestral lines, the Euros definitely look down on the Indios. The problem is that together they stand.

I live in Miami amongst the Cuban hoardes and even though they discriminate within based on ancestry, when the SHTF they think and act as one. Miami went from unspoiled paradise to little Cuba/Hispanica and life here became worse and worse. We are a region divided, those whites that did not flee have had their lives here completely erased. Our language, our culture and all things Americana have disappeared down the rat hole.

Cubans are some of the most racist people you will ever meet. They are quite open and above board about their racism and they are an exclusive club; you ain't getting in, so don't even try.

Hispanics will descend on you in droves and eradicate your way of living. The sweetheart of the Tea Party, Marco Rubio, is an hispanic first and foremost - do not be fooled, just try to get Rubio to go on record about illegal immigration. All his backing comes from Cuban hard liners that wave the Cuban flag above the American.

The only upside to the Cubans in Miami is that the blacks know that they are hard core racists and would not hesitate to smack them down.

My disgust with BRA is equal to my disgust with the hordes of hispanics that have been allowed to belly crawl their way into our country.

Hirsch said...

Bronwyn Nix

Well it would appear I've ruffled some feathers. I don't know what to tell you except that I've lived in the Emirates, Czech Republic, Dublin, Germany, and El Paso, Texas, and yes I've seen a disproportionate number of beautiful Latinas. But to answer your post, please see my response to the sandyman.

Anonymous said...

The pale faces wanted Capitalism and they now whine and moan that their Capitalist gods of industry hire productive cheap labor instead of unproductive expensive labor. "Profit, Uber Alles!"

missbosslady said...

Anon @ 4:35,

Haul ass kid. Aren't you late for class? I abhor twenty-something know-nothings piping up with their commentary based on ZERO life experience.

P.S. White boy, the blacks and browns hate your ass, too. Now, go and spend daddy's money.

Anonymous said...

Your post on Cuban-dominated Miami illustrates the absudity of "White Nationalism" (an oxymoronic term). These Cubans who you disdain are greatly of Spanish extraction. They are called "Criollos" which means people of Spanish heritage born in "Latin America" (in this case Cuba). Hence, they are an ethnicity that belongs to the "White Race". Your post disproves the false ideology of "White Nationalism". In other words, when it comes to true Nationalism, it is ethnicity which counts not some amorphous concept of White Racialism. The same feelings you have towards these White Cubans who love their Spanish language (with their Cuban accents and idosyncrasies of course) are the same sentiments that the WASPS had when they saw the Irish, Italian, and Eastern European hordes arriving on their door step to change the religious, cultural, and ethnic makeup of their nation.

Anonymous said...


I addressed this in another thread. i usually just read his articles, never posting. I left a comment under this post because I despise the miasma from South of the Border. I see it in my town, you here it on the news, you read it in the paper. You must live under a rock if you think there aren't whites who despise illegals, especially here in Phoenix. I'm not agitating against Hispanic-Latinos because I'm some demented black girl. I favor blacks by comparison because even though they may have low IQs, they are Americans. I didn't say run out and kiss their asses.

If it makes you less paranoid that "Diarrhea" is still trolling, I'll use an Anonymous tag to comment or go back to my usual: just reading and linking to other people. I had enjoyed the dialogue between whites and Desiree for months reading during my lunch hour so that's why I had no problem with her posting here. But that's SBPDL's decision, ultimately. SBPDL's put a lot of work into this site and I can still enjoy it even without her. The arguing was fun. Sue me.

SBPDL, great site, as always. I hope you consider a "Stuff Brown People Don't like" one day.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. at 5:10PM

Missbosslady states firstly and foremost that a majority of these white Cubans refuse to integrate thus creating ghettos. If ones moves into an English speaking country he should be expected to learn to speak the native language. As far as the Italian, Irish, Eastern European ,Jewish and other settlers are concerned they kept their faith but learned English in order to be able to communicate with a broader range of people as well, and also get better job prospects.

missbosslady said...

Anon @ 5:10,

I've lived in Miami since the days of the first Cuban arrivals. I have been forcibly immersed in all things Cuban for over four decades. What you don't know about Cubans, is a lot.

Your post is rife with inaccuracies.

First, Cuba was a dumping ground for slaves, African and Central American Indian, seized by the Spaniards after conquest. So, they are not 'greatly' of Spanish distraction, however those that are definitely see themselves as superior to those of the other strains.

As for the arrival, in the states, of Irish, Italian, etc.., let me remind you that we aren't speaking Italian or Gaelic now are we?

Come on down to Miami and check it out, but if you don't speak Spanish you're going to have a big problem on your hands. Also, I wouldn't go around calling the Cubans criollos, you could get hurt.

Unlike almost every other ethnic group that has emigrated to the US hispanics do not assimilate. That is a fact, and one that you are obviously unaware of, among other things.

Please spare me your attempts to correct me on that with which I have lived for almost my entire life, it only illustrates your extreme ignorance on the subject.

Tu no sabes nada en eso, papi. Trata otra vez. Vamos aqui y aprendes la verdad si tu puedes, pero yo creo que no vas a hacer. Bobo. Yo soy bilengua, y tu? Tienes una otra idioma? Otra vez, yo creo que no, entonces STFU!

Hirsch said...

@ Mr Gjg

I thought Paul didn't want discussion of the Jewish question, but since you posed it to me, I'll answer it to the best of my ability and hope it doesn't get vetted.

Evolutionary Psychologist Kevin MacDonald has written a critique of Jewish involvement in intellectual movements and is pretty much considered the modern-Day Martin Luther by some on the alternative right. Steve Pinker is a human biodiversity guy who has done tons of work on Jewish IQ.

Macdonald's work can't be easily summarized, but this is a blog, so I'll try. Jews as a tiny minority have over millenia developed an evolutionary strategy that is the epitome of nepotism. They look out for one-another and try to undermine the majority, using minorities as a leverage or a wedge.

Some will say it is as simple as Jewish record and Hollywood moguls deliberately pairing white females with black males in the hopes that Jews can miscegenate their competition out of the market, turning whites into a lower-Iq'ed easily malleable group they can control.

The only problem with this theory is that Jews have a much higher rate of exogamy than whites (if you accept that Jews are their own race). Jews dilute their own gene pool much more successfully than they supposedly seduce whites into doing.

There is some veracity to the theory. Bill Maher and John Stewart and Tim Wise virtually seethe with resentment toward majority white culture. Leor Cohen and Rick Ruben have been instrumental in promoting hip-hop culture and lifestyle to suburban America. On the other hand Jews like Ben Stein, Norman Podhertz, and Jackie Mason are more conservative, and whether or not they would openly say so, know exactly what the shvartzas are all about.

Sorry if that is too vague. I do not know whether Jews control the world. I do know that I have seen black rule firsthand, as well as muslim rule, and I will take Jewish rule for one-thousand, Alex.

D J said...

Miss Bosslady: I brought up Rubio's ethnic loyalties in a group of Republicans, and you'd have thought I sneezed on their salad.

The topic of discussion was when Rubio was campaigning. He switched from English to Spanish. At the time I thought highly of the man, but his Spanish was not a phrase or two. He went on for at least three or four minutes this way. At that point, he no longer existed to me. Let's watch what he does in office. I bet he will be a bigger turncoat than the two Maine Senators and the two Bush Presidents combined. He also has a seat for life. He has the Cuban vote no matter what. And as long as he mouths the right things about abortion and homosexuality, he will have the rest of the GOP eating out of the palm of his hand.

missbosslady said...


While speaker of the Florida House Rubio successfully and overtly orchestrated, along with his other Cuban cohorts from South Florida, a complete and total shut out of any legislation or even discussion of illegal immigration.

That's all it took for me.

Again, this is the problem with the hispanics that come to America, they are always hispanics first and foremost. Period.

I am one of Mr. Rubio's constituents, but I would never fool myself into thinking that he would choose my best interest over those of an illegal Nicaraguan welfare recipient, and Cubans don't even like 'Nicas'.

Anonymous said...

"SBPDL, great site, as always. I hope you consider a "Stuff Brown People Don't like" one day."

Diarrhea, this blog is Stuff BLACK People Don't Like, and OF COURSE you'd like to change the subject to the browns, however, that is NOT going to happen.

Take your stupid ideas and multiple screen names and shove them up your ass, you fucking psycho.

BTW, in case you're wondering why no white guy is ever going to marry you, it's because you're deranged.

Bronwyn Nix said...

@Hirsch "and yes I've seen a disproportionate number of beautiful Latinas."

I've already stated the obvious: you probably have standards in the toilet. Sandman is right. You're thinking with your dick, especially hypocritical given your otherwise correct analysis of the Brown invasion.

Too bad.

MrGJG said...

Hirsch, your synopsis of the Jewish query is well articulated, and quite frankly, a bit surprising coming from a tribesman.

The question of whether Jews are white?
As you said, they've been mixing with gentiles for so long that I'd say for the majority, affirmatively.

Your obviously an intelligent guy, and seem to think right(correctly).
I admit, I was offended by your "Italians were despised" statement.
It seemed like a consciously loaded description.

MrGJG said...

In my neck of the woods, several area's have seen the demographics shift from majority Black, to majority Hispanic.
There is absolutely no doubt that the neighborhoods are now cleaner, safer, and economically viable.

I realize this is but one example and doesn't take into consideration area's where Whites are displaced by Hispanics, but still quite telling.

Discard said...

MrGJG: The difference between Blacks and Hispanics in the difference between Africa and Mexico. One is preferable to the other, but neither is the least bit desirable. You might rather have a Mexican neighbor than a Black, but you'd also rather have a broken arm than a broken neck. One look at the formerly White Los Angeles neighborhoods, now that they've gone Mexican, is all the evidence you need.

Anonymous said...

"I've already stated the obvious: you probably have standards in the toilet. Sandman is right."

Hirsch, stop wasting your time, Bronwyn Nix is another of Diarrhea's sock puppets, as is Mr Sandman.

MrGJG said...

I'm in no way endorsing the mass influx of third world brown folk.
In fact it sickens me where ever I see these chubby little flat faced senorita's with their three kids in tow and one in the oven at the local Dunkin Donuts et al.
Knowing how they got here, and who's footing their maternity bills through my ever escalating insurance premiums.
That being said, a broken arm still beats a broken neck...for now.

Bronwyn Nix said...

@Anonymous "Hirsch, stop wasting your time, Bronwyn Nix is another of Diarrhea's sock puppets, as is Mr Sandman."

You've got to be kidding me with that crap.

There was a whole thread about the black troll. Maybe it'd be a good idea that you keep your speculations there-

I'm truly turned off by white men dating "exotic" women instead of their own women, which was the point of my comment towards Hirsch, even though I didn't know he was Jewish at the time of writing, so I guess it doesn't really matter for him. But the point stands for full-blooded white men. You seem to have a problem with that? We girls can keep up our end of the bargain, why can't our men?

A great comment towards you from a newer post-

Discard said...

Who is this "Anonymous" who is always accusing others of being Desiree or some form thereof? For lack of a better handle, I'll call this person "Diarrhea", since that word always occurs in their posts.
Diarrhea, don't you have anything better to do than smear people? Perhaps I'm mistaken, but I'm not aware that you ever have anything else to contribute to the conversation. In any case, have the courtesy to put your name on your comments so others can choose to ignore you, just as they ignore Desiree.
June 22, 2011 9:42 AM

I think it's safe to say you're the troll, "Diarrhea," and a loser to boot.

Anonymous said...

Diarrhea, you have no idea how obvious you are, I find it hilarious.

Anonymous said...

@ Bronwyn Nix

I know how you feel, I too really get offended when our white men go for the exotic types. I would tend to agree with you that in general the mestizo girls are short, squat, short-limbed, have low foreheads, non-existent necks, are flat-faced with oily skin and quite often pockmarked complexion. Besides they tend to increase in weight much quicker than their Caucasian counterparts. They also share the same genetic predisposition as blacks for diabetes related obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases...etc

If I were a man seeking an exotic looking Latina beauty I'd look more for the Raquel Welch type, but they don't happen to come by too often.
As far as those brown men are concerned, I'm rather on the tall side, although an inch shorter than you are, I'd never go for a dim-witted half-pint.

South East Asian said...

as much as people hate hispanics, at the very least they will take them over tyrone or jamal anytime LOL

Anonymous said...

How did black people not see this coming? after slavery was abolished what economic benefit did blacks bring to the table when you can simple gat a Mexican?

Brittanicus said...


The Dream Act in itself, might be a reasonable law allowing
the students of illegal parents, to be permitted to stay in the United States?
But the ramifications are more ominous, that once the students have legitimacy
they can then start petitioning for family members and that by any other name
is CHAIN MIGRATION. It further challenges more people to simply scorn what lax
laws we have and just enter illegally. Immediate family members overtime can
then bring in even more people, and this has set up a chain reaction. Just like
another possibility of yet a second mass amnesty, it always attributes to
costs. It has been verified that the 1986 accounting, when the final tally was
made that it cost US taxpayers 76 Billion dollars. By the time of a further
amnesty in today’s dollars and cents had been calculated, the Heritage
foundation assessed such final bottom line of in the range of 2.6 Trillion

Now this dollar figure is based on the assumption, that there are only 11 to 12
million foreign nationals in the country, a number based on processing,
background checks and an accumulation on other personal data along with medical
examinations. But (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform, (
NUMBERSUSA) and thousands of grass root sovereignty organizations have assessed
the population figures to well over 20 billion. This is an overwhelming number
to consider and a dollar figure to incredulous to even imagine. That would
strip any gains against the $14.5 Trillion dollars we owe outside the shores of
America. This nation must be entirely thankful to the great State of Arizona,
who started this long and dangerous crusade against the tyranny inside the
Obama administration that would welcome into America every indigent family from
across the globe.

America cannot keep giving anymore as they are not representing the needs of those of
Citizens and legal residents? Taxpayers have been burdened to long in Georgia,
Alabama, Arizona that has become the height of outrageous irresponsibility and
indifference. Rallies or demonstration are looked upon with disdain and anger, with
those politicians who pander to foreign nationals exhibiting poor
judgment. There may be thousands protesting immigration laws, but think about the other
half of law-abiding people, that is certainly to be in the tens of millions?
Arizona outburst against unfair laws was just the beginning and now
the real battle will begin in the coming months as we progress towards the 2012


Brittanicus said...

Stepping forward now the TEA PARTY is the only true way that will elevate this
massive debt, placed upon taxpayers by thoughtless politicians. We cannot trust
the Imperials in the Republican Party and we certainly cannot trust the
undercover far Left, that has impregnated the Democrats. Either party has had
their own agenda for omnipotent power of new voters through illegal
immigration, or the overall influence from big business to relax laws, so
millions can be used for a lesser form of slavery; except in both ideals the
programmed taxpayer picks up the unknown estimated cost to support them. In
three decades America's working man/ women has lost a percentage of his wages,
to support illegal immigrants. How academia thinks the economy would grow, must
live in a delusional world, when nearly every State is burdened by instant
citizenship baby laws, which under the current misinterpretation payments of
cash to these families, has diluted every treasury.

Our schools are crammed to capacity, full of the children of illegal aliens,
the health system slowly falling apart as more hospitals fail of wanton
families to be treated; many of these institutions unable to survive. Then we
have the US penal system choked with illegal alien criminals, that is yet
another tax hike on the American population. The TEA PARTY is our only remedy
as the Congress, have no sense of urgency to the impending financial crash.
Perhaps Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Sarah
Palin of Alaska; all regarded as strong supporters of the ever growing TEA
PARTY. Only the TEA PARTY leaders seem to understand the financial predicament
we have truly manufactured for ourselves, from the years of corruption within
equal parties. The TEA PARTY has astounded both political parties in power, and
will release us from the years of rot and poor or intentional mismanagement to
gain favor with open border lobbyists. The TEA PARTY has sworn to the major
majority of the American people, no new amnesties of any kind, which includes
the dismantling of Sanctuary cities and towns, no dream Acts or anything
assigned to foreigners who broke our stagnant laws.

To accomplish this task we must insist our government implement mandatory
E-Verify and Secure Communities, which will track down both illegal workers and
criminal illegal aliens. There must be no compromises, but that Congress should
enforce these laws, without interference from the open border zealots or the elitist
groups discount labor.

You should also introduce yourself to the people who run this devastated
country at the Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121 and tell them it’s time
to depart of fight for the American taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Well.. I'm a legal immigrant from Mexico, I have a master's degree in nuclear chemistry and I'm against illegal immigration because it's true it takes a lot of employment opportunities for our young kids, but it shouldn't be a problem of adults if you were more skilled.
I'll put myself as an example, I didn't have money for college so I studied very hard to get scolarships and combined them with a loan.
I think one of the main problems of the american society is that you blame for your problems everything and everyone but yourselves, you have to understand that if you don't have a job is your fault and nobody else's, maybe you should stop a moment and remember those days of high school, when you saw (or you did) bullied your young smart "nerd" kids, that rings a bell? THAT is the reason why america have to outsource scientific advisors and high skilled workers. It is because of you, because the young american children is AFRAID of being smart, is so afraid of not being the stupid quarterback or the even more stupid cheerleader.
you can see it in the movies or tv, you are led to believe that the brainless hero will be more succesful than the guy who actually thinks about it's future.
It's not about the color of your skin, it's about stupid people and smart people, and yes the whites have been smarter than everybody else, they saw you always complaining and they saw weakness, they saw you bigger and stronger and they were afraid that is why they isolated you.
So what do I think you should do? Stop listening that stupid music, stop saying that a black man shouldn't drive a prius, stop buying ovesized clothes, stop talking like a retard and start hitting the books and you'll see how different things will be.

Anonymous said...

It just amazes me that whites are still systemically racists and know nothing about blacks...or hispanics for that matter. Blacks have earned their right to not to accept menial labor. I don't and I wouldn't work menial labor. Hispanics would. They havn't cleaned up after your snotty brats, washed your posh clothes and mammied you decades ago. So let them pick your berries. We "picked" for far too long. And for the most part, blacks and whites work well together. We marched in the 60s to make sure of that and Hispanics are now riding our wave. Some of the comments here are so ignorant. The new black person has really arrived and some whites are still so fearful they don't even see it: that anything you can do, we can do better. Some blacks still feel oppressed but I mostly see whites begging on the side of the freeway...not many blacks. I don't give your people a red cent as history has been set up for you to succeed. So with that said, I'm an african american who does not feel like a victim and would never pick a bushel of berries...EVER.But I laugh at you all. You will feel the noose tightening around your white necks by hispanics if you already haven't. They have no reverence for what you hold dear and you will soon be living in little Mexico if you already aren't. Blacks did what they will not and that is assimilate. They are not a culture to assimilate. I laugh as what you feared would happen in wwII, being forced to speak another language, is happening to you now. You see, blacks will always reinvent themselves. Whites can't. They succomb. We've done it for centuries. Dont assume you know what we dislike. We dislike that whites have allowed this problem in our country and that hispanics are milking what we fought for for centuries. We are not worried about hispanics. At least my black friends aren't. We'll figure out a way to trump them like we trumped you.

Anonymous said...

57% Hispanic graduation rate which is reduced after every generation removed. I am a high school teacher and I see this, the first immigrant cares, tries in school and works hard, the second and third generations become lazy and entitled. Our immigration system is do damaged, we let in the entire population of New Zealand illegally every YEAR. Wake up, Blacks are Americans. Get your shit together! All Americans get your shit together stand together against illegal immigration. This is not a civil rights movement, the 14 amendment designed to give descendents of slaves citizenship is allowing every third world riff raff that pops a kid here to stay and we just GIVE AWAY CITIZENSHIP to a first world power for FREE, to people that are breaking the law!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!

Anonymous said...

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