Wednesday, January 2, 2013

For Every RGIII, There are 100,000+ Reuben Fosters

The nation's no. 1 high school recruit, 18-year-old Reuben Foster, and his four year old daughter....
Robert Griffin III has taken the National Football League (NFL) by storm in 2012; though he hasn't performed to the level of fellow rookie quarterback Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts (who has single-handily led one of the most inspiring turnarounds in league history), Mr. Griffin has supplied Corporate America and the NFL with the gregarious, wholesome, black quarterback that Rush Limbaugh hinted at in 2003 the media was so desperate to find.

Seriously, that's who RGIII is: the antithesis to Michael Vick.

With the quarterback position being the most important - and most marketable - position in the NFL, the media and Corporate America has been longing for a black athlete with the moral character and apparent intelligence like RGIII, who seems to have come straight from central casting. [Building An Empire: Debating The Future Worth Of RGIII, CBS DC, 12-28-12]:
Ron Oswalt, CEO of Sports Marketing Experts, has been following Griffin since his high school football days. Throughout his career thus far, he said he has noticed a humility and maturity that, to him, makes RGIII unique.
“One advantage I believe he does have is the great education he received … and his military background and really strict upbringing,” he told CBSDC. “All of those things will really benefit him in the long run – [he is marketable] on and off the field.”
He added, “An athlete giving back who’s well-educated and well-spoken, it’s one of the best attributes of RGIII. He gets out there with kids and the local community.”
Well-educated compared to whom? Well-spoken compared to whom? Mr. Oswalt, please answer the question.

Are you referring to the 69 percent of the NFL that is black, players like Ray Lewis who were in questionable situations last century and have helped convince a growing number of people that the NFL is destined to become just another variation of the thug National Basketball Association (NBA)?

RGIII doesn't look like he's going to engage in dog fights with Michael Vick, or go to the club and chase women with Chad Ochocinco, appearing to have assimilated to a higher form of culture then what predominates through the NFL.

But let's compare him to certain high school football athlete, the highly recruited product of Columbus, Georgia, Reuben Foster. A linebacker who is rated a five-star prospect by both Rivals and (a Web site populated by primarily heterosexual white males who salivate over 16-to-18-year-old black high school prospects that might sign with their alma mater, like a NAMBLA member would at a Boy Scout convention), he originally signed with Auburn University.

With the firing of Auburn Head Coach Gene Chizik, he de-committed from Auburn; as an 18-year-old, this black male happens to have a four year old daughter.

He is quite different then RGIII was when he was being recruited by Baylor [Five-star LB Reuben Foster 'confused' on where to commit, wants what's best for his daughter, family,, 12-30-12]
When asked where his head is at in regard to recruiting, Auburn High's Reuben Foster recently revealed things have been quite difficult and confusing.
"I want the best for me and my family, but it's confusing right now," Foster told The Opelika-Auburn News. "I don't know what to do."
Foster recruiting past is littered with uncertainty. He originally committed to Alabama over Georgia in 2011 before flipping to Auburn prior to the 2012 season. He then decommitted Dec. 7 after the university dismissed head coach Gene Chizik and his staff.
Since decommitting, Foster has opened his recruitment back up, and is now considering Alabama, Auburn and Georgia as well as LSU, Miami and Washington.
Foster also spoke about his family and 4-year-old daughter, A'Ziya Blackmon, in the wide-ranging Defensive Player of the Year interview.
"My daughter means the world to me," he said. "Just to know that I'm trying to support her and my family. It makes me go harder. It makes me want to die for the sport because if you want to die for the sport, you want to die for your family because I'm doing it for my family."
The 6-foot-2, 242-pounder is considered to be one of the top high school football players in the country. 247Sports rates him as the No. 2 linebacker in the country and No. 10 player overall, while ESPN has Foster sitting at No. 24 on its list of the top 150 players.
Foster was 13 or 14 when he conceived his daughter; as a high school student, how on earth has he been providing his daughter? Can you say 'welfare/Section 8/EBT'?

Mr. Foster would not be being considered by any university where he not a highly sought after football recruit; his labor wouldn't be prized by any entity on earth, outside of college football or basketball coaches.

College athletes can't be paid and I've yet to read of a college football program that offers babysitting services as part of tuition.  Hilariously, Auburn University has a football program that scarcely reflects its student body -- like most Southeastern Conference (SEC) football teams, Auburn is an overwhelmingly white university with a football program that is disproportionately black. 

After a number of off-the-field problems, former coach Gene Chizik had to hire a professional babysitting service to make sure his majority black team met curfew and went to class [Auburn hires private security company to enforce curfews, AOL Sports, 10-8-12]:
If things weren’t bad enough at Auburn, the program has hired a private babysitter for its players.
Actually, the university has contracted with a private security firm to help enforce player curfews, according to The Montgomery Advertiser.
Stanley Dallas of the Event Operations Group confirmed to the paper that the company is working in conjunction with Auburn’s football player development department to make sure curfews are being kept.
Curfews, as the paper points out, are commonplace for the nights before games. But Auburn has a nightly curfew for players.
“We always do what’s in the best interest of our team,” Auburn coach Gene Chizik told the Advertiser. “We have a curfew check and we have to employ people to help us with some of the kids off campus. Other than that I’m not going into any details on that.
 Auburn University has put together a number of "top rated" recruiting classes over the past few years, replete with players who racked up impressive high accolades that put them in same category of Mr. Reuben Foster in their respective graduation class. So it's safe to say that Auburn's primarily black football program is populated not by black athletes like RGIII, but by black athletes like Mr. Foster. More on the curfew program is found at USA Today.

Auburn University has an undergraduate student enrollment of roughly 25,000 students, of which only 3.6% are black male; however, a study by the Soviet-sounding The Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education found that 67 percent of the football and basketball is black.

Just as RGIII is marketable because he has apparently assimilated to "white culture," Auburn University's football program collapsed in 2012 (and Gene Chizik lost his job) because the team capitulated to black culture [Gene Chizik’s Auburn program was reportedly ‘coming apart at the seams’ well before season, Yahoo! Sports, 10-26-12]:
When a coach is fired, in any sport, there's often many details which get leaked and explain exactly why the move was made. After Gene Chizik was fired by Auburn, it didn't take long for many unflattering details about his program to be unearthed.
Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News wrote a comprehensive piece on Chizik and the problems his program was having. The full story can be found here.
The problems weren't just on the field, although those were plentiful and were discussed in the column. Off the field, Auburn was apparently a mess too.

The column outlines how players weren't going to class and quit coming to mandatory workouts. Chizik tried to implement an 11 p.m. weekday curfew, hiring a private security firm to check on players, even those who lived off campus, and the players grew to resent that in a hurry.
The column said the problems started to surface shortly after the 2010 national championship season, when four players were arrested and charged with armed robbery.
When Chizik didn't get much credit for the title, with a lot of that credit going to Cam Newton and then-offensive coordinator Guz Malzahn, Chizik "seemed to change," in particular taking more control over game plans.

About that time, discipline in the program started to slip, and there were problems with academics. Here's one particularly damning passage from Scarbinsky's column:

One example: During the second week of the regular season, before the cracks in the foundation began to show up on the field in a lifeless 28-10 loss at Mississippi State, an academic adviser told Chizik there was a problem with one of his Auburn starters.
The adviser said the player wasn't going to class, wasn't doing his classwork, wasn't making much of an effort at all in the classroom.
Chizik's response: He told the adviser he didn't believe him. That player started the Mississippi State game and struggled terribly, never showed much development on the field and eventually lost his starting job.
There are more examples in the column, which serves as a epitaph to the Chizik era that will go down as one of the more unique runs for any coach in college football history. Whatever Chizik wants to do next, future employers will have questions for him about what happened near the end of his time at Auburn.
 The epitaph of not just the Chizik era, but of the American Century simply reads as such: "In a quest to watch their alma mater's win college football glory, white American's tolerated the proliferation of black culture and uplifted the one or two black individuals who assimilated to white culture as the paragon of virtue and all that is good and holy."

Seriously, a black high school athlete, with a four-year-old daughter, is being courted by some of the top colleges in America; not because he is an academic titan who will enrich society with his labor, but because we have been conditioned to believe that only black athletes make college football legitimate.

Were Reuben Foster not an athlete, he'd be the type of black person you do everything possible to live nowhere near; were RGIII not an athlete, he'd be the type of black person Conservatism Inc. bent-over-backward to give a Senate seat too.

A four-year-old daughter at 18?

Dysgenics in action. 

So yes, honor RGIII as a black 'diamond in the rough'; just remember we notice those who standout as assimilating to some form of white culture, because the rest of the NFL and much of college football is populated by Reuben Fosters, whose sole ticket to a scholarship is because they mature faster then their white counterparts, leading recruiters to believe in the superiority of black athletes.


YIH said...

Although who knows what could happen, I suspect RGIII will be like many black QBs before him;
A ''one hit wonder'' that will have one good season (at most two) and then fade to mediocrity.
See: Randall Cunningham, Kordell Stewart and Michael Vick first season Falcons then first season Eagles.
Once the newness of the player wears off, defenses figure out the negro QB and they get mediocre at best.
The only black QB that had a productive NFL career was Warren Moon (with the then Huston Oilers) and that was due to playing several years in the CFL which due to the more offense unfriendly rules (such as a longer field and only 3 downs to convert) had to learn to be productive.
I suspect the Redskins will be lucky to do as well next season as they did this one (and they just barely made the playoffs).

Whiskey said...

Moon lasted as long as he did because he was a gambler like Brett Favre, who he most closely resembled on the field -- run around in the backfield trying to buy time to make a throw. You get hurt less than running through the line that way.

RGIII will be like YIH said, fairly forgotten, because he's already had a serious knee injury his rookie season.

As far as the athlete goes, yes I *DO* think Black guys on average and at the elite level ARE superior to White guys in athletic ability. This is borne out by observation: ALL of the finalists in the Men's 100 Meter Sprint in the Olympics since the 1980 Moscow Boycott Olympics have been West African Descent men. ALL. Boxing? Heavyweight has been Black dominated from say, the 1930's until the mid 2000's. MMA? Pretty much all the dominant heavyweights now are Black or partially Black. Track is pretty much a Black realm, save the technique events like Pole Vault, Discus, etc.

Since 99.999% of coaches college and pro cannot teach and innovate both, they prefer Black athletes. Because yes Black men are superior in jumping high, running fast, and explosive moves. [Black men do miserable however in the cold and wet, they just are not made to operate in that environment.]

If you want the best Athletes in the NBA, College Basketball, the NFL, and College Football, they'll be Black. And also thugs. A very talented coach can on occasion win against superior athletes by better schemes and tight discipline, but that requires a lot of talent at that position and its pretty thin, the best goes to the NFL where the money (and athletes are).

Yeah the NFL is destined to become a thug league. But let's not kid ourselves. Black men are neither supermen nor untermenschen. Their proven athletic superiority comes at a great cost: not much brains, and a short lifespan (Black people evolved under tremendous disease loads and relatively high population density, a vastly different environment than European low population density, low disease loads, and longevity that characterizes small populations).

countenance said...

The reason that RG3 has had any sort of success this year outside of Alfred Morris is because Shanahan has had to dumb down the Redskins playbook with some plays from that weak little wussy pop gun "spread" offense that Baylor ran. But the reason the spread doesn't succeed long term in the NFL is that it doesn't physically break down NFL defenses like it breaks down college defenses.

Buffalo Bill said...

OT, but I'll just leave this here:

great provider chief said...

A daughter at 13 or 14, simply incredulous. And now he is spewing cliches of providing for his daughter, well read and educated, really?

Proof of genetics at work again, who provided for his daughter when he was 16 or 17, what an icon of a father.

Just when you think you've seen it all, along comes this little gem.

Dysfuntion at its best, veneered to seem legitimate.

MuayTyson said...

Whiskey is 100% full of shit!

Please check for yourselves:

MMA 2 black Heavies I personally rank Overeem #1 but he got poped for roids.

0 blacks in Oly Lifting this combines the skill with raw power these two lifts Clean and Jerk and Snatch are super technical yet beautiful and much more athletic than Sprinting. You can be born strong but with out technique the bar barely moves!

Now let's look at the Wall Street Journal about the 2008 top athlete and the criteria involved:

Vision and Reflex
Stamina and Recovery
Power Strength and Size
Success and Competitiveness of Sport
Coordination and Flexibility

Not my list but Wall Streets list. This is their number 1 and I may agree:

Roman Šebrle (Czech pronunciation: [ˈroman ˈʃɛbr̩lɛ]; born 26 November 1974) is an athlete from the Czech Republic. He is considered to be one of the best decathlon athletes of all time. Originally a high jumper, he competes in decathlon and heptathlon for team TJ Dukla Praha and is a former world record holder in the decathlon. In 2001 in Götzis he became the first decathlete ever to achieve over 9,000 points, setting the record at 9,026 points, succeeding his compatriot, Tomáš Dvořák, who had scored 8,994 points two years earlier.

After placing second in the decathlon during the 2000 Summer Olympics, Šebrle won the gold medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics. Tradition dictates the winner of the decathlon holds the title of "World's Greatest Athlete".[1] Šebrle has held the title five of the past seven years.

A panel of experts convened by the Wall Street Journal in 2008 also ranked Šebrle as the world's greatest athlete.[2] That very same year, Seberle finished 6th in the decathlon in the Beijing Olympics.

So please Whiskey stop the bullshit Negro worship.

Blacks are fast and have great reflexes for ball sports. Fighting them competitive and in the street they have heads like coconuts no doubt but are they all that when you concider everything? No.

Anonymous said...

Black america loves to dredge up slavery and all the harm it dod to their people to hear people like Spike Lee talk, if it were not for slavery black would be ruling the world. But any reasonable person knows different. Most whites in America know our country would be much better off if we never had slaves. And im sure that these double talking black spokesmen know that without slavery there wouldn't be Spike Lee, Behouncey, Will Smith ,Barack Obama, RGIII, or any other rich black americans. And unfortunately a time machine is the only hope to save our country.E

Anonymous said...

Too many sports nuts in the US. I like sports myself to some extent but I see people who immerse themselves in the whole corporate sports media spectacle 24/7 and it just seems so pathetic. Go ahead and admire the athleticism if you will but glorifying and elevating these moron athletes is just totally irresponsible.

Each of these SEC universities is being subsidized writ-large by the federal and state taxpayer through Perkins Loans, Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, state grants (CalGrant), etc. See: Education bubble, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. For them to build their "educational institution" around a bunch of low-IQ wannabe-gangsta thugs is emblematic of the cultural patterns that have ruined the American economy and degraded American civic life over the past few decades.

We can thank this White Male obsession with Black Male athletes for a sick coarsening of our culture.

See this recent incident:

Summary: 16-year old Black(s) rape drugged up 16 year old girl. She is transported from party to party and repeatedly assaulted. Idiot White kid makes obscene "Tweets" joking about the rape in real-time then appears in a video cackling at the Black(s) he is watching rape the "dead girl".

Notice how the rapists are on the football team. The entire town is sports-saturated and sports-obsessed (the high school team is broadcoast live on TV) and several scumbuckets are accusing the girl of trying to bring down their football team. Notice the OSU jerseys and logo hats.


Anonymous said...

From the CBS article, it says RGIII has a "military background". How the hell does a 18 year old who spends all day playing football have a military background?

Dissident said...

Blacks do excel at certain and specific sporting events and so what?

I suggest that everyone here read up on the the sporting events (non-competetive) like mountaineering and the like. Read about the courageous men and women that climb 4,5, 6000 feet a day above 20,000 feet in elevation. Where the air is so thin as to cause Pulmonary Embolism and every step is like gasping for air.

The sporting endeavors that require real stamina and endurance and strength are over shadowed by these high profile and more marketable sports like NBA and NFL, etc.

Read up on those men that trekked across the polar ice caps with nothing but sleds and pulling their own food.

The myth of black athletic superiority is laughable in the extreme.

If some black person (CF,Evergreen, Desiree, et al) reading this wants to impress me, then by all means climb K2 or even Kilomanjaro in Africa. Then get back to me on real atleticism.

11 most dangerous climbs.

Dissident said...

Muay Tyson thanks for the information on Roman Sebrle'.

I just read the Wiki article on him and found this, "On 22 January 2007, Šebrle was injured by a javelin thrown by a South African female javelin thrower, Sunette Viljoen, from a distance of 55 metres while training in Potchefstroom, South Africa. The javelin pierced the edge of his right shoulder from the front, 12 cm deep. Shocked, Šebrle ripped the javelin out immediately, which could have caused even more damage. Luckily for him, it did not cause any serious injury, because it slipped between a muscle and his skin. He was taken to a hospital, but left soon with just eleven stitches. However, he was limited in training for some time, especially in the pole vault. Later he stated that he was only 20 cm away from being killed and 1 cm from an injury that would have ended his career."

Interesting gentleman and a real athlete, unlike many of these idiots masquerading as such.

Anonymous said...

"From the CBS article, it says RGIII has a "military background". How the hell does a 18 year old who spends all day playing football have a military background?"

New Black Panthers?

Mutant Swarm said...

@ Whiskey:

How would we know if blacks are better athletes than Whites? The coaches don't let Whites onto the field to try out.

How many black Navy SEALs are there? If they're so athletic, they should smoke all the White guys, right? Wrong. There is a lot, a LOT, of standing around from the teams in a typical football game. Put them in a Hell Week situation where they have to put out 100% for five days, and get only 4 hours of sleep during that time, and they just fade away.

Mutant Swarm said...

This has relevance to the subtopic of sports, as well as in general to the Cold (Lukewarm?)Race War we are now engaged in:

How To Win The War For Your Mind

"All battles, all wars, all fistfights and bar brawls, all conflicts in every place and in every time (except those conflicts in which both sides answer to the same puppeteer) begin and end as battles of the mind. No struggle is determined on strength of arms alone..."

Anonymous said...

The Reuben Foster's of the world don't belong in high schools or middle schools, let alone in our universities! Think how much better education after the elementary level would be if these bozos were not in school. Does society really have a place for people like Foster?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I looked at this article last night and refrained from responding. Now I am ready...

This obsession with sports such as football and basketball in this country is truly an opiate based addiction. I shared at one point on this board that I attended PSU and actually ran track and field there in the very early 90's hence I had athlectic study hall with the football players.

I sometimes wonder if this male obsession with a bunch of beefy butt groids bending over with tight pants in a field and tossing a ball has some shades of homo-eroticism to it. This is an out there thought, but when you align it with the stuff that went down at Penn State this past year, it is really not that far fetched.

Middle class, and lower class people, men and women, girls and boys,in this country have been commodified and pornified by the elite. I view American football as an extension or manifestation of this commodification and pornification. These groids and their "owners' put on a show for the stupid masses of asses (stupid couch potatoe butt white guys who can barely run to the fridge to grab a beer) to spend money on to engage in their homo-erotic fantasies. You've got your bimboid cheerleaders on the side too to satisfy the more hetero set and lots of lots of booze and food to wet your gluttony whistle. The whole spectacle is just GROSS.

The groid featured in this article is just another over paid dancing bear. Once his "owners" get through with him, in twenty years he will be addicted to pain killers, will have gone through two marriages, and will be near bankruptcy. Not that I wish these things upon him or anyone, but that is what the sociopathic elites that run this joke of a republic try to do to us lower rung folks. The have enough money to insulate themselves from real world problems and then pay others to indulge in fantasies in which the wish to partake, such as rolling around on a field with another man in tight pants.

White Mom in Living in Turdville aka WDC

Anonymous said...

In girl's high school basket ball almost all the females that play are black, where I live. The few white girls who play look like small children playing with black adult females although they are all in the same school grades. There is very little scoring ability though in any of them. And so goes "sports" in school.

Anonymous said...

Iff hes had a stric upbringing's its wierd hes had a kid when hes onlee forteen yirs old!

Anonymous said...

In the land of retards, the half-wit is king - no?

Pretty pathetic when you have media grovelling to make hero's out of these types. You'd almost think the black demographic had money to spend, given the predominance of black athletes endorsing products these days.

Although I suppose the EBT cards and free Obama phones frees up money to buy sneakers, Glock's, and crack, I can't imagine Blacks having very similar buying habits of Whites.

Perhaps Madison Avenue thinks young white males and girls worship these lowlifes. If they do, it's sad.

More on topic, college football is a disgrace to the nation. Teams filled with player's who have the mental capacity and maturity of 10 year old's is depressing. Colleges have become more like circuses than academic institutions.

HaroldC said...

"Does society really have a place for people like Foster?"

Yes, there are quite a few other institutions where Foster would be at home. They're called prisons.

countenance said...


RG3 is said to have a "military background" because both of his parents are career Army. As an aside, this is why he's so popular in a city that just so happens to be the nation's capital.

Great Provider Chief:

It's not "incredulous" that black 13 and 14 year olds can procreate. It's called HBD. That and thanks to welfare, we have re-created in essence the African climate of "low hanging fruit" that allows for everything you need to be there and therefore allows for early and often reproduction that black Africans are perfectly capable of. That is, until the day the Treasury Department gives a T-Bill auction and nobody comes. (Yes, I know I'm speaking hyperbolically there.) Which is the only thing apparently that will get us to fix the problem.

Tyrone noose said...

Anybody who lets their kids into a public school is an idiot. Any idiot who lets their children participate with n-words in high school sports deserves what they get.

Schools are for learning.
The only reason the n-words go, is to play ball and have fun.
When we pull all of the sports programs from the learning institutions, the n-words will not attend.

If you want your child to play sports, organize a private sports club (away from, and unassociated with the school) for students with a grade point average of 3.9 or above. If any child is not receiving a gpa of 3.9, he/she does not have time for distractions like sports.
But first you have to kill the sports programs at your schools, otherwise the gpa limitation is racist.

Ask yourselves.

Would I prefer my children go to a school with n-words, or go to school to learn, without sports?

You can't have both.

Get the hell away from the pavement apes, or accept their behavior, which will bring emotional, and likely, physical pain to your children.

When you leave your kids in schools with the n-words, you teach your children that n-words are just like us. If you believe that, and want your child to believe that, then by all means, teach your child to have n-words as friends, maybe even adopt a few.

WHEN YOU TEACH CHILDREN THAT THE n-words ARE JUST LIKE US, YOU ARE TEACHING YOUR CHILD THAT HE OR SHE IS JUST LIKE THE n-words!!!!!!! And then you expect them to act civil? To be altruistic? To care about their family? To SACRIFICE? They won't do it if they believe they are the same as the n-words. If Leroy needs some sex at 12, then your son will "need " some too. Get it? When beating people over the head is funny to n-words, and you teach your child that they are the same as the n-words, what do you expect to happen?????
Your kids will hate you for your ignorance, and failure to protect them from something so obvious, that a child can see.

When you pull your child out of schools with n-words, and go private, or homeschool, you teach your children that schools are for learning, not distractions. Schools are not for games like football and basketball. School is for educating. Your child will not hold an education as something of high value unless you do as well. Distractions like girls, sports, fighting, let's all get along with the savages, etcetera all detract from the one and only reason you put your kids in school in the first place----TO LEARN!
Your child will love, and appreciate this decision in time, and will be one of the few leaders, instead of followers. Damn it we are American! Start acting that way or get left behind. For your kids!

Anonymous said...

"Yes, there are quite a few other institutions where Foster would be at home. They're called prisons."

The problem is that Foster isn't a criminal, and may never be a criminal. What do we do with people like Foster who are not criminals? There are plenty in that category.

For several generations, society has been altered for the worse to accommodate the likes of Foster. How long can that continue? I don't want a society full of prisons any more than I want to live with the Foster's of the world.

City resident said...

Starting at a very young age in grammar and then high school all black males are sized up for whatever physical potential they might have and are channeled into various sports. There is the reflexive, unconscious idea that they'll never make it in areas requiring study and intellect and thus their only hope of being a success is through sports; something physical, not mental. Thus they work them out and build them up. Since most won't actually cut it as athletes we've just succeeded in building up a bigger, stronger class of muggers.
The people in awe of black athletes are just a bunch of wimps. Of course someone who has been physically active since the age of six is going to perform pretty good compared to some mommy-smothered white suburbanite. There's nothing natural about it. Going to the health club I see black guys pumping iron for hours; that built up muscle you see didn't just pop up from nowhere, it was created. Who cares how fast they run, they have no brains.
The new guy is liked because he approximates a white person in behavior. But between an imitation and the real thing, an actual white person, I'll go for the real thing. Any sport that would welcome a dog like Vick doesn't deserve your money or patronage.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:35 am:

I think Madison ave et al have come to the realization thagt many white middle class and working class whites and their kids cannot be "gamed" anymore, which is why they are putting their focus towards the groids, turds, and other lower SES folks who wil buy 100 dollar sneakers in place of actually feeding their kids just so they can look "fly". Anotrher reason why the elites and their cohorts want to "block" middle class and lower class whites from opportunities, such as college So Cal Snowman mentioned earlier, the intent is to to destroy threats and white educated people tend to question authority and not adhere to the plantation mentality.

Side Note: SBPDL Readers - I need some input/help...I am in the market to buy a vehicle that will do well in Wyoming and the Dakotas. I have a friend who has a Chevy Suburban he is looking to sell. Details:

2004 Chev Suburban 2500 Lt. All options, including Quadrasteer, DVD player, captains chairs, alloy rims, Michelin hi performance tires ...4k?

Any help or input would be helpful...

gotta get away.

White Mom in The Turds

Californian said...

Mutant Swarm said...
This has relevance to the subtopic of sports, as well as in general to the Cold (Lukewarm?)Race War we are now engaged in:

How To Win The War For Your Mind:

Some good stuff there. And worth reading!

Anonymous said...

I think I will just enjoy RG3 as a wonderful exception to the rule.

It speaks volumes that he is SUCH an exception to the rule.

Anonymous said...

I live in a college town with a major SEC team which is comprised almost entirely of Negro's.
I can't recall the number of times I've read stories in the paper about how team members (both current and ex) have been arrested for every crime imaginable.
Still, keep in mind that most of them (once their fantabulous feetsball career is over) wind up back in the hood with nothing. There's no employer demand for uneducated negro's who's major accomplishment in life is running and carrying a feetsball.

Swamp Fox said...

Which one is Foster?The large,thick one with massive arms for tossing ball carriers backwards or the kid in the hat?

Dissident said...

White Mom alludes to the homo-eroticsm of the spectacle of men worshiping other men.

She's astute in saying these things. Most modern entertainment is geared and formulated to achieve certain things. I call these events, such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, etc. mass psychosis events. Or even better, Psycho-drama's.

The real purpose is to inject an idealogy of collectivism and massive group think. Mass psychology in the form of entertainment. This comes on many levels and in many layers.

One level is to demean the white man into thinking that he is inferior to other races athletically. Another level is to allow for the typical black athlete to strut around like a Peacock in full plummage, so as to arouse a wunderlust and false admiration in the perceived abilities of the black athlete.

Another level is to induce these irrational meme's into the white male population of inferior abilities and into the white female population of their men being weak and subordinate unto other races, especially the black race.

These are the overt psychological drama's and that's not even to mention the covert ones.

This rabbit trail leads down a very long path that most on here would not wish to indulge.

Modern day gladitorial psycho-drama being foisted onto the public for purpose of social engineering and racial antagonism.

Always remember that an amalgamated (brown) society without a heritage and without a common identity serves the purpose of the elite in every society. The elite can rule at whim and can keep us at each others necks constantly. They use the spectacle of entertainment to keep us subdued and indoctrinated into their religion of PC-DIEveristy. We are not allowed to acknowledge, or admit any obvious truths. We are only to toe the party line. The line is given at every sporting event and many movies and TV shows.

White race oppressive and bad.

All other races oppressed and honorable.

Pat Boyle said...

So the question for the day is: Is Whiskey full of shit?

LOL. Some funny stuff.

Whiskey happens to be just about 100% correct this time. Blacks are better athletes for most of the popular sports. I'm surprised that anyone could ever doubt it. The comments that seem to imply that it is all just prejudice against white athletes by coaches are just too preposterous to entertain.

It has been noted here that at some southern college only about 1 or 2% of the student body is black but nearly 70% of the basketball and football teams are black. Somebody certainly seems to think blacks are good athletes. These somebodies are professionals at spotting athletic ability. These same somebodies seem to be employed at almost every college and every pro sports team. If it's a pro black conspiracy it's a damn big one.

Race realism should include being realistic about black athletic ability.

A stupid ideological racist like Adolf Hitler couldn't handle the fact of Jesse Owens. We all know that you can't get a liberal to admit that black people are inferior in academic concerns. Apparently some conservatives can't admit that blacks have intrinsic athletic advantages. Shame.

The various races have different athletic advantages in different sports. For example blacks dominate Basketball but not as completely as Asians dominate "Ninja Warrior". Nordics and Slavs likewise dominate "World's Strongest Man".

One reason blacks seem so dominant in sports is because of their particular advantages in foot speed and jumping (White Men Can't Jump). But there have never been very many successful blacks in power-lifting or Olympic weight lifting. Whites seem to excel at sports that call for standing in one spot and being very, very strong. Unfortunately for white athletes this kind of event isn't much fun to watch. Everyone prefers fast action sports where blacks naturally excel.

You can adjust sports to benefit the characteristics of a certain race. That is what the designers of "Ninja Warrior" have done. Orientals are smaller and have always excelled in competitive gymnastics. So the Ninja Warrior course favors small nimble men. The course favors stamina over strength. Foot/hand speed hardly matters at all. No one who weighs over 130 lbs has ever won.

Basketball could be made more accommodating to whites with a couple simple rule changes. First raise the height of the basket to twelve feet or more. That stops dunking. It also stops running jump shots and favors a return to the two handed set shot. It favors team work and elaborate plays as opposed to present game of individual improvisation.

Such a rule change would help white participation in basketball but would you want to watch it?

Last night I watched a superb fight. It was the IBF heavyweight championship fight for the vacant title. I can't remember the names of the fighters.

The white guy weighed 220. The black guy 200. The black guy was a better athlete and a better boxer. The white guy was tougher and stronger. He was 10% bigger. The white guy won in a split decision but the black guy was more fun to watch. That's the important point. Black men move beautifully. They are fun to watch.

The great white fighters like Basilio, Fullmer and Marciano were super tough but not particularly graceful. They all looked the same after awhile. Their faces were a mass of scar tissue. Cassius Clay literally had his brains knocked out in the ring, but always avoided scars on his face. Clay (Ali) was and is a really dreadful person but he was magic in the ring. He was fun to watch.


Mr. Rational said...

until the day the Treasury Department gives a T-Bill auction and nobody comes.

That can't happen unless the Federal Reserve stops printing money to buy Treasury debt ("monetizing" the debt).  What will happen in that case is that people will stop taking dollars in payment for anything, as they become worthless by the next day.

The problem is that Foster isn't a criminal, and may never be a criminal.

Has he paid child support?  No?  Have the courts done to him what they'd do for a White teen father, and held him in contempt for non-payment?  If not, why not (racist double standards in enforcement)?  If so, he IS a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Black men move beautifully. They are fun to watch.

I do not share your opinion. To me, they look like apes bopping around, disgusting.

When I was younger I was a football fan, but no more. I will not support a franchise that promotes blacks and black dysfunction over humans and human gamesmanship. Remember, since our ballot votes are almost useless now, we can "vote" with our pocketbooks, and that includes refusing to watch anything that coddles the negro.

Pat Boyle said...

There are some really far out ideas expressed here including homo-eroticism and notion of a class of the 'elite" who use black athletes to control whites.

It's not all that complicated. African's are not very good at much of anything except sports that require exceptional hand and foot speed. Most people like to look at animals in motion. That's one reason why people keep cats. That's the appeal of many nature shows. The cats get better ratings than the hyenas. That's why people watch basketball.

There is nothing else going on.

Personally I don't watch college football or basketball. I used to be a big pro football and pro basketball fan but no more. Basketball is just too black nowadays for me. I played basketball in college but I can't identify with the all black teams I see now on TV. But I don't criticize anyone who does.

I used to maneuver my schedule around so I could watch basketball on TV. I saw all the games I could. I was lucky in that the star of my local team was Rick Barry. But as the sport became more and more black I lost interest. I have never for example seen a Michael Jordan game. But I don't criticize anyone who was a fan of his.

Basketball is a terrific game and blacks are better at it than whites. I don't choose not to watch it anymore for that reason. I'm not making a ideological or moral statement. I'm not trying to lodge a protest. I'm just am not as interested in watching the game as I once was.

I'm sure that the people who run basketball are worried that whites eventually will tune out if the sport gets any blacker.

I'm also sure that there are some liberals out there who think they can further their agenda of racial harmony by promoting blacks in sports. But that doesn't mean that this is an important factor in why sports are the way they are. Anymore than the fact that some homosexuals like to look at male athletes accounts for the popularity of football and basketball.

The young like to play sports. The not-so-young like to watch. Blacks are very damn good at some sports. Period.

Just as when the last gay man on earth dies, you will start to miss them. When the last black man is gone, you will wax nostalgic for those great black basketball players of the past.


Anonymous said...

The problem with modern society is everything is so engineered no one knows what to think.

I'm not convinced blacks are "superior" enough to earn their horrid over-representation in modern sports. The #1 priority in sports is to make money via entertainment. One way or another, it's all a show. So, maybe blacks are "that good" but my instincts tell me they're probably not.

PDK said...

Blacks dominate in run fast, jump high athleticism, and do so for a reason. For those who doubt, take a good objective look at basketball, a game invented by a white man, now thoroughly dominated by blacks. Blacks are instinctively drawn to run fast, jump high athleticism because that is precisely the type of body the Negro sub-species gene pool produces.

What the Negro sub-species gain in brain/body athleticism, they lose in brain intellect. Blacks physically mature faster because their more r selective gene pool produces a shorter neotenous offspring. Neoteny is the slowing down of development, which in turn allows the brain to grow longer and therefore become larger. This is precisely why whites take longer to mature because a more neotenous development strategy of our more k selective, white gene pool is in play, and that is why whites are more intelligent than blacks.

The Negro sub-species gene pool produces a form that is based in the more primitive lifestyle reality of a tribal, hunter/gatherer culture. The white sub-species gene pool produces a different form; one where the brain is more important than is in the Negro sub-species gene pool, and further, where the brain/body is less important than the Negro gene pool.

For the blacks in American football, it has been clear to me they dream of the great black hope, the black quarterback with a black, run fast, jump high athleticism, coupled with the higher intellect of a white. With a mean of 85 in IQ the black, to be equal to the mean average white brain, would need to be 1 or 2 standard deviations above the black mean. Sooner or later this probability will materialize.

Where a white with an IQ of 1 or 2 standard deviations above the white mean would become a world class brain specialist, or a NASA mathematician, a black of 1 or 2 standard deviations above the black mean would be incapable of those white specialties. Further, for a black to be there with whites, said black would need to be 3 SD above the black mean. Only 2.5 % of people, in any gene pool are this far above their gene pool`s mean.

Time will tell if RG3 is the great black hope or not. Run fast, jump high athletics will be dominated by blacks because of their more r selective gene pool, and it`s product of lower IQ, while living in an environment of higher culture, something beyond their ability, therefore what else can they do? Not much. Thank you.

Melanie said...

You are out of your mind. If blacks all were vaporised by the aliens tonight, there's not a thing they've ever brought to our society that I would miss, and I will presume to speak for most here. Poetry in motion? Ballet-white. Great cuisine? French, Italian, even German in its fashion. Music? If I must live without jazz and the antecedents of rock music to erase all the other, negative effects of blacks on our culture, it's a price easily paid. We'd still have a world of beautiful or interesting sounds to listen to, and music more interesting than that based on "primal beats" and simplistic, if not demoralising, words.

There is not one thing blacks have ever brought to white culture or society which is worth the huge price we've paid for all the dysfunction which came along with it. Basketball? Don't make me laugh. I could easily watch skaters, gymnasts, skiers, swimmers and divers, etc etc etc and never know basketball existed, which is how I live now. Unfortunately the threat of crime or of just plain chronic low-level anxiety and frustration which is endemic when having a population of blacks in a white society, isn't so easy to just ignore. They won't allow it, could no more stop themselves from demanding negative attention than a hyperactive two yo, only of course much more dangerous and worse, not better, as they grow to adulthood.

There is NOTHING blacks have EVER brought to society which would be missed if we could use that handy time machine, and a whole lot we'd be thankful and grateful to jave never known, of such a thing were possible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Melanie:

I agree with your entire post. Well said, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

@10:53 AM "Last night I watched a superb fight." You mean the Adamek-Cunningham one? If so then you don't know what you are talking about, the white fighter was much the better skilled of the two. The comments about the homo-erotic nature of some sports might be true in your case. If some of you lard-arse types could stop being such groveling sissies you'd be able to see what's actually involved in athletic efforts at the elite level instead of fawning over some player like so many teenage groupies.

HaroldC said...

I don't know that Foster isn't a criminal at all. There is as about as much chance that he is as not.

Shooter said...


Between Whiskey and Albertosaurus there's so much negro-fellating going on here I thought this blog turned into a gay fetish porn site.

If you two like the darkies so much, just sneak into the team locker room during the game, go in the shower room and let them assfuck you all you want.

Yeah. Blacks are better athletes. As long as the rules are rigged to favor them. I notice the current heavyweight boxing champs are white.

Even if they are better athletes, so what? Are you twelve years old? That's who cares about sports. Oh. And middle-aged losers. The two places you can always find losers are bars after midnight and any sports stadium on "game day".

So blacks are better athletes.


They've run Africa for generations and all they've managed to produce is, well, Africa. Do you want to live there? Good grief! Any black-run country makes Mexico look like Shangri-La.

Well, I'll let Whiskey and Albertosuarus get back on their knees for Shitavious and Reshawn.

josh said...

Re the pic of this guy:Who is that delectable morsel of sexiness sitting to his left?Seriously,is that his moms? That cant be his baby momma? Is it?

Anonymous said...

Plus 1 dissident ...that is the bottom line. Also worth honorable mention is without sports to give blacks a positive image of themselves, what would they have to keep their impulses in check? It's a form of control on athletes and tossing white women their way.

MuayTyson said...

I am not interested in defending the White mans position in sport in the end of the day sports are just the circus part of bread and circuses for the masses. I get that. My concern is truth.

I will argue this until the end of days not for pride but for truth. Are blacks better athletes? I say it depends on the metric you choose. If you choose NFL and NBA as the metric the answer is yes. If you choose the track portion of track and field in the Olympics the answer is yes. In any other metric the answer is no.

I will concide that at this point in time Anderson Silva(Balck Brazilian) is the best p4p fighter in the world. I love watching him fight and I love his skill. I also love that he takes care of his children and is married and soft spoken. Before Anderson was Fedor Emelianenko(White Russian).

To me it appears blacks excel at speed and jumping, body awareness with ball sports not so much gymnastics. I think thier center of balance is n ot right for gymnastics. They tend to have long legs and shorts torsos great for speed and ball games not so much for gymnastics and strength sports.

I will also say that blacks tend to be very good at sports that require a huge gentetic advantage. If a sport requires coaching and learning then blacks tend not to be so good.

I do not know much about Football but I agree with Caste Sports and PK. A geneticaly gifted NFL team with a high percentage of blacks will dominate as long as the team stays young and healthy. When it comes to a highly coached team with very skilled players but maybe not so genetically gifted you better have a lot of White guys.

Now let's look at a sport I know more about fighting. Mohamad Ali could not have been as dominate at K1(kickboxing) or MMA why? More tools. The more you are allowed to do the more like Chess the fight becomes. Boxing is Checkers MMA is Chess.

Another thing in the 2012 Summer Olympics the US won two Gold medals in Wrestling Jordan Burroghs(Black) and Jake Varner(White). I almost never see Jake Varner most people wouldn't even known he won a Gold medal. I have seen a lot more of Jordan Burroughs I wonder why? Jake is a big good looking blonde White guy and has zero endorsements that I know of Jordan Burroughs a decent looking guy but he has a lot of major company endorsements.

So CAL Snowman said...

Christ, Pat and Whiskey are so full of shit I hardly know where to begin.

Pat said : "A stupid ideological racist like Adolf Hitler couldn't handle the fact of Jesse Owens."

Wow way to toe the main stream media line on that one. Hitler shook Jesse Owen's hand (there were BLACK NAZIS in the Wermacht), it was FDR that snubbed Ownens.

German Myth 10 : Hitler and Jesse Owens

"Jesse Owens: “Hitler didn't snub me—it was [FDR] who snubbed me. The president didn't even send me a telegram.” - quoted in Triumph, a book about the 1936 Olympics by Jeremy Schaap"

Now back to the matter at hand, black athletic superiority as espoused by Whiskey and Pat. I will beat this dead horse until this nonsense stops : SOCCER the global game. Soccer/Football is the No.1 most globally played sport. More people on planet Earth play soccer than any other sport. The best players of all time are White (with the exception of Pele). The best team of all time is the current 100% White Spanish National team (La Furia Roja). The best player of all time is pint sized White boy (5' 7") Lionel Messi of Argentina. Last year Messi set a WORLD record with 91 goals scored (across all competitions) the most ever for a single year. No African team has ever won the world cup or even been in the finals. Soccer is a game that relies entirely on speed, stamina, endurance, and skill. If you want to score and possess the ball you have to be fast. So how are all these White guys and White teams excelling IF they are so much slower and less athletic than the mighty blacks?

If blacks are soooo much better at basketball WHY did they barely beat Team Spain in the '08 and '12 olympics? Watch the gold medal games on the internet and see for yourself how lily White Spain gives the coal black "americans" everything they can handle. Now IF blacks are sooooo good at basketball WHY are there no gold medal winning teams from Africa?? Also if Spain were allowed to poach the other great White players (Nash, Love, Kirilenko, Lee, etc.) they would probably beat the coal black "american" team.

I notice that Whiskey and Pat fail to mention the NHL. Ice hockey takes the most skill of any sport on the planet. You have to be able to deftly manipulate a frozen, biscuit sized object with a wood stick while skating on ice at a high rate of speed while dodging other players intent on smashing you with their shoulders and sticks. The NHL is completely dominated by Whites more so than the NBA and NFL are dominated by blacks. There are a FEW exceptional black players, but the BEST black player, Jerome Iginla, is of course a MULATTO even though he's described as being the first "black" team captain in NHL history, sound familiar?

Additionally africans only compete in HALF of the olympics. Notice how there are ZERO africans at the Winter games? How is this possible? Whites win more medals than blacks at the Summer games and blacks don't even feature at the Winter games and yet we are supposed to believe that blacks are superior athletically? Nigga' Please! Also blacks do not feature at the X-Games as Whites destroy blacks at extreme sports such as Skateboarding, Snowboarding, BMX, Surfing, rally cross racing, etc. Surfing, skating and boarding at the professional level require incredible balance, agility, and technical skill at near super human levels.

Whiskey and Pat please watch the following 35 second video of Shaun White's PERFECTO at the Olympic games in 2010 - if that isn't superior athletic ability, I don't know what is.

Shaun White's Pefect Halfpipe Run - Olympics 2010

One final note on RG3. RG3 attempted 337 passes this season. Andrew Luck attempted over 600 passes and set the rookie record for most yards in a season.

Moondoggie said...

I have been calling the SEC conference the Southern Ebonics Conference since the mid-90's. I enjoy watching college football but I am really tired of watching all black teams of which most SEC teams are now. All Black Football and Basketball is boring. SEC football is boring football! Just a thugfest with showboaters acting out a mock ghetto turfwar scenario. Pathetic ! Too bad many of the coaches will not even recruit white players anymore with minor exceptions. Whites are as good as anyone if given the SAME opportunity. But they have been conditioned by the media and the coaches that they can't compete. Bullcrap! I will be watching less football in the future. By the way I have played in the Coliseum, the Horseshoe, the Big House, and Legion Field. Blacks ruined basketball and football is almost there also. White folks send a messsage by "doing things" instead of watching sports every saturday and sunday. Money fuels it, stop the money. Moondoggie

Anonymous said...

Mr. author, this young man should be commended for wanting to take care of his own child. He is very deserving of praise in light of what most of his brethren would do. Why condemn this bright spot in his community. I hear his intellect and grades are a big part of what is attracting attention from big time schools. Have you bothered to dig up his academic records and test scores? No, because his record will go along the same path as RGIII and alike. RGIII is a wave of the future for black atbletes.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the good ol' "blacks are superior athletes" argument, to which I say, as always, check out powerlifting and strongman, two sports that are completely and utterly dominated by Whites.

Kylie said...

Melanie, you expressed my own thoughts and feelings better than I could have done. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My son just received his first issue of "ESPN - the Magazine." What an homage to negro worship.

ESPN: Everyone is Supposed to Pray to Negroes.

Anonymous said...

Pat/Albertosaurus et al.

I echo what others have stated on this board, blacks are better at some sports just as whites are better at some sports. I do not believe that blacks are better athletes. There are other components of athleticism, such as endurance, in which whites and WOMEN are superior.

America's fascination with b-ball and football just shows how retarded the masses have become, the true ghettofication of Amurkistan. Most Americans value the flash in the pan and the instantaneous versus the long marathon races. No wonder everyone here in the States is so fat. Sports are just a reflection of our values. Just because you can outrace someone for 100 meters and/or bash into someone headlong does not make you a superior athlete.

Pat- you stated that watching the black man was 'beautiful'. Your posts today and in the past appear to me to suggest some conflict. You want to not like blacks, but you state that they are "beautiful" to watch. Sorry, but I do think you have some homo-eroticism going on there OR you are just becoming "awake" in joining "those who can see."

White Mom Among the Turds

whisker child said...

It's mostly white people who watch football on TV, am I right?

OK everybody: On football nights, NO ONE buys tickets for the game at the stadium, and NO ONE turns on the game on TV.

Problem over, til the colleges learn to recruit human beings who don't make so much trouble.

Anonymous said...

What's so rare about this Foster is not that he had sex at 13 or 14 and had a kid...many of them do that...what's rare about him is that he actually admits that the kid is his. Most of these useless pukes have nothing to do with the kids they spawn with several different women. Of course I know he's not supporting the kid; we taxpayers are doing that! Ugh. I don't like sports so I don't care what happens to him one way or another.

Mutant Swarm said...

Tyrone noose said:

"...WHEN YOU TEACH CHILDREN THAT THE n-words ARE JUST LIKE US, YOU ARE TEACHING YOUR CHILD THAT HE OR SHE IS JUST LIKE THE n-words!!!!!!! And then you expect them to act civil? To be altruistic? To care about their family? To SACRIFICE? They won't do it if they believe they are the same as the n-words. If Leroy needs some sex at 12, then your son will "need " some too. Get it? When beating people over the head is funny to n-words, and you teach your child that they are the same as the n-words, what do you expect to happen?????

Your kids will hate you for your ignorance, and failure to protect them from something so obvious, that a child can see..."

An excellent post.

I understand that "n-word" keeps you safe at work and around others Who Cannot Se (Yet). But understand this: Free men say "nigger."

From Harold Covington's book, A Mighty Fortress, a scene about negotiating the peace after a five year civil war in the Pacific Northwest:

(From General Frank Barrow): " '...In the novel 1984, Winston Smith wrote in his journal that freedom means the right to say out loud that two plus two equals four. As odd as it may sound, a large part of what we have been fighting for over the last five years has been for the right to say nigger.'

'But that word is offensive to African Americans!' wailed a woman reporter in stunned disbelief.

'Screw African Americans,' said Barrow succinctly, causing gasps of horror at his blasphemy.

'Lady, read my lips,' spoke up (John Corbett) Morgan, who was standing beside Barrow on this occasion. 'We do not give a damn if you or anyone else is offended by anything we I want to say nigger, I'm damned well gone say nigger! As long as I'm carrying this (shooting) iron on my hip and I'm willing and able to use it to defend myself and my right to think and to speak as I choose against those who would deprive me of that right, I'm gone say nigger all I want!' Agitated media reporters that night recounted disturbing reports from all over North America of white people breaking out in spontaneous cheers in bars and other places where these words were broadcast on television.' "

Anonymous said...

josh said...

Re the pic of this guy:Who is that delectable morsel of sexiness sitting to his left?Seriously,is that his moms? That cant be his baby momma? Is it?

A linebbacker?

Anonymous said...

One reason blacks seem so dominant in sports is because of their particular advantages in foot speed and jumping (White Men Can't Jump).

One of the interesting things about this movie was that Woody Harrelson got the part because of his basketball playing background. No such requirement for Wesley Snipes who had never played it.

Anonymous said...

Here is my screwed up alma mater in action:

Western society is not a society that appreciates intelligence and intellect anymore. At one time it did. No way will the white man ever return to the moon. That idea is unthinkable. Nowadays entertainers (athletes,actors,musicians) are deities to white people. Worshipped every Sunday, our new temples/churches are the cinemas/stadiums. The level of ritualism (clapping, cheering, standing in unison, saluting, organized chant and prayer) at these public entertainment events gives me the creeps. Mainstream white culture in my generation doesn't value intelligence, hard-work, and morality. Ignorance, substance abuse and hyper-sexuality are rampant in the white people 18-30 age range here in BRA.

Why is it the case when I turn on a movie, ball game, radio, etc the entertainment presented exalts everything that is irrelevant, disgusting and in many cases pathetic. Why is it that every white guy protagonist character in a romantic comedy movie is weak, under average in just about all aspects of life, nerdy,immature,unconfident, (but is a nice guy with an overwhelming sense of humor of course!) Yet all the blacks are cool, hip, strong, doctors, lawyers,judges, detectives, cops? It's all a lie. BRA is a complete lie. It started as a lie, survives as a lie and expands itself through lies. I refuse to lie to myself anymore. That's how I ended up here. I got tired of being told 2 + 2 = 5. When did the majority of whites just stop giving a fuck? Our future is bleak and everyone my age seems to be more than happy to do down with the ship.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

My son just received his first issue of "ESPN - the Magazine." What an homage to negro worship.

ESPN: Everyone is Supposed to Pray to Negroes...........>>>>>

Look carefully at Yahoo news
Sports Illustrated
yr daily big city news as well.

Melanie said...

There is nothing "beautiful" about watching boot-lipped, knuckle-dragging, pimp-walking, slope-headed, splay-footed negros hang from a basket after a "dunk". You make a mockery of the word. Seeing a willowy, lithesome, limber, porcelain-skinned ballerina in grand jete is beautiful, and there is no comparison between the two. And don't try to make light of ballet and ballerinas-for all their fragile appearance, they go through years-decades-of a rigorous daily routine which would leave most, probably all, football players with all kinds of injuries, if they didn't faint from fatigue first. The beautiful is by implication, sublime. Where is the sublimity in the afore-mentioned mumble-mouthed "bakkaball player" just because he can leap to a basket and smash a ball through it? Have our senses, our instincts of what denotes beauty, become so completely distorted in the post-modern world that now even the lanky, distorted disproportionate form of a black male attain the same accolade-"beautiful"-as that of the lovely ballerina? Or even the graceful gymnast, or the quick-silver impressions of the diver or skier, or even the best of classic tennis form?

Melanie said...

Someone subscribed my husband to that rag as a gift, without his knowledge. Every time it appears in the mailbox, I (with his permission of course) immediately toss it into the trash. This was his own idea. He was once heavily interested in football in a betting sense, but gradually became too disgusted with the negroisation of the sport to bother. There are other places, if he is so inclined, to ogle women without having to wade through the sewer of negro glorification and PC bias. Anyway, he is old-fashioned in a sense-he prefers to see beautiful women as opposed to "sexy", and they are not synonymous. Some scantily-clad females would do well to have to bags over their faces, whereas a beautifull woman remains beautiful in different degrees of dress/undress (though thongs-slivers of fabric up the division of the derriere-flatter no one). Zeigfeld "glorified" the American Girl by tantalising, hinting. Modern culture, heavily influenced by negro/rap culture, "celebrates" American womanhood by degrading her to the dust. Pole dancing? I blush to type these words-"booty clapping"? You've come a long way, baby./s

Melanie said...

Well said Snowman.

I love to watch big-wave surfing-the kind where the surfer has to be towed by jetski into the waves because they're too big and too far out to paddle to. Laird Hamilton-a white man-has dominated this. All the big name big wave surfers are white males. Whites didn't originate surfing, but they made it the thing of beauty and high-risk that it is. You will never see blacks in this kind of extreme sport, because they don't have the heart of a lion, the "Hercules factor" which is almost exclusive to white males. Negros love to showboat, but they are nowhere to be found when it comes to real risk.

Melanie said...

It's difficult to blame them when the indoctrination has been so thorough, but at some point people have to see the world through their own eyes-it's one mark of the adult-and that's where they fail. I don't know if they will awaken in time, but they will awaken, because the evidence of the lies is becoming so blatant and the desperation of the institutions to ignore the discrepancies is becoming more frantic. The question is, will enough people open their eyes in time? Right now, it's hard to credit that they will. It will be too bad for them to open their eyes only just in time to have them closed for all eternity.

Tyrone noose said...


So correct in your observation.

The television is the tool that has been used to effect this change in perception of that which is "beautiful".

Turn it off.

Swamp Fox said...

Shooter is so dead on.I say shit like this all the time to my friends.
Do something with your spare time besides worshiping these feral and larcenous Darwinian throwbacks who play childrens games.

Anonymous said...

While on the sort-of topic of MMA, watch as Dana White (the article incorrectly identifies him as the owner of UFC) justifies non-white pride, vilifies White pride, and insults about 50% of UFC's core audience.

Anonymous said...

It will get stolen or you will 100% get carjacked in DC. Do you remember where you are?

Are you really in DC? They're everywhere in those things.

Anonymous said...

Please continue, this is a very good tangent linked to the topic. You are in the zone.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

That is nice. Athletes much like actors are overpaid and worthless beings otherwise. Athletics and sports are all a sham. Bread and circus for the plaebeians. Pay no attention to anything and be subconciously programmed. Use this outlet to bask in reflected glory, and let out tensions! Crap, stuff of simpletons especially give the state of things that matter.

But nevermind, watch coons chase a ball and or beat each other to a pulp.

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

Dana White is displaying White shame?

Pat Boyle said...

It's easy to see why white people aren't doing so well these days. We are plagued with morons like this Shooter person.

He doesn't agree with somethings I have written so he calls me a homosexual. Brilliant. That's just what the movement needs ignorant yahoos attacking people who are trying to help. But Shooter - you missed. I'm just about the most heterosexual man possible. Whiskey is always writing about sex but he too seems completely straight.

I suppose the "you're a queer" remarks are to be expected from juvenile minds. More disturbing is the failure to admit that blacks are good at anything. Nothing will discredit someone faster than realization that they judge blacks as inferior even in areas where they excel.

Folk wisdom for centuries has been that while blacks are quite poor at mental tasks, they are good as athletes and entertainers. If you want to deny that you will just damage your own credibility. There are plenty of black millionaires. None of them are entrepreneurs, inventors, financiers, etc. There are no black scientists and almost no black social scientists. But there are plenty of black athletes and entertainers.

Michael Jordan for example is rich. Why? It's not because of his personality. He's obnoxious. But people remember how good it was to watch him on the ball court. He moved beautifully - or so I'm told. As I mentioned above, I've never seen him play.

I don't like Jordan, I find him offensive, but I don't think he got where we was by any conspiracy to deny whites their proper chance. That's nuts.

It's worse than that it's detrimental to the white race itself. There really is prejudice against whites and it harms millions. It's called Affirmative Action. Blacks are given tremendous advantages in college admissions and in government jobs and contracts. That needs to be reversed but it won't help if you claim that the only reason blacks do well in basketball is some kind of conspiracy to deny whites their spots on the team. That might be true in an individual case somewhere but overall blacks have earned their way onto the field.

This whole discussion thread is crazy. I point out at length how the different races excel at different sports and then I get lectured that blacks are only good at some sports - exactly what I said. I write that I don't watch basketball anymore because I find it too black and I'm accused of being a fruit who lusts after black men.

Some days it's just not worth it.


Anonymous said...

I would miss the last black man in this country the same as the last sodomite.... with jubilation. This site frequently discusses black pathologies, but I wonder about a white pathology wherewith after careful and painstaking effort of this site's author and contributors of crime rates and suppressed racial rage, elder rape, black on white rape rates, manifest destruction, ect... Why you like watching them and would miss them (we will leave off you missing "gay" men for the sake of staying focused).
Why ?

Anonymous said...

"where a white with a standard 1 our 2 IQ deviations....
This is not necessarily so. I have an IQ that has consistently recorded around 140. I have a common occupation. While my life could make an excellent novel, it is less than extraordinary when compared to brain surgery or NASA scientist standards. My life is how it is because of lack of parental support as a child combined with choices made in life based on my value system. This could be an excellent example of nature vs. nurture, but I hardly think that mine is a isolated case.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Snowman and Melanie.
Snowman, I disagree with a couple points because some sports such as skating do not appeal to blacks and are viewed as a white thing. This causes it to be a bad example in my humble opinion, other than that...very excellent.
Very well said of the lion heart factor. In true measure, big wave surfing, warfare.... They are absent or perform dismally. I believe it had been documented here how blacks in combat have had an earned reputation for fleeting in combat?
Thank you both immensely. Pat and whiskey suffer from that sad pathology described by white mom among the turds.

Left Coast White Guy

Anonymous said...

"You will never see blacks in this kind of extreme sport, because they don't have the heart of a lion, the "Hercules factor" which is almost exclusive to white males."

This sounds familiar.

In the first half of the 20th Century the Melanie's of the era said:

-you'll never see blacks play basketball, they're not smart enough for it
-you'll never see black gymnasts or skaters, or hockey players

More recently pre-competitive MMA era, it was "while blacks are the best at boxing, whites are the best at MMA, because MMA is true fighting, much more complex than boxing"

If Blacks have proven themselves the best physical specimens at boxing, running, MMA, basketball, football, and others, they would naturally be the best at "extreme sports" or any other sport requiring the same physical skills.

Anonymous said...

Pre competitive MMA? Give me a break. (let me guess, it's competitive now due to the increase of whites)? The top boxers right now are Russians. Hispanics dominate boxing as a whole. Is this because whites can't compete? No, white left that with the rise in blacks in the sport. Frankly, anytime the number of black increase in ANYTHING, white people withdrawal. Be it a particular sport or a neighborhood. We leave. For many reasons detailed here on this site, we prefer not to be around you. You on the other hand cannot accept that we find you offensive and undesirable.

Anonymous said...

If masses of white children hooped all day and night and never thought of anything in school besides hooping and never had any responsibilities besides hooping there would be more white kids exceling at hooping.
They grow up being told trapping and hooping will make you rich and get you laid. White kids grow up being told hard work and education will make you rich and get you laid.

Melanie said...

Wrong. The sports you mention (and not being familiar with it myself, I will take the word of trusted others over yours regarding MMA) are not high-risk in the danger aspect. Surfing, much less big-wave surfing, has been around for eons-negros hardly make a showing anywhere in the sport, much less at the top. What's stopping them? Plenty of negros live in California, all they need is a surf board. Men such as Jeff Clark surfed large dangerous waves at Mavericks all by themselves for years.

Blacks will never be distinguished in mountain-climbing, etc-white men have done it all first. If our humanity is our "common bond", then the fact that a black man is the first black to achieve something is hardly a distinction. (For that matter, neither is being the first woman, though differences in physicality-weaker female-give that kind of distinction. But it's hardly the same thing as being the first human taking that risk, that step into the unknown. And the distinction between a man and a man-one having black skin-would matter even less, on that level).

But it hardly matters, as blacks haven't distinguished themselves, other than the very few times of being the "first black", in these high-risk sports. In every instance, white men lead the way, and more often than not, only other white men follow. Playing basketball hardly requires the "heartof a lion", in the sense of unknown or extremely high-risk danger.

When will the first black man (never mind women of any color) follow in the steps of the Austrian who made the high-altitude parachute jump? What race of men are his forebears in this? Or solo non-stop circumnavigation, going round the dangerous capes and horns through the low latitudes? Even the teen-age girls achieving this feat (admittedly hand-held throughout the voyage, but at least they're physically present to do the sailing themselves) have been white girls! Sailing is older than basketball-what's the hold-up? Money? White men who have achieved in this have hardly all been wealthy-Robin Knox-Johnston, the first man to officially record as around the world non-stop, was a merchant marine. Other white men sponsor these white men-why won't wealthy black athletes sponsor a black man for something of this sort, rather than blowing their money into bankruptcy on supercial trivial living ("nigger rich" style)?

Melanie said...

And this is true. Overwhelming black presence in a sport changes it for the worse. Give me a Larry Bird over the present thugs dominating basketball. Football used to representative of clean-cut All-American boyhood-tailgating in the autumn with family, a family-friendly community sharing its values through sport. As with other things which have the dirty fingerprints of black culture on them-those days are dead.