Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raising the Debt Ceiling keeps the Coffers Open for BRA: Mein Obama Threatens Social Security Checks

Yes, the future will be better...
On a day when Time magazine declared the $7 billion a year Head Start program a failure - going as far to declare it a 'criminal failure' that needs axing - President Mein Obama stated he can't guarantee social security checks will go out on August 3, in a bid to pressure Republicans to come to the table and negotiate a raising of the debt-ceiling:
President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks.

"I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it," Mr. Obama said in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, according to excerpts released by CBS News.

The Obama administration and many economists have warned of economic catastrophe if the United States does not raise the amount it is legally allowed to borrow by August 2.
It is already established that desperately needed austerity measures in federal, state, and local governments are disproportionately harming Black people, because Black people rely disproportionately on government vocations for employment. Few people seem willing to talk about the coming collapse of the United States Postal Service (USPS), an entity that shows a strong correlation with its rising Black employment percentage and its rising deficit.

Many hardworking Americans toiled away for years believing that social security would be all they needed when they retired. Not everyone had the luxury of opening up other investments for retirement and took it at face value their hard work would pay off with money they invested into America being repaid in their twilight years. It appears those days are gone, and Mein Obama - whose time as POTUS has seen the Black middle class decimated, propping it up through mis-named stimulus funds - is threatening those most likely to vote in 2012 with a holdup of their only source of income.

"It's the economy stupid," James Carville told Bill Clinton in 1992, and 19 years later that is still true, but Obama better remember that trying to paint Republicans as the bad guys in this situation might not work:
Dr. Fredrick Harris, Professor of Political Science at Columbia University says such spending cuts could dramatically impact African-Americans.

“[Social Security cuts] would have a devastating impact on Black communities since the Black elderly disproportionately depend on Social Security more than other communities,” Harris said.

“The so-called ‘new austerity’ will have long-term consequences for the poor and, in turn, the most vulnerable in Black communities.”

Elderly African-Americans rely on Social Security for more than 90 percent of their income—not to mention disabled persons and children of the deceased, who also significantly rely on Social Security funding.
Harris believes such a political move could also have lasting affects on the Black community’s backing of the president.

“While [he] has become a symbol of pride in Black communities, these cut backs in Social Security and other programs to address inequality raises questions about whether his presidency is becoming a ‘hollow prize’ for the Black community.”

Remember the average single Black female has a net worth of $5 and the average median net worth of Black house hold is $2,170 (making claims that cumulative purchasing power in the Black community is nearing $913 billion a bit specious) and then you can laugh at this report published by Sharmila Choudhury in the Social Security Bulletin (Vol. 64 No. 4, 2001/2002). Titled Racial and Ethnic Differences in Wealth and Asset Choices, Choudhury writes:
White households in the United States are far wealthier than black or Hispanic households, a disparity that remains unexplained even after taking into account income and demographic factors. This article uses data from the Health and Retirement Study to examine various components of aggregate wealth, including housing equity, nonhousing equity, financial assets in general, and risky assets in particular. It inspects asset choices by race and ethnicity and assesses whether differences in saving behavior--and, consequently, in rates of return on assets--are possible sources of the wealth gap. It also demonstrates the equalizing effect of pension wealth and Social Security wealth on total wealth.
Actually it doesn't remain unexplained Ms. (Mr.?) Choudhury, as Daniel Tosh did a nice job of explaining it in this video. Many white families wealth is tied up in their homes, which they own in nice whitopia's. When those whitopia's get overwhelmed by the Black Undertow, home values drop immediately and white families scramble to find new whitopia's in a never-ending ecological disaster brought about by an instinctive urge to raise their children in a 'good school district' (with only white or Asian students).

It's a well known fact that despite trillions (maybe quadrillions of dollars if you factored in the opportunity costs) having been spent on trying to close the racial gap in learning between Black people and whites - and Hispanics and whites - the only way for this pesky gap to close is by systematic cheating, as evidenced by the Atlanta Public Schools (APS) system.

Though it would go against everything Black-Run America (BRA) stands for promoting, perhaps admitting cognitive differences between the races exist that help explain the disparity in household wealth might answer the question Choudhury asked?

No, that can't explain it. Let's just have stimulus money - which went to  propping up the failing and artificially created Black middle class nationwide - purchase books that blame white privilege on these disparities:

The Omaha Public Schools used more than $130,000 in federal stimulus dollars to buy each teacher, administrator and staff member a manual on how to become more culturally sensitive.

The book by Virginia education consultants could raise some eyebrows with its viewpoints.

The authors assert that American government and institutions create advantages that “channel wealth and power to white people,” that color-blindness will not end racism and that educators should “take action for social justice.”

The book says that teachers should acknowledge historical systemic oppression in schools, including racism, sexism, homophobia and “ableism,” defined by the authors as discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities.

The authors argue that public school teachers must raise their cultural awareness to better serve minority students and improve academic achievement.

The Omaha school board approved buying 8,000 copies of the book — one for every employee, including members of the custodial staff — in April. The decision to buy the book was made 11-0, with board member Mary Ellen Drickey passing on the vote.
That impressionable kids are taught that their natural instincts are wrong and that every evil in the world is their fault, with the money behind the program coming from stimulus funds shows the truly insidious nature of a system that is nearing the end of its sustainability. Even as NASA launched its last space shuttle mission, Charles Bolden - the head of NASA - couldn't stop himself from telling Theroot.com of his hope that more minorities will flow into the space agency, even though the top Black scientists in America can't keep a Wal-Mart open in Tuskegee, Alabama.

Black-Run America (BRA) couldn't limp on forever, because the economic lessons learned from Prichard, Alabama pension failure still apply to the nation as a whole.

Head Start was criminal. So is Black-Run America. We sacrificed a peaceful future nearly 50 years ago by believing Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) when they said that all Black people had the same ability as white people, if only enough money was spent to make it happen.

Well, after nearly 50 years of lowering standards for firefighters, police, the military, academic acceptance rates for law and medical school (lowering standards in every endeavor, save the 40 yard dash) and watching as major cities - when left in the hands of "the talented tenth" - are turned into Detroit or Birmingham... it becomes obvious that that dream is dead.

So forgive us if we find this talk of the 'debt-ceiling' a waste of time. Raising the "debt-ceiling" is really about raising the ability of the government to continue paying for Black-Run America, which is nothing more than a transfer of wealth from white taxpayers to a large percentage of the Black population.


Anonymous said...

Non-discretionary spending(medicare,SS,etc) is absolutely what must give if the line is to be held on the debt ceiling, there is no way around that and everyone should appreciate Obama for his candor on this. If there was a way to have crafted these programs correctly that has long since past us.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that blacks are SO dependent on government services for the very basics that most whites inherently provide through family?
I dare say that most white kids are familiar with books, and even know their ABC's, by the time they enter kindergarten. Conversely, most black kids have no idea how to even hold a book when they become school-age, and have to rely on federal programs such as Head Start for things that should have been learned at home.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but did anyone see that mouth-breather Whoopi Goldberg defending illegitimacy?

Typical negro.

FoxSnooze.com said...


Black male steals Social Security checks

Anonymous said...

In a way I would love for the checks to be delayed next month. Can you imagine the chaos in the streets if the SSI checks for "disabled" black adults (and their kids) don't go out?

Anonymous said...

Social Security was always destined for failure, individuals should not be taxed SS and save/invest for their retirement. Those that can't(for whatever reason) save/invest, can live with their families. Before the state tried to take over retirement, family units took care of their elderly.

Anonymous said...

"everyone should appreciate Obama for his candor on this"

Candor? That piece of shit lies every time his lips move.

Silent Running said...

College Degree ≠ Good Job

I can't be too hard on Tosh, though. The above equation is just beginning to set in.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:03: Yes, I did see Whoopi's chimp-out. No different, really, than when a baboon or chimpanzee becomes extremely agitated and resorts to screeching, flailing, and jumping up and down. That kind of impulsive "shout-over- you" rage is so endemic to the black race that I am convinced it's genetically wired.

Anonymous said...

The only way BRA can hope to continue onward (even if it is just stop-gap) is to inflate the money supply to the point of wiping out the middle class (likely), raising taxes to the point of total confiscation on the upper 5% (possible, but more questionable since rich liberals only like to talk the talk, but never walk the walk), or a combination of both.

In any case, once the checks stop, which they inevitably must, expect trouble. And welcome to the Third World.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see that mouth-breather Whoopi Goldberg defending illegitimacy?

She defended illegitimacy not illegitimate-illegitimacy

Steve said...

Typical dictator, obey me or I'll screw with your money.
We can not wait for 2012 this POS needs to be impeached ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'd say those "disabled" black adults would get "abled" in an awful hurry...

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to see Paul Kersey visit the ladies on The View and school Whoopi. Now THAT would be an episode for the ages!

Anonymous said...

When Obama let it drop that there are 70 million checks that get sent out he was uttering a veiled threat. This is the bedrock of his political base and he cannot win unless every single one of them get out and agitates. The more people are dependent upon the government the more power the Democrates hold.

Anonymous said...

Did you google those Virginia "educational consultants"?


Why do white people put up with this crap, and why do white teachers participate in disseminating this bolshevik agitprop? The message in that handbook is nothing more than an incitement to racial hatred and violence!

In a similar vein, I'd love to know the identities of the bureaucrats that make section 8 housing decisions. I believe HUD is one of the agencies that is most black.

Anonymous said...

did anyone see that mouth-breather Whoopi Goldberg defending illegitimacy?

Not yet, but I looked it up. It's the same old same old; she apparently is reacting to a statement taken out of context, than distorted in her mind to something that was never said. She probably thinks that those people are claiming that slavery was a positive good. It was probably too much work for her to read the actual document and its sources. Knee-jerk reactions are so much easier...

Anonymous said...

To all,

Just for future interest, take a look at where Blacks are employed by the federal government and what the Office of Personnel Management sid in 2008 would be their "fair share" based on employment in the Civilian Labor Force. Numbers for the 21 independent agencies are just as "diverse." (The "Equal Opportunity Employment Commission is 43% Black while the CLF is 8.4%). BTW, Sept 2008 was the last report like this that OPM published. You can't find consolidated numbers like this any more. You want to have more efficient government spending and accountability? Then hire the best and the brightest and not just make federal employment a jobs program for blacks that arranges for free money to other blacks.


Federal Dept. FED PCT. PCT.CLF
DEPT OF STATE 30.9 9.8
DEPT OF LABOR 22.3 8.2

Playing Roots Backwards said...

I came across this informative article about the debt ceiling at Scientific Thinker a couple of days ago: http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/07/debt_ceiling_worst_case_scenario.html

Midwestern said...

All I can say is just WOW.

Urban Prep all black male charter school - Investigated for lowering of standards and false reporting of graduation rates.


"The Urban Prep miracle was hailed as evidence that black students can achieve if the roadblocks to their achievement are taken away. "

Oh garsh, Desiree. You told us that if only we could take the "roadblocks to achievement" away from the poor little black children, that blacks could excel to the top. I guess you were wrong. Roadblocks such as lower IQ, impulse control, underachievement, culture of entitlement, violent disposition, and failure to speak common English cannot be "taken away" by white people.


Anonymous said...

Let ALL of the checks stop, I say. It is beyond the scope of government to promise American citizens a living. You must not take what you have not earned with hard work.
What the heck is going on???

Here are some of the hidden costs that I must endure under BRA:

My local library has become a ghetto black mess and no longer safe for my children. Black men surf porn all day on the free computers, black prostitutes use the computers to make online dates and "chat", black welfare mothers use the library as a play yard and babysitter, black teenagers congregate to make noise, slap box, and horse play.

My local bike trail is being stalked by black criminals who like to beat and rob white commuters. It is no longer safe for my children.

I have to drive further north out of the inner-city for most services so that I don't have to deal with the snotty black underclass workforce.

My property value has been reduced by minority mortgage foreclosures and increasing black crime.

Can't go downtown to shop and eat anymore because of the cup shaking blacks and the packs of unruly "yoots".

Can't ride our cheap public transportation because of the black thugs and their unruly unpredictable behavior. The blacks "own" the transit system in my city.

My local public pool is a black ghetto mess and no longer safe. All of the parks department free summer camps for the underclass blacks also include tax-payer funded pool admission. Great! Now I have to drive further north to find a clean, safe pool, and pay double the price plus gasoline.

My local park with public tennis courts is now full of black vagrants and drunks who sit on the park benches spewing profanities and drinking liquor at 9am.

The price of everything owned by whites is going up in order to exclude blacks and their behaviors. (the new Jim Crow). Most really good restaurants and bars are free of diversity, but white people must pay a higher cost for food, drinks and entertainment in order to avoid the joy of diversity.

Our local white suburb's 4th of July celebration now thinks it is cute to play gangsta hip-hop and rap music during the fireworks, and this year, hired a local all-white girl dance troupe that did the nasty hump on stage like a bunch of black girls 'da club.

Our downtown is being tagged with spray painted graffiti by black thug gang members. White volunteers must volunteer services to clean up after these idiots.

A Jim Crow style curfew has been instituted on all teens 16 and under to deal with black teen mayhem.

PLUS I pay to send my children to safe private schools AND pay taxes to educate the poor little black children who will grow up to victimize me.

Are there more costs that I forget to mention? Please help me out.

Anonymous said...

I dunno…on one side I’m a big proponent for “shooting the hostage”. I understand there are many situations where you have to go balls to the wall and jus t let the chips fall where they may to get to a place where there is real resolution and progress. However, I don’t know that we’re really ready to deal with the consequences of letting social services (Medicare, social security benefits, welfare, etc) crumble and the fallout. It will affect many in the Black community but there’s also a lot of other people depending on those checks. Drug addicts, for one. Not just in the Black/Hispanic community. The pharma companies have effectively addicted people all across racial, gender and economic lines. There are a whole lot of them out there. THOSE people along with the Black criminal element make up greater numbers than you might think. Are we really ready for that? I’ve done everything I can to be in a place where my family could survive what will be the next civil war in this country but even I am not sure. If this is what you want, then let’s have at it, but do know if you’re not a prepper already, you need to be. RIGHT NOW.

Anonymous said...

How do we pay china back? How about we sell our black population to china? Kill 3 birds with one stone, we save trillions here, china uses them as farming equipment/fertilizer/fuel, and any that do survive will in time destroy china as it has destroyed America.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

..the "roadblocks to achievement" away from the poor little black children, that blacks could excel to the top. I guess you were wrong. Roadblocks such as lower IQ, impulse control, underachievement, culture of entitlement, violent disposition, and failure to speak common English cannot be "taken away" by white people.

I guess nature be raycis' n sheeeit?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr,Softee was shot. Is nothing sacred?

Ice cream truck driver shot and killed


D J said...

Anon at 12:30PM 7/3

Cleanup cost of all the chicken bones, KFC / Popeye's packaging, spilt drink cups, and scattered remnants of biscuits the janitorial crew has to clean up every morning at the office building where I work. We have a University of Phoenix there, and the student body is virtually all black.

The REAL handicapped folks who have a hard time because two negresses in our building insisting on taking two parking spaced for their a) old Mercedes sedan of some giant model that makes a Sedan de Ville look like a compact, and b) a Lincoln Cheesagrator with "22s". Both have handicap permits, both driven by 300+ pounders in spandex.

The lack of peace and quiet at bookstores even in upscale shopping centers.

That last one was my "pleasure" experienced today at the B&N at The Summit in Vestavia Alabama. I was already in a grouchy mood from being dilated for an eye exam. My efforts to find a particular book on programming was already going badly when in the next aisle some loud negro was bellowing into his cell phone about some seminar he and "my man Tyrone" were going to attend. (I'm not kidding; he said "Tyrone") It was Tyrone this, Tyrone that, and they've been together since school blargle blargle blargle. All this in a tone twice as loud as it had to be.

I didn't find my book, and I left.

A_Nonny_Mouse said...

"... Remember the average single Black female has a net worth of $5 and the average median net worth of Black house hold is $2,170 ..."
OK, then; but who is funding all the fancy cellphones for these impoverished blacks? Y'know, the 3G phones with photo/video capture, texting, and internet browsing/ upload/download capabilities?

I'd like to have one of those shiny new toys, but I'm just a taxpayer and I can't afford it.

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


The government pays for the phones in yet another scam.

Anonymous said...

OK, then; but who is funding all the fancy cellphones for these impoverished blacks? Y'know, the 3G phones with photo/video capture, texting, and internet browsing/ upload/download capabilities?

I have been into cellphones since the early 1990's. Back in those days, you had to be a credit-worthy wage earner to qualify for a cellphone contract. I was managing a Radio Shack store back in the 1990's and made a bundle signing qualified buyers (mostly all white professionals) for annual cellular contracts. Anybody remember when TracFone Wireless first started in 1996? I do. TracFone Wireless was the first major pre-paid cell provider in America. I started calling that company "crack phone" among my close friends immediately, simply because that's when all the black underclass "street pharmacists," shifty hustlers, and welfare queens started coming into my store and looking to get their phones with their cash and their fake names. They all seemed to know better than even think about hurting me too, because I was one of the few guys who was willing to spend the necessary amount of time to program their cellphones with the access codes for their airtime minutes.

So now flash forward to present day. Black-run America has now since determined that the black underclass is entitled to free cellphones. This led to the establishment of a TracFone subsidiary, SafeLink Wireless.


Quote from the Wiki article:

"SafeLink Wireless provides a free cell phone and a limited number of voice minutes each month for low-income-eligible families (one per family) who do not use Lifeline services offered by any other phone or wireless company. It is funded through the Universal Service Fund that almost every US taxpayer contributes to via their existing land-line and wireless service provider, but is only operational in a limited number of states. It is similar to the Lifeline and LinkUp government subsidized service for home telephones. Applications for service may be done via their web page, or by having them fax or mail an application form. No choice of phone handset is provided by the application process. Additional minutes over the free monthly benefit may be purchased. As of May 2011, Safelink Wireless had almost 4,000,000 subscribers, the largest Lifeline cell phone provider in the United States."

So to answer the question about who is providing the "all the fancy cellphones for these impoverished blacks," that would be YOU, the (mostly white) middle-class, upper-middle-class, and upper-class taxpayer/wage earner. If memory serves, it was Al Gore as VP who first sneaked the "Universal Service" fee into your phone bill. This was supposedly done back in the late 1990's to offset the cost of connecting all schools in the US to the internet, or something like that, but of course, fees like this one never go away. They just find new things to be spent on instead.

D J said...

I should clarify my remarks above: the cars are EACH parked in two handicap spots.

B. Herder said...

Anon at 12:30PM 7/3

Higher auto insurance rates -
Higher homeowners insurance -
Not being able to go to the movies (In peace) -
Pizza places refusing to deliver to 'bad neighborhoods' -
Stopping for a stop light and having your spark plugs fall out because of the guy next to you with the 5,000 watt sub-woofers -
Knowing there are certain parts of town you simply just *can't go to anymore*, day or night -
Being made to feel like an unwanted stranger in the neighborhood you've lived in for 15 years -

I'm sure I'm forgetting (Thankfully, since I've fled) more..

Anonymous said...

Lucille said...
>> did anyone see that mouth-breather Whoopi
>> Goldberg defending illegitimacy?
> Not yet, but she apparently is reacting to a
> statement taken out of context, [and] probably
> thinks that those people are claiming that slavery
> was a positive good.

Slavery Gets Shit Done!!!