Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Open Letter to Mein Obama on Chicago, the Community he Failed to Organize

Dear President Mein Obama,

Ferris Bueller would be attacked by a Flash Mob in 2011 Chicago
I was wrong. Judging by the actions of your greatest constituency over the 2011 Memorial Day weekend (actions that were replicated across the nation), it's obvious something big and terrifying is just beyond the horizon.

Now you spent a number of years as a community organizer in Chicago, a city your former Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel represents as mayor, and in that vocation you failed. The reality of Cook County is that members of your greatest constituency make parts of the city of Chicago more violent then Mogadishu, Afghanistan or Iraq.

Because the American public has been conditioned by television to believe what they see on sitcoms, most people believe the city of Chicago to be home to lovable Black people like Steve Urkel and The Winslow's (creations of script writers from Family Matters).

Reality doesn't offer the same rosy picture of Chicago, as youth's, urban dwellers, your greatest constituency, okay, it's  Black people that are engaging in 'flash mobs', 'random bus beatings', and 'smash and grab' acts of violence.

Acting Police Supt. Garry McCarthy has vowed to hunt down the thugs who engage in these flash mob attacks on white people and on bus pedestrians, even though it was members of his police force that tried to censor the closing of the North Avenue Beach over Memorial Day. It wasn't due to heat exhaustion; it was due to Black thuggery.

Flash Mob attacks by Black people, that community you were paid to organize, already plague the South side of Chicago. Krzysztof Wilkowski makes his home in Chicago, and he was the victim of a Black Flash Mob attack. Here is what the Chicago Tribune wrote of that incident and the fear spreading in the community you organized:
No one was seriously hurt in the flurry of five random attacks by a mob of young men on Chicago's lakefront over the weekend.

But the feeling among many visitors and residents that the popular
Near North Side stretch where the attacks occurred is safe for strolling on a summer night may have taken a hit.

"I think it reflects badly on Chicago," said Dr. Jack Singer, 68, a Seattle oncologist who was one of two victims in town for a convention of cancer specialists at McCormick Place. "I've been coming to the convention every year, and this is the first time I've felt threatened downtown."

The outbreak of random violence along a busy stretch of Chicago Avenue and the lakefront creates a sensitive issue for city officials eager to boost tourism and convention business.

"No matter what, we have to remember this isn't just about downtown residents, but our tourism economy," said
Ald. Brendan Reilly, whose 42nd Ward encompasses most of the downtown business district. "Perception is reality in tourism world. There are economic consequences if people think downtown isn't safe."

Reilly said Monday that police need more resources to deal with the influx of "hundreds of thousands" of people flooding downtown and the beaches on weekends.
That same paper published this article on why the race of the attackers isn't important:
If you've followed the story — and who hasn't? — there's another fact that you also know, but it's one you haven't read in the Tribune or seen explicitly stated by most of the official media: The young men were black.

"Shame on you and the Chicago Tribune for your politically correct crap when doing these type of stories," one reader emailed several Tribune writers. "This is a diverse city and when you don't physically describe them, we don't know who to protect ourselves from."

I've omitted the portion of his note that referred to "them" in ugly language.

Another reader wrote: "I can't imagine that if a gang of white teenagers went to the South Side of Chicago and began attacking African-Americans including a 68-year-old that the race card would be left out of your coverage. ... I see a media double standard here."

So why would a news organization avoid a fact? This fact?

It's a reasonable question, even if many of the people asking it on Internet comment boards have wrapped it up in irrational, irresponsible venom.

I'm ambivalent about the omission of the attackers' race in the news accounts, but I think I would have decided to leave it out too.

As an editor pointed out when I asked about it, the crimes don't appear to be racially motivated. There's no sign the criminals picked victims because they were of a certain race. They picked them because they had certain stuff.

"People see it as a media conspiracy," he said of the decision to leave out their race. "It's a media quandary."

Here's the quandary, for editors, for cops, for all of us:

Race alone doesn't predict or explain behavior. Just because this mob was young and black hardly means that all young, black people in groups are a violent mob. Knowing the race of these attackers is no form of protection.

This column quoted above represents what Black Privilege means in Black-Run America (BRA); any negative action of Black people isn't representative of their entire race, while conversely, any negative action by a white person is representative of their entire race and the guilt is equally shared and distributed among all white people.

That is what white privilege means in 2011 BRA.

A great blog - Second City Cop - run by anonymous Chicago police officers documents the perfidious nature of elected officials in that former city where you organized the masses for what purposes one is hard to understand.

We already know that members of your greatest constituency are set to receive free computers and other accessories they routinely steal in Flash Mobs that target law abiding citizens, but we also know that one individual is vowing to do what you were unable to do. And that is organize the Black community in Chicago.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel has vowed to organize the community you failed, and he will be using force to bring youth's Black people to renege on their Flash mob ways:
While he is pleased with the quick arrest of suspects in a series of mob attacks over the weekend, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday made no secret that he wants everybody involved “brought to justice.”
“I want all the young men that were involved in this,” Emanuel said. “Because I want to be very clear up front that as it relates to this crime, the full force of the law enforcement community and justice system will deal with it.”
In cities across the country including Philadelphia, Miami, Charlotte, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Boston, Newark and Kansas City (basically any major city that has a sizable youth Black population) similar acts of wanton violence have been recorded. Chicago isn't alone or unique in playing host to flash mobs.

Jim Goad, a writer for, told me Chicago could be the city where riots begin. I always assumed it would be Atlanta, but the city has canceled events such as Screen on the Green where youths Black people could have congregated and engaged in acts of flash mobbery.

If you cancel EBT/ Food Stamps (which allow Black people to buy lobster and steak) all bets are off on where riots begin.

Isn't it funny, Mr. President, that the community you were charged with organizing (compensated nicely to do in the process) could be responsible for bringing the city of Chicago to a grinding halt? Desperate people are turning to the Guardian Angels to protect them from Flash mobs Black people, and the city is one act of Black people not cooperating with the police police brutality caught on film away from imploding.

Nobody wants to see this happen, but the actions of a community you failed to organize now requires that Rahm Emmanuel carry out extreme measures to bring some semblance of civility to an obvious falsity in your resume.

James Carville said that 2012 could be a year of unrest. He is wrong. It will be the summer of 2011, and its already started in the city, among the very people you failed to organize.

The Chicago of John Hughes is gone. The Chicago of Barack Obama is here.

Congrats on that community organizing. Since you've become president, youth Black people in other major cities have joined in the fun that Chicago enjoys on a daily basis.

The ranks of Those Who Can See grow larger by the day; to think it all started because you said a cop "acted stupidly" in arresting your friend Skip Gates.

Paul Kersey

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Anonymous said...

Where ever blacks are found, no matter what part of the world, violence and disregard for law is a given. Is this "nature or nurture?" In other words, is this violence genetically infused (like a cat's instinct to kill a bird), or is this violence the result of learned environmental behaviors?

Anonymous said...

"Race alone doesn't predict or explain behavior."

Neither does Age or Gender.

So WHY is it important to describe the attackers as "young men", but NOT "young black men"??????

Anonymous said...


He failed mainly because he was never a community organizer.

The truth is YOUR government is a joke and has been for well over 100 years.

Barry the half breed is as much of a community organizer as Sarah Palin is a conservative.

Keep dreaming my friend , it's all we have left that they can't take away from us.

-Black Guy

Anonymous said...

Black community is an oxymoron.

missbosslady said...

That the fuse, for summer 2011, will be lit in Chicago sould come as no surprise, even to the casual observer.

Chicago, the birth place of Democratic Machine politics should certainly be the place, where the seams of the ill-tailored progressive straight jacket begin to come apart. They shall reap what they have sown.

Stories about the ills of Chicago are many and definitely not new, the city begun its slide down the slippery slope many moons ago.

The South Side, where Obama went to check off street cred on his progressive resume, is a war zone.

The Windy City is a powder keg. Crammed with progressives, marxists, corrupt democrats and plenty of gangbangers only the most dim witted would not see the freight train rolling right towards Chicago.

Black Guy,

Nice try with the equivalency, truly pathetic, even for you.

Hirsch said...

Well here we go. I gave odds on the likelihood of riots occuring if Obama is not reelected. A few (including Black Guy) mocked me for my prediction, but dem strategist Carville said "unrest" was likely if Obama didn't get the nomination.

A cursory glance at black-oriented websites like Griot and Root are filled with comments about how anyone opposing Obama wants them in chains and on plantations. If he loses, expect to see a spate of Nat Turner-wannabes coming soon to a city near you.

Anonymous said...

Chicago was where the New Left's previous campaign of public disorder began as well (1968)...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find any amusement in all this? The irony is so thick you could cut it, after 20 years of full on PC propaganda, The words Multiculturalism,Diversity, Disadvantaged, etc thrown at us at every opportunity, as to be almost nauseating at each utterance.

All that, has empowered and emboldened "them" just enough, that they now have enough of the proverbial rope to hang themselves(IE: Show their true colors). And they are doing it.

I'm going to make a bag of popcorn, open a cold one and sit back and smile and watch the mayhem this summer and fall. Hopefully it will be so bad, the media and other factions wont be able to avoid or deny any of it.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

It already is getting bad, but by discussing sexting and Weiner's people have other things to keep them occupied.

I don't care about any of this stuff anymore, save the collapsing inner-cities. What is happening in Detroit right now (as they basically get rid of their public schools) is mind-boggling.

Dissident said...


A complicit media, running interference for the criminals and constantly making excuses for the perpetrators is getting old. That's why this site is so important. That's also why the major news outlets are faltering and losing their @$$e$ hand over fist.

People are embracing the new media like this site and are slowly, rejecting the mouthpieces of the elite liberal class.

I can't say that I want the meltdown to occur, but it's inevitable and just like a forest needs fire to regenerate itself; perhaps that's what America needs......a little fire?

Better get ready white people, the governments NOT going to take care of you. They're to busy coddling America's Negro's to give a damn about you, you'd best be thinkin' of ways to get your families to higher ground, if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Rotterdam except that Feyenoord are a better baseball team than the Cubs.

Anonymous said...

"He failed mainly because he was never a community organizer."

No shit, Sherlock.

Also because he's an incompetent poser and bullshit artist.

B. Herder said...

Speaking of 'conditioning'.. How about that commercial for some 4G cell phone service (I forget which one) that shows some white guy at an airport or train station or wherever, breaking into some sort of 'Glee' dance routine. Then while people are staring at him like he's some sort of nut-case, he gets his text message 'Flashmob moved to 12:30' ....
The message being:
It's white people who flashmob
It's just a fun, cutesy thing where people break into a dance routine.

Absolutely un-freekin'-real...

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

You mean this commercial? Good God...

Anonymous said...

I hated that commerical from the first time I saw it.

Discard said...

I like violent flash mobs. They're so...real. My fear is that rather than open, public aggression, put up on You-Tube for everyone to see, the Darks will escalate their war by simply stepping up their ordinary criminal activities. A beating, a rape, a shopkeeper murdered, the sorts of things that the media has a great deal of practice concealing. I don't expect to see orderly ranks of rioters advancing with fixed bayonets, but as long as the Dark problem can be presented as a crime problem for the police to deal with, rather than a guerrilla war for the Army to fight, they are winning.

Sheila said...

Just a few footnotes to BRA:

I had the lawn-guy come out again yesterday - rep for a national company that we have spray for weeds. We started out with just two treatments a year, and are up to four - and the weeds seem to be worse. I've been calling them back for re-treatment (within 30 days) every time for the past two years. Funny thing - yesterday's White technician asked me if the previous guy was a big black guy. When I responded "Yes," he noted the black was fired because he was caught "running" lawns - i.e. making a few quick passes with some granules and moving on to the next house. This means we've been paying for weed treatments we've never received, and we now understand why the lawn looks worse despite our paying more. You can't even trust them to do their job, no matter how minimal (merely walking around the lawn spraying chemicals from a hose). Typical BRA.

Second incident: I was picking up a friend of my younger son, and got into a discussion with him and his mother about the press and distortions of reality. Note that this friend is Muslim and his family is from Pakistan. When I asked him, just from watching t.v. and commercials and movies, what percent black he thought the U.S. was, he guessed 52%. Both he and his mother were shocked beyond words when I told them it was 13%. The power of Hollywood to promote BRA, always underestimated and continuing unabated.

Bemused stare said...


He failed? I completely disagree. Seems to me that everything is right on track here. Come 2012 the party line will be, "vote for the Pharaoh or else.

Anonymous said...

If anyone gets a chance, read the Chicago Sun-Times take on the "youths" gone wild. Mary "Kill YT" Mitchell, Neil "I wish I were black" Strauss, and Richard "time to come out of the closet" Roeper all agree--Sure, "youths" are attacking innocent bystanders, but so what if the "youths" are black? Only a racist would notice that, besides its YT's fault anyway, because YT don't be givin' enough handouts. Oh, and if the victims were black, then no one would care anyway, so the non-black victims deserve it.

Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle, and can owe a large part of my quality of life to the fact that there isn't a sizable Black population here.

My question is simple: How can I make sure my Seattleite children don't grow up in another tragic Detroit warzone? Should a heavily White/Asian city like Seattle start preemptively dismantling its welfare programs? We already have concealed carry, which certainly reduces street violence. How does one reach people in a city with, in many ways, a stereotypically SWPL culture? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

"How does one reach people in a city with, in many ways, a stereotypically SWPL culture? Any ideas?"

Fortunately for you, Seattle's black population is unlikely to increase, because black migration patterns have been trending south.

M.G. said...

The poor guys running Second City Cop (these are active-duty officers) can't even keep up, they're blogging like mad and more (non-media reported) incidents are coming from the comments:

Multiple reports in our comment sections about a large gang of thugs riding the bus on 111th Street and tearing it up this afternoon:

* ...on todays date 15-20 black teens... got off of the bus and out of cars at 111th and Kedzie and broke buisness windows, car windows and attacked pedestrians... all pedestrians and vehicles were that of white people..

...a white females car was destroyed as she sat in it and male and female white pedestrian were attacked. Clearly white people are being chosen and targeted among the black offenders... why is this not a hate crime?? what would happen if the same group were white people who went to the ghetto and ONLY targeted black people and left white people alone???? yep, you guessed it.. hate crime. Why did the 111th and kedzie wildings not make the news?

Chicago is going up in smoke. But it's OK, Rahm is out there making noise about what's really important:

And the mayor suggested journalists be more judicious in using the term "flash mob." "We have to be sensitive to what it conjures up," Emanuel said.

Not sensitive to what the flash mobs conjure up (broken windows, broken teeth, broken bones). Sensitive to what the term 'flash mob' conjures up. BRA indeed.

B. Herder said...

Yup Paul, that's the one... It's so cute and funny I almost put a brick through the TV.

Just wait till the summer heat is in full swing with school being out. Party time.

@ Seattle. Answer is easy. Get out of Seattle. There's room over here on the 'right' side of the state. ;^)

Anonymous said...

"How does one reach people in a city with, in many ways, a stereotypically SWPL culture? Any ideas?"

Don't attack PC ideas directly. Don't promote non-PC ideas directly. Attack the double standards and logical inconsistencies in their ideas. Don't attack the idea just the inconsistency.

Basically, this in reverse

Greying Wanderer said...

"Where ever blacks are this violence the result of learned environmental behaviors?"

You know little kids - the way they impulsively stab their sister with a fork or throw rocks at their brother's head without thinking? The basic human is impulsive and violent with layers of restraint built over the top as they grow older.

Evolution happened in stages. Africa and the tropical latitudes was stage 1. Some of those people moved out into the mid-latitudes and changed into stage 2. Some of those moved out into Europe and NE Asia and changed into two alternative versions of stage 3.

They're like 6' tall, 200 lb, six-year olds with knives and colic.

Whiskey said...

Just FYI, the Census in 2010 counted Blacks as 12% of the population, declining 0.9% over the decade.

Maple syrup said...

I have encountered your blog through other blogs that my boyfriend visits; he's a fan of Ilana Mercer's barely a blog and Mister Sailer's blog as well. I have been looking for alternative news source on the net and this one fits very well with the views I hold on 'The Black problem'.
Fortunately, I live in Canada and I must admit that we're not yet confronted with racial incidents of the magnitude your country encounters. We are also plagued with complaisant liberals that are total sell outs to the ideology of diversity at all cost.
I do not find many like-minded individuals that share my views in the MSM hence forth my quest to seek alternative media sources.

My beef is also with the refusal of our elites and decision makers to disregard the tyranny of unwarranted privileges blacks have over the natives, and for that matter any other minority groups.
I fear for the future even if the 'problem' is not as crying as it is in the US. Scandinavian countries are beginning to get a taste of the multicultural cesspool and I truly believe we are next in line with uncontrolled migrations from 'emerging countries'. Don't get me wrong, i do not condemn immigration in block; I believe that we can benefit from South East Asian immigration and am not totally closed to other types either but am in total opposition of Black immigration, as with the small amount we already have, it is comprised of the vilest and most destructive force in this country.

P.S. English is not my first language & if I make syntax or grammatical error please feel free to point it out to me, I will not get offended as I would like my ideas to be conveyed in an adequate fashion.