Thursday, July 7, 2011

NBA Lockout: They Still get an "A" from Richard Lapchick for Diversity!

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This is a re-post from SBPDL 2.0 that was written before the National Basketball Association (NBA) lock-out began. Be sure to check that Web site for stuff that isn't posted here. I'm working on a big article for tomorrow on Milwaukee, a city that is right now at 11:50 p.m. on the doomsday clock heading toward a total Blacks Behaving Badly (BBB) meltdown at (12 p.m). Remember, it will only takes one incident of police brutality for a story to go viral and bring an increasingly hostile and lawless segment of society (youth, gang of teens, Black people) to fully remind us all of Los Angeles in 1992. This time - thanks to Flip Cams, cell phone cameras, social media, security and surveillance cameras - it will all be documented.
Thanks again to all who have donated or sent in kind thoughts: you have no idea what this outpouring of support means to fuel my drive and intensity to make SBPDL that much more impactful. I've been working on a lot of new material for the book tentatively titled Captain America and Whiteness: The Superheroes Dilemma (coming out on July 22, 2011), but wanted to post this for the time being. Enjoy.
--- Paul Kersey

And... you are locked out.
The National Basketball Association (NBA) has cause to celebrate: the playoffs generated the highest ratings for TNT basketball ever, and 2011 championship series between the Miami Heat and the Dallas Mavericks saw sports fans actually compelled to care about and invest in the product again:
Sunday’s Game 6 pulled in almost 23 million viewers, 31% more than last year’s marquee Game 6 matchup between the Los Angeles and Boston Celtics, according to Nielsen Co. data. (The 2010 final went seven games.)

It’s clear most were tuning in to watch the Heat: In the two months of the playoffs, the Heat were mentioned about 330,000 times on such consumer media sites as Facebook and Twitter, as well as on blogs and message boards, said Nielsen. That compares with 140,000 mentions of the Dallas Mavericks.
More importantly, Richard Lapchick just bestowed the NBA with an "A" ranking for its commitment to diversity:
The NBA isn't resting on its laurels as a pacesetter in sports diversity.

The league has again earned an A grade in a study of the diversity of its leadership in its front office and its 30 teams.

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida released its annual report on the league Thursday. The NBA received an A-plus for race and an A-minus for gender. It is the only men's pro league to be awarded an overall A.

Using data from the 2010-11 season, the study found that for professional positions at the league office, 36 percent were held by people of color and 42 percent by women.

At the beginning of the season, 33 percent of head coaches and 45 percent of assistants were people of color. The percentage for general managers or executives with equivalent responsibilities was 26 percent.

There were five African-American CEOs/presidents for teams and two women who were presidents.

"Our goal has always been to hire the best people available, which has worked well for us, and we will continue to do that," NBA spokesman Mike Bass said.

"They've consistently had a record of opening up the search process so it includes a diverse group of candidates, and I think that's helped more than anything else," said Lapchick, chair of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program at UCF and director of The Institute for Diversity of Ethics in Sport.

The study found that 83 percent of the league's players were people of color this season, with the percentage of African-American players increasing one point to 78 percent. The percentage of Asians remained 1 percent, the percentage of Latinos rose slightly to 4 percent and percentage classified as "other" was under 1 percent.
Lapchick only believes professional sports that have a complete commitment (a religious fervor and zeal) to replacing all white people in front office, managerial and coaching positions are worthy of an "A" rating.

He has attacked NASCAR for having a 'racist' culture; called the college football practice of hiring predominately white coaches a grave injustice and attempts to hire more Black coach "too slow" that can only be remedied with the implementation of a 'Rooney Rule'; and bemoaned the dropping participation of Black people in Major League Baseball (MLB).

But a sport with only 17 percent white participation is classified as an "A" for diversity in his book.

As of 2008, the NBA was a league with only a couple score white American players:
Is it just a coincidence that the Indiana Pacers have 5 White American players on their team?

As of January 27th, 2008, there are 51 white American-born players in the NBA. This represents just 11.8% of the 432 total players on current NBA rosters.

Here I’ve selected 12 of the best to see how an All-White USA team would stack up.

With the game of basketball being more global than ever before, and with more and more international players becoming stars in the states, is the white American baller a dying breed in the NBA? Do certain NBA cities prefer white players more than others?
Lapchick's view of a perfect world for professional and ultimately collegiate sports is one where every player is a Person of Color (PoC) and every head coaching, assistant coach, and front office (athletic department) position is held by a non-white.

Sadly, the popularity of the NBA compared to the NCAA March Madness Tournament (and revenue generated during that 68-team battle royal) shows that sports fans do enjoy seeing white players compete. As of 2006, 30 percent of players on Division I NCAA teams were white.

People can say they hate the Duke Blue Devils and other teams that play white players, but as Richard Spencer put it, perhaps its because the Duke players overwhelmingly look like the student body they represent.

The NBA is largely being rejected by casual white fans turned off by the thuggery of the Black athletes, a problem that football needs to be worried of repeating.

And who can forget that NBA had to take out an emergency $200+ million loan to help teams make payroll a few years ago?

The NBA is headed for a lockout. Were it not for ESPN basically buying the league and writing them blank checks to survive, the NBA would be in a situation where attrition of at least 8 financially underperforming markets would be necessary to monetarily survive.

Players salary are too high and not enough revenue is being generated to substantiate paying exorbitant salaries to players who more likely than not end up bankrupt upon retirement anyways:
Repeating the words several times, David Stern made it clear: NBA owners and players are "very far apart'' on a new labor deal.

And with the union saying the league hasn't moved off its harshest demands, it may be hard to get closer in time to prevent a lockout.

"I think one of the owners indicated at the conclusion of today's meeting that he was very pessimistic as to whether or not they'd be able to reach an accord between now and the end of the month, and I'm forced to share that sentiment,'' union executive director Billy Hunter said Wednesday. "I think maybe it's going to be a difficult struggle.''

Representatives of the owners and players completed a second day of meetings, scheduled two more for next week, and expressed hope that continued dialogue before the June 30 expiration of the collective bargaining agreement could head off a work stoppage.

Yet the players reiterated their opposition to a hard salary cap, reduction in contract lengths and the amount for which they could be guaranteed, and said owners haven't budged on their desire for all three.

"No change at all. What has changed is maybe the mechanism, the system somewhat in maybe how we get there. We tossed around some ideas in that regard, but there is no hiding the fact that the main components of what we originally received in their proposal have not changed at all,'' union president Derek Fisher of the Lakers said. "So from that standpoint, there hasn't been much of a negotiation because that really hasn't changed.''

Owners are seeking an overhaul of the system after losses of hundreds of millions of dollars annually during the current CBA, which was ratified in 2005. They believe they could get the relief they seek through a hard cap that would replace the current soft cap system that allows teams to exceed the limit under certain exceptions.
During a lockout, one wonders if NBA players will resort to payday loans - like National Football League do now - to make ends meet?

One day, Americans will reject Black-Run America (BRA) and it will start with the rejection of professional sports. When they realize that the goals of Richard Lapchick are also the goals of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) for every profession in America, perhaps people will finally say enough.

All that takes is turning off the television and not watching sports, the only avenue for positive images of Black people to be manufactured left in America.


Anonymous said...

what those members of productive the side of society should do is boycott these institutions that support these thugs. dont buy anything related to the NBA and boycott their sponsors. this would force the NBA to drop the players that dont represent this country.

Anonymous said...

"People of color" is bullcrap. What is a white person, "colorless", that is with all the underlying semantics, bland, boring and without importance unlike "people of color"? Plus, I guess no white person should be employed anywhere until there is 100% black employment. That's what these "diversity" creeps sound like they want.

Sorry if this isn't exactly the topic the post is all about, but I don't care if they stay locked out 'til doomsday.

Anonymous said...

I never watched the NBA and stopped watching NFL when Vick came back. All I Watch now sports-wise is MMA.

How many others are giving up on major sports? Are there stats?

Dissident said...

You know witnessing all the hoopla surrounding these sports "stars" is really like witnessing the demise of western civilization first hand. It's absolutely disgusting to me to even think that people worship these cretins.

Idolatrous buffoons is what I think of. Are we so utterly inept that we resort to this kind of senseless "hero" worship. Why are kids today taught to think of these "athletes" as some kind of a "hero".

No! the real "hero's" are the cops, the nurses, the honest journalists like Paul, that provide real value to society, not some idiot athlete that can't spell his own name.

Peoples intelligence,or lack thereof, never ceases to amaze me. Looking at that picture of our black gods, solidifies in my mind that we're at the point of absolute and utter frivolity, these days. A nation of imbeciles and low class morons.

To summarize.

We have white trash being entertained by black ghetto thugs, while a white hostile "elite" sit back and promote it all from the comfort of their penthouse apartments in Hollywood and NY.

Wow, the irony in this can't be understated or misunderstood.

Dirk ziggler said...

Could you do an article on the differences between the team basketball used by the Macs and the nigger ball style used by the Miami heat? Nigger ball is based on the concept that one or two excellent players can lead your team to victory. This works in high school and college but in the NBA the competition is pretty equal.
On the other hand teams that use the team strategy have proven dominant over the last decade or so. Teams like the Spurs might be boring for people to watch but their team style is dominant over nigger ball teams.

Anonymous said...

""People of color" is bullcrap."

To make matters worse, "colored people" is considered RACIST HATE SPEECH!

Seriously, it's as if black people are a bunch of whiny infants, constantly in search of something to cry about, all the while ignoring their own atrocious behavior.

Anonymous said...

My sports watching preference:

1. College Football
2. Mixed Martial Arts
3. NFL
4. College Basketball
5. NBA
6. MLB

So this season scratch 3 and 5 and I'm still a happy man. It's pathetic how, fat ass first round bust Jamarcas Russel got paid 50 million to ride the bench and UFC fighters like Forrest Griffin trains 10 times harder, headlines a fight, and might get paid 100k. Mainstream athletes are just way overvalued and overpaid.

The NFL lockout was ruled legal by the 8th circuit court today so we're going to see some market correction in sports entertainment.

Anonymous said...

BTW, as I glance at the left-hand margin on this page, I see that todays topic at The Grio is Lebron James.

With record black unemployment and uncontrolled black violence sweeping the land, not to mention an economy on the brink of disaster...blacks are interested in discussing Lebron James.

You can't make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Dirk Ziggler

There is no I in team as Monty Burns informed us.

Anonymous 7:35

10 times nothing is nothing. Would it be better to say Forrest Griffin trained whereas JaMarcus Russell ate mcnuggets?

Anonymous said...

Watching sports is a waste of time that only supports BRA. I'll spend my time on the firing range, perfecting a skill that will save my life when the SHTF.

Anonymous said...


I have a question. You have written in great detail how professional sports and the black presence in them have affected white attitudes towards blacks. How did you come to this conclusion? Were you a big fan of professional sports in your youth?

Anonymous said...

Boycotting thug filled sports is superfluous for me, since I don't give a bloody damn about most sports. But I certainly will boycott any company, organism or what not, that make it a point of over representing blacks in their publicity campaign.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51

Same here! I never have gotten too into the mainstream glamor sports, college football I still enjoy, World Cup Soccer, but MMA is the shit!

It's unfortunate that most MMA fighters work so hard and not even make six figures, but I somewhat enjoy the fact that its still not mainstream

Left Coast Dude

Anonymous said...

I'm with you all. I cold care less about any sports now, bakkaball and feetsball least of all. The Onion sells a t-shirt that says "my regional sports team is superior to your regional sports team"-- sums it up for me. I have no connection to these grossly overpaid non-white cretins. Havilchek and Bird have given way to these thugs. No thanks.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...

To the poster who asked the question:

I have a question. You have written in great detail how professional sports and the black presence in them have affected white attitudes towards blacks. How did you come to this conclusion? Were you a big fan of professional sports in your youth? "

Answer: I played sports (football, basketball and track) at very high levels. Some of the people I competed with and trained with are in the NFL right now.

I have friends who tell me that white people would never pay to watch white people play football, because blacks are inherently better athletes. These are normal white kids, who have no idea that up until 1970, most SEC and ACC schools never had a Black play for them and that the stadiums were full every Saturday.

There's a great book called "Bowled Over" which gives an overview of college football. I'll be quoting extensively in it in my tome "The Opiate of America" which comes out the week before college football 2011 kicks off.

I recommend you check it out to learn about how ratings for college games were MUCH higher 20 - 30 years ago.

People have been conditioned to believe what their eyes tell them, and when you see only Black kids running around a football field and white fans cheering for them, you will believe that its because of greater athleticism on the part of Blacks.

White fans have been conditioned to believe only sports that Black people participate in are legitimate. Daniel Tosh, a hilarious SWPL comedian, routinely points this out on Tosh.0.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching basketball in the mid-1990's when they started promoting the ghetto thug players like Allen Iverson. I know many whites turned off the NBA around that time too because that is when the arenas started to be half empty. Football is headed that way if they allow the ghetto culture to take over. Decent middle class white customers are needed in order for any large business to succeed. The newspapers antagonized the white middle class and look where it got them. CNN and MSNBC are also crumbling. There are not enough white elitists to pander to and blacks couldn't give a damn about reading or the news other than BET and other assorted racist black media.

Anonymous said...

An all-white team from Russia just beat an almost all-black team from the U.S. in the under 19 world basketball championships.

The final four (Russia, Lithuania, Serbia, Argentina) is comprised 100% of white players.

Anonymous said...

"The final four (Russia, Lithuania, Serbia, Argentina) is comprised 100% of white players."

Good news but the myth of black supremacy in sports will live on as few of these white kids will get recruited by big time colleges or the NBA. Most of the blacks on the losing team will get their chance to play big time college basketball and even in the NBA.

In high school football, most state champions are white. But these superior athletes are largely ignored (except for QB and maybe O-line if they are 300 pounds) by recruiters while blacks from losing teams are given free rides and an opportunity to play college football.

Anonymous said...

previous anonymous again. Thank you for your response. I did not know you were semi-pro athlete (I'm guessing college). So, did your interaction with the black element result in your negative view of the community and BRA? I'm guessing it was not a thrilling experience playing with or against blacks.

Anonymous said...

Stumbled on this and I have to laugh my ass off!
All this blow hard bullshit about SPORTS! Hahaha!
And black athletes vs. White?...
Most black people with a brain don't even care about sports!, and we are out here,. Stopped watching sports in my early 20s, never looked back! All of you white or black folks that are watching and blogging about the inequities of the NBA or the NFL are all in the same boat, "Fucking Dumb"! Also on the comment of the love of MMA, I do agree that those kids work way harder than other athletes and get paid a lot less, but just wait, it will become commercialized and you will say it sucks because there is too much money in it. But most of all the MMA guy is the new Roman gladiator, and you are the blood thirsty peasant who will worship anything that you are a slave to.

Turn off the video games, ESPN ,TNT, and MTV. Put down the fast food and Meth , and the fucking firearms and pick up a book about some history! Any HISTORY! It will help you see what's actually being done to you!
WOW! ...middle America!!!

Anonymous said...

"Turn off the video games, ESPN ,TNT, and MTV. Put down the fast food and Meth , and the fucking firearms and pick up a book about some history! Any HISTORY! It will help you see what's actually being done to you!
WOW! ...middle America!!!"

Wow, just clicked to this site and found this hilarious comment. WTF?? Get off the crackpipe and out of your momma's basement! It's funny how idiots think watching documentaries makes them historians! WTF! HAHA

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, I don't use crack and I don't live with my parents. Anything constructive, or just an insult machine?
Simple replies reveal simple a simple mind.

Anonymous said...

That's actually witty, Crackhead that watches documentaries!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Mr. moderator. I Googled the decline of the NBA and stumbled on your blog. Didn't know it was a I Hate Black People site. Please excuse me.

Anonymous said...

"I am sorry Mr. moderator. I Googled the decline of the NBA and stumbled on your blog. Didn't know it was a I Hate Black People site. Please excuse me."

Don't bother apologizing. Just leave. And DO let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Good riddance, "historian"

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. at October 31, 2011 9:50 PM

"Didn't know it was a I Hate Black People site."

If I came across any sites hosted by Blacks, It's a given that their favorite topic is how YOUR KIND hates Whitey.

Now, get the hell out and join a blog you can RELATE to!