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Birmingham, Charlotte, and St. Petersburg: All Cities Plagued with Black Crime (just call them 'bad areas')

Black crime plagues Charlotte; 4th of July fireworks require massive police presence
 Perfidious White Journalists (PWJs) have free reign to publish stories filled with grotesque lies that paint a false picture of our nations cities and one article from The Birmingham News outdoes them all. Published on July 2, the story discusses curfews, crimes and flash mobs in Birmingham while having a picture of white teenagers hanging out in a parking lot to accompany the article:
In Trussville, police responded earlier this summer to a possible flash mob -- a group that rapidly gathers in a planned location usually with the help of text messaging or social media. About 60 to 80 teenagers converged on the city's Walmart, said police chief Don Sivley.
"They were getting out of hand, there were some food fights, things like that," Sivley said. "The store called us to back them up while they tried to get them out of the store. We think it might have been a flash mob, but we don't know for sure."

In Bessemer, numerous fights among juveniles temporarily cleared Alabama Adventure on June 6, as law enforcement agencies restored order. Officials said a marketing promotion for $10 tickets that day had brought in juveniles who were not being supervised by a parent or other adult. The theme park discontinued that promotion.

In Fairfield, police have noticed that parents drop off children at the malls and movie theaters, said Beverly Hardy, deputy chief. She said she has seen children as young as 10 and 11 at Western Hills Mall.
"They drop them off and leave them with no supervision," she said. "When the mall is getting ready to close, half the time you can't find the parents."

Many cities have turned to youth curfews and other ordinances to help control potential trouble. Fultondale passed an ordinance prohibiting loitering in the city's largest shopping complex. Birmingham, under the direction of former Mayor Larry Langford, adopted a strict youth curfew that holds parents responsible with penalties and possible jail time.

That curfew caught Birmingham's Ariel Jones, 20, off guard a few weeks ago when she was out with her 17-year-old sister. The family recently moved from Indiana and was unaware of the youth curfew.

"She went to juvenile (detention) for a night," Jones said of her younger sister. "It was late, around 12 or 1. But she was just out walking and she was with me. We were going to a party."

Jones questions the need for such a strict curfew, but Brandon Knight, 19, her co-worker at the YMCA's Youth Center, said he does not.

Knight, a Samford University student, grew up in Birmingham under the curfew.

"Have you watched The First 48?" he asked, referencing an A&E television show that followed Birmingham homicide detectives. "I completely understand why there is a curfew."

Knight said it would be nice if each case could be handled differently, based on the maturity of the child, but that is impossible with Birmingham's crime situation.
Birmingham's crime situation is entirely a Black problem and Lisa Osburn - the writer of this story - has the audacity to juxtapose white kids hanging out with stories of Alabama Adventure being shutdown due to Black violence.

This story serves as a reminder why major newspapers across the nation are dying and losing subscriptions. The First 48 is a television show that has been called 'racist' because, invariably, almost every criminal that police and detectives go after are Black. In Birmingham, this is obvious with crime being a monochromatic problem that no attempt to connect white suburban kids with Bama Bangs to these problems can change.

Curfews are only needed because Black parents rarely care about the whereabouts of their children (Black fathers 72 percent of the time have no time to care about their offspring) and these kids rarely care about abiding by the law.

Such is life in Black-Run America (BRA) and having PWJs write stories that try and connect law-abiding white kids with the criminal actions of Black people is despicable.

Not to be outdone but Charlotte is another city where Black violence is making life difficult for the law-abiding, with massive security needed to ensure the Fourth of July celebration - with many being canceled across the nation - goes of without a repeat of the Black-ruined Speed Street event:

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx and police Chief Rodney Monroe say they will increase security and police presence in the uptown area for an Independence Day celebration that could bring 100,000 people into the Center City.
Noting an uptown disturbance that left one person dead in a shooting and dozens arrested during the Food Lion Speed Street event on Memorial Day weekend, Foxx said, "This time, we have an opportunity to show we can do this safely."
Foxx said a group of civilians also will be stationed in uptown and elsewhere in the city Monday evening, to help police in an observer role. But he declined to go into detail, saying more information will be released later today.
During the morning news conference, Monroe said police presence in uptown will be increased considerably, although he would not go into specifics on the number of additional officers on patrol.
"The overwhelming percentage of our officers will be working," the chief said. "But that's not unusual for us on the Fourth of July."
In response to questions about what people can expect to see in the Center City area Monday night, Foxx and other officials said:
Police in large numbers at areas that typically draw crowds -- the Transit Center, the Trade-College street intersection, and the route from Memorial Stadium to the square.
More use of the police towers to observe crowds; and additional surveillance cameras in use across the uptown area.
Use of police support -- school security officers, undercover police, and the Civil Emergency Unit.
Limited access by pedestrians to the Transit Center. Only the 4th Street side will be open, and bicycle racks will be installed to limit access.
Strict police enforcement of the curfew law.
The big draw Monday night will be the annual holiday program at Memorial Stadium and subsequent fireworks display. A large number of arrests followed the event several years ago, but July 4th celebrations have been generally trouble-free in recent years. The Speed Street disturbance, blamed by police and city officials on large numbers of young males, some of them 11 or 12 years old, led authorities to review plans for Monday night.
"I think our plan worked pretty well on Memorial Day weekend," Monroe said. But he added that police will increase their efforts to prevent large groups from congregating on sidewalks.
"When you get five or six people congregating on a sidewalk, it forces others to walk into the street to get around them," Monroe added. "Our goal is not to arrest everyone. But we will keep people moving."
Foxx and Monroe said parents and other custodians of teens will play a key role in the effort to keep the uptown celebration safe.
"We are really, really, really depending on parents to make sure they are in control of their children -- especially those 12 to 13 -- who are allowed to go uptown," Foxx said.
Monroe added, "Parents need to know where their kids are -- and what they're doing."
When told by a reporter that some Charlotte-area residents wouldn't "touch uptown with a 10-foot pole," Foxx responded, "What you're hearing today is a commitment from these individuals (public safety and Charlotte Area Transit System) to provide a safe and fun holiday celebration."
Foxx said he knows the reaction of area residents to the Speed Street troubles shows that some fissures exist in the city.
"I believe our community has some conversations that are needed," he said. "Any time an incident occurs in a common space, such as uptown, it raises concerns.
"But right now, we are focusing on having a good Fourth of July weekend celebration. There will be time for the conversations later."
The Black violence in Charlotte is getting so bad that Mayor Foxx is considering raising the age for curfew.

Just like the Indianapolis Black Expo that required an additional 500 police officers and 400 volunteers to keep the peace, untold resources must be allocated to keep Black people from going crazy in Charlotte and potentially ruining yet another July 4th event in a major city

The First 48 loves to film in Birmingham with plenty of crime to showcase
That cities are unsafe and require massive police presence (curfews as well) to maintain order is entirely due to Black peoples penchant for breaking the law. Recall that 2007, the Fourth of July celebration in Charlotte was plagued with Black violence that the then white mayor of the city dared to criticize, prompting the NAACP to demand an apology:
The NAACP wants Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory to apologize for remarks he made about African American youth after last week’s arrests during Fourth of July festivities in uptown.
Ken White, president of the Charlotte Branch of the NAACP, on Wednesday called the mayor’s comments “insensitive” and said he’s concerned they painted “African American youth with a broad swath that cuts deep in many of our communities.”
McCrory’s comments came July 5 in a letter to the city manager congratulating police on their efforts the night before, when 169 people were arrested in uptown. McCrory also wrote that “too many of our youth, primarily African American, are imitating and/or participating in a gangster type of dress, attitude, behavior and action.”
McCrory has said he did not mean that only African American youth were imitating gangs. But he said he specified them because that’s who he saw as he walked uptown streets during the celebration.
On Wednesday, he cited statistics showing more than 60 percent of Charlotte’s gang members are African American. And, he said, the victims of gang violence also tend to be black.
“One thing we agree on is that it is a horrible stereotype,” McCrory said, “but it’s being perpetuated by those who continue to dress like, behave like and act like gang members. It’s not productive to our community, our neighborhoods, our schools, or to those individuals who are doing it.”
 The USA Today reports that Black people are moving back to the south in record numbers, as they have failed to make a living in northern cities, the only impact and contributions they have made is the complete decimation of Detroit, Buffalo, Philadelphia economy. The hopes of making southern cities like Birmingham, Charlotte, Nashville, Memphis, Columbia, etc. safer rest in attracting white people to these metropolitan areas, not more Black people to perpetuate the continued decline of these towns.

Just remember this: You can't cancel a Black event, unless you are willing to have your city attacked and called racist. The Las Vegas Taste & Sound of Soul has been canceled and Black people are up in arms that such an event with negligible economic impact to the city - and huge costs to provide police protection there - would not be welcome.

Charlotte and Birmingham are dangerous cities, because of the Black population found there. Just as Thad 'Stu' Crisco said of the dangerous area in St. Petersburg, it isn't kids with Bama Bangs that threaten the lives of law-abiding citizens:
A police officer is under investigation for telling the truth - after he warned a father not to let his daughter hang around a rough part of town.

Officer Thad 'Stu' Crisco, who has an exemplary record, is under fire for allegedly making 'disparaging comments' against St Petersburg, Florida, where he is a veteran with the police department.

The probe was launched after Officer Crisco reportedly warned local resident Bob Esposito about letting his 16-year-old daughter hang around the Northshore Pool in St Petersburg late at night. 

Mr Esposito's daughter was one of a group of teens robbed at gunpoint in that area recently. 

After the incident, Mr Esposito told Channel 10 news that the officer was only trying to look out for him and his family on the night of the robbery. 

'I wouldn’t come down here at night. And I was told by one of the police officers not to come down here, either.'

He said the officer warned him about the city’s violent crime statistics, which are the worst in the state.
Crisco's best friend, Officer David Crawford, was gunned down by a Black person, a crime that no member of the NAACP will ever apologize for. Now Crisco is in trouble for telling the truth to law-abiding citizens, that an area with a high density of Black people is unsafe, a fact that everyone in the nation knows to be true.

The Birmingham News would have you believe that white kids are making Birmingham unsafe; Charlotte's civil rights organization would make the then white mayor apologize for speaking the truth about Black criminality; and St. Petersburg would rather jeopardize the lives of law-abiding citizens then tell the truth that Black areas unsafe.

When you understand how evil Black-Run America is, you will understand why we write that it must end. Be safe this Fourth of July.


Anonymous said...

Paul, the St Pete cop murdered by a 16-year-old negro was named David Crawford, not David Howard.

James Briggs Who Plays Roots Backwards said...

I have many race realist sites bookmarked on my computer. I daily visit SBPDL, American Renaissance, The National Policy Institute, The CofCC, American Thinker, OneSTDV, The Thug Report, The Occidental Observer, Occidental Dissent and a few others whose mention would not be welcome on this site.

One thing that most of the sites have in common is that they are ran by people who get their information about niggers second or third or forth hand. They seem to have very little direct contact with the filthy beasts, so they have absolutely no comprehension of the situation that Whites will be facing when BRA collapses.

I can tell you first hand that it won't be pretty and a lot of us are going to get wet.

Another thing they have in common is that none of the sites will lead in the manner that Neal Boortz did with his "Dead Thugs" statements.

In the military, where real world solutions often involve death and destruction, they have many memorable sayings. One that comes to mind now is: If you are pointing out a problem without offering a solution, then you're just bitching.

Anonymous said...

I watch, "The First 48", so much that I don't think there is any of the shows that I haven't seen at least once. I would say that 99 percent of the criminals on this show are black. You can call that racist if you want to, but unlike the perfidious so-called journalist Lisa Osborn the homicide detectives can't show whites being arrested for crimes that blacks have done.
The perfidious media supports that segment of the population that does not support them. Blacks don't read newspapers, since most of them read at a very low level or don't read at all, and Mexicans buy papers in Spanish and watch Spanish language programs. Islamist have their own media in satellite TV and newspapers in their own language and they live in their own cloture worlds. So the perfidious media like the NYT, LAT, and the alpahbet TV channels are cutting their own throats by lying to whites and refusing to report the truth to whites. Whites should just totally stop watching the lying TV news channels and news programs and stop buying newspapers. Bankrupt those sons of bitches. Get your news off of the internet.

Anonymous said...

I went to a 4th of July celebration last year in a mostly white surburb. It was great fun with lots of good food and no cops in sight. There was no screaming or fights. The park was free of trash the next morning despite several dozen food vendors and thousands of attendees. I can't imagine such a thing happening in a black area.

bubo said...

That white "onion" girl that got her ass whipped by a black mob wrote a long essay about her experience. Needless to say she is doubling down on her "multiculti" anti-white mindset and blasting those "creepy racists" that have turned an obvious racial incident into a racial incident.

Honestly this is the reaction I knew she would publicly project. It is my belief that this mindset will not last. Much like the movie "Inception" a tiny idea has been planted. Granted instead of subtly entering her mind through a dream it was beaten into her through black fists and feet.

In a few years she will have the urge to have a child whether she knows that now or not. Once that child is born she will entertain thoughts of keeping her child safe. Disconcerting to her hipster urban multicult mindset she starts to have thoughts of moving somewhere with "good schools."

She entertains thoughts of moving to "uncool, disproportionately non-Asian minority" free suburbs and towns for their good schools and sense of community.

She's watching her local news run a story about black families and the Feds suing her town because there isn't enough low income housing for black folks who just want to make a better life in her town. "No problem" she says, "I'm not racist. All are welcome here."

She starts to think to herself that she and her husband pay a large amount of money in local, state and federal taxes with little to show for it. She sees that large Section 8 apartments have been built down the road from her house as a settlement between her town and the Federal government.

She notices that litter is much more prevalent than before. The local news, which almost never had anything to say about her safe little hamlet, mentions a home invasion rape occurred just down the street from her home. "My god, how could that happen here?" she thinks to herself.

Later on the police arrest a 15 year old black male for the home invasion rape while his parents curse the police and scream that his white victim, who was beaten into a coma, had lied about the entire incident. "Why do blacks act that way?" She thinks to herself. "If that were my kid I'd be embarrassed to show my face, let alone make excuses for him"

Finally her 8 year old blonde haired daughter is viciously beaten while being called "white bitch" by a mob of teenage black girls while walking home from school.

"Damn those niggers to hell" she screams while the police tell her that it wasn't a racial assault but just a fight between children and that no charges would be filed.

She's arrested on the spot by police for "hate speech" and sent to jail for 30 months. Her metamorphosis is complete.

Anonymous said...

Ret'd LAPD here. The First 48 is a very brave show. It highlights crime as it truly is and even goes so far as to use subtitles when blacks are speaking (sometimes whites if their drawl is very thick).

I love the interviews the cops conduct with suspects back at the station, whose acting performance would make any liberal tearfully demand their immediate release.

Sometimes I miss the job but then I remember how motivated I was to leave.

Dissident said...

@ Bubo.

That was a very incisive analysis of the naive/idiot/deceived libtard mindset.

Very good summary of this ladies inevitable awakening......maybe?

But, I won't be holding my breath on that.

Anonymous said...

FUCK THE N double APE CP. Sick of those narrow minded fucks who need to get a goddamn clue. said...

If belly fat is an indicator, I would conclude that the blacks imaged in the last video are faring much better than their cousins in Africa. said...

Off topic:

The hotel maid who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her is from Guinea, a black nation in east Africa.

This remind us of the Duke University LaCrosse players' episode.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. The truth can be a powerful instrument and you use it very well.
Reading the many pathetically sad and disgusting truths here does make me angry--but better-informed and thus (I hope ) better prepared for what I think is a bleak future.

Whites are in the process of cultural suicide--which could morph into a strangely apathetic suicidal self-genocide if they allow violent White-hating criminals and sociopaths to damage and ruin the most free and fair society and economy in the world to be corrupted and degraded into a Third World shooting gallery

The problem is primarily racial but there are still non-violent and non-race-based solutions possible. I hope to be writing about these in the future. Meanwhile, thanks again and keep up the good work

=='Patrick Henry'

Anonymous said...

"Very good summary of this ladies inevitable awakening......maybe?
But, I won't be holding my breath on that."

It's an apologue about life in neo-Bolshevik BRA-
the future life trajectory of any specific SWPL putz is of no importance to the story.

Dissident said...

SBPDL makes the point that the newspapers are hurting because they refuse to print any substantive truth.

This is so honest. I will laugh at their demise and sneer as they become ever more irrelevant in this age of instant communication.

They have done it to themselves and sites such as this one have come the plate, to fill the void. All you dishonest journalists, all you sorry excuses for writers should take a lesson from the writer of this blog.

Get some intestinal fortitude and learn how a real journalist writes. I despise today's cowardly writers and I really despise black pathology apologists like that idiot woman from the "Onion"!

She's so damned stupid that she's defending those that would laugh at her demise-what's that tell you? Tells me that stupidity runs deep in her pampered world of unrealistic liberal looneytoonedom. How people like her can rationalize pathological behavior is really a paradox of modernism. The paradox of holding onto to an idea that is detrimental to ones own survival and actually believing it beneficial while promoting it--all at the same time.

MrGJG said...

Great synopsis Bubo of the DWL thought process.
My only disagreement is, the cognitive dissonance of liberals is so embedded, that I truly believe many of them would rather die than admit that their little pets are dangerous.

Puggg said...


You mentioned "The First 48," which is now appointment viewing for me. I first became familiar with it because a relative was watching episodes on Netflix. One episode was from the Liberty City housing projects in Miami. The PD got the crucial lead in a murder case that led to the apprehension of the suspect because the suspect's brother was brought in on a firearms violation, and this brother was not a convicted felon and not otherwise disqualified from owning guns.

I made the point on my blog that conservative governors in black (and increasingly Hispanic) heavy states should think twice about signing "constitutional carry" bills. If FL had con-carry, the Miami PD would not have been able arrest this brother and therefore wouldn't have been able to use that gun charge aginst him as a sword of Damocles to nail his own brother for the murder.

Reduce the CCW permit costs, reduce the useless number of "safety training" hours, but PLEASE, don't allow permitless carrying. Having permits and the ability to arrest and charge for carrying w/o permit is a useful police tool to extract snitching from recalcitrant blacks.

Anonymous said...

DSK is INNOCENT! The BLACK (MUSLIM) WOMAN whom accused him of RAPE is a LIAR! She's a psycho lying asylum seeker and WELFARE QUEEN!


This reminds me of that BLACK PROSTITUTE case at DUKE!

Anonymous said...

African Americans Have 200% Higher Risk of Schizophrenia than Caucasian Americans -

Sheila said...

As MrGJG writes, "My only disagreement is, the cognitive dissonance of liberals is so embedded, that I truly believe many of them would rather die than admit that their little pets are dangerous."

Yes, remember Amy Biehl? I doubt Onion writer Emily Guendelsberger will awaken while alive; her rationalization that the flash mob which put her in the hospital was not a racist attack since her boyfriend is "brown" demonstrates that she's already planning the death of her gene pool.

Perhaps this French woman's ordeal will awaken her:

I took my younger child to a 4th of July celebration two years ago. It was sponsored by the Tea Party (which I'm not enamored of - too sanctimoniously "anti-racist") and cost money to attend, so the vast majority of people were white and at least somewhat conservative. Given the Texas heat and the crowds, we had a good time.

I don't plan on going anywhere this year. The increasing number of blacks in the area has me greatly concerned, and I won't go to any local suburban function that is open to all. It's not worth the heat and the crowds to be forced to mingle with all the diversity and risk getting caught in their "revelry" (e.g. a racial brawl).

We're joining a different gym to escape all the Indians and Chinese at the inexpensive one we have been attending for years. Ironically, the most costly in the area, merely two blocks from our home, is also heavily enriched. There were always Indians and Chinese, but while watching my son's swimming lesson the other day I witnessed numerous groups of blacks going past the indoor pool on their way to the outdoor one. Their presence has to be subsidized - this place costs about $150 a month for a family (I joined only for the summer to get my kid swimming lessons). I saw only a handful of wealthy blacks there last summer, and none the year before that. These blacks were obviously different (wearing dirty socks on their feet in the pool area and gawking at the White girls in bikinis).

We found a reasonably-priced alternative that isn't too enriched (as yet) so that working out can once again alleviate stress, rather than increase it. How many alterations will I have to make in my life attempting to avoid BRA as much as possible? We really can't afford to move, as much as I'm desperate to, and as my husband rhetorically asks, where will we move to? What area within a reasonable commute (he won't consent to more than an hour compared to his current 30 minutes) can we move to that won't, in five or ten years, be equally enriched and unpleasant? This has got to end sometime, when enough people who are aware of reality run out of funds and places to escape to.

Anonymous said...

Stuff Black People Don't Like...Schizophrenia:

A new book released by a researcher at the University of Michigan has concluded that black men are five times more likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia than white patients and that the trend dates back to the 1960s. In his book, titled The Protest Psychosis: How Schizophrenia Became a Black Disease, Dr. Jonathan Metzl, an associate professor of Psychiatry and Women's Studies and director of the University of Michigan's Program in Culture, Health and Medicine, provides an overview of his archival research examining decades of psychiatric admissions to the Ionia State Hospital in Michigan's Ionia County. Before its closure in 1972, the hospital (one known as the Michigan Asylum for the Criminally Insane) often housed the most severely disturbed psychiatric patients in the state, including offenders who had been found not guilty for reasons of insanity. -

White Dude in Chocolate City Charlotte said...

That is an outdated picture of Charlotte's skyline. At least a couple more have been added in the last few years.

Anonymous said...

"DSK is INNOCENT! The BLACK (MUSLIM) WOMAN whom accused him of RAPE is a LIAR! She's a psycho lying asylum seeker and WELFARE QUEEN!"

It appears that she is also a prostitute.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of that BLACK PROSTITUTE case at DUKE!

Mangum's being a police informer let her have an easier time with law enforcement?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Anon 12:46 is correct particularly after it was said she was going to murder someone.

In 2002 she almost killed a police officer in a stolen taxi and in 2010 she attempted to murder someone.

Earlier this year the warning was proved correct.

Will the rentaquotes still push her as the victim?

Robert Marchenoir said...

"I believe our community has some conversations that are needed."

I'm not a violent guy usually, but I would venture that any official or journalist using the word "conversation" in such a context deserves the death penalty.

I'm sick and tired of those "conversations".

Anonymous said...

It is unsafe to do your job as a police officer. Citizens would be wise to arm themselves and get licensed to carry weapons to protect your family and posessions.