Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fifty Years Forward? -- "Birmingham accountant slaps city with federal lawsuit claiming pattern of racial discrimination toward whites"

Vulcan stands watch over a dying city, where prejudice and injustice flow from a black-dominated government
Take a walk in Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham and be reminded of the racism of the past, kept alive today to perpetually guilt whites with images of their ancestors insidious ways.

Take a walk into Birmingham City Hall today, and be reminded of the racism alive today, only allowed to perpetuate because of the white guilt manufactured by those images in Kelly Ingram Park [Birmingham accountant slaps city with federal lawsuit claiming pattern of racial discrimination toward whites, Birmingham News, 1-11-13]:
The Birmingham city accountant fired twice on allegations of racism and incompetence today slapped the city with a federal lawsuit saying it was Mayor William Bell's administration that was the true perpetrator of racial discrimination.
Virginia Spidle's federal lawsuit alleges that the city has a pattern of discrimination and retaliation against white employees.
Much of the 49-page lawsuit recounts the testimony heard in days of hearings at the Jefferson County Personnel Board, where Spidle was ultimately cleared of her initial firing charge.
"We are celebrating 50 years of progress in civil rights. In the year we are celebrating that, good people of Birmingham would not approve of mistreating a person because of their race,"  Spidle's lawyer, Gayle Gear told Birmingham News in an interview. "The foot soldiers - those who have worked diligently on behalf of race relations for this city - what happened in 2010, 2011 and 2012 is not a step forward in race relations. It is a step backwards. And that is why the lawsuit had to be filed."
Spidle is seeking a jury trial where she will ask for compensatory damages, additional back pay and related economic losses.
"The city instigated and condoned a race-based hostile work environment in the city's finance department," the lawsuit reads. "The discriminatory animus was severe and pervasive altering the terms and conditions of employment."
Efforts to reach Birmingham city attorneys for comment were unsuccessful this afternoon. City lawyers usually cite a standing policy of not commenting about ongoing litigation.
The city's protracted legal fight with Spidle began in July 2010, when the 24-year employee was fired after accusations of racial discrimination against black subordinates. Spidle is white.
She returned to work after the Jefferson County Personnel Board, after days of hearings, cleared her of those charges and ordered her reinstated with back pay. But Spidle's return was short-lived when the city fired her again in January 2012 -- after one week back on the job -- on new charges of incompetence.
In a separate proceeding in Jefferson County Circuit Court, a three-judge panel also ordered Spidle back to work, clearing her of the original charges and ordering that she receive back pay from the time of her first termination.
The city last month sent a letter telling her to return to work, just before the beginning of another hearing before the Jefferson County Personnel Board was set to begin. Spidle is back at City Hall, but in a different department.
Spidle's newly filed lawsuit claims her firings were retaliation for her participation in an earlier complaint filed by a white employee who complained of mistreatment based on her race.
"The city also ignored the Personnel Board's factual findings that exonerated plaintiff of all charges including the scurrilous charge of racism instigated by (Jarvis) Patton weeks after his appointment as Chief of Operations," the lawsuit states. "The actions of the city were the result of intentional race discrimination and retaliation..."

"Despite protestations by plaintiff and other Caucasian employees, a racially charged hostile work environment was instigated, encouraged and condoned by top city officials, specifically Mayor Bell and Chief of Operations, Jarvis Patton," the lawsuit states.
Spidle claims the entire process that resulted in her termination was biased and part of a culture of hostility toward a white minority in her department at City Hall.
"During the period that plaintiff was being subjected to race-based discrimination, other supervisors, who are Caucasian, were reporting similar discriminatory treatment altering the terms and conditions of their employment."
The lawsuit lists several examples of alleged mistreatment of white employees in the finance department.
Birmingham is set to celebrate 50 years of Civil Rights "progress" (just don't look at the actual economic and moral state of the city under black-political; just celebrate that black people now occupy positions of power in the city), which equates to nothing more then a continual celebration of 'payback' for the laws that were once the books to protect white peoples property value, the integrity of the school system, and - most importantly - from unleashing black people on one another with their political emancipation.

Birmingham in 2013 - a city where the City Council continues to pass moratoriums against the issuing of permits for Title Loan or Payday Stores (the only part of the city's economy that is growing) - is a testament to all those evil 'racists' who warned us about what would happen if... what would if western civilization caved to barbarism.

Yes, barbarism is the only word to describe the level of civilization found in a city dominated by blacks (look to Detroit in 2013 for more evidence of this); worse, for those few remaining whites, you must live as second-class citizens in a rapidly disintegrating city, where a legal system protects the will of the majority.

Birmingham's only growth industry in 2013 is the desperate clinging to of the past Civil Rights movement (and the many shrines around the city to this great victory) that looks more hollow every day. In Carolyn Maull McKinstry's book "While the World Watched: A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement," this quote stings falls on deaf ears today:
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "I like to believe that the negative extremes of Birmingham's past will resolve into the positive and utopian extreme of her future; that the sins of a dark yesterday will be redeemed in the achievements of a bright tomorrow." (p. 268)
 What happened at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church on September 15, 1963 was an atrocity. But the cache from this incident has allowed a greater atrocity to prevail: not just the complete destruction of Birmingham as a viable city, but the collapse of scores of other neighborhoods, communities, cities, and counties into... into blackness.

To even speak out against the black dysfunction found in the Birmingham City Council, all elected and appointed officials in City Hall, and the citizens of Birmingham who are actively competing with the black citizens of Detroit to see which metropolitan area will have the lowest property value makes you the moral equivalent of those men who bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church so long ago.

That's the power of Black-Run America (BRA).

So while aged Civil Rights activists will be paraded out to speak about their victory in Birmingham this year, no one will have the audacity to ask, "What exactly did you win, when the city of Birmingham is nothing more then a crippled mess? A crippled mess courtesy of the black dysfunction the Civil Rights victory unleashed?"

This story of racism by the the black government in Birmingham isn't new, by the way [Supreme Court Roundup; Supreme Court Lets Stand a Decision That Found an Affirmative-Action Plan Unfair, New York Times, April 18, 1995]:
The Supreme Court ended one chapter in the long-running legal battle over the integration of the Birmingham, Ala., Fire Department today, when it refused to review a lower-court ruling that race-based promotions were unfair to 14 white firefighters.
Without comment, the Justices turned down appeals filed by Birmingham officials and by a group of black firefighters from a Federal lower court's decision invalidating the promotion plan, part of a 1981 consent decree that promoted white and black firefighters to the rank of lieutenant on a 1-to-1 basis until the number of black lieutenants equaled the 28 percent of the surrounding county's work force that was black.
That target was reached in 1989, leaving the white firefighters with claims to back pay for their delayed promotions but depriving the case of much continuing practical importance. Other important aspects of the Birmingham plan, including the validity of promotional exams, have not yet been resolved in the lower courts.
These circumstances may explain the Court's decision to pass on the case, despite the Justices' manifest interest in the issue of affirmative action. The Court already has one affirmative-action case awaiting decision, a challenge to a Federal Government contracting program, and others in the pipeline. A refusal by the Court to accept an appeal is not a judgment on the merits of the case.
The Birmingham Fire Department case began in 1974, when the city had only a handful of black firefighters and none in supervisory positions. The convolutions in the case since then have often mirrored the shifting public debate over affirmative action.
The Federal Government during the Administration of President Gerald R. Ford was the original plaintiff in the case, suing Birmingham in 1975 on the ground that the city and the county personnel board engaged in extensive and systematic discrimination.
During the Administration of President Ronald Reagan, the Government switched sides and supported a challenge by white firefighters who had not been parties to the original lawsuit or the subsequent negotiations. A 1989 Supreme Court decision permitted the white firefighters to intervene in the case to challenge the settlement.
The white officers lost in Federal District Court in Birmingham but won an appeal last year before the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, in Atlanta, which denounced the promotional plan as "outright racial balancing."
Despite the fact that the plan's numerical goals have long since been reached and most aspects of the consent decree are no longer operational, the case was closely watched as it made its way back to the Supreme Court, both for its symbolic significance and because the appeals court used such strong language in denouncing the plan as "the perpetuation of discrimination by government."
 The "perpetuation of discrimination by government" has continued in 75% black Birmingham, but to dare stand against it and speak out places that brave individual in the same position as those who plotted the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church.

At least in the eyes of Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) and Organized Blackness.

In the epilogue of Diane McWhorter's love-letter to the very movement that helped bring about the city's demise, "Carry Me Home: Birmingham, Alabama - The Climatic Battle of the Civil Rights Movement," we are treated to this passage in the epilogue:
For many years, the Chamber of Commerce quaked every time a civil rights anniversary brought the national press back to Birmingham, but finally the white leaders decided to stop denying what had taken place and, if not quite embrace it, put it under glass in a museum. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute opened across the street from the 16th Street Baptist Church and Kelly Ingram Park in 1992, with dubious bronze likenesses of Martin Luther King and Fred Shuttlesworth welcoming sightseers to the battleground where African-Americans waged a nonviolent civil war and threw off the chains of segregation. 

Birmingham was America's city in a valley, but out of the depths rose a city upon a hill. Beauty from destruction. There is magic in that. (p 586-587)

The only investments corporations make in  75% Birmingham today are for events that honor those civil rights anniversary and the good publicity such tax write-offs will provide.

Is there magic in that?

"50 years forward," we are told with a smile.

What if - and this is just a hypothetical - but what if, the very city celebrated as the most important victory for 'civil rights'  becomes the battleground for its very undoing?

What if those statues in Kelly Ingram Park, erected to remind white people of their evil past and continually beat them into submitting before BRA,  in the not-too-distant future serve as a bold reminder of the necessary measures that must be taken to preserve civilization?

For all around them now, civilization has fallen into decay.


Mr. Rational said...

If government could not discriminate in favor of Blacks against abler Whites, most of the Black middle class would vanish.  Meanwhile, the White middle class would be strengthened and tax burdens would fall.

Sound like paradise to you?  You must be a "racist".

Anonymous said...

When black marta bus drivers make over $300,000 a year, I'd say the affirmative action black run america plan is working out nicely for some people.

Anonymous said...

How would negroes recognize incompetence? They have no examples of competence to make a distinction.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in jobs which became infested with blacks due to ass kissing libtards hiring them in droves, I can safely say (from hard experience) that the blacks always try to take over. They do so by trying to drive away all the non black employees via acting hostile and belligerant. One of their favorite tactics is to start accusing every white person of racism or having an attitude against black people.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in Detroilet...

Melanie said...

Which underscores the tired but true fact that if they didn't have the perpetual hook of "racism!", provided to them on a silver platter by DWL, they wouldn't have anything at all. I am so tired of this country being run on the lowest common denominators of black pathology, incompetence, inability, and envy. I do believe that they themselves had to have been happier when they weren't expected to live up to an impossible standard, though of course it would never do for them or their "enablers" to admit it. The explosion of crime amongst blacks-nature, exacerbated by the burden of expectations completely contrary to that nature.

Melanie said...

They would, as a group, be incapable of meeting it if they did, due to both incapability and disinclination.

Pat Boyle said...

There is another kind of black preference that is probably the most serious and the most pervasive. That is the failure of the media to discuss race.

Let me give some examples. There was a rape case in the news a couple years back. I mentioned to my girl friend at the time, that the perpetrator was probably black. She was outraged. She said there was no reason to believe that. I looked up the FBI stats and told her that blacks had a rape rate seven times as high as whites. She wasn't a dummy. She had a doctorate and taught at Stanford but she had never heard about rape rate differences by race.

Megyn Kelly did a show on gun violence recently. She and her guest "expert" agree that there was no evidence for any biological factors in gun violence. Huh?

Blacks are about ten times as violent as whites and twenty times as violent as Asians. Blacks are three times as likely to use a gun in the commission of a crime. Almost all the gun killings in the US are caused by blacks. Yet she and her expert didn't seem to know any of this. She like my ex-girl friend is a smart woman and she works for news organization with a huge research staff. But they couldn't figure out that there is a race-violence connection.

The media has decided never to mention race. This is understandable for the far-left networks like MSNBC, but it's a little surprising for center-right Fox News. I think the reason is simple. Any comment on a social problem that mentions race tends to find that in many (even most) of the cases, the problem revolves around race.

For example the New York Times Food Stamp map. In my county it shows that blacks have a participation rate of nearly one quarter of the population. Whites only participate at 2%, But even that's inaccurate. They include Hispanics among the classification of whites. It has to be less that one percent for non-Hispanic whites. The Times map shows Starr county Texas as having a white Food Stamp participation rate of 63% - the highest in the nation. But there are no white people in Starr county - or damn few. The county is 96.5% Hispanic. They are counting Mexicans and other Amerindian populations as white. You should remember this when you hear O'Reilly or Hannity rant about the rise in Food Stamp participation. They fail to point out that this rise is almost all from blacks and Hispanics.

Another popular "problem" is the rising student debt. You hear conservatives decrying this trend all the time. And indeed it does contribute to our National Debt. But no one ever talks about the racial component.

A student loan is basically a loan based on an expectation. You invest money in your education and expect to earn more later. Of course some people aren't worth the investment. These people who don't profit from their education, as measured by subsequent income, are the ones who preferentially default on their loans.

So do blacks default on their loans more than whites or Asian? You probably don't really know. You've certainly never heard it mentioned of cable news. But look it up and you find the so-called student loan repayment crisis is largely a black crisis. Blacks default at 5.5 times the white rate. Asians default even less often than whites.

Student loans are programs to subsidize mostly weaker students especially those who shouldn't be in college at all - like many, many blacks.

A large proportion of the economic, crime, and social problems facing the nation are really just manifestations of underlying racial problems that never get mentioned in the media of polite conversation.

Silence is maybe the biggest preference given to blacks.


Whiskey said...

Discrimination against Whites is the heart of Civil Rights. King argued in favor of that again and again. True he made a speech citing boob-bait for bubbas, content of characters, which conservatives like to cite, but he never meant it. His entire body of written work, pamphlets, essays, editorials, is consistent in arguing IN FAVOR of discrimination AGAINST WHITES to HELP BLACKS.

Whatever else you can say about King, he was intellectually consistent. King was in favor of whatever helped Blacks, and hurt Whites.

You might afford that when Whites were about 80% of the population, wealth was growing (paying groups off not to rock the boat) but with Whites declining, new groups (Hispanics) not generating wealth you get wealth and opportunity transfers that are just too costly.

Much of elite attitudes towards Blacks and ordinary Whites is a noblesse oblige that allows status-mongering without any real risk of being overturned, because Blacks are not a threat to say, create a rival to Microsoft, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, or Hollywood.

Ethnic cleansing of Whites in most urban areas and particularly city/county government is a plus to existing White elites. Murray's work, showing about 90% of the elites live in "SuperZips" (basically everyone in the zip code and surrounding zip codes is rich, and went to Harvard/Yale/Stanford) is telling -- elites live in about 2.5 places: Georgetown Washington DC, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and the West Side of LA and SF (that's the .5 place, much less dense, populated, rich than the first two).

Elite Whites in Georgetown, Manhattan, Malibu, and San Francisco cheer the cleansing of White accountants in Birmingham. One more threat neutralized.

And to counter that, the tactics of the Civil Rights movement, Temperance Movement, Suffragettes, Anti-War demonstrators, etc. need to come into play. Not mass political action (that's a loser) but pickets say of the schools of the children, homes, and workplaces of the executives of TLC for putting on "Honey Boo Boo" demanding equal treatment for say, canceling "All My Babies Mamas." Picketing them and calling them out for pushing an anti-ordinary White person agenda.

That also means name-and-shame, and a big public spectacle that the internet is filled with images that end-around the media, making most people sympathetic and putting pressure on the elites.

The elites power is concentration of money and connections (not education, unlike Murray I don't think they are very smart); but that's also a weakness because if attacked personally by name and shame, they find it hard to defend. They are all in one place and can be made to look awful (because they are) and their aristocratic reality behind their men of the people pretenses revealed.

Melanie said...

I think that the absence has become so blatant and obvious, that it is pointing out itself. I know that its still only a small percentage, but the racial realist comments on crime stories and such are becoming more evident. If only whites wouldn't sink back into complacency after each new event, maybe awareness will grow. We are intimidated by the heavy hand of government and social strictures. Perhaps one good thing to come about in an ever-weakening economy and increasing dysfunction (blacks being emboldened by whatever factors are emboldening them), will be that whites have less to lose by taking notice of the facts and merely speaking up and bringing them out into the open. If blacks don't keep up their end of this Faustian pact, whites can't and won't, and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

What if those statues in Kelly Ingram Park, erected to remind white people of their evil past and continually beat them into submitting before BRA, in the not-too-distant future serve as a bold reminder of the necessary measures that must be taken to preserve civilization?

Well said. DWLs like to believe that Jim Crow laws existed because mean ol' whitey just hated the color of negroes' skin. No. Jim Crow laws were necessary to keep the vicious negro at bay.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - Jan 12, 2013 8:46 AM

From your cited source:

"As a result, dozens of drivers are doubling their salaries and the highest-paid worker received $364,249.21 between January 2010 and September 2012."

That would appear to be a period of 2 years and 9 months, which yields $132,445/year. Still...Of course, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation, you see:

"During 2010 and 2011, drivers earned $16 million for thousands of hours worth of overtime employee attendance ... However, MARTA's bus operations head Mary Ann Jackson said the overtime is available - and necessary - because the organization is short-staffed by about 35 employees..."

Yes! That explains everything: those 35 open positions are costing taxpayers $457,143/year each. You see, MARTA only has 1400 bus drivers (out of 4500 total employees), so three dozen openings is enormously expensive.

Incidentally, that $364,249.21 was paid to one of the many highly effective MARTA policemans, not an actual bus driver. Seems the highest paid driver made $252,807.49 during that same period - i.e. under $100k/year -

In order to make $300k+ at MARTA, its important to be a large black female in charge (e.g. Beverly A. Scott, PhD. who recently took a substantial pay cut to go destroy public transportation in Boston - where her annual "earnings" are less than $1000/pound).

But that's a whole different story...

Mr. Rational said...

That one was hit out of the park, Whiskey.

HaroldC said...

It is NEVER a question of whether there will be discrimination or no discrimination. It is ALWAYS a question of what forms of discrimination will be permitted or even required by the State.

This is true because of how 'anti-discrimination' laws and policies are enforced. It is enforced often in principle but always in practice by discriminating against those classes who formerly did or presently would discriminate against the currently privileged class.

The 'Civil Rights' revolution barred discrimination against Negroes in places of public accommodation among other places. Therefore a restaurant that formerly did not wish to serve Negroes now had to violate their own conscience or deeply held beliefs or go out of business. This is discrimination in that it places such persons at a disadvantage in comparison to those who had no problems serving Negroes or even those business who would serve only Negroes. A present day example is to be found in regards to sodomites. Say a B&B owner or caterer who because of their religious faith does not wish to serve homosexuals. The B&B doesn't wish to host a sodomite 'marriage' or a caterer doesn't wish to cater the reception. This as any honest person will admit is discrimination. Now however many jurisdictions are moving towards barring discrimination against homosexuals. This is accomplished through actively discriminating against Christians and others who have moral or religious objections to homosexuality.

Once the freedom of association was ended and it became a legal matter it also became a political matter necessarily. Politicians write the laws, enforce the laws and judge the laws. Many Christians foolish did not see their own self-interest in protecting the freedom of association and supported instead the politicization of association by their support for the 'civil rights' revolution. Now that homosexuals are gaining political power they are coming to pay the price without even knowing the price. I saw this as a Christian myself.

Anonymous said...

ur 100% correct, im all about not snitchn....its the job of the police, investigators, prosecutors, and other state agencies to "solve" crimes, thats their jobs...solve em and dont rely on the testimony of others, who may or may not b credible to dew ur job for u

No snitchin' as explained on fannation.

Anonymous said...

Its funny watching all the Jock Strap sniffing white sport journalists ,and bare legged white on their knees newscast hookers lose their jobs on TV to the negroes and they dont even see it

Anonymous said...

I don't quite understand the direction this article - and the comments on it - took.

Surely this is precisely the sort of BIG story, with HUGE implications, we've been waiting for? But the core of the issue seems to have been overlooked.

I mean, White person sues black-dominated organisation for systematic discrimination and for creating a hostile, anti-white work environment, right? Thus illustrating exactly the kind of racial cronyism and corruption that PK and his commenters, and others, have been talking about for years, but has usually been brushed under the carpet. This time, however, it's going before the courts, which means it's going to be dragged kicking and screaming into public view.

This shit totally vindicates the position of 'those who can see'. I think it could be a key case - one to be referenced far and wide - because it's exactly the sort of thing 'race realists' have been predicting will happen once 'minorities' become the majority, be that in a city council, government bureaucracy, or simply in the population at large. Race comes first for these fuckers, whatever they do, and if they can fuck over Whitey in the process, so much the better.

I just hope to see further articles following this story, and that it won't end up forgotten or buried.


Mr. Rational said...

Another poster too lazy to pick a handleThis shit totally vindicates the position of 'those who can see'. I think it could be a key case - one to be referenced far and wide - because it's exactly the sort of thing 'race realists' have been predicting will happen once 'minorities' become the majority

There's already a mountain of evidence.  You want court cases?  Try Ricci vs. DeStefano, for one:  Whites who passed a test specifically tailored for the firefighter promotion were passed over because no Blacks made the cut.  Try Griggs vs. Duke Power Corporation, which is the basic reason why you need a BS degree to be considered for so many jobs.

The problem is that these things are buried in the media.  People still think that the "unarmed" Trayvon Martin was some innocent kid gunned down in cold blood; the pictures of George Zimmerman's bloody head are all over the web, but hardly anyone knows about them and how they prove that the MSM narrative is a lie.  We have to defeat the censors.

spiritus Germaniae said...

Mr. Rational said...

Try Griggs vs. Duke Power Corporation, which is the basic reason why you need a BS degree to be considered for so many jobs.

Ironic Liberals. They don't realise how remaking every single job requiring a degree for even the most menial makes it harder on blacks to compete equally in the marketplace.

Mr. Rational said...

They don't realise how remaking every single job requiring a degree for even the most menial makes it harder on blacks to compete equally in the marketplace.

It's more convoluted than that.
1.  Employers note that Blacks perform worse than Whites (and are often hostile, steal, etc.) so tend to refuse to hire them.
2.  Congress mandates "non-discrimination" in employment.
3.  The courts deem any test which shows "disparate impact" to be discriminatory, absent a showing of pertinence of the test to job qualification that is more often than not prohibitively expensive to defend against EEOC challenge.
4.  Post-secondary education requirements remain legal.
5.  Employers switch to requiring a baccelaureate, which signals (a) sufficient intelligence to be admitted to college, and (b) sufficient conformance and perseverance to complete the program—both of which are worthwhile traits in employees.

So instead of testing applicants themselves, employers have had to outsource the testing to colleges and universities at far greater expense to the employees.  One of the consequences is the current explosion in tuitions and student load debt.  Thank you, "civil rights"!

spiritus Germaniae said...

And then to defend against the Affirmative Action challenge.

Where you must in a city of a certain percentage of minorities certainly hire at least a minimum number of applicants even if they are at rock bottom levels. The employer then will lose much of a rate of the inflated college tuition rates of today.