Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just Who is Doing the Killing and the Dying on the Streets of Chicago?

"Never let a good crisis go waste." Someone said that, right? 

Well, the good folks at Jesse Jackson's non-profit tax scheme, Rainbow PUSH, came together in late December to have a vigil for those white kids killed in Newtown. Knowing that the endless parade of blacks faces gunned down in violence on the nightly news of - well - every major city in America's local news telecast only serves as a reminder of why white people enjoy the comfort and peace residential segregation brings, Jackson made his pitch for taking guns [Rainbow PUSH holds vigil for gun violence victims, ABC 7, 12-17-12]:

A call for action against gun violence was made at Rainbow PUSH in Chicago Monday evening. 
The vigil, which came in the wake of a massacre Friday at a Connecticut elementary school, was made in the memory of the young people killed by gun violence in Chicago this year. 
The chapel at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition headquarters was crowded with people who came to pray for the victims of the Newtown shooting and demand that their elected officials take action to prevent any further gun violence. 
"Congress should revive the ban on assault weapons. Number 2, universal background checks. Number 3, stop conceal and carry," said Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH. 
Congressman Bobby Rush said he plans to jump into the gun control debate and reintroduce a bill that would require all guns to have identification numbers similar to vehicles. 
Also appearing at the vigil was Willie Williams, whose son, Willie Williams III, was shot and killed six years ago at the Ford City Mall. 
His son's killer was sentenced to 110-years in prison just today. Williams says if the Newtown shooting doesn't lead to gun regulations, he doesn't know what will."This is a disease, and we need everyone to come together to stop this," said Williams.
 Mr. Williams is right, but we are misdiagnosing the virus here Rainbow PUSH. 

Quickly latching onto the momentum and grief generated by the Sandy Hook massacre is a smart-move, considering no such national sympathy can be garnered by the long-list of black (and brown) kids gunned down in Chicago. 

The only response to such black violence in Chicago is for moving vans to quickly arrive and pack away the belongings of the few remaining white people living near black neighborhoods. 

That's it. 

Looking at the 2011 Chicago Murder Analysis PDF, provided by the City of Chicago Police Department, I believe I've concluded an reasonable theory as to why no one cares about the violence in Chicago, and, conversely, why so many were have allowed the emotional response to the mass-murder of white kids in Newtown to convince them of the need for gun control. 

Looking at five charts detailing murder, the victims of murder, and the arrest record of those murdered in Chicago will provide the clues: 

Murder Victims with Prior Arrest History in Chicago (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Murder Victims in Chicago (1991-2011) with prior arrest histories [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Racial breakdown of murderers in Chicago (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Breaking down the racial percentages of murderers (1991-2011) [Source: Chicago Murder Analysis 2011]

Murder Victims by Race in Chicago (1991-2011)

You see, the violence in Chicago - much of which took place while President Obama was a lowly community organizer there - is largely an act of thinning the herd, so to speak. The percentage of murder victims with a prior arrest record continues to rise, illustrating one particularly important legal fact: longer jail sentences might be needed. 

What do you see in the data, kindly supplied by the City of Chicago Police Department, that sticks out to you?


Don M said...

What chutzpah these despicable apes have to try to tie Sandy Hook to gun control efforts in Chicongo.

Black Panther Bobby Rush would machine gun white children himself if he could get away with it.

Hell, he probably will once he's appointed Chief Kommisar in Obongo's "Civilian National Security Force" (read NKVD)!

YT's need to be aware that these inner city simians have no intention of disarming, nor will any serious effort be made to disarm them, once Obongo/Fiend-stein get their way.

Then every day will be Christian/Newsom Day... Exactly by Design.

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people...
Armed (blacks) with no impulse control is the leading cause of violent deaths.

Anonymous said...

The murder report statistics are very telling. Imagine having that kind of info printed on small business cards that one could leave in strategic places or a documentary burned on a DVD.

This information is power. It's obvious. Disarm black folk and everyone would be safer.

HalfElf said...

Firearms already have ID numbers on them and it is a crime to alter them. The so called "GunShow@ loophole only cover private sales between individuals, and private citizens can not access the background check computer. What they want is a 4473 and dealer record on all tranactions as a backdoor registration scam, and that sounds like infringed in my book.
We need to connect the dots and hold big pharma accoutable, more pshycotropic drugs are perscribed in the US than the rest of the world combined. People need to learn how to cope without a pill.

Anonymous said...

"South africa has a population of 50million, and an annual murder rate of 19000, how is that for a black paradise, the annual murder rate here, surpassesn the numbers in the afgahn and iraqi war."

The other day I saw an article talking about volunteering to help work in medical clinics and other medical related tasks in South Africa. The thought occurred to me: Did South Africa require medical volunteers and charity during apartheid?

countenance said...

The slowly growing percentage of murder vics with previous arrest records is perhaps sociologically interesting. Maybe in the universe of Chicago and it's neer-do-well community, there are fewer and fewer people who have never been arrested that are available to be murdered.

Mr. Rational said...

The only response to such black violence in Chicago is for moving vans to quickly arrive and pack away the belongings of the few remaining white people living near black neighborhoods.

That's it.

No, one more thing is required:  dynamite the buildings emptied and others in a buffer zone, across which Black people must not be allowed to move or travel.  If they can occupy the abandoned territory and follow, they will.

Of course, taking them off EBT and Section 8 and making them raise their own crops and build their own shacks would be far superior.  They might have time to kill each other, but they'd have no time to bother YT.

City resident said...

Looking at the numbers of white murderers and white murdered from 2006 onwards, for the sake of simplicity, there's a gap. Victims outnumber perps by 2-3 times. From that I conclude half to two thirds of whites murdered in Chicago are killed by blacks. Six white murderers in 2011 but twenty whites are victims. Pretty much conforms with experience. Most all-white situations are domestics, drunken arguments or involve mental cases.

SKIP said...

This information is power. It's obvious. Disarm black folk and everyone would be safer.

Disarm hell!! eliminate them.

SKIP said...

"People need to learn how to cope without a pill.

THAT could be interesting, VERY interesting indeed. Imagine, if you will, a great number of White people, ARMED white people becoming racially conscious, racially aware and noticing the conduct of blacks towards them! the hostility and violence directed at them and their loved ones, especially their female family members. It could be interesting ya think?

Bogolyubski said...

Any old excuse will do for Je$$e the little monkey to perform a hippin'-hoppin' shizzle-dizzle for Rahm, Lloyd (Doin' Godz work), and Ben as they grind out Money Makes the World Go Round to a nice Babylonian melody and toss some a made counterfeit coin or two at him. What Je$$e will say is 100% predictable. The lyrics to the shit-tune are printed out already. Like Mein Obama, like St. Martin the Holy Adulterer himself, he reads what he's told to read.

It's a total sideshow. Admission one banksta-buck! It serves a couple of purposes at once:

1. It keeps the mindless black idiots in a state of continual rage against YT - the source of all the misery, mayhem and murder which plagues the alleys and cesspools of groidland. That way, they don't pay any attention to the fact that Je$$e and his fellow mountebanks are raking in all the cash while things aren't always so peachy for Shitavius and Turdquilla.

2. It keeps the almost as stupid "conservative tea-party patriot" types at places like RimJob's Free Republick fuming and sputtering at Je$$se's obscene monkey shines and outrageous lies. Meanwhile all those nice "tea-party conservatives" they elected 2 years ago are preparing to plunge the dagger into the heart of the second amendment in a final coup de grace to the mortally wounded constitution. Juan McAmnesty, the drooling cancerous old traitor, is planning to amend the Senate rules so they can pass gun-control using a similar trick to the one used with Obamacare.

George Soros and his fellow Red Princes (and not a few Pink Princesses) have to be laughing their collective asses off about now. It's so damned easy they don't even have to be very cagey about it. The undocumented foreigner who sits in the nominal presidency is going to ban weapons by executive order, just as he granted an amnesty for youthful illegal aliens last year. Now, let's see - oh, yes, those brave Sir Robin Vichy Republicans are going to fight this real hard - following the gorgon stares of Weepin' Johnny and his merry band of brokeback boys from the Repuke Bathhoouse. Note that despite the utter lawlessness of Fast and Furious, Eric Holder remains untouched. Remember all the chest-beating, hootin' and hollerin' from the Repuke peanut gallery last summer? Up in smoke faster than a Benghazi gun runng depot! You-betcha!

MuayTyson said...

I wonder how many people were shot and they never reported it? I wonder how many attempted shootings there were? How often was a gun pulled out but the trigger not squeezed.

Irresponsibility with guns is impossible to track but very very dangerous.
For all the shootings and murders these apes commit how many instances of "gun play" are there?

Anonymous said...

Number 3, stop conceal and carry," said Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow PUSH.

This is idiotic. The legality of concealed carry played no role in the Newtown massacre. Getting rid of concealed carry would not have stopped the shooter. Jesse Jackson is damn shameless.

Jesse Jackson simply doesn't want people defending themselves from Black crime. He knows that Blacks commit an out-sized proportion of assaults and robberies and are the most likely to get shot. Rather than deal with the absolutely absurd cultural degeneracy (see: Black-on-Black murder for $200 Jordans) and social dysfunction (see: Maury) in Black America, which would involve actual work, he blames others and seeks to disarm those who would dare to protect themselves or their property.

Meanwhile, gun crimes go unenforced in Black-run America or offenders are only given minor sentences.

See the Philadelphia Inquirer's article Gun Arrests Galore, No Convictions At All from 2009. The court system in Black-run America is completely broken and lets Blacks with 40+ gun arrests get off with zero convictions.

Urban Black America is full of Black males with illegal guns, warrants for gun charges, prior gun convictions, etc. Entire television programs (The First 48, COPS, America's Most Wanted, various other reality shows) depict this reality, as does one of the biggest websites in the U.S. (World Star Hip Hop). Crime statistics back it up. Yet the presstitute media tells us suburban or rural White males are the problem. What a joke. Liberals can't confront reality because their political coalition would fall apart.

If you've seen The Wire, that is the future of all American cities. Philly does, in reality, have huge open-air drug market areas that the police rarely intervene in, other than to pick up OD and homicide victims and raid the occasional dealer. Cracktown USA.

The police can't arrest because the political costs of incarceration are too high. The US already has the highest incarceration rate in the world, a disproportionately Black prisoner population, and that is with hundreds of thousands of fugitive Blacks free in urban America. They're just going to turn over territory to them (increasingly, suburban territory, as DWLs retake the city cores) and the legal/police/judicial social infrastructure will disappear in those places. De facto legal crack markets. De facto legal armed robbery.

George Romero said...

What sticks out the most to me is this.
From 1991-2012 is the diminishing amount of white victims in all catagories being recorded.Probably due to the natural human instinct for self presevation.In other words.....'Get the hell out or die!'

George Romero said...

What sticks out the most to me is this.
From 1991-2012 is the diminishing amount of white victims in all catagories being recorded.Probably due to the natural human instinct for self presevation.In other words.....'Get the hell out or die!'

Anonymous said...

Statistics be raycizt! Also, if you haven't, watch the movie "Africa Addio" before it vanishes down the memory hole.

Dissident said...

Breaking News: Pittsburg Negroes on rampage at school bus stop....more news at 11.

Negro Rampage.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the first table shows what sociologists and criminologists have known for awhile: murder is mostly a crime committed amoung criminals.

Both the victim and the offender in murder cases will often have a previous criminal record. This is not unique to Chicago. Nor is it unique to blacks. In cases where both the murder victim and offender are white, more often than not, both will have criminal record priors.

Anonymous said...

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resistance is futile said...

I've been reading up on communitarianism lately and the constant drumming for community volunteering is what communitarians mandate.

Basically is mandatory volunteerism, an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.

Community policing volunteering, medical clinic volunteering, pick up the city trash volunteering, this constant charity in ones face is getting tiring

Its always groupthink and group effort, individualism is slowly being erroded away, just the way communitarianism demands.

All this speak of being of service to others, in south africa its reaching epidemic proportions.

8yr old kids are telling their parents that instead of being selfish and having birthday presents, they rather want the money to go buy underpants for homeless people, that is abnormal.
An 8 year old kid doesn't think like that, that is a freak automaton serving the hive mind.

All our problems stem from communitarianism, another redefinition brought to us by the same ppl who devised communism, and the frankfurt school, its all linked, google fabian society aswell

Pat Boyle said...

Today I have sartorial advice.

Whenever you read about Jesse Jackson remember that he wore a white sweater on that day. That day was the day that Martin Luther King was shot.

Jackson was vaguely with the MLK contingent but he was not a central figure. He was young and still eager to prove himself as "down for the struggle". He wasn't with King on the balcony or even in the building.

He was somewhere else but when he heard about the shooting he came back fast. He rushed to the balcony put his hands in the blood and smeared it on his sweater.

Then he went outside and met the press and posed for the cameras. He told them that this was the blood of the martyred MLK.

That little masterpiece of opportunism kicked off his whole career.


Anonymous said...

Communitarianism has been condemned as the philosophy of the nanny state and cradle to the grave entitlements. However, it's also an attack on the individual as it even calls into question the right of people to private home and land ownership.
Essentially, it's about living as if one were part of a commune and, as such, all "individuals" are equal members and equally responsible for the health of the commune or community. Of course, the commune extends to cover black infested shitholes and all their dysfunctions so, in essence, it would try and turn everyone into servants of that community who must then subsidize it while pretending that demographic is of equal worth and value to the "community."
It's just another variation of regionalism ( although much worse!)where the wealth of one group is redistributed to cover all members of other groups so there is "equality" of outcome while pretending that all make equal effort.
In other words, give up all you've ever worked and strived for so Shitavious and Shaniqua can have exactly what you have and everybody is at the same level. It all goes into the community pot to be distributed equally among all "members." Of course, while this goes on, the community is responsible for providing Shitavious and Shaniqua a "job" so they can pretend to be equally productive and contributing members.
It's just communism under a different name but instead of being inflicted by a hostile ruling force, commutards want everyone to willingly agree to it and "volunteer" with themselves as administrators. You are thus responsible for Shitavious and Shaniqua's food, clothing, education, shelter, employment, healthcare and every other support while you are dragged down to their level.
The playing field is level when all live in the same sewer which is the goal of regionalism, social justice, wealth redistribution and the commutards.
And they want you to pay for it and ensure your own degradation for the "common good."

Anonymous said...

"What do you see in the data, kindly supplied by the City of Chicago Police Department, that sticks out to you?"

Besides the obvious over representation by negros in both the perpetrator and victim categories, the thing that jumped out at me was how many fewer murders we have now than 20 years ago. I wouldn't have expected that.

Anonymous said...

What you are refusing to see, is that Africans commit a grossly disproportionate share of crime, especially violent ones.

Anonymous said...

If only,,,,
Chicago blacks will never feel respobsible for thier own actions. The Community listens to the Revs, who spout hate and other misinformation from thier pulpits. Jackson, Farakon and thier ilk keep the hate alive in order to kerp thier pockets lined.

Anonymous said...

Jesse didn't mention the armed guards he employs. I guess he is kerping those concealed weapons. My guess is he still wants all the aldermen to keep thier concealed Carry permits too.

YIH said...

Shooting at Taft High School in California.
Before you say ''aw jeez, here we go again'' watch this video then you'll understand why it happened.

MuayTyson said...

Speaking of Jesse,
Why doesn't anyone go after him? Will there never be an expose? How many skeletons does this creep have in his closet?
What a great documentary that would be interview Jesse's illigitimate children and the women he has had affairs with. What is his tax status? Does he owe money?
I know Rev. Al still owes money for the Tawana Brawley fiasco.

Mr. Rational said...

JJ Jr. is a spent force politically; the "brand" is about dead.  Maybe JJ himself is fading under the weight of his own history, and attacking him would give him an excuse to play the victim that he certainly could capitalize on and does not deserve to have.

Constructive Feedback said...

Paul Kersey:

While I have no respect for your AGENDA and MOTIVATIONS --- I would be intellectually dishonest to not admit that you are a necessary adversarial voice as you call out some PAINFUL TRUTHS within the Black community.

I don't think that you understand how much these are the fruits from the UNGOVERNED HUMAN RESOURCES WITHIN - mostly caused because the people in power see the FOCUS ON THE THREAT FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU as a more worthy expenditure of their time.

I value your data even if I don't agree with all of your resulting opinions/analysis.

Mr. Rational said...

you are a necessary adversarial voice as you call out some PAINFUL TRUTHS within the Black community.

Since your purported goal is to be constructive, let me ask you a question:  is it reasonable to slam the brakes on dysfunctional people and subcultures (including but not limited to Black ones) through strong discouragement of breeding of those who fail to get up to certain benchmarks of capability and behavior?

How about specifics, such as cash payments in the multiple thousands of dollars to criminals and illiterates who accept offers to be sterilized, even before the age of puberty?  Would you go for that, knowing that it would produce a radical decrease in the quantity of Blacks in the USA (with the likely end of the Congressional Black Caucus, among other current phenomena)... and a radical increase in the quality of the remainder?

It really doesn't matter if the dysfunction is transmitted genetically or culturally, if the dysfunctional stop bearing and raising children the transmission of the problems is interrupted.  I'd like to see your reactions.

Mr. Rational said...

Hello?  PK, would you make sure that CF's response, if he makes one, gets posted?

Mr. Rational said...

CF has had almost 2 weeks to reply to this, and nothing has appeared here.  I'm going to watch through Saturday, but no longer.

Mr. Rational said...

Sorry, CF, you've missed your chance to be heard.  No longer watching this... and don't ever dare to complain.