Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Picture This: Son of Obama (Wearing Hoodie) Strikes in New York City

CCTV tape in a New York City taxi captures a "Son of Obama" moments before he fired five bullets into a cab driver. Ghost of Trayvon Martin?

Ever wonder what George Zimmerman saw when he questioned Trayvon Martin? Well, the same thing Mr. Raphael Martinez saw before an unknown black assailant pulled a gun on him in New York City and shot him five times (though Mr. Martin didn't have a gun, he was wearing a hoodie)...
[Caught on camera: Terrifying moment hooded gunman pointed his weapon at New York taxi driver - just seconds before he shot him three times, Daily Mail, 1-15-13]:  
This is the chilling moment a gunman was caught on security camera just seconds before shooting a taxi driver three times.
The bearded man jumped into the back of a cab in the Bronx area of New York in the early hours of Sunday, police said.

He then pulled out a gun and threatened driver Raphael Martinez, 54, in his cab around 5.10am when the driver did not understand his demands.
The attack was captured on the in-car security cameras.
According to the New York Post, police said he shot at the cab driver five times, hitting him twice, before waiting until the wounded, married father of three stumbled outside the vehicle — and shot him again.
Police said the incident happened at White Plains Road and Lafayette Avenue in the Soundview section.
Now do you you understand why taxi drivers, who are in the business of getting both tips and living, don't pick up black people?

Is that the ghost of Trayvon Martin in the photo? No... just another black male working hard to destabilize a society that coddles them from cradle-to-the-grave. 


Anonymous said...

Jesus, what a terrifying sight.

Anonymous said...

Don't the official NYC cabs have barriers between the front and rear seats to prevent things like this?  Must've been an unlicensed cab, maybe also evading taxes on the take.

If the driver was an illegal alien, could this be a three-fer?

Anonymous said...

... and here's another terrifying sight involving a black cultural enricher....


Anonymous said...

He was described as "a bearded man".
I guess that's descriptive enough.

Gayle said...

Nope, not possible.

Guns are illegal in NYC.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Paul, you know that cab driver was "in the wrong place at the wrong time", and that it was "a robbery gone bad" and that the "legacy of slavery" has left that poor, oppressed Negro no choice but to shoot a cab driver at 5 in the morning. At least those strict New York gun laws are doing their job.

Anonymous said...


Just checked out this story, and the comments have been disabled. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

That's not a terrifying sight.

He's in his natural element.

Like Barney Frank on all fours.

It would be terrifying if he was wearing a hoodie emblazoned with "Stanford" or "Yale" on it.

YIH said...

What George Zimmerman prevented.

Jay Santos said...

I suspect the young African-American here was late for his job interview at J.P.Morgan. He simply panicked when he found the gun in the pocket of the jacket he had borrowed from his cousin. When trying to hand the unfamiliar firearm to the driver, he accidentally brushed against the trigger, discharging the weapon.

Look, he's a minority in an impoverished neighborhood beset by crime and depravation. Let's not jump to conclusions here or rush to judgement against the young man.

SwampThizzle said...

Too much "cradle," not enough "grave," gnomesayin?

Anonymous said...

Poor DeShawn was just starting to turn his life around. Funny how it always seems to happen that way. I'm sure he was a good keed.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:45. Why have comments been disabled? Good question.

I suspect b/c this local PC paper has been getting hammered with anti-enricher comments everytime the inevitable black perpetrating face is shown or Ebonics name is given. That's my educated guess anyway....that they didn't want to "invite" any further "racist" comments. (http://onlineathens.com/breaking-news/2013-01-15/athens-man-breaks-leg-while-fleeing-rape-attempt)

rjp said...

Is that a liquor bottle on the seat next to him? Did he just rob a liquor store?

As for the cab barriers, in Chicago they don't have to have them if they have those cameras (which of course they have to lease from the city). So all the driver owned cars have the cameras and all the fleet cars have the barriers.

And why do the hoods on the hoodies keep getting bigger?

Don M said...

The Squids and DWL elite want to send this gentleman to visit you.

And if you have the audacity to resist his demands, the Squids and DWLs want you "Zimmermanned"

This what I have started saying to all of my Conservatism Inc. family and associates who still think some sort of compromise is possible with the left:

"The Left wants you dead, your children in chains, and everything you've ever owned. Tell me how you compromise with that."

I don't think they really believe it, but the look on their faces is priceless when I say it.

bubo said...

Every time I read about a cabbie getting shot I think about that black asshole Danny Glover who complained endlessly that cabs wouldn't stop for black men because of racism.

Whiskey said...

Somewhat related, the three Black guys and their two female wives/girlfriends, who held up the Nordstrom Rack in LA, have been arrested. Included are two counts of rape (a hostage was raped twice, by two different guys), as well as a pistol whipping and stabbing in a neck for two other different women.


Perps are all black.

Gayle said...

Don M, just direct them to some lefty blogs. They'll believe it soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Off topic .. Lake Wales High School black basketball coach , caught on tape physically abusing a white player... Find story on Bay New 9 website.

Anonymous said...

I have little doubt that in 20 years the only blechs you will see on the face of the Earth will be wax figure caricatures in a museum next to the dodos and dinosaurs.
How am I so certain of this? Simple. The White Civilization that made their survival possible with food and medicine has been looted clean by the hook-nosed horror.
The Chinee "Entrepreneurs" that are now moving into Afreaka don't much care for lazy, stupid pets like Whites did.
Without the "Evil" White Debbil to give them a hot meal and protect them from disease and predation by Smarter Anthropoids, these darkies are going to pass forever into that Good Night...

Anonymous said...

Let me guess...He din't do nuffins. Even after being caught on camera.

Jay Santos said...

Lets analyze the pattern. If you drive a cab, a negro will try to kill you. If you deliver pizza, a negro will kill you. If you work in a convenience store, a negro will try and kill you, perhaps by setting you on fire. If you are walking on the street, a negro will kill you. If you are at home, negroes will try and kill you. If you are a woman, negroes will rape you, then they will kill you and set your body on fire.

So there is a definite repetition that begins to emerge here. But in order to prevent gun violence, the Feds will prevent you from owning a firearm.

Go back to sleep now, the Sea Hawks will be playing the Knicks next weekend.

SKIP said...

"Gayle said...
Nope, not possible.

Guns are illegal in NYC

And they're even MORE ILLEGAL now than a few days ago so clearly criminals are not going to pay attention to the new laws, why should we Whites pay any attention to them either since our lives depend on having a weapon..

SKIP said...

"At least those strict New York gun laws are doing their job.

RIGHT you are anon, imagine, just IMAGINE, the carnage the sacred negro could have wrought had he been able to obtain a legal gun!

SKIP said...

""The Left wants you dead, your children in chains, and everything you've ever owned. Tell me how you compromise with that."

This is the same attitude that far to many Christians have towards islam, they REALLY seem to think that some sort of compromise is possible who's entire existence dictates that they convert, enslave or murder them....Maybe Christianity and White people should go the way of the DoDo bird or...the U.S. Constitution.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey. I live in LA and wrote PK about this story. Boy did the MSM hit the panic button on that one. No description of suspects(wouldn't that help apprehend the suspects and what about the public's right to know?) and I believe they were arrested in Arizona on either Friday or Sat but they news wasn't released until Monday. This ranks up there with the shooting of the Chinese students at USC-I thought that might be the nadir but you never know. Always time for a rape during the commission of a robbery.

stereotyped expectations said...

In south africa, the dogs are biting at the bit, just wanting criminals to be white. Some forensic retarded had this to say about whites read the link to be entertained


The never mention race when its a black, but as soon as its white they have a race orgy, it seems to be international.

They so wanted it to be desperate whites, that forensic scum with her retarded observation was actually gleeful at the prospect of whites being desperate, so nice the stereo type lived up to its expectation.

xthred said...

ot, My new favorite show is Hardcore Pawn. The chimp outs are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Moral of the story - you can get shot for not understanding ebonics.

Anonymous said...

They're wild animals. It's becoming harder and harder to avoid the truth. They weren't ready to leave the jungle, and now they're really starting to lose it. Civilization is too much of a strain on their feeble monkey brains, and they're not even trying to act civilized anymore.

The mask is coming off; a fearsome apelike creature is staring back at us. Its fangs are bared, and it has one crude word on its bloated lips: "Trayvon ..."

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos, you are too f'n much. I had me some LOLZ over that.

Anonymous said...

There has been a movement to eliminate comments because non-PC comments in particular about Blacks. At first sites like the NY Post switched to Facebook thinking if folks showed their real names the comments would be PC. That didn't work so sites like the NY Pist have simply removed them.

Anonymous said...

Jay Santos' message should be copied and pasted all over the world because it Connects at the most fundamental level.

Anonymous said...

Did any of you guys catch the article Drudge linked yesterday about the City of Chicago having to pay a woman $22 million?

The judge in the case actually wrote the police should have known better to drop off a white woman in a black neighborhood. She was subsequently assaulted and thrown out a window rendering her a permanent vegetable.

Simply amazing.


another nordic caucasoid said...

hey fucked up lib-tards! ever wonder why we hate these monkey bastards? now you see why us realist's want segregation. there's nothing that half-breed can or will sign that i will obey. so this is what it comes to now lib-tards, the good hard working non begging whites will have to break these so called gun control orders. HEY LIBBY'S HAIL HITLER! godspeed whites!!! and fuck you to every liberal out there. oh yea, MY COLD DEAD HANDS FUCKERS!

Anonymous said...

What about whites who rob cabs? Isn't it a little unfair to take this story and say this is why cabbies don't stop for blacks. I could pull a story of a white robbing a cab and say cabbies therefore are putting their life at risk if they pick up some run down lookin cracker. The power of the story would help if someone listed cab robbery stats. They must not be favorable to this propaganda. And you wonder why blacks feel hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Lol you think this is an isolated story? If you want stats go search the Internet. Paul has laid a compelling case with stats and news articles to support his views. He doesn't need to repeat them for the likes of you.

Blacks feel hopeless because they are hopeless.

Anonymous said...

This is more like a youtube comment. You'll pay your taxes, from a plan signed by odrama, and if the feds really want your guns they'll get them.
If you're not just an agent provocateur making noise on the web, I'll give you some advice- be patient. Liberals are just misguided. We're dealing with a much greater problem. Consider potential allies and who is really your enemy. It's not some white guy who plays mandolin and drinks local beer while wishing for world peace in in portland who you need to worry about. Libs are more malleable than one might think and they rarely remain in their ideological bubble for their whole life. They need exposure to reality. I show HARD CORE libs sites like this and argue with them daily. Trust me, they don't truly want blacks around any more than anyone else.

Dieter said...

>Missy,get a grip!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what that black murderer needs with that watch he's wearing?

Unknown said...

Missy-- what about blacks who score a perfect 1600 on their SAT's? Yes, it might happen, but the odds are against it. As Damon Runyon supposedly said, "the battle isn't always to the strong, nor is the race to the swift of foot, but that's the way to bet." And if you're betting with your life, the last thing you should do is listen to Passenger 57.

Generalizations may not be worth much, but if you can't make them, you aren't, either.

Robbery stats would blow you away. Blacks make up 13% of the population, and they make up over 75% of the armed robberies.

Because people like yourself want to propagate some myth about blacks feeling hopeless, stats are hard to find. But here's one from South Carolina, showing that blacks commit 76% of armed robberies. I doubt it's any different in Illinois.


And as for your libtarded hooey about blacks feeling hopeless? Does anyone actually swallow that?

Blacks do have the lowest proficiencies in reading and math, but they have significantly higher self-esteem, according to none other than the libtarded American Psychiatric Association.


And you wonder why thinking people feel hopeless. No, you probably don't wonder unless MSNBC tells you to wonder.

Anonymous said...

Dear Missy,
These arguments are all about quantity. of course people of all races can perform the same quality of action but the don't do it with the same frequency ie blacks may have a 1/10 billion chance of existing in the genius spectrum of iq. Whites more like 1/100,000. Now whites may also have 1/100,000 who are capable of savagery whereas with blacks about 1/3 are capable and willing to 'put in work.'

Let me ask you if you've ever left your house without wearing a blindfold and noise canceling headphones playing kumbaya. I ask because I often enter the public with open ears and eyes and see very clear differences in the behavior of members of the different races and most notably the difference between blacks and everyone else who all seem to assimilate to a common civilized culture.
Some examples of non-black conversations I've heard parts of-"we had a great weekend.saw my nephew and took some pictures by the lake" or "hi how are you? It's good to see you."
Now compare this to some conversations I heard recently between some blax- "nigga fuck that bitch ass nigga. We gon kill that mothafucka" or " I fucked that white bitch with the fat ass.i never go in raw though ma nigga."

Imagine how hopeless we feel that we are watching you destroy the civilization that our ancestors created and we are so desperately trying to sustain.Imagine how we feel as your people continue making inroads to our safe havens and our innocent friends and family live their lives in fear of a wilding mob at the mall or a car jacking. Have some sympathy for us, Missy. We suffer greatly and sacrifice much to appease you and we try hard to get the nature of the jungle out of you but to no avail.
We are the ones who are losing. We are becoming dangerously hopeless but hopefully you people change your ways before an all out war occurs or the government acts on your behalf and fucks us like they did to the Boers.

Californian said...

Reverend Bacon and Jassi responded well to Missy. One more thing:

And you wonder why blacks feel hopeless.--Missy

Missy, if you are still reading this, can you explain your statement? Let's ask a question here: what is it that would give blacks "hope" in America?

Can you answer that?

I would think that blacks have plenty of "hope" insofar as the entire system in the USA is rigged to support them:
* Affirmative action
* Court decisions supporting affirmative action
* Black studies programs
* Court ordered busing
* Government and corporate grants for blacks/minorities
* Section 8 housing
* Bill Gates' scholarships
* A welfare system supporting black families
* A coming end to gun violence owing to Obama's executive decrees on this matter
* Mainstream media covering up the fact that blacks commit the majority of violent crime
* Mainstream media providing endless movies and TV programs showing positive black role models
* Hatecrime laws which protect blacks (but not whites)
* The USA joining in the sanctions which destroyed white rule in Rhodesia and South Africa and turned those countries into black-majority-rule paradises
* Black majority ruled cities in the USA such as Detroit and Newark which provide hope for a future without racist whites

Anonymous said...

"What about whites who rob cabs?"

NYC does not have a problem with cabs being robbed by whites.

"Isn't it a little unfair to take this story and say this is why cabbies don't stop for blacks."

This story is not isolated.
NYC cab drivers won't pick up blacks because cab robberies are almost exclusively committed by blacks.

"I could pull a story of a white robbing a cab and say cabbies therefore are putting their life at risk if they pick up some run down lookin cracker."

Okay. Please do so.

"The power of the story would help if someone listed cab robbery stats."

Fernando Mateo, the head of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers: “I don’t care about racial profiling. You know, sometimes it is good we are racially profiled, because the God’s honest truth is that 99 percent of the people that are robbing, stealing, killing these drivers are blacks and Hispanics.”

"They must not be favorable to this propaganda."
Black violence is worldwide.
There is not a place on earth where the black violent crime rate is low.
Challenge yourself to find just one majority-black city that has a low crime rate.
There's no such place.

"And you wonder why blacks feel hopeless.

No, I wonder why blacks are incapable of following the laws of civilized society.

Californian said...

As long as I have this thing cranked up...

And you wonder why blacks feel hopeless.

So then blacks do not feel hopeless because a black man shoots a cabbie? That's OK, that's cause for hope. And blacks do not feel hopeless because blacks commit half the murders in the USA as well as most of the other violent crime? Lot of hope there. And blacks do not feel hopeless because when given control of a fully functional city, such as Detroit, they end up driving it into the ground, both fiscally and literally? No problem. And blacks see cause for hope when they are handed entire countries such as Rhodesia then turn them into dictatorships, wreck the economy and ethnically cleanse whites and opposing blacks? There's a bright future there.

But all's it takes is one post on this website about a black criminal caught in the act--and blacks become hopeless?

Can you explain this to us?

Anonymous said...

"Missy, if you are still reading this, can you explain your statement? Let's ask a question here: what is it that would give blacks "hope" in America?"

For years, I've heard that if blacks had black role models, then they would aspire to greater heights.

Unfortunately, having a black president has proven the fallacy of this notion. Under 4 years of Obama, blacks have REGRESSED in every way possible.

Anonymous said...

If blacks feel any hopelessness, it's because deep down they recognize their own status as a failed species when compared to every other race on the planet. However, that reality is just too painful to face so they engage in self delusion to compensate for it i.e black invention myths, mythological scientific accomplishments, claiming to have created every culture on earth etc.
No other race does this because they don't have to.
If I were black, I'd feel hopeless too just from looking at the behavior and history of my own race.

Anonymous said...

'Under 4 years of Obama, blacks have REGRESSED in every way possible.'

this has been underway since the Black riots of the 60s.

PK points this out, Detroit riots
cause White [and presumably Middle Class Blacks] to F-KIN RUN.

Also Obama brings in lotsa e immigrants who compete with us, esp the poor...
I saw somalis? going into the low income housing ....they were black
horrible immigrant mu-slimes.

Anonymous said...

you said it all!!

Zenster said...

SKIP: This is the same attitude that far to many Christians have towards islam, they REALLY seem to think that some sort of compromise is possible [with a group] whose entire existence dictates that they convert, enslave or murder them....

It's always nice to see that someone, somewhere is actually paying attention to the bigger picture.

Blacks are just a microcosm of the macro-parasitism that Islam represents. I have cataloged over 130 correlations between the behavior of Blacks and Muslims without seeing even a small percentage of incidents that contradict such easily observed similarities.

That our world continues to ignore the consistent dysfunction of Socialism (including Communism and all other variants of statism), indicates some truly serious repercussions await us with respect to how Race Realism and the Counterjihad never get a fair hearing.

The venom that seeps out from the neglect (both benign and malign), which allows these three toxins to ferment is fatal. Especially so when all antidotes are deemed the height of political incorrectness.

Mr. Rational said...

Speaking of Islam, Blogger has shut down the Gates of Vienna blog for "violation of terms of service".

We are definitely in a time of universal deceit, because speaking the truth gets your blog shut down.

Anonymous said...

@ Missy

Don't worry, white people know very well there are criminals in their community and a lot of them.

Unfortunately, instead of facing the failures of their own race it's always easier to focus on problems of others. As you can see in this discussion they resort to all sort of bogus arguments ; i.e invented stats which portray black people in the worst way possible; denying the white crimes of the past & present and inventing false history etc.

To give you a brief explanation of how it works:
If you are a law-abiding black citizen you are more likely to commit crime than a white criminal; if you do well at school numbers tell you have worse potential than a white failing student; if you are a clever that is an anomaly and it is against the odds . And so and so on, you get the drift.

Lies, damn lies and statistics... this saying exists for a good reason.

Statistical odds are completely unimportant, in the end it all comes down to people's real behaviour.

However those who prefer not to see the reality of things will rather stick with the stats.

And, last thing, ignorance of this kind is often annoying to deal but don't let it make you miserable. At least you'll have a funny story to tell.