Saturday, January 5, 2013

Charlie LeDuff: Refusing to Acknowledge the Black Contribution to Detroit's Death

Life in a 92 percent black city, as documented by the Fox Detroit Investigative Reporter Charlie LeDuff.

Charlie LeDuff, left, has put together a greatest hit video of 92% black Detroit in 2012
LeDuff is a funny guy (though he blocked the infamous SBPDL Twitter account for getting too real about the cause of Detroit's demise: black people), reporting this on the nosedive black dominated Detroit took in 2012:
The year 2012, the Mayans said the world was going to end. It didn't. We're still here. But if you live in southeast Michigan, sometimes it felt like it was.

We tried to capture the whole thing on videotape. We're telling the story of broken down ambulances, fire trucks that couldn't pump water and police that sometimes never showed up. Public safety. It's the No. 1 complaint. Although perhaps closely followed by a slue of sex scandals and a county exec in hot water. It was an interesting 2012 to say the least.

But it wasn't all bad. Use the video player to watch all four parts of my year-special and even relive a few good stories from the past 12 months.
 Charlie, the demise of Detroit is directly correlated with the downfall of Birmingham: it's race stupid.

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PDK said...

I`m wondering what would happen if some white, non-liberal, Hollywood heavies put together a series of commercials designed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth about the Negroid gene pool and it` product, the black people. Not only would blacks get upset at having a mirror put to their real, true and non-illusional being, but so too would white liberals become enraged at having their needed illusion, that the only difference between whites and blacks is the color of the skin, laid bare as the illusion that it is, and made manifest for all.

Of course the most important truth of the Negroid, more “r” selective gene pool, with its shorter neotenous growth nature would necessarily have to be made clear first, allowing all to see that the nature of the Negroid gene pool is to produce a higher quantity of lower quality individuals, as witnessed by a greater capacity to reproduce in numbers, but further, to do so with an accompanying, physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum.

Attention could then be turned onto the truth behind black failure in education. That blacks fail not because whitey holds blacks down, but because the black IQ is too low to promote the white, higher IQ standard of education upon them. Further, it could be strongly suggested that black education beyond 8th grade status therefore becomes a financial sinkhole, and further therefore, that white tax dollar spending on black education should be reduced to an 8th grade education.

White girls aged 12-18 years of age could be targeted for education about the truth for white women reproducing with black males for both the cultural and genetic realities. That culturally the black male is slothful and abusive, and the black gene pool`s input on her baby will be to lessen her baby`s IQ and further, will contribute to the black pursuit of melding themselves to the white gene pool to further themselves at the white`s gene pool`s expense.

For Christmas, both white liberals and blacks who embrace the illusion that Jesus was black and that white people stole him, such as the black Rastafarians, two doll like versions of Jesus the adult could be offered; one white with a relatively smaller body and larger head, and one black with a relatively larger body and smaller head.

Lastly black cultural dysfunction could be unveiled for what it really is; a lower IQed people, blacks, living in a higher IQed people’s world, the white world. That further, black incapability in the higher white world demands their disenfranchisement from our democratic processes, and further demands blacks accept secondary class status or a forced removal from our white culture by whatever means works best. Further, blacks as second class citizens could be striped of American rights. For example, blacks could and should have the American right to keep and bear arms denied them, they obviously can`t handle guns.

I believe a great amount of good could be accomplished by such an endeavor. Also, personally, I could get a decent amount of satisfaction witnessing Al Sharpton’s response to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth of the black phenomenon. Thank you.

PS; How about a full feature, "The Eve Carson story"?

David said...

At 01:11 there is a burned half derelict house that probably is a hundred or more years old, obviously built with love and care. One can imagine sitting on the veranda in the 1930s, April or May, the blossoms are everywhere, the sound of piano or violin lessons wafting through the neighbourhood, a young man in love, with a woman, his future wife, but also his city, the future is golden and enticing, but requires hard work and discipline.

Fast forward to the Bantustan shitville, discipline ignored, immediate gratification accepted and the norm, the music is screeching, threatening howl, akin to a primate, establishing its role as alpha ape, completely devoid of tempo, air and rhythm, but, it is a more violent ape as it seeks to claim its territory, its sexual prowess assured through rapine and force. A place of peace and expectation turned into a war zone.

Sorry about the flowery prose but I am Irish and from Dublin a city I love(d) passionately in all its beauty until TWWNBN and their cohorts as well as DWLs decided that in order to be truly advanced as a Nation we had to welcome thousands of Africans in to our Beloved Country, roll on Shitbantustan and all it entails.

Thank you for your site which I visit every day.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy it, but it would never get played.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Duff won't admit the problem with Detroit because he's discovered his black roots...

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here. Speaking of Eve Carson, she was photographed shaking hands with Obama not long before she was murdered.

Tyrone noose said...

Dream on! Killing people is more acceptable to the masses than seeing the truth about their pet niggers, to whom they have invested their reputation and credibility. If the truth were put into the mainstream, it would be such a threat to the liberal progressive pro government agenda, that it would instantly be attacked with a ferocity with which you would expect our financial mesas to be handled, but isn't. Holding up the mirage that is niggers are just like us is more important to liberals than almost anything, for it is how they acquire, monopolize, and defend the power that they wield through control of the masses through media deception, retarded legislation meant for children, not free men, and peer pressure with an unstated threat of violence from the niggers against those who even MENTION the mirage.

They need dealt with like fleas, ticks and the other parasites which they resemble. I am talking about the liberal progressives AND the niggers. Both parasites, without which our civilization will thrive again. They are immature and insist on an immature world. Fuck them, and their nigger pets.

Anonymous said...

I live in metro detroit belive me when i say that mr laduff knows the truth but in america the truth shall not set you free the truth would get him fired ,then labeled a racist just like when i point out what is wrong with detroit im called racist,ive awoken to the truth thanks to this site and others but most wish to stay blind r.i.p america we are finished...

Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen said...

That vid is hilarious... and sad at the same time. Still - I have very little sympathy for Detroit. The fault for all that decay lies squarely in their own laps.

I'll tell you this though, if the firehouse in my town had plumbing issues, and the city had problems getting it done, hell, I'd offer to snake their lines with my own equipment for free. But I live in Wyoming, and people (for the most part) give a crap about each other here.

Anonymous said...

When the last liberal coddler has his house burned over his head by Shitavious and Shitavious's goons, I hope that liberal finally understands that he is to blame for the destruction of America. But somehow, I think even then he will die in agony believing if we had just spent more on education...

Anonymous said...

i hope we are not finshed!

Anonymous said...

I thought the prose was great (my ancestors were from Limerick). It almost brings tears to my eyes to hear that dear Ireland had come to twmnbn radar and that weeds have been imported.

Left Coast White Guy

Jay Santos said...

Quite off topic, but wanted to share. I was at the shooting range today. Range is pretty crowded, but located in an area with few negroes. I'm standing at the range counter and from behind me a woman pushes ahead and says to the guy at the counter, "can I git uh pack ob bullets". I turned around to look and there it was... Shaniquitita. She wanted "a pack of bullets".

If you somehow managed to travel to the coldest, most northern area of Canada, perhaps on the edges of the arctic, there you will still find Jamal and LaQuisha. And they will be every bit as aggravating and dangerous as they are in Birmingham.

YIH said...

Lawsuit: Chuck Er. Cheese’s employee stabbed customer over plate.
Money quote: LaNasia Randle claims Shardonnae Pruitt threw a napkin dispenser at her boyfriend and stabbed her with a knife three times inside the Chuck E. Cheese’s in the 5300 block of South Kedzie Avenue, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.
Those names, Chitcongo, we know what's going on here don't we?

Whiskey said...

Right, because somehow the massive Jewish presence and influence in Ireland forced the Irish to import lots and lots of Somalis. Nope. Nobody but the Irish. The Irish themselves are to blame just as the average White person of Detroit is to blame for what that place became.

Who's to blame? The average White person. For tolerating, and not making their anger known, a set of special privileges and refusal to speak the truth in a stupid attempt to "make good" slavery and segregation. Worse for tolerating LEADERS who in an attempt to protect sinecures for themselves and descendants did things like import massive amounts of Somalis into Ireland.

Who is to blame? The Irish. NONE OTHER. They were the ones who did not punish their leaders with whatever means came to hand. Believe me if messages had been sent, statements made, with any who imported the first the imported and the successors would have been been sent packing swiftly.

No, I am NOT talking about IRA thuggery. Ticked off and angry citizens have means to make themselves heard, without descending into kneecapping and the like. Picketing, boycotts of supporters, attrition etc.

Same with Detroit. Machine control of Detroit was easier with a Black city, Whites chased out. Those who were chased out did not make themselves heard.

Whiskey said...

Let me add, the real problem is cowardice. Failure to stand up to the elites, the "Quality," the top 1% of the nation in education and money, as defined by Charles Murray. They run pretty much everything (they all went to Harvard, Yale, or Stanford), and love the whole idea of BRA (easier for them to rule the peasants).
I have problems with Murray, a HArvard grad, thinking that the elites are the cognitive elite. As opposed to nepotistic networks. But overall describing the elites and how narrow and completely in control of everything they are his work is first rate.

Anonymous said...

White people love avoiding the truth. It's a game to them.

It's time for the game to end, though.

Jefferson said...

I am surprised that Detroit is almost as Black as Haiti because Detroit's winters are very bone chilling cold, and I have always heard that Blacks folks are a tropical banana republic race who hate the cold. I heard they do not adapt well to colder climates.

Bogolyubski said...

PDK (California dreamin'):
I'm wondering what would happen if some white, non-liberal, Hollywood heavies put together a series of commercials designed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth about the Negroid gene pool and it` product, the black people.

White non-liberal Hollywood heavies? What the hell are you smoking? The creature you describe is utterly mythological. You just as well expect that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and the Eatser Bunny get together for such a project. Looks like DWLs aren't the only folks who've completely lost touch with reality. PDK - as with Republicans, even the "conservatives" are Marxists when it comes to race.

Non-Humans said...

Very Well Put!! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Check out this story out of Gwinnett county. Mother shoots intruder 5 times.

Anonymous said...

"I would enjoy it, but it would never get played."

Maybe not through mainstream outlets, but imagine if SBPDL made it possible to download the movie file then many of the SBPDL readers could burn the movie to DVD. Then imagine leaving copies of the movie everywhere you went - restaurants, commuter train, college campuses, etc..

I would definitely distribute something like this as long as it was presented in a scientific manner. I would mark the DVD left in public places with the title of a current Hollywood blockbuster.

Also in the movie could be links to SBPDL or other race realist sites. The message can be spread.

YIH said...

Well a member of ''conservatism inc'' just got slapped with reality.
I encourage SBPDL readers to check it out, but here are some tips on leaving comments:
1. No slang terms, they won't get through.
2. Encourage other readers to use google to find what you want them to see; DON'T USE LINKS (apparently even VDARE is ''off limits'').

Anonymous said...

Last night I was in the process of writing a comment. Was inspired but tired so I'd thought I'd wait. It is funny because I was thinking along the same lines as Whiskey, that being that people have to start speaking up.

I live in a building WDC where the lower income black residents are being forced out and they are pissed. Some Shitnetta called Child Protective Services on me (I got her name from the police...) so loads of cops come to my place. I had enough of the BS so I asked the cops,"What about my rights? These people(the nigs) abuse the system"...on and on". The police said that anytime Shitnetta calls that it will be documented and I will not be harassed. I contacted the managment company of the building and its attorney's are busy getting a restraining order put on Shitnetta. Good.

We can't run because as Santos points out, Shitnetta and Turdvone will be there because they follow us. It is time to stand our ground. Enough is enough of these people.

I went to a charter school fair yesterday with my kids. I looked around and thought to myself how far down American education has gone because of integration. The greeting table was manned by a pile of ghetto turds who had absolutely no manners.

You can paint a turd gold, but it is still a turd. Most groids are unable to be educated because learning takes work and continued education takes work. They don't want to work. They covet everything the white man has or does. I do not want my kid in school with these groids. I took a packet for the on line K-12 schools and kept it moving.

That is what western civilization will become...individuals and their respective families fighting the "norms" that the United Nations Conglomerate of Turds is trying to put on us...this "one world" we are all connected philosophy. Sorry but I do not see myself on the same level as Shitnetta.

Over the Christmas break that song from 1985 called "We Are The World" was played. I remember in 1985 I was in seventh grade and I guess I liked the song. I hate that damn song now. Why the hell should my hard earned taxes go to feeding some sub-saharan groid's family of twelve? How about using birth control? How about not having 20 kids when you don't earn a living wage?

We must stand our ground. We must just say "no" to groids and turd world infestation cloaked as globalization. We must fight and not be afraid. There are small battles to be won everyday.

White Mom Among the Turds

Anonymous said...

The color of crime strikes again:

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Detroilet, anyone want to take odds that the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track Authority is black-run?

Don M said...

Ol' Donnie boy had a very discouraging conversation last night.

I was at dinner with a friend who is a typical "Conservatism Inc." type of conservative. He despises O'blahblah, Pelosi, and Feinstein etc.

Despite this, he remains unaware of the cause of the GOPs impending demise, namely that a vast coalition of non-whites and white females have no interest in free markets and low taxes (even if that was what Repukes stood for, which it isn't.)

He went on and on about how the repukes need to somehow tailor they're message to "reachable blacks" and hispanics (because they're Catholic and so family oriented, donchaknow). Also, repukes need to attract women by not being hostile to birth control and abortion.

I very gently tried to explain that 1. Single white women want Uncle Sugar to be their husbands of last resort. So its not just BC/abortion issues for them, they want da gibs too. 2. Like blacks, hispanics are net consumers of social entitlements and thus, have no interest in curtailing those transfers. Furthermore, their out of wedlock childbirths are far higher than whites despite their "strong Catholic faith."

Naturally, he and his girlfriend did not believe this about "naturally conservative hispanics" so smart phones were consulted and statistics pulled. Despite that by some accounts, some 40% of hispanics receive some sort of wellfare, they pointed to the higher RAW numbers of whites who receive social benefits as proof that hispanics are somehow reachable by the GOP.

I didn't even try to bring up IQ differences and how that factors in to the ability of populations to create free, prosperous societies. I'd have probably been lynched.

So, folks, its not just the repuke leaders (many of whom are TWMNBN neocons) that are suicidal. Its many of the rank and file conservatards too.

May they all march into multiculti oblivion together...

Mary said...

Well Charlie's refusal to tell the truth about race is explained by that "Black Roots" video; he identifies as Black himself I am guessing, privately anyways, so that's where his sympathies lie. Nice find on that vid, btw.
I used to date a man from Detroit (he really is White) but his obese sister had hooked up with a stream of disgusting negroes and spawned with them, so now Blacks are part of his family, and I think his natural sense of loyalty would prevent him from real talk about Detroit's decline. We ended it due to that, frankly.

ANyways: As for Whiskey blaming "The Irish" for the sudden influx of Africans and other assorted garbage into Ireland, I would ask him: Where did the Irish learn the wonders of "DIEVERISTY"? The Irish are now at the mercy of BIG BANK/IMF/TROIKA and have to toe the multcult line lest the money tap be turned off. God it's sickening.
I don't hold them blameless of course. I am constantly pushing this kind of evidence (the reality of what Blacks have done to Detroit) before their liberal faces to try desperately to wake up the hipster atheist types who think our coming "brown world" is both inevitable and wonderful.
They just dismiss it all as 'racism', and me as a racist and nazi who wantstokillsixmillionjews.

Anonymous said...

Liberal slime are too insulated and isolated from groids too have this happen. They need more direct exposure to their beloved diversity.

Anonymous said...

I don’t even know where to begin today… My head is spinning from all the delusional insanity. To start, the presentation of the black dysfunction in what little I saw of the Detroitlet video was compelling. I’m sure it never got into the actual cause of said dysfunction, per liberal media SOP, but perhaps in order to convey reality on the liberal MSM’s home turf, the reporter’s approach should be applied elsewhere. If you present 100% black dysfunction, etc., even without ever identifying it by name, I think the point can be conveyed effectively. Now don’t get me wrong, I want to call it EXACTLY what it is just like the rest of you, and have the Conservatism, Inc.™ minions follow suit, but in lieu of that fantasy, in addition to what we are doing, it’s not a bad start. It’s SOMETHING, and we all know that we’re at the bottom of Mt. Everest, looking straight up. We just have to remember who made to the top of Everest first.

I also want to second the Anon suggestion about using our geographic “diversity” to our advantage. The idea of leaving all manner of race-realist or SBPDL or similar materials in public places is a fantastic idea in my view. It’s cheap, easy, and something we can all do in extremely short order. It could be something as simple as small pieces of paper with the SBPDL web address on it. Or the videos that anon discusses – I love the idea about the movie title, too! That’s a brilliant suggestion in capitalizing on the sheeple’s obsession with all things pop culture in lieu of the reality of the Black Undertow.

I believe a billboard campaign was discussed at one point, but wasn’t possible for whatever reason. Perhaps this might be? It would be virtually free, and we already know that SBPDL readers encompass all major US metropolitan areas, and several countries. And I’m not talking about inflammatory type stuff – just a small piece of paper that might say something like “for truth on the state of decay in America, embrace the free speech guaranteed by the Constitution and join the discussion at SBPDL, where you will discover that you are NOT ALONE,” and give the web address. Someone here will come up with something far better, but that’s the basic point.

Can you imagine if we all, simultaneously, undertook something like that on a nationwide basis, with uniform content that PK approved? Could you imagine what kind of reaction that might generate in local news across the country? We could mail it to “black community leaders,” and other blacks that would go apeshit and scream “Rayciss!” to the media. The media LOVES that, so they do stories about it. If we frame it like the Detroitlet TV reporter did, and aren’t inflammatory, but fact-based, we might have some success in exploiting the MSM’s predictably emotional, illogical reaction to every issue. In a sense, kind of out-Alinskying them? They would HAVE to show at least some of our content, too, because they otherwise couldn’t present the story without showing what all the fuss is about. Although we want to wake up white people and DWLs, in doing so, it MAY be just as effective to target black people. This is all off the top of my head, but I wanted to put it out there because I know it will stimulate the intellect of the SBPDL community to come up with even better ideas.

Anonymous said...


Could you imagine if the ER docs dropped this crap in the waiting rooms full of Shitavious and his gonorrhea? Every time one of us goes to the doctor, leave it in their waiting room, at the car repair shop waiting room, barber shops, mall and public restrooms, highway rest areas, car windshields, public parks and transportation, airports. Just tuck it in a magazine or brochure that’s laying around so no one can possibly find out who left it. Maybe I’m naïve, but I just HAVE to think that the outraged groid (or DWL) who finds it will end up on TV! Many here refer to PsyOps – I’m not former military or studied in that area (I did take intro to Psych. and social psychology), but I believe this is a tactic in that area? Maybe one of our catch phrases in the literature could be to break the cycle of the destructive groupthink.

With regard to the “robbery gone wrong” in Gwinnett/Walton County, I must first note that Loganville is extremely off the beaten path as far as metro Atlanta. It’s not near I-85 (the biggest drug-transportation corridor in the US), and results in an absolutely hellish commute for white people that choose to live there. In other words, it’s not the type of place where this type of thing was prone to happen, and was a former whitopia where people moved to escape TNB and Black Undertow. There were some rural-ish groids there, to be sure, but not of the present variety. However, this scenario is COMPLETELY endemic of the Reverse Manifest Destruction (RMD) currently taking place in Atlanta (and perhaps across the South as a whole).

You’ll note that this groid thug was a New York replant. My former subdivision was utterly overwhelmed by northern blacks who relocated to Atlanta. The in-your-face, $#@! you, Cracker kind that are all former honah stoodinz and present engineers or CPAs. None of their cars have GA tags – it’s always NY, NJ, and MI. Just like the Great Migration to Chicago, they are all returning to “the ATL” so that they can claim their share of the golden egg that is the “chocolate,” black paradise of Atlanta. The only problem is that, like White Mom described, the golden egg is merely a painted turd. As PK has so devastatingly chronicled, Black Mecca is DOWN!

The job opportunities aren’t here for them. The job “skills” they expect to capitalize on are largely bullshit, such as call-center or cell phone sales. As Newark and Detroitlet crumble, they come here because Shitavious and La’Qwantah have told them (as we are standing behind them in line at the grocery store, paying for their Obama phone and EBT groceries and being subjected to their loud TNB) that “ya’ll shouh come to da A-T-L, cuz we goddit gone-ON an sheeit!”

Anonymous said...


In reality, they come here, are immediately faced with actual (U-6) unemployment of 15+%, can’t get a job because they are largely unemployable except in economic boom times, run out of money, and apply for EBT and Section 8. And move next door to my $165K new home at 1/4 of my $1230 monthly mortgage, and destroy my property value, safety, and quality of life. Then their homies move in and pay rent (illegally) so they can turn a profit from the scam. Drugs, gangs, crime, rampant TNB, and finally, home invasion. Ironically, in an earlier news report of this incident, the slant on the story was that she had shot the generic “thief” in the face, and implied that she was cruel and unjustified in doing so. I mean, she was only in a cramped storage space, with no escape, serving as the last line of defense of her three innocent children. Shouldn’t she STILL have taken the time to understand her would-be killer and rapist’s “lack of opportunity” and “struggles in the legacy of slavery” that ended 150 years ago? Instead, this worthless, criminal groid is going to rack up $250K in medical bills that YT will have to collectively pay via even higher medical bills and insurance premiums, and then support his ass in prison until he’s released at 50 and granted all manner of white-funded welfare benefits. Then again, maybe the system will collapse before then.

I have a friend that makes six figures at a large, national, extremely well-known dot com business based in Atlanta. Diversity is HUGE there, and their office is filled with token groids that are paid $30-40K to perform menial tasks, but are given fancy offices, while the (white) people that run the company work in open cubicles. And while I’m on that subject, I just LOVE going into a Macy’s or DSW here to look at some, say, dress shoes, only to have an extremely hard time finding anything appropriate because 50% or more of the selection is dedicated to idiotic, groid “styles” that no employable white male could possibly wear in public. Or going into a once gleaming grocery store, where the increased availability of “ethnic” items squeeze out healthful foods as “diversity” takes hold in the area. These stores eventually close completely as soon as white flight reaches critical mass, but I have observed this symptom of the larger illness to appear as death becomes imminent.

On the Baton Rouge incident “wif da youfs,” like the Black Mecca, it’s just another chapter in the annals of the Katrina Cancer and the joys of our new, vibrant diversity found in a city near you…

Gwinnett Gladiator

Anonymous said...

Better yet how about a movie similar to (Its A Wonderful Life) but focused on life in America if slavery never happened. Imagine the country with a Detroit white people could live in, the country would have very low unemployment, no congressional black caucaus, no NAACP, much less taxpayer funded entitlements. The only downside would be to the black population, there would be no Spike Lee, no Beyounce, no Will Smith the list is endless. The government could use common sense when passing legislation, rather than political correctness.

David said...

Yes Whiskey, I largely agree with you that its white folks who are to blame, however it must be said that Irelands Minister for Justice and Defence is Jewish, although Ireland has a small Defence Force approx. 10,000 pers the offices were combined when Alan Shatter took charge and has accelerated the immigration process rapidly, since taking office in 2011 and has given out more than 23,000 citizenships, where previously it was an average of 100 a year, Mr Shatter has also approved 80,000 visas into Ireland of people from Russia, India, Nigeria, China and Turkey for 2013 and announced a citizenship scheme in exchange for an “investment” of approx. 70,000 euros a non national will be fast tracked for citizenship.

Californian said...

He went on and on about how the repukes need to somehow tailor they're message to "reachable blacks"

Here's the thing: many/most people do not vote. There is a solid sector of people who would vote Republican if the Republicans made some effort to reach them. These potential conservative voters are mainly white. But they have been alienated because:
* The GOP claims it is for small government but when in power it expands the state.
* They are Reagan Democrat working class who are not enamored by Republican support for globalization.
* They are race realists, or cultural conservatives, or etc., and are turned off by the GOP pandering to minorities and radical feminists.

Supposing the Republicans were to sweep the White House and Congress by tailoring their message to what they imagine blacks (or radical feminists, or etc.) want. Once in office, would Republican politicians reduce the bureaucracy, end affirmative action, dismantle equal opportunity commissions, secure the borders, address globalization, etc., etc? Of course not. They didn't do these things before, why would they do it with large constituencies which have no interest in these issues?

The odd thing is, were the Republicans to, say, campaign to end affirmative action, they might pick up more votes. They could mobilize white people who have been alienated by the system. Also, by dismantling BRA, they would knock out much of the support system which mobilizes votes for the Democrats. This would take a little courage, a lot of legwork, and even cancelling some country club membership.

Anonymous said...

Actually, there is a long history of Jews in Ireland. Although they are not great in numbers, influence need not require large numbers if placed in the right positions as we see here in the USA. Jews everywhere consistently push for increased non-White, non-Christian immigration (except for Israel). Even Islamic immigration which at first glance would seem contrary to their self-interest. This tends to dilute the power of the White population and increase jewish influence. It also creates several issues which distract attention from jewish influence.

To use a term from mathematical logic, White acquiescence is a necessary but not sufficient condition for BRA.

Full disclosure: I do not "have an affinity for Israel." Nor do I "see myself as a jew or identify with Zionism."

Anonymous said...

I once saw a movie based on the theme of what America would be like if black people had never been brought here. I can't recall the name of the ridiculous film but the gist of it was that, without blacks, America would have been a boring, backwards and stultified culture that was dying whereas places that had black people were vibrant, lively, progressive and wonderful.
The propaganda was on a level so retarded that it had to be aimed at the black community so that all the Shaniqua's could sit around nodding their heads and saying, "Sho nuff! Dat right!" and feeling good about themselves as they sat in their section 8 houses munching their ebt supplied popcorn while watching their big screen tv;s bought with welfare funds.
What we really need is a series of hard hitting race realist documentaries that show the irrefutable destruction and destructiveness of blacks and the terrible costs of having them in a first world civilized nation to counteract the propaganda that Hollywood spews out with increasing regularity. However, I don't know how much effect it would have as Hollywood reaches and influences the simple minded to a far greater degree than any truth based documentary does. Case in point- there was a good documentary on the true story of Amistad (the slave ship) and how the holy sacred negro who said, "Give us, us free!" in the movie actually went back to Africa and became a major slave trader. That paragon of virtue sent hundreds if not thousands of his own people into slavery and became rich from doing so. However, few people know that. All they remember is the final scene of the propaganda film where Sacred Negro is looking at the coast of Africa with tears in his eyes and moan about how he was done so wrong by da evil whitey.
There are even hard hitting documentaries about slave forts on the African coast that were operated by blacks. In one, the descendant of the owner says that when black people from America come there and learn the truth, they pound the walls with their fists and wail, "WHY? WHY?" Another documentary shows more descendants of black slavers complaining about the damn white man for stopping slavery and saying that if not for the white man, they'd "be rich too just like their ancestors were."
On second thought, documentaries obviously don't reach the masses of sheeple- we need movies that are historically accurate that show the sheeple real history and not all the Hollywood bullshit. You have to entertain the morons while giving them a dose of reality or the effort would fail.
They'll go to the movies and learn something even if the aforementioned documentaries are never shown in school during Black History (Mythology)month.

Anonymous said...

While ultimately we collectively stands at fault for not "rising up", as stated below, it is Jewish influence that is importing these Africans (and others who don't belong) to Ireland. Just as it was in the 1965 bill that brought massive non white immigration here to our shores. TWMNBN have always agitated for this cause and have gone on record having stated that our demise is their aim. But one must always remember that our people are the epitome of the "boiling the frog by raising the temp 1 degree at a time" lesson. We have been brainwashed for decades via gov't, academia, media, entertainment. Hence, the existence of the DWL. Really now, be honest.... Did you request new non white immigrants be brought here? Did the Irish request shitavious be brought to their shores? Did you lead a charge with your fellow orange county villagers with torches and pitchforks to the steps of government? These are done in spite of what we want, in spite of our objections. This is forced upon us just as it is in Irelandand all white countries. It is not forced upon central and south America. It is not done to China or Japan. If our people knew the truth of the objectives of "the hidden tyranny" (look that up). None of this would be taking place. Period.

Left Coast White Guy

Discard said...

Left Coast White Guy: In California, back in the 1990s, we voted to deny benefits to illegals and to outlaw affirmative action. But the will of the people, even explicitly expressed by a statewide election, counts for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I remember. Some judge overturned it. Was that prop 22? They did the same thing with Doma ( the defense of marriage act) (prop 8) where the state voted that marriage was considered to be between a man and wife, not whatever some pervert wanted to redefine it to be.

Left Coast White Guy

Bogolyubski said...

As for TWMNBN, it is useful to keep Voltaire's axiom in mind: If you want to find out who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize. Note that even here, oblique terms like TWMNBN are used. TWMNBN are like the proverbial scorpion: their behavior is remarkably consistent and it will never change - any more than groid behavior or Moose-Limb behavior.

Even so, Whiskey's point still stands. It is the cowardice and acquiescence of whites which is the single greatest factor in what has enabled BRA to take over the entire western world - even Ireland. Unlike Whiskey, I see no moral objection whatsoever in using IRA type violence of the most ruthless type against groids, DWLs, TWMNBN, and squids. The only problem with violence is that it tends to alienate many who might otherwise sympathize, and the forces of the Der Staat are well-oiled and funded at present - not to mention being completely controlled by the squids and their nomenklatura class. We're far too small and few in number to afford any violent actions. That can change over time, which will open the opportunities to bring comeuppance to those who absolutely deserve it - with compounded interest.

As I remarked on a earlier thread. If you want to start a revolution, cancel the cable subscription, don't go to movies, remove your kids from government indoctrination centers and encourage all other whites you know to do the same. The squids, the nomenklatura and the whole BRA infrastructure are paid for by whites - often voluntarily.

Anonymous said...

To Gwinnett Gladiator :

I am the one who commented about using the SBPDL network to download-burn-distribute DVD's containing factual non-biased information in a movie/documentary format. I have suggested it here before and other race realist sites along with suggestions similar to yours with printed material.

It's certainly not a novel idea, but the only blogger/site that I've seen that has done anything similar is Unamusement Park. Unamusement Park created flyers containing statistics and other facts concerning crime, disease, etc and made them available as PDF's for his readers to download, print, and distribute.

I would be interested in being involved in a movie/documentary project, but here are some other suggestions:

1 Print info on those ink-jet business cards that can be purchased at any office supply store.

2. Leave comments on news sites by leaving references to SBPDL or other sites.

3. Burn CD's with data containing PDF's, articles (color of crime), links, videos (QT, Windows Media), all detailing facts and statistics.

4. Leave printed material or CD/DVD in magazines on planes or actually write the URL of race realist sites in them.

Determining the best locations to distribute is another topic.

Also, since black history month is coming up it would be a good time to distribute the black invention myths. The site that I use to refer ( now appears to be defunct. However, you can still access links for invididual inventions like the traffic signal:

I'm not sure if I ever saved a copy of the info but other sites have the same information including references.

Paul Kersey writes about the small percentage of White students in the Chicago school system and I've thought that they need to know they are not alone and offer "survival advice" for how to deal with the madness around them.

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It was prop 187 which tried to end the gravy train for illegals. Strange how it somehow was able to be passed by the voters by popular vote yet it is used as a club against the Republicans to point out their out of touch views. Even when it was passed, Republicans were a minority of voters in California. So many, if not most of the votes did not come from Republicans. Of course the intervening years has allowed the illegals to bring in reinforcements.

Bogolyubski said...

Left Coast White Guy:
I remember. Some judge overturned it. Was that prop 22? They did the same thing with Doma ( the defense of marriage act) (prop 8) where the state voted that marriage was considered to be between a man and wife, not whatever some pervert wanted to redefine it to be.

That's not exactly what happened. Prop 187 was undone by Pete Wilson's Dem successor, Gray Davis, who signed a consent decree with La Raza and all the usual suspects (all of whom are massively funded by squids and TWMNBN). The California Repukes, typically, fought this with their fiercest Vichy tactics (rolled over and played dead). White folks keep on thinking that Repukes represent an opposition and keep on getting stabbed in the back but never ever learn the central point of the repeated betrayals. As the Book of Proverbs states: As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools return to their folly.

Anonymous said...

That whole thing was a flashriot preorganized through black social media. Thats what they dp tp entertain themselves, and get some shoplofting done as well.

Pat Boyle said...

A while back I looked into the books on Amazon that were about the collapse of Detroit. Most of them didn't even mention causes and those that did talked vaguely about "white racism".

That's why Kersey has done so well. He dares to write the blindingly obvious.