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Guns, Blacks, and Steel -- How to Save Circle Centre Mall in Indianapolis? Ban Black People

Something you won't learn about during Black History Month...
We have documented the horrors the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis has brought to the city before, and we have documented the police state measures enacted to ensure peace and a modicum of stability are present at each subsequent Black Expo.

According to the US Census, Indianapolis is 58.6 percent white and 27 percent black (827,609).
Recall that violence at the Black Expo in Indianapolis in 2010 was yet another episode of Spontaneous Blackness by the “Sons of Obama,” which we were told by city officials was not a moment to define black people:
Mayor Greg Ballard says he's outraged at shooting attacks which left ten people wounded during the Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. 
Ballard and other leaders held a news conference Sunday to talk about the three attacks, none of which happened at Expo events themselves. 
"This incident, I want everybody to understand, does not define the Summer Celebration. It does not define Black Expo, it does not define the City of Indianapolis, nor the African-American community in Indianapolis," Ballard said.
The weekend of January 25-27, 2013 was the weekend that will come to define black people in Indianapolis. It is a story that has been told before in cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Birmingham, when those owning businesses realized they could no longer operate a revenue-producing enterprise and simultaneously deal with black customers (or black loiters driving away any customers to area for fear of violence). [IMPD chief presents plan to make downtown Indianapolis safer, WTHR Indianapolis, 1-28-13]:
Saturday night was an all too familiar scene at Circle Centre Mall as an officer led away a shooting suspect in handcuffs. 
The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department was called to the area after a gun was fired outside the mall. No one was injured, but the shooting occurred at around 7:30 pm at a busy downtown intersection at Capitol and Maryland. 
IMPD Chief Rick Hite told Eyewitness News that the problem of teenagers with guns is "urban terrorism." This issue in the mall area of downtown Indianapolis has plagued IMPD for years. 
In 2011, two teenagers were shot on Illinois Street minutes after the mall closed. In addition, on St. Patrick's Day last year, five teens were shot along the canal. 
Former IMPD Chief of Police Paul Ciesielski faced the same issue of teenagers with little to do and no place to go. 
An Eyewitness News investigation showed teenage violence all the way back to 2006, from fights outside the mall to a shooting on an IndyGo bus. 
Chief Hite knows all too well of the systemic issues that him and his officers are facing, but he has a plan, noting that a more "strict enforcement of the letter of the law has to be up." 
Hite knows the mall has become a recreation center for teenagers. He is questioning whether the mall food courts, which is often where teens hangout, needs to be open until the mall closes. 
While the solutions are not easy and they may not come as quickly as some want, he notes that "children are not born with guns in their hands." Hite wants to know, "where are they getting the weapons from and who is giving them the weapons." 
Hite says going to the root of problem is the best solution. On his side, he has officers working the neighborhoods where repeat juvenile offenders live. According to Hite, this way the problems are stopped in the neighborhoods before coming to the busy streets downtown. 
He knows people will still be fearful of downtown, and to those people, he says, "Call me. I will walk with you."
The downtown area of Indianapolis isn’t facing an image-crisis or a public-safety crisis; it’s facing a black-crisis. But just as the Black Expo in Indianapolis is “Too Black to Fail” (meaning: an all-black public event - no matter the cost for security - can’t be cancelled, or else ‘racism’ will automatically be cited as the reasoning for the cancellation), so to is doing anything to actually point out the problem vexing not just Indianapolis, but every metropolis, strip mall, mall, outdoor mall, Foot Locker, community, or midnight basketball league in America – black people. [IMPD changing tactics to address "public safety crisis", WTHR, 1-28-13]:
The Indianapolis Chief of Police says downtown Indianapolis is facing public safety crisis. 
Gunfire erupted Saturday night among a crowd of teenagers. It ended with a teenager arrested. A bullet hit a window. No one was hurt, but downtown's image was damaged again. 
As a result, police are changing tactics. They're getting tough on adult and teenager trouble makers. It is both a public safety and public relations problem. 
When Mary Nyhes hears about news like that, she says it doesn't encourage her to visit downtown Indianapolis. "It actually veers me away from it," he said. 
Another shooting incident in an area frequently crowded with visitors and tourists concerns the people whose job it is to promote downtown. 
Bettye Dobkins with Indy Downtown Inc., admitted, "People in Indiana in the donut counties who look at the news and hear the news, they think, 'Oh my gosh, big bad Indianapolis.' It scares them." 
Despite numerous efforts, teen gun play has been a problem here for years even though someone is almost always watching. The city has added security cameras, police officers and enlisted the help of church groups. Yet the trouble with teens continues. 
Rev. Malachi Walker is among the ministers who've worked with police, teens and churches to end the violence. 
"What is being done probably needs to be set down and re-evaluated because it is not working," he said. 
Another minister, Rev. Charles Harrison, has led a coalition of churches, community groups and volunteers. They've worked with teenagers, neighborhoods and police to prevent the violence. 
Rev. Harrison blames city cutbacks on crime prevention spending. 
"We no longer have the groups that would do community policing and providing safe havens on the weekend," he said. "We are not able, like we were years ago, to reach these kids." 
Indianapolis will be reaching out with tougher tactics. 
"We hit a new level over the weekend," said Public Safety Director Troy Riggs. "We had someone brandish a weapon.That cannot be tolerated." 
Starting now, Riggs says police will take a zero tolerance approach to downtown streets. Adult trouble makers will be ticketed or arrested. 
Juveniles face tougher consequences as well. 
"Young people doing something wrong, we will take them into custody and we will have parents come pick them up or book them into the juvenile facility," said Riggs. 
At the same time, Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite is now leaning on Simon Mall to re-assess its security and not simply expel dozens of troublesome teenagers on to the streets, leaving police unprepared.
Kansas City has also seen similar problems at one of its outdoor malls, but to dare criticize “youths” (okay, journalism jargon for black people) for turning public places of consumerism into a mini-Chicagoland is a guaranteed way to get a one-way ticket to the reeducation camp.

Worse, Kimberly Barnes was attacked by a black male on Saturday in downtown Indianapolis. She’s a white, working-class female who depends on IndyGO public transportation to get to and from work.
If you’ve ever wondered why major cities like Detroit and Birmingham have no downtown shopping centers or highly-trafficked streets where window shoppers gaze at highly desired goods (businesses that provide tax revenue to the city), just look to the stories coming out of Indianapolis for the answer.
You can have nice things… or you can watch your city become 2013 Detroit and Birmingham.
The Indianapolis Star was good enough to point out that before the shootings in downtown, huge brawls had erupted [Gunshots fired in brawl that spilled outside Circle Centre mall, Indy Star, 1-27-13]:
Police officers had to break up a brawl near Circle Centre Mall on Saturday night, a disturbance that involved gunfire and resulted in one arrest. 
According to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, two Marion County sheriff's deputies, working off-duty, witnessed the fighting, which began inside Circle Centre and continued outside once the youths were expelled from the mall. 
According to Lt. Wayne Sharp of the Marion County Sheriff's Office, deputies Daniel Majors and Brian Worland saw a youth fire three shots in the direction of Downtown pedestrians at about 7:30 p.m. Saturday near Capitol Avenue and Maryland Street. The deputies confronted the 16-year-old, but did not fire their own weapons, Sharp said. 
The youth then fled, before deputies caught up with him and he surrendered, Sharp said. 
Saturday's brawl was at least the third such incident involving unruly youths this month. uch incidents have prompted some to call for mall curfews for unescorted teens. 
The Rev. Charles Harrison, president of the Ten Point Coalition, a faith-based anti-crime organization, has proposed an early evening curfew, after which time no minors would be allowed in malls without an adult. 
Circle Centre Mall has no parental escort policy, although malls elsewhere have instituted such rules. 
Minnesota's Mall of America bans unaccompanied teens 16 and under on Friday and Saturday nights. After a melee at that mall in 2011, it extended those restrictions for the recent holiday season to include Black Friday and the week between Christmas and New Year's.
You do understand what Jim Crow laws were designed to protect after reading the stories of wanton violence and Spontaneous Blackness in Indianapolis, that threaten the integrity of the Circle Centre Mall and the investment of capital in the stores (and the employees and patrons safety) found there?

Ask yourself this: is there an event that caters to primarily white Americans that must have a “rally for peace” before it starts? [Downtown rallies to end violence, Indy Star, 7-10-08]:

Chants of "Peace in the streets" and "Stop the violence" echoed across Whistler Plaza at City Market on Thursday afternoon during the fourth annual Peace in the Streets rally. 
More than 500 people turned out for the Downtown gathering, which is among kickoff activities for the 11-day Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration. 
Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, Police Chief Michael Spears and state Rep. Bill Crawford, D-Indianapolis, were among the speakers. Live music and a short play also carried out the theme.


200-300 volunteers patrolled the streets in 2012 after a similar “rally for peace” was held, where God was asked to spare black people from… black violence.

Violence does define the black community, though to point this out is grounds for that one-way ticket to the reeducation camp.

Indianapolis is just another American city busy building its own funeral pyre, with plenty of elected officials and chamber of commerce types already prepared to strike the match and watch the fire rise into the night skies. 

But to dare look at the burnt-out remains of a downtown area like that found in 2013 Detroit or Birmingham and see the remnants of a once-thriving civilization that now rests in disrepair, and not see downtown Indianapolis twenty years in the future is unconscionable to me.

So while the Indianapolis Star will publish editorials explaining why they don’t point out the racial dynamics of crime (because people would know what they already know; blacks commit almost all petty, violent, and interracial crime) and people will continue to gather before every Black Expo in Indianapolis and pray for peace, we’ll simply offer this; the lesson of Guns, Blacks, and Steel is the answer to not only ending the violence in Indianapolis, but ending the violence in America.

Declare war on gangs and disarm black people, and instantly watch as violence plummets in Indianapolis and America; watch as businesses open their doors in Detroit and Birmingham again, innovation and an entrepreneurial class flourishing where black gangs once ruled and the state protected them.

Alas, what is coming is something far different; the disarming of white people.

But the idea to save downtown Indianapolis, and ensure it continues to provide tax-revenue to the city (and attract "desirable" shoppers and residents), is quite simple: cancel the Indiana Black Expo in Indianapolis and ban black people from shopping at the Circle Centre Mall. 

Crap -- that's what Jim Crow laws served to protect -- business owners and consumers, ensuring that a major metropolitan area had a thriving downtown shopping district.
13 WTHR Indianapolis


Anonymous said...

Watch the newscast,but more importantly read the comments.

Anonymous said...

"unruly youths" (!) the problem is built into our country - same reason we can't just say muslims are not allowed on airplanes - our LAW allows equal protections & equal ACCESS to ALL - tho it's SMARTER to not let blacks own guns - we can't do that. the law is what it is. it can be changed somewhat (not that much) but they have us over a barrel with "disparate impact" & "equal access!" any lawyers or legislators out there? - panjoomby

Anonymous said...

Im some what (some what) sorry to say this, but any White person who goes anywhere near the Simians DESERVES to get beaten. Sorry. If that is what it takes to open your STUPID mind to what is going on, then take your beating and learn.

Especially White women. Hey, Ladies !!! (Or HEY LADY, al la Jerry Lewis) Ladies, don't you learn by the time you are 9 that men are going to grope you? Especially Simian men? Haven't your been groped and ass-slapped in school since 4th grade by Simians? And then you have to stupidity to get on a bus with them or go anywhere near their cages?

Lady. I find it very difficult to feel sorry for you when you don't feel the least bit sorry for yourself.

Avoid Africans. Have nothing to do with them. Don't talk to them. Don't look at them. Avoid them.

Anonymous said...

This apparently happened in the A. Might want to see it before it disappears. Let this be proof of all you say.

Dissident said...

Someone posted this video on the last PK post, but it needs to be posted again.

This was the most entertaining 4:50 minutes that I've witnessed in some time.

Watch the militant Negress get tasered by a security guard at a shopping center while running her mouth and also observe her little offspring. This is absolutely incredulous to any civilized person. There's no reasoning with these kinds of people. This is your Obama constituent people. This is the future of Amerika.

As someone else lamented. We're screwed.

Angry Negress confronts store security and gets tasered..

Anonymous said... Someone finally takes one of Atlanta's resident monkeys to task and shocks the black out of them.

Anonymous said...

In the paragraphs you highlighted I quickly counted the words youth, teen and variations of them 27 times.

Why is racism supposedly so bad but ageism isn't?

Anonymous said...

I live about an hour north of Indianapolis and broad ripple is where all the white college kids go to bars and clubs. I use to go there about ten years ago it was mainly white and all I hear now is the white people bitching about not being able to go there now because of black people robbing and shooting. I seen a post on Facebook where a black man shot and killed a white security guard for beating him up. There was a lot of comments between friends and family members of both parties and one black bitch said I'm not trying to play the race card but a nigga don't like taking a ass whooping by a white man. The sickest part was all the Negros friends and family taking up for him as to justify it was ok to kill a man for a ass whooping that the Negro started in the first place. I was sickened at all the white girls on there telling him to keep his head up.

Anonymous said...

"Alas, what is coming is something far different; the disarming of white people."....wrong Keebler! The "attempted disarming" of white people. All these news articles about how many background checks are occuring, gun shows swamped, ammunition cannot be found...These people didnt rush out to buy a gun just so they would have one to turn in...The writings on the wall...Ø'zero wants us as subjects, instead of citizens...and doesnt want us taking out his voter base when the economy crashs, and the 'have-nots' come after what the 'haves' own....Kid Clorox

Jay Santos said...

Oh, these are only rambunctious youth. No harm in being youthful. Besides, they're just like us. Why Ann Coulter herself, in her most recent book Mugged, explained that modern American negro behavior is simply behavior taught to the blacks by Scots-Irish hillbillies down south. Had Massachusetts imported most of these colored people, we would have negroes today calmly sipping tea with their pinky fingers extended and listening appreciatively to Bach. History is strange like that.

rjp said...

In due time it will just be another dead mall ....


So what helped hurt Lafayette Square? The influx of more urban shoppers, as well as a new downtown mall, considered by many to be the best in America.....

Dubbed Lafayette Scare by locals, this mall is known for shootings, theft, and crime scares.

Anonymous said...

" Former IMPD Chief of Police Paul Ciesielski faced the same issue of teenagers with little to do and no place to go. "

Oh, this tired old canard. You know what I did when I was a teenager and had nothing to do and nowhere to go? I READ BOOKS. If I wanted to hang out with my friends and there was nowhere to go, we didn't prowl around town SHOOTING PEOPLE, we sat around in the backyard or basement, watched TV, played video games, just hung out. "I was bored" is not an excuse to murder someone. The ADULTS making this excuse should be ashamed of themselves. The sad thing is they know it's an excuse. They know WHY these teens are shooting each other (low IQ = poor life choices) but they are afraid to just say it because then they will lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

What is telling here is that when asked why he did this, the groid stated because "I chose to."

This statement sums up Black America. Chimp outs, riots, beat downs, beat whitey nights etc. are not due to a smaller cerebellum or low IQ, although these may be factors, at the end of the day, these people show their arces so to speak because the can get away with it.

I have been given grief on this board for not paying my student loans or my mortgage. Corporate Amurka, banks, all entities in the US of Asses now support the cause of BRA. Working whites, middle class whites, and white professionals have NO voice. Bet my next paycheck that the woman in this video works for peanuts at a place that does not have any health benefits for its employees. Hope she is given a day or two off with pay, but hey, probably not. Life's a bitch when you work in Amurkistan. If you can't fight off ten foot groids leaving work in the mid afternoon, that's just your problem and that's just a expected work hazard.

Yeah Simians are gross man. Did you see the picture of the dude? He was probably checking the girl out as she left her job and because she would not glance his way, he thought he'd whoop her. That's how these turds think. Don't be dispectin now...

Or maybe he was mad "cause dat white beeetch got a job." Most blacks are unemployable today because of their generally crappy attitude. You all know the saying that is code for everybody hates blacks.....Mondays, why call blacks Mondays, because everybody hates Mondays. Having been in education, heaven forbid you give contructive feedback to black students..."you be raciss". Then they go out into the world of work with a bad attitude.

There are only two solutions in Amurkistan 1) Secession of the red states or 2) An all out race war with groids getting cleansed the eff outta here. I prefer the latter.

I feel for people like the Gwinnet Gladiator and other people on this board. It is true that one has to move every ten years in order to avoid the groid. Why the hell should we have to move? The need to stop being nigtards!

Bleed the system. Get your money out. That is the only way. The DWL's can get blood from a stone to feed their nig pets. Say what you want about me, but it is the only way.

Have dinner at home. Buy and cook your own food. Stop feeding the commercial beast. Become self-reliant. Clean your own home. Stop hiring beaner nannies. Once the well runs dry, these people will split. When whites retreat back to their own home, hearth, and families, we won't be out there as prey for the vulture Musloids, turds, groids, beaners, and array of third world wastes. The Mormon method is it...there is some wisdom to it...just a thought.

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC

Anonymous said...

Years ago in Tampa, Fl there use to be a mall across from the old Tampa stadium where the Buccaneers would play. Well every year there was a black college game pitting Baboon Cookman against Florida A & M (Apes and Monkeys). Anyway the merchants learned that every year the college alumni would use this day to get some free stuff at the mall, so the merchants began to close their business on that particular Saturday. The mall would be open, but most of the merchants would be closed and this caused quite a stink in the newspapers about ray-sissom. Common sense should have told anyone with common sense that merchants have merchandise for sale and large crowds of people with money would be welcomed. However, the merchants were losing money and decided to take a holiday. The Baboons, Monkeys and Apes raised so much hell that the mobile gibs me dat was moved to some other unsuspecting location. The Tampa Bay Mall is no longer in existence it is now the training facility for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.

Anonymous said...

To Santos:

Coulter is another sell out repub. A classist white ritch bitch from Connecticut. I hate the elite more than the groids. At least with the groids you KNOW they hate you.

She looks like a male transvestite.

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC

Anonymous said...

Ex New Yorker here.....Thank you for using a larger type face so us old guys can read your blog without straining our eyes.

Beth said...

Oh my gosh, I'm fairly certain that I wasn't supposed to be enjoying the video that's posted here - but I did, I did, I did!!! [My inner child was saying, "Do it again! Do it again!" when that obnoxious twit FINALLY got tasered.] And those kids?! EeeGADS. Seriously. That is what they are being taught is proper behavior?!? Is it ANY wonder that we are in the situation we are?

Another mall that was in the news last year AND again this year - over sneakers - the one near us, in Pineville, NC. I will NOT go anywhere near there at night - any night - or on the weekend. If you're a white woman and venture out to Carolina Place, alone, you ARE JUST ASKING FOR IT!

Sam said...

Ann Coulter is currently romantically involved with a groid. Don't remember the name, but man, is that guy UGG LEEE! It is hard to comprehend how so many attractive White women go for those ugly apes. Maybe they get off on the attention it brings them, but some of that attention probably isn't what they think it is.

Don M said...

As far as the elitist left is concerned what happened to that poor woman is A-OK. You see, she is "the wrong kind of white": provincial, low bred, and low paid. She probably harbors "wrong-headed" reactionary ideas concerning race and sexual orientation. In their opinion, she deserved what happened, merely because of her existence...

@ White Mom

You go girl! Poor ol' Donnie boy has room on his credit card for one more piece of finely machined aluminum and steel (Suck it Feinfinkelsteinbrenerberg!) and then that sucker is going in the trashcan. Along with every notice I get from the company.

I'll just tell "Diamond Jamie" Dimon if he wants his cash he has to talk to Ben Bernanke. I ain't even got a job, much less a magic printing press.

C'mon everyone! Lets crash this f***ker! The sooner the day-the-EBT-card-stops-working comes, the better it'll be for all of us. As Bogo notes, once the repukes help Obeezlebub get amnesty, they'll go after the 2nd in earnest. Hopefully the big reset comes sooner.

rjp said...

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC:

She looks like a male transvestite.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Right you are about n the old Tampa Bay mall . Off topic a little here . Took my wife and a friend to the Kumguat Festival ( small sour orange ) in Dade City Florida on Saturday ,40,000 people and I see maybe 5 negros . Very nice to be in such a homogenous area. No loud music , no shots fired , no gold teef and pants at the ankles , no TNB at all

Anonymous said...

Once again, a city needs the equivalent of an infantry battalion to keep the peace at a black oriented event. But nothing's wrong here, folks, move along.

Ask yourself this: is there an event that caters to primarily white Americans that must have a “rally for peace” before it starts?

Well, back in the 1960s, antiwar rallies could get pretty violent, but I catch your drift! :-)

Anonymous said...

I spent a productive hour on the internet at work today trying to determine the location of the "Atlanta/Taser" video. I felt like Matt Damon in the Good Shepard, like it was a CIA exercise. The first time I watched it, I just could not fathom it was in the US. I was confused, because I really thought it was Somalia based upon the actions of the people, but the existence of permanent, modern structures, a bus, and a mall ruled out my initial impressions. In other words, we had black people in a developed Country, which ruled out Africa and Asia. I thought, maybe North Africans in France. Again the accents and English was throwing me off. "Kessler's" gave it away from an internet search, and I soon discovered it was indeed the United States, Atlanta to be exact, a block or so away from MLK Blvd.

The most surprising thing about the video was the mass of blacks just standing totally disinterested and oblivious in the face of the mother's lunancy. Not stares, whispers, comments, pointing, interaction, questioning. They could have been staring at a cloud in the sky for all it mattered to them.

This video, in many respects, was so telling on many levels of how I am so personally disatisfied with the direction of this Country and that people like her and her offspring, decked out in brand new designer apparrel are allowed not only to exist, but to flourish at the expense of others. I spent another hour at work (I own my own company, is my excuse), reading about the history of Atlanta. I relearned the burning of Atlanta. I learned that MLK was born there.

While I was reading, I found out this nugget on Wikipedia regarding MLK's "reparation views":

"King stated that black Americans, as well as other disadvantaged Americans, should be compensated for historical wrongs. In an interview conducted for Playboy in 1965, he said that granting black Americans only equality could not realistically close the economic gap between them and whites. King said that he did not seek a full restitution of wages lost to slavery, which he believed impossible, but proposed a government compensatory program of $50 billion over ten years to all disadvantaged groups.

He posited that "the money spent would be more than amply justified by the benefits that would accrue to the nation through a spectacular decline in school dropouts, family breakups, crime rates, illegitimacy, swollen relief rolls, rioting and other social evils".

I think MLK's own words contrasted with the actions of this "Janeeqka Doe" and scores of others we learn about at this website illustrates quite plainly just how laughable MLK's beliefs were. $50 billion over ten years? HAHA. Try $50 Trillion over 2 years, won't matter. Another one of those "We could have been colonizing Mars" moments that I love to read about here.

Anonymous said...

Classical, metal, and country music are good nigger repellents and the ACLU and O'Negro can't sue you for playing it at your business.

Bogolyubski said...

Anonymous said...
"Alas, what is coming is something far different; the disarming of white people."....wrong Keebler! The "attempted disarming" of white people. All these news articles about how many background checks are occuring, gun shows swamped, ammunition cannot be found...These people didnt rush out to buy a gun just so they would have one to turn in...The writings on the wall...Ø'zero wants us as subjects, instead of citizens...and doesnt want us taking out his voter base when the economy crashs, and the 'have-nots' come after what the 'haves' own....Kid Clorox

I see this type of post a lot. I hope I'm wrong but I expect I'm not. We're talking about a bunch of white folks who cannot even bother to turn off the damned television which consists of wall-to-wall anti-white propaganda. They'll meekly hand in the guns once the order comes - and make no mistake - it's coming. Keep in mind that in 1933, FDR issued an executive order that Americans turn in their gold. The vast majority complied. The regime built Ft. Knox to store it all. Nobody has even audited it in decades - and they won't even let a sitting member of Congress in there to see it in person. All that gold is likely long gone - funneled away to some other squid tentacle halfway around the planet. And here you think a bunch of clueless white folks are going to mount an armed revolution? Please. I wonder if there will even be any whites left in the territory once known as the USA in a century. Unless there is a real sea-change, I think it quite unlikely.

Jay Santos said...

Strictly off topic, I'll say that as I feel like I'm disrupting PK's specific topic. But the audience is right and I'm not sure PK objects.

They are about to legalize X number of illegals. I'd say that X is north of 20 million, perhaps as large as 30 million. There's nothing about this move that is in the interest of the American citizen, certainly not in the interest of unemployed/underemployed Americans. But it will be law in the next 3 to 4 months. The opposition party, the Republicans, the party that should stand in opposition to the current power will cave on this legislation.

The nation, in a historic debt situation of Z dollars, will add X number of individuals, followed shortly by Y number of family members to Fed and state services, official SNAP, Obamacare, etc. These new citizens will quickly increase the debt to Z squared, if there are lenders willing to play along.

Illegal immigration including visa overstays will continue apace. In all of this, there is no benefit to the American citizen. None. For those who want to work, jobs will be more scarce. Political power will increasingly fracture along ethnic lines, worse than you are seeing already. And worse than America has dealt with since its inception, including the immigration heights of the early 20th century.

Will you die? Probably not, but your future and the future of your children will be drastically diminished. Why are the political elites doing this? I taught my young daughter the word sinecure this evening. Sinecure (from Latin sine = "without" and cura = "care"), they want to protect their government positions. They care not a wit about you, your children or the nation. At least in the short term, this amnesty move will protect even the reprehensible Republicans, a group devoid of principles, despite what you might have learned in years gone by.

I suppose, in a moment of delirious optimism, I could expect several million Salvadorians will somehow begin to control the feral negroes. I once read a news report about an Indian city, Delhi I think, that terrorized by macaque monkeys, introduced a larger monkey to drive them out. You can imagine the results.

America as you've known it, warts and all, is going, going, gone.

MuayTyson said...

What happened to the police? There was a time you hit an officer and you would recieve a full wooden shampoo in an alley and not be able to talk to the press.

We are no longer looking out for our own the White mans streak of independence is being used against him.

Don M,
You are correct the elite fear that there is a poor White man or woman in their family or in their past. They hate poor Whites because they are just a few generations removed or maybe a second cousin is not doing so well. It grates at them it wakes them at night what if suddenly they become poor and regular working folks?

Easy to feel empathy and pity for a sub human groid but when they see their own it is utter contempt. I bet when they see this poor woman they get bile on the back of their tounges. They have no pity and they have no empathy for her because she could be them.

Do White elites hate themselves so much instead of appreciating their good fortune they reflect that hate at the less fortunate?

Bogolyubski said...

In these darkest of darkie dayz, White Mom in Turdville is an encouraging read. She gets it. Quit being a chump and stop paying your debts. Declare the year of jubilee. Why play by the rules with folks who re-write the rules at whim? Corzine doesn't have to play by the rules, groids don't either - just YT, desperately clutching the mummified corpse of the Marquess de Queensbury in the hopes that the squids will see it and start playing by the rules. Ha! The sooner the system is crashed, the better. Götterdämmerung is our goal for the Banksta Banana Republick - the crown jewel of the Great Empire of Vampires.

Anonymous said...

This is old but the comments are good.

Baron Munchausen said...

The exact same thing happened and continues to happen in Austin on Relay Weekends where Highland Mall would shut down and various establishments in downtown as well for they know that a tsunami of darkness will engulf my city. The Smart people stay out of downtown that weekend. There was a liberal rag that tried to show that SXSW produced the same amount of arrests yet convienently left out that Relay weekend the number of people coming to town was only 25 k and for SXSW 300 k. 12x the people yet the same arrests. Pointing this out to the DWL here infuriates them for they can't argue with there facts.

bubo said...

Hey everyone, the white/black achievement gap is gone. Evidently it ended immediately after Obama's first inauguration.

See, evidently black people were full of anxiety over stereotypes that they were dumb and that made them perform poorly on tests but Obama being the smartest man in the world changed all that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article - Chimpmaster


p.k. off topic but i think this could be a start, a very, very small start. in tennesee they are taking any where from 20% to 30% from their welfare if their kids preform badly in school. i hope this catches on in other states. maybe if latoya could get off her back and go to some parent teacher stuff to find out about lil leroy's grades. when your not part of the real non-ghetto society you tend not to give a fuck about anything other than your damned handout check. so by putting pressure on latoya, then maybe them mau-mau's will get it!-NOT!!! i would like the federal gov't to segregate me and my kind from others. since they won't segregate them from us. maybe that way the spooks will think they are getting even with them honkey's. some stupid dosen't cost that much to the national debt. did i say segregate? GODSPEED WHITES!!! said...

where do I begin?

some psychiatrists are now saying that libtardism is in fact a mental illness. they live in some sort of bullshi* utopian dream world where we are all the same. we are not the same you idiots. everywhere europeans (northern whites) have gone we have built beautiful societies.

then the leftist libtards start pushing for unfettered immigration of 3rd world mongrels into our great lands who do not thank us but start bitching about how "oppressed" they are by evil whitey.

at least i can take solace from the fact that finally Whites are waking up from their media induced trance of liberal agenda and getting fed up with the nonsense. I have observed that more people are not reacting to the "racism" card thrown out by libtards when they cannot win an argument. now we roll our eyes and say whatever. If it ever comes to a race war (which thanks to the imposter in chief obozo may actually happen) then i believe it will be the self hating libtard whites who will be first on the list for "punishment"

Thank God for this site.

Anonymous said...

This video looks like it was shot in Kenya. But it was shot in America. Are we part of Western Civilization any more?

This is EXACTLY what will happen on the "Day The EBT Card Stops Working". The reason we have a black male thug problem is because black female thugs are "raising" them. Watch how the little boy starts yelling "faggot" and "you gay" at the security officer. Watch how the black males finally puff up to protect their "babies" AFTER the altercation takes place.

Black culture is a failed culture. As Occidental says, "freedom failed".

Anonymous said...

Our old friend Constructive Feedback appears to be calling out SBPDL. At least I think that's the point, probably suppose to be one of those "Whites devils kill people too" things that Negros and liberals like to fall back on.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but soft drinks are racist.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love these frustrated white male meltdowns..same thing in post-reconstruction and the 70s (no white heavyweight champ and upset at Ali's strong stance so they create, err copy, from Philly Joe Frazier-a fictional one to soothe their fragile psyches-Rocky, etc.)..the current fixation is a result of some white males' irrational hizzy fit over President Obama..their behavior is always an interesting study and predictable...

Mutant Swarm said...

Anonymous said...

Classical, metal, and country music are good nigger repellents and the ACLU and O'Negro can't sue you for playing it at your business.

January 28, 2013 at 8:46 PM

There are also Christian rock groups (Final Axe, X-Sinner, Titanic) that sound hard, but don't have the cuss words in the lyrics.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of the Atlanta video, it does show blacks can learn. Watch how the black guy adjusts his attitude when he sees the laser point on him.

Isn't there an African country where these people could start their own homeland? I'd pay one last SNAP card and welfare check to send everyone in that video on a 1-way trip to Africa.

Anonymous said...

O anon@612AM, you so funny.
White people conquered the world many times. We're anything but fragile. Naming some half wit groid boxer hardly makes a case against anything whites have accomplished.
As far as rationality is concerned, this itself is an indoeuropean concept. Disliking the president is in no way symbolic of any cognitive deficiency in the white population.We dislike the president for very rational reasons, one of which is his genetic and philosophical background which isn't up to the standards that we're accustomed to.
Thanks for your input but better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

The NY Times is anti White, anti Christian hate 'speech' from the tribe.

check.....Crimes of the Times blog

Anonymous said...

"I live about an hour north of Indianapolis and broad ripple is where all the white college kids go to bars and clubs."

There is a new night club in BR which caters to the hip-hop thug culture. This draws in the miscreants from the ghetto. There are cars full of black guys cruising there now, harassing white girls. There have been several armed robberies/beatings and bank robberies in Broad Ripple in the past few months.

Too many drunk white college students with iPods roaming around. Oh yes, and they have street-walking black prostitutes there now too. Just Google "robbery shooting Broad Ripple" and you will see the decline. May wake some people up.

mastermind said...

The beauty of MLK, is that a black man was used to further enslave the black man.

So it is with obama, since blacks refuse to be enslaved by whites, they gladly aquiesce if the slave master is black, if you knew anything you wouldn't be happy about your obama.

You should be thanking whites that are showing you what he really is.

But its fun, to dupe black people into thinking the getting freedom when all they getting is shackled.

Apologies, its the elitist in me surfacing. But you really ask to be enslaved. And when your own kind do it, you don't even see it happening, and you don't even protest

Mugabe did it, and look at how the blacks there allowed it to happen.

Its not white males that are predictable, its you black ppl that are.

The elites really have a good laugh at it, if only black people weren't so predictable, it would be a little bit more entertaining

There we have constructive feedback with his mother teresa complex, trying to do what malcom x, spike lee, or MLK failed to do.

They never learn do they?

Pat Boyle said...

Anonymous wrote:
Chimp outs, riots, beat downs, beat whitey nights etc. are not due to a smaller cerebellum or low IQ,

Please get the argument right.

The black brain is smaller than the white or Asian brain. It is smaller and less developed in the pre-frontal lobes. Not the cerebellum.

If anything the black cerebellum is likely to be larger and better developed than the white. The frontal lobes are associated with thinking, planning, and other higher functions. The cerebellum is primarily the part of the brain that controls motor coordination.

Since blacks are known to be good at basketball and basketball is a sport that requires a well functioning cerebellum, blacks probably have a better cerebellum than you do.

Over the course of evolution the frontal part of the human brain has expanded. Probably the rear part (the cerebellum) has shrunk. So to say that you have a bigger cerebellum is a not a compliment. It is just what would be expected in a developmentally retarded group.

Black people are not chimpanzees. We (humans) separated from chimps about five million years ago. White people separated from black people about 50,000 years ago.

Human evolution is not very controversial anymore. There is broad agreement on most of the major points. All humans today are descended from the tropical body plan of black Africans about 100,000 years ago. Some of those blacks walked out of Africa and became Europeans or Asians. In that process they became white or yellow. About 50,000 year ago there was a change in the human brain among those Africans in the Middle East. People became smarter.

The Africans who stayed behind did not experience the evolutionary pressures that made Europeans and Asians so much smarter. They stayed stupid and violent.

If you are going to write about black people's characteristics at least get those characteristics right. The facts are on our side. Don't aid the liberals with incorrect arguments that discredit us.



Anonymous said...

Poor lighting just off of the strip, good hiding places, an unprepared area and vulnerable targets made for the perfect storm that Sabatini described. The infrastructures, not the people, were to blame for the crimes according to Bees and Sabatini. Given all of these factors Sabatini said Broad Ripple was lucky the problems were not worse.

I guess the infrastructures are to blame haha not black people.

Pat Boyle said...

There is now afoot an effort to ban assault rifles again. This movement stems from Diane Feinstein our senior senator for California.

I knew Feinstein slightly in the early seventies. Her reputation then was as a very hard driving and nasty woman. She seems to have mellowed.

She glommed onto the gun issue because she discovered George Moscone's body in his City Hall office. Dan White had shot Mayor Moscone and homosexual board member Harvey Milk. This event gave her a career long identification with gun violence.

If I were a politician I would probably share her opposition to people shooting politicians. She maintains two armed body guards to see that no political opponent like Dan White ever gets a chance at her.

But her focusing on assault rifles makes little sense. Dan White used a pistol. Indeed almost no gun murders in California are committed with a rifle of any kind. In last year for which we have statistics far more murders in California were committed with bare hands than with rifles.

Bob Beckel on Fox News fulminates about how no one really needs an assault rifle except for the mass murder of school children. When I hear TV pundits talk that way I must not that no one ever mentions race. How can you credit anything said on TV about guns and gun violence if they do not recognize the connection between blacks and guns?

If you read this blog you know that blacks behave badly. If you watch TV you have seen what happened after Katrina and Sandy. If you live anywhere near a disaster zone (almost everywhere), you need a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine. When disaster strikes you are likely to experience a neighborhood invasion. That means groups of "looters" will roam your block. You may be in for a fire fight. A six shot revolver won't be sufficient.

Michael Moore was quoted in the press recently as saying that the reason white people wanted guns was because they were afraid of blacks. Duh.

He said that as an accusation about whites. He implied that white people are irrational and paranoid. He thinks that being afraid of black people is a sign of lack of character.

He reminds me of Dick Gregory who many years ago claimed that he was the only man in America who could speak to the black rioters when they eventually took to the streets. That's why he stood up and walked out in the open during the Watts Riots. They shot him of course. Gregory was only known to white audiences. Thank you, Gods of irony.


Disc#rd said...

J#y S#ntos: You're right #bout there being 20 or 30 million wetb#cks. Throughout the '90s, the figure w#s ten million. We're supposed to believe th#t only one more million h#ve since been #dded to th#t old, dishonest number. H#ve no doubt th#t the m#ny c#p#ble Hisp#nic #nd Orient#l employees of Uncle Sug#r will do # good job of expediting the #pplic#tions of their kinsmen. Not th#t m#ny of the pension-loving White drones in the Feder#l #pp#r#tus won't do their p#rt.

CofCContr#rio: One of the re#sons th#t I h#ve so little reg#rd for ment#l he#lth profession#ls if their refus#l to #dd "liber#lism" to their offici#l list of ment#l disorders. Fouling your own nest is #bout #s m#l#d#ptive #s you c#n be.

Bogolyubski said...

Looks like the fix is in on amnesty. Limbaugh just spent this afternoon fellating the Hispanic supremacist Marc Rubio on his "conservative" radio show. No doubt his moronic listeners will fall in line so they can go back to those really, really important things - like football.

Boehner has already indicated the sell-out is in the works. The Politboro of the Chamber of Incitatuses, led by drooling cancerous old Juan McAmnesty and the Pink Palmetto Princess, have already brought out their pre-written plan. It's just a minor mop-up after amnesty is enacted for the left, because the regime will be a one-party state a la California. Gun control, the whole enchilada will pass quickly as soon as the pretense is dropped and the one-party state emerges. It's over, for all intents and purposes. (It's actually been over for some time, but the corpse is still twitching.)

Stuff Black People Don't Like said...


As I stated in a VDare piece, the future of America is Chicago today -- conservatives (whites) have no voice in politics anymore and are tax-slaves.

Latinos and Blacks (with white liberals) vote as a bloc, ensuring left-progressive ideas pass without challenge.

Californian said...

This video looks like it was shot in Kenya. But it was shot in America. Are we part of Western Civilization any more?

Interesting question. If America and Europa have inner cities dominated by peoples who see themselves as distinct cultures, and who do not get with the Western program, and who use force to keep the central government from exercising much authority, then the answer is "no" -- at least in those cities. Liberals back in the 1960s bemoaned that America was turning into two different countries, but as a result of half a century of social engineering we do indeed have two separate civilizations emerging. Again, just look at respective rates of crime, illegitimacy, school graduation, etc. Or the ability to maintain civic infrastructure. Or rap versus classical music.

I like to make the analogy with the various barbarian tribes that moved into the Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries AD. They gained de facto control of inner provinces, fought off the central government, and eventually set themselves up as independent kingdoms. Hence, the Fall of Rome. Meantime, your average citizen was busy with bread & circuses.

Conceivably, the situation in the Western world today could be controlled if there were assimilation of the internal third world populations. But given the current dominance of ideologies such as multicultism, and the trend towards globalization, there is no reason for that assimilation to occur. If anything, the elites want a large, unassimilated underclass to play off against the middle. Then again, middle America has 500 channels of cable TV, so all must be well.

The interesting thing about blacks is that under segregation, they were probably more assimilated towards the values of mainstream America than they are today. Again, just look at the much lower rate of black illegitimacy way back when, and the attempts to at least get an education. You also did not have black gangs (now joined by MS-13 and its compatriots from the third world) which are operating as de facto insurgents throughout the Homeland. These are not dissimilar to the barbarian warbands which roamed freely throughout the home provinces of the Roman Empire in the 5th century.

Meantime, the DHS is stockpiling ammunition for use against patriots, and treating law abiding airline passengers like they are checking into federal lockup. Why not set up TSA pornscanners in the 'hood to deal with the kind of thuggery you see in the video? But the prevailing system of anarcho-tyranny precludes this move.

By the way, if the scene on the video were Kenya, the malefactors would have been cut to pieces with pangas, post haste. As for Somalia, the Islamic Courts Union would have made short work of them, back in the day. Say what you like about Africa -- and I've made my share of criticisms -- but in many places on the "dark continent" they do not tolerate this kind of idiocy.

Californian said...

King stated that black Americans, as well as other disadvantaged Americans, should be compensated for historical wrongs. [He]... proposed a government compensatory program of $50 billion over ten years to all disadvantaged groups.

He posited that "the money spent would be more than amply justified by the benefits that would accrue to the nation through a spectacular decline in school dropouts, family breakups, crime rates, illegitimacy, swollen relief rolls, rioting and other social evils".

Well, now, the USA has spent $50 billion on social programs since those days. A heck of a lot more than $50 billion when you think about it. Not to mention implemented every liberal social engineering policy imaginable: war on poverty, affirmative action, busing, minority-only contracts, black studies programs, positive role models for blacks on the telescreen, a holiday for MLK himself, and you know the rest of the laundry list.

As a result, we have had a "spectacular decline in school dropouts, family breakups, crime rates, illegitimacy, swollen relief rolls, rioting and other social evils," right?

All these social evils have declined, correct? I mean, MLK would not be misinforming us when he advocated that all the USA need do is spend $50 billion and all problems fixed, and we all move to that promised land, right?

The thing that gets me is the complete and utter fraud surrounding MLK. And not just the man but the myth, the legend. And the way that DWLs canonize him in order to justify their own social policies which, history has demonstrated, are one great big epic fail. Yet no one seems to call MLK or DWLs on any of this. The entire system is based on the Big Lie--call it BRA.

Anonymous said...

The mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard, identifies as republican, but he is no conservative.

He is pushing right now for light rail running from the inner-city ghettos to the white suburbs in order to "connect people to people." Local radio stations are running taxpayer funded ads with white actors telling us how much the need the transit so that they can "multi-task while commuting instead of driving", they can take their kids to the game downtown, or they want to save the environment and have a "greener" option for travel. Green, meaning more expensive.

No white person in his RIGHT MIND wants to take his children on the bus to downtown Indianapolis. The transit hustlers are attacking suburban whites in Noblesville and Fishers, and trying to spread the black crime and degeneracy out so that the inner-city crime stats go down. We are heading for disaster.

This is all about transfer of wealth and UN Agenda 21.

Jay Santos said...

Disc#rd said...
J#y S#ntos: You're right #bout there being 20 or 30 million wetb#cks...

That is a key component of the big lie. In addition to the border incursions, there are huge numbers of aliens who came here on tourist visas and never left.

The 11 or 12 million number is repeated over and over and over and never challenged. Not one reporter ever says "uhm, where does this number come from?". They don't learn those kind of things in J school, the sniveling little 22 year olds that wouldn't know a historical or literary fact if it were shoved up their worthless asses.

The whole arrangement, this whole country is so utterly and completely corrupt at this point. F**k it. As Bogo says, let it all burn. I just want to get out before the real horror begins. Soon.

The truth said...

Michael Moore lives in one of the most expensive real estate areas in Michigan, Torch lake, 250 miles north of Detroit .he has a multi million dollar house on the lake. You could spend a year up there and never see a nigger. Michael Moore is a 2 faced piece of shit, his house cold buy 5 blocks in Detroit and he could live there. Do you think he would ?

Melanie said...

And to think that this ghetto trash and their sprogs would consider this "black pride". I swear, I never could've have thought any species on earth could be as useless, or downright destructive to humans, as niggers. They are an utter waste of skin (which is why I suppose they got the ugly left-over feces-colored skin), waste of breath (just listen to the pointless ooking and eeking), barely enough brain to enable them to walk after a fashion-just everything about them either completely useless or downright destructive. They are driven by nothing higher than aggression, and only survive by parasitism.

After seeing that video, I thank God that I manage to live life without interacting with them, and will continue to go out of my way to do so. They are repulsive in form and manner, and the idea being around when one of these ghetto roaches chimps out makes my skin crawl. I can't believe that humans AND animals share this earth with this aberrant life form.

Melanie said...

Let 'em keep it up, because sure as God made little green apples, it will be them (the stupid white bitches) one day. I have told myself that we will need them in the fight and for breeding, that they are my white sisters, they are young and will grow up and learn, but when I read things like this about how not only pro-black but anti-white they are, I just say "I hope they get what they are begging for. If they are really this stupid, they'd be more hindrance than help to our side, they'd probably bring a bunch of feminist clap-trap with them even if they did take off the race-blinders, and they are just too stupid to be good breeding material. The first time some nigger showed up outside the camp begging for "gibsme", she'd be out there with a basket of food that the white children need, and getting her stupid ass raped and murdered in the process. Let 'em go, let the niggers use them and throw them away like so much kleenex. I hate to be harsh, and I know we can't afford to be too picky considering our dwindling numbers, but these women-who do not even the most fundamental quality of white femininity to be repelled by having a negro d**k stuck up them, are write-offs. I really do pray they learn their lesson just as their eyes are closed by that last kick to the head or punch to the face. No need to wish they'd learned sooner, they wouldn't have learned regardless, and would have continued to reach other young white women who could have been taught and saved in time, with their pro-nigger, anti-white propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"Looks like the fix is in on amnesty. Limbaugh just spent this afternoon fellating the Hispanic supremacist Marc Rubio on his "conservative" radio show. No doubt his moronic listeners will fall in line so they can go back to those really, really important things - like football. "

I checked on RimJob's website and there are a few there that have finally realized that Limpballs is a Judas Goat. Most are still defending him. When even FreeRepublic realizes that Limballs is a phony, the trap will have already closed shut. I wonder if that site is really some sort of clandestine social engineering operation.

Jay Santos said...

Anonymous said...
"Looks like the fix is in on amnesty. Limbaugh just spent this afternoon fellating the Hispanic supremacist Marc Rubio...

I checked on RimJob's website and there are a few there that have finally realized that Limpballs is a Judas Goat. Most are still defending him...

Yes, Limbaugh's interest in illegal immigration remains limited to how it might affect fairway maintenance. As to Freerepublic, the decade long purges have left them with a developmentally disabled core. They can't help themselves, as long as they can hate on homosexuals, they're ok, Because in the Freerepublic world, nothing is more dangerous to their everyday life than a gay. A real practical winning political strategy there.

Anonymous said...

"What happened to the police? There was a time you hit an officer and you would recieve a full wooden shampoo in an alley and not be able to talk to the press."

Here is a good explanation:

Jordan Appleyard said...

White Mom in Turdville aka WDC said…

Coulter is another sell out Repub. A classist white rich bitch from Connecticut. I hate the elite more than the groids. At least with the groids you KNOW they hate you.

Yes, I too, White, been at the end of worse treatment from my own race than even from “Whitey owes me” blacks. I want to then force all these liberal Whites to live in black “neighborhoods” (really, enclosed savage sanctuaries).

Jordan Appleyard said... said…

some psychiatrists are now saying that libtardism is in fact a mental illness.

Sources? We’d all like to know.

SKIP said...

"Isn't there an African country where these people could start their own homeland?"

Already been tried, we called it LIBERIA! look it up for a good laugh and our own damned gubmint has imported many thousands of the niggers from that place BACK to our place! Go figure.

AnalogMan said...

Jordan Appleyard said... said…

some psychiatrists are now saying that libtardism is in fact a mental illness.

Sources? We’d all like to know.

Here you go.

Google is not really your friend, but sometimes useful.

SKIP said...

Californian, I too equate the current status of Amerikistan with that of the 4th or 5th century Rome and predict the same outcome for Rome (Amerikistan) though this one is going to be much bloodier than the Roman fall was and have far greater ripples on the world.

Anonymous said...

About bringing liberians back to the US, search mn man kills mom with sword. It is a great story and if you find the video of family interviews, notice how they smile and giggle about the slain family members.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing that in this day and age you have people thinking as ignorantly as some of you who refuse to see the truth but you will find out as time gose by. America is changing and the minority population will continue to grow until this country is totaly diverse in every state and every city. It is going to happen and those who want to hate people for their color or religion will be left behind as this country moves forward. Our races are mixing every day producing beautiful children and it will continue to do so weather you like it or not. Get over your hate and ignorant attitudes because you will be left behind in your hate. If you truly beleve that black people are dumber than you because they are black then you are truly stupid. I have worked around enough people who have these ignorant attitudes and found out how slow they are in the mind and it is like someone stupid calling another person stupid it just makes no since but it is funny. I can remind you of your last president who was not that intelligent and got us into a war with iraq that we did not need to fight. I really should not be to upset because it took him to run this country into the ground before you people would give a black man a chance to be president...pitiful ..Bush was real intelligent wasnt We have gun lovers like you that constantly argue the right to carry guns until someone shoots up a school full of innocent children in your suburbs and then your mouths are shut and oh.... by the way those shooters were not black either were they. I want you to understand that im not talking to you with hate in my heart i just pity you because your not very bright. God dose not like ugly and when i keep reading the news it just keeps reminding me that he is running things not like the ignorant people we have in our republican controled congress that dont care about the country except their own voters...pitiful.