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Christina Eilman -- The Reason We Fear the Dark

From Death Wish, when Kersey and Ames are watching the Old West Show in Tucson, Arizona; after the show is over, a voice on the PA can be heard. 

The voice said: 

The outlaw life seemed a shortcut to easy money... ...which could buy liquor and women.  
 But there were honest men who would fight --- who planted the roots that would grow into a nation.
Christina Eilman, a casualty in a nameless war
In the black community today, the outlaw life is the black way of life (a difference though: the tax-payer is on the hook for providing EBT/Food Stamps and Welfare/TANF which goes to pay for the liquor and the unwanted detritus from a hookup with a woman). 

The ruins of cities, where once the inhabitants daily actions echoed across the globe producing a prosperity never-before-seen, like Detroit in 2013 were built on the foundation of this black way of life. 

Today, the only echos heard are the sounds of police and ambulance sirens rushing to the scene of yet another black crime. 

Honest men in America can't fight anymore; to do so would be the equivalent of suicide. 

But a story mentioned in passing here,  The Cost of Judging by Character in Chicagoland: $22.5 Million, should serve as the ultimate wake-up call about the type of civilization that has grown from the out-of-control black way of life that has proliferated with Black-Run America (BRA). 

The name Christina Eilman doesn't mean much to your average American today, but in time, her story will be told with same vitriol and authority as that of Emmett Till, James Byrd, or even Matthew Shepard. 

Only in a society that tolerates the ruination of its major cities could the tale of Christina Eilman fall upon deaf ears; only in a society terminally ill could the injustice Christina Eilman faced not provoke the strongest reactions of... of punishment from those who hear of it. 

Punishment for those who have allowed the roots of the black way of life to grow, which have entangled cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Birmingham, and Baltimore into a frightening jungle where life is... fleeting. 

What is the "Black way of life" -- Had Oxygen not cancelled Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas, you would have seen it in a manner far more powerful then any episode of Hardcore Pawn or The First 48 could provide. 

But it's Christina Eilman's fate that shows us the true "Black way of life" that threatens to choke the very ability of America to compete in the global economy of today; it's Eilman's tale that should shame anyone reading or hearing of it to once and for all abandoning any notion of "judging by content of character" forever. 

Just who is Christina Eilman? She is a white girl that in 2006 was released by the Chicago Police Department into one of the most dangerous areas of the entire world (almost completely populated by the granddaughters and grandsons of those black people who were part of the "Great Migration"); that population of black people were allowed to proliferate by a continuous flow of tax dollars in the form of welfare, EBT/Food Stamps, and subsidized houses -- particularly at the infamous Robert Taylor Homes. 

Wikipedia describes the conditions of the Robert Taylor Homes as thus:

These problems include narcoticsviolence, and the perpetuation of poverty. Planned for 11,000 inhabitants, the Robert Taylor Homes housed up to a peak of 27,000 people. 
Six of the poorest US census areas with populations above 2,500 were found there. Including children who are not of working age, at one point 95 percent of the housing development's 27,000 residents were unemployed and listed public assistance as their only income source,[4] and 40 percent of the households were single-parent, female-headed households earning less than $5,000 per year. 
About 96 percent were African-American. The drab, concrete high-rises, many blackened with the scars of arson fire, sat in a narrow stretch of slum. The city's neglect was evident in littered streets, poorly enforced building codes, and scant commercial or civic amenities.
Police intelligence sources say that elevated number of homicides was the result of gang "turf wars," as gang members and drug dealers fought over control of given Chicago neighborhoods. Its landlord, the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA), has estimated that $45,000 in drug deals took place daily. Former residents of the Robert Taylor Homes have said that the drug dealers fought for control of the buildings. In one weekend, more than 300 separate shooting incidents were reported in the vicinity of the Robert Taylor Homes. Twenty-eight people were killed during the same weekend, with 26 of the 28 incidents believed to be gang-related. 
On June 25, 1983, an infant, Vinyette Teague, was abducted from Robert Taylor Homes after her grandmother left her alone in the hallway for a few minutes to answer a phone call. An estimated 50 people were in the hallway at the time of the abduction, but police were unable to gather enough evidence to make any arrests. She has never been seen or heard from since
It is in this environment that Eilman, a white girl with obvious mental issues, was dropped off by the police in 2006. [The next Christina Eilman, Chicago Tribune, 8-30-2006]
A young California woman being held by Chicago police for creating a disturbance at Midway Airport exhibits erratic behavior consistent with mental health problems. By telephone, her parents plead for police to put her on a westbound airplane. Instead, police release her from a lockup at 51st Street and Wentworth Avenue--sending her alone into one of Chicago's highest-crime areas. 
On Sunday the Tribune's David Heinzmann told what's emerged thus far in the terrible story of Christina Eilman: of how a gang member awaits trial for allegedly abducting and raping her after her release, of how she survived a seven-story fall from a public housing high-rise, of how she now lies--withered, semi-conscious and unlikely to fully recover--in a brain injury unit at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Here's what the Chicago Tribune reported in 2006 [She begged for help
Hour after hour, Christina Eilman threw herself at the bars of her cell at a South Side police lockup, shrieking threats one moment and begging for help the next, pleading that she was ill.

Even the women in adjoining cells, many who were used to the chaos of lockup, were alarmed at Eilman's unremitting distress. Many of them joined in, calling out to guards on Eilman's behalf.

"I heard that girl screaming for her life, `Take me to the hospital. Call my parents,'" Tamalika Harris, 26, said in a recent interview with the Tribune. "The way she was screaming and kicking on the bars, I knew something was wrong."

A woman in a nearby cell recalled the response of police officers: "Shut up."
In California, Eilman's mother was begging for help too, calling Chicago police a dozen times through the night and the following day. How could she rescue her 21-year-old daughter, who suffered from bipolar disorder, was stranded in an unfamiliar city and had been arrested after a disturbance at the airport?
Time after time, she says, police told her to call back later.
The last time Kathy Paine called on May 8, police floored her with unexpected news: Eilman had been released, walking alone out the front door of the station at 51st Street and Wentworth Avenue, into one of Chicago's highest-crime neighborhoods.
Three hours later, Eilman plummeted from a seventh-floor window of a nearby public housing high-rise, wearing only underwear--a shock that has raised troubling questions within the Chicago Police Department about whether officers' actions led a vulnerable woman to disaster.
A gang member is awaiting trial on charges that he abducted and raped her, but whether Eilman fell, jumped or was pushed remains a mystery.
To the amazement of those who found her crushed body, she survived. But she will never fully recover from the damage to her body and brain, her doctor said.
Eilman, once an athletic, vivacious student at the University of California-Los Angeles, now suffers through daily pain and confusion. She lives in a sort of twilight of consciousness, able to make only the most rudimentary responses, enduring frustrating therapies she can hardly comprehend.
She makes eye contact, but fleetingly. Some days she speaks a few words and appears dreamy, almost contented. Other days she writhes and moans as the pain from her injuries continues to ravage her body.
Her parents' expectations for improvement are modest.
"We hope that she'll be able to feed herself, and maybe go to the bathroom," Rick Paine said.
Here's what Chicago's ABC affiliate reported in 2006, with a black woman - who called the Robert Taylor Homes "home" (meaning: her very existence was subsidized by the state) - telling Eilman "white and black don't mix" as she pleaded for help: [Woman injured in fall from seventh-floor window, ABC 7 Chicago, May 11, 2006]:
A woman was injured in a fall from a seventh-floor window of a CHA building late Monday night. Police want to question a person who last seen with the victim. Officials said the victim was released from police custody a short time before the incident.
Police say the critically injured victim was found late Monday night on the ground outside the last remaining high-rise of the Robert Taylor Homes. The 21-year-old woman was dressed only in her bra and panties. Investigators believe she had either been pushed or fell from a seventh-floor window. They are still trying to determine if she had been sexually assaulted.
"Our investigation so far shows that she was with an individual who we have identified and looking for was last person seen with her. And we're asking for the public's help. If anybody saw anything, this would have been on Monday evening after 6:30 at night at 5135 South Side. We're asking them to call area one," said Philip Cline, Chicago Police Superintendent.
A long-time resident at the Robert Taylor Homes -- who did not want to be identified -- said earlier Monday evening, she saw the young woman in the courtyard and again outside her own apartment.
"The woman got on my floor and tried to get in apartment. I said, 'No, white and black don't mix,'" said one Robert Taylor Homes Resident.
 Here's how that same paper reported the story in 2010, with those also in jail cells with Eilman testifying that the Chicago Police Department guards yelled, "Shut up white bitch," to her as she pleaded with them for help -- before they dropped her off in one of the world's most dangerous places.
[New details of woman's fateful fall

Records show how Christina Eilman ended up at a South Side high-rise, Chicago Tribune, 1-5-2010]:

Christina Eilman was mentally ill. 
The 21-year-old California woman hung around Midway Airport for two days, raving about the price of oil, exposing herself, making lewd comments and screaming at ticket agents, a baby and a blind man. 
Then the Chicago police took her into custody, held her overnight and released her into a high-crime neighborhood, where things turned even worse. 
On behalf of Eilman, whose plunge from a seventh-floor public-housing apartment in May 2006 has left her permanently brain-damaged, her parents are suing the city for $100 million, contending that police negligence placed her in harm's way without the wherewithal to seek help or protection. 
Pretrial testimony and other court documents show that several officers involved in Eilman's arrest at Midway had an ongoing discussion at the Chicago Lawn District about how to handle the woman who was behaving so strangely. One officer testified she called Eilman's parents in California, learned that she was "probably bipolar" and then relayed the information to a watch commander and the arresting officers. 
Police Department policy requires officers dealing with mentally ill people to take them to a hospital for an evaluation. But instead of arranging transportation to a hospital, police ultimately sent Eilman miles away to the Wentworth District lockup, where multiple witnesses said jail guards dealt with her erratic and bizarre behavior by repeatedly telling her to "shut up." One inmate testified that black officers repeatedly shouted at Eilman, calling her a "white bitch." 
Instead of arranging transportation to a hospital, police ultimately sent Eilman miles away to the Wentworth District lockup. Rick and Kathy Paine have agonized over their own decision to stay at home, waiting by the phone for more information from Chicago police instead of jumping on a plane to come to their daughter's aid. Kathy Paine told the Tribune in 2007 that she did not know what to do because police would give her no concrete information. 
Over nine telephone calls from Kathy Paine to the Wentworth District, she said, she was repeatedly told to call back later until an officer told her that Eilman had already been released. 
Police escorted Eilman to the back door of the Wentworth District, which also houses an area detective headquarters. She then wandered along 51st Street a few blocks east to a takeout restaurant, where men began to gather and talk to the petite blonde, who was dressed in a skimpy jogging suit. 
Witnesses said she appeared to be disoriented and behaving erratically, unable to make eye contact or track what people were saying to her. A short time later she walked to the public housing high-rise at 5135 S. Federal St., then the last remaining building of the Robert Taylor Homes. It has since been razed. 
A crowd gathered around, befuddled by the presence of an unescorted white woman in a virtually all-black, high-crime area. Eilman eventually went with a group of people to a vacant apartment on the seventh floor that residents used as a communal room. 
One resident, Melene Jones, said she repeatedly told Eilman to leave because the building was not safe for her. Several men asked Eilman to perform oral sex, but she refused, at one point saying she would jump out the window if anyone laid a hand on her, witnesses said. 
Jones said she tried to persuade Eilman to leave because she feared something bad would happen. 
"First off, because, I mean, there was nobody there with her. And second off, because she was a white girl and, I mean, it's really unusual for a white girl to be in the building and especially by herself," Jones testified. "If you live there, it's cool and you know everybody and whatnot, but if you don't and you just be there and whatnot, people, they might try to take advantage of you and whatnot." 
Eventually, reputed gang member and convicted felon Marvin Powell entered the apartment and began trying to talk to Eilman, several witnesses said. He began trying to provoke her with sexual taunts and then demanded that everyone else leave the apartment. When Eilman tried to leave with them, Powell allegedly held her back and said to the others, "I'm gonna show this bitch who the real killa is," according to testimony from resident Robert Kimble. 
Powell is charged with abducting and sexually assaulting Eilman. He is jailed awaiting trial. 
Eilman began screaming that Powell was going to kill her, and Powell shut the door. 
Soon, people outside did not hear any more screaming, Kimble and others said. 
About 15 minutes later, residents started running through the halls of the building in an uproar. The woman had plummeted from the window, they said, and was lying in the grass below.
Is there a hypothetical place in America where Eilman, had she been black and the community members been all-white, would have encountered a similar situation? 

No. White people would have probably made a black person with obvious mental problems walking around their neighborhood the honorary president of the homeowners association (so as not to look racist). After inviting them into their home for milk and cookies, of course. 

Is there another city in America with a majority-black area where Eilman would have encountered the exact same situation as she did in Chicago? 


Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, New Orleans, Jackson (MS), Shreveport, Savannah, Macon (GA), Orlando, Miami, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. are just a few cities that spring to mind. 

Recall how the story ends.  [City to pay $22.5 million to bipolar woman released in high-crime area, Chicago Sun-Times, 1-15-13]:
Chicago taxpayers will spend $22.5 million to compensate a mentally-ill California woman who was arrested and held overnight, then released in a high-crime neighborhood, where she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted before falling from a seventh-floor window of a CHA high-rise.
An even more devastating blow to the city’s case came last spring.

That’s when a federal appeals court rejected the city’s attempt to dismiss the case and said police “might as well have released her into the lions’ den at Brookfield Zoo” when they ignored frantic calls from Eilman’s parents and allowed the young woman to leave without assistance in the high-crime neighborhood.

In the federal appeals court ruling that turned about to be the death knell of the city’s case, Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook did not mince his words in talking about the cavalier disregard that Chicago Police officers exhibited for Eilman’s safety before her release.
“She was lost, unable to appreciate her danger and dressed in a manner to attract attention,” Easterbrook wrote last spring.
“She is white and well-off while the local population is predominantly black and not affluent, causing her to stand out as a person unfamiliar with the environment and, thus, a potential target for crime.”
 This is the story of Christina Eilman, a casualty of the black way of life that has grown to became an infestation in many of our greatest cities. 

This is also a story of the type of conditions and community the black way of life created at the Robert Taylor Homes, which have now all been razed. 

Yet Christina Eilman is the enduring legacy of the type of world cultivated by black way of life, even though the Robert Taylor Housing Project is gone.

Men will arise again to plant the roots for... something else.

And it is the story of Christina Eilman, and countless others like hers, that will serve as the reminder of why this age had to come to an end.


Mutant Swarm said...

I can't read any more of this. I'll be back in a week.

Anonymous said...

We must start to control these beasts' breeding habits. It's no joke.

America will turn into one big Favela if we don't.

Mr. Rational said...

The big story ought to be the depraved indifference of the police to Eilman's welfare... with the mug shots and names of every officer involved.

They should have been named and shamed years ago, and fired.  Why not?  I'll bet that they are all Black, and thus untouchable.  And that is the reason why I will never go back to the Museum of Science and Industry, or the Adler Planetarium, or anything else in the Rahmster's godforsaken hellhole.

Mr. Rational said...

There are elites who like favelas; the people in them have no other options and can't challenge those whose comfortable lives are lived inside privacy walls.

Anonymous said...

How sad. CPD is completely responsible and what an indictment on the black community by the judge. He likened them to animals. I'm surprised this wasn't picked up by the Nationsl press actually no I'm not.

Jay Santos said...

It's the media, newspapers and TV. This is a horrible story. Recall also, the story out of Oklahoma, where a negro home invasion resulted in the rape of an 80 year old woman, her murder and the eventual death of her husband. These would be only two out of hundreds of crimes, and the patterns of those crimes, that should be in the media.

The unfortunate reality is that we need stories like these publicized, in order to effect any change, any awakening among the masses. The media could do that in a minute. But they don't. They operate in lock step to keep coverage of these savage attacks to an absolute minimum. It's hard to understand why they operate this way, at least how it can be so uniform. The media is an accomplice to these savage attacks.

Dieter said...

It could have been my daughter.What can I do to stop this stuff?I do not want to read about it anymore.I want it to stop and stop now!

Anonymous said...

I have refrained from posting because I got overloaded. It is too much. I yearn for a society free from this shit. What happened to this woman was just inhumane, but blacks by and large are inhumane. Money, degrees, and other 'trappings' can't change their essence.

The police are a joke. They are not on Whitey's side. They are an arm of the government, which is now a supplier of killer drones carrying out orders for BRA... They are looking to disarm us. They spy on us. This is real, that's why it is so scary.

Those police officers knew damn well that woman would get throttled and they did not care. Our government does not care about its citizens... In fact, it is like a clique. It is in group out group. If you are not part of the Government, you don't matter. In fact, the government will hurt you, kill you, split up your family, and kill your kids. They are souless.

I am going out West, I am denouncing my citizenship.

White Mom in the Turds

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 12:50 PM said... We must start to control these beasts' breeding habits. It's no joke.

It is not even a matter of "controlling" their breeding... it would help if we simply stopped providing incentives for them to reproduce, and start caging or eliminating them as allowed under the laws already in place.

It is not going to happen under the current crop of politicians. Here's hoping the 2014 midterm elections change things, unless there is a SHTF event in the interim.

Anonymous said...

This article answered my unpublished comment from yesterday. Yes, we know that at least the guards at the jail were vindictive groids ,and we can assume that the cops who dropped her into that shithole were black or co conspirators who love blacks.

This is Obamas community outreach in action. He's going to nationalize this savagery if things don't change soon.

eah said...

Really disgusting story in so many ways. All of which the media will seek to downplay, including and especially the apparent racial animosity ("white bitch") of some of the black public employees involved.

Question: In the coverage of this, has anyone seen reports of these public employees being identified, and perhaps being disciplined or fired?

Anonymous said...

Who pays the settlement - white taxpayers???

Anonymous said...

I won't let my precious young daughters out of my sight until the day I hand them safely over to their husbands.

Anonymous said...

... the most dangerous areas of the entire world (almost completely populated by the granddaughters and grandsons of those black people who were part of the "Great Migration")

So does this mean that perps can get leniency from Halfwit liberal (and tawny) judges by saying "Ah beez a third-generation survivor of Jim Crow laws 'n' $#!+ gnome sane?"

PDK said...

Christina Eilman, Eve Carson and Nicola Furlong are just a few of the untold number of young, white women beaten, raped and murdered by the lower than white, IQed blacks. This was the outcome the old southern white caste system attempted to prevent.

As far as Emmit Till was concerned, he was 5’ 4” tall and weighed 150 lbs. As blacks are born of a more r selective gene pool, with its emphasis more on quantity over quality, his dimensions would be the equivalent of a white male, born of a more k selective gene pool, at 16 years of age, though Emmit was only 14. Further Emmit bragged to his friends that he had a white girlfriend back in Chicago, was then subsequently dared by his friends to try for the white woman and did so, thus bringing upon himself the unintended consequences of his actions.

The Chicago police, I`m guessing mostly, or all black, knew dumping the white, mentally impaired Christina into the black jungle would meet the fate of rape and murder. However there is no outrage, no mass media coverage of this atrocity as both was, and periodically still is, with Till.

Blacks are of a different sub-species than whites, and are therefore innately different from whites. Their shorter neotenous growth pattern is the cause of their lower IQ, and their quicker maturation process, and ultimately the cause of both their more precocious sexual maturation and a greater urge for sex in general.

There is an incompatible nature between our two different gene pools and the different products born of said different gene pools that can only be overcome by either melding the two gene pools, or by a separating out of our common culture and into two mutually exclusive cultures. White liberals and blacks want the former. Non-liberal whites, or at least I myself, want the latter.

Of course there is the bigger picture of the alliance between white liberals, blacks, browns and Islamics to destroy our Founding Fathers, free enterprise Republic by transmogrifying it through our fully enfranchised democracy into their false dream of Utopia, a socialist democracy and eventually the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

One consequence of the both white liberal and black goal of melding our gene pools is of course a dumbing down of the white IQ. No thanks.

Because the window of opportunity is short, I for one hope other, non-liberal whites will consider a separating out from those others, and to further gather together in republican states and finally to secede by declaring our independence and further by forging our own and new Constitution, which by the way should outlaw or disenfranchise all who are not non-liberal whites.

Unfortunately, I see King Belshazzar’s writing on the wall, and realize we are, as a culture, and as white people, being weighed and measured, and further, are being found, wanting. Thank you.

MuayTyson said...

As Emitt Tills name is on the lips of all black children Christina Eilmans name should be on the lips of all White children. She could be a symbol of BRA. This is what happens to Whites who dare venture to far into the dark concrete jungles.

I would love to see the response from the Huffpo woman who tried to argue that black and White crime rates were similar except for the evil police. You want evil police bitch look for a choco-cop with a tin star on his chest.

Anonymous said...

More Chicago TNB.

Anonymous said...

I've been a cop for 20 years and this is disgusting and should not be tolerated.

josh said...

I remember the day this happened. Th suffering of the parents must be beyond measure. Yet more sufferingmlaid on white people by THEM and thei primitive savage ways.And why havent the police involved in this been identified,fired,prosecuted and jailed?

Anonymous said...

Exactly. I am a regular reader and rare poster. I need some time off too or I'll snap. It's stuff like this that makes me want to go all Death Wish.

Personaly, I can't wait for when the SHTF. They'll get no quarter from me.

Anonymous said...

Hey CF,

HOW can YOU blame THIS on WHITE people THIS time?


bubo said...

The thing that gets me is the absolute 100 percent certainty that this woman was going to be the victim of violence after she was released into that black zone. Very few things in this life are a 100% certainty but black sexual violence against a helpless victim is one.

If she was put into a tank with a hungry shark there wouldn't be a 100 percent certainty that she would get bitten. Probably only 50/50.

If I was this girl's father I'd wait until the money was received. Kiss my wife goodbye. Drive to Chicago and get my justice.

So CAL Snowman said...

The only thing I can say for now (too angry to type more) is that it would seem that Satan exists and his minions are to be found in the CPD. Satanic, that's the only word that describes what the CPD did to Christina Eilman. These subhuman savages are Satanic Demons sent from the deepest pits of hell to torture and maim the White race. Liberalism/Communism is pure Satanic evil.

bubo said...

What else can one say at the deluge of black atrocity that has totally destroyed whatever this country used to be. I fear we are out of options. Nothing has worked.

Col. Kurtz arrived at the same conclusion in Apocalypse Now. "Drop the bomb. Exterminate them all."

Anonymous said...

Next time you are on Huffington Post--next time you are anywhere spreading the truth about blacks, and some libtard tries to tell you that "we're all the same" or the usual claptrap, just tell them to look up Christina Eilman. Spread the word. If the media won't talk about her then speak about her in the comments and tell those papers you hold them directly responsible for cases like Christina's because they will NOT tell the truth about the black plague.

S_McCoy said...

So much justifiable anger and hatred, the saddest thing is we all know that even greater depravity is just around the corner. The white cops will circle the wagons around the guards, they're all heros donchaknow, the blacks are so depraved I spose they'll excuse this away, in the end all I can do is hate this country with abandon. I pray that God is just and these wicked evil people are all punished starting with the whites who allow this.
Make me your instrument

Anonymous said...

This is the last paragraph of the 1/14/2013 Sun Times articlr:
"The item listed on the Finance Committee agenda names Chicago Police Sergeant David Berglind, Police Officers Teresa Williams and Pamela Smith and Detention Aides Sharon Stokes, Cynthia Hudson and Catonia Quinn as defendants in the lawsuit filed by Eilman’s parents."
All but the Sergeant are women including this: Catonia. I can just hear her saying shut up white bitch.

City resident said...

Perhaps a more typical case would be that of the '08 beating of Jennifer Hall, a 5'4" 110 lb woman, by Derrick King and his sidekick Joyce Burgess in the South Loop area of Chicago. Out celebrating her 36th birthday with her boyfriend, a refusal to give the large, burly King a cigarette resulted in her getting beaten and stomped whereby all her teeth were kicked out, 85 staples were put in her head and she had to be put into a drug induced coma at the hospital. King served a ridiculously short period of time in prison and was out before she had recovered. Google around a bit and one can get a gory picture of her stapled head.
He's been arrested dozens of times yet he's now on the streets wandering around a free man. The victim lost everything, suffered brain damage, had no insurance, and has no one to sue or otherwise get compensated. How many Derrick King types are out there, violent deadbeats with nothing to lose?

Anonymous said...

Exactly! It's the spiral of poverty, the random violence....etc. No, it is the fathers , sons, uncles and cousins of the "community". But yet the marchers don't say that. Brooks ministers at gang funerals all the while speaking of the random violence. Momma cries in the street gripping an 8th grade grad photo, the random violence. Mo one denounces the members of the community who are the prepatrators.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I won't let my precious young daughters out of my sight until the day I hand them safely over to their husbands".

We are raising two fine White sons, proud of their Heritage & Culture. They will be responsible, hardworking, disciplined, mannered and versed in History & Martial arts/firearms.

They are currently 2 & 5.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is hard to take. This woman could have been any of our sisters, wives, daughters. Black gang-bangers behind a badge decided to get back at Whitey for 300 years of oppression by sacrificing a young White woman to their "bros". Of course they received no punishment because they provide diversity to the CPD.

I truly believe history will regard the period between the Civil Rights movement and the coming Nationalist Revolutions as a "Dark Ages" in Western Civilization. Given how fast technology was advancing during and after WW2 we should have moon colonies and Mars colonies. We should be living like the Jetsons. Welfare and multiculturalism have stagnated and even reversed the accomplishments of Western Civilization. Thankfully, they are collapsing. It will be bloody and painful, but we will soon take back what is rightfully ours.

Whiskey said...

Here is the utter, honest truth. Ordinary White people are the enemy. No, no one wants to hear about this. Or the Straits, Bob and Nancy. Or Channon Christian or Christopher Newsome. Or the other couple in Tulsa, young also. Or Brittney Watts.

And that goes double for most White people. About 60% of White people have no dealings with Black people save TV. And they believe what they see on TV. If you are around Black people daily, and not just high-IQ overachievers (and yes they do exist, just not many of them) but ordinary Black people, you might or might not have affection for them (White coaches seem to) but illusions? None.

Ordinary White people would rather believe what they see on TV. All Black women are magical avatars like Oprah, or Pope of forgiveness, and Whoopi Goldberg, magical fount of wisdom. All Black guys are magical founts of saintly patience, genius masculine presence, without annoying White nerdery, and chivalrous and honorable. People "KNOW" these things because they've seen them on TV a million times, and have never seen the real thing daily. It is like the Glock being "cocked" like an old West single action army revolver. Glocks don't make that sound. there is nothing they make (you can't cock them like a revolver). The foley sound effects guys just never changed over and kept it for dramatic effect. Even though to any knowledgeable shooter, who has ever shot one as a rental in a shooting range, knows you can't make that sound. All you do is rack the slide. Which makes a different sound. And you do it only once when you load the gun. [Pointing it I might add in a safe direction.]

Elites of course depend on machine control of cities like Chicago, which means Black voters and keeping Whites ethnically cleansed out of cities to prevent reform and reform votes from there. That keeps organizations like GM, or GE, or the Federal Government big and having lots of jobs for the assistant undersecretary of putting things on top of other things. So they don't want to know about Christina Eilman either.

Whiskey said...

IMHO, trying to publicize this is a lost cause, because outside the families no one cares. Or wants to care. The public prefers lies to truth (that's the depressing part of the Dark Enlightenment -- that pretty lies are preferred to ugly truths). The elites depend on lies to maintain control and money.

HOWEVER, two prongs are worth considering. The first is scorched earth, that is a consistent way of destroying the ability of elites to make a living off the media/infotainment field. This is roughly analogous to the way retreating armies since Fabian against Hannibal, burned fields to deny the enemy food. Hannibal was the greatest general ever, but even he had to feed his troops. A lesson Napoleon learned and forgot.

This would mean, widespread effort to erase copyrights, to make having the rights to Thor, or Mickey Mouse, or Superman useless, because anyone can make stuff with them; or copy movies, through legal reform. And supporting those who do so effectively (this means the guys in the Pirate Party in Germany and Sweden are our allies and worthy of support).

The other is of course, a concerted effort to make it "this time its personal" by copying the nonviolent but effective means of the Abolitionists (the New Englanders not the loser John Brown), Suffragettes, Temperance Movement (think Carrie Nation with her ax in saloons), MADD, Sierra Club, Earth First, Amnesty International, and the Civil Rights movement. The head of say, TLC deserves picketing for putting on Honey Boo Boo. As does her kids schools, her social organizations, her employer, her channels SPONSORS, and so on.

The Temperance movement was never big (most men were 100% in favor of booze) but won because they would not stop agitating. They did little that was overtly illegal, but used a lot of pressure. They are worthy of copying.

You don't have to change 300 million American minds. Just say, 5,000 families, the "narrow elites" who run America according to Charles Murray.

Anonymous said...

Here's another sad story - takes place in Sweden. Caution - Death Scene Photo

Anonymous said...

The pic is horrific.

Remember circa 1990, Ctown, the sad
tale of the

Maybe that should be told as well.

Anonymous said...

As far as Emmit Till was concerned...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Next time you are on Huffington Post--next time you are anywhere spreading the truth about blacks, and some libtard tries to tell you that "we're all the same" or the usual claptrap, just tell them to look up Christina Eilman. Spread the word. If the media won't talk about her then speak about her in the comments and tell those papers you hold them directly responsible for cases like Christina's because they will NOT tell the truth about the black plague.


There are so many anti White
bloggers there...
amybe someone could post her tale there..........

Anonymous said...

I looked up Marvin Powell on the Illinois dept. of corrections website. In 2002, this human piece of garbage was arrested and given 7 years for discharging an illegal weapon. Hmm, imagine if the law makers had enough guts to impose stiffer mandatory sentences. This poor girl would have a normal life right now.

It boggles my mind to no end how these politicians are hellbent on banning guns in order to create a safer society. Giving stiffer mandatory sentences to the descendants of pyramid builders would guarantee that no human will be harmed for a long period of time. My theory is that these judges in the big cities give slap on the wrists in order not to incur the wrath of the Jesse Jackson's of the world. These loud mouthed poverty pimps could mount a campaign to vote tough judges out.

Anonymous said...

This has happened before in the same city. With the same 'no interest' from the MSM.

Does anyone recall the story of Richard Will? He was a 32 year old white male, who in 1995 was driving with his friend, who was black, through a black Chicago neighborhood. When they were stopped by two black police officers for a broken tail light.

When they discovered the white male had no drivers license they had his car towed away.

Richard Will pleaded with the officers for a ride away from what he knew was a dangerous neighborhood but they refused. Telling him that he "Best start walking", as they drove away laughing, according to his black companion, who the black police officers did drive to safety.

The white male, who know found himself alone, was set upon by two black males, Wardell McClain and Michael Armstrong, who beat him, dowsed him with gasoline, and burned him to death.

Source-'Friend Says Slain Man Had Begged For a Ride', Chicago Sun-Times, October 28, 1995, p. 3.)

Anonymous said...

It would seem, that the cops released her into a den of criminality. And they did so on purpose. I suspect the cops involved were Black. Which leads me to believe they knew what would happen to this woman, and they did not care. In fact, I think they thought they were sending a message to the White community. Frankly, why should they care? They knew the White tax payers would be on the hook for this atrocity.

Anonymous said...

The 11th Plague was the advent of socialism & communism, the 12th Plague is Libtardism.

Bogolyubski said...

Keep in mind folks that it will be the taxpayer who compensates Christina Eilman and her lawyers for this. It will not be George Soros, or John Corzine, Lloyd Blankfein or Banksta Ben, Rahm Emmanuel or Cheeph McCarthy - or even Housenigga Hussein, teleprompter-in-cheeph. They won't be shelling out a nickel - not one.

It won't be Shitavius or Turdquilla either, as they they typically get "Earned Income Tax Credits" as "refunds" if they even bother to file. Just today, the Bathhouse Repukes were in Williamsburg, VA getting lectures from consultants about how they need to "reach out" more to orcs - as if orcs are ever going to vote for Republicans.

Anonymous said...

I mentioned on a blog post way back that maybe people in the South will wake up when they turn the Confederate sites into basketball courts , as a joke. But seriously BRA in Memphis are itching to 'erase' history and this is just another step in that direction..I posted this hoping PK will see it. Mind you, those bodies have been in that park since 1904 and only NOW do they think it needs renaming.

AnalogMan said...

The ruins of cities ... like Detroit in 2013

I believe the word you're looking for is "detroitus". Increasingly, a metaphor for all Western cities.

As Shakespeare said, "So foul a sky clears not without a storm". A storm is past due. The anger in these comments does my old heart good. Keep stirring the pot, Paul, and let's get to what we all know must be done.

Unknown said...

If I was this girl's father I'd wait until the money was received. Kiss my wife goodbye. Drive to Chicago and get my justice.

If I was this girl's father I'd wait until the money was received. Kiss my wife goodbye. Drive to Chicago and get my justice.

If I was this girl's father I'd wait until the money was received. Kiss my wife goodbye. Drive to Chicago and get my justice.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably one of the most fiercely pro-law enforcement people you will ever encounter. I'm notorious for giving the cops the benefit of the doubt just about every time. But the CPD were way over the line for this one, and heads should roll if they have not already.


Anonymous said...

Norman House - Amen to that.

I trust black people.

I wish I could tell all white people that when they see a black woman beating her child with a belt buckle, or burning him with a cigarette but, or find out that a black child is being starved and neglected or sexually assaulted at home, as much as we want to help that child, as disgusted as we feel, THE BLACK WOMAN KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR HER BLACK CHILD.

When a black woman aborts her third or fourth unwanted fetus, SHE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR HER RACE.

When she teaches him broken English and ebonics, fails to get him to school on time, or leaves a three year old home alone to care for a one year old, WE SHOULD TRUST HER WISDOM AS A BLACK MOTHER.

When she goes to the dance club while 9 months pregnant and drinks liquor and smokes crack, SHE IS DOING WHAT SHE SHOULD FOR HER BABY AND FOR THE FUTURE OF HER RACE.

Don't we want to be trusted to care for ourselves? Why do we have different standards for blacks? Are we trying to make them behave like whites? Why??

We are different. We have to trust that nature takes its course and sometimes we should not intervene. We must find ways to protect ourselves and react accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm done with this site. I won't be buying any more PK books or clicking on the Amazon portal.

Paul only speaks of the problems, not the solutions. Bringing back restrictive covenants and "reaching for the ballot" aren't going to solve our orc problem. It looks like he's playing a "Southern Strategy" at this point, getting White people all riled up so they'll buy his books.

Oh well, this site had a good run and I learned a lot, but it has stagnated into "Doesn't that make you angry White man? Good, now buy my book!"

Anonymous said...

Too many black CPD hate whitey and treat white people unfairly. If a black cop stops you you are getting a ticket if you are white.
White cops treat blacks perps fairly more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Not a one. Mayor E wants this settled and filed away. Cannot have Obamas hometown tarnished. Guns are the focus now.
The rape and near death beating of an 18 year old girls from the burbs was also swept under the rug this summer as well.
Where is that open discussion about race?
Where is the honest talk about the Random Violence?

Anonymous said...

Derrick King's "street wife" was found dead recently. He said she fell asleep and didn't wake up.

Anonymous said...

Thats a story smart suburban parents tell thier kids. Yeah racism is wrong, but black neighborhoods are dangerous, the residents hate you because you are white and will kill you.
These ate mostly the parents who were displaced from city neighborhoods. Parents who were born and raised in the burbs tend not to believe in the danger.

Anonymous said...

Trial junkie here.


White people DO NOT believe what they see on TV about blacks. How many white liberals live in a black neighborhood? How many DWLs send their children to a public school with a large black enrollment?

Also, I happen to know that white people (even DWLs) who learn about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders are enraged by it. This case is well-known only in East Tennessee. Had it been covered nationally like Casey Anthony (or Trayvon Martin for that matter) people would have followed it.

By the way, there will be one more trial in the Christian-Newsom case. The female defendant was retried in November and her sentencing hearing will be February 1. Two defendants were denied new trials (because of the crooked judge in the original trials).

Nearly all white people are well aware of the black crime rate. They are careful to stay out of black areas of large cities.

There is an old saying that white people go to college to learn the proper attitudes toward blacks and to earn enough money to live well away from them.

Anonymous said...

In the mid-80's an out of town(Iowa I think)white couple driving around on the near north side of Chicago stopped to ask some blacks on the street for directions.They were both beaten,robbed and raped.The husband was bent over the car door and the car window was raised up to his neck trapping his head as the youths sodomized him and his wife.
I was a new officer on the CPD at the time and this incident was my real introduction to black depravity.No,there not just like us.

Pat Boyle said...

For the Anonymous @ 5:43 AM

Paul Kersey does indeed not speak to solutions. He restricts himself to cataloging the atrocities of black people. Treasure him for what he does. Don't criticize him for what he doesn't do. Kersey works very hard. He's one of the most prolific bloggers ever.

But you are free to propose your own solutions. Many people who comment here are frustrated and propose ineffective or irrelevant solutions. Let me volunteer an effective and I believe inevitable solution.

Kill them all.

Darwin and Galton both beleived that white people would eventually eliminate black people. That was a common view in the nineteenth century among the intellectual classes.

Through history weapons have evolved so as to kill more people at once. A machine gun kills faster than a long bow. An atomic bomb kills faster than a TNT based bomb. We now have weapons that are vastly more powerful than mere H-Bombs.

Every time they play Battle Los Angeles I watch it. I like the film but the plot is loony. We are supposed to believe that this star spanning race comes to Earth, descends from orbit and fights it out man to man with small arms. Huh?

Clearly if an invader want to clear the planet of humans it would be relatively easy. Just drop a single biological bomb that released some sort of plague. That would work in real life but would make for a lousy movie.

Drop the biggest H Bomb on the biggest city and you get what? 5 million deaths. A designer plague could easily yield a billion deaths.

There will almost certainly be a nuclear exchange in the near future. There was almost one just five years ago between India and Pakistan. Too many unstable governments now have the bomb.

But India wouldn't use a biological weapon on the Pakistanis because they are nearly identical biologically. To be effective a biological weapon needs to act on an enemy that is biologically distinguishable. Like whites and blacks.

Another military trend to consider is the rise of the Boffins. The best example is Barnes Wallis the inventor of the bouncing bomb and the earthquake bomb. Increasingly a handful of scientists determine the course of a war. Currently we are at war with Iran. The battle is being fought with computer viruses. We won't know the names of these nerdy warriors for many years if ever. We still don't know much about the cyber war that accompanied Desert Storm. A bio war would likely be fought and won by a few nameless but very smart guys.

The smallpox virus is officially extinct. Except that the virus is known to be in former Soviet and US bio-weapons labs. Scientists have been experimenting with it as a weapon since 1977 when it was declared extinct in the natural world. This is the real future of Weapons of Mass Destruction, not atomics.

We conventionally think of war in terms of invasions across borders like the Nazis going into Poland. But internecine warfare has always been popular. In much the same part of the world there was the Thirty Years War with plenty of casualties and destruction. Except it wasn't Germans versus Poles but Catholics versus Protestants. More recently we've had the Hutu killing the Tutsi in the hundreds of thousands using only machetes. Kosovo was another internecine struggle.

The evidence is that differing people living together have friction and enthusiastically set about killing one another. Paul Kersey is documenting some of our present day friction.

Right now there are plenty of black people who would kill all white people if they could. Consider Jamie Foxx or any Black Muslim. There are also a few white people who would do the same to black people. The difference is that we are now approaching the technological horizon where this has become possible.

There is a school of thought in warfare that says that if it can be done, it will be done.


Bogolyubski said...

I highly recommend that everyone read Whiskey's two posts above. His point about average whites being our worst (and their own) worst enemies is spot on. His twin strategies of scorched earth and agitation are also excellent.

I might add that before scorched earth or agitation can be contemplated - much less something like real violent revolution - white folks have to do two important things: 1. Stop watching TV and movies; 2. Take your kids out of the government school gulag. Even you you live in the middle of flyover country with no orcs around, the public schools are busy indoctrinating white kids with "anti-racism" which is merely a code word for anti-white. His point about copyright and IP laws is likewise spot on. The continual extension and expansion of copyright has served to enrich the genocidal treasonous oligarchy who controls the vast bulk of them. Walt Disney's (now another squid-run enterprise) 1927 film Steamboat Willie would have been public domain by now had the Republican Congress not extended the term of copyright in 1998. It's tied up until 2023 as it stands now - and you can bet the Disney folks are already planning to pay for another extension soon.

Mr. Rational said...

We could punish Black racism very easily.  Google Voice transcribes speech to text, which allows speech to be searched in real time.  All we have to do is put a little app on every Obamaphone which listens for racial slurs like "honky" and "cracka" and stops working for some time as a penalty.  No calls, no text, no camera, no web, no nothing.  First penalty 2 hours, second penalty 4 hours, third 12 hours, 24 hours for everything beyond 3.

If they want to hate on YT, let them pay for their own cell phones.

Bogolyubski said...

Trial Junkie:

White people DO NOT believe what they see on TV about blacks. How many white liberals live in a black neighborhood? How many DWLs send their children to a public school with a large black enrollment?

Also, I happen to know that white people (even DWLs) who learn about the Christian-Newsom torture-murders are enraged by it. This case is well-known only in East Tennessee. Had it been covered nationally like Casey Anthony (or Trayvon Martin for that matter) people would have followed it.

By the way, there will be one more trial in the Christian-Newsom case. The female defendant was retried in November and her sentencing hearing will be February 1. Two defendants were denied new trials (because of the crooked judge in the original trials).

Nearly all white people are well aware of the black crime rate. They are careful to stay out of black areas of large cities.

There is an old saying that white people go to college to learn the proper attitudes toward blacks and to earn enough money to live well away from them.

They might not believe the Ministry of Truth lies when it comes to choosing where to live, but they certainly do when it comes to voting and what they think of as "morality". The phenomenon you describe is what Auster has referred to as the Unprincipled Exception. The leftist utopian ideology which serves as "morality" in the modern west requires unprincipled exceptions of various types to keep on existing - because the ideology itself is so riddled with insane contradictions that it would collapse if these unprincipled exceptions were done away with.

How long do you think the refugee resettlement racket would last if Somalians were moved en masse next door to Lloyd Blankfein's estate - or George Soros'? The 5000 families Whiskey mentions are masters at the unprincipled exception. The Bloombergs and Emmanuels want totalitarian gun control for you zeks as they surround themselves with guards carrying actual military assault weapons which are literally off limits to any civilian except a Class 3 Dealer. "Pinch" Sulzburger, Marxist owner of the New York Times and rabid opponent of the second amendment, is one of the NYC elite who has a gun permit. The list is endless. This is why scorched earth is needed. Unlike Whiskey, I would have no problem whatsoever in seeing all 5000 families slaughtered in totality. They deserve it 1000 times over. They are just as responsible for the rapes and death of Christian and Newsom as the orcs who carried out the deed.

The notion, so dear to Limbaugh and the rest of Conservatism, Inc., that the elite are bastions of free enterprise and the like is one of the central lies of the whole system. There is nothing free about a rigged market. We need to pursue class warfare against the elite oligarchs as well. The purpose of Conservatism, Inc. is to keep average white folks from seeing who the real enemies are.

Kil said...

If this story doesn't make your blood boil you're already dead inside.

This needs to be on every facebook page, it needs to be emailed to everyone you've ever met, it needs to be everywhere everywhere.

Anonymous said...

white women are released from lockup every day at 5101 S. Wentworth.

99.9% are from the city and almost exclusively the south side or they would be released from the female lockup on the north side, far south side, or downtown at 18th and State.

white chicagoans know to stay away from the robert taylor homes and black people in general or this would be an everyday occurrance. unfortunately Miss Eilmaman was from out of town and not schooled in the ways of the beast

but to say she was "dropped off in the robert taylor homes by the police" is not true. she was released from the lockup and could have stayed in the lobby as most arrestees do and arrange transportation, or walked west a half mile and 2 blocks north into the Canaryville neighborhood. Canaryville is rough but it is white. an out of towner would not know to do this though.

She should have been taken to a hospital for mental treatment and the police screwed that up, but she was not "dropped off in the robert taylor homes" as the media keeps reporting. she was released from custody and walked east then south to the taylor homes

i am not forgiving the police for the absolute mishandling of Miss Eilman. i am just clarifying an error in reporting.

teach your kids early and often that blacks are not "cool", they are not "the huxtables". they are savages

10mm AUTO said...

Almost too Hot to Post. The picture rips your heart. Those who said, "This could be anyone daughter" are only partially right. It could be ANYONE of US no matter what our age. Orcs rape elderly Whites when not a single case exists for a White man raping a elderly black exists in any database. They hate us and our children.

The trouble is, even for those who carry, is that White children and Whites in general are the game for the Orc hunting park. There is no option for Whites living next to this, because even if we all armed ourselves WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN? The Autumn Pasquales, the Eve Carsons, etc are too young to carry and so must be watched as carefully as though we were in a Jurassic Park. Our Leaders simply don't give a damn, or use the events to further their agenda (Obama shedding tears over the school shooting for example).

If you are an under 21 White female you are the ripe fruit that the Orcs want to pick and they will find a way to do it no matter what. It is our duty to secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children. They cannot grow up in a slaughterhouse where behind every corner lies death. Whites are down to single digits in World population and would be on the "Endangered Species List", if they had one for humans.

Paul is right to point out that had this happened in a White part of town ANYWHERE, she would have been transferred to a mental hospital, sedated and cared for till her parents arrived. Sure, it might have cost the parents some money, but she would have NEVER been thrown to the hyenas.

Parents, may I respectfully recommend that you look into moving to the NorthWest, a part of the Country which is almost all White and far safer than Mordor. The economy is varied, the mountains as beautiful as Switzerland and the water pure.

This example that Paul presents is, as many commentators have pointed out, only the tip of the horrors that the Orcs do to their victims. People in my grandfathers time never feared for their children wandering about and I still read with amazement the adventures kids used to experience as children. Who now, for example, can imagine a child "running away to the Circus" or "spending a day or two fishing" as children did back then and the Circus Manager or Forest Ranger calling the parents to come get their child. Now we would read that the child was raped by some black and their body stuffed into a plastic bag and buried in a shallow grave. Hell, men can't even bicycle without being attacked, let alone children!

Duty, Honor, Loyalty, Chivalry, Charity and Honor must protect our children once again and you are never going to get those from the blacks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Clean, did you get your nickname in Iraq?

Bogolyubski said...

Another thing: We should actually be thankful for the cancellation of All My Babies' Mamas by the Oxygen Network - which is owned by NBC. The target of that program was not orcs. Orcs have been living this depraved lifestyle since their spawning and are not "scandalized" or "shocked" it in any way, shape or form.

While it is possible that the program might have opened a few white eyes to the hideous reality of orc life, the main viewership of Oxygen (and the targets of the program) are/were white females. With black males endlessly presented by the Ministry of Truth as the ideal mate for feminist/anti-racist indoctrinated white girls (sensitive, intelligent and caring, yet oh-so manly), the main thrust of the show was to normalize the depraved lifestyle and sell it as something a modern, independent, feminist, Obama-supporting "moral" white female can now accept and understand - sort of an 'oh, well - boys will be boys - at least they're real men instead of pathetic nerdy white androids. You see, it'll be OK even if he screws around on you continually 'cause you'll get to have your own cute little nappy-headed sprog who might just grow up to cure cancer, fly to Venus, or write the next musical masterwork on the level of the great Tupac.

Anonymous said...

Why Liberals Hate Guns

It is all about race.

Silent Running said...

By the way, you don't have to specify "black cop." You can just say "cop." Google Karolina Obrycka if you're convinced white cops would act differently.

Genuine peace officers are few and far between anymore. Those of you who are staunch defenders of law enforcement are clinging to an ideal that no longer exists. There's many a Caucasian in prison who is only there because he thought cops were trustworthy.

So CAL Snowman said...

OT - Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin has been indicted on 21! federal corruption charges. Ray Nagin was the former african mayor of New Orleans during the Katrina fiasco.

"Nagin allegedly defrauded the city through "a bribery and kickback scheme" in which he received checks, cash, wire transfers, personal services and free travel from businessmen seeking favorable treatment, the 25-page federal indictment says."

Former New Orleans Mayor Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

EVERY SINGLE TIME you put an african in charge of an American city the results are the exact same.

Mr. Clean said...

Anonymous 1:12 PM said... Mr. Clean, did you get your nickname in Iraq?
(???) No.

PDK said...

@ Bogol 1:26;

I believe that is correct sir. Both liberals in general, and of course, especially the anti-American Hollywood liberal elitists, the beautiful people, are targeting our white young females via Hollywood conditioning, to breed with black males, creating a new, more intelligent black at the expense of our white gene pool.

I just read an article about the Chinese investing in a form of eugenics to make their race more intelligent and here we whites are, in part lowering our intelligence. We are engenineering our own future demise.

Liberalism is the cancer of the white gene pool.

Parents, I believe must watch what their children are watching. Thanks.

Room101 said...

The Don't-Snitch-Media grudgingly and reluctantly must report a story of this magnitude.
The DSM wants this whole sordid story surrounding the atrocities that befell MS Eilman down the memory-hole, stat.
Doesn't fit the narrative.

The little white kids killed by a white maniac are only freshly-buried and still might be exploited for political gain by bitter elitist Leftist mostly-white gun-grabbing hypocrites.
The Leftist honky-run media has to get back as quickly as possible to convincing everyone that having the Government take away our guns and money and any remaining freedoms is in our best interests.

Noam Sayne?

Room101 said...

So CAL Snowman said...

"OT - Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin has been indicted on 21! federal corruption charges. Ray Nagin was the former african mayor of New Orleans during the Katrina fiasco.

"Nagin allegedly defrauded the city through "a bribery and kickback scheme" in which he received checks, cash, wire transfers, personal services and free travel from businessmen seeking favorable treatment, the 25-page federal indictment says."

Former New Orleans Mayor Indicted on Federal Corruption Charges

EVERY SINGLE TIME you put an african in charge of an American city the results are the exact same."

An astute observation, in my estimation.

Is there a group of humans banded together for the common purpose of their mutual survival, let alone advancement and prosperity, larger than say a primitive project of a half-dozen mud huts festering in a permanent condition of squalor and disease and starvation that africans are capable of running without getting everyone killed?

I have my doubts..

January 18, 2013 at 2:32 PM

Anonymous said...

Blacks + Hispanics -whites=shit its not racism its reality!

S_McCoy said...

I'm sure that the SPLC types monitor these sites. I wonder how they live with themselves. They're not stupid, they know the score as well as us but they're okay with sacrificing a million Christina Eilmans if they get to point the finger at just one racist. Wouldn't a decent person, at some point, long ago have come to the conclusion that these people just aren't redeemable.

Anonymous said...

Kinda off topic, but...
admissions leaders and legal experts discussed strategies for colleges to look beyond the grades and test scores of applicants
Now that, in many places, affirmative actions is dead or dying academics are looking for other ways to keep their cherished "diversity" in their institutions. The latest being the "non-cognitive admissions approach".
Read it at

SKIP said...

"This is why scorched earth is needed. Unlike Whiskey, I would have no problem whatsoever in seeing all 5000 families slaughtered in totality. They deserve it 1000 times over"

At last, a like thinking person, I totally agree with this last and it is the ONLY SOLUTION to the danger whites face.

Anonymous said...

Black cops are corrupt, feral and incompetent everywhere. See this for more about your nation's capital.

Anonymous said...


That would be double action revolver. Single action doesn't cock back.

Left Coast White Guy

Anonymous said...

Try using social media to show the reality of black behavior to conservatives by linking to articles like this. At best you'll notice a deafening silence. You might be banned from a community or blog, or kicked off the service. Conservatives blindly cling to the notion that we are all the same, and willingly pour $trillions into the black hole trying to realize an equality they insist exists but can never be achieved. At heart they are all liberals and no more willing to examine the facts than the leftists. Watch on Monday as they all boycott the inauguration, while making sure to heap effusive praise on MLK and his supposed ideals.

Snoopy said...

Before the abolishment of slavery blacks were in captivity and under the control of their masters. They simply don't function as part of a civilized society. Look at any black native culture and they'll have been living in the stone. They just don't fit into a western world. They're have more an ape like mentality than human. They're a pack animal with an alpha male. It's a primal gang mentality that they have. The world may have become more modernized and integrated these black types, but that doesn't change years of genetic material in the slightest. Instead of the whites lifting the blacks, they have dragged the whites down and the whole country along with it.

Whiskey said...

Violence is counter productive and a loser hand because it gets crushed severely. John Brown got what? Hung and his cause discredited. Carrie Nation killed no one and got ... Prohibition.

Threaten the 5,000 families, the narrow elite, with death and they will fight to death. Threaten them with ... shame and loss of money, and they change their ways. I don't care one way or another if they are in charge or not, I just want their behavior changed.

If you have them by the ... Wallet. Their hearts and minds will follow. But violence is a loser because it won't work, you can't beat the US Military and National Guard and cops and FBI. But then, a bunch of Temperance activists never took them on, they just took on the elites wallets and political careers.

AmericanGoy said...

As I (and probably the majority of people who heard about this horror) have suspected, the poh-leeece in this case were black.

Mystery solved.

AmericanGoy said...

One more thing - I assume that the lawyers will be on this case, whittling the amount of damage down and that the black officers are probably retired with superb benefits if not awards.

Are White people marching and PR specialists from some organizations like the White equivalent Rainbow Push on TV talking about this case and pushing for money, protections for White people and policy changes?

Why not?

That's the modus operandi for our "democracy" these days.

Bitching about it on the internet won't do shit.

AmericanGoy said...

One more thing - The First 48 is a must see TV show (non fiction), just like The Wire is a must see TV show (fiction).

Anonymous said...

S_McCoy said...
"I'm sure that the SPLC types monitor these sites. I wonder how they live with themselves. They're not stupid, they know the score as well as us but they're okay with sacrificing a million Christina Eilmans if they get to point the finger at just one racist. Wouldn't a decent person, at some point, long ago have come to the conclusion that these people just aren't redeemable".

They have lists you know. You should too. It's quite easy to identify who the enemy is. It will make the cleansing much more efficient when the time arrives.
I used to worry that I'd be too old when it happens, not anymore.
I pray that it is'nt a sin to enjoy it as much as I plan on doing.

Discard said...

Both single action and double action revolvers will cock back. Single actions must be manual
Y cocked, double actions can be manually cocked if you wish to.

Dissident said...

Yet another Negro Knifedown of a white lady.

This creature apparently hated animals as well.

A good reason for you ladies to carry concealed and take self defense training.

R Neville said...

Great post and I can personally relate. My mother has personally been on the receiving end on the orc plague, yet she still reacts negatively and encourages me to "turn the other cheek" when I chat with my parents of race realism.
She can no longer safely visit the city where she grew up, and was married, yet still will not accept the fact that it is the orc and his innate savage behavior have wrecked havoc. This is to include having a son (my youngest brother, whose only crime was studying for finals, defending his friend with his bare hands against an orc that had a large bowie knife that came in and beagan stabbing his friend. my brother was repeatedly stabbed while wrestling the orc to the ground) that was stabbed in a coffee shop in broad daylight in the middle of the day at right across the street from a prestigious private university.
Her attitude perplexes me, and does not make sense. My father has been a race realist since he first encountered the orc when he enlisted in the army in the early 1950's.

Silent Running said...

But violence is a loser because it won't work, you can't beat the US Military and National Guard and cops and FBI.

This is why some posters are only worthy of skimming over: no matter how many times the opposite is shown to be true, they keep hammering the same flippant, ludicrous "points." What you're really seeing is a plea for these points to be the truth.

Not that it interests you, Whiskey, but the National Guard is part of the U.S. Military and has been for some time. And don't worry about the fact that the federal government is the entity that most wants a civil war and that it may be inevitable at this point. Even if we're getting our doors kicked in, Violence Is A Loser™ because the Army is invincible (as most big federal armies are) and because you say so.

Silent Running said...

But then, a bunch of Temperance activists never took them on, they just took on the elites wallets and political careers.

Except in this case, the devil's brew to be prohibited is the very creature that Christian abolitionists, every bit as ardent as their descendents in the Temperance movement, fought tooth and nail to be recognized as full humans with souls to be saved. Alcohol is an inanimate object and had no one to speak on behalf of its nobility; blacks will have every church in the country on their side, with a history of oppression (deserved or otherwise) to boot.

If your other solutions are as erudite as this one, you'd better pray violence isn't a loser.

R Neville said...

We have a daughter in a nice pre-school in our city, and wouldn't you know it? The one black kid (who the nuns allow on a "Scholarship". No other children are granted one) has bullied and swore at my sweet, beautiful, and sensitive daughter repeatedly. Since no progressive disciplinary steps have been taken (other than time outs), I taught her how to physically deal with the little orclet: a swift and sure knee strike to the crotch. She has told me she used it and the orc now behaves around her.
My point, is how unofrtunate it is that a guy like me is having to prepare my very young daughter for a present and forceable future of savagry, barbarism, and depravity: care of the DWL, and their pets the orcs.

J. Frank Parnell said...

double actions can be manually cocked if you wish to.

Not all of them. There are many double action-only revolvers on the market, and many people have their standard double action revolvers converted to DAO for ease of presentation. (The hammer spurs of revolvers are prone to cause problems with presentation by snagging on clothing when being drawn from a concealment position.)

Ileyne said...

I am sickened by this article, by the photo, sick to death of Chicago, the city Barry allegedly community organized, lifting it out of the ashes. What a joke.
It is both heartbreaking and enraging viewing these grieving parents who now can do nothing, though they frantically tried. Where did they go wrong? They trusted the CPD to do the right thing. Little did they know the consequences of doing business with the sinister, dark mechanism that is Barry and Rahm's home city and the risks involved relying on any agency representing this once beautiful city, now run by and fallen prey to Black Plague. What do you want to bet these well-to-do white parents had no experience dealing with these feral creatures, blacks?
Their guilt [and loss of faith in human nature] must be overwhelming.
The woman's rigid posture, classically symptomatic atrophying, clenched fists, reveals "decerebrate/decortical posturing," which translates to permanent, unrecoverable brain stem damage. Probably related to either being stomped about the head by size 12 $200 Air Jordans, or her seven story fall.
Prognosis: very poor.
I have observed serious head injuries at work, yet, something about this situation, an appalling example of hyena-like, heartless, soulless blacks' behavior perpetrated against an innocent white girl and her family has me.
I want to quit.
Meanwhile, Thug-in-Chief, Barry, is obsessed with disarming law-abiding citizens ASAP.

Mr. Rational said...

The US Army needs bases with fuel and electricity.  The FBI needs offices.  What happens when the electricity is shut off, the offices firebombed, the natural gas and water to the base cut off?

What happens when the local police stop cooperating, or even arrest the Feds?  Or worse, what happens when a hundred Bradley Mannings start feeding Army and FBI information to the citizens?

Suddenly the FBI and US Army become a whole lot less effective.

What happens when the FBI and Army are being fed disinformation and start attacking DWLs instead of patriots?

You get the idea.

Bogolyubski said...

As much as I truly hate and despite the elite, I have to admit that Whiskey is most likely correct about violence directed at them. As I said before, they absolutely deserve French revolution style slaughter a million times over. Their crimes are real crimes against humanity. Violence works fine for them because they have all those "nice, patriotic" types in the police and military who'll obey their orders - no matter how lawless, barbaric or unconstitutional the orders may be.

So, how do we ruin their wallets? The so-called "free market" their shills in the Ministry of Truth like to cluck on about is nothing of the sort. It is a completely rigged market - only certain folks are allowed to make money. Back to some of our longstanding points - stop watching television and stop paying for anything they sell. The strategy must be bringing about financial ruin for them.

seperate and segregate said...

What sort of "people" do this, a woman in obvious distress and the thing the men are thinking of is blowjobs, unreal, and the woman that lived in that shithole, knew what was going to happen and they did nothing, cause they envied the beauty of straight blonde hair and beautiful pale skin, the very attributes they spend thousands on to emulate, and emulate badly.

These aren't people, they savages.

Like was mentioned in the article, if a black woman wondered into a white occupied building, she would not get raped, I just can't believe that mental distress actually made the black thugs aroused.

Then they say it isn't genetic, yeah right

Anonymous said...


Anthony said...

Silent Running said...

Genuine peace officers are few and far between anymore. Those of you who are staunch defenders of law enforcement are clinging to an ideal that no longer exists. There's many a Caucasian in prison who is only there because he thought cops were trustworthy.

Yep. A white female park policebitch recently turned on me and faked thus a friendship the whole time, or is very mentally unstable.

Each night this winter to get out of the 32 F weather to preserve my currently homeless self I found this park restroom lobby as a good spot for close to the next 2 hours needing to pass by after the library closed before I sneak into this other place after all the workmen are gone. While I don't condone unwanted wandering on private property, I'm just telling my example to back up SR's truth on the depravarity of white cops.

I used to look forward to each time she had night shift as we had quiet much in common for freindship formation and just a few nights ago she treats me like I'm almost criminal scum for a very minor rule breaking of sitting down on the floor of the restroom lobby area for the next hour and a half. And any time a ranger came towards the restrooms to check inside both gender bathrooms I'd get up well before they'd even be 30 feet within range and leave to wait outside until they were done and went back on patrol. I'd never even had a thought of inviting other homeless to come do this, as I know it would not be good for public accomidation, IN THAT it be much much WORSE for myself competition wise in keeping the space safe and tranquil. After 5:30 PM these restrooms aren't in constant public use either with everybody rushing home after work.

She knows how well behaved I am and a year ago they used to allow this other homeless dude a few privileges near the restrooms after closing time who I knew certainly was a nark for the police in monitoring crime in this area in unbusy hours. They even let him sleep in the park. With that in mind, I can't help think she maybe took some interest in me because possibly I seemed suspicous in some manner and she's an informant.

The whole incident revealed that she has a little sociopathy and a terrible reminder of other white cops I met in the past much futher down the sociopath spectrum. However, I have to mention in according that the first time I observed her 3 years ago a smaller voice and observation told me in the whole way she presented herself and my reading of the first impression of her character I saw something quiet off normal and murky. Unfortunately I was too optimistic at the time and allowed the goodwill of Man to determine my first opinion of her.

Now I've mentally relegated her to the the line between Neutral and first level enemy, not hoping it will get better, and not expecting an apology or amelioration from her. Just tonight she saw me fidgiting in the windy 48 F weather (I had on enough winter clothes) and then inquired if I was alright. I don't think she did it out of caring but from the liability issue of requiring to save someone if they look sick or weak so as to not jepordize her job. She might mistaked my fidgeting as some sort of seizure when I am a natural spontanous shaker and it was partly reaction against the cold chill.

What really tops it all off is that I had another incident 3 years ago with a black security guy at a downtown bank when I wanted to collect some soda bottle caps scattered (with codes to earn point online for their rewards program of free stuff) on the bank's private waiting benchs and he came over to warn me in the NICEST way possible that I needed to leave and we never knew each other. Probably is a black that thinks whites owe him too.

I just also have this strong hunch this park policebitch when the government really locks down on America that she'll join the rest of the socipathic cops and sell her whole humanity fully down the river.

Anonymous said...


All the news the lamestream wont

Anonymous said...

there should have been alot less cops on the south side after this tragedy !!!

AnalogMan said...

In case anybody here still believes the police are your friends, I invite you to read what they're saying about this case at the Second City Cop blog.

No, they're not all the same. Maybe three or four decent human beings there.

Anonymous said...

"When a cop says to you "I want to HELP you", translate it in your mind to "I want to f**k you"".
A quote from my first instructor in my police academy class. I know this from the police academy and from personal experience. I don't trust cops. Not that I think they're all bad, but they actively seek out people who don't question orders, just do what they are told. It will be interesting to see what they do WTSHTF.

Left Coast White Guy

Mark J said...

Yeah this was a horrible story, remember it well when it happened. No better example of what happens when the black hordes manage to find a helpless white victim. Glad this blog doesn't let this poor women's story stay buried and forgotten like it surely would anywhere else.

Mark J said...

And AnalogMan, you're right. The folks at Second City Cop used to have some common sense, guess they're all a bunch of communist unionists after all. The police are definitely not your friends.

Anonymous said...

The truth about black CPD officers:

Anonymous said...

This site is absolutly crazy! It's amazing how biased and bigotted people are. I have been a foster parent for quite some time now and 90% of the children I have received were.....WHITE! This includes a child that I had to pick up at the hospital because his father ripped all his fingernails off, branded him, and broke his arm...he was 2 years old. I also had another child who was mental ill, his father punched him in the face when he was 10 months old. I had a 5 year old little girl who explained to me how to cut up cocaine with a credit card and snort it. This same little girl didn't understand why my husband and son didn't want to play "the sex game" her father taught her. The most horrific was the little 3 week old baby girl I received with vaginal and rectal tearing that would never bear children because her WHITE mother decided she wanted to date someone else (who was also white)so her current WHITE boyfriend decided to rape this 3 week old baby girl in retalliation. These were all WHITE children with WHITE parents. What is it that you deem a proper "punishment" for these people. Each person is exactly that their own person and an entire race of people should not be judged on the basis of the negative actions of some or I would have to base my opinion of all white people on trailer trash and assume that you all sleep with your siblilngs. By the way this comes from a very educated, upper middle class, AFRICAN AMERICAN woman. Yes, that's right a black woman has had to clean up the mess many WHITE "parents" have created. The best part of this is that all the kids I've had know this as a safe place for them and continue to call and receive help from me. They call me mom, not their sorry excuse for parents.