Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Don’t throw stones at glass houses -- Residents of 97% Black Southeast Washington D.C. Warned About Throwing Rocks at Buses

“Don’t throw stones at glass houses.”

Warning to riders/residents of 97% black area of D.C.
So the saying goes.

As Lawrence Auster pointed out in a post entitled WHAT DO YOU GET IN A CITY POPULATED BY BLACKS AND RUN BY LIBERALISM?, the almost exclusively black sections of Washington D.C. are being advised to stop throwing stones at the Metrobuses [Police: Please stop throwing rocks at buses, Washington Post, 1-8-13]:
Metro says that Metrobuses traveling in parts of Southeast Washington are being pelted with rocks. As part of a campaign to discourage this, police are distributing a flier reminding people not to throw rocks at buses or cars. The Metro Transit Police and Metropolitan Police Department have been distributing the flier, which features a reminder that throwing rocks at vehicles is a crime. It also includes 911 as well as numbers for D.C. police (202-727-9099) and the transit police (202-962-2121, which riders may or may not recognize as the number repeated in system-wide announcements).  
Remember, this is an area of Washington D.C. that represents one of the last strongholds of a black presence in the city; conversely, it’s also an area the D.C. Metro system considered stopping service for in the later stages of 2012.

The good folks at Wikipedia provide the demographic detail on the people, youths, teens, or whatever industry jargon the press uses these days to cover for black people:
The population of Southeast is predominantly African-American, particularly east of the Anacostia River. Despite widespread poverty and overall high crime rates for the quadrant, there are Black middle class neighborhoods, such as Hillcrest, Penn Branch, and Fort Dupont. Throughout the Southeast area (except for the gentrified Eastern Market area closest to the United States Capitol), basic shopping, dining, entertainment, and cultural facilities are minimal and scanty, so that residents must travel either downtown or to the suburbs for such services. Cultural events/activities include the annual Martin Luther King Birthday parade, the free weekly summer jazz concerts in Fort Dupont Park, the Fort Dupont ice-rink, the Anacostia Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, and the tennis and learning center for youth on Mississippi Avenue. The population of the southeast quadrant is roughly 134,800 and is about 97% African American.
97 percent black. So, it’s obviously homosexual whites participating in gentrification [the process of removing black people from D.C. and exporting both them and the crime found in their neighborhoods to Prince George’s County (MD)] working for the Republican Party as Congressional Pages throwing the rocks… right Washington Post?
Breakdown of D.C. homicides since 2001 -- why so many in 97 percent black Southeast D.C?

But don’t worry… plans to discontinue night bus service into the 97 percent black Southeast Washington area were shelved [Metro to retain night service on bus routes in Southeast, Washington Post, 12-3-12]:
Metro has withdrawn a plan to discontinue night bus service in parts of Southeast Washington where the transit agency says buses are routinely pelted with rocks. City leaders, including Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D), had protested Metro’s plan to discontinue some night bus service in Southeast, saying the agency had not justified the change. With many Ward 8 residents needing public transit, any cuts in bus service should not be made lightly, they said.Council member Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4), who represents the District on the Metro board of directors, had also said that cutting service for safety reasons was unacceptable. The areas off Stanton Road where Metro was proposing to stop night service are places where shootings and other violent crimes are common and include bus stops at Jasper Road, Robinson Place, Bruce Place and Elvans Road. 
At the meeting Monday night at the Angels of Hope Ministries, residents and community leaders called on law enforcement to more actively investigate the attacks, which they say are also directed at cars. Some residents said they could not understand why Metro would propose to cut service when other parts of the city also have seen rock attacks. 
“Is it because of the population here, is it because of the fact that we make less money over in this ward, is it because of the academic status of this particular ward?” said the Rev. Alfred L. Harrison, co-founder of the ministry.

Wait... as D.C.'s white population goes up and the black population declines... homicide drops?
No Rev. Alfred L. Harrison… it’s because you are black, and regardless of what city in the United States we are talking about, the same type of Spontaneous Black behavior is pervasive.

 Recall that bus drivers in 92 percent black Detroit halted service in late 2011 because of the violence directed at them ['Scared' bus drivers return to work in Detroit

For those still on the fence, the line between civilization and barbarism is as thin as the color line.

Warning signs asking the 97 percent black population of Southeast Washington D.C. to stop throwing stones is an indicator of the grave necessity to start judging not just people, but an entire community by the content of their character.

“Don’t throw stones at glass houses.”

Isn’t that all Black-Run America (BRA) is – a glass house, thought to be impenetrable,  waiting for the right stone to finally crash through?


Anonymous said...

People are afraid of credible threats of violence and they receive a guilt trip from some corrupt pastor. BRA at its finest.

Anonymous said...

Like goddamned animals.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered something from my childhood that resembles the tnb in this article and this hadn't entered my mind since I last saw this kid when I was 12. I had a friend named Marvin over one summer whose mom introduced me to the scent of weed and crack. His brother had a social worker who would visit and his car said 'in memory of ray ray' on the back window.

One day we were walking over a train bridge near my house and this kid just picked up a brick and tossed it onto the freeway below while he laughed so hard and talked about people crashing and dying as if it was the height of comedy.

This also reminds me of a video I saw about Uganda and how viscous they were before they slaughtered animals for food. They would laugh and kick the goats in the face and all just seemed so happy to hear it wail and scream.

I truly believe that there is an innate genetic or cultural component of many blacks that makes sadistic violence a form of recreation. Look up a youtube video of the knockout game on a chicago L platform. A whole pack of blacks laugh hysterically as one of their own elders lay on the ground with blood pouring from his head. Who was first to come assist the injured black man? Why, an evil, racist, hateful cracker white redneck bitch of course. She hated blacks so much that she wanted to save one of their lies. I'm losing hope for whites. We're under attack and we're the only ones who don't know it.

Anonymous said...

I remember- as a young man in the late 90s- the time when Hurricane Andrew came through South Florida. I remember grabbing my pistol and rifle and heading down there so I could loot and shoot Coast Guard helicopters that were there to help. Wait...I'm sorry. That wasn't me. That was the black plague fro New Orleans that did that when Hurricane Katrina came through. Sorry, my memory isn't as good as it used to be with all the jenkem I've been huffing lately.

Anonymous said...

I followed the link for {Police: Please stop throwing rocks at buses.} Check out this yahoo a couple of comments down,

mercedesmans2000 wrote

This is the result of abject poverty, social deprivation and a society that disenfranchises and denies these young people their fundamental rights.

These are American citizens. Why don't they have guns? It is a sorry commentary on our current economy that they can only afford rocks

Don M said...

"The hostility expressed by Washington DC's urban youth towards the city's Metro Bus fleet is directly attributable to the ongoing legacy of slavery that afflicts the Black community. When slaves arrived in the District of Columbia aboard ships plying their despicable trade along the Potomac river, they were taken from the docks by horse-drawn wagon, or "Omnibus" to the markets where they were sold. Today the sight of Metro Busses traversing the streets of 97% black Anacostia, with their cargos of black people invariably dredges up these deeply seeded cultural memories. Thus, throwing rocks at the busses is a perfectly understandable response to such blatant cultural antagonism."

Dr. Donald Moshe Eppstein, PHD
National Institute of Historical Geographical Research (NIHGR)

Anonymous said...

A "Reminder" from the police that throwing rocks at vehicles is dangerous and illegal? A "Reminder"?!

No one who has been raised properly or has one iota of common sense should have to be reminded that throwing projectiles at a moving vehicle is dangerous and illegal. It is common sense as well as common civilized behavior.

Oh...right. We are not talking about sensible or civilized beings here. What was I thinking?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when I was a little kid back in the late nineties. Our school bus used to drive past the section 8 apartments on the way to our subdivision, and everyday during the warmer months the black kids would line up along the streets and throw rocks at the bus. Being the clueless suburban kids we were, we always wondered why these kids were throwing rocks. We didn't hang out with them or have any problems with them yet they were pelting our school bus. Now, older and wiser, I know the reason why.

Mutant Swarm said...

OT - still think we're going to vote our way out of this mess? Now they're assassinating our media personnel:

Pro Gun Youtube Channel, FPS Russia Manager Found Murdered

Anonymous said...

9.5 out of 10. Excellent!

Baltimore Watcher

Anonymous said...

What would Rosa Parks have done?


i guess the rev forgot he couldn't blame whitey! ain't no whitey remaining! you could almost tell what he first thought. funny how he didn't blame the white management of the bus co. but that's d.c. and there probibly aren't to many whites running the metro now is there. notice they(any given spook) will never give up the poor whoay's me routine. mammy, mammy! SEGREGATION NOW!!! godspeed whites!

Anonymous said...

Some African leader needs to ask why there are "scant" shopping and dining places in all black areas.

WE know why. Nobody in their right minds will open any kind of business in Negroetown. Not even Asians are that stupid.

I visited DC once, about 10 years ago, and was HORRIFIED just in seeing Negroland from a distance. I would not walk further east than the Capital Building since I could see this hideaous area of NegroVille.

HORRID. And to thinnk all the diplomats in DC see this shining example of American Equality.

These Negroes are going to destroy us. This will not end well

Anonymous said...

Interesting and aware comments on CityData:

PDK said...

@ Dr Don Eppstein;

Most blacks do not know real history very well. They mostly know white liberal and black liberal illusion.

Do they know for example that blacks enslaved blacks back in Africa? Do they know whites in the colonies raised blacks up out of slavery and into indentured servitude? Do they know that one Anthony Johnson bought a 200 acre farm and decided to initiate slavery here in the American colonies legally through the courts, or even that AJ won his case and thus began slavery here in America? Do they know AJ was a black Angolan slave, who was raised up out of his slavery by whites, and later on, bought his farm with his indenture service money after he earned his money and freedom?

Do they know that whites gave blacks their freedom twice, the second time being via the civil war where 625,000 casualties, mostly white, were suffered?

I wrote a post for the last article I`ll repost it if Paul thinks it is worth it. I suggest you both read it and breathe deep the truth of reality of which it speaks, but I doubt you will. Protecting, defending and supporting the liberal illusion seem to me to be your intention. Thanks.

PDK said...


Someone in a days earlier post or so, mentioned melanin, and that the more melanin the more aggressive the individual. I saw that piece back in September, 2012 or so in one of the online news services. I did not buy it, not for a moment.

It is important to realize that non-liberal science targets the truth of reality, while liberal science targets the preferred illusions of liberal ideology. Last spring, scientist from CERN announced the finding of a particle that moves faster than the speed of light, thereby destroying Albert Einstein’s theories of relativity. I did not buy that either.

I figured they made a mistake somewhere and sure enough a few months later they found and corrected their error, and Einstein`s theories of relativity were restored to their proper position of correctness. However, they got their big splash and false excitement, and anyone who saw their first, big splash news release, but not their subsequent correcting of their error would be walking around thinking Einstein was wrong, what a travesty of science.

Liberals cherry pick facts that logically deduce their targeted conclusion of illusion, or worse simply make up the facts needed from the whole cloth of the liberal ideology agenda. Unfortunately, liberals will destroy a good and proper science if it leads to a conclusion of the truth of reality, and further a false science if it leads to a conclusion supporting its illusion.

In fact liberals have been targeting the science of r and k selective strategies of gene pools because it leads one to conclude the truth of the differences in human sub-species for 15 years or so now. Liberals will go after the individual, or the science to prevent the truth of reality from usurping their illusion they have worked long and hard to enforce upon our white cultures as the truth.

I just read an article over at Frontpagemagazine about the cheating scandal of blacks in our PS system. Part was the same story of the Atlanta PS system Paul talks about here at SBPDL. Further it talked about black adults paying a sum of money to have others take their test for them that they can then become a teacher. Therefore, ultimately the blind leads the blind or rather the incapable of teaching, teach the incapable of learning.

In my opinion, blacks are incapable because their gene pool produces an organism of smaller cerebrum size and lower IQ, that would be perfect for a lower form of culture such as tribalism, but not sufficient for a higher culture and the qualities of said higher culture, for example math and language skills.

Whenever anyone or anything has a limited resource it can only be spent once. Choices can be made to spend it this way or that, and in terms of gene pools and reproduction, it can be divided between quantity and quality, and for humans this basic difference means numbers reproduced versus higher IQed individuals reproduced.

Neoteny is the process of slowing down the maturation of developing humans. By slowing down the development, the brain and its cerebrum can grow more and therefore become larger, increasing IQ. Those who slow down development less, mature faster and are ready to reproduce earlier, this is precisely what blacks do. Further, they have more polyzygote twins than whites. The black gene pool prefers to spend its resources more on quantity than quality when compared to the white gene pool.

Unfortunately, our white gene pool is under assault by blacks and liberal ideology. Kim K. is just one example of taking from whitey genes and giving to blackie genes, so wrong and so guiling of whites and nature.

I believe our best white hope for our gene pool and culture is a white nationalist, mutually exclusive country forged out of republican states, and further an outlawing of liberal ideology, blacks, browns and Islamics.

It is, and does seem an unreachable goal, but one also that offers hope for our future gene pool and culture. Thank you.

Jefferson said...

Damn, 97 percent Black is EXTREMELY BLACK.

I would not even want to live in an area that is 57 percent Black, let alone 97 percent Black.

Anonymous said...

The world is shrinking and I'm not willing to cede 1 state or county to these people when tshtf. They can all go back to Africa, Mexico and Madagascar.

Left Coast White Guy

Don M said...

Easy PDK, its satire brother!

It is easy to believe that a "Professor Eppstein" would write such bilious nonsense, but I thought for sure the "Natl. Inst. for Historical Geographical Research, (NIHGR)" would give it away!

Cheers to all @ SBPDL!

Anonymous said...

It appears that recognition of satire is not your strongest suit. The good doctor was clearly mocking the libtard excuse machine. Please re-read his post in its entirety, taking special notice of the acronym in his salutation. Perhaps even sounding the acronym aloud as one word will assist in properly interpreting his outstanding post.

PDk said...

Yea, Ok Don and others, you did get my goat so well I responded without seeing your humor, but I get it now. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys ever locate the Zensters fellow?

Anonymous said...

What a complete horror show, unthinkable:

Pat Boyle said...

I truly believe that there is an innate genetic or cultural component of many blacks that makes sadistic violence a form of recreation.

Indeed there is, it's the MAOA-2R gene on the X chromosome.

This gene locus has long been associated with violence and psychopathy. The name means Mono Amine Oxidase version A with two repeats. A repeat is a duplicate copy of the same gene. In some other places in the human genome there are genes that repeat five or more times. It's common.

The MAOA gene comes in several versions differing only in how many copies there are.

Almost all white people have this gene with three or four repeats. Less than 0.1% have the dangerous two repeat version.

But the two repeat version is fairly common in blacks. About 5.5% of blacks have this the "Warrior" gene. That's a fifty to one of black versus white difference.

Blacks have other biological differences from whites but this one alone would doom all black communities to much more violent crime. There is only one violent psychopath in a thousand in a white community but one in twenty in a black one.

Presumably the ancestral proto- humans like Homo Erectus had only two repeats on this gene. That was an appropriate genotype for the violent life on the African savanna. Then as the species evolved and became more tame the three and four repeat versions came to predominate. Mankind became tame enough that civilization was possible. Blacks have lagged in that process. The black population retains too many remnants of our more nasty fore-bearers.

This account is a little simplified but I think basically accurate. This may seem a little esoteric but it is established science. There is a Wikipedia article if you're interested.


The mono amines are important to brain chemistry. These compounds include dopamine, serotonin and nor-epinephrine. Too little of MAOA - the enzyme that breaks down these neurotransmitters - and you get anti-social behavior.

Blacks really are different. It isn't just culture, or education or "the legacy of racism".


Anonymous said...

Here is a recent video of life on DC public transport

Pat Boyle said...

PDK wrote:
Someone in a days earlier post or so, mentioned melanin, and that the more melanin the more aggressive the individual. I saw that piece back in September, 2012 or so in one of the online news services. I did not buy it, not for a moment.

That someone would have been me - the old Albertosaur.

Maybe I should give a reference.


Please not that this article is from a peer reviewed journal and it's principle author is J. Phillipe Rushton - the most respected name in racial realism.

You, of course, are free to buy whatever you please.


Anonymous said...

I hope the good "Dr. Epstein" makes many more appearances in the comments section. The perspective of TWMNBN is sorely lacking in government, the media and academia.

Zenster has posted since his disappearance. Most of the time he makes excellent comments. My only complaint is that he is a little to wrapped up with the "moose limbs" that he unwittingly adopts the outlook of the home base of TWMNBN. Yes, the moose limbs are a problem and it is insane to bring them here but this is a misdirection away from more immediate concerns.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the link re: pigmentation and behavior. I am surprised that Rushton got funding to study this; moreover, I'm surprised his work was published. Human behavior is not my field but I was always under the impression that NIH and NSF, etc would not financially support any research that may provide evidence that blacks are not "just like us." Am I wrong about that?

Also, re: MAOA: does an individual have to be homozyous for the two-copy allele in order to demonstrate violent tendencies? Or, since I imagine the protein's function is dosage-related, is it semi-dominant in its effects?

PDK said...

@ pat:

Phil died in 10/2012, love and respect him. If he said it, however, I will ckeck it out, I would certainly reconsider, but I must say melanin is an obvious liberal excuse.

When time allows I will seek that out.

Thanks for your post, at this point however, I still regard that info as suspect.Thanks PDK.

Anonymous said...

In Chicago the Metra trains pass through black areas and kids throw rocks at them all the time.
In Naperville, Il since 2008....blacks havebeen moving west into the burbs as CHA has torn down housing and benefits like sec 8 TANF EBT have increased. Several black families renting condos and whole families will throw rocks into the ponds, fountains, pools. Flyers everywhere not to and assoc. meetings about how to stop it.
At Oakbrook Mall in summer blacks and browns let thier lids wade in the fountains and throw rocks in them. They love the LV store which must take EBT. Pants around thier thighs and one hand holding ip the front.

Anonymous said...

97 percent black. So, it’s obviously homosexual whites participating in gentrification [the process of removing black people from D.C. and exporting both them and the crime found in their neighborhoods to Prince George’s County (MD)] working for the Republican Party as Congressional Pages throwing the rocks… right Washington Post?

Maybe...I recall a post [here?]
a lady who was tired of the blacks
and would 'sell to gay or gays'.

She said 'blacks dont like gays'.
and 'gays keep a place tidy'.

How / why they improve a place is this...not rocket science...
no kids, no interest in PTA and such..schools can be sh#t.
not concerned the woman will be raped.
gay bashings and break ins will
be their concerns. hence they
move into a crap, i mean blk place.

Anonymous said...

The only answer is national rock control. All rocks should be registered and sales of rocks over 6 ounces must be limited to the military and law enforcement. Further, a limit on pocket size must be passed so that no pocket may hold more than 2 rocks or 6 stones. When are we going to have a much overdue national dialogue on the problem of rocks in our society? Don't we ever consider the children?

Maybe some celebrities and musicians can hold a rock concert to bring attention to this national problem.

Anonymous said...

Well put, good sir. Your explanation had me laughing as hard as the original post.

SKIP said...

In Baghdad and in some of the places here in Afghanistan where we need to take people through the cities to get to the commercial flight lines we have a very heavily armored bus we call a Rhino! Perhaps that is what is needed in African cities of Americistan! It would also be a good idea to have armed and manned gun ports on those buses too. Also, please stop calling blacks AFRICAN AMERICANS!! they ARE AFRICANS, always will BE AFRICANS and nothing we Whites do can or ever will change that except genocide..

MuayTyson said...

I used to work security in my younger days in fact I worked security for over 10 years. Where I lived personal training and teaching martial arts didn't pay very well so for many years every Friday and Saturday night I had to don the black T.

It was only when the club I was at turned about 30% did I witness mass beat downs. It would be one guy versus 3-10 people they would strike him till he fell then circle around the victim and kick at him.

We had to request metal detectors because of the increase in weapons.

The bar in it's earlier days was a rock and roll bar and had a lot of bikers as clientel. They fought but there was some form of code. When the blacks came all the rules went out the window and it was a new clientel.

Fights were no longer over women or football. Now fights were sucker punches for no discernable reason. People were cornered in the parking lot and multiple attackers would beat them even as they lay unconcious.

I got out of it not longer after. When I moved I was asked if I wanted to make extra money working security in DC. No thanks I was to old the thrill was gone and the danger was to real. People would come back with a gun and just spray the front of the entrance not carring if the bullets hit the intended target or not.

When blacks are involved the rules change.

Anonymous said...

How did they not have a picture of a White teenager holding a rock on that flyer? Libtards are getting lazy.

Anonymous said...

This is why Whites don't want to pay for public transportation and especially for PT to come into their area. All it does is to transport blacks around to do their crime and they don't even have to buy gas to go there to do the crime.
Don't ban guns, ban rocks.

Pat Boyle said...

MuayTyson commented on the tendency for blacks to surround their victims in groups and beat the person down. He was shocked by this behavior. My guess is that MuayTyson is white or has accepted white values.

The concept of a fair fight seems to be a Western European idea. I'm not really competent to discuss anthropological issues on my own personal experience or even my own own study of the relevant literature - but I have seen a lot of movies.

I used to live near Chinatown in San Francisco. I would walk down to the all Chinese movie theaters and see the kung-fu movies. I was usually the only white person attending. They showed the real Hong Kong movies that never made it to mainstream America. They were pretty cheesy. The fake white beards pasted on young guys were probably the worst features.

I was shocked however by the absence of a fair fight. In a typical American Western there is a final fight in which the hero triumphs even though the bad guy doesn't fight fair. In movies that end with a shootout the bad guy has a back shooter. In movies that end with a fist fight the bad guy pulls a knife. When the good guy triumphs he turns the villain over to the sheriff for trial.

This is the same ethos that required the lone Ranger to shoot the gun out of the bad guys hand. I think in the police academy they specifically warn against this sort of thing. They tell you to shoot at the center of mass. The point is that many young Americans have this acculturation with the notion of a fair fight.

But not the Chinese. In a typical Hong Kong movie plot in the final fist fight the hero is joined by another "good guy" and they link up to beat the bad guy to death. The first time I saw this I couldn't believe it. My moral universe was rocked.

The same thing can be seen in Japanese Samurai movies. It can be seen in even the wildly inaccurate Tom Cruise Samurai movie. In this case it's a reference to real Japanese history.

The Shinsengumi led by Kondo in opposition to the Meiji Restoration practiced a form of terrorism in which they surrounded their target on all sides and then chopped him down. This has become an action movie cliche. In all Bruce Lee movies there is a scene where the bad guys encircle him and he fights his way out.

I remember a Tetsura Tamba movie in which he as the hero is cut down by ten or more assassins in the final reel. They encircled him on his way home from a bar. He killed some of them but they overcame him. The movie ended with a moral narration that criticized him for being tipsy when attacked. It said nothing of the mass surrounding and encircling tactics. The movie makers saw nothing wrong with encircling a man and cutting him down with swords. They saved their scorn and moral indignation for a temperance message.

In the West we have contempt for those scum who roll drunks. But that is not a universal reaction.

The point is that even the advanced people - Chinese and Japanese - of the East don't share the Western sense of fair play much less the primitives from Africa.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you truly are insane.

Anonymous said...

What all these pavement apes' actions of late are sorely missing is a 'disproportional response', one that is unambiguous in its message and subsequent deterrent factor. Until that moment is realized, we shall surely see a continuation in their criminality; maybe even an escalation. My proximity to them is such that I am rarely afforded the opportunity to interact with them in the manner of which they sorely require. I do this by choice as there are few things I loathe more in life than to be witness to TNB, in whatever form it takes.
This is not to say that I am ambivalent in the matter. It is merely an attestation and an affirmation of what our forebears realized and acted upon with their observations of b***k 'people'. We must return to their wise and prescient methods for tempering TNB if we wish to regain our nation's honor. Tolerance has gotten us nowhere.

MuayTyson said...

I'm White.

Not sure I believe your theory on Asia. I think that like Homer or any of the other writers of Western Epics overcoming overwhelming odds is a theme.

In Martial Arts sometimes the good guys need to team up against a single overwhelming opponent who uses the dark arts and bad chi to increase his powers to superhuman levels and become an aboration of nature.

Paul's unofficial copy editor said...

become an aboration of nature.

They become de-borated?

I think you meant either "aberration" or "abomination".

MuayTyson said...

Aberration sorry.

SKIP said...

"Don't ban guns, ban rocks.

Would it not be better to ban niggers? Just axin!

Anonymous said...

Pat: I lived in Asia for many years and quite naturally got involved in studying various forms of martial arts. In every form, in order to advance to a higher rank, we had to fight several attackers at once and win. No excuse for failure or weakness was accepted.
As per the movie you referenced, the problem is that the man made himself weak and vulnerable due to his own behavior and thus failed himself. It doesn't matter what the excuse for that failure was. The same scorn and indignation would be directed (for example) at a student who (instead of studying and being prepared)stayed up all night playing video games and then failed his exams because he was too tired to concentrate. It doesn't matter whether it was one exam or five just as in the movie, it doesn't matter if it's one attacker or five....or ten, as it's not about them.
There's an entire cultural context going on that is implicit and doesn't need to be explained to Asian viewers.
However, from a martial arts type perspective and taking into account cultural factors, the attack by ten opponents merely indicates how much they feared the man and his abilities. As they say, "Only a fool fights when there is no hope of success." The attack by ten opponents would have been based on a realistic assessment of the dangers involved.
Think of it as you would of war- you wouldn't call the allied forces that hit the beaches of Normandy during WW2 (with over powering numbers and force) to be cowardly or wrong for doing so nor would you subject them to scorn and moral indignation.
However, in the context of the movie, if 10 attackers went after a much weaker opponent, they would be considered wrong and to be cowards and thus be subjected to intense contempt and scorn. Conversely, if a much stronger opponent knowingly went after a much weaker person, they would be considered a bully, a coward and abusive. In fact, in martial arts classes in Japan, we were always warned about such despicable behavior and told that if we ever used anything we learned to behave so disgustingly, our names would be sent to the Budokan Hall and we would forever be banned from studying anywhere. Essentially, we would become pariahs and treated like social lepers. A disgrace to the sensei, a disgrace to our families, ourselves and the community at large.
Your comparison to rolling drunks is way off base as that too would be considered among the shittiest of criminal behavior. Also, the comparison to the behaviors of niggers is way off base as well.

fuzzypook said...

We must move to places where we are among our own. This country will crumble from multicultism. Arm yourself and look out for your white neighbors. As I will.