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Guns, Blacks, and Steel: 80 percent of murders in Nebraska in 2012 courtesy of North Omaha residents

80 percent of all murders in Nebraska in 2012 were in North Omaha (more than 75 percent black)

Nebraska has a population of a 1.8 million people, of which 81.8 percent are white and 4.7% are black. According to an incredible story out of the Journal-Star, the state of Nebraska saw 51 people murdered in 2012; 80 percent of those slain occurred in North Omaha, which is almost ¾ black. [Omaha looks to combat its homicide problem, 1-20-13]:
At least 51 people were killed in Nebraska last year, and of those, nearly 80 percent were slain in Omaha. 
That statistic has been fairly constant over the years, and it's led some to view Omaha as dangerous while others point to a clustering of the killings in the city's lower income areas and question the factors behind the deaths. 
Most Omaha neighborhoods had no homicides in 2012, but that hasn't stopped an image from spreading in the state that the entire city has a problem with violent crime, said John Crank, a criminal justice professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. 
"My wife is a Realtor, and she'll tell you that she has had clients tell her to turn the vehicle around when they go into the city," Crank said. "They say they don't want to live here." 
The Nebraska Crime Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice won't release statewide homicide totals until July 1, but media reports show there were at least 51 homicides in 2012. Of those, 40 occurred in Omaha, compared to four in Lincoln. 
Many of the Omaha deaths were in lower-income areas near the city's core, and more than half were in northeast Omaha. 
A number of factors — from poverty and high unemployment to gangs and poor housing conditions — play into Omaha's high homicide rate, experts agreed. 
"That area of northeast Omaha has the highest level of concentrated poverty in the state; it has the highest concentration of unemployment," said Willie Barney, president of the Omaha Empowerment Network, a group committed to revitalizing north Omaha. "If you look at any map across the country that has heavily concentrated poverty, heavily concentrated unemployment — in places like Cincinnati, Newark, Baltimore, Chicago — you'll see the exact same thing." 
Three-quarters of Omaha's 2012 homicides were committed with a gun, and half were committed by someone with gang ties, according to Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer. 
While Omaha's murder rate has increased from 10 years ago, when the city saw 27 homicides, it has remained relatively steady over the last three years. But some said they're especially troubled by the random nature of many of those killings, like the October death of 16-year-old Montrell Wiseman in a drive-by shooting. Police have said the five charged in the case targeted Wiseman because he was wearing a red sweat shirt, leading them to mistakenly assume he was a member of a rival gang. 
"We had gangs when I was growing up; it's the attitudes that have changed," said Nia Williams, 32, a lifelong resident of north Omaha and an outreach specialist with the gang-intervention group Impact One. "Now, even when one of these kids loses a friend to a shooting, they don't even stop to grieve. 
"Used to, you'd go to a funeral, and kids would be wearing an RIP pin. Now, they're wearing four or five RIP pins. That's what their legacy is," she said. 
The police chief wouldn't speculate on why north Omaha claims the vast majority of the state's violent killings, saying, "I don't see what purpose that serves." 
But Schmaderer noted his department and others are taking action to reverse the trend. That includes working closely with north Omaha community groups, seeking legislation to keep convicted violent offenders from receiving prison furloughs and holding "gun amnesty" days in which people can turn over guns to police, no questions asked. 
Schmaderer also has restructured the police department since he took over as chief six months ago so that officers are assigned to specific Omaha gangs. The expertise those officers gain is used to help detectives at the scene of gang-involved shootings.Omaha police also attend weekly meetings of Omaha 360, a group under the Omaha Empowerment Network dedicated to finding ways to reduce violence in Omaha. The meetings draw about 50 people each week, representing churches, schools, community groups, law enforcement and local, state and federal politicians. 
Police and community group members point hopefully to a summer jobs effort they think shows promise in limiting gun violence. 
Barney said the effort is a compilation of hundreds of summer job programs sponsored by dozens of businesses and community groups targeted for north Omaha — where unemployment is estimated as high as 25 percent, compared to less than 4 percent for all of Nebraska. 
Since the summer jobs effort began in 2007, gun violence in north Omaha for the months of May, June and July has dropped by half — from 43 gun assault in 2007 to 21 in 2012, according to Barney and police.

Omaha Empowerment Network? In Black-Run America (BRA), the only group of people who can never be “empowered” are white people – it’s a white privilege world where whites are automatically empowered, right? – so this is automatically a network designed to teach black people to behave.

So what’s life like in North Omaha, one tiny area in Nebraska responsible for 80 percent of the murders in 2012? [Learning to live with violence in north Omaha, Omaha World-Herald, 8-22-12]:
The day after a man was chased and gunned down in the Miller Park neighborhood, residents returned to an eerie, practiced normalcy. 
Cicadas hummed. Schoolchildren squealed at their first post-summer recess. Heavy trucks zoomed by on North 30th Street. 
And a car salesman on his day off relaxed on his front porch, not about to let another homicide drive him indoors. A grandmother walked her 4-year-old grandson down a quiet block. A North High junior, on his final day of summer vacation, painstakingly washed his minivan. 
The three live in separate parts of an area north of Mr. C's, east of Metro's Fort Omaha campus and south of Miller Park, which itself has been the regular site of gun-related homicides. 
All share a grudging acceptance that violence, in its horror and suddenness, is a part of life here. But the degree to which it shapes their lives depends on their experiences. 
Larry Davis is a 50-year-old car salesman who grew up a few houses from the home he lives in now on Laurel Avenue, east of 30th Street on what he called “the peaceful strip.” 
Sitting on his front porch, he pointed east of 28th Avenue and said: “It's Vietnam around this block.” 
Last summer he was on his porch when a gunbattle started a half-block away. He raced inside and hit the floor. 
“These young guys with these guns,” Davis said, “they just don't have a value for life.” 
[Pamela] Spencer was hoping Omaha would give her sons that chance when she moved here five years ago to flee Chicago's poverty and violence. She rents a home near 25th Avenue and Fort Street and wishes she could move, given that Omaha's violence “is in one side of town.” 
This year, 20 of Omaha's 24 homicides occurred north of Dodge Street; 17 of the 20 were east of Fontenelle Boulevard or 45th Street. Of those, two were in the Miller Park area. 
Her family has had to adapt. They don't walk on “certain blocks.” Her young grandchildren are allowed to play outdoors — “in my yard.” 
“But I don't trust the neighborhood,” she said. “Bullets. They don't have no name.”

Bullets may not have a name in North Omaha, but they are almost always fired from guns brandished by black males. And what does violence in Chicago and violence in North Omaha (for that matter, the entire state of Nebraska) have in common...? 

Black people. 

So, what type of economy exists in the area of Nebraska responsible for 80 percent of the murders in 2012?[Overarching plan for North Omaha development now in place
 Recent adoption of the North Omaha Village Revitalization Plan into the city master plan gives direction and impetus to energizing a stagnated, disinvested area never fully recovered from decades-ago civil disturbance and urban renewal. 
Unanimous approval by the Omaha Planning Board and City Council sends a strong signal to public-private funders and developers the plan provides an officially endorsed blueprint for action. What happens next to realize its 30-year vision is up to stakeholders, entrepreneurs, elected officials, movers and shakers. 
The Empowerment Network initiated plan, which drew input from residents, business concerns, philanthropists, planning consultants and others, envisions $1.43 billion in redevelopment along key corridors. The initiative puts the Northside in the crosshairs of major transformation as never before. North Omaha is a much studied, social serviced area suffering disproportionately from poverty, unemployment, underemployment, educational-skill gaps and health problems. As Omaha as a whole has prospered, North O's languished, cut off from the mainstream of commerce and affluence that ranks the city among the nation’s best places to live. For half a century its predominantly black population has seen their community cast as a crime-ridden danger zone and charitable mission district. 
Branded as an undesirable place to live or do business in, major investment has bypassed it. Thus, it lacks goods and services, its population is down, its housing stock deteriorated, its vacant, condemned properties number in the thousands. Added to this is a sparse entrepreneurial class and scarcity of entertainment options-attractions. 
Planning Director Cunningham says though efforts have “stabilized what was a declining part of town, it doesn't mean there isn't a lot of work to do,” adding. “To say we've stabilized is not great, but it does give us a platform upon which to move forward.” 
“If North Omaha is to be a sustainable community, and that means it really takes care of itself and it doesn't need to be a welfare community, we have to have a different mind set,” says Maroney. “That does not mean we forsake those in need, but we have to create the atmosphere by which we not only bring back people with higher incomes but we elevate those people within upward. We must create a community that is generating resources that turn around in the community by creating jobs, creating opportunity.”

It sounds like the only thing making North Omaha an unsustainable community is its black population, which is responsible for 80 percent of the murders in the entire state of Nebraska in 2012.

Let that settle in for a second.



Okay, another few seconds.

Eighty percent of the murders in Nebraska are courtesy of the black population of North Omaha, an area city leaders hope to invest billions of dollars in over the next 30 years because the Visible Black Hand of Economics has ensured no social capital or trust has flourished in the area.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about North Omaha’s demographics, under a section titled ‘Racism’:
Because of its troubles, many residents of Omaha view the North Omaha community as violent, poor, and drug-riddled, where only low-income African American people live. A recent local news report stated the area was "71 percent Black". Despite positive activities directed at improving North Omaha over the years, including those listed above, local media tend to focus on dramatic stories of racial and economic strife within the community. 
Recent controversy has focused on a spoof aired by a local radio station in which a popular area radio DJ parodied a recent North Omaha tourism promotion campaign, reportedly saying on air, "Discover miles of mayhem, discover drive-bys, discover gang violence, discover North Omaha."The City Council fought against this portrayal, with North Omaha city councilman Frank Brown demanding an apology from the radio station because "the spoof paints all residents of north Omaha as criminals." 
Many institutions within the boundaries of North Omaha reinforce these perceptions as they seek to disassociate with the area despite their proximity within North Omaha. A past example came from an online "information center for current and prospective medical students at Creighton University" reported housing in North Omaha to be "...Older, smaller, more run-down... A little ways from shopping areas. It can be close to Creighton (5-10 minute drive). Many of these neighborhoods have a bad reputation and we recommend looking elsewhere for housing."

Sounds… charming.

Of course, you could just attend the Native Omaha Days in North Omaha, the largest gathering of black people in Nebraska. “Unity” is the buzz word for this event, with septuagenarian black people trying to brand the celebration in a way that the 81.8% white population of Nebraska do every day; it’s the civilization they’ve created without any fanfare (and much derision) that has made it possible for individuals to prosper, just as it is the civilization black people have created in North Omaha that is responsible for 80 percent of the murders in 2012 in the entire state of Nebraska:

“The Native Omaha homecoming is very important, but a lot of young people don’t know what it’s all about, and that really bothers me,” said Hazel Kellogg, 74, president of the sponsoring nonprofit Native Omahans Club, Inc.. “They’re the future and what we’re trying to do is make them realize how important it is to hang in with your community and to keep your community pulling together for the betterment of our people. OUR people, you know?
“We have a big problem on the north side with violence and crime and all that, and I want to reach out to young people to let them know this homecoming is all about family and friends coming home to be together and enjoy a weekend of good clean fun. Eventually the young people are going to be heading up Native Omaha Days and they need to know what it’s all about.”

Guns, Blacks, and Steel – now do you understand why SBPDL advocates that it be illegal for black people to own firearms of any kind?

Eighty percent of the murders in the entire state of Nebraska in 2012 courtesy of the black community in North Omaha… white people create a civilization where social capital flourishes and it only takes a tiny percentage of black people to bankrupt it. 


Anonymous said...

A number of factors — from poverty and high unemployment to gangs and poor housing conditions — play into Omaha's high homicide rate, experts agreed. .........

DNA shall we say?
or they NOT say?

forget experts who get paid to lie.

Anonymous said...

Obama and Omaha are interchangeable in the above least my eyes played that trick on me while reading the post.

10mm AUTO said...

"Guns, Blacks and Steel" sounds like another book!

Here you have the usual breakdown (where negroids cause all the crime and murder) in the unusual circumstance of of a nearly White State. The city fathers are shocked and embarrassed! How could this be!? They think that pouring billions down the black hole of negro Gibsmedat will make the place safer.

The only thing that will make the place safe is if they spent the money paying the negros to leave the State. I am serious.

Look we are talking about 84,600 groids. Don't spend billions trying to "revitalize" some negro nest. Pay them to move out of State.

Let's look at it like a math problem. Say to move all the negros out you are willing to spend $10,000 per negro. No, make it $20,000! plus another $10,000 in they stay out for 5 years. OK? That is $30,000 total. $30,000 times 84,000 equals 2,520,000,000 or 2.5 billion. Make it three billion for the cost of checkpoints at the border now double the price because Government is doing it. So 6 billion total.

Hell, Seattle just put in a stupid light rail system that no one uses for 14 billion! Call it the Black Tax. It is like the one you are paying now only this tax can be paid off and it goes away...

10mm AUTO
Orcs, Where there's one... There's another or two trying to ease up on your six.

Mr. Rational said...

Have you seen the Beat Darkie Nights at the Native Omaha Days, with all the roving gangs of redneck crackers enacting their KKK fantasies on innocent colored folk?


Well, neither have I... but don't wait for the MSM to ever twig to that little "gap".

Anonymous said...

if you hate blacks so much why don't you just kill them. :) putting them in their place...isn't that funny. :D Isn't that what slavery and the Jim Crow laws were for. But wait...that didn't work either. Well off to the drawing board

bubo said...

As anyone that has any understanding of human evolution can see, Sub Saharan Africans don't belong in a European society. They aren't equipped for it. European/white society has been evolving for thousands of years to get to this point. Sub Saharan's don't even have a written language. Yet we are supposed to believe we are all equal? That we can all progress at the same rate? Absurd.

How do liberals that believe in evolution reconcile that fact?

Anonymous said...

Mississippi, with more groids than any other state, went for Mitt, while Iowa @ 90+% white, went for Øzero...Got to believe that these states where humans rarely cross paths with groids get their ideas of what the bantu's are like from watching Cosby. Proximity & exposure cannot help but ensure an awakening to the nature of the beast(s)....Kid Clorox

Mr. Rational said...

The only thing that will make the place safe is if they spent the money paying the negros to leave the State. I am serious.

You better enact "no felons in rentals" laws and restraints on other things, or you'd just have the "gibsmedat" revolving door sweeping leeches from Tulsa and Chicago to Omaha and back with their checks.

Maybe you could condemn and destroy the rental housing when they move out; they can't come if there's no place to come to.  Extra taxes on rents wouldn't hurt either.  Make it unattractive to rent out instead of owner-occupying, and a lot of the Section 8 problem disappears.

Last, eliminate state sponsorship of Medicaid and all state assistance to the able-bodied.  Try to arrange that through private charity, which can demand responsible behavior for bennies.  The problem people will stop coming if they can't get goodies.

Mr. Rational said...

How do liberals that believe in evolution reconcile that fact?

Eh?  I'm not a liberal, but it's simple:  different populations lived in different areas with different environmental and social pressures, and in the case of non-Africans, the addition of Neanderthal genetic endowment.  They evolved into different things.

Anonymous said...

black people need to apologize to white people, & thank us for allowing them to live among us. - panjoomby
(that's pretty much what white people would do in their place!)

Anonymous said...

Ex-Lincolnite here:

I have to say this is a welcome post. It is about time people know that the real problem in North Omaha is the blacks. And it is also the black crime plus the indifferent attitudes of the niggers who live there. I mean every time the cops show up around 24th and Lake streets, the jigs all get up in a huff because 'whitey is targeting us'.

There is a reason why black people are not allowed west of 102nd street any more. And Omaha is really three cities in one. There are the Hispanics who live in south part of the city (who do get jobs). There are the groids who live in North Omaha. And then productive white people in the rest of the city.

What is really sad though is that the coons are now coming into Lincoln as well. There are a whole bunch of New Orleans Super Coons still sitting around shiftless as ever. Then in the ever continuing wisdom of the white liberals in the city (read University professors) they have now welcomed in a bunch of Somalian Spear Chuckers. These Orcs have no respect for property or human life. They are tearing apart once safe, but poor white neighborhoods. That they would let niggers into Lincoln who did not play football for the University or who were housed in the Nebraska State Pen is beyond me!

And we have people in the Unicameral legislature who want to take away our rights to bear arms. I think this is heading in the wrong direction. I left a while ago. But Lincoln is paying the price. Before they invited in the coons and orcs from Africa, the city got by on a really small police force. In fact, they might only have to arrest a couple drunk college kids downtown. Now, they have to deal with nigger based crime and the city cannot handle it. The taxes are going up, the safety is going down. The mayors want to spend money trying to help these people acclimate to the city. Really, they need to be shown the door. It took a long time for the nigger problem to spread, and it has. Just look at violent crime stats in Lincoln. Nearly every one of those crimes is committed by a criminal coon. While it is not nearly as bad as Omaha, nigger disease (the one that kills cities, and no one is willing to take the cure) is spreading and killing once safe white towns all across America.

Anonymous said...

Damn. I always believed that Omaha would be a good fallback should my city (Denver) reach the tipping point with encroaching darkness. Guess it's the Sand Hill country for me...

Anonymous said...

We don't have a gun problem in the USA. We have a groid problem in the USA. See how easy the truth is spoken?

Beef said...

Any sane person who has been to Omaha knows that prosperity in the form of a thriving downtown lies literally across Dodge from the crime ridden shithole that is North Omaha.
All the factors that were discussed for the plight of North O (localspeak)boil down to Negroes.Why keep funding this behavior?Omaha would be better off walling in everthing north of Dodge.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever met a DWL who intentionally chooses to live in the 'hood or barrio?

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and a host of others should be forced to move from Potomac, Maryland and McLean, Virginia to Southeast Washington.

Anonymous said...

I love this straight-talking blog. Can we just secede already?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's agreed. Whites have substantially lower academic success and higher rates of violence than Asian Americans.

Check out the most recent National Merit Scholars list if you don't believe.

Unfortunately there is good reason to believe this is because whites have lower IQ's than East Asians and greater natural tendencies towards violence.

What's a white guy to do ? The president is black, the Mexicans have the numbers or will soon, and the Asians can supply ample brain power.

Good night, white man.

Anonymous said...

Comments must get approved to get on this website. So much for the free discussion that is proclaimed.

Anonymous said...

Seattle just installed a light rail?...sheet them Negros infest any area with convenient public transportation...gnome sane? NLLN liberals there may be in for a rude awakening once the Negros migrate for new hunting grounds...oook ooook eeek Eeeeek!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The more RIP pins, the better.

In fact, I hope they have to wear so many RIP pins that they start to look like a waiter at Flinger's.

Call it Ghetto Flair.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but:

Just read that the'Django' dolls have been banned by Ebay as 'offensive'. (Meaning blacks whined and threatened until they got their way.)

You were right again, Paul!

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the groids and you get rid of their problems.
There's no sense in wasting any more time on them. Let them go be niggers somewhere else.
No one is going to civilize them or turn their communities into anything worthwhile no matter how much money you pour into them or how many programs are enacted. It's a monumental waste of time, energy, effort and resources.
Billions upon billions of dollars have been poured into the ever hungry and gaping maw of negro gibsmedat and dysfunction and there's never anything to show for it. In the end, you still have communities that are violent shitholes full of a vastly ignorant and parasitical race whining for more and blaming the world for their own self created hell on earth.
DWL's have been beating that dead horse for decades and even after the corpse has rotted and become a skeleton, they still think beating it will eventually cause it to rise up and gallop off into a brave new world of accomplishment and prosperity.
It ain't gonna happen.
The problems are just going to grow worse and more widespread over time as the DWL's continue to feed and breed the groids and the groid population explodes and spreads everywhere like a black plague of destruction.
Like I said, let them go be niggers somewhere else- and send the delusional white libtards with them.
We'll have America back and the niggers and the libtards will have another Haiti. Of course, the nigs would blame the libtards for the Haiti like conditions and eventually attack and kill them off but who cares?

Anonymous said...

Paul, this is Agenda 21 and "Communitarianism". This is what whites need to fight.

Just check out Obama's plan for "Regionalism" on the website. Scary stuff. Complete transfer of wealth from whites to blacks, and eventually with carbon credits, it will happen from country to country. It is a fucking shakedown of monumental proportions.

This exact same program is happening in Indiana too, focusing on the most WRETCHED black hell holes in the city. ICLEI, the major funding source, has chosen a few small towns to implement Agenda 21 in Indiana. The poor country folk have no idea what they are signing up for.

They use zoning planners and land use officials from the city to plan the expansion of transit, food availability, green spaces, and "walkable communities". They tell us what a "Quality of LIfe" plan is. These projects, using millions of LISC and TIF, Community Development Corporation, and other foundation money, rally up the low IQ blacks from the area, using class warfare rhetoric, and hold meetings in closets and phone booths behind everyone's backs.

My city sponsored a "voices from the community" project, interviewing local blacks to hear their "rich cultural" experiences, which of course, and under-appreciated by evil racist whitey. Even hippie lesbian Democrats are against it:

This is why they always say they have "unanimous support from the community". The DWL planners are talking ONLY with the welfare underclass blacks, no the racist whiteys in the suburbs, and of course the blacks are always ecstatic about the idea of having more money spent for their personal up-liftment.

Here are a few links from my community, and all are looking for funding from corporate sponsorships, and are hiring minority contractors to do the work. Check out the language used on each site, it is identical: Indy Connect Destination Fall Creek LISC of Indiana Mid North Quality of Life Plan Midtown Project Local Governments for Sustainability

Anonymous said...

"Don't spend billions trying to "revitalize" some negro nest. Pay them to move out of State. "

That sounds good, but the Obamanut DWL community organizers will have no precious black victims to use to get more racial shakedown money from Uncle Sugar (that's you).

These evil planners get millions in stimulus money and block grants to line their own pockets and share with their friends. After the project, they receive awards and get invited to sit on various planning committees and boards of directors before they eventually retire with a long resume and a public pension.

Anonymous said...

Whites are contributing to this problem too.

I live near the site of our local gun show, and saw a hipster-looking young white man sitting alone in his car in front of my house. He sat in is car for about 10 minutes as I watched, and sure enough, a couple of saggy pants black thugs walk up to the car parked behind him. They all pretended not to know each other. The blacks had bags of purchased items from the gun show.

The white man knew I was watching him, and so he looked at the black guys in his rearview mirror, and signaled them to follow him to another location. Both cars left at the same time.

This was a dirty deal of some sort. White guy was probably trading guns for ammo or something illegal. I am sure blacks were felons.

So blacks are not the only ones to blame. I felt very angry and sick to my stomach after watching this.

Anonymous said...

"f you hate blacks so much why don't you just kill them. :)"

Stupid, stupid liberals. I just read a GREAT article on how to argue with liberals about gun control, and I think it would work for the HBD issue too.

Notice how the libtard above tries to elevate herself by "out-gouping" us as extremists? We can pull the same judo on them with the right language. Liberals hate to feel outed from the group, ridiculed, or marginalized:

"This is how Liberals argue. Facts, logic, and so forth have nothing to do with what they are doing in debate. They want power, and they will pursue it by trying to mass the group behind them, and mass the group against those who support freedom and good. It is the whole focus of their brain. Logic, reason, none of it can penetrate, while they are focused on how to out-group you, and how to turn the group against you."

PDK said...

Anonymous @ 9:00 & 9:02, certainly seems like the same dolt. A big enough man to throw bar room cheap shots, but not a big enough man to have his own moniker.

Place your bets on the anon @ 9:00 & 9:02, white liberal, black, brown or Islamic.

By the way I mention those particular suspects as they form the alliance, the alliance of an integrated, multi-cultural diversity of losers, who are attempting to transmogrify the non-liberal whites free enterprise Republic into their ballyhooed dream of their bottom of the barrel, socialist democracy. These are the ones who spit on the non-liberal whites, while parasitizing the same, said, non-liberal whites.

With so much going for them, I wonder why they don`t just pack up all they have stolen and mosey on to their own nation-state culture. As far as I`m concerned, they can have the liberal states they currently dominate, those would be the ones imitating the Titanic.

Anytime you and yours are ready to leave, I`ll help you pack chump, because that`s the type of non-liberal white man I am. Hallelujah Bro, Hallelujah. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what the hell is the "Racial Justice Act"???


Judge Hears Three NC Racial Justice Act Cases:

"The landmark 2009 law allowed death row prisoners to use statistics to show that racial bias influenced their sentences."


i get tired of the liberal media blaming low income or poverty for the reason why someone took another human being's life. the reason is the person was not a moral person. if low income and or poverty was to blame there wouldn't be a black problem in this country! they would be close to extinct by now with all that black poverty around the god damned world. right? godspeed whites!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is more on UN Agenda 21 and their plans for your community. A white woman was just arrested for refusing a Smart Meter on her home. They cut her fence lock, entered her property, and called 911 to have her dragged away in handcuffs:

More on Smart Meters and Agenda 21:

shaquisha said...

Unfortunately there is good reason to believe this is because whites have lower IQ's than East Asians and greater natural tendencies towards violence.

Hey troll we not disputing that, but our lower IQ and greater natural tendencies towards violence doesn't lead to haiti, or zimshitwe, or detroit.

Our lower IQ and natural tendencies for violence lead to paris, london rome athens, which the asians fock in their millions to see.

Our lower IQ and natural violence doesn't allow us to become enslaved in communisim as is natural of asians.

Our lower IQ and natural violence makes us better masters than asians, as africans in africa are now finding out with the higher IQ'd and low violence chinese masters.

Becarefull what you wish for, no go back under the bridge troll, and do what your DNA destines you to do.

What an idiotic argument, I see that you neither and asian nor european, how sad, that your DNA shines through

PDK said...

The zeitgeist of our time is both owned and operated, protected and defended by the liberal mindset. The zeitgeist itself embodies the philosophy of a socialist democracy.

A socialist democracy is a necessity for both the God complexed, narcissistic liberal leaders and the hoi polloi liberal masses who have shirked their personal responsibility to mature and have remained immature. Without a socialist democracy, both groups would remain a higher culture`s unsuccessful losers.

The liberal leaders need democracy to get their coveted power, fame and fortune they otherwise would be incapable of achieving, that they then can satisfy their urge to demigod. The hoi polloi immature masses are incapable of achievement on their own and therefore need wealth earned by others redistributed to them. Together they can achieve their mutually exclusive ends if they bond up in a democracy.

The white gene pool produces a majority of individuals capable of maturing and subsequently achieving. The other gene pools do not demonstrate this peculiar reality, although the Oriental gene pool produces a high IQ.

Therefore the liberal strategy becomes forging and enfranchising an alliance of members from other loser gene pools with the white liberal immature losers. This may be called the alliance of losers and the immature for a socialist democracy. This is the democrat party of America whose democrat constituents are white liberals, blacks, browns and Islamics, and together they are the "alliance".

In America today, these are the people who have created and control our present zeitgeist. They are extremely vested in this zeitgeist as it is their only path to their only possible promised land, the Promised Land where winners become losers and losers become winners.

Americas winning, free enterprise Republic has been hijacked by the loser human element, the alliance, and is being transmogrified into a loser, socialist democracy.

Blacks do their part by voting democrat, and so liberals, those who created, own and operate the zeitgeist will protect, defend and support them, allowing blacks the liberty they need to live out the endowment of their gene pool, the endowment of a low brow, low IQ, tribalistic character.

It is non-liberal whites, America’s culture of a free enterprise Republic and further, the white gene pool itself that suffers for the mistake of whites giving liberty to blacks from the enslavement of blacks by blacks themselves. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Off Topic.........Here's a doozy for ya 10mm! An article about obummer asking his top leaders if they will fire on Ameicans if ordered to.

I have just been informed by a former senior military leader that Obama is using a new "litmus test" in determining who will stay and who must go in his military leaders. Get ready to explode folks. "The new litmus test of leadership in the military is if they will fire on US citizens or not". Those who will not are being removed

Anonymous said...

The flame wars are embarrassingly childish.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Left Coast White Guy here.... Don't go abandoning my state our encouraging dwl to come here. My stand here is already difficult enough as it is. Please keep you're dwl and negroes to yourself, we have too many already.

Anonymous said...

OT: American Idol, disqualified blacks suing for "racism". $hakedown.

10mm AUTO said...

Thank you for the article about Officers firing on Americans, it confirms many things I have been hearing, but had hoped were hyped rumors and not fact.

The most hammered people in the USA currently are White Males, despised by the left, hated by the Administration and portrayed by the media as buffoons compared to the magic negro. We are the Kulaks of America.

The left cannot countenance outright refusal. It makes them look weak and exposes their ineptitude. Very shortly we will have to make decisions as to commit acts which will make the USA look like "Red Dawn".

Happily, negros have made their choice. By voting 96% for Obama negros are a sure bet as to their loyalties and their desires. For years they have been producing music that talks about killing Whites, stealing their property and now they will get to do it under the color of law. Ice-T's "Home Invasion" is a perfect example of this desire. Here is the cover Art. (See: )

Notice the images. We have a black breaking the door down in the background, pistol in hand. We have the White mother/Daughter being raped by a black on the right side, a black uniformed figure with a military holster on the right side breaking the head of a prostrate White elderly man and centerpiece; we have the DWL son with the support Africa t-shirt an open book of Malcolm X sitting in the middle doing nothing while Ice-T pours Power into his ears and he sits there like the proverbial "See Nothing, Hear nothing, Say nothing Monkey.

10mm AUTO
Orcs, Where there's one... There's another or two trying to ease up on your six.

Anonymous said...

stack em up like cordwood

10mm AUTO said...

Here are the Lyrics: (Content Warning!)

All right when we go up in this goddamn house All I want is the motherfuckin' kids As far as pops I don't give a fuck what you do Bust him in his motherfuckin' head
If he got any money, take it If there is money there, rob the motherfuckin' joint As far as moms bust her in her goddamn head Dumb bitch, that's the reason we're going up in there She don't know what the fuck she's talkin' about
Everyone get back, this is a rap jack I'm takin' your kids' brains, you ain't gettin' 'em back With a move of perfection, my dissection Some call it lethal injection
I'm gonna fill 'em with hard drums Big drums, bitches, hoes and death, come on and get some I'm not the nigga that you want to leave your kids alone 'Cause I got my own opening dome kit
And once again I'm gonna put them under my fuckin' spell They might start givin' you fuckin' hell Start changin' the way they walk They talk, they act, now, whose fuckin' fault is that? The home invader
Yo, moms you can basically just suck my dick This is a home invasion Yo, pops that shit you talkin' is noise Word you full of shit
Check this out, moms, I said time bomb And they sit in your house and remain calm Till you feed 'em lies and the flip Start talkin' crazy shit (Fuck you)
Might call you and pops a fool Tell ya that's why they hate school Been offensive and askin' questions Give your brain indigestion
Why? Why? Because I have indoctrinated the youth They're mentally intoxicated with truth So they know the noise you talk are lies Pretty damn soon they'll be by (I'm outta here)
They listen to me and I give 'em the real And every night caps get peeled And every night a ho gets smacked A fool gets jacked, now, whose fuckin' fault was that? The home invaders
Yo, yo, yo All that shit you taught me, mom, was full of shit Know what I'm sayin'? How the fuck you gonna tell me to run my motherfuckin' life?
Bitch, you don't even know who the fuck you are You talkin' about you don't like rap, you don't like how I dress Yo, fuck you and pops, I'm outta here Both of y'all can kiss my ass
All cops want me, so does the F.B.I. Because my rhymes are fly They still tryin' to stop me, shut me down block me Make motherfuckas boycott me
But that will never happen, it's impossible I move straight through all obstacles They say I'm fuckin' up the minds of little kids But half of my fans are in college
P.M.R.C. suck my dick, please You can kiss my ass while you're on your knees Word you're listening to the verbal assassinator E's the crossfader, your factual updater
Until your cranium grows like uranium Hard as titanium, parents, I'm blamin 'em For teachin' you lies about life, racist viewpoints And other trite bullshit they learned back in the day
While I learned about death from an A.K. But they'll never quite understand Bam, bam, bam, no gat is the walkman Boom, bash, yeah, yo, it's goin' down
Me and Ice Cube are in town But the fuckin' pigs canceled the concert They're just scared of some niggers that do work What they do? What did I do?
Just say truth motherfucka and it's comin' through I tell you what we did, we stole your fuckin' kids The home invader All right we got the motherfuckin' kids, we outta here, c'mon"

This is the muscle of the Enemy.

10mm AUTO

Orcs, Where there's one... There's another or two trying to ease up on your six.

Bogolyubski said...

Re: Obama's officer corps litmus test. It's entirely plausible of course, but even its exposure makes little difference. The enemy controls the entire "frame of discussion". I think even I saw this bit of horrific news posted over at "FreeReublick".

The response from the "responsible conservatives" will be that this is just unhinged "conspiracy theory", that Zero, although a left-liberal, is still a "patriotic American", a "Christian", etc. Another point will be made about how this is a distraction from the important mission of spreading the message of "free-market capitalism" to those who have yet to experience its blessings - like groids, Mexicans and Muslims - and the military's important mission in protecting us from eeevviill bearded terr-r-r-r-r-rts who "hate us for our freedoms". The idiot Limbaugh would probably dismiss this as just another "Kook Alert" from the Ron Paul camp. Mind you, this will be the response from the "conservatives".

The leftist Obamabots will actually be more honest - at least some of them - and openly state that D'Won has every right to demand this in light of the dangerous right-wing gun nuts, rayciss haters who read blogs like SBPDL, etc.

Larry Auster keeps on bring up a point which seems lost on many: It's their country now. What we're seeing before our eyes is a repeat of the same pattern which took place in South Africa. The squids know the white man's great weakness and flaws and have exploited them to the max. Even today in SA, with whites more-or-less openly targeted for extermination, the majority of whites in situ continue to betray their own people and cooperate with those who plan to exterminate them because they cannot admit the truth. To admit the truth would crash their entire worldview.

We already know for a fact that the whites in the SA police and military will kill other whites when ordered to by their black bosses, why should we expect US military officers to be any different? US military and police had zero problem gassing and burning to death scores of women and children is Waco, TX two decades ago and will gladly obey any order to do so again.

Bogolyubski said...

@10MM Auto:

Thank you very much for posting the link to the cover art and the lyrics for the 'masterpiece' by the POS groid Ice-T. How old is that album? 10-15 years? Ice-T of merely one of scores of "major music artists".

Here's some basic hard facts:

1. Ice-T is now a multi-millionaire. He's sold many millions of copies of the shit he passes off as music - mostly to white kids. Where the hell were their parents? Why were the kids a) allowed to buy this toxic waste? b) unable to access something which countered such outright lies?

2. I'll leave it to the imaginations of our readers as to who has made even more money off this degenerate crap than Ice-T and his fellow "artistes". The owners of the music companies are the same gang who owns the movie companies, TV stations, newspapers, etc. Birds of a feather flock together.

So here we have yet another proof (among many hundreds of examples which could be cited) of how whites are actually paying for their own destruction. Mind you, nobody stuck a gun in white kid's heads and made them spend money on this poison. They made Ice-T and his TWMNBN producers and media execs filthy rich voluntarily. How did this happen? What made them want to spend money on something this evil?

Does anyone here think an item such as this vile POS would be economically successful in the America of the 1890s? Ice-T and his fellow groids sell out even in places like Japan - remember the Irish girl killed in Japan last year by the touring groid rapper? They're raking it it in Europe, in Korea, even in China. We must find ways to get at the root and poison it.

Anonymous said...

Whites have made music calling for violence against other races as well. Religious poetry since the Vedas has praised the destruction of the outsider and the supremacy ofthe insider.

This is where the squids come in, for those who disbelieve. When a modern white makes racially conscious music it has ZERO chance of making it in the main stream. The reasons cited for this black listing are obvious- hate, racism etc. Now, these Ice T songs aren't released from a minor label and sold underground. These guys are signed on by the biggest media conglomerates in the world.
Media is was and always will be a tool of psychological warfare. So why would the squid owned labels want to sell music that declares war on whites by blacks?
As you or someone else earlier mentioned, the blacks are just the weapon. They are not the masterminds of these psy op mass attacks.

Jay Santos said...

Bogo said...

US military and police had zero problem gassing and burning to death scores of women and children is Waco, TX two decades ago and will gladly obey any order to do so again.

It's worth remembering. The concept of patriotism and even citizenship being in the shape they're in, the military and the PD will be thinking about their pensions as they peer through their red dot. In a decisive show of overwhelming orce, they'll be thinking of that golf course they'll be enjoying at age 60.

Anonymous said...

"As anyone that has any understanding of human evolution can see, Sub Saharan Africans don't belong in a European society. They aren't equipped for it. European/white society has been evolving for thousands of years to get to this point. Sub Saharan's don't even have a written language. Yet we are supposed to believe we are all equal? That we can all progress at the same rate? Absurd.

How do liberals that believe in evolution reconcile that fact?

Eh? I'm not a liberal, but it's simple: different populations lived in different areas with different environmental and social pressures, and in the case of non-Africans, the addition of Neanderthal genetic endowment. They evolved into different things."

This is what James Watson was excoriated for stating a few years ago. Liberals always like to use science and statistics to prove their points, however liberals tend to disregard science/facts/statistics that do not fit their beliefs or memes (similar to what they accuse conservatives of and especially those of Christian faith and beliefs).

I've posted this many time before and is worth posting as a response to the comments above. Please bookmark and/or save the PDF to use as a retort on other comment boards.

SwampThizzle said...

No niggers? Know peace. Know niggers? No peace. It really is that fucking simple.

Anonymous said...

Warren Buffet, the liberal Obama-loving billionaire, should invest a few billion in North Omaha. Put his money where his mouth is. While he's at it, move to North Omaha too. He's had a home in another part of Omaha for over 50 years. I think he needs more diverse neighbors.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they want the guns. The only thing that saves us is the big re-set. Then it's Everyman for himself. Stock up, prep then rebuild when the dust settles. Lobs and orcs should be extinct.

MuayTyson said...

10 MM,
You just illustrated why education is our greatest strength. How many parents acutually took time to read they lyrics.

I hope black artists do continue to pump out this crap so we can continue to post what they are saying, thinking, and acting on.

Liberals can deny truth but truth will catch them. The majority of people are fence sitters things like this have to be brought to their attention.

Discard said...

The Orientals that have come here in the last few decades are not typical, they are a select group and smarter than most of their race. There is no good reason to believe that Orientals are smarter than Whites. Ask yourself,which race invented the modern world and everything in it?

whisker child said...

I am so glad people are waking up to Agenda 21!

Spread the word, people!

ice melts said...

The problem is the parents, who are uncultured, if parents have soft classical music running in the background, instead of britney spears, the kids will grow up with a taste for good music.

Once your ear has been trained, it will be able to differentiate between good music and crap very easily.

Ice t is just bitter his hair isn't straight, he's got white skin, but his hair is the give away, and his married to some white trash, so he has white complexes all around him.

Discard said...

Regarding a litmus test for senior officers, I think it ought be remembered that any senior officer is capable of lying if necessary to advance his career. Were I a general and Obama asked me if I would shoot down dirty racists, why would I say No? Wouldn't I, as a trained strategist, say Yes in order to deceive him into trusting me?
Every flag officer knows who does the fighting, designs and builds the weapons, and pays for it all. And every one of them knows that Blacks are pretty useless, whatever they may say. Forced to chose, who would be stupid enough to side with the Darks, fags, and womyn? Especially when they also know that Obama and the Reds despise military men? Should the time come to slap leather, the smart choice would be to go White. You win because your soldiers are White, and you are honored for saving your race. You get to rule the country because the traitors are out of office. You will have far more power and other benefits than the multi cult would ever give you. Self interest dictates that the military supports Whites.

Artist said...

I'm glad to see Agenda 21 awareness coming into our discussions here. I urge everyone here to research it. Don't just look at the anti-21 sites; the pro-21 sites I've seen are more frightening!

Agenda 21, and the One World governemnt it seeks, is as frightening as any dystopian sci-fi story I've ever heard.

Like BRA, when one opens one's eyes, you can see it everywhere.

Agenda 21 is here now and it is far advanced. Over 600 cities, towns, counties, townships and communities in the USA have signed on. It's buzzword are spread throughout society. It is happening right under our noses. The buzzwords are benign, much like the buzzword "community organizer".

While it seems environmentally focused it rests on social justice. At the root of social justice is the belief that if one person has one more thing then another person, then injustice is taking place. There is no private property in social justice. There is certainly no ownership of land allowed. Ownership of real estate is viewed as a crime against man and nature. This will be the philosophical rationale to dispossess all whites and First World citizens.

Part of this is to move people off the land. Sort of like Pol Pot did. Regulations, changes in zoning, land use planning matrixes will be used to achieve this. It's all in play now. Is not they current war on the 2nd Amendment mainly targeted at the dreaded redneck gun culture. After all, Michael Moore and Current TV don't make documentaries demonizing black urban gun culture. It's always frightening white people.

Already environmentalist seek to close Yosemite. A dam has been demolished in Olympic National Park. I believe the rainforest there was declared a UN World Heritage site. Spun as if it's an honor, becoming a UN Heritage is a loss of state and national sovereignty. Do you recall in the presidential debates Obama said we're not building any more road to the county?

Artist said...

I live in NE Maryland. We try to go to town meeting and board hearings. There I learned Maryland is subject to a new environmental law "protecting" the Chesapeake Bay. Two remarkable laws or mandates are in that law. This law concerns lands within the Chesapeake watershed. One, if you live in a rural setting with a septic system you will eventually be subject to state inspection. Then, once they rule against you, they will force you to install a brand new system. I bet it will cost much more then present technology. This will have the effect of forcing many to move into a semi-suburban planned community, a "20 minute walk" community replete with pretty shops and mixed use zoning. And vibrancy. So over time people will be "enticed" financially to leave their homes. Myself, I live on the Delaware watershed. I wonder what will happen when the inspectors get to me?

The second rule is insane. My county is filled with cattle farms. All pastures are covered with tiny little drainage streams, many 4 or 5 inches wide. It will soon be illegal for the cattle to urinate in these streams. All such streams must be fenced off. Cost is to be borne by the farmer, who around here is the last remaining remants of a farming tradition that goes back to the founding of the nation. Another financial nail in the coffin of the yeoman citizen. It is said this will completly destroy farming in the State of Maryland.

On top of that I have here a copy of Maryland's proposed new gun laws. This thing is so circular an confusing it gave me vertigo to read it. It is instructive to see the multiple levers against guns. No one underage can operate firearm. This seems to directly target the hunting and sport culture. More anti-family regulation. Any caliber used with the so-called assault weapons is banned. Think of how many shared calibers there. This back-door writing effectively bans almost everything. When I got to the part about reporting individuals that you think pose a danger I stopped. It said nothing of mental illness. It's so broadly written it feels like a call to dime in your enemies. I could on and on. It's insidious and sinister. And written in a way to have wide-open interpretation.

It's all connected, it's all web of deceit.

Jordan Appleyard said...

@ Bogolyubski

This is why a few blacks can be useful to our side, like the cop killer Mumia. We need to work with the Dems who want to free him again.

Bogolyubski said...

Jordan Appleyard said...
@ Bogolyubski

This is why a few blacks can be useful to our side, like the cop killer Mumia. We need to work with the Dems who want to free him again.

I take it you're some kind of troll. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a black supremacist thug who murdered white Philadelphia police officer back in the late 1970s (pumped shots into him when he was already down as I recall). Through decades of agitation and propaganda, the usual TWMNBN suspects managed to keep the orc from being executed. They made lots of money via books, NPR broadcasts, etc. The late officer's family was of course completely blocked by the blackrobes and assorted legal teams from getting any of the pile of cash generated by all the hype. Mumia is still in jail, his sentence commuted to life in prison. TWMNBN et al are still at it naturally (unlike the officer's family, they - being the one-percenters - have a bottomless wallet). Mumia will likely be out of jail by the end of D'Won's term.

Police forces are much more into diversity today, much more interested in protecting their paychecks and pensions. They now answer to kommissars like Jerry McCarthy of Chicago - who blame groid violence on the Puritans of the Massachusetts Bay Colony of the 1600s. My previous points still stand, because the police are not what they once were. Police and military both have shown themselves more than willing to do anything the kommissars order them to do - irrespective of how completely lawless and unconstitutional it may be. If and when I see some soldiers or police turn their weapons upon the politicians, officers and comrades issuing and executing lawless orders, I'll consider revising my presently low estimation of them.

Melanie said...

Wasn't there a law passed, partly based on Mumia the cop killer, amongst others, profiting by selling their "stories" (lying apologias) while still serving their sentences, that they can't keep the profits? IIRC, any profits must go to the victims's families.

Jordan Appleyard said...

Police haven't been much of a force for good since their inception. In dozens more countires than not, they're corrupt and enforce the law only half the time or hardly at all. At the whims of dictators or for the best bribe offered. It's morals strictly ingrained by one's parents that hold society together, not really the deterrent of a police force. If you revere the police so much, why would you be against lib's idea of self-righteousness that only we need to trust the police to use guns? Would you not lose any respect for cops if the state intervened in your life with the feminazi laws like to take away your kids or if a woman falsely accused you and they'd treat you as undeniably guilty?

Bogolyubski said...

@Jordan Appleyard:

I'm not particularly sympathetic to the police - especially any in the federal legion. By and large, they serve the squids and will do whatever they're ordered to do by the overlords and the kommissars who actually issue the direct orders. I've yet to see a case where a kommissar eats a bullet for issuing some damned lawless command.

The problem is that holding up a NOI thug like Jamal discredits your argument. It's like the dumbass Christian conservatives who cite the statements of the dead communist Michael "Martin Luther" King. WND's Molotov Mitchell - in many ways pretty good - is a case in point. He regularly cites St. Martin the Adulterer as some sort of proto-Christian conservative. I once emailed him asking who his next examplar of Christian "conservatism" would be - Trotsky? maybe Pol Pot? How about Robert Mugabe? Another fine example of public school edumacation I suppose.

You're not understanding how the strategy of anarcho-tyranny works. It works by having two things going on at the same time which appear to be contradictory but which actually serve to achieve a strategic objective. Thus, while police handle the absolute worst thugs and criminals with kid gloves - they'll brutalize and taser someone to death or serious injury for talking too loud at a town hall meeting. Watch carefully the contrast in police behavior between dealing with thug sons of Obama and white dads accused of violating some order issued by a bogus administrative court headed by a bureaucrat.

ATBOTL said...

Aren't Sudanese "youths" or "troubled young people" committing a lot of murders in Omaha?

The South Sudanese are basically a pure, more primitive type of African, wheres Bantu type blacks have a Eurasian like component added. We should expect extra dysfunctional behavior from these types.

Anonymous said...

This is 2014. I have lived in Omaha my entire life. Blacks in Omaha are part of the dependent class. In general they are takers and not givers. They believe in the lib BS that because of their skin color they are owed a job. Other oppressed races has flourished. Blacks in Omaha need to take ownership for killing primarily their own and stop listening to their slave masters like Chamberlin, Jackson and others who make money off of their misery. Omaha has lots of opportunity, but not if you buy in to the lib dependent and victim mantra. F liberalism. Be self sufficient and make a life for you and your family.

freedomisfabulous said...

I'd like to know how many whites are killed by blacks in Omaha NE but those stats are impossible to come by. Gee I wonder why