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It's Not 'Pilgrims', It's Not 'Sarah Palin's Alaska', It's Black People: The Real Cause of Violence in Chicago, Mr. Police Supt. Garry McCarthy

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy tells Rainbow PUSH: "When people say concealed carry, I say ‘Trayvon Martin."
We know the score by now: Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy will blame anyone but black people for the crime in Chicago [Top cop Garry McCarthy likens federal gun laws to ‘racism', Chicago Sun-Times, 6-24-11] and [Police Chief Blames 'Pilgrims', Cops for Chicago Violence, Fox News, 6-27-11].

Now, McCarthy has gone to Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH and told an adoring black audience he is against concealed carry because - and I'm not making this up - "when that very phrase is uttered around him, he hears 'Trayvon Martin' " [Gun control, violence prevention debated at PUSH, Chicago Sun-Times, 1-12-13:
With just a few of the nearly 7,400 illegal weapons that were seized in the past year on a table in front of them, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, clergy, community activists and victims gathered at the Rainbow-PUSH Coalition headquarters Saturday to discuss the gun violence that has made Chicago the subject of international headlines and to exchange ideas on how to reduce the crime and number of weapons on the streets.
McCarthy and the Rev. Jesse Jackson were joined at the forum by Annette Holt, the mother of Blair Holt, a 16-year-old gunned down in 2007 by a reputed gang member on a CTA bus; ex-alderman and radio show host Clifford Kelley, and the Rev. Otis Moss, pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ.
“I’ve been a police officer for almost 30 years,” McCarthy said, “and everybody says to me, ‘What’s different about Chicago?’ It’s real simple -- guns are what’s different about Chicago. Every year the Chicago Police Department seizes more guns than any other police department in the country.”
McCarthy said Chicago Police officers seized 7,400 guns last year, “and every one of those is an armed confrontation with a criminal.”
McCarthy brought a few of those seized guns to the PUSH headquarters, 930 E. 50th St., and they remained on display throughout the debate.
McCarthy and Kelley both said they were members of the National Rifle Association in their youth, at a time when, according to Kelley, the focus of the organization was responsible rifle ownership and gun safety.
Weighing the desire for gun control with concerns raised by law-abiding gun owners, McCarthy said, “I think there is a middle of the road solution – the 2nd Amendment says you have the right to bear arms. We know, as a reasonable people, that doesn’t include hand grenades and rocket launchers.”
The top cop offered the following solution to control gun violence:
• Banning assault weapons,
• Banning extended magazines,
• Universal background checks for anyone who buys a firearm in the U.S.,
• Mandatory reporting of the sale, theft, or transfer of any firearm, and
• Mandatory minimum sentencing for illegal gun possession.
“All five of these points are reasonable, they do not tell somebody you cannot own a firearm,” McCarthy said. “They will prevent the illegal sale and illegal transfer of firearms into gang bangers’ hands that is wreaking havoc” throughout the country.
Reflecting on the event that has spurred such discussion of gun violence and how to stop it, McCarthy said, “Unfortunately it takes a tragedy like Newtown to occur to raise our consciousness.”
McCarthy said he was not in favor of concealed carry, even when it is mentioned as a possible deterrent to crime. “When people say concealed carry, I say ‘Trayvon Martin,’ he said. “The answer is not more guns.”
That opposition to concealed carry, as well as any measure to arm more people, was echoed by Moss, who said, “We already have concealed carry in our community.
People are concealing and carrying and shooting. Concealed carry does not make us safer. More guns do not make us safer. What makes us safer is economic opportunity, what makes us safer is home ownership.
“You want to stop violence?” Moss continued, “you transform economic opportunity and the violence will stop.”
He added the response to the city’s violence might be different if it were happening in more affluent communities, or if most of the victims were a different race. “If there were too many guns in the hands of wealthy white children, we’d have a different response,” Moss said. “Death is death, and all life should be elevated no matter the color of your skin.”
McCarthy noted that in some communities that are beset by the worst violence, there is a widespread distrust of police, , therefore it’s difficult to simply ask people to reject the “no snitch” culture. “I’m not here to defend the indefensible” actions of some police officers, he said, but McCarthy stressed that, “You are not a snitch if you are a witness or a victim to a crime.”
 Plenty of white people in America live in poverty, but crime rates are nowhere near that of black America -- in Chicago or any city for that matter. Concealed carry isn't legal in Chicago, but the goodwill garnered by mentioning "Trayvon Martin" in a black audience is worth its weight in gold.
Data Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy doesn't want to read

But would Police Supt. Garry McCarthy five-points in controlling gun violence put a dent in the violence in Chicago? No. [See what gun laws do in Chicago! Rahm Emanuel's gang violence problem leaves dozens dead from baseball bats, WND, 1-11-13]:
But lost in the debate on gun control is the situation in Chicago, Ill., run by Obama’s friend Rahm Emanuel, where gang violence primarily in the black and Hispanic communities led to the murders of 506 in 2012.
In a city with some of the toughest gun control laws in America, Fox News reported that Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy “acknowledged aiming at assault weapons misses the mark when dealing with Chicago’s gang violence. The weapon used is generally a handgun and rarely is it purchased through legal channels.”
A review of the Chicago Police Department Murder Analysis reports from 2003-2011 provides a statistical breakdown of the manners in which people were murdered in Chicago.
During that period, 4,251 people were murdered in Chicago; 3,371 died from being shot, with 98 percent of the murder weapons being a handgun. Thirty-seven people were killed with a rifle (caliber of bullet not specified) and 40 were killed with a shotgun.
In 27 of the murders, the type of gun used could not be determined by the Chicago Police Department.
Eight-point-seven percent of people murdered in Chicago were stabbed to death; 7 percent of the people murdered in Chicago between 2003-2011 died from what the Chicago Police Department classifies as “assault”; 92 people were killed by strangulation; 27 people by blunt force; 15 by asphyxiation; and 51 people were categorized in the “other” category by the Chicago Police Department.
A closer look at the instruments used in some of the 4,251 murders between 2003-2011 reveals:
  • In 2011, one person was killed with a pocketknife; one a baseball bat; and one was asphyxiated with pry bar.
  • In 2010, three people were killed with a kitchen knife, two with a baseball bat, one with a wooden board, one with rope/cordage, and one with gasoline (burning).
  • In 2009, a pocketknife was used as the murder weapon once, as well as a concrete block/brick and baseball bat. Clothing was also used once in a strangulation murder.
  • In 2008, a baseball bat was used twice, clothing once, and gasoline once as murder weapons.
  • In 2007, a baseball bat was used twice, as well as a pipe being used twice in murders. A hammer was used four times. An electrical/phone cord was used once.
  • In 2006, a baseball bat was used four times.
  • In 2005, a screwdriver was used twice, a baseball four times, a bottle once, a hammer once, and clothing once.
  • In 2004, a screwdriver was used once, a baseball bat seven times; a pipe, a tire iron, a bottle, and a concrete block/brick were all used once apiece. A pillow and an electrical/phone cord were also used once.
  • In 2003, a screwdriver and pocketknife were used once; a bottle, pipe, and handgun (used as a blunt weapon), concrete block/brick were used once. A baseball bat was used four times as a weapon in murder.
Less than 1 percent of the murders in Chicago between 2003-2011 were with what the Chicago Police Department classifies as a “rifle,” which is what an AR-15 would be classified.

Over the period of time, 31 people were murdered with a baseball bat in Chicago, which is almost comparable to the rate at which “rifles” were used as a murder weapon over the same period of time.
 How to stop violence in Chicago? Well... export the black population back to the southern states from where they came, Police Supt. Garry McCarthy. You already have some of the toughest gun laws in America, and it's primarily illegally obtained handguns that are used in crimes/murders/mayhem by black people in Chicago.

Take all the modern-day Bigger Thomas' making the Second City a metropolitan area more dangerous then the entire nation of Afghanistan, and send them on a Greyhound back below the Mason-Dixon line. Oh -- and send a bill to the capitals of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, and North Carolina demanding reparations for the trouble Chicago has endured courtesy of the descendants of the "Great Migration."


Anonymous said...

Wanted poster said to be from Chicago police station soon after the "pilgrim" comment...,r:5,s:0,i:100

Jay Santos said...

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is a particularly dangerous man. He's the kind of man that will do anything the elite political class tells him to do. He knows what he says is a lie.

I can picture him in tattered prison clothes, wearing a star of David, directing the newly arrived into the "showers", then grabbing his piece of bread and running off to consume it in the shadows.

City resident said...

Police chiefs the country over are political animals, not just professionals. This chief was selected by the mayor Rahm Emanuel and is a puppet. He was certainly scrutinized beforehand to make sure he had the proper way of thinking and willingness to carry out the wishes of his boss, otherwise he'd never have been considered. Blaming the Pilgrims really shows what an illiterate he is. Rumored to be an alcoholic, with some past drunken indiscretions glossed over, he fills the bill for the mayor. Like a Hollywood actor playing a tough guy role he looks and sounds the part of a cop when limited to giving sound-bites. But when called upon to give a longer presentation he lapses into insane stupidity which is embarrassing to even read about.

Anonymous said...

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is a particularly dangerous man. He's the kind of man that will do anything the elite political class tells him to do. He knows what he says is a lie.

I'm sure most big-city police chiefs do, if not all of them. So do all the pols. The pols also know that their political empires depend on keeping their Black mendicant voter plantations* pacified and fed with WPM (White People's Money), so they point fingers at YT when assigning blame and directing Black anger.

These people all have blood on their hands, and must be made to pay.

* Great phrase, Zenster.

Bobby said...

So true Jay. The guy was in the NRA, then he sold his soul to BRA to be the top cop of Chicago. He'll say and do anything to serve his master.

One of my best friends is a cop in a mid-size city that is diverse, so we know what that's like. I know and have talked to many of his friends; I'd say at least 80% live in reality, meaning they know who is responsible for the crime and they don't make any excuses for them.

Pilgrims. Pilgrims?! He just can't be that stupid. He knows what his role is. He's a traitor of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

people who say the answer is "jobs" - have they ever had a real job? or a job without power? jobs often suck, especially jobs without power. jobs are not fun, especially for lazy low IQ impulsive thugs -- way to call these people out Mr. Kersey!

bubo said...

“If there were too many guns in the hands of wealthy white children, we’d have a different response,” Moss said.

Their parents would take care of it, Moss. Because that's what responsible white people do.

This is a favored straw man argument of both white liberals and blacks. If white kids were doing all the killing and shooting and dying SOMETHING would be done. They never say what should be done, or could be done but just SOMETHING.

It reeks of the childlike thinking so common with blacks and liberals.

Anonymous said...

The walking dead do not want jobs they want swag, LV belts and iphones. Oh and maybe a 150k a year kob and not have to work or pay taxes

PDK said...

This is clearly the Gestapoed strong arm of liberalism doing its thing. No one, and I mean no one is allowed to step out of liberal bounds.

Good God, our country is lost to the white liberals and their allies, the blacks, browns and Islamics.

Things are only going to get worse.

To all, my advice is to start thinking about a gathering together of we non-liberal whites in republican states, seceding, and declaring independence. We can forge a new Constitution that outlaws that alliance.

I hope all reconsider what we are up against, if for nothing else, how about our posterity. Thank you.

countenance said...

First Anonynous above,

Here's a cleaner more direct link.

Stephen said...

I yearn for the day when they fear rope instead of guns.

MuayTyson said...

I can only assume when McCarthy took his oath of office he swore to uphold the law. The Trayvon Martin case has not yet gone to trail yet he would have the aduacity to comment potentially affecting the jury pool if this case does make it to trial.
He needs to be fired and I would hope that GZ lawyers puts him on the long list of people to be sued. there is a presumption of innocence in this country and we are all allowed to have an opinion. He did not state that his opinion was that GZ was guilty his statment carries a presumption of guilt. This is incredibly unprofessional and I would hope that he is appropriately punished for his outburst.

Anonymous said...

what is it about blacks setting
people on fire?

Anonymous said...

here is the outrage?

Recently, The Blaze featured a report on Rep. Corrine Brown, who, after professing in an interview to care about “all the children” who fall victim to murder, could not remember the name of a little girl from her district who was murdered and then dumped into a Georgia landfill. While Brown fumbled to find the words, she ultimately could not recall Somer Thompson’s name. She did, however, have much to say about racial profiling and how Trayvon Martin was selectively targeted for his race. For some reason, Brown and others who have followed suit in this case have failed to address or acknowledge the epidemic of murders occurring within their very own communities.

But Brown is not alone. Not by any stretch. Which begs the questions: where is the outrage from prominent members of the African-American community? Where are the words of condemnation and sorrow from Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, or Rev. Al Sharpton, over the fact that members of their own communities are summarily executing each other? Critics believe that acknowledging the unfortunate, irrefutable statistical truth negates the left’s narrative about a black community selectively exploited and targeted by white racists. Some might also argue that fanning the flames of racial discontent, especially in an election year, serves a useful and powerful campaign purpose

Refugee Racket Webteam said...

Supt. McCarthy said '...What makes us safer is economic opportunity, what makes us safer is home ownership.
“You want to stop violence?” Moss continued, “you transform economic opportunity and the violence will stop.”;

Let me decrypt that - What makes us safer is free money, what makes us safer is free housing. You want to stop the blacks killing blacks? You give them all the money they want and the violence will stop.

White Noise said...

This is the argument to shut down the social economic rhetoric that so often is spewed out of the liberals and the civil rights leaders. Here in the USA we see a lightly different image. A black man rapes a white woman ever 4 minutes and kills a white man every every 5 hours and assaults and/or robs one of us every 45 seconds
A good example of this is DC. Highest crime rate in nation, highest income per capita, highest number of police per capita, over 50% black
West Virgina, lowest income, highest rate of poverty,highest unemployment, lowest crime rate in nation and it is 98% white
Yes, you read that correctly. There is more crime in a single black controlled city then in the ENTIRE STATE of WV.
After everything. After all they have been given. Special conservation in education, employment, housing, their own special caucus in congress. compulsory black history month and MLK day and BET, a black president and still, still 1/3 of them are on welfare and that 12% perpetuate HALF of all violent crime in the USA

Anonymous said...

When things inevitably fall apart and the nation restructures itself along racial lines, people like McCarthy should be forbidden to move to white areas. They can stay on with the groids in their hellholes and suffer the consequences. All DWL's should be removed forcibly from white areas and be sent packing.
As for sending the groids back south, let me chime in on that. I'm in East Tennessee which was solid union except (if I recall correctly) one county that opted out of the whole mess and chose neither side.
Send the groids back and you'd best send them to Memphrica where they came from. We don't want them here in the eastern sector either.

Anonymous said...

Whites are so fucking pathetic. Do we even deserve to survive? I don't think so.

We don't fight. We don't have babies. And we WORSHIP the people who are trying to kill us.

I'd say White Midnight is fast approaching. Oh well, we had a good run.

Anonymous said...

When I read McCarthy's statement all I could think of was Theodore Dalrymple explaining how the underclass criminal always speaks of crime as an event without mentioning the actor (the criminal himself). Perhaps Chicagoans would fare better to speak of criminals rather than crimes.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the law abiding citizens of Shitcago. McCarthy has his head up Rahm Emanuels ass. A "yessir" man. The officers that serve under him must be so disillusioned to have someone who ignores reality leading them. He was hired to protect and serve the people of Chicago. Not dictate social reform.

Anonymous said...

You can keep them we have enough trouble

Anonymous said...

Your want to send the blacks South, Northern business men brought blacks to this country on Northern owned boats. Invaded the South and forced the blacks to be made free and equal at gun point Then i the sixties decided to turn the entire country over to the blacks over vigorous Southern dissent. Do not send your troubles South. The North is merely reaping what it has sowed. And the reaping is long over due!

Anonymous said...


You Yankees transported them here form Africa. Invaded and destroyed the SOUTH and then made them free and equal at gunpoint. Then the 1960's turned control of the country over to the blacks over vigorous objection by the South. I have a better a idea. Lets export those remaining in the South North to places like Mass. and Minn. and let them pay reparations to the South. You Yankees are just finally reaping what you have sowed. You are finally having to pay a small part of the cost for YOUR mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, is the stand-in for the magic negro.

This asshole has not a clue. It is assholes like McCarthy that has destroyed American cities for White people. He's a fucking race traitor and a fool.

Anonymous said...

The Police Chiefis another appeaser who "feeds the crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last".

Anonymous said...

Dont send them back down here! remember we wanted them all picking cotton in chains are shipped back to africa but liberals in places like Chicago, detroit and New York said they should stay and could be made civilized. I GUESS WE IN THE SOUTH WERE RIGHT AFTER ALL SO KEEP THE TRASH YOU YANKEES WANTED FREED

Hell_Is_Like_Newark said...

This is the latest video of violence make the rounds. Some poor old lady gets knocked out.

Does anyone have any info if the perp was actually prosecuted for assault?

Ray Scissom said...

I wonder if people like McCarthy or the pathetic black "leaders" understand that black people are deliberately being used as a weapon against the freedom and economic prosperity of Americans or if they really believe the silly bullshit that spews from their mouths.

I'd like to think they're just useful idiots, but I can't comprehend how someone who can put their own pants on could say something so moronic.

nordic caucasoid said...

cops like him make me want to puke! what's worse a delusional top cop or your basic white lib-tard! in my opinion the answer is nothing. cause they both will take your freedom's and they both help the black race screw us with their social justice agenda. to hell with them both. also that so-called to-cop took an oath to society to serve without bias and protect. so double fuck him! godspeed whites!!!

countenance said...

From one of the articles:

McCarthy and Kelley both said they were members of the National Rifle Association in their youth, at a time when, according to Kelley, the focus of the organization was responsible rifle ownership and gun safety.

Pardon me while I doubt that. It's just leftist faux concern trolling. A favored way to make your position "credible" is to make it "seem" as if it or one of its advocates converted you from the other side.

Anonymous said...

A black teen shoots another black teen it is White Privilege pulling the trigger not the parents of that teen Who raised him to believe education and work ethic are the white mans poison and its better to do whatever you want and live w/o responsibility. I am also surprised at how often blacks attribute happenings to god and not thier own actions.

Anonymous said...

There will never be enough money to stop it. If you give a pregnant tern welfare she will have that baby and more, then she will need a place to live, and a bed to sleep in and care fare to take kids to school and then those kids need breakfast lunch and dinner and then they need after school enrichment etc etc and she provides none of this and if tax payers don't then the kids ate hustlers and bangers who start the cycle again.

Anonymous said...

The random violence as we say in Chicago

Anonymous said...

While the damnedyankees attitude with regards to blacks hasn't been particularly helpful, it was the advent of climate controlled infrastructure that made the ruin of so many northern cities possible. Without indoor heating blacks simply could not live in the north in any great numbers. Indeed slavery died out in the north not because of abolitionism, but because of its economic infeasability.

10mm AUTO said...

What drives them out? Intimidation and Violence. Latinos famously have driven out the black from LA (the famous Compton (home of old Gangster rap) is now majority Latino). Black Flight happens where pressure is applied. Where White flees at the arrival of the black, Latinos apply pressure to build themselves enclaves and are thus well on their way to carving off a large hunk of the USA via La Raza and the hope of Aztlan.

Will Whites be able to form such a place, a "North American Republic" through NVA or similar groups? Only if force is applied.

spiritus Germaniae said...

@Anonymous 10:48 PM
I say sell all the DWL's into African slavery. DWL historians said that African slavery was never that brutal, the White Man's was. Over the past 200,000 years of homo sapiens sapiens existence never has an African ever beaten or severed a body part if his slave didn't want to work. DWL's don't want to live in a civilization anyways, and that the Noble Savage was Man's perfect state.

Pat Boyle said...

This clueless doofus of a Police Captain got at least one thing right. Economic opportunity would help lower gun violence. What he is missing is that that's not the trend.

Blacks are going to be less often employed in the future not more. Look at the Labor Department stats of employment by educational attainment. For those with grad school diplomas there has been no recession. For those who were high school dropouts the recession is very, very deep.

The job market is now pivoting on education. In the early part of the last century higher education determined what kind of job you could get. Now a higher degree is coming to determine if you can get a job at all. As Thomas Sowell writes before 1950 blacks had about the same unemployment rate as whites. That will never be true again. Increasingly many blacks will be unemployable. The labor market has fundamentally changed.

So if the blacks of Chicago need economic opportunities in order to refrain from shooting one another. Tough luck! Economic opportunities for blacks diminish each year from now forward.


Pat Boyle said...

I submitted that last comment before I had finished the spell checking. Sorry.

Today's trivia question. Who destroyed Detroit?

Answer: John Rust


Anonymous said...


spiritus Germaniae said...

He's happy to do this job if he has an upper class salary. Actually, I've thought about this, discovering that cops are so super corrupt today because they can attain a middle-middle class salary or higher even if their IQ is 99 and below with a handsome pension plan in the end. The rise of one type of proletariat to ironically oppress the rest of the proletariat, the masses of working class citizens that must work 2 or more jobs just to stay in the working class and unto not become Depression era jobless and homeless. The police weren't so bad when society paid them a humbled working class salary and they stayed in their working class shit troughs. It's an extra incentinve too for all the black police to motivate their oppression against whites.

Anonymous said...

"When people say 'concealed carry', I say Trayvon Martin." McCarthy is more prescient, and honest, than he realizes. A perfect justification for concealed carry is indeed the ability to put down attacking black thugs who are trying to kill you for no apparent reason. His remark is analogous to saying, "When people say 'poisonous viper', I say long stick."

Sometimes the deliberate inversion of reality by Liberals and their henchmen becomes so top-heavy and ludicrous that it actually loops all the way around and becomes truth again. Hopefully McCarthy will continue to be honest with us, even if inadvertently so.

Gayle said...

10mm AUTO said:"Will Whites be able to form such a place, a "North American Republic" through NVA or similar groups? Only if force is applied. "

Whites need to quit running from blacks. It's called self-ethnically cleansing, and we need to STOP it. We've given them our beautiful cities, we're giving them our suburbs, and we've got to STOP it.

Gotta say, I admire the hispanics on this one.

Christopher T. Mahoney said...

I like this Police Chief person. He advocates "Mandatory minimum sentencing for illegal gun possession." I, like, totally agree: how about a mandatory death penalty?
That should bring down 7-11 hold-ups.

Tyrone shoelaces said...

Very good point. And the only thing that reverses high pay for government employees.... Bad economy. Embrace it. The economy of the future is our way out of this. Too much central bank money loaned to BRA kissing government caused it. They couldn't turn it down. They sold out the country so they could live above their means. Can't wait for the rainy days. My penny's saved increase in value every day. Can't wait to see the list of top 100 earners in the country not include feetsballers and okra.

Don't fight the collapse, embrace it! If you have skills, you will be fine. Just avoid the groid!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My two cents: As of 2012, Chicago is the single-most deadly city on the face of the Earth.

That sums up his job performance well enough, I think.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy tells Rainbow PUSH: "When people say concealed carry, I say ‘Trayvon Martin."

He got this right if George Zimmerman was not armed he would be another victim of a black thug.

SKIP said...

FOR CHRIST'S sake, there isn't even any .22lr ammunition to be had at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This guy is an idiot, how he has managed to avoid Darwin is amazing.

Anonymous said...

We, in the Southern States DO NOT want any more thugs...Prison needs to be a serious deterrent, not a country club..IE Maricopa County..!Quit celebrating the thug life and take drastic, consistent and demoralizing steps to eradicate that type of vermin..You want to ship them somewhere..? I am for Singapore...They DEAL with the bottom feeders in a positive manner..!

Anonymous said...

"And the only thing that reverses high pay for government employees.... Bad economy. "

Yes, so they will seize your assets, 401K, pensions, SS funds, etc. to fund BRA and the new government jobs for the black community. Until whites fight back, they will continue to seize private property. This could fund BRA for generations to come.

Blacks NEVER feel the pinch of a bad economy. NEVER. They are our noble precious children. They are protected from any harm in BRA.

Blacks still participate in the underground economy while collecting welfare.

They still get to benefit from our infrastructure as white people's money is transferred to the ghettos for "redevelopment" efforts.

Blacks are basically are recession proof- the vice market explodes in hard times - cha ching for drug dealers, pimps and prostitutes, and stolen goods peddlers.

Entitlements and programs are also expanded during tough times.

Government bureaucracy is expanded, which hires more low skill black females to push papers.

More trash to clean up hires more low skill black males to ride on the back of the trucks.

Corporations get even more breaks for hiring "African Americans", especially black women, who rule over whites in the workplace like female African dictators.

So blacks are always hitting the jackpot while whites are dispossessed.

Anonymous said...

Garry McCarthy and Rahm Emmanuel are only allowed to say so much. If they dared to say more then they would be in danger of loosing their paychecks.
Even you must realize that in the social events you have attended if you dared bring up politically incorrect topics you would be castigated and might not ever be invited back. We live in a propaganda Matrix. It is all around us. I remember my own sister in law asking me in an annoyed manner as to why I always talk disparagingly about black people. This is from a woman who subscribes to the culture of death. All these people preach equality but choose to live as far away from black people as possible.
Most people get all their information about blacks from TV, news, education and government. Yes about 15% of blacks can live in white areas without causing too many problems but they will still scream racism is something does not go their way. I foresee constant strife which our elite see as being good for business. Think about housing in the large cities. Constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. Good for business.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you tyrone. Avoid the groid and bring on the collapse. The groids will have a field day with the DWL'S then the fun begins.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet more like 100% of cops live in reality. But maybe 20% or 30% are ambitious and want to move up, so they have to lie about it. Like McCarthy.